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  • Current Version: 0.13.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Tencent Mobile International Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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The official mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is here!
App Store's Best of 2018 and 2018 Mobile Game of the Year at Golden Joystick Awards

Developed in Unreal Engine 4, it is a faithful port of the PC version, complete with all the maps, the classic 100-player mode, various arcade modes for quick and exciting matches, realistic ballistics and weapon behavior. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

"Absolutely remarkable" - IGN
"It's awesome." - Pocket Gamer
"Keeps players coming back" - Vice

- The official mobile version is a perfect replication the PC experience. Will you survive until the end in the 100-player classic mode?

- From Erangel to Miramar, Vikendi to Sanhok, play in these enormous and detailed maps with day/night cycles and dynamic weather.

- Striking and realistic visuals, as well as 3D sound effects over 7.1 channel audio. Also comes with high-fidelity real-time voice chat.

- Pick your favorite weapon from dozens of options and attachments, then be amazed at the realistic ballistics and weapon behavior as you fight till the end. And don't forget about the pan!

- Choose between the standard Third Person Perspective or the more immersive First Person Perspective.

- Lots of vehicles for all the different terrains in the game. Find your perfect ride and cruise towards the final circle!

- A large variety of game modes that deliver a different feel than the classic mode for those that want fast-paced games! And how about them zombies?

- Solo, Duo, Squad - you're just one tap away from players around the world!

- Powerful anti-cheating mechanisms ensure a fair and balanced gaming environment.

This is not a game. This is a fight for survival. 

* Requires a stable internet connection.
* PUBG MOBILE recommended system requirements: iPhone 6s or above and iOS 9 or above.

Apple subscription service
Service name: PUBGM Prime

1. Funds will be deducted from your iTunes account once confirmed. The subscription price is US$0.99, renewed every month. PUBGM Prime subscribers may collect 5UC per day and can use BP to buy certain items in the shop.
2. Only 1 subscription may be active at any time. Once you subscribe, US$0.99 will be automatically deducted from your iTunes account 24 hours before your current subscription ends, and your subscription will be renewed for one month, unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of your current subscription.

Service name: PUBGM PrimePlus

1. Funds will be deducted from your iTunes account once confirmed. The subscription price is US$4.99 (first-time discount; subsequent price is US$9.99), renewed every month. PUBGM PrimePlus subscribers may collect 20UC per day and can use BP to buy certain items in the shop.
2. Only 1 subscription may be active at any time. Once you subscribe, US$9.99 will be automatically deducted from your iTunes account 24 hours before your current subscription ends, and your subscription will be renewed for one month, unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of your current subscription.

To cancel your subscription, go to Settings-iTunes and App Store-View Apple ID to go to your account subscription settings and manage or cancel your subscriptions.


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Please contact our customer service at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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PUBG MOBILE app reviews

  • 辣鸡 1/5

    By 咚鼓隆咚锵
  • 我是中国人 5/5

    By 很好玩我觉得值得推荐给身边的人
  • Best FPV 5/5

    By whiterider78
    To make it even better you should add or ultralight like in “the rules of survival” And make the scuba functional and not just a skin . With the new footprints and tracks in the snow this would bring the game over the top
  • لعب اتخبل تكدر تلعب ويه جماعتك 5/5

    By saeb alwash
    اتمنه ايوخرون الهكرات بس العبه كلش حلوه
  • Hacking 3/5

    By 3,le
    Clear all the stupid hacks clear them now
  • :/ 4/5

    By jaderockzsike
    Could you please fix the bugs the game will freeze on me every 5 minutes when I’m playing the game and I have to close the tab and re load the game
  • PUBG review 5/5

    By pubg review by zmangamer247
    My favorite game I ever played.
  • Can’t download update 1/5

    By manwhatever
    I have over 20 fb but says I don’t have enough space to update what’s going on it literally won’t even download one bit just says waiting
  • Wow 5/5

    By kl_Tbn
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By zestörer-carter larsen
    Too many toxic players, completely ruined my whole experience with this app .
  • I even looked up how to. 1/5

    By suzie237
    It won’t let me enable audio
  • hi 5/5

    By savino5
    this game need some change like we can make a team with 20 players and the best player can be a leader ... about zombies u guys can make a change too its very hard to attack players and zombies together players should be all in same side and zombies in oposite side thats make the game more intresting and make alot of covers and make abandon city with puzzles i give u five stars i hope u guys make a change thank u
  • Weapon spawn variety 4/5

    By ajddv
    Weapons are aplenty in this game, but you always seem to find 3/10 Of the weapons there are in the game in a match I hardly ever see the mk 47 mutant Or any sniper rifles or machine guns. Otherwise the game is pretty great! Sub note: add more TD maps
  • Bugs issue 5/5

    By abs12-
    Please focus on currents bugs .. i am from Pakistan.. the server ( asia , europe, middle east ) contain high bugs,.... please solve as soon as possible .
  • Items disappearing 5/5

    By Ruiz1758
    Hey best game ever played but something had been happening this last two weeks. Well last week I was playing and when went into my inventory I saw that my was gone. This week my brother were playing and then he realized that his nutcracker painting was gone on his M16A4. Today I was playing when I saw that my nutcracker paintings on my motorcycle and on my M16A4 we’re gone. I think it’s really strange that only the nutcracker paintings are the only ones gone and my shirt. By the way my name is Headkiller271 and my brothers name is Superman824. Well I really hope you can fix whatever this is.
  • Friendly fire 5/5

    By ny xbdf
    So today I was playing and when I got a air drop supplies I few moments later my tempted killed me I was in love with the game but I see your not good at programming it. But if you fix it I will play again and again please fix it I really love this app it makes me very happy and please fix this game if you don’t I will be very sad😢😢😟😟😟😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • Virtually Unplayable in Current Condition 2/5

    By imboredwith
    How can I play? Please explain to me why I have to wait 40 minutes for a game only to be killed by cheaters and lose precious ranking points? What’s my motivation? You want my money? EARN IT. You want me to play the game? ALLOW IT. You want me to find another game? KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING NOW. Such a wasted opportunity … shame on all of you.
  • Love / Hate this game 5/5

    By Levi Griego
    Best game on the iPhone ever! But it’s too addictive. I can’t not play it all the time.
  • Fix 2/5

    By matco tools
    Not able to update bc it takes way to much on my phone I’ve deleted almost everything but still cannot update app pls smaller updates
  • Fun game with some lag issues 4/5

    By LexiTheCowgirl
    PUBG is a super fun game to play alone or with friends. The only issue I have is some lag with the game, I don’t think is internet issues. Sometimes when I select a certain game mode, it automatically goes back to the mode that was selected when the app was first opened. Other than this issue, I find no other issues with this game. Totally recommend!
  • Camping 1/5

    By alkeada
    Put people that always camp in a different server it’s annoying as hell
  • Hi 4/5

    By Froggypoo
  • Necesito que resuelvan mi problema 2/5

    By cjourdan98
    No me dejaba realizar la última actualización, eliminé el juego para volver a bajarlo! Y ahora no me quiere descargar el juego!
  • Works perfectly 5/5

    By joey15123
    Everyone is complaining about the game being laggy. I am using an iPhone 7 and I experience no lag whatsoever compared to when I had my iPhone 6s. People need to realize that older iOS devices aren’t gonna run the game as smooth, considering iPhones before the iPhone 7 only have an a9 or a8 chipset which isn’t as powerful as the a10 or a11 chipset. It sounds like it’s time to upgrade to me, but like I said my iPhone 7 runs the game perfectly fine.
  • Wow 1/5

    By hobofag
    I’m sick and tired of the game kicking me out at the end fix or I’m uninstalling
  • ههههههههههه 5/5

    By لسدسساتبفلدغبغبش
  • Offf 1/5

    By mmmhhhbbb
    It doesn’t let me update at all
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By i'm owin im 8
    It is much better than fortnight it isn’t even a real word this game is so easy and it’s pretty soft core which I like
  • good 5/5

    By Laldjdkkskw
    China No.1
  • So long 4/5

    By Chaseman7
    Why does it take so long to download it’s been downloading for 8 hours and only half way
  • PUBG rating 5/5

    By that dude on the block
    This game to good
  • Fpp button reset 2/5

    By Qazwsedctrc
    I always play fpp. But this update that my fpp button reset that I have to set again. That is not better.
  • Awesome 😎 4/5

    By love_pub_g
    This game is amazing.I think that you should update your training game. I hate being in the same map while training. Although other people like it, I don’t. But if every one else likes it you can keep it the same. 👍
  • Goodest 5/5

    The most bestest game
  • 👍🏼 5/5

    By baqn01?&vatw
    i enjoy the game very much. i would be super excited to see a 50 vs 50 mode
  • Animated gun skins 5/5

    By EnrryJr15
    Y’all should add animated gun skins
  • FPS降低了! 5/5

    By 老kLynn
  • Perfect 5/5

    By roblox is the BOMB 💥
    Personally I love this game so much it’s fun,sometimes stressing and AWESOME I don’t know why it has so much hate.The only thing I don’t like is the map.I don’t like the map because it’s getting boring. Try changing that and it’ll be better
  • 漂亮得很 5/5

    By 木耳影音
  • PUBG mobile 5/5

    By bookeyloc
    For a mobile app , this game is fun . No issues with it , just fun !
  • Why? 1/5

    By A Quick Brown Fox
    Why do you limit the “arcade modes” to specific days. Literally pointless. Make all modes available all the time.
  • The name problem 5/5

    By winner winner chinken dinner
    I like the game but i do not like how when I choose game center it made up a name for my character so on settings can you add a name changer thank you
  • Best game, and even better controls 5/5

    By imaki2018
    If you want to get a game that you can become a god at and if it has perfect controls continue playing, this is the game everyone in the world needs to get as the controls in it are done absolutely perfectly with the maximum available and customization and absolutely great ideas regarding micro transactions and not being incredibly expensive to be as successful looking and have as many skins as people who spend hundreds on the game
  • Griefing 5/5

    By IisLEGION
    Yeah umm i got killed by my teammates and they keep trying to join my games and kill me i want them banned
  • 非常不错,比什么什么精英好玩多了 5/5

    By TAG灭
  • Iphone se 2/5

    By masih_SkRillEx
    Hi please optimize it for iphone se the hardware is as same as the 6s
  • مشكلة 5/5

    By حمسة
    لعبة كلش حلوة صراحة بس المشكلة الهاك و اللاك يضوجني حييل يعني مانكدر نلعب گيم بكيفنا
  • Gg 1/5

    By Dr.Crojas
    Fortnites a thing
  • Amin 1/5

    By The_pag
    So many cheaters in the game

PUBG MOBILE app comments

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