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PublicSq. App

Welcome to America’s Marketplace: the largest community of freedom-loving, patriotic consumers and businesses the nation has ever seen. PublicSq. connects values-aligned members and businesses both locally and across the country. Find amazing products and services, including exclusive discounts, from businesses that you’ll love. Join today and help us grow the movement.

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  • Common Sense Rules! 5/5

    By Hoonofachy
    Common sense rules! Finally a common sense public town square without the anxiety and fear of being cancelled. Im a Small business owner and we are always trying to walk that line of being able to speak freely and not "triggering " the cancel culture that has permeated our society. Business is so fragile right now. Its just not the same. And unfortunately, there is always that fear and anxiety that you might piss off the wrong group or person that will ruin your business just because you don't think exactly alike. Just crazy! We constantly feel like we are walking on egg shells! So finding a space to speak freely and share common sense ideas without being shouted down or cancelled is pretty awesome.. I also like that you can search for like minded businesses in any area. Keep up the good work for all of of our freedoms, no matter where you stand.
  • Amazing marketplace app! 5/5

    By wendyapplebit
    This app and the organization behind it on top of having a great connection of like-minded businesses where you can find a community that shares your values, has the kindest and most genuine team.
  • Not very helpful 1/5

    By Ricky Ferrer
    Very sparse amount of businesses. I’d rather use google.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Sexysam2886
    Thank you so much for such a thoughtful app! I’m loving it so far and I’m hoping to get more like minded freedom loving friends, family, and businesses to join!
  • Best thing since sliced bread 5/5

    By sloot the hoot
    I love this app because of the personally connection to small businesses. I like how it showed me people in my area that I can order from. This app is not only a consumer app but it’s a place I have created friendships with in person by going to the businesses in the area. FRIENDS ✅SHOPPING ✅
  • My go to app 5/5

    By CBIllinois
    Shopping in alignment with my values is extremely important to me. PublicSq makes it convenient to do so both locally and online.
  • One of its Kind! 5/5

    By RuhRoh2023
    I downloaded Public SQ for my new business that I started and I get to see the local businesses that are conservative and I choose to use their services rather than others. I like to know that the business owners share my values and Public SQ assists me in making the best choices when supporting small business. I also use when traveling to find the right restaurants to eat at or stores to shop. I LOVE this app! It’s a game-changer!
  • Best App for Conservatives 5/5

    By JillFLM13
    Great idea! Will be very supportive for conservatives to support local business!
  • Fabulous App for Conservatives! 5/5

    By My Joyous
    Fabulous ideas and a great place for conservatives to go to support pro Freedom businesses!!
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By chelsey730
    Love that I can easily find like businesses to support. This is app is amazing!
  • Better than yelp 5/5

    By jeanmariesailorgirl
    Great app for finding the best businesses you can trust in your area and while you are traveling
  • Great platform 5/5

    By Nathan Kasa
    This is a great place to bring small businesses to the light, and to help support their growth! The app is great and works super well, and the resources are very useful and informative. Definitely recommend downloading and making use of it!
  • Well Done! 5/5

    By whateverisluvly
    I am so thankful for a central place to find businesses that share my values. I try to “vote with my money” and this app helps with that effort. Thank you!
  • Grateful 5/5

    By Selfevidenttruth
    Thank you so much for doing the research and putting this app together. For years I have tried on my own to support companies and causes whose values align with my own.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By awsompro
    Great app! I’ve used it to find some great businesses. Thanks!
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Juju Sprinkle
    I am so impressed with what this company stands for. In this day & age it is so encouraging to see a company who stands for good morals & values & brings together likeminded people. I would highly recommend to others
  • Every Patriot should have this app! 5/5

    By Hannahrocksallthetime
    This app is a wonderful way to find new locally owned and patriotic businesses, and join groups of like minded individuals! We all more local and patriot businesses, which is what you would be doing by downloading this app, and visiting the businesses listed in this app! This is how we make real change. Stop feeding the enemies pocket! Apps like these are the future in order to stray away from feeding tyrannical and unethical companies.
  • Wonderful App 5/5

    By thomas app review
    Really worth the download! Awesome features and great support team!!
  • Community tool 5/5

    This app is so dynamic and truly has something for everyone. Not only is it great to see posts from people in your community who share similar views, but it’s extremely useful in finding businesses who also do! It’s wonderful to know who you can support locally :) or even when you travel!
  • Great freedom loving app! 5/5

    By Carrie Havens
    So happy to see this platform to promote freedom loving patriots and businesses. Keep up the great work!!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By kbarnett9199
    Just came across your app and love it!! KBarnett9199
  • Thank you for the app 5/5

    By _Levi2016
    I love your app and all the businesses that continue to be added that have conservative values. Very easy to use. Keep up the good work. Thank you.
  • Great business tool 5/5

    By Taterpants22
    I’ve seen an increase in website visits since joining Public Sq. Plus I love being able to quickly look up business I want to support if I’m out about in town.
  • Helpful platform 5/5

    By kkjaber
    I love the PublicSq platform. It is so helpful to quickly be able to search out like minded businesses and people. It’s easy to use and I enjoy the social media posts and emails I get from the company
  • Great App! 5/5

    By hellomynameisquesadilla
    Publicsq helped me find an amazing local coffee shop when I visited Virginia Beach! This app helps likeminded people find places they’ll love and support causes that fall in line with their beliefs. Publicsq is helpful for vacations and casual events because it helps users find places they can shop, dine, and hang out! The app is easy to use, and helpful in finding places through maps. I would recommend publicsq to any friend that is in need of finding likeminded locations.
  • Fantastic App 5/5

    By Fgng
    I love using this app and love knowing that I am supporting real American businesses that are striving to achieve the American dream! PublicSq is very user friendly! Everyone should download this app if they want to support American businesses that value their same values!
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By alexramper
    Love finding a freedom-loving app!
  • Love supporting conservative businesses 5/5

    By cade boi
    I really love how this app allows me to search up conservative businesses so I can feel good about where my money is going. Very easy interface! Highly recommend!
  • Way to go! 5/5

    By TASprink
    How cool it this. A conservative, e-commerce marketplace! What an incredible idea especially in this day and time. The app is fun, fast and easy to use! Way to go. I know it has a lot room for growth which is the fun of the business adventure. Enjoy the ride and stay the course. I am so grateful for the vision, risk, money, time and hard work put into developing this app/marketplace. It is so encouraging to have a company and marketplace that is willing to speak up for their conservative values and create a safe space for others that agree with them. The fact that you can do business within that environment is simply just a bonus.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By vgikvdrikc
    I just downloaded the app today and I’m already using it! I’m additionally amazed at how simple it is to navigate!
  • Good app 🙂 5/5

    By Wrezl
    Great way to find businesses with good values.
  • Thank You! 5/5

    By Reviewer0521.
    Thank you for creating an app and safe place for us to make informed decisions on which businesses to support. This app helps me to know which businesses value customer service, similar morals, and are freedom loving.
  • Grateful for Public Square 5/5

    By Games ROCK1
    Thank you for providing this needed service!
  • About time something like this existed 5/5

    By Shahs jkk
    For the past 2 years I’ve had to play I Spy in every coffee shop I went to in order to eventually find their rainbows. Now I don’t have to step foot in those places at all thanks to Public Square!
  • Great business with even better morals 5/5

    By Great values!
    For years, I have wanted to put my money where my mouth is and shop/ eat at businesses that support my morals and values. Public square has made it so easy to quickly find stores and restaurants that back the blue and uphold Christian values. I would highly recommend this app. to anyone that believes in freedom and wants to use their money supporting those that also love freedom!
  • This is the future! 5/5

    By kev🗽
    After everything we have have experienced since 2020, this app provided the much-needed service of connecting people with businesses and others who share the same fundamental values of freedom and family. Thank God for all your work!
  • Quality App 5/5

    By dn3515
    I have found lots of businesses through this app that I had never heard before. It’s good to have a unique resource like this!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By AM723$
    I love this app! If I’m spending money, I’m spending money with places that support my values. Thanks Public Square for creating a place for like minded people in a chaotic world.
  • My go to app! 5/5

    By kb2323230000000
    This app is my go to for finding local business that support freedom and America! It’s the first place I go when deciding where to shop & eat out! Easy to use, and provides us with great places to support when we are out and about. You won’t be disappointed!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Lil bean lover
    I’m super impressed with this app!! Very user friendly and easy to use.
  • Great app 5/5

    By baghwhjwhhshy
    As a teenager I love to use this app to vote with my money
  • Great app I love it my new favorite online Marketplace 5/5

    By Apple are good
    I love this app so much it helps me spend my money on only freedom loving apps!!!! Everyone should get this app!
  • Review of app 5/5

    By tikkff
    Great app
  • Love this app!!!!!! 5/5

    By AnimalLover99998
    I love being able to find freedom-loving businesses around me!!!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By AlyzaQ
    Absolutely love the idea of a platform that can have local business owners be found, and appreciated for what they do, and stand for. This app is amazing, and will keep getting better, no doubt about it!
  • Life-changing App 5/5

    By Amanda Reiley
    This app is incredible. So happy to have the resources I need that align with my values. Thankful to be apart of this community!
  • Great Resource! 5/5

    By db947139
    What a great way to connect people who share so many American values. Kudos to Publicsq for creating and implementing this resource.
  • The ultimate patriot App 5/5

    By TroyBaseball28
    Huge shout out to all my people at public SQ. They are giving conservatives the REALEST opportunity to vote their dollar. There is an agenda to divide & conquer in the marketplace. PublicSQ is the remedy to that disease. -Troy Rallings
  • This App is what we’ve all needed! 5/5

    By AnnaFilip
    What a breath of fresh air to support patriots in what they do. Now more than ever, it’s more important to vote with our money. I’m proud to be a part of this community and proud to support other members. Thank you for this app! It’s what we’ve needed since 2020 started.

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