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PublicSq. App

For too long, authoritarianism has dominated the news media, corporate America, and the digital platforms of our day. PublicSq. is the solution to that problem. PublicSq. connects freedom-loving Americans with local community, reliable information and businesses that share your values in order to give power back to the people. THE MARKETPLACE - The Marketplace is a curated network of businesses that prioritize freedom, share your values, and want to serve you. - Find local freedom-loving businesses in your local community - Get access to exclusive savings only for PublicSq. users - Discover companies that are hiring in your local region that align with your values. THE COMMUNITY - The Community is the space for you to connect with like-minded people in a cancel-proof environment - Connect with your neighbors who share your values - Find events tailored to your local community - Discover local groups and organizations that align with your values and want to rally behind the causes you care about. Join the PublicSq.

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PublicSq. app reviews

  • Building community 5/5

    By wilde.jeff3
    Great App, works fast, and finding what I am looking for. Found it listening to timer IRL.
  • Great way to connect 5/5

    By yttal
    Such a great way to connect and support like minded people!
  • Awesome App to connect with great Patriot’s 5/5

    By Bargain4Biz
    I am a live-streaming Partner with Clay Clark ReAwaken America Tour” . I will love to connect with great people and awesome patriots around the world. Thank you for creating this wonderful app. Will learn more tools with this app.
  • missing something 3/5

    By Jgreene7
    Public square is not just about the marketplace. Living in Maryland, I wasn’t able to find much in the way of local businesses. Public square is also about exchanging views and comments; didn’t see much in the way of that. Also, I do not have a cellphone number. Yeah, landline only. but your registration seems to ask for one to text me with. No SMS either, because excessive spam. also, examination on your app’s privacy seems to show that you intends to capture my search history, my contact info, my everything, so no thanks. Would have made for a great app in which to consult for much needed businesses, but this app is waaaay too Facebooky-overreaching for my taste. If the two columns of your app privacy between “Data linked to me” and “Data not linked to me” were reversed, I will come back and leave it in my phone.
  • Love the idea 1/5

    By Aaron.m.Baker
    I was excited to download this app and love the idea. Unfortunately immediately after opening the “shop local” section I was recommended a business that was the exact opposite of what this app claims to promote. I know very few business owners in my area but I happen to know the owner of a restaurant nearby and his establishment was recommended. Even though he is the type of person this app was developed to weed out. He’s a left wing nut job, who spread fear and hate over Covid nonsense while doing everything he could to limit the freedom of his patrons and staff as long as it didn’t effect his bottom dollar. If the man wasn’t so greedy he would have require vaccine passports and probably still would. Anyway, I told the app and they refused to do anything about it or even look into it. So literally one of the only local places around here on the app and it’s the opposite of what the app claims to promote. Total waste of time.
  • An Excellent Start 5/5

    By TheRealDanthrax
    It’s not easy to get a social networking app right. To my mind, as a developer, Facebook still hasn’t done the UI properly. You can’t search for things adequately, …actually there are a host of problems. Still, I use it. Public Square got a lot of things right, right from the start. Time will tell how this holds up. But so far, soooo good!
  • Best App Ever 5/5

    By Grant The Movie Reviewer
    Amazing app!! I recommend it to everyone I know. Such a cool look and works super well!
  • Great for Californians 5/5

    By SBNF User
    Just saw this on Rumble. Californians rejoice, I can now direct my spending away from anti-American establishments and businesses that misalign with my beliefs.
  • Spending is awesome….. 5/5

    By Bik3rTra5h
    App is great! Love going to business that think like I do. Feel better spending my hard earned cash with people that think the same way instead of companies that can’t stand me lol
  • Best app!!! 5/5

    By LexiiL
    The best app for freedom lovers! Helps you find unique and local businesses to support and also has a job board! Amazing app! 10/10
  • Loving the experience! 5/5

    By Camille Giglio
    I’ve been using PublicSq now for a few months, both locally and online. Finally, somewhere to find the companies I want to buy from and support!! This is something I can truly stand behind.
  • Excellent new social platform 5/5

    By Aaron C Boone
    First off must say I have enjoyed my time on PublicSq so far. So much so I have decided to help share this platform with others and get businesses in my area listed on the platform. There are definite improvements that I know are in the works and I look forward to future upgrades but being able to be on the ground level of grassroots growth is exciting! I would highly encourage you to join and find local shops who value freedom and give them your money. If you are like me and don’t have a lot of shops on the platform in your area go and talk with them and get them on there. Be the catalyst of change in your community!
  • What an awesome idea 5/5

    By G bee
    Want to know where you are spending your hard earned money? This app lets you locate businesses that don’t hate America. Phenomenal!!
  • The concept is good but 1/5

    By emastergxx
    I tried creating a business account twice. At the end they said that it was successful but I could never find my business on the list. Maybe a bug or glitch
  • Nice App, smooth rollout, friendly people 5/5

    By EcoBioCore
    Nice app to connect with neighbors who share your values.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By kdbxxua
    We’ve needed a site like this to support other Americans and business owners across America!
  • Brave new/old world 5/5

    By ggb2md
    Nice to find a place that is centered around the old fashioned notions of liberty, selflessness, and personal responsibility. Cheers for the old America, and for a land where we don’t want to destroy those that might disagree but reason them into agreement.
  • Now I receive spam emails 1/5

    By shi_town1
    I never sign up for anything but wanted to support PublicSq as I like the message they are trying to get out there. I have one burner email but have purged all of my unnecessary emails by unsubscribing whenever I get an email. Shortly after creating an account and signing up for PublicSq I started receiving spam. I don’t like spam. Whenever I try to unsubscribe, their link takes to me a shady looking webpage and the following is at the bottom: “Store Design - 2721 Warm Springs Avenue Huntingdon, PA 16652 US If you don't want to receive this type of message, you can unsubscribe from this list”. I only started receiving spam shortly after signing up with PublicSq and nothing else. They have to be the culprits. Be forewarned.
  • Liberals that hide behind conservative label 1/5

    By yousuckD!
    Not only have I have been attacked for sharing memes but I was told by the ceo hisself after seeing post for a vegetarian place which has soy in its products and major businesses like Kia that I posted to much and not only that I have like 5 fans on there that don’t like free speech apparently or freedom of expression your profile is on a main feed so it’s like anything you share is flooding out the feed which is lame and I’m starting to see a common theme here so to say don’t be fooled by words of wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing and so far I’ve seen only 20 people post things in the three days I’ve been on here every 5 hours I have even more to say that this group this platform is not who they say they are and they will try to block you if they don’t agree with you or if you’re getting certain amount of likes it or adds to the group that you create not only that but I had enter and Amber heard situation with two different women so this is not a good app at all and the creator is a liberal feminist soy boy
  • Great app 5/5

    By Derrick702
    Works well. Excited to see where this goes.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By GeekSlayer1774
    Much needed alternative source and happy to support freedom in America! Keep up with the updates and new features!
  • Great Patriotic Companies! 5/5

    By Imuser364
    Love that I can easily find Patriotic companies!
  • Love it 5/5

    By vmakat
    I feel comfortable here . In the last few years I feel like common sense and decency and freedom to even say something you might not like or agree with is completely gone. I know here these are people that want to live in America with the freedom they came to find
  • Liberty4PA 5/5

    By Jeff1Wms
    Great start. We have a lot of building to do to grow the parallel economy. Watch out for interlopers pretending to be true conservatives.
  • Great app 5/5

    By bremerhaven77
    I’ve been using PublicSq and it’s a great way to discover new businesses in my area that also support liberty.
  • Great and Much-Needed Alternative to Yelp 5/5

    By illium
    Very handy to have a native iOS app for this. Its usefulness is sure to grow as the set of listed businesses grows. I’m keeping my eyes open here in NJ and proposing worthy additions as I find them.
  • A VERY needed platform for Patriots 5/5

    By Wheels0042
    We knew we would eventually need something like Public Square. A parallel economy was a necessity and the developers of this app came through, big time! Thank you SO much for putting into action something most of us could only dream about. Hold the line, fellow Patriots! 🇺🇸
  • Great app!!! 5/5

    By Love Vids
    Very easy to use. I like checking for my local businesses. I also like the “community” section where you can start a group. I’m in the “YouTube Growth” for creators group. It’s been good and friendly. Freedom loving neighbors locally and online. Highly recommend this app. I hope more people get on it and list their businesses.
  • Great app 4/5

    By bam7070
    Great app and concept. My only complaints are it constantly brings me to the sign in page every time I close and reopen the app and I think searching for local businesses via the map could be better.
  • It’s good and it will eventually be great 5/5

    By Kenny&Alisa
    Just joined a few days ago and I added my business profile on the app as well. Everything seems super easy to use and I love how I can support non-woke businesses. There aren’t a lot of business profiles to choose from locally for me yet, but it’s relatively new, I anticipate this being my ‘go to’ app for everything from food to flooring. I’m excited to watch it grow and I’ll support the effort any way possible.
  • A much needed opportunity 5/5

    By Jim Bumgardner
    PublicSq and it’s representatives are very impressive in what they’ve created. At this stage the app is solid and it’s offerings are very helpful and useful. I look very forward to watching it grow and upgrade!
  • Exactly what’s needed… 5/5

    By trebornella9
    The timing of this platform is perfect. Many of the alternative social media platforms are riddled with whining and complaining about what’s happening in the marketplace and world. Entrepreneurs, that understand and value Free Market enterprise are what will turn things around. SMBs are THE engine and core value generators in the world. We solve problems and provide solutions. Thanks PublicSq! Sharing your app with everyone in my network.
  • Good idea, invasive big tech implementation 2/5

    By Kraex
    Saw your app on Tim Pool podcast. This is something I have been looking for. Unfortunately, before signing up, I read your privacy statement. This app is full of usage behavior trackers, a requirement to verify via my actual phone number, etc. You are farming my social media contacts and selling my info to your affiliates yet claim the user is not the product? You’re lying. You don’t need my phone number or to track how I use your product to send me ads or connect me to freedom loving businesses. I note you say freedoms and not privacy, because it’s clear that you don’t respect that. All of the information that you say we provide “voluntarily” is certainly not “optional”. It’s volunteer this information or don’t use our product. It’s a shame you don’t understand at least half of the people who would greatly love to use this app. If your profit model is delivering ads, why is there not an anonymous option for this app? Non targeted ads don’t pay as well? Response to developer: At the moment you allow one to “enter a phone number later”. How about never? Why do you require my email address at all? You say you don’t sell information, yet your privacy policy is very clear that you may share my personal information for marketing practices, as part of corporate transactions, with outside service providers, or to anyone performing business on your behalf. I have already exchanged emails with your support, and the only reason I received for why you need to sign up at all is to prevent trolling. Let me use your service anonymously unless I want to post a comment or list a business and you don’t have this problem. The purpose of your app is to connect customers to businesses, much like the app Gas Buddy. That app requires no account, no verification, their privacy statement explains exactly what you can opt out of. Your privacy model asks your users to trust you with data that you should not need to connect customers with businesses. So there is another reason you are collecting it. Maybe this is tied to “future features”, but I don’t want those features. Your support told me there are talks about allowing users to use portions of your app in the future without signing up. If one of those features ends up being “find businesses in my area that share my values”, I will immediately reinstall. Until then I see no reason to give you any kind of PII.
  • Exactly what we needed 5/5

    This app is great! I finally have my handyman business published here. Can’t wait for it to keep growing so we can have more opportunities and diversity of business. If you’re in the San Antonio area look me up at Handyworx
  • Good but needs a few bug fixes 4/5

    By YCZ-385
    I like this app and it seems to have some good people working on it. But they need to fix a few issues when possible. The very top of the app is white it out and I’m unable to see the time in my battery icon until I close the app. Another issue is that the app is super laggy and can crash occasionally and I’m using high speed Wi-Fi.
  • Yes! Just what I’ve been looking for! 5/5

    By ThompsRB
    I’m am on board to help Public Square gain more traction. Trying to get my conservative group on Nextdoor to migrate over & join the parallel society! This is terrific!
  • Tim Pool sent me 5/5

    By M1grnd
    Saw this on Timcast IRL. Let’s help each other. 🤙
  • Way to go!! 5/5

    By Utahreporter
    I am super excited about this. I saw you on Tim Pool and had to have it. There’s nothing in my area yet and I would love to help you get some here but in the meantime, I am willing to wait because I get the potential of this!! 🥰🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • Easy to create 5/5

    By corenna123789
    This app was easy to create and my business website is easily located for everyone to access.
  • Nice App! 5/5

    By Xeleema
    Love getting in on the ground floor! Let’s give Amazon a run for the money!!
  • Exactly what I’ve been looking for! 5/5

    By Jeffbenimble
    This is a fantastic idea, and the app executes it perfectly! PublicSq has figured out a way to channel the buying power of tens of millions of Americans who are fed up with woke corporate propaganda and want to spend their money elsewhere. I’ve seen other attempts to compile databases of non-woke businesses and none have been comprehensive enough to really be practically useful. I plan on consulting PublicSq before making any purchases from now on.
  • Great concept 5/5

    By RussRemaxRealtorLutzFl
    So far, the app is light weight and flawless. But even better, the concept of Public Square. We look forward to building our Tampa Bay Area real estate business on this awesome platform. Join Public Square now and support the businesses that support you!
  • Great App for normal people (ie., Without purple hair) 5/5

    By First time user82
    App is a great tool for small businesses to advertise and for those who want to find and buy from local businesses that value freedom and morality.
  • Great tool! 5/5

    By Titus Rogers
    What a great way to be connected!
  • Happy to see that we have options 5/5

    By scole1203
    The leftists are quick to advertise their proclivities. It’s about time our side get its house in order. Why should I support businesses that hate me
  • Not good 1/5

    By Thank 420
    Unfortunately you will have to download the app so you can find out there is absolutely nothing in your area. Highly not recommended. They apparently concentrate on cities with 8-9 million + if you live outside of a city that large there will be nothing in your area.
  • Saw this on TimPool 5/5

    By Genxterra
    I downloaded this after watching the founder on TimPool’s YouTube channel. There’s still populating the local businesses around me. Can’t wait for potential of this app
  • Great and much needed app! 5/5

    By HeliPilot43
    Joined immediately after watching about it. Great beginning and look forward to many more businesses getting on board. I’m spreading the word. Vote with your dollars and support principles and companies that make America thrive!
  • Don’t give money to those who hate you 5/5

    By numbtongue
    This is what we needed for a long time, shop local save the small business

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