Publix Delivery & Curbside

Publix Delivery & Curbside

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  • Current Version: 2.139.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Publix Super Markets, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Publix Delivery & Curbside App

Publix Delivery lets you order groceries from your neighborhood Publix to be shopped and delivered by Instacart* the same day, in as little as one hour. 
Just create an Instacart account and then order from the South’s favorite supermarket via Instacart. Get fast deliveries to your door on groceries, home essentials, and more. You could also use the Publix Curbside service at select locations, and get your groceries shopped by skilled Publix associates right to your car. 
These convenient services are available in many zip codes across the Southeast, and you can find out if delivery or curbside is available near you in the app. 
• Instacart shoppers check expiration dates and select quality produce
 • Save with weekly sales • Get delivery from Instacart in as little as one hour
 • Order Publix Curbside, drive to a reserved spot, get your groceries to your car • Reorder previous items with ease • Contact your Instacart shopper in real time

 *Instacart is an independent business that provides online ordering, shopping and delivery services to Publix’s customers.

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Publix Delivery & Curbside app reviews

  • Shame 1/5

    By Peanut322
    Went to my North Mt Pleasant store to pick up my order, as I do weekly. I order deli sandwiches, they seem to take a long time otherwise. I submitted on the app that I was at the store, ironically at the register next to the pick up area. I asked this nice man if he was picking up my order, he was a special needs adult, very nice and helpful. This young kid comes up to him and says “give me the computer!” And proceeds to grab it from him. I asked him why he did that? He said someone else is waiting for 20 minutes and he needed to take care of it. I said, he is working on my order and you can have it when he is done. The kid starts yelling at me, and asks if he should give it back to him. I said, actually yes he should. He shoves it in his chest and storms off, only to have this woman start yelling at me. She said she has been waiting an hour for her order. She then says, I am so sick of you Mt Pleasant people…first, I am thrilled she called me a Mt Pleasant person, since I have been here three years and secondly, no one can answer the question as to why her order was more important than mine and why he would treat a co worker like that. I could not believe what happened, I hope this bully is fired and the lady goes back to where she came from.
  • So Convenient 5/5

    By Claudy Artist
    Love how my order is delivered to my door. I love shopping thru the store as if I were there and in a snap, it’s all delivered to my door…. Thank you!
  • Safi1234 1/5

    By vanepg12
    Hice mi orden para que llegara a las 8:00 pm y la han dejado a las 6:10 pm no hay nadie en casa y temo que se dañe
  • Love the store…the app is a nightmare!! 😱😱😱 1/5

    By Adirondackdarling
    I love my Publix store DESPITE the fact that they do a HORRIBLE job stocking my flavor of Mountain Dew. The App is one of the worst that I’m forced to use. When chatting with my shopper, the chat disappears within 1-2 seconds and stays out of view. Once in a while, during the shopping, you can see it for a second or two. I usually compensate by giving my phone number and asking the shopper to call me. I give them a bigger tip because of the hassle that THEY have to go through because of Publix. My local store is great, except for the issue with the soda. I complained to management about an issue with the sushi and they fixed it IMMEDIATELY, which is great, because I buy a lot! 😆I’d buy a lot more soda if they would stock it. I don’t understand why they are doing such a bad job! 🤷‍♀️
  • Love it 5/5

    By jujuerk
    Very fast , good effort and quality items
  • Wrong items 1/5

    By cumaripa
    I ordered Perrier Carbonated Water 12 bottles $2.53, Mrs. Linda brought me 1 bottle of Perrier 750ml mineral water and the price is $2.29, my complaint is because she changed my order without my authorization, I ordered a package of 12 small Perrier and no what brought me
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Leiah Bolin
    Love the communication and subs!
  • Please take off all the items you don’t have, Iplease cashme out I am tired 1/5

    By Om'ma
    Jeanne DePalma
  • Prices & Pickers 2/5

    By F*ck IG we going to TicTok
    Prices are automatically higher then In store which is crazy because online is supposed to be more convenient. The pickers barely follow instructions and are quick to finish shopping so they’ll rather refund your items.
  • IT ATTENTION NECESSARY App problem ongoing 5/5

    When you send a message after delivery is complete to rate your shopper it auto closes after you select 1 star - i have to go and select my order then select rating and chose a second star and it auto closes then select rate again to select a third star and it auto closes and I have to select rate again and continue repeating until I reach all possible stars. This has been ongoing for quite some time so if you are seeing increased 1 star ratings I am sure that is why.
  • Outstanding service 5/5

    By Doc San
    The order was a little late getting together however the service was awesome as usual. Thank you.
  • Walmart is better at something?? 2/5

    By Raegreat
    I really hate to say it. But as an online grocery shopper I can honestly say I have more problems with Publix grocery pick up then I have EVER had with Walmart grocery pick up. With Walmart I will get everything on my list and will be notified if it’s not shopped or if it’s unavailable. Publix however will shop your item and it’s still a 50/50 chance the item(s) might not be in your car when you get home, all because they forgot. Or you get all the way home and realize you’re missing ingredients, you open the app and there is another 50/50 chance that the item(s) ur missing was unavailable but you were never notified.
  • Out of Stock 1/5

    By Hamsucks
    Ordered the water on sale for delivery but they were out of stock. A waste of time. Why would they allow the order to go through?
  • Great System when it doesn’t lock your account for double charging!! 3/5

    By WRyan-O
    My bank account has been locked. When you place an order, a “hold” amount is placed on your bank account for what it “might be,” which is perfectly understandable. After the order has been picked up/delivered, the actual amount hits the account and there is no “hold”. It worked great until this time. My bank has locked my account until this HOPEFULLY resolves itself when the hold amount is taken away when things switch from “Pending”. I called Customer Service and their response was limited to a, “cross your fingers,” but they will “escalate” it if/when both charges go through. Until this happens, however, I have access to nothing. When the system works, it’s awesome! When it doesn’t, it’s going to ruin many, many days.
  • Wrong item 3/5

    By healed2020
    I ordered nectarines. I was delivered 2 rotten peaches.
  • From afar 5/5

    By chattarack
    I live in the FL Panhandle, but my mom lives in the Bay Area. She is unable to go to the store and shop. I am able to go on line and order her weekly groceries from Publix and have them delivered to her door. What a load off of everyone’s mind to know mom has food for the week. Thank you Publix delivery for making life easier for all of us.
  • Mr. 1/5

    By dbaker7123
    I have only used this service twice and today has convinced me to never use it again. The first shopper failed to look at the instructions to NOT replace certain items and ignored text with specific requests. When I brought this to her attention she promptly told me she would be glad to cancel my order. When I told her wanted my order anyway, less the items I said not to replace, she politely said she would. Several minutes later when this app said my groceries would be arriving in the next six minutes, I received a text stating my shopper could not complete my order and it would go to the next shopper. I attempted to respond to the text and was informed that was not possible. After multiple phone calls, I was told my order would still be coming about an hour or so later and offered $5.00 off my next delivery order. I have been a loyal customer of Publix for decades and I have never received such poor service from any of the Publix’s I’ve ever shopped at as I did tonight. If this is the best delivery system you can find, I may as well use Walmart or Winn Dixie. When the store manager told me that InstaCart was not part of Publix and he had no control over them or there employees I reminded him I didn’t log on to InstaCart, I logged on to Publix. You need to find a new provider that lives up to the quality I’ve come to expect from Publix, not the service or lack there of I received tonight from InstaCart. I’m beyond disappointed with Publix over this and I hope the $500.00 dollars plus I spend there every week is enough for someone that reads this to care.
  • It’s awesome how quick I got my items. 4/5

    By cat13!!!
    I had a lot of trouble initially signing up. Once I got past that difficulty, the app worked great.
  • Great! Friendly and fast! 5/5

    By CharliesCigarClub
    Friendly and
  • No pub sub delivery ? 1/5

    By MichaelDevaney
    Not only is everything way more expensive but you can’t even order a pub sub, what smart guy decided to say “have everything, except our subs.. no one would want those delivered”
  • Wrong item and bad produce 1/5

    By 12569jha
    The app had selected Maple Ham when I requested Honey Turkey breast. I also received rotten broccoli.
  • Missing items 1/5

    By Branca75
    I was very dissatisfied with my order. Quite a few items missing. Hope they can send it the items or refund my account. I wanted to be a loyal customer but at this rate, I don’t know. Let me see what they are going to do about it.
  • Soup 3/5

    By lisatoneywelsh
    I didn’t receive the correct soup. I asked for chicken orzo with lemon and I got chicken with wild rice
  • Left all my drinks off and charged me for heavy lifting and the drinks 1/5

    By fixitlord
  • Publix West Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach 5/5

    By Merrywidow9
    Everything seems fine. Been pleased. Thanks.
  • First time using app 5/5

    By wilfredlatino007
    First time using this app and it was great . Easy to use and a great app plus delivery when ever you aren’t able to or haven’t had time to do grocery shopping. Driver was super friendly and arrived in no time .
  • Shoppers need to be proactive and speak and write English 1/5

    By Greendragon826
    This is the last time I order from Publix. Not all of the shoppers are able to communicate effectively in English. They pick the wrong items and cannot follow instructions. I never have this problem with Amazon Fresh and they are much cheaper. Good bye Publix.
  • Easy Breezy 5/5

    By KimblyB
    Publix order app and the delivery process is seamless. This is a great service!!
  • Simply the best 5/5

    By Sherry Fogarty
    Sophia is simply the best shopper you have! Communicates very well and very friendly.
  • Map freezes since update 3/5

    By Margaritarita66
    Not much to complain about except the map freezes and I never know when the delivery is close by
  • Terrible with delivery person 1/5

    By DA379900
    Sometimes they get a good delivery person but now I’ve had 3 different people missing orders, replacing items without asking, and simply doing a poor job. Why are you letting these people continue to deliver the food.
  • Items received that was not ordered 1/5

    By blaqprincess
    I received sushi and onions I did not order and I hope I wasn’t charged
  • Changes not better go back to old format 2/5

    By pattclpatty
    Pat Clpatt
  • Shopping and delivery 5/5

    By sallygabe
    The service has always been terrific!
  • Poor curbside service 1/5

    By beachyVC51
    I waited in the parking lot after store was notified I was there and received email my groceries were ready 12:20. My pickup time was 12:45. I arrived at 12:50 and called in and told them I was there. They were not delivered until 1:10. I waited 20 minutes burning my gas!!!! I want something done about this!!!
  • Clunky app missing key feature 1/5

    By 1nst1nct
    You can’t pick your grocery store easily or save it. It’s really difficult to find Support because it brings you to a website that doesn’t remember your log in and never sends an email to you. And the clunky app makes it so cumbersome to manage your Favorites list of food items.There are two Publix stores near me and one is always super busy so they are always out of half of the stuff I need no matter what time or day I order. The other Publix near me, the app will not let me choose and save as my default store. It’s so frustrating. I’m going to look into competitor delivery services.
  • Poor selection 1/5

    It does me no good to order online if half of what I need is not available and requires other selections.
  • Little things mean a lot 5/5

    By Tampa Belle
    Basically we are very pleased with your service. I do request that my plastic bags not be tied at the top. Also, shopper needs to monito to be certain bags are filled using common sense.Recently we had scoopers packed with canned goods. The chips turned to chip crumbs. Not happy but usually
  • First Order They Fraudulently overcharged me 1/5

    By Sandy Amandie
    Very first order, after I click to confirm that I received the pick up, the app reveals the shopper added $17 in subs that I did not order or receive. Instacart ignored my emails, gave me a automated response that said the charge was a hold (that was not true), it posted on my account and when I sent them proof they ignored me and wouldn't respond. Will never use this service again, absolute theft
  • Unhappy 1/5

    By motyka409
    I got 11 items and it is taking them 30 min to bag my items. Person was shopping chatted with me and left the chat with order was completed. I’m very upset it is taking thing long to pick up my order.
  • Great job and very fast. 5/5

    By cindyMart
    Great job!
  • 1382 Knave delivery 2/5

    By Gretchenyourmygirl
    There was no delivery receipt for merchandise purchased nor could I verify what was ordered on Publix app…….therefore impossible to verify if I received my selected items Extra Charge for Calloway Gardens case of water Extra charge for (6) pack of Bud lite bottles Probably not use the delivery service again based on No receipt and extra charges not defined until check out Delivery driver was pleasant Respectfully yours Jimmy Albright
  • Don’t pay the priority fee. 1/5

    By theebfh
    I paid an additional $2 for a priority fee for my order to arrive by 6:11.I just received a text saying it would be delayed & now should arrive by 6:46 & if it’s not here by 6:26, the $2 will be waived. No. That’s not how that works. I paid an additional fee for a very specific service, not a ‘give or take timeline. If it’s not here in 5 minutes, I fully expect the $2 to be waived; or we can go through the bank system. It’s only $2, it’s only 35 extra minutes. It’s the principle-if you’re going to charge for a premium service, then either honor it or refund the $ charged.
  • Shoppers not always accurate 4/5

    By OTGftw
    I have used this service a few times when I have been too sick to shop in person and I appreciate being able to still get groceries however some of the substitutions are very odd and not substitutions at all it does feel as if the shoppers are rushing and not really reading the list or understanding what the products are for instance I had ordered vegan chick’n tenders and the were replaced with meat chicken tenders with veggies in them I don’t eat meat I shall give them away if I can
  • Publix Delivery 5/5

    By Trinity77777
    Publix shopping and delivery has been such a blessing. I am the sole caregiver to my husband with terminal pancreatic cancer. Getting out to shop right now is nearly impossible. This enables me to get the things we need without being or feeling like being a burden to family or friends to do this for us. Thank you Publix! I was a cashier for Publix when I was 19, you are still my store 4 decades later!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By aimsll
    Fantastic service much appreciated
  • Additional weight charges are a bit ridiculous. 4/5

    By don't like new billpay section
    What I said..
  • Instacart 1/5

    By f cljvbjvkb
    The shopper just stopped shopping on last 3 items won’t respond worse service ever as a disabled person who counts on an honest service this person should be fired and never work for your company again now I’ll go without food tonight and until my money is cleared
  • Ridiculous !! 1/5

    By MarkMontana
    They have removed the ability to allow other members of your family to add to your cart. (Group Cart). We called and they claimed it would be added back in after a problem was ‘fixed’. That was months ago. The only reason I can think of is they are Greedy and want each person in your house to pay for an Instacart membership instead of sharing. Shame on you!!