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Publix Delivery

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  • Current Version: 2.25.1
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Publix Delivery App

Publix Delivery lets you order groceries from your neighborhood Publix to be shopped and delivered by Instacart* the same day, in as little as one hour. 
Just create an Instacart account and then order from the South’s favorite supermarket via Instacart. Get fast deliveries to your door on groceries, home essentials, and more. You could also use the Publix Curbside service at select locations, and get your groceries shopped by skilled Publix associates right to your car. 
These convenient services are available in many zip codes across the Southeast, and you can find out if delivery or curbside is available near you in the app. 
• Instacart shoppers check expiration dates and select quality produce
 • Save with weekly sales • Get delivery from Instacart in as little as one hour
 • Order Publix Curbside, drive to a reserved spot, get your groceries to your car • Reorder previous items with ease • Contact your Instacart shopper in real time

 *Instacart is an independent business that provides online ordering, shopping and delivery services to Publix’s customers.

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Publix Delivery app reviews

  • Bring back BOGO 4/5

    By 2busy2readDirections
    I like this app and would give it 5 stars if they brought back the sale category where it was easy to find the weekly BOGO items. That category on the main page disappeared a couple months ago and I’m hoping it will be back. As it is, I have to go to the website or the other app just to find them, THEN look them up in this app to buy.
  • Instacart is literally The WORST customer service experience I have ever had. 1/5

    By KGsdaughter
    The shopper never called me to tell me that the LARGEST MOST IMP ITEM in my order was not available. She never informed me that she didn’t have it when she dropped the bags off. I now have to run to the store minutes before I should have started cooking - to get the thing I needed. The customer service guy when I called was munching on a snack, I could barely understand what he said- the only thing I DID understand was that we was disinterested and wanted to get me off the phone. What a GIANT waste of time this was.
  • Great Service! 5/5

    By Sheltering at Home
    I’ve never had any problems with Publix or their shopping/delivery service. The shoppers have been friendly and helpful, and have brought me everything I ordered in a timely manner. (Or if something wasn’t available, they offered suggestions for replacements and let me choose.) I’m happy to recommend them!
  • Instacart shopping 5/5

    By pamiejane
    I am extremely satisfied with my new way of shopping at Publix in Orange City, Fl. The items I order are usually available Or I have a chance to approve of a substitute. I shop this way now and plan to use this service fro now on if it’s available. The shoppers are good at finding good substitutes, on time and very polite.

    By Mobile Peach
    This is NOT Publix! The store’s name is all over the app but this is InstaCart and Publix will not stand behind any problems or undelivered orders. Extremely disappointed that my order was delivered to the wrong house. Called the store manager to report the problem, the attitude was that this is third party and they don’t have anything to do with it. ??? The Chat person with InstaCart couldn’t reach the delivery driver after 60 min of trying to resolve the issue. Chat person said I was given a credit to reorder at no charge - not so! The same charge will be applied if I click Place Order! AND NO ONE AT OR WITH PUBLIX WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY though Publix branding is all over every page of the app site! BUYER BEWARE.
  • Worthwhile if you can’t get to the store 3/5

    By Mama hips
    Marks ups on items for the service definitely add up and then with a tip on top of that can make this an expensive option. It has been worthwhile during this time of social distancing, but not a service I would use frequently going forward. Some shoppers are great at communication while picking out your items, but more than a few have been less than stellar such as charging for items not delivered, charging for incorrect items and in some cases not even buying the correct item. It can be frustrating if you are depending on an ingredient. On a positive note the service has quickly refunded me in the form of a credit for these items.
  • Convenient and easy to use 5/5

    By shell_1331
    With the current pandemic, I love being able to get my Publix groceries delivered to me via Instacart (it isn’t Publix delivering or shopping — it’s Instacart in case you didn’t know). Yes, the prices are higher than in store; yes, you pay a slight fee for delivery and you should tip too. But for those added costs, I don’t have to leave my house and increase my potential exposure to the virus. And on the rare occasion when produce items aren’t perfect or something goes MIA (I’ve had this happen only twice out of about 15 orders), Instacart is super fast about giving you a credit. Love this!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By thisguy_aa
    I’ll start by saying I am very appreciative there is this service during these times. On my first order, I didn’t receive about $20 worth of items I ordered, which I let slide because I know it was crazy in there and these are crazy times. In my second order, I wanted one bag of plantain chips. When I received my order, there was one bag of plantain chips, but the receipt said I had purchased 10, so I had paid $40 for chips I did not receive. I filed a claim, never heard back. It’s been about 4-5 weeks. Went into my app to find order and maybe try to email them, now there are no plantain chips on any of my orders. I only used the app 4 times, they do not exist on any of my previous orders. They were taken off, and I never received my $40 refund.
  • What is going on? 1/5

    By stuid0000
    We have used Publix Instacart for months now and I just place a $250 order and get inactive message. I call Instacart and am told my husbands account is inactive but mine is fine. Now I sit & wait for a phone call?? What about my order
  • Publix delivery app 1/5

    By mochaaaaassaa
    This app is trash. Doesn’t even have the items in the store. Don’t download this app is is a waste of time. And then when I tried to unsubscribe, it said it would unsubscribe on the day that my two weeks would’ve been up so it better not try and charge me.
  • FL Fabulous 5/5

    By FL Fabulous
    We used the service at least 5 times already during Coronavirus & I gave 5 stars each time. I put in my order what substitutions were ok, (specific items when I made my order). If I didn’t list a substitution then he/she text me while shopping my order & I ok’d a substitution or quantity. You can also click on items, “no substitution.” We are 100% pleased with our multiple experiences. My shopper’s also chose great meat selections & produce. My elderly parents will continue to use the service even after Coronavirus! A +
  • Terrible experiences 1/5

    By Eliott Eli
    I’m sure it has helped people during this time, but I ordered for pickup in Orlando and it switched itself to Georgia. I tried to speak with support but they refused to refund my order cause they could only cancel it for a $15 charge.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By Diggorygun
    I didn’t get the BOGO deals that were advertised when I shopped. It’s understandably more expensive but for the convenience, I’d do it again.
  • Great service 5/5

    By Tricianj
    I have had nothing but wonderful service doing this. If something is o/s they text me to see if I want a replacement. My receipt appears on line. Never have had a problem.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By mortgage lupo
    I have ordered online from Publix several times now & have been very pleased each time. Great service!! So thankful we have this option.
  • Items are marked up in app 1/5

    By Nubiapin
    I made my first order and when reviewing I realized that I was overcharged $10 even when considering all service, delivery and tip fees. The agent on the chat told me that the reason was because there is a policy that the retailer (in this case Publix) can mark up the prices of individual items in the app. Meaning that although you pay for a service, delivery and a tip, the prices on the app are marked up but you won’t know until you look at the regular receipt upon delivery. You would have to do an item by item comparison between the instacart and store receipt to see which items have been sold to you at a higher price. My biggest problem with this mark up policy is that IT IS NOT TRANSPARENT! You would think that a service fee would take care of this or that you would know which items are priced differently than store prices.
  • Te: coconut 4/5

    By love coconuts!
    My fresh coconut did not sound like it had any milk in it. As I feared, No Milk. When I opened it —-it is all Moldy. To Justin, Shopper NO water sound—-coconut is BAD! Gréât, fast delivery time Thank you. You owe me a coconut!
  • Would be nice if they actually delivered to the right house 1/5

    By 06804
    Got the message with a picture saying my order was delivered. Great, that’s not my house! I had to drive around looking for my groceries and was lucky to find them at a house with a completely different address. That’s not as bad as some of my neighbors, they never found theirs. We think they have a driver keeping the groceries. I notified instacart and although I got their canned reply that they will get back to me soon. It’s been 4 weeks.
  • They stole from my family 1/5

    By rosemarch97
    The driver pulled off without delivery and i haven’t heard from support in two weeks I’m very disappointed that a app Publix deems as worthy to carry out their business is getting away with stealing from a mom with a 8 month old and no transportation
  • Wrong Order 1/5

    By ollieooop
    I ordered $50 worth of food and got somebody else’s order, so I called to try and tell them but I couldn’t reach delivery worker or company and Publix said they couldn’t help anything, finally got on a chat with a representative who obviously was trying their best but didn’t know what to do before finally reordering 45 minutes later, not my best experience.
  • Not pleased 1/5

    By prior grocery shopper 52
    I have used Instacart four times in the last six weeks. I feel the process is not honest regarding the total costs. My last order, I requested a receipt and the delivery person acquiesced. Then four days later I received an email from Instacart for the same grocery order. My Publix price was $ 82.82 and the Instacart grocery price including delivery, tip and fees was an additional $31.00. I feel this is too much especially sine it took one hour and 45 minutes for my groceries to be picked, while I was sitting watching my iPad for communication with the picker regarding substitutes or declining. There was 40 minutes where no items were put in my cart. I also at the end requested new meat since it had been so long since the meat had first been placed in my cart. Overall very displeased with Instacart and the process. One prior delivery was a disaster with sour cream and other refrigerated items arriving warm. Also the delivery person didn’t read my comments when she started filling my order and therefore gave all kind of substitutes that I did not want. She did not prepare for my order appropriately. She did not communicate with me during filling my order and did not bag in paper as requested in my comments. I also tried unsuccessfully to communicate with Instacart. They were not answering phone and I waited over 3 hours on web chat without reaching anyone. I do not recommend this service. Publix needs to change providers since it is also a reflection of their company.
  • $25 higher in price 1/5

    By GatorK0412
    $25 higher in price and I didn’t get what I ordered.
  • Great service 5/5

    By kudzuu
    I have been very pleased with this service. You have an option to click so they do not replace your items if out of stock. In this case they will text you and tell you what option they have to replace it with so you can replace it with your permission and knowledge of what your getting. I have ordered several times with Publix and have been very pleased each time.
  • Convenient during these times 4/5

    By Kalistanna
    I think people aren’t paying attention to instructions and options reading reviews. You can choose the option of no substitutes for items on your list, which of course means you may not get this item at all in any form. You can also follow along on list as your shopper shops and actually text with person, saying yeah or nay or whatever. I think it’s a well designed program and certainly gives a customer a lot of control over the shopping trip. Of course you hope for a good shopper and so far everything has gone smoothly with the ones I’ve had.
  • Get on site 1/5

    By mar#mar
    I just spent over an hour to get on your site and it was impossible. So I deleted your site. Kept saying my email was wrong.
  • Please add a EBT Payment option! 1/5

    By Powey :-)
    Publix, you’ve been around longer than Amazon has! How is Amazon letting their customers pay with their EBT card online but not you guys?! Please add a EBT (Foodstamps) Option! Especially during this time, us parents & full household members need it the most! Please add this ASAP! Thank you!
  • Your app is impossible to use 2/5

    By impossibleeverynameistaken
    The first time I used the app I was very pleased. My shopper did an excellent job, got exactly what I asked for with two exceptions and the substitutes were fine. I wished I’d tipped him more since he risked his health. My dissatisfaction is caused by the difficulties I’ve experienced trying to navigate your website. When I tried to delete items from my list for my next order, I couldn’t. The list showing pictures of my order sometimes only showed addition signs. Sometimes it showed subtraction signs too. But they didn’t work. I found instructions that told me to first click the word at the top right of the screen but there were no words. I don’t want to order the same things over and over. Duh. So how do I clear my list.
  • Recept 4/5

    By Jeancr13
    All was great except for grapes, shouldn’t have accepted none organic
  • Thanks 5/5

    By faith 1635
    I want to thank Publix for there help on buying groceries . It has been a God send for my husband and I . Again I can’t thank you enough . Mr & Mrs Romeo
  • Food orders 3/5

    By Changliing
    i’ve used instacart 3 times. First time was okay. Second time—horrible. Received very bruised and the very small bananas. Received turkey slices instead of a turkey breast. Received bunch of grapes that did not ordered but kept. Returned first 2 items but was never credited as promised by the driver. Thought I’d try again, but package of cheese was left out & wrong size coffee received. Again have not been credited. All 3 drivers were very good and helpful. Whoever picks the food can’t be very experienced shoppers.
  • Bad service 1/5

    By sonumon09876
    Not the app in itself but the service was very poor. All the vegetables the guy bought were bad. Rotted away quickly
  • Not a very user friendly site. 2/5

    By bulb problems
    It is not a well organized site. I made several attempts to select the Publix near me, but the site gives store options miles away. I checked with the store, which confirms that the do have Instacart delivery. No customer service and poor chat help. Let’s hope they work on the issues. Rao Fort Lauderdale

    By jc12300
    I have used other delivery services many other times and this one has been the WORST! They charge a a delivery fee and a service fee. Which does not make sense since there is also an option to tip not sure why a service fee is added on top if you are going to tip! Also they charge you more per item than Publix does so even if your forgeries actually costed less they will charge you what they call the “Instacart” price. This is very deceptive and not standard! I will never use this app or service again and be sure to tell everyone how deceptive it is !
  • Unwanted items, missing items; gotta drive to Publix now anyways 1/5

    By ballsmahoney623
    I was extremely skeptical to have someone do my grocery shopping for me (due to Coronavirus) and not have any issues. I’m not too thrilled to say that I wasn’t proven wrong in that regard. I paid for 24 cans of soda and the guy shows up with (3) 2 liters instead. I make a lunch to bring to work with a can soda everyday because the state considers me essential...the heck am I going to do with a frigin 2 liter?? Never got a call or text telling me I’m SOL and not getting what I paid for. So now, after paying fees and tips totaling almost what I make an hour, I get the Publix pleasure of driving back to the store (without a receipt because I wasn’t given one) and risk exposure to the public and contracting the deadly virus. If you’re going to have to risk exposure and possibly contracting the Coronavirus, you might as well save an hour’s worth of wages and go do it yourself. I don’t know about you, but it makes me aggravated to think I worked for an hour just to pay fees and tips to someone for literally no reason. To whom ever is reading this, take my advice; don't use this service! ***BUYER BEWARE***
  • First time user 5/5

    By Fc'er
    Just received first food delivery from Publix/InstaCart. Placed order, waited five days to receive, was delivered on due date and on time. Was able to chat with shopper while in the store. Other than still not being able to get toilet paper, everything else was available. After reading reviews I was a little concerned. Only complaints, they did not bring a receipt, and they send a text asking for feedback, but when you try to log onto link says “This page not found.” Overall, a positive experience.
  • Overcharged, no receipts 1/5

    By Indeed sun
    Your Credit card is preauthorized for the purchase price of the items on your list. When the order is completed with numerous items omitted and listed as unavailable, the amount charged to the card was not adjusted, and there is no receipt delivered with the order. After 2 weeks, and several emails, we are still waiting for the credit.
  • Grocery delivery 5/5

    By jhb8415
    First time use. Work great. Really good communication. All items as ordered.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By jlb9992001
    Got a delivery on 4/14/2020. Not all items delivered but paid for. Can’t get ahold of anyone driver or customer service regarding this matter. Very frustrated and will no longer use service
  • Delivered as promised 5/5

    By Eqween
    Edward J. Was a great shopper and even more pleasant as delivery person. Go Taurus!!
  • Barley a functioning app 1/5

    By Fem!Hiccup
    They don’t have half the products they have in the store they charge extra for delivery even if they don’t have you nearest location available very disappointing app
  • Missing items, can’t get a response 1/5

    By Jkmess5
    Missing $20 worth of groceries, contacted Instacart over 72 hours ago without response. Unacceptable!
  • Horrible Customer Service & Inflated Pricing 1/5

    By RandomUser042
    My order was completely messed up. I received some items I did not order, and did not get some items the app indicated I did. I had a paper receipt which showed a $30 difference in the totals. Apparently some of the prices online do not match what the price at the store. Their representative made it seem like I was lying about my issue. I also had to send pictures of the receipt and the items I received, for some dumb reason. I felt like I was dealing with an insurance rep rather than customer service. Do they get paid to reject claims or to resolve issues? It was very difficult to discuss these issues via chat (it took hours) so I asked for a phone number but was given one that was not working. In the end, I don't feel I got the appropriate refund back. I will never use this services again.
  • LaMarino 5/5

    By kazzinova
    Used for the first time today. Some items were not available, that’s ok given the circumstances we all have. It was efficient, a little pricey, but I can call it a success! Only problem is, shopping for 3 households and can’t reconcile the bill with the order. Something is wrong but only by $3.
  • No customer service! 1/5

    By JKD1110
    They overcharged need $20! The receipt the shopper gave me vs what they charged me if $20 more! That is not counting the tax or tip or delivery fee, the actually total for groceries they overcharged me by $20, and there is no way to contact anyone! You call the number and it says they’re not taking calls, I tried for DAYS to get in contact over the chat, and no one replies!!!
  • Missing food / stolen food 1/5

    By IIKING dotCom
    Food didn’t get deliver, big order missing and no support to help
  • Very displeased 1/5

    By Danoroo
    App itself worked and that’s about it. 1st shopper sent me a text (through app) saying she could not open my order and t’assumed I canceled so she didn’t get it. I didn’t cancel my order and this is where this service goes goes to crap. Call and was directed to go to the App to send message. After searching where in this app to get a message that my bank was debited $80.00 on a 67 order. I filed my complaint of get my order or refund. Then I get a message a second shopper was getting my order. (3 hours after said it would be delivered). Fine. Updates to shopping and completed. Was notified it was delivered at 7:47 PM. Not at my house. I have no way to contact the shopper once it said delivered. This service sounds good but HORRIBLE on service. I want a refund and anticipate this will be an aggravation. $80 out of my account for groceries gone. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. ZERO STARS
  • My. Jessica. Hoffson 5/5

    By olivia. hoffson
    Mom is having trouble. With the. The public’s
  • Order never made it to my home 1/5

    By iamgus
    Order “got completed” and no food. I guess some thief when shopping and took it ? Idk I need answers ASAP and a refund
  • Over charging 1/5

    By JGia67
    Grossly over charging for items. Impossible to get resolution from customer service. A typical $130-$140 shopping list cost me over $300. Charging me $11.68 for two lemons for example amongst many other items and no support to resolve. Beware!!!

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