Publix Delivery

Publix Delivery

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 2.55.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Publix Super Markets, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Publix Delivery App

Publix Delivery lets you order groceries from your neighborhood Publix to be shopped and delivered by Instacart* the same day, in as little as one hour. 
Just create an Instacart account and then order from the South’s favorite supermarket via Instacart. Get fast deliveries to your door on groceries, home essentials, and more. You could also use the Publix Curbside service at select locations, and get your groceries shopped by skilled Publix associates right to your car. 
These convenient services are available in many zip codes across the Southeast, and you can find out if delivery or curbside is available near you in the app. 
• Instacart shoppers check expiration dates and select quality produce
 • Save with weekly sales • Get delivery from Instacart in as little as one hour
 • Order Publix Curbside, drive to a reserved spot, get your groceries to your car • Reorder previous items with ease • Contact your Instacart shopper in real time

 *Instacart is an independent business that provides online ordering, shopping and delivery services to Publix’s customers.

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Publix Delivery app reviews

  • Push Notifications 3/5

    By badazpassat
    Since the last app update 2 weeks ago. Push notifications no longer work. I verified that I have them turned on within the app and in my account. This is happening across all of my devices. Some of our Instacart shoppers have also reported the same issue.
  • Used to be great 2/5

    By coheedsiren
    This app used to be a lifesaver but recently no notifications are going through and you don’t know what’s being shopped or approved until after the order is complete. Need improvement!
  • Bad experience 1/5

    By Craig_not_taken
    Do I use this app? Do I use Instacart? Spent 20 minutes picking out groceries and now unable to checkout. Every pickup time I select is no longer available even though those times continue to load. Terrible experience to waste time shopping.
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By julesagogo
    This app is so great! There are only two things I would change: 1. When an order is ready to be picked up, display a link on the homepage to say I’m on my way vs. having to tap four times to navigate to do that. Y’all know we are already in our cars driving, right? 2. Allow me to complete/modify a purchase with alcohol in the app. If I want beer, I have to go to the website on a computer because the app pops errors. Completely unrelated to the first change.
  • Update 1/5

    By 747o
    Every time you clowns update your apps I always get locked out of my account
  • Terrible 1/5

    By wacy103
    Grossly overcharged! So disappointed with entire experience. Love Publix but now rethinking that with this association.
  • 99$ annual subscription 1/5

    By James b. Dean
    So apparently this app uses instacart and thats how you get your groceries delivered. The shady thing is you’ll make a normal account order your groceries and not thing about it then wake up one morning to a 99$ annual subscription fee to instacart and you don’t know what’s going on because you’ve never used instacart before then you look it up i logs you in but this time you see you’ve been signed up to an annual subscription for an app you’ve never used for ordering from Publix once. But you don’t stop there you go do a little research, and all over the internet is the horror stories of people being charged without warning for a service they never asked for.
  • Love Publix, don’t love the app 2/5

    By NewbieToYahooApp
    I’ve spent the last 30 minutes trying to order a few simple items for pick-up, but the app re-routes me to various places where I have to reënter info again and again. Exasperating!
  • Not a Fan 2/5

    By Katiepot
    First, I don’t like the additional $40.00 hold, second, I don’t like that the shopper substitutes a higher priced item. It’s not worth the hassle, I just rather get my behind up n drive to the store and stop being lazy😂
  • Push Notifications Not Working 2/5

    By Tem4135
    No notifications that the shopper is shopping, that the shopper couldn’t get an item or replaced an item, etc. FIX THE PUSH NOTIFICATIONS!
  • Software 5/5

    By Niswander
    Very good program, it worked very well the first time , a little slow butI am sure it is busy this time of the year and with the virus I am surprised it worked so well. A really pleasant experience.. for a change
  • Never again! 1/5

    By okbymyself
    Used this app and service during “lockdown” in FL. The app works fine, it’s the Instacart people doing the shopping: delayed order not even received at the new time; missing items another time; and the final, last straw was an HOURS LATE delivery with the delivery guy AND MY GROCERIES REEKING OF MARIJUANA! Never again! I discovered Walmart contactless pickup and not a single issue!
  • Last 3 orders completely messed up, not using any longer 1/5

    By KB12345!$
    This service worked okay before it wasn’t perfect but it was fine. However after having the last 3 orders wrong with the last never even being delivered I’m done. Waste of time to order, schedule delivery, have the groceries never show and sent a picture of a house that isn’t yours. Then have to spend at least an hour to even get refund for groceries you never received. Which will take 5-10 days a refund ...... all around ridiculous
  • Bad service 1/5

    By Wasted Saturday
    If the shopper tells you items aren’t available and you tell them to cancel the order, they just make whatever substitutions they want and still charge you.
  • Never again 1/5

    By Madameicecream
    Can’t seem to get anyone one the phone and the person supposed to be shopping or picking up your items want answer your text even though you have said you don’t want the order anymore. Will never us this app. again!!!!!!
  • Can’t switch from pickup 1/5

    By Ticked off!!!
    This app is awful. I have delivered to my house at least 10 times and I decided to see if I could do curbside pickup, well now it won’t switch back to delivery. Even pained through the slowest chat ever with “help” and their answer “it might be a bug, have you tried using a computer?”. Please fix!!
  • emptied my cart first go.. 🙄 1/5

    By kuriusOne
    filled up my cart, went to log in, then it emptied my cart.. think i’ll just stick with instacart and forego a publix account.
  • Can’t connect 1/5

    By Xusrotsppa
    I’ve rebooted my iphone and still after multiple tries cannot connect. I click continue after login and it just stalls.
  • Adding items 2/5

    By dfuhnldubnlnhudlfgu
    The adding items before shopping is not working. Also...too many replacement items on previous orders. In some cases I will find them in the store later that same day.
  • Does not work on IPhone 12 Pro 1/5

    By Auntnai
    This app does not work on IPhone 12 Pro when trying to sign into Publix account.
  • Awful App, Awful Service 1/5

    By Jmc0284
    Application is slow and glitchy. There’s circular logic and you can pretty much indefinitely nest view controllers which leads to memory filling pretty quickly. I also hate this service. Maybe if Publix had an accurate inventory system and only offered me items they have in stock, I wouldn’t have to pay someone to wander around the store and offer me substitutions. Other retail stores have no problem selling me items off of a real-time inventory system without charging me a penny, why can’t Publix? I don’t want a “personal shopper,” I want to do it myself online and swing by and grab it.
  • Delivery mistakes 1/5

    By Caity2424
    The very first time I ever ordered from the app, the genius delivery man dropped it at the wrong door. It’s only a couple houses on my street that aren’t under construction....I just don’t get it. It’s just not that hard. Then working with customer service was so slow.
  • App is fine - Shoppers need more training 3/5

    By jator19
    Products substituted without consent. Two of them I can live with, but the third is just horrible. Ordered kids no-year shampoo and got adult shampoo. Not even another no-tears shampoo. Substitution was made without asking or notification. It would be better to just cancel the item if the shopper can’t locate it.
  • App is broken 1/5

    By SuperPuppers11
    I can add everything to my car but I’m unable to checkout since it won’t let me sign in. I’ve tried my Publix account, google, and Facebook but it just continues to load. Also! Don’t sign up for an account by them. As I type this review, I’ve already gotten 4 emails from them already. Too much spam.
  • Not updated for iPhone 12 yet? 2/5

    By TamarFSU
    I can’t get the app to work on the new iPhone 12. Worked great on iPhone 7 and online on my laptop. Assuming the app needs an update for 12 or something else is going on....
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By hgdyvfcc
    It’s too bad the app doesn’t work, would have been nice. Sad when Walmart’s works better. I have an Instacart and Publix login already so it says I have an existing login not allowing me to create one. So I proceed to login with one of those methods which attempts to take you to the site to login. The site never loads though. Just a blank white screen. So I can’t create a new login as one exists but I can’t access the existing one to login without going to the site that never opens. Guess I’ll never be using this app.
  • Great app. Great service. 5/5

    By Denise's Laptop
    This is the best delivery app I’ve seen. I haven’t been out since April so watching my items being shopped and texting with my shopper gives me some outside contact and I can shop along with them. Most of my shoppers have been very nice and chatty thru the app. I always raise their tip even if they leave the groceries on the front porch instead of the backyard table. The virtual human interaction is what makes this app better than WalMart in my opinion. This service also eased tensions when my son had to get a second job after his hours were cut so he can’t come by weekly or during normal shopping hours. Now we can just visit in the backyard 🥰
  • Can’t Order Food 1/5

    By Tio homey
    If you want people to shop using your app you really need to fix all the bugs.
  • Try target curbside pickup instead 1/5

    By History Hound
    App never lets me do curbside ...constantly defaults to delivery or the only other choice is in store pickup... if I want to go into the store I will do my own shopping and being on a limited income certainly do not want to pay the delivery charges… Let alone risk getting everything I asked for As many who have use the app complain about
  • Publix is wonderful. Instacart is inadequate 4/5

    By lllllsssssccccc
    Publix review Publix is a wonderful store with great products and fair prices. They get FIVE ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ from me. I only wish I could say the same for their shopping 🛍 cart system Instacart. I was very impressed with my first order that was easy to place and extremely fast delivery 🚚. Since it was such a wonderful experience, I decided to place a second order. I put items in my list, however I could not view my cart. It asked me to scan the QR code of my gift card, but it would not work and would not give me the option to enter the card number again. I submitted a text message requesting help, but heard nothing. I called Publix who suggested I call them instead. So I did. The agent was NO HELP at all! He suggested I call my bank 🏦. I had no trouble placing my first order so I should have no trouble placing a second, because I have plenty of money on that card. He suggested I reboot my iPhone, which I did and still the same problems. I will call Publix in the morning in hopes they can take my order over the phone.
  • Rotten Fruit And Vegetable 1/5

    By Dissatisfied Customer 62
    The InstaCart shoppers at the Publix in Acworth, Brookstone do not pay attention to your comments and selections. I usually ask them to bring half-ripe fruit otherwise the fruit will be smashed and close to being spoiled. InstaCart is not good about refining money back to your cart. If you’re dissatisfied with their service, they’ll give you a credit. But good luck on getting your money back if you decide not to use their service any longer. InstaCart owes my about $75 which I won’t be getting back because I’m not going to use their service any longer. And, BTW, one shopper guilted me into giving them a $100 cash tip at the onset of COVID-19 saying he was risking his life to bring me groceries. Never, ever, will I ever use InstaCart again.
  • acc problem 2/5

    By leillee
    Every time I use this To get delivered. I’d have to make about 10 accs Because every single time their is a problem with the acc our the credit card info or The password And so much more! really got to get this fix
  • Didn’t think I needed this 5/5

    By CJ 0924
    At first I thought I’ll never have to use that I only work part time. And then I was swamped and then Covid came along and other friends told me they were using this and now I don’t know how I lived without it. Both pick up and delivery are a godsend.
  • App issues 1/5

    By Ljyclev
    I added lots of things to my favorites list but there is nothing under my items. So frustrating that I wasted my time.
  • 2 hour delivery turned into 4 hours 2/5

    By Sheabird's
    Good thing I didn’t have to be anywhere today. I qualified for free 2 hour delivery and it has taken 4 hours so far. Still waiting. I’m pretty much done with this service now.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By kevinc5150
    Insta cart is just awful 2 hrs waiting for delivery for a store 5 minutes away. Only to get warm milk and defrosted ice cream. Then Publix is a rip off to begin with by far highest prices in town and they raise them even higher for this terrible service. No thanks
  • The Best! 5/5

    By nancymkm
    I tried several market deliveries before Publix, and had various problems with all of them. Now I use Publix exclusively, and the whole process, from ordering to receiving, is quick and easy.
  • Not all items are listed 3/5

    By Stiltboy
    I can’t get any of this weeks bogos to show up. I’m to frustrated trying to find it, I’ll just get it elsewhere.
  • No editing list 1/5

    By cancellation inability
    I was unable to take any items off my list once I put them on the list. I am “supposed” to be able to edit listed items but there is NO WAY to erase any item on the shopping list.
  • first delivery 4/5

    By hhhoppy
    pleasant experience, but web page not well designed (I just downloaded the app, so will review on next order). My shopper notified me via text of replacement items (2) as she was filling my order. I approved both substitutes, and it was delivered promptly within the 2 hr window, and all items were correct except one. I left feedback with publix/instacart on that item. Will try it again soon as it met my expectations.
  • Annoying about inability to communicate with “shopper” 1/5

    By Oldie but "Direct"
    (Dead review office ?)
  • Don’t. 1/5

    By billythekidpettinger
    A total scam. The prices listed on the app are way more than many of the prices in the store. My delivery person accidentally left the receipt in one of the bags. It was $99. They charged me $147. When I inquired and asked if I could get the difference back they said sometimes the prices on the app are different than prices in store so there was nothing they could do. I suspect this is a common practice that must make them a ton of money but if I had just gone in the store, I could’ve spent $50 on food. I also tipped $20 and if something you ordered isn’t available, the person just grabs whatever they deem to be an acceptable replacement. A lot of the time it’s not even in the same ballpark in terms of what you actually ordered.
  • Most difficult 3/5

    By apemantarzan
    Publix app is not user friendly. Difficult to set up account. Placed order. When picking up order I was informed 2 items went not available. Also wanted 4 lbs. ground pork. App would only allow me to order 3 lbs. I was given 1 lb at my pickup. Don’t think I will use Publix again. Sams club and Walmart are much easier to use.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By cdukes
    The shoppers can’t text you like that can with shipt. The shoppers get at least one thing wrong every time. As for us app, even when they try to chat, the notification is not obvious (like it is with a text message), when they send a photo of an alternate item, it is done in the chat of the app and you can’t zoom in to even see the photo. Today, I went into the app to add something to my order and somehow my order isn’t listed even though I’m getting emails saying the delivery will happen today. If Shipt allowed beer delivery, I would dump this app faster than a college elective.
  • Could you plzzzz add a filter... 3/5

    By prairiebee
    I’d given 5 stars... Can’t you add a filter that allows items to be categorized ???!!! It’s so time consuming and frustrating when I’m checking my cart scrolling UP & Down... to see if I’ve missed Something I’m sure I’m not alone!!?? I love the convenience... especially now
  • This app is good but needs improvements ASAP. 3/5

    By 315-OTS
    The app worked well until the groceries were delivered. Then a prompt to write a shopper’s evaluation locked me in and would not let go back to double check my list of purchases. It’s asking me to tell it if all the items were found but would not let me go back to check and compare with the initial order. So I’m being forced to choose before I can check. Maybe with a small purchased of a few items this wouldn’t be a problem. However if you had a big list what do you do?Further I was happy with my shopper’s job and wanted to give her credit but after taking the time to write a narrative praising her performance I got stuck in the “write narrative “ section and couldn’t go forward or back or clear. I got out of the app and came back in only to find my page frozen in the same location. No save button or next button etc. All else went well.
  • Sketchy service 1/5

    By MikeM507
    This service is really sketchy. First off, prices are way up there but if you’re using the app it’s because you need food fast. My mother just moved to a different state and her account was blocked because she entered her credit card wrong. Now she can’t use it or get the food. To add to the insult, they won’t resolve it for at least 24 hours. Now I have to pay for it because she needs to eat. Then they almost didn’t let me use my card because my address was out of state. Only Apple Pay would work... you’d think too that with all the money they’re making they could afford decent customer service, Nope! I will be looking for a different local grocery store that offers curbside pickup. Publix and instacart have caused my family and I way too much stress!
  • Need better curbside prices 2/5

    By Kasey295
    I get paying more for delivery but paying more for curbside is ridiculous. Especially since you are requiring masks now. Your revenue keeps going up but your benefits to employees and customers are going down.
  • Stores option for pickup 2/5

    By knenko
    I live and work between 5 Publix’s and not one of these stores are on the list for pickup. Very inconvenient considering COVID and trying to avoid contact with people.