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Publix Delivery

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Publix Delivery App

Publix Delivery lets you order groceries from your neighborhood Publix to be shopped and delivered by Instacart* the same day, in as little as one hour. 
Just create an Instacart account and then order from the South’s favorite supermarket via Instacart. Get fast deliveries to your door on groceries, home essentials, and more. You could also use the Publix Curbside service at select locations, and get your groceries shopped by skilled Publix associates right to your car. 
These convenient services are available in many zip codes across the Southeast, and you can find out if delivery or curbside is available near you in the app. 
• Instacart shoppers check expiration dates and select quality produce
 • Save with weekly sales • Get delivery from Instacart in as little as one hour
 • Order Publix Curbside, drive to a reserved spot, get your groceries to your car • Reorder previous items with ease • Contact your Instacart shopper in real time

 *Instacart is an independent business that provides online ordering, shopping and delivery services to Publix’s customers.

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Publix Delivery app reviews

  • Counter productive 1/5

    By fljerry
    They don’t except the card issued for ssi payments. If you’re stuck at home with a guaranteed payment on a Mastercard, they won’t accept it.
  • Be careful! 1/5

    By jeffv1982
    They show you buy one get one free items and let you place them in your cart and even pay. Once your shopper is at the store they will message you and tell you that these items are not available and they preselect replacement options for you. Feels like they lure you in with false advertisement just to get you to buy groceries. You also have to pay delivery fees and pay driver tips as well. Not to mention that in the writing it shows you that prices are higher on the app than in store to cover costs for insta cart!!!! Use caution will never order like this again. How do we know the people in the store are sanitizing their hands while handling your groceries. Also they charged me about 30% more money to cover any issues but yet it takes them up to 7 days to refund left over balance??? Where is my interest for borrowing my money??
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By Miker8765432190
    They didn’t have what I ordered. When the shopper couldn’t find it she offered something in a different category and was rude when I said I didn’t ask for it. I deleted the app.
  • No good drivers 1/5

    By jdr0889
    My driver Craig is on his way everything I bought was buy 1 get 1 free and he brought one of each of course. You are very welcome Craig for bringing half the order I paid for no really from my family to you thanks a lot again.
  • Convenience! 5/5

    By malmotos
    Being elderly and having spent lots of time in hospitals and rehab, I am not able to do my own shopping at present! The instacart gives good opportunity to look at each item before purchasing, and you can edit and revise your list up until the time they are actually starting to shop for you!! A great convenience for those of us who need it for whatever reason! I now know more younger people who use this service because it is a great timesaver for them!!
  • Best choice for grocery shopping 5/5

    By Crazed mama
    Publix Delivery is, in my opinion, the winning formula for fast and easy shopping. Groceries delivered to my doorstep? Take. My. Money.
  • Terrible Service 1/5

    By nubia01
    I am greatly disappointed with this service. I have always been a loyal and happy Publix shopper. However, this service has single handedly tarnished my view of Publix and the chains reputation. During business travel, I waited over 3 hours to receive my lunch order. No one at the physical store, or at Instacart was able to even offer an explanation or an update. After so many hours, my order was still not even started. MAJOR FAIL.
  • Just watch your fees 5/5

    By 1Emma
    Gripe: Bought 60 worth of groceries and only after checkout am told I was temp authed for 90 and will not be adjusted for up to 7 days. No mention while in the ordering process. I like transparency, even though I will get the money released. Non gripe: convenient! I just gave birth to twins and with two brand new babies getting out to shop would be way too exhausting just yet. In some situations having a delivery service for things like food and household items is just priceless and so helpful.
  • Michelle Parsons 2/5

    By missylou154
    When I try to add to order before shopping has started, one can’t tell if the items were really added or not. I’ve done it three times and still not working very frustrating
  • Never again 1/5

    By Critte1
    I guess this app sends you to Instacart for ordering. The delivery lady was nice, but the bogo deals you can forget. I dropped 430.00, first time user and tipped 20.00 ( so 450.00 ) and the customer service refused to provide me the bogo deals bc I didn’t “ put the extra ones in the cart” they app customer service sent me to the store and the store sent me to the app, and both said no. Seriously guys. I mean, it’s not like I tried to take advantage of you. I just want what I was promised / purchased. Very poor customer service on both ends. Avoid!
  • Delivery 5/5

    By Bama greeneyes
    I loved this! The only thing is that the way that it was bagged. That’s on Publix.
  • Worked as advertised! 5/5

    By Nemrac75
    Flawless process. I was asked about a substitution because the item I selected was not available allowing me to accept the suggested sub or cancel the item. I highly recommend Publix for everything, now including home delivery!
  • Great service 5/5

    By lotusknits
    This service is a game changer for my weekend. The team that brought my items today were so very nice and courteous. I continue to recommend and rave about Instacart and so grateful my Publix offers it.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Priscillaa_34
    For some reason the app will not let me add my card. It’s really frustrating right now because I don’t have my car at the moment.
  • THE WORSE!! 1/5

    By Tuto5
    This was literally the worse ever. If ic an give this no stars I would. I’m not the type of person to leave reviews but this was so bad I had to make one to advise you not to use this. I ordered a sub that said it would take 2 hours to get here ! I thought wow that’s a long wait but no matter they’re usually busy. 3 hours go by and nothing ! 30 mins after the shopper asked me what bread did I wanted when I already wrote on the instructions that I wanted white so I didn’t reply hoping they will figure it out. Another 20 mins later , frustrated I asked what was taking so long and he replied you never told me what bread !? They have my phone number and never thought to call if they really didn’t know ? So almost 4 hours later ? Poor customer service for almost double the price. Never again
  • Delivery times are lies 1/5

    By blg1217
    Don't bother using this if you want to order something with in an hour or two. Even if it gives you the option when you start your order, after you are done the delivery is always 5 hours or next day. Walmart delivery is actually truthful and less expensive.
  • Don’t bother. 1/5

    By Charlita33
    the delivery timing is usually totally off and I have yet to have an order where something hasn’t had to be replaced. Most recently an order was almost 2 hours late and took 30 minutes on the phone to figure out. Ended up in a complete cancellation. Don’t waste your time.
  • Never Mind 1/5

    By Allygrl12345
    I really like using the Aprons feature on the Publix app. I can choose a recipe, click on the ingredients I need, and they are automatically added to my shopping list. I was hoping that the Publix app would integrate with Publix Delivery. But it does not. It saves me no time if I have to build a list, and then rebuild it and another app. My store is close by, and I can just run and get things myself and not pay the fees. Because of that, plus seeing so many negative reviews, I am not going to bother and I will delete this app.
  • Poor service 1/5

    By miranda phili
    I was so excited to have groceries delivered to me I had ordered at 7pm at night and only about 10 things and they told me what time and I paid. An hour later I get another notification that it wouldn’t be here until 10-10:30 Publix closes at 10. So I’m waiting and I check back and it says it wouldn’t be here until 9:30 am.... in the morning time. All I wanted was a salad and I’m 7 months pregnant not feeling well enough to drive. The app was nice and easy to use but the service sucked. Wasted my whole night.
  • Mala 1/5

    By El michiocano
    Nunca me llegó mi pedido y si me sacaron mi dinero estoy molesto es una mala aplicación no funciona
  • App is decent but... 1/5

    By Mike1811
    Depending on your area the delivery service is absolutely horrible. We live in WPB FL and every single time we place an order, they either bring us the wrong items or when they try to deliver the order they send a txt saying they cannot find our apt and make us come down to their car and get it. The app is great, the people they hire to make the deliveries is trash... You are better off just taking the time out of your day and going to Publix yourself. Not worth the delivery fee (which is a pretty significant amount).
  • Charges are Atrocious 2/5

    By Nikiivsn
    I’ve used Amazon Prime Now and Whole Food grocery delivery for a little over a year. I was excited to try the Publix delivery option as well, and have been disappointed. (1) $5.99 Service delivery. This caught me off guard as the first is free, but I realized that was a promotion to “try” the service. (2) $20 HOLD ON YOUR CARD for up to 7 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER DELIVERY. No other food delivery business, including Pizza Hut, does this. (3) No notification of item switch. The items are switched and you find out upon delivery. Amazon, Whole Foods, and Walmart will send an alert. No option to refund switched item. (4) Delivery came 1 hour after the scheduled time frame. Didn’t send notification until already 30 minutes late. I will continue to shop at Publix 😊 but I will be deleting the app.
  • Review 5/5

    By bugsbruce
    I love the convenience of shopping through Publix Delivery. I do not drive and this makes a grocery shopping much easier for me.
  • Hidden charges 1/5

    By Reeds done
    After using instacart’s webpage/app to order and them not honoring free delivery, I will never use them again.
  • Review 1/5

    By jaywoofd8391
    you dont reveal cost to customer why not Now you wont let me send this note you seem under handed This doesnt seem like the Publix i know unhappy
  • So many Errors!!! 1/5

    By Jane123456saeag
    I literally got 40 error pop ups while using this app. So frustrating. What shoulda took me 10 mins to place an order took me 30 mins. Please fix the app.
  • Instacart has got to go 1/5

    By Julie DW
    While I generally LOVE publix, I hate this app. Instacart has LOST my orders TWICE. The order never goes through to Publix and I’m stuck sitting there with nothing I’ve ordered. Then the money I spent take DAYS to return to my bank. How about do a charge of the final amount after you’ve actually shopped for the items? Publix should figure out how to offer this without outsourcing. Especially since instacart has little to no customer service. They could have offered to go get me the groceries while I waited but no. And the first time I was waiting in my car with a screaming infant.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Terra A James
    Sarah was incredible! She made sure I got exactly what I needed and was so helpful, thorough and kind. I highly recommend her!
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By hpal85
    I called due to a problem with my order and the guy that picked up the phone did the bare minimum to help, when I asked questions he wouldn’t answer. He placed me on hold and came back like he couldn’t remember anything we spoke about. In the end he didn’t even process the return he told me he was going to give me. Horrible horrible! Will not use again, such a waste.
  • Ummmm 1/5

    By ummmmmmhi
    See now I have to delete it , just wasted my time YALL NEED TO COME TO VA !!!
  • Jim Harrell 1/5

    By alan grove
    Wow ! you guys and Publix prices keep going up and up! Now you are charging a service fee and a delivery fee? I have an appointment tonight at 8:30 so I will expect my groceries by 8:00 PM at the latest.
  • I never got my order 1/5

    By irayha
    I placed an order at 8 pm, said it was coming at 9, changed to 10, then never got it at all and waited until 11:30. I canceled the order, and now I have to wait to be refunded. If the order wasn’t going to make it I would have been fine if I got contacted about the delay. But I didn’t get contacted instead I had no delivery person to message about the order and waisted my money.
  • Delivery was nice 3/5

    By SmallPackages
    Delivery was nice and very convenient. App was a little challenging to navigate because items aren't listed by family ie: Coke, diet Coke, 7up and so on, or even by size, 2 liter, .5 liter 6 pack and so on. Mix and match bogos weren't together, either. I ended up not getting several things because it was too hard to find what went together.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Doubleshotofxtc
    With all of the other delivery services available this one really falls flat on its face in all areas. Now when I say this it’s not because of publix. Every time I go there in person it’s fantastic. Decent prices, clean, produce and butcher counter is always fresh and well priced. I’ll go through a number of reasons to avoid this service. Most of this is a complaint about the company and not so much the app. But if I can steer someone away from a shady overpriced service I’ll use every avenue possible. 1. Fund holds- I understand holding funds to pay for groceries and what not. That’s fine. But when it’s 30 dollars over the actual amount it’s kind of ridiculous. 2. Order accuracy- I have never ordered from this service and received a correct order. Something is always off. No matter what. Order 1 bushel of bananas? Get one banana but pay full price. Order a tub of butter? Get the smallest one possible, still charged full price for the large. 3. Shady business practices- After speaking to customer service and asking why I was charged 105 dollars for 75 dollars worth of merchandise I was told I wasn’t supposed to see the actual receipt. The driver isn’t supposed to leave that in the bag. That way you can’t see how much you were charged extra. It seems like a lot of this is literally pocketed by this company and they train their employees to deliberately hide this from customers. 4. Customer Service- I have never spoken to a customer service team so far off of the knowledge of what their company does. Constant backpedaling when they say something they shouldn’t have. Most of the conversation was the rep trying to re explain something 4 ways as to not divulge the way the company actually does business. 5. Driver Compensation- I was told by a driver that they aren’t paid from the gross markup on merchandise. They’re apparently poorly paid and are almost dependent on tips. When I’m already paying 25% extra on groceries it’s hard to be able to tip something substantial. Overall I’d say this company needs new management, training, structure, and pricing to even qualify being worth downloading. If you read this far, thank you. Hopefully I saved you some money and irritation.
  • Game changer 5/5

    By Mullettbox
    Work, sports and life make shopping undesired and difficult. This helps us keep up our pace.
  • Great Service 5/5

    By Currentaffair
    I am very pleased with Publix delivery service. I’ve ordered several times and always have a friendly delivery person. I’m super busy and don’t have time to grocery shop. It’s great to add to my list during the week, checkout and it’s delivered. Easy Peasy!
  • Too Fee heavy for me 1/5

    By Ceventatem
    Fees! I would rather pay a flat rate for this service. It seems more honest than hiking up the item prices, charging a delivery fee, and expecting a tip, plus other incidentals. Plus it seems like no one is accountable for mistakes or refunds. That makes me nervous, considering how much you are expected to pay. I think I’ll stick with the Walmart shopping service that delivers to my car. I have had nothing but positive experiences, it is free, and really not an inconvenience for me.
  • Locations Not Updated 1/5

    By Bdc313
    We have a Publix in 22407 now and it won’t show up as a location.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Joe10569
    When trying to submit is showing errors, when called customer service they don’t have any idea of why they are getting a salary there. App has to be remove until is ready and all advertising as well. Publix managers saying that they are Not responsable, I believe that Publix is Publix no matter what and they have to take responsibility for their problems. I have received a lot of emails of advertising after I signed up to this app. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP BE CAREFUL I MADE A BIG MISTAKE
  • Don’t use! Terrible Customer Service! 1/5

    By WizayneFAU
    This was honestly one of the worst experiences that I’ve had. Don’t use this!
  • Poor Customer Service 1/5

    By Ashley10295
    Rude and condescending. My brother tried to use this service and his order got dropped not once but twice. When he called to have the issue resolved and possibly be refunded, he spoke to a person named Jason who thought it appropriate to belittle my brother while he was frustrated by calling him “bud” and “buddy” and told him- the wronged customer- to “keep it professional”. My brother called again after dealing with Jason to speak to a supervisor, and while speaking with her she started laughing at him. Unbelievably bad customer service, use with caution. If your shopper decides they don’t want to complete the order, you won’t be told why and will have to deal with rude incompetence to have the possibility of getting your money back. I’m surprised and a bit saddened that Publix is associated with them; Publix usually has such good customer service.
  • Great service 5/5

    By tttbow
    Justin was great! Super fast & very pleasant. Hope I will have him deliver again.
  • Miss Esther 5/5

    By bedpansally
    Driver was very polite & fast on delivery Thanks Jose for a job well done
  • Fruit quality disappointed 2/5

    By Medevs
    Today I decided to buy some groceries at my favorite store using delivery. I definitely loved it but i just get disappointed of my grapes( and I always Love publix fruit and vegetables. At the point that is the only place who meet my expectations.) but as I mentioned the grapes I bought didn’t look like publix quality. Rest of the products perfect but unfortunately a small detail like a bad grapes can change everything. Still love PUBLIX. Love the delivery lady luz. Very nice and professional.
  • Nothing in stock! 1/5

    By 73Hoosier
    Very disappointed that most of what I ordered was not available.
  • Excellent Service! 5/5

    By a_r_c_h_i_t_a_s_t_e
    Terrific service and reliability - highly recommend! … Did a great job of communicating modifications and edits to the order - and showed a fine level of engagement and care … We’ll definitely use this service again … Thanks!
  • needs work! 1/5

    By Izzy80300
    Someone send me the $10 free coupon and decided to give it a try. here are the few challenges: 1) my email already existed and when “resetting password” it asked me to re-sign up. 2)during check out a pop up alert me that my phone was invalid - well it was not set up although i had to entered it in step 1 3)it pre-charged my account for $65 even though my cart was 53. When i check out at the market i pay exactly what i check out...this is just bad 4)and last but not least...there is a message in pricing and the fact that prices may not match the store prices because of the service fee of instacart BUT when checking out there was also a service fee charge...NOT COOL.
  • Neutral 3/5

    By R&M2
    I love the idea of being able to stay in my house and have groceries delivered to my door. Unfortunately, I’ve ordered with this app more than a handful of times and every single time there have been issues. Whether it be incorrect items or constant ‘out of stock’ items which I feel are just excuses for not looking hard enough for the requested item. Good idea, not so good execution.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By garciapartyof4
    Wanda was so kind and helpful and very quick! This was our first time using the delivery service and we are thoroughly happy with it! Thanks Wanda and thanks Publix!!

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