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Publix App

Making shopping a pleasure is easier than ever with our app, designed to help you save time and money. Whether you need ideas for dinner tonight or just appreciate convenience, you’ll love all the features we’ve included. ● View digital coupons by aisle on your Shopping List. ● View and clip digital coupons on the Weekly Ad. ● Place orders from your Favorites list and your Order History. ● Use the barcode scanner to scan and add items to your shopping list. ● View sale items from our weekly ad, specific to your store. ● Review and clip coupons to easily redeem in store. ● Browse products on sale by department or category, including BOGOs. ● Create, save, and access grocery lists for products in the weekly ad and see what aisle they’re in. ● Find your nearest store and details about it (directions, phone number, rolling store hours and holidays, etc.). ● Peruse Aprons recipes for meal and menu ideas, and add ingredients or entire recipes to your grocery list. ● Learn about our new and signature products on the Featured Products page. Love Publix? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:


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  • Add items to shopping list from clipped coupons 4/5

    By emnstef
    I would like to see an addition to the mobile app where I can click on one of my digital clipped coupons and be able to have a button to add that item to my shopping list.
  • Love it but needs to be fixed. 3/5

    By Leinnnnnn
    I love Publix and love the convenience of this app. It's nice to see if you can find a specific brand at the store, but what I love is the grocery list. The app is linked to your favorite store, you type what you need to add to your list in the search bar, pick which brand from a drop down menu, add it to your list, and everything is sorted by the aisle number at your favorite Publix store. No more aimlessly searching for products, or calling a family member and asking which one of the 50 brands of salsa they want. The problem is when I add an item to my list, it adds the item but tells me there's a problem with my list and crashes (but the app doesn't close out). It also does this when I delete an item. It's not that big of a deal because the app itself doesn't close, it just creates an extra step of clicking "ok" to the error message whenever you make a change to your shopping list. It is very annoying but the benefits of using the app outweigh the annoyance of that error message so I continue using it. I hope it gets fixed soon though.
  • I like it 5/5

    By Jay Lavee
    I am really surprised by how low of an average rating this app has. I have never had a problem with it and my shopping lists are always correct and available. I rely on it when shopping at Publix and using the WiFi. I find it easy to add and delete items and clear old shopping lists. When I add coupons using the app then provide my phone number at checkout, I find that they are always deducted correctly. I really like this app.
  • Special Needs 1/5

    By TMBRN
    Last week I met a Publix employees with special needs. Because I spoke to him as normal, active part of the Publix family. However, the customer service rep behind the customer service desk, needs to be removed from that position, if not fired!! Adults with special needs are discriminated, but this special person helped me to the car and with such a cruel disability, will never be more than a customer ‘s bag boy. There are way to many things that happened, I saw him happy just because I acknowledged him as a normal 25 year old. Walking to my car to help with loading into my car, he told me he wants to go to college but he can’t because I have autism. Broke my heart. After my salon appt, I walked back to the Publix, and I was harassed by one of the customer service (young black female who wore glasses asked me 1 - what interest do you have in my employee that was still on the clock. 2 - she actually ask why I was in the store and did I have any intentions to purchase anything! Guess Publix has a policy, unknown to anyone but her. I purchased almost $250 was that not enough. I went back into the lobby at 2:40, waiting for Tony to clock out at 2:45. Suddenly, Tony came running to me after he clocked out, (I will paraphrase it) scared that he had made a friend, we can’t talk on Facebook, no friends, I need my job. Doesn’t take a scientist to realize she had scolded him and so he got knocked back down. Wow! He could easily go to college but this woman will keep him so nervous because he had made a friend. I returned all my groceries, $200+, called the manager, which the only single communication was to let him pull the tapes. A week later, and Jack has not given me a follow-up call. That lady should be fired. She broke the law without knowing the whole story. I am hoping to get some media coverage also. just one of her illegal action the important thing I almost cried
  • Buggy list loading 3/5

    By Allygrl12345
    I like that this app sorts items by aisle (and you can change it if you’re visiting a different Publix), but more often than not, the list takes forever to load, or just hangs up. If it’s going to be that slow, I might as well use paper.
  • Bad App 2/5

    By mountainlife1102
    The app will not load shopping list 90% of time. After you clear the items in your list you have to start all over and create a new list. Also when using the favorites list it would be helpful it was categorized so you can find items fast. I have hundreds of favorite items and it takes forever to scroll through each item. Also there is no pricing like all competition does and a subtotal as well !! I do like the aisle category and the shopping categories and digital coupon user friendliness features.
  • Digital Coupons Larger PLEASE! 2/5

    By Loves/Hates
    Please make the digital coupon images larger. The Shopping Trip List has large images so it’s certainly possible to make them larger in the coupons as well. I’ve seen this mentioned in other reviews, please listen to your customers. Thank you.
  • Great customer service!! 5/5

    By Elisstarr
    Went to store 859 Lawrenceville Ga to pick up a rotisserie chicken on sale. None available so Michelle the deli Mgr marked one down for me. That’s why I shop at Publix!
  • Nice When Working 4/5

    By Mecole1
    I love the ease of checking the sales for my store and adding digital coupons to my account. At times though, at checkout my coupons will not populate and I have to go to customer service for it to worked out. It’s a bit of an inconvenience but I understand the part of growing pains. I’m sure it will be worked out soon! :)
  • Shopping List Won’t Load 1/5

    By ABCQT
    I have been reporting this issue for MONTHS now and you just released a new update and STILL this problem exists!! WTH?? Come on Publix IT....fix this issue!!! For the past several months my shopping list will not load. The circle just spins and spins but nothing happens. Could you please fix this? Are used to love using this app but it has become useless to me over the past couple of months.
  • Terrible app since all the updates 1/5

    By Tinyzoolu
    This app used to be wonderful! I loved it and would use it all the time. It was super convenient and saved me abunch of money with the easy to use digital coupons. Now I get these error codes (404) every time I log in. I also get a strange error saying something went wrong when I try to log in on a computer as well. I find the website and app completely useless now. Please stop doing updates if they are going to make things worse!! I have contacted support and I was told they are working on it which was not very helpful as this was over a month ago and I am still having the same issues! This is extremely frustrating!!
  • Price & zoom 2/5

    By katt331
    Please add price to your items and the capability of zooming them. I can’t barely see the pictures!!!
  • App is garbage 1/5

    By Sluf99
    Every time I try to click coupons or receipts, it get network error and it never loads. Fix this bug fast!!!!
  • Crashes all the time now. 1/5

    By GirlB61
    List takes forever to load. No longer reliable. Please fix.
  • Shopping list 1/5

    By Da246931
    What is the point of having a list if you don’t get size listed, no picture and no price. This information would be very useful especially if shopping for someone else
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Bravebellows
    1. Selected coupons can’t be removed 2. Shopping lists are not stored offline which is a very bad thing when I don’t have a strong signal within the store. Ironically, the WiFi at one Publix prevented access to my shopping list 3. When I change stores, the shopping list aisles don’t update unless I back out and back into the list
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By User_C6638
    Deleting and boycotting them. Good riddance to bad thrash.
  • Ordering 3/5

    By karinastephanie
    Every time I try to put in my online order, I get an Error that says “your request can not be processed at this time due to a network error.” It doesn’t work on my iPad or iPhone!
  • Can’t purchase items on list 1/5

    By Tech Exec, Mom of Two
    I’ve spent 45 min trying to load my list, deleted it, added it, renamed it. Only gives me options to uncheck all items or delete list. Nothing to purchase or process fur pick up. I love Publix but I guess Kroger will get my business for my weekly orders.
  • Works Great 5/5

    By Josie37
    App loads and changes categories quickly (Weekly Ad seems to slow down on Wed—since new ad comes out on Thurs., I assume app is being worked on Wednesday’s) I don’t require anything fancy: I check the Weekly Ad & save and use coupons, create a Shopping List sometimes I HAVE iOS 11.3 on my iPhone Took a couple days for App and Update to agree—no problems now
  • Can’t Open App! 1/5

    By CarsolDee
    I can’t even get into the app today. How frustrating is that.
  • Could use some improvements 3/5

    By acnana
    It would be great to be able to see the picture of the item on the lis (helpful when someone else is doing the shopping for you). Also would be great to have price added on the app shopping list.
  • App doesn’t even load 1/5

    By Jen1234567789
    I used to use this app all the time for digital coupons and shopping list. Now it won’t even open. I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app as well. Still doesn’t work.
  • Back to 5 ⭐️ 5/5

    By sunshin0514
    Thank you 😊 Developer for fixing my favorite app. And it’s updated too 😊😊
  • Prices 2/5

    By sara9894
    I’m a very new Publix customer (aka moved from the Northeast to the Southeast). I was hopeful, given my experience with apps for the two grocery stores I frequented in my old neighborhood, but this app has been disappointing. While knowing where an item can be found and if there is an applicable coupon are super helpful features, it’s hard to create a list without knowing prices to keep the shopping trip on-budget. I have to choose a store, so why not include prices like Wegmans’ and Weis Markets’ apps offer? Sticker shock should not be part of grocery shopping.
  • Wouldn’t even open... 1/5

    By Nancy567
    I “needed” to update the app version before using, so I downloaded the update. Now, it won’t even open. Disappointing.
  • SUPER SLOW if it even loads 2/5

    By MHDR56
    This app has the potential to be good. Has great contents...if it would work. I am only giving it two stars because the app will tell you the aisles of each product that you choose when making the shopping list, which is awesome. However, the app hardly ever loads. You may can see the weekly ad but the shopping list won’t load. It gets hung and just tries to load until you close the app out and start over. This is a constant issue for me to the point of me just viewing the ad and then writing my own list. Needs some help for sure.
  • Shopping list is useless and update 1/5

    By Greenie mama 65
    4/29. Now I get loading forever on several categories on the weekly ad list, too. The only reason I haven’t deleted the app is so I can keep customers updated. I can’t get the shopping list to finish loading. It makes the rest of the app useless since picking out the things on sale can’t be accessed. I haven’t been able to use it for weeks. I deleted it and downloaded again and it still doesn’t work right. Update Apr 29 2018: I Publix wants me to update my rating. Well it’s still one star. If I could give it zero I would. Still can’t access my shopping list. It sits on loading and never finishes. Even after several deletes, restart phone and reinstall.
  • Voice over still doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jennaboo91
    I spoke with someone about 6 months ago they were going to fix it so voice over would work they still haven’t fixed it yet so that means I can’t use the app on my iPhone and I can’t see it to be able to read the sales paper I count on voice over to read it for me so it would be nice if you would fix it
  • Sorry I have to give it even 1 star! REVISED TO 3 STARS. 3/5

    By Jim Gusta
    The stability of this app is worse than horrible. Two thirds of the time the Shopping List doesn’t load (spinning ball of death). And today it told me “Oops looks like you have no shopping list”! WTH. Horrible. Shopping list goes on my notes and I’ll just hope I remember what coupons I have. Ok the workaround works. Go to the left corner and hit the drop down menu. So up to 3 Stars. Why not make the landing page an ad or latest news and avoid the duplicity?
  • Not going to be contacting anyone, not wasting my time 1/5

    By Nancyvh
    Just spend some time and money on fixing the app! You people know what is not working...enough people have complained
  • Publix 4/5

    By Col6268
    First let me say Publix is absolutely the best store ever! I like the app and it appears there are a few ways to navigate places from different screens. I love the addition of being able to see/review my receipts. My only dislike if this is that I can not see the weekly ad in flyer/pdf form. I don’t like having to search for a item on sale by category. Their flyers are great SO PLEASE ADD this feature to the app se we can review it, see the pictures etc and make a shopping list as easily as we can online from their site!
  • Broken app 1/5

    By mrebekah
    App is broken.....weekly ads don’t load, coupons don’t work....whatever version is current is worse than previous ones
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By JKatP
    Since the most recent update, the app has stopped working properly. Shopping lists can no longer be used as the app kicks you out.
  • Edited Review 4/5

    By Fldtg
    App was fixed, works great again.
  • App not working! Will not open... Please correct soon. 5/5

    By Vern477
    Love Publix. Recently however the Publix App will not open anymore. When I click on icon, it looks as if it’s going to open, then screen goes black, then it closes out and returns to home screen. I’ll be glad when this is fixed and the app is working again. One star because I can’t currently log in, but I’ll give you the five stars bc I know you’ll be fixing it soon. Thanks.
  • Tiny font is hard to read on phone 4/5

    By Gloriousmom
    I love this app because I can get digital coupons and see the weekly specials. However, the display of items and font on the names and descriptions in the ad and coupon screens is so tiny and such light gray color that it is difficult to read. Get some user experience help to improve usability on your displays.
  • We need the prices!! 3/5

    By Magsybt
    I do love the store but prefer apps from other stores as they show the prices at “my preferred store”. Please update this, it helps so much, especially when shopping for deals on specific items.
  • Server error unable to login 2/5

    By Disrating
    When the app works it’s okay. It’s a little clunky but eventually you can order what you want.
  • Disappointed! 1/5

    By Athuho
    Where is myShopi app?, used to be so easy to do things with that app I downloaded this one and did not like at all
  • Update is AMAZING!! 5/5

    By sixpence34
    This new update is AMAZING!!! I love the new “My Shopping Trips” feature. It is going to make my list making SO much easier. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Publix is the BEST!!
  • Worst app I use 1/5

    By magicmully
    I have this app as I shop here but it’s consistently the worst app on my phone.
  • Email option perpetually broken 2/5

    By Souptini
    I’ve been using the app for six months. Not once has the option to email a shopping list worked.
  • Crashes ALOT 1/5

    By bran ja
    Constantly crashes, fails to load, or network 500 errors ALL THE TIME
  • If your app is working don’t update it! 2/5

    By emoney35
    This app used to work fine, but every time I update it something breaks or they remove a useful feature. Currently my wife and I keep getting a “network error 500” when trying to order one of our favorite sandwiches. This only happens when going through the favorites menu. It still works if you manually fill out the order form. What used to take like 3 clicks now takes a dozen or more. Please fix this! Also, we used to be able to work around this error by going into our order history and selecting “reorder”. But I just updated the Publix app on April 11, 2018, and now that’s gone too! Why would you remove such a convenient option?!?! It’s like you’re trying to get people to shop somewhere else.
  • Shopping list 1/5

    By Melloyellow0123
    So the app was updated, but the shopping list still won’t load. Each time I want to use this app to create a shopping list I have to delete it and reinstall it to get it to work.
  • Worst supermarket of any store 1/5

    For a year I complained about your app crashing and kicking me out in the mist of doing my list and I thought you had it fixed but I guess not. Now you’re telling me I deleted my list and I didn’t and you keep saying net error. To bad a company that is supposed to be number one doesn’t have the knowledge to do a decent app
  • Update disappointing 2/5

    By Ga craigues
    Too bad they felt they had to change the look/feel. No great advantage but just a change for the sake of change. I don’t care for the new “feel” . Will have to see what breaks when next I order.
  • Doesn’t work for me 2/5

    By TitiNanni
    I normally don’t have a problem with the shopping list. I have a problem with the pharmacy part. It only lets me control MY meds and not my entire family. I am the one who calls and picks up all meds. Since this app doesn’t work that way I’ll be deleting the app entirely. Thank you for what did work.
  • Good App mostly 4/5

    By Skipmco
    Are use my mobile app place deli an online sandwich orders quite a bit. I find it a little bit cumbersome do usually get to where I want to go in the app. And I wish it was easier recalling your orders and selecting items that you ordered in the past to re-order. Inevitably each time I go through past order I’ll end up with something else that I didn’t mean to in my cart or worse yet I don’t notice it until I go to the deli to pick my food up. It’s not the end of the world I’d still take it home with me because I just don’t want to abandon it but I wish the app was a little more savvy when I came to ordering

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