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  • Current Version: 4.46.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Publix Super Markets, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Publix App

Never miss a deal or a meal with the Publix app. We’ve designed our app to help you save money and time, whether you’re looking for deals on items you actually buy or ordering your favorite ham and cheese sub—we’ll even remember the pickles! To get the most out of our app, join Club Publix and get hand-picked deals, surprise savings, sneak peeks, and other benefits just for being a member. Plus: - Browse our weekly ads, clip digital coupons, and search for deals by category. - Pay and automatically redeem your digital coupons in store at checkout. - Order custom subs, sliced meats, or cheeses and we’ll have them ready for you. You can order custom cakes and platters, too. - Reorder your favorites with a few taps on your phone. - Choose an ordering service: delivery, in-store pickup, or curbside pickup. - Search for products and see related information, including sales, coupons, and in-store pickup availability. - Create, save, and access shopping lists and see aisle locations. - Add items to your shopping list, including sale items, coupons, favorites, and items from your purchase history. - Use the barcode scanner to scan and add items to your shopping list. Love Publix? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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Publix app reviews

  • IPad issues 2/5

    By jimmyb8222
    App no longer works on iPad. As soon as you go to search field it crashes.
  • Program crashes when you click on search 1/5

    By labsuki
    Updated to version 4.46.0 today. Now when you click on the search bar the program immediately crashes. Search is necessary.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By mpnotworkinh
    App crashes when I try to search items
  • Love Publix App 5/5

    By ChoosenbyGod
    I love my publix app. It’s so easy and convenient
  • Basic use causes crash 1/5

    By Pat E Cakes 1
    Trying to type anything in the app’s search bar causes the app to crash every single time. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled but continue to have the problem. Seems like others are having issues with the app as well.
  • Great store 4/5

    By qdaelbz
    We moved from Wisconsin we had a chain called festival foods. Puplix is the closest to that store
  • Search Function Crashes App 1/5

    By Mswm99
    Just updated to V4.46.0 running on IpadOS 16.2. Search worked properly on previous versions.
  • Weekly sales never posts 1/5

    By Big frowns
    It’s been forever since this app worked properly, the weekly sales never posts. Glitch is never fixed with every single update it’s been over two years now what’s going on?
  • Sign in 1/5

    By ArtemLytvynchuk
    I cant sign in And i cant renew password, verification cod does not sent. I have some gifts card in account. And now i don't have access
  • Mandatory updates 4/5

    By Anjelly12
    It seems like everytime I open the app an update is required. Please stop doing that 😭
  • Serious bug 1/5

    By Joebe532
    I really want to like this app… and do like many things about it. BUT, every time I tap in the search bar the app crashes. Searching is a key requirement. And I could find no place in the app to report the bug.
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By VERIZON is #1
    I have no complaints about Publix. However when you have coupons listed it is mandated that you print it. I don’t have a printer am a 67year young SENIOR on a fixed income and now would appreciate options on listed paper coupon to convert it to digital with the appropriate barcode on my Publix app. Why can’t you have a DIGITAL coupons so that I could scan & redeem in person?
  • Trash! 1/5

    By jsiiirreeefg
  • Sub Ordering 4/5

    By user132453678
    There’s no option to add things like lettuce or tomato to subs
  • App keeps asking for cookies, crashing… 1/5

    By SandSailor
    App keeps asking for Cookies. Clicking on the search window causes crash. Prices are not shown.
  • Ver 4.46.0 crashes 1/5

    By Ebvlbnj
    Running latest IOS on iPad. When I try to start a product search, the app crashes and closes. Other functionality seems to still work
  • Great App 5/5

    By Howie306
    I enjoy using this app. I especially like paying for my items with my phone.
  • Issue with update 1/5

    By Tackymoms
    iPhone user, Thea app keeps making me log in (have facial recognition) and when I go to put in verification code it flips through pages continuously where you can put any info in. The pages keep rotating.
  • One star because I’m fed up with it 1/5

    You CANNOT leave the screen for anything or it refreshes and starts you all the way back to the too which is very annoying. It’s has caused me many hours of frustration. I’m deleting it.
  • Loading circle bug ruined the app 1/5

    By Masterjul
    I turn on my phone to check the grocery list and I get a loading circle, have to wait 10 seconds, and am redirected to home. This also happens in the middle of searching, very annoying
  • Makes life easier 5/5

    By SunnySIC
    So easy to use. Love being told what aisle items are in.
  • New glitch makes shopping list hard 3/5

    By Jedi Zarr Tan
    I have been happily using this app for a couple of years since we moved to the land of Publix…however, just recently it started an incredibly annoying glitch. When you have been looking at your shopping list, turn off your phone, and then come back to it, you expect your shopping list to still show. Instead, it takes me back to the main page. Same with if I’m looking at that week’s specials. This makes trying to check my list as I’m shopping VERY frustrating. 😣
  • Best Italian Sub in Fleming Island 5/5

    By Dr Huntet
    The Publix Italian Sub, toasted, is by far the best sub of its kind in Fleming Island. Order yours online and it’ll be waiting for you when you arrive. Very tasty, made precisely as requested, and reasonably priced. What more could one ask for?

    By Eleni333
    When creating a shopping list, it doesn’t show you the prices! Absolutely worthless! So I have to go to Instacart to create a shopping list with prices, but they’re higher on Instacart, so I don’t know the true price. Kroger‘s and Sprouts’ and Aldi’s apps have prices… This is REALLY Tacky! DELETE!
  • Update has ruined app 1/5

    By lisdan26
    I use this app in conjunction with other apps while preparing my shopping list; however, it brings you back to home page every time you come back to app. It make the app useless to view coupons and sales flyers. Change back to old version.
  • Pharmacy 4/5

    By hawke1977
    I love the Publix apps. I miss getting texts when my prescriptions are ready.
  • What? 1/5

    By (-Oak-)
    So I choose my store and all it gives me is the store details but no way to see adds, bogo’s or anything in the store. Did I miss something or what?
  • Version 4.45.2 Failure with Add Card 2/5

    By Mick Gator Fan
    Version 4.45.2 is not user friendly. I wanted to add a gift card but accidentally selected Add Credit Card. The app refused to let me "Cancel". Six hours later, it still had not reset automatically. Instead of deleting and reinstalling the app, I decided to reboot the phone because that was actually easier - that worked but should not have been necessary. Please fix the app so that "Cancel" works. Thanks.
  • Major glitch 1/5

    By Pandabear62
    Update please. The app is acting really weird. Logged me out. And then it won’t accept a verification code-goes back and forth from home page to the sign in page rapidly. Won’t stop. I won’t be shopping at Publix until it is fixed.
  • Constantly forces me to home page 1/5

    By Colonel Tavington
    Super frustrating and tedious to use app. If I leave the app for even 1 second to multi-task on something else (or even if my phone locks), then the app reverts to the home page. Imagine trying to utilize the shopping list feature.. Everytime you take out your phone to check the list you have to wait for it to load up the home page, then you have to navigate back to your shopping list and scroll to where you left off. No other app I use behaves this way. Please fix it.
  • No complaints 5/5

    By Nene8108
    Hands down this is the best grocery store app that I’ve used. It never crashes, always has my stores ads and saves my coupons. You can’t beat the BOGO deals either and having this app helps me to prepare my trips in advance and save a ton of time in store!
  • Pain to use now! 2/5

    By Mrs.S.T.
    Version 4.45.2. Since this version release, you cannot leave the app without it completely reloading itself to the homepage. It no longer lets you pick up where you left off. I use a separate shopping list app that I prefer, I’ve used it for about 5 years now. But with this Publix app version, I cannot scroll the Publix ad and switch to my list app easily like in the past. Please fix this!
  • List won’t come up. 1/5

    By Kskarp
    I can add to list but it doesn’t show up.
  • Always the Best 5/5

    By Luv Publishi
    Publix never disappoints! “My Publix” (425) has a super manager. Devonne (not sure about spelling) is just one example of the outstanding Publix employees. She moves all around the store watching and helping customers and staff with whatever needs doing to “make shopping a pleasure”. This lady greets customers, does checkout and bag boy duties, helps you find items, cleans up messes, and leads her fine team by example! Sincerely, Ruth Dunham
  • Why 1/5

    By Stinks56
    With this newest update the app does not work unless the internet is turned on for cellular on my iphone. it will not work like other apps just using cellular…all your previous versions did work without the internet on.
  • Pésima aplicación 1/5

    By Armandito102021
    La búsqueda no es amistosa, mala conectividad. Cuando encuentras el producto o es escaneado, este no muestra el precio.
  • Very convenient 5/5

    By Mklow1
    The app is very convenient. Especially to order sandwiches because the line is normally so long
  • New update ruined the app 1/5

    By cosmick728
    You updated the app and now all it does is force me to log in to a public account without the option to create one. Buggy app ruined.
  • Super duper! 5/5

    By Surfjenny
    Love our publix
  • Frustrating bug 1/5

    By Ccr1238
    I rarely leave reviews but I’ve been experiencing a bug lately that makes this app frustrating to use. Whenever I minimize the app, such as when I put my phone in my pocket or switch apps, I receive the spinning circular loading icon when I resume using the app, the app then takes me back to the home page. So if I am in the store shopping, then put my phone in my pocket, I lose my place in my list and have to start over. Or perhaps I’m ordering a sub, then switch to my messaging app to see what toppings my friend wants on their sandwich, then switch back to the Publix app. I lose my place and have to start completely over. The app appears to hang at this point if there is insufficient network connection, such as being in the store but not being on wifi. Even if I have a solid connection, the app always takes me back to the Home Screen when opening it. This makes the app frustrating to use. And unusable with a poor connection. I use this app almost daily, so it is quite frustrating. I have reinstalled the app, rebooted my phone, and logged out and back in. Issue persists.
  • The best grocery store in North America 5/5

    By Canadian Claire
    As a 60 year old Canadian Snowbird I have shopped at many different grocery stores in my day. The Publix at Grove Park Square in Lakeland exceeds by far any other experience! Managed by John, the staff are incredibly helpful and pleasant. I’ve spoken with them many times and they all love working there. This happiness is passed on to the customer experience. In general Publix has high quality products a and the weekly BOGO specials really help with my retiree budget. Carrying out my groceries is such another plus since I am disabled. This doesn’t happen in any other grocery chain. Outstanding service. The App is great. I use it to create my grocery list and navigate where the specials are. I honestly tell everyone how great this store is! Kudos to all.
  • Easy to navigate 5/5

    By Jcharlemagne
    Love the app I like how stuff is really easy to find. My fave is how easy it is to cut coupons on here.
  • The app closes 4/5

    By M S Hall
    Ever since the last software update the app closes to the main menu. Whenever you go in to make your list, it backs out to the main menu every time. You would have to wait about 10 seconds or so for it to close. Then you could go back in to your shopping list.
  • Good app, new refresh bug 3/5

    By ChrisWalker307
    Overall this is a really good app. I especially love the feature that sorts your selected items by store aisle, but I wish the deli and produce were at the top since that is what you first see when you enter the store. The latest version has a bug that constantly refreshes the screen to the home page. This becomes very annoying when you have a lot of items selected and have to get back to the items. I may have to see if a web (not app) version exists and try it until this is fixed, as it is making the app very difficult to use.
  • Great, when it works 2/5

    By TessieCooper
    I love being able to clip coupons and order sandwiches ahead but the app keeps crashing. I can’t even sign in.
  • List is almost unusable after the latest updates 1/5

    By Gustavo de Brito
    I shop at Publix for years and this app got much, much worse in the latest weeks, because it kicks you of the shopping list and reloads it frequently, making the shopping experience a real nightmare. That’s what’s happening in detail: Arriving at the supermarket I look for the first item on my shopping list, put my phone in my pocket and after grabbing the first item and unlocking my phone to mark the item as checked and see the next item, guess what? The app pulled me out from the shopping list, forcing me to wait for the home page to load again and then load the list, all over, over, and over again. Imagine when you have +20 items in your list? This makes using this app in the supermarket a terrible experience, on top of using more data. I got myself waiting for the shopping list to reload in every corridor! I hope Publix fix this, because while shopping there is great, the digital experience is a pain lately!
  • App not working 01/02/2023 2/5

    By KW local
    Maybe it was an update issue but the app is not working properly.
  • Ruined app 1/5

    By pholly
    I’ve never had any problems with this app until recent updates which makes the app reload every time I switch to another app and back. This is annoying and makes me want to stop using it at all.
  • Continuous Loop 1/5

    By MomisOK
    Signing in is an endless loop. Deleted and reinstalled and still does not work. Your coding developers need to fix this last update.