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  • Current Version: 1.3.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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Q*bert App

Q*bert is back! Help Q*bert solve puzzles while avoiding danger in this all new experience! Using intuitive swipe controls, jumping around ever-changing levels has never been easier. Outwit Coily and a whole crew of colorful enemies by choosing your own path across dozens of patterns. Complete levels and tackle the classic Arcade Mode to unlock and play as Q*bert's friends. How long can you jump? @!#[email protected]! Features: ● Dozens of puzzle-based levels ● Classic and new arenas! ● Jump on cubes to change them to the target color ● Unlock Q*bert outfits and characters ● Avoid Coily! ● Use rotating disks to lead enemies to their doom ● Upgrade Q*bert’s abilities ● Score higher to earn more coins ● Climb the leaderboard in Arcade Mode ● Special Guest Stars - play as Disney's Wreck-It Ralph! ● So much swearing! Wreck-It Ralph © 2020 Disney --- This app may include advertising tailored to your interests on behalf of the Sony Corporation family of companies, as well as third parties. To learn more about this, visit www.aboutads.info. To exercise certain choices regarding interest-based advertising, visit www.aboutads.info/choices. You may also download the App Choices app at www.aboutads.info/appchoices. Privacy Policy: http://www.sonypictures.com/corp/privacy.html Terms of Use: http://www.sonypictures.com/corp/tos.html Do Not Sell My Info: https://privacyportal-cdn.onetrust.com/dsarwebform/d19e506f-1a64-463d-94e4-914dd635817d/b9eb997c-9ede-451b-8fd4-29891782a928.html -- If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at [email protected] Privacy Policy: http://www.sonypictures.com/corp/privacy.html Terms of Use: http://www.sonypictures.com/corp/tos.html Do Not Sell My Info: https://privacyportal-cdn.onetrust.com/dsarwebform/d19e506f-1a64-463d-94e4-914dd635817d/b9eb997c-9ede-451b-8fd4-29891782a928.html

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Q*bert app reviews

  • Not good 1/5

    By WalterGR
    Too easy and too many ads.
  • Brings back the memories... 3/5

    By Vissani
    Love the game and it brings back big memories. However, what the heck is it with the ads?! Every stage you complete..there is an ad that follows..every time!! Get rid of those frequencies and this game could take off into something very special!! Just rid the ads..please.
  • Bug 3/5

    By jayce089
    Before a certain update came out that gives you characters if you beat level 60 and 100 I already beat the game so I wasn’t able to get those skins. I hope this bug can be fixed
  • More events 4/5

    By PB'n'J
    I would definitely play a lot more if you made new events every couple weeks or so instead of it just being Arctq event al the time. Thanks in advance.
  • Fun game, but is WAY too easy 3/5

    By IssacHo88
    I’ve played the original Q*Bert many times in my childhood, and I found it frustratingly hard. The way the controls work, and falling off the stage, makes it hard, but feels satisfying to get use to. This game, feels easy to control, which is fair, since times have changed. But at least allow the player to fall off the map. That’s one of the many ways you’d die a lot, and it makes the game for fun. Sure, there are some tedious puzzles, but even then I can solve those. And the bosses are pathetic. Sure, it can be rather fun, but when you fight the same boss, just with a different layout, it becomes stale. Make a boss like a snake, that bounces from block to block quickly, or a little green guy who undoes your work, but is rather slow. Just make this game a little more interesting. Besides that, I love this game, and it’s a great time killer.
  • Nice 4/5

    By cheeto gorl
    The controls are kinda weird but I like it
  • Made phone malfunction 1/5

    By roaktq
    when i first downloaded and started it up the game, it made my phone crazy hot, i could barely hold touch it, my phone is a 6s and it works completely fine with other way bigger games like pubg, but when i first downloaded this game and started it, not 5 minutes in and suddenly my brightness gets to the lowest and my phone turns off. i have a pretty thick phonecase so at first i didn’t notice it was hot until i turned it back on. i waited until it was at a normal temperature. i didn’t think it was the game that caused it to malfunction, so i started it up again, and again about 2 minutes in and my phone starts to heat up crazy hot from around the camera. i shut the app, deleted it, waited until it was ok, and checked if other games were doing the same. i playes superstar bts, a uch bigger game than q*bert for about an hour and nothing happened. i really like this game but the app itself did not suit my phone like the instruction says.
  • Ad after ad... 1/5

    By SRQ 1
    Play Q*bert and then...Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad...time to play Q*bert again and then... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad... Ad after ad...delete app
  • Perfect for the iPhone 5/5

    By DialZForZero
    This classic lends itself perfectly to iPhone gaming. Simple controls and satisfying gameplay. Super nostalgic with the just the right amount of updating. There’s ads but it’s cheap to block them.
  • This game is all I need 5/5

    By 3141592687
    I downloaded this to get the nostalgia from the arcade game & it didn’t disappoint!! So many levels & cute editions of Q*bert you can earn. The ads are annoying at first but then I decided to just buy the full version & truly it was worth it. Definitely recommend if you’re really into it Q*bert or retro arcade games. It brings me sooo much joy :)
  • New version is terrible 1/5

    By rjb4930
    The newest version just isnt that good
  • I’ve collected every Q*bert please add more for me to collect 5/5

    By brawlstars=⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    This game is great I love it please add more Q*berts
  • Disgusting amount of ads 1/5

    By Carlton fist
    Could be a slight time killer of a game reminiscing of the arcade days but the sheer amount of ads is horrible. Game is not worth the playing quality to pay money to remove ads, nor is it worth wasting time sitting through that ads.
  • The “fall off” knock 4/5

    By The Pontiac Version
    Cute game but how hard would it have been to program in a haptic “knock” coinciding with the audio approximation of the original arcade game sound effect? Let alone letting ol’ Q*bert fall off the field (cubes) of play.

    By Lovely Raccoon
    Within a few weeks, I’ve gotten all the Q*bert designs included in the game. There is little incentive to the money players keep gaining from completed levels when there nothing to spend that money on! I love this game but I might delete it because there’s no thrill left.
  • Seven ads per level 1/5

    By roadview
    Great game, but this is impossible to play with so many ads per level. Removing app.
  • Q Bert 5/5

    By En7kids
    Great old game
  • Cooooooool 4/5

    By gengar33e
    I love this game and I love to play the classic game even more! But the game freezes a lot.
  • Q*bert 5/5

    By sotero A
    This game is awesome!
  • Too many adds and repeats! 1/5

    By unicorn4life13579
    This game gives an add after EVERY LEVEL! TIP: I have to turn off my data and WiFi just so I don’t have to deal with them when I play! You don’t have to pay all that money! Q*bert is a non WiFi using app. But, when I do have adds “on” they ask you to watch an add for more coins but if you say no, you watch one anyway! What’s the point of that? What worse is when you get into the higher levels, they start to just repeat the old levels but with different colors as if you’d just forgotten the old ones! Were they so lazy they had to repeat!? It no longer gets progressively harder because of this! Once you really get into the 180’s they repeat OVER AND OVER! 181, 185, and 186 are all repeats! And I’m sure there are more I have missed! I still have the app to this day but rarely ever open it!
  • Ads to revive?? I paid for no ads! 3/5

    By BadBrain13
    I paid for no “interstitial” ads but cant revive without watching an ad, and if you don’t want to watch you have to start over. What is VIP option and how do I pay for it? I would pay more not to waste my time watching stupid ads. Please ad these options, or make things more clear. it’s really lame and unclear.
  • Such a good game 5/5

    By Inkling200
    This game really is nostalgic for me and it is an arcade game and I love them and all the characters are just adorable! P.S Q*nicorn is my fav.
  • Overwhelmed with ads 1/5

    By Jblackmin
    This is a really cute game, and passes time! I would give this five stars but, way too many ads.. every single time you finish a leave there’s an at least 30 second ad after it. And they’re all the same ads.. I would just say, unless you want to pay or you like ads get this game. If not I would not recommend it. :/
  • Ads., ads, and more ads 1/5

    By Nature Lover 😍☘️
    If you’re looking for an app disguised as a game, then this is for you. Don’t waste your time on this “game”.
  • It was the best and I want to continue!🤩 5/5

    By E66_deadcat
    It was very good a very good game sept there was adds not that much though like other games I just did the internet glitch but it was one of the best mobile games I played and I wish there could be new updates such as new skins maybe new power ups or new monsters. Anyways thank you for this old school remake 🙏🏽
  • Qbert review 1/5

    By Wildflowers 🌷
    Fun game ruined by ads!!!!
  • Advertisements ruin it 1/5

    By oogalee boogalee
    Every time you pass a level, advertisements ruin it, a 3rd of this game is just advertisements, even the rare characters have to be unlocked using advertisements, it would be much better if this game were paid or if there were in-app purchases rather than hundreds of ads, please stop charging us to remove ads.
  • Great game too many ads 4/5

    By t nhntshyubbt
    Hi there Q*bert is one of my favorite games on my iPad. However the game has to much adds. The worst part is that the only way you can stop the adds is paying 2.99 dollars I mean come on
  • Chunky cheese 5/5

    By simethepunja
    It real fun bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb r/tihi
  • Ok, but too many ads 1/5

    By D33T33V33
    When I first saw this game, I was thinking, wow an interesting game that was also one of the first arcade games, so I downloaded it. And when I first played it I thought it was enjoyable, until the ads. I understand it is a free game so there are going to be ads unless if you pay for no ads, but it is so annoying! Even those “I bet you can’t reach pink color” games have less ads than this. Take hungry shark world for example, it is a good FREE game created by the big company that is Ubisoft, and the smaller company that is Future Games Of London. That game has no ads unless you want to watch one to get gems or coins. The only ads you get other than that is for you to buy items with coins, or sharks for real money. The thing is, those ads are tiny pop ups that you can quickly X out of in less than 30 seconds. Sony is probably larger than Ubisoft and still litters it’s game with constant ads. This game has the same amount of ads with bowmasters.
  • Cool games 5/5

    By fjhfdgjhjjjjjj
    A some cool game I almost lose my minde
  • It is pretty good 4/5

    By it is pretty good nickname
    It is a good strategy game that you could play while you are off of school
  • So many ads! 4/5

    By CoulsKnigh
    I just got this game and I am loving it already, but I have one problem with it: Every time I beat a level on the arcade mode, I always get an ad, I kind of find it ridiculous how much ads I am getting. Please reduce it a bit, I don’t really know how ads work, but maybe it can pop up once I beat 3 levels. Thank you.
  • Meh 2/5

    By fijate que suave
    It gets boring really fast
  • Fun but... 3/5

    By potatoportals
    To start off I love this game but many of the levels are reused. I keep doing levels and being like “oh this is the same as that other level I did about 20 levels ago” at first I thought I might just be confusing similar levels but now it is just way to obvious and close together. I’m on level 194 and I’ve done this level at least 5 times before. And every time I’m thinking “oh maybe they changed something and made it harder?” But they never do, it’s just exactly the same besides maybe the colors change. Also I love the characters but I wish there were more, I have so many coins now and the only thing I can do with this is revive my character when I die. And I don’t really want to spend my time watching ads to get the rest.
  • Ads 2/5

    By Abrï
    In my opinion , the game itself is fun and enjoyable. It is pretty entertaining and also a little addicting . Although , the amount of ads I believe is overpowering . Every time a level is beat , an ad pops up and it is quite frustrating . I believe that there is more ads then actual time spent playing the game . Other than that I love the game .
  • No challenge 2/5

    By Mjb0123
    I just made it to level 180 and there has been no challenge. Potential is there but it is not hard at all. If you want a game that is just too easy, this is for you. I’ll come back when they’ve actually made some challenging puzzles.
  • Ads ads ads 3/5

    By tg4000
    Game is fun but the ads are too frequent (one ad per level). And most of my time is spent on the ads than the actual game
  • There are a lot of ads 4/5

    By GameCritic7002
    There should be less ads. After every single game there is an ad. I would not be upset if there were less ads and more different ones. The same old angry birds’ ad keep play over and over again. Why can’t you just advertise something else??? Overall, the game is pretty fun and simple to play. I do appreciate the fact that you can get characters with ads, and not having to only pay for them. But, please have other ads, and less for them overall. Thank you!
  • LOL I was just playing it was great😍😍😍😍👾👾👾 5/5

    By player [email protected] com
  • Great game but .. 4/5

    By danique t
    But you force me to watch ads lol. The skip button is so close to the watch ad. I don’t even think it’s clickable. I have to watch an ad every time I finish a level.
  • Make it... 3/5

    By Dom11112/22
    a 3 1/2 stars 😕🙂
  • I HATE IT 3/5

    By sonic fan 111111
  • Fun... for a little while. 2/5

    By Marky_B570
    I was really excited to find this game and I was loving it for the first 2 days, so I paid the $3 to remove, which seemed worth it. But then I hit level 100 and the game then starts to repeat levels, not so much fun anymore. PLEASE add more unique levels, there’s an infinite amount of ways to arrange those little squares, you shouldn’t have to repeat levels. Also, adding more Berts to unlock after level 100 would make it a lot better too.
  • How Many Adds Are There? 3/5

    By Idon'tlikeadds
    Good game but way, way too many adds. If you are not a patient person, this game is not for you.
  • Brydal09 5/5

    By call your dut
    Such a addicting game I love that it looks like the real game it is so fun and hope you enjoy it to
  • Good Game: High battery drain and ads. 3/5

    By unpoptv
    Fix my phone losing 30% in 7 minutes and I’ll give 5 stars because of the QBert. Good game overall without the heavy ad use. Fix all of the flaws and I’ll give 5 stars.
  • Classic Q*Bert 5/5

    By warrenJones
    You thot that the Q*Bert franchise is DEAD NOPE it’s BACK AND Q*Bert LOOKS BETTER AND IT HAS UPDATES SO GOOD!!! 👍
  • FINALLY 5/5

    By Benaquartz
    I have been waiting so long for a game like this. It reminds me of the real thing. Thank you

Q*bert app comments

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