QDOBA Rewards & Ordering

QDOBA Rewards & Ordering

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: QDOBA Mexican Eats
  • Compatibility: Android
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QDOBA Rewards & Ordering App

Introducing QDOBA Rewards – the official online ordering and mobile rewards app from QDOBA Mexican Eats®. We’ve expanded our rewards program to give you more – more points for every dollar spent and more redeemable rewards and perks every time you order QDOBA. You have the freedom to choose how your points are used. Cash points in for whatever you’re craving, whether it be handmade tortilla chips and our signature 3-Cheese Queso, a customizable crave-worthy burrito, one of our Knockout Tacos, or save them for something bigger and bolder. Complete challenges by exploring the menu, trying new creations, and sharing your QDOBA experience with friends. The more you order, the more rewards you get. Our improved online ordering lets you place your order and skip the line – you can come directly to the checkout counter at your scheduled pick-up time to pick up your order. Review past orders and save your favorite menu items for easy reordering, customize the menu to your dietary preferences, and securely store a credit card to make checkouts a breeze. Features: - New QDOBA Mobile Rewards Program: Score points, climb tiers and gain reusable perks. - Easy Online Ordering: Review past orders and save favorite menu items, customize the menu to your dietary preferences. - Location Finder: Save your usual location or find a QDOBA restaurant closest to you. - Complete Challenges: Bonus points awarded for completing various in-app challenges. - QDOBA Wallet: Your Mobile Rewards Card and Saved Credit Card in one. Securely save your credit card for easy checkout while earning points and perks. How to Log Into QDOBA Rewards: https://player.vimeo.com/video/198405632 *The QDOBA Rewards app cannot be used to view and redeem Catering rewards Points.

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QDOBA Rewards & Ordering app reviews

  • Rewards are good 3/5

    By DaveA7789
    App to restaurant has had an issue a few times But i do love the rewards
  • Easy 5/5

    I love how easy it is to order and then just pick up my food. It’s also nice to get rewards.
  • I really like the app. 4/5

    By Karaoke Lady
    I love the convenience of ordering ahead and setting my pick up time and being able to see my points, etc. My only hang up is I’m having a hard time changing my default payment method.
  • Easy Peasy 5/5

    By Lg814265
    Use the Q App!
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By Bwnsgr89
    I love this app
  • Just phenomenal 5/5

    By Opinionated Mommy 2.0
    I’ve use the app now for the last year and would not dine out any other way. They’ve never messed up my order they’ve never forgotten anything and I always get excellent customer service!
  • Dumps CC data 2/5

    By skyye2
    Need to fix bug that drops all CC data when pickup time is too early for the store to complete. No need to have someone submit CC data 3 times in a row!
  • Tacos 3/5

    By 54898326
    Tacos should b easier to order - like burritos - ask for hard/soft shell, chicken, steak......
  • Qdobas are not ready for the app 1/5

    By Durianzown
    The app itself looks great but is completely useless because qdoba restaurants are not ready for this tech. Every time I have used this app, the restaurant had IT issues and the order wasn’t ready. Literally would’ve been faster for me to just order at the restaurant.
  • App isn’t useful 1/5

    By lauren108
    Cannot order breakfast from app. Breakfast hours aren’t even listed on the app or websites. Deleted.
  • App is great. Stores don’t execute 1/5

    By waiting again at qdoba
    App is easy to use and a simple ordering process. But after at least a dozen uses I have yet to arrive at the retail location and have my order even started. Qdoba clearly has not figured out the execution side of the app.
  • Love Qdoba! 5/5

    By calleemac
    The app is super helpful when I wanna pick up a quick, easy, tasty dinner.
  • Quick and easy 5/5

    By Mrbunnyfoofoo
    I like it, it’s quick and easy to use.
  • Great! 5/5

    By ChelseaHixson
    Clean store with staff that are always kinda and helpful.
  • Love the food, like the app 4/5

    By Jilly in Indy
    The app is a bit difficult to navigate at first. Less would be more, in this case. Too many options & details. It’s not always clear what to press to continue to the next screen.
  • Always reliable for us! 5/5

    By jharris!
    For me and my co workers, we can always count on them to have it ready on time. Thanks qdoba!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By G-rod1027
    The app works great and the food is delicious.
  • Hit or miss 5/5

    By positivety is key.
    Some days everybody is happy, somedays you can’t get a smile out of them no matter how funny you are!
  • App rate 3/5

    By ãłłëñ
    It tells you that one time is too soon so you move the time back 15 mins and click ok and then it says ok we’ll see you at (the first time.)the time that was too soon. other wise ordering is very easy! And I love the app!!
  • Great food, terrible app 1/5

    By ZombieHellfire
    Completely unusable. Cannot redeem a single offer. Deleted.
  • Fresh and fast! 5/5

    By VJ440
    Very quick to order and pickup, very friendly staff.
  • Manhattan staff 5/5

    By aatolle
    Jordan the manager is amazing!! She is always so friendly. She coaches her staff respectively and even on the busy days she always has a positive attitude. It’s hard to find managers like Jordan these days! Five star for the whole staff!!! Thank you for all that you do. -Ashely
  • I Hate This App - Bring Back The Card 1/5

    By aspencomputerservices.com
    At least once a month this app doesn’t load, crashes after loading, or logs me out randomly. This would be a terrible thing if it didn’t happen when I’m in line, trying to pay with a dozen people behind me. I have seen this happen to people in front of me too. When it doesn’t launch and I can’t get my points, you’d think the app would have a place to at least manually input the code from the receipt to redeem the points, but no... I need to do that on the website. Other restaurant apps have a way to take a picture of the receipt... it’s so easy (unlike using this app). This all leads me to declare that this app is actually a detriment to the Qdoba experience as a whole, and using the app is becoming a deterrent to even going there. Life was much simpler when I could just scan my card and get my points or my free burrito. Please bring back the card, as it simply works, unlike this app.
  • Works ok 4/5

    By Brandon7102
    Needs to make easy to add perks to order.
  • Didn’t have food ready. 2/5

    By B-Fandy
    Got to the restaurant and they had ran out of white rice, so our food wasn’t ready and it wasn’t what we had asked for. It’s bad business to run out of your main ingredient in almost all of the food you serve, and then expect your customers to just be ok with a free large drink.
  • Absolute disgrace 1/5

    By PJballa
    I don't normally right reviews but being a long time customer and user of previous rewards system I felt I should. I was reticent when they released the app and forced me to ditch my card and I experienced most of the issues others have constant crashes, random log outs and glitches but I got it to function at least on pure will power to earn my free burrito! It worked ok up until a couple weeks ago when the app has become literally useless. It wants me to pick a home store for some reason but will NOT let me. It says "Sorry the request content is malinformed"; literally technical gibberish. I might have to break from doba until this peice of garbage gets fixed as much as I love the flavors. But given the customer service in place around this app is also absolute garbage it is maybe indicative of a larger problem at the company in general. Guess it's time to check out other places.
  • Very inconvenient 1/5

    By jennethiam
    The app assigns a pickup time...35 minutes for 3 tacos. I walked into an empty restaurant and 10 people walked in behind me. Why not make it like Starbucks where your order is made and it takes as long as it takes to make it? Additionally the messages do not disappear when they expire and several do not have dates on them. Very annoyed customer
  • Great, fast, easy and rewarding 5/5

    By TWiewel
    The Qdoba app is insanely easy to use I love that it keeps track of your points and lets you know what rewards you have and how many visits left until the next tier! Great great app. 10 out of 10 would recommend
  • Great food 5/5

    By Heavenliexbieber
    Love the food but not always receiving the free chips with our meals.
  • Not intuitive 3/5

    By baba la baba
    The app is fine once familiar with it, but it is fairly confusing at first. It is not laid out in an intuitive way, especially for managing account settings, accessing order history and favorites, and using reward points. The app could definitely be improved with some click-reduction redesign.
  • Hungry 5/5

    By Rumballz
    Good in belly!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By post qdoba
    I love going to Qdoba, and I loved when they had the card you could swipe for rewards. This app never allows me to log in which intern, I rarely go there anymore because I can’t get any rewards. Fix the app or go back to the card Qdoba
  • Annoying app and policy 2/5

    By Moosegrin1
    App is not intuitive. Too too long and too much effort to figure out how to redeem points for a reward. It was easier to use card and didn’t have to install this silly app on my phone. Qdoba should allow continued use of card for rewards if customer prefers. This gave me a negative attitude towards Qdoba-lots of other similar food options available instead of Qdoba.
  • Qdoba 5/5

    By MusicTDogg
    Great food, easy-to-use app. All around a great place to eat!!
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Carguy379
    It works just enough to keep you attempting to use it. Never when you need it.
  • Fantastic food and convenient app 5/5

    By Loving Qdoba food n app
    Thank you Qdoba for the fantastic food and convenient app for ordering
  • Never works 1/5

    By christina18264,!
    This app never works and when it does it’s very very slow.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Residential Managmenegment
    Great app very easy to use and sync my new rewards right away.
  • Mobile order guy. 3/5

    By Tedmonds1906
    Some errors with mobile orders. Staff seems friendly.
  • Can’t even put in correct credit card info 1/5

    By Seancoffey78
    The payment info UI is bugged so that I can’t even put in the proper expiration date for my credit card. Ridiculous - I haven’t even had this app for 5 minutes and I’m already deleting it.
  • Appy Happy 5/5

    By park the car in the yard!
    I had no idea an app existed until I walked into Qdoba today. I thank Kelli who was extremely patient and helpful!
  • You have to order for pickup 45 minutes ahead of time 1/5

    By Jason Houk
    Ordering online looses all its advantage when you can’t have your order prepared in a timely manner. The 45 minutes they require is enough time to go, stand in line, and still be home before my online order can begin to be prepared. I thought this might be because the are blocking out when they have too many online orders, but regardless or time of day including late in the evening, it’s been 45 minutes out. Every other restaurant with online ordering can process the order all but immediately except where they’ve blocked out because of too many online orders or system outages. This is at best, saying yes we have online ordering but not being committed to it.
  • Needs an update 4/5

    By thehamberdler
    I use the app frequently to preorder meals, and it's generally a good experience. However, the parts of the UI do not render properly on the iPhone Xs.
  • Too long to make food 1/5

    By Dhshhsns
    It should not make me wait 30-45 minutes to get my food when I place an order on an app. Panera Bread app allows for 8 min wait time. This app allows for way too much wait time and is ultimately why I rarely eat here.
  • Wish I could give it 0 stars 1/5

    By Aerobat79
    Crashtastic! Every iteration of updates to this app are full of bugs. It wont even load. Your developers are a joke.
  • Outright the beat Mexican food chain ever 5/5

    By Domes55
    I’ve been to plenty of places for some quick mexican food, including Chipotle, Taco Bell, Baja Fresh... etc, and I can assure you that Qdoba is without a doubt the best place to eat any type of food on the entire menu. The burritos are incredible. The tacos are incredible. The quesadillas are incredible. The chips with any dip are incredible. The taco bowls are incredible. They have literally the best hot queso you can ask for. They have delicious guacamole. The meats they use are cooked / seasoned to perfection, my personal favorites being the brisket or the pulled pork. The rewards app is actually amazing. Beyond the minor bugs which the employees always help you out, the app offers great rewards to those ordering for groups and racking in free burritos. The only thing I could ask for is more points, only because it takes more than 10 burritos to earn a free burrito. But aside from that, I live off of Qdoba burritos. If you go into Qdoba with your rewards app and a past receipt, you can get free chips and salsa, then you have to order a burrito with a wheat wrap, brown rice, black beans, pulled pork, queso diablo, spicy guacamole, extra sour cream, shredded cheese, corn, lettuce and fajita chips. Plus a Dr. Pepper of course. Its going to be around 12.50 bucks so at 20 points per dollar thats about 250 points. 3000 points is your goal of a free burrito. If you can tell me that there is some other chain that can beat that burrito, then you’re out of your mind. And other places have the nerve to charge extra for queso, charge extra for guac, how about they charge extra and give a half decent meal, oh wait they don’t. Qdoba for life, that’s facts, stop hating and just open your eyes to glory people.
  • Update prevents me from using app 1/5

    By down81town
    The latest update prevents me from using the app. It is stuck on the “Edit Home Store” screen and will not allow me to enter a location or get to any other option in the app.
  • Not at all user friendly 2/5

    Difficult to navigate . Items in checkout missing when try to come back to the app, unable to add my payment info. No option for cash payment and finally the app is not at all user friendly
  • App has issues 1/5

    By 173552847526494
    I agree with other reviewers who said that if they put mobile orders through, they don’t always show up. Also, if you tap the link to use rewards, it doesn’t make sure you really want to, because I lost 3000 points by accidentally hitting the button twice. I even contacted the Qdoba twice about this issue and I have not received any messages or calls back. This app doesn’t always work, either. It’s always telling me there’s an error. Needs some bugs fixed.

QDOBA Rewards & Ordering app comments

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