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  • Current Version: 2.0.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: QuikTrip
  • Compatibility: Android
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EPIC at Home on your phone! Only for authorized QuikTrip employees. View your schedule and time off balances, store address and phone list, and even get directions to a store.

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  • constantly not working 2/5

    By Dis nigga👌🏾
    I can never get on the app to look at anything. It just leaves me at a blank loading screen. Never loads me in. Very annoying.
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By Anon!&47
    What’s the point in having an app for your employees when the thing NEVER works? I bet you pay more attention to the app the customers use. How about putting a little bit more energy into making sure your employees can use their app otherwise just take it down.
  • App never loads on iPhone 1/5

    By jaker2232
    All of our Midwest employees seem to have the same massive issue, the app just never loads so it’s truly a downfall for our company as it makes our jobs more difficult
  • Fix notifications 3/5

    By Xbox yo
    We need an actual notification if we get assigned to another store.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By hrichardson9
    Mine doesn’t even load. I can’t see my schedule, shifts, nothing. I have to call the help desk EVERYTIME I am on erp. It’s very annoying.
  • Unable to pick up shifts 1/5

    By fhakfbaka
    The app’s features consistently stops working at random times and it doesn’t get fixed until the next update which can take months at a time. Currently I’m unable to pick up extra shifts even though I have a relatively new iPhone
  • frequently non-functional 1/5

    By m-o-r-g-a-u-s-e
    I will have weeks at a time where the app won't even open and when it does it refuses to load anything I click.

    By Catherine Hinkebein
    I can’t try to get my Monday shift picked up on epic like i can a Thursday bc it doesn’t let me post the following week until the week before is over! some days of the week have longer to be posted and will be picked up easier, Just make it any shifts available to post that are within the next 7 days, so they all get equal time
  • Scheduling 3/5

    By BlerpAssist
    The app is very useful. I would like it better if we were able to put in days other than vacation days. Also, if we were able to cancel days that were accidentally submitted would be helpful and less time consuming. Calling or going to the stores to do so is a hassle. The app should be updated to accommodate that.
  • Very inconsistent app. With very little helpful notifications. 1/5

    By Penniek66
    As a employee on erp it’s very important that I am able to check my schedule so I can be on time to work. With that being said my app has had numerous bugs where I’m unable to access my full schedule. I would also like some notifications for schedule changes on this app- for example when I get moved from being doubled up to another store it notifies me before i go to my home store.
  • Unusable 2/5

    By Anon64259731
    When I boot up the app it now just says an error occurred repeatedly. Been trying to get into it for over an hour........
  • Useless 1/5

    By mgoff0929
    The app use to work great but I can no longer scroll to see my schedule nor pickup any shifts!
  • Please fix! 3/5

    By HannahPanda37
    So now the scrolling is fixed, but you can’t click on directions for a store.
  • Fix one but create another. 4/5

    By b00b3
    So now you can scroll to view schedule but it won’t let you click on directions. It used to automatically open maps when you clicked on the directions button.
  • Directions broke 2/5

    By GPanda44
    Yall fixed the work schedule but now the directions for stores is broken. Thats kind of important.
  • Fix the freakin scrolling problem!!!!!! 1/5

    By Katrina McCane
    It’s been like almost three months!!! Can’t look at schedule or pick up shifts. Super annoying!!
  • Schedule 1/5

    By Albyfm
    Can’t scroll down on schedule
  • Saturday’s and Sunday’s not showing 1/5

    By Iowatofrance
    Like title says, I can’t see my hours on the weekends, this needs to change ASAP
  • Still Glitched 4/5

    By WickedMunch
    Still can’t scroll down on my schedule, i remember when it first happened you said you’d fix it and that was awhile ago.
  • Please Fix!! 2/5

    By Daeda.
    I really wish you guys would fix the bug with the schedule scrolling. It’s been 8 months since the last update. Do something PLEASE!!!
  • Bug 3/5

    By CandyCandy34
    I haven’t been able to scroll my schedule for months, I can’t move the screen which means I can’t see my schedule. I thought there was an update that fixed that but when I had read that my app worked fine and then it updated and it’s been an issue since.
  • Screen Doesn’t Scroll Down 1/5

    By vhayes182
    Can’t scroll down and see my weekend schedule. Also it’d be nice to pick up following weeks shifts on the app before Monday of that same week. Please fix these issues!
  • Can’t see schedule 2/5

    By hello_it is I
    I can’t scroll down on my schedule at all; I can see the first few days, but I can’t see which stores I’ll be sent to for the rest of the week (and don’t really want to call the help desk to see where I’m scheduled every day). I can see my current and future week, but I just can’t get it to scroll down at all. It’s pretty annoying.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By Neoncamo14
    I can’t read half my schedule, all of my notifications won’t open, I can’t scroll through any of the pages. Really need the bugs fixed.
  • Glitch 1/5

    By Mrs_Breauxx
    When I try to access my schedule I am unable to scroll down, and unable to see my scheduled times for Saturday and Sunday.
  • Schedule problems 2/5

    By km12500
    When opening the my schedule section of the app, I can’t scroll down to see what I’m scheduled on weekends. It only shows what I’m scheduled on weekdays. (Even though I am scheduled on weekends as well)
  • Can’t scroll in app 2/5

    By Dolleypop
    Cannot scroll down to look at my schedule or to look at shifts in the “Extra shift” section. Good app before this bug started a month or so ago
  • QuikTrip employee 4/5

    By LarryBearS
    The App won’t let me scroll
  • Doesn’t let me see my schedule 1/5

    By Cindyr1127
    The App doesn’t let me scroll down my schedule past Friday I don’t know why but it is pretty annoying because I need to know when I have to show up for work
  • Glitch 2/5

    By Brayan #888
    I can’t see my schedule correctly, I have uninstalled it and installed it, and nothing has changed. Please fix the bug

    By vbtb2
    There is a glitch. I can no longer scroll on the app to see what other shifts are available or to check my schedule for the week. It has been like this for over a month now. I’ve logged out, deleted and reinstalled the app and the problem is still there.
  • Can’t scroll schedule 1/5

    By joviz44
    iPhone 7 Plus 12.2 can’t scroll past Friday
  • Fix the schedule scrolling! 1/5

    By Kateeeeey1057
    I want to say thank you to the previous review. Thanks to their tip I can actually see my full schedule. This needs to be fixed, QT.
  • Glitch 2/5

    By nessak99
    It won’t let me scroll down on my schedule at all.
  • Schedule 1/5

    By qt employee
    Still can’t scroll down to the last day of the week to see my schedule! Please fix this, some people say it’s only on the iPhone 8+
  • Please fix glitch!!! 3/5

    By expeditiously
    With the most recent iPhone update, you can’t scroll past Friday on your schedule. Very inconvenient.
  • Schedule 2/5

    By Kkobes
    When are you guys going to fix it so we can scroll to see our schedules?! It has been like this for a while now. Figured it would be fixed by now.
  • Schedule scrolling 5/5

    By 2BRavens0
    We gonna get an update soon so we can scroll? I’d like to see Saturday at least.. without having to log in online :)
  • Good, but cant scroll down 1/5

    By moniQue615
    I cant Scroll down to see past friday. also i’ll have notifications & once i click it, its completely blank.
  • Glitch in scrolling! Please fix! 1/5

    By Diamondeyess
    I can no longer scroll in the “my schedule” tab. I tried everything. Closing all apps. Restarting phone. Deleting and re installing the app. Anyone else?
  • scrolling 1/5

    By Mayosauce
    can’t scroll down to see weekend schedule on current or next week. update it before making more updates for the qt coupon app like recently
  • It used to do the job 1/5

    By Wyatt_s_m_b
    Everything was working fine, but it won’t let me scroll and see my schedule now. It’s been like this for a week, maybe more. Why hasn’t this issue been fixed yet? Also, it says I have 14 notifications but it will never load to let me see it. It just keeps saying “problem loading.” So I can’t view my schedule, and if they change my schedule last minute, I can’t even see the notification that lets me know where I’m heading...
  • Can’t scroll down 1/5

    By Devon Goyette
    I can’t see my schedule past Wednesday! And I work all weekends, please fix this!
  • Pushed Notifications? 4/5

    By 252 Erp
    I couldn’t imagine erping without the app but not getting calls when I get sent out late has made me rely on this a lot. It seems I only get pushed notifications if I delete the app and re-download, it only pushes for one schedule change. Also the non scrolling this is no bueno. Thanks for your work.
  • Unable to scroll in Schedule 2/5

    By Norbit24!
    So when are y’all gonna fix it to where we can see the weekend. Still can’t scroll down on our schedule but can do it everywhere else on the app. Please fix this issue ASAP!

    By R.a. kc
    Having the worst time scrolling Down the schedule list to see where I work.... everything was fine until now please fix this I use this app for EVERYTHING in regards to work
  • Not working properly 1/5

    By Garjoourn
    Been almost three weeks and it’s still not working properly.
  • We really need An update 1/5

    By Burankoo
    Am on the new iOS. I can neither scroll down to see my schedule or scroll down on the extra shifts to be able to pick up any. We urgently need you guys to update the app
  • CANT SCROLL DOWN!! To see my shifts on the weekend. NEED TO FIX ASAP!! 1/5

    By Jur🔥
    CANT SCROLL DOWN!! To see my shifts on the weekend. NEED TO FIX ASAP!!

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