Quack - Friends of friends

Quack - Friends of friends

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  • Current Version: 5.157.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Quack Marketing Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Quack - Friends of friends App

GET TO KNOW YOUR FRIENDS OF FRIENDS Quack is the easiest way to make new friends through the people you trust - your friends. DISCOVER WHO AND WHAT'S NEAR YOU New friends are all around you with Local Groups or create your own Channel, free of likes or comments. BUILD BETTER FRIENDSHIPS Find new BFFs amongst people your friends already approved. All you have to do is invite your friends to meet their friends. FIND YOUR PEOPLE Start chats with new friends when you mutually approve and keep in touch with old ones. We never share phone numbers, yours or your Contacts. OPEN, HONEST, ANONYMOUS Share your true self anonymously. No likes, no comments, no judgments. LEARN MORE ABOUT THEM See who and what you have in common. Find your next roomie, study buddy or cycling sidekick - you choose.

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Quack - Friends of friends app reviews

  • Location on hours 1/5

    By Chris10858298284203848
    Okay so I got the app and made a group then I realized it’s literally showing where I live... on a map for anyone nearby to see... I don’t feel safe with that please please remove it don’t show the map on groups it’s creepy and very alarming. What if a predator downloads this and some how manages to get into your group and find where you live...
  • Won’t let me put my birthday in 3/5

    By LilyTheCat137
    It basically tells me I put my birthday in the wrong format but I didn’t...please fix it
  • So annoying 1/5

    By emmagrace8 years old
    It won’t even let me type in my date of birth without telling me I’m wrong
  • Ngl weird af 1/5

    By Ashley---
    There is no lie, it’s an app to make friends. I used it for 20min and that was all I need to be freaked out. They’re so many children in this app some as young as 5. I know that that app can’t control who’s on it, but I tried to report their account and it seemed like nothing was happening. I just get really bad vibes from seeing this I had to delete my account.
  • My phone 1/5

    By Breeze3326
    It’s has my account on hold it doesn’t work
  • My New Favorite Social Media App!!!! 5/5

    By Louisakmcg
    Quack does such an amazing job at allowing you to post whatever positive message or photo you want while meeting new friends every day!! Everyone I have met on this app is so sweet and I can’t wait to continue using it to its fullest potential. Quack is different from any other social media app because you don’t have to worry about the amount of likes but more so on promoting a SAFE place for you!!! Everyone’s content is so raw and real which I really appreciate. I highly recommend you check it out and I guarantee you will have the same positive experience!!
  • this is IT! 5/5

    By Skabahansks
    This app is not like any others. It allows you to safely make new friends and everyone on the app is super nice and genuine. Every update comes with new features and this app is growing more and more each day. So glad i downloaded quack and made some amazing friends
  • Channels are amazing!!! 5/5

    By Creeps leave me alone! Lol!
    I downloaded Quack and quickly got all of my friends to join me! It’s so fun to interact with my Friends’ friends!!! I have met so many new people and love seeing what everyone has been up to during Quarantine on the channel page! Very fun app!
  • Hate it 1/5

    By queefsndfarts
    This app is so dumb. Don’t even waste your time.
  • Help 4/5

    By need help wont work
    I will not let me upload a photo in “circle”help me thanks.
  • They BEG for access to your contacts. 1/5

    By Jaimauria
    I read all the reviews about this app sending messages to your contacts. I thought, “Hey, just deny it access to your contacts in your phone settings. Easy enough.” But no, this app locks the majority of its features until you give it access to your contacts. I’ve never seen an app work so hard to get ahold of my friend’s and family’s phone numbers. There isn’t a way around it, and that makes me uncomfortable.
  • Great platform for making new friends!! 5/5

    By EleanaRamirez
    This app is such a fun & creative way to showcase your personality and find people who have similar interests in your area!! You can even find people you share mutual friends to help expand your reach! I love being able to express myself through the new channel feature because it’s not based on engagement data (likes, comments, etc) which I think is a negative aspect of social media platforms, so this feature truly allows you to be yourself & not worry about getting approval :)
  • good app 5/5

    By juljulia005
    love this app! so much fun!
  • just okay. 1/5

    By DaSplice
    if for some reason you're wondering why i may or may not be the only comment who is disliking the app, it's probably because the other reviews are fake. don't get me wrong, Quack is 100% legitimate, & can definitely help you find some new friends. but it just doesn't belong in today's society. it's not good enough. it gets boring after 5 minutes. i feel like there should be some major changes. Quack is like a mixture of Instagram & Snapchat, all in one app. i feel like the app should have it's own style. it's own ideas. it'll really get somewhere someday, but today i've simply had my worst experience.
  • The BEST app for making new friends! 5/5

    By lisichka23
    This app allows you to interact with new people and make new friends. You are able to post updates and see what your friends are up to!
  • The best!!! 5/5

    By PieEkat
    I’m absolutely obsessed with Quack. It’s such a fun and safe app, and I’ve reconnected with old friends and made new ones too. Every update is excellent and they always seem two steps ahead of the game. Make Quack the new Facebook!

    By Ashi Porter
    It’s an up and coming social media app so more and more updates are added every day! I enjoy the app and I’ve met a lot of new people, can’t wait to see how far it comes in the near future!
  • Misleading 1/5

    By Rocknmoroccan
    Developers. Don’t send my contacts stuff after I answer questions. It’s very misleading. Fix it ASAP
  • Meet new friends! 5/5

    By isaac._.carraro
    This app is basically instagram but without the likes, it’s amazing! I’ve met so many new friends on here 🤩

    By music (in life_)
    Incredible app!! This is such a unique & amazing app - @GriffinRaphael (insta: @griffinraphaelmusic)
  • Great for friends! 5/5

    By danny00060
    This app really allows me to connect with more people. Great for social networking or friends!!

    By Samira jasmine
    I love this app, easy and fun way to make friends. Likes and follows do NOT matter with quack. Just all fun and positivity, all around a great app and I can’t wait for it to get the recognition it deserves!
  • A ok app 5/5

    By kale123610
    I think that this is an ok app because it lets you now your friends a lot more then before.Also because it can tell you if you have a fake friend

    By @our__sunshine
    This app is horrible it sends things to all your contacts with out you knowing it can ruin friendships and start rumors and drama

    By Doglover465
    This app sends a text message to the people you voted. Two people have texted me about it and I immediately deleted this app. Do not download it.
  • AWFUL APP 1/5

    By poopyyyy1234567
    they have this thing called “truth be told” were they access ur contacts and you pick which contact matches like “who is most likely to save the planet” and it personally messages then to download the app and see what they said. THEY MESSAGED MY FAMILY!!!! Now my family is gonna think it’s a scam and freak out smh. that’s one way to ruin my family 💀
  • Bad app 1/5

    By ♥️🍩💜🦋🌸😁
    This app sends the answers you put in to the person you said it about. This is a big problem and it could ruin a friendship. This recently happened to me and i have been telling everyone to forget about because it was a mistake. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP
  • terrible 1/5

    By sndocihanwkspxo
    sent to my contacts without my permission
  • 💩💩💩💩 1/5

    By Kaxixjsndj js abandons
  • don’t get this game 1/5

    By hdkgifghd
    don’t download this app, it makes you put in whos most likely too questions and if u put someone’s name it sends that person a text message. It can ruin friendships or make people think you are talking bad about them. i’m just giving a warning.
  • Awful, I hate it 1/5

    By Lozz❤️💖💜💙🧡💚
    If I could give this app 0 stars I would. Every time you pick someone’s name for the poll it sends it to them. It’s very rude, and doesn’t ask for your permission!

    By elle rose robinson
  • . 1/5

    By kthedj
    This is terrible, it doesn’t tell you that it’s going to text people in your contacts and then it does
  • do not approve 1/5

    By jordie joie and jersie
    If you choose your friends and they don’t have the app it texts them ( your name ) just revealed the truth abt you

    By ur homie drake
    this can ruin relationships with people
  • No code 1/5

    By CourtneyLR
    I was very excited to download this app because a lot of verified TIKTOKers use this app and I wanted to talk to them through this app! I also wanted to talk to my friends more through this app! I put my phone number in correctly 6 different times but the code wouldn’t send! So I deleted the app and redownloaded and tried again but I still didn’t receive a code!
  • Don’t get it 1/5

    By ahlrig
    This app is just bad all together I do not recommend
  • Pyramid scheme 1/5

    By awesomeguy847MC
    This app is a flat out pyramid scheme. First you here the app because “OnE oF yOur frIenDs sPoKe thE tRuTh” so you down load the app. Next you have to allow your contact info which in the first place is pretty shady. So you fill out the air a and every answer you fill out it sends a link to your friends, thus making them download the app and the whole thing starts all over. A pyramid scheme.
  • Class action lawsuit on the way 1/5

    By Lovethisappxoxoxo
    In total violation of spam acts.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By sofiefox31
    I was told one of my friends mad an anonymous message so i downloaded this app to see what they said. while trying to download it it took 5 minutes to give me a code. once i got in it said nothing about anonymous messages and i never got to see it. i also don’t like how they put your phone number out there. i just don’t feel safe with it put like that. it could be shared with just friends i don’t know. over all, terrible app 🤗
  • Awful 1/5

    By arabella mi
    I saw someone review this game on tik tok and thought it would be fun for my friends and I to try out. It did NOT live up to my expectations. I didn’t know that there was only one game to play and that it sent out messages to people when you voted them. I wouldn’t recommend this app at all.🤡🤡🤡
  • Misleading, don’t recommend 1/5

    By quackmyass
    I got a message from the app saying see what blank thinks about you so then I downloaded it and it made me answer these questions and it would send a message to everyone i answered the questions about to get people to download it without the person answering the questions knowing. I found out because my friends were like what is this. I feel like it’s misleading and I dont know why it sends these messages to your contacts because your already friends with the people in your contacts and isn’t the goal to make new friends or something?
  • Real photos 2/5

    By helpIdontUnderstand😤
    It keeps on saying that the pics I am posting are not me and idk what to do. I have tried several times to upload a photo but I can’t because of that.
  • horrible app 1/5

    By micah kamenetskiy
    2.3 stars is high for this app. it access your contacts without your permission and texts them “(your name) said the truth about you” don’t get it if you don’t wanna start fights with people
  • Terrible 1/5

    By lilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    I hate hate hate this app it sends things I say to my contacts and it sends as lily just revealed the truth about u which I rly don’t appreciate they use u and ur contacts to Campain there app it also does not work well
  • Can’t even get into the app 1/5

    By 😍 😁😆🙂😂
    I got a text saying that one of my friends revealed a secret about me and i knew it was probably fake, but i went to download the app anyway. when i entered my number to use the app, i typed in the code (several times) and said it was incorrect. i tried retyping my number, sending new codes and nothing worked.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By harrypotterfan349
    I’m trying to get in but it says I need a code and any time I put it in it says wrong code please try again so I can’t see what my friend sent me😡😡😡. :(:(:(:(:(
  • Kinda bad 1/5

    By anything_11
    When you answer a question, it sends them a message of how you revealed the truth about you. Over all it’s a horrible app I suggest not to download.
  • Kinda bad 1/5

    By anything_11
    When you answer a question, it sends them a message of how you revealed the truth about you. Over all it’s a horrible app I suggest not to download.

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