Queue - What to Watch

Queue - What to Watch

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  • Current Version: 3.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Watch Queue, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Queue - What to Watch App

Deciding what to watch and where to stream it is brutal! And the problem is only getting worse. On Queue you can look up any movie or show, see where it’s streaming, and start binging! For your TV shows, track your progress to see how many episodes and seasons you have left. You can also keep track of everything you’ve watched and everything your friends recommend. Now you can finally get rid of that unorganized list of what to watch you've been holding onto for years. Copy and Paste any list from your Notes, docs, or spreadsheets and in just a few seconds immediately add it to your Queue. Follow your closest friends and see what they’re watching, unlock fun badges (shh, some of them are a secret), check out the Top 10 trending titles on your favorite services, and use our social sharing features to tell your friends about what you’re adding to your Queue. Keep in mind we aren't a streaming service - you still need to have access to streaming services in order to watch the movies and shows you discover on Queue. Real recommendations from real friends. We’d love to hear from you! Send us your questions, suggestions, or memes to [email protected] What’s in your Queue?

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Queue - What to Watch app reviews

  • Queue! 4/5

    By starringken
    I love this app when it comes to movies and tv shows it’s the absolute best way to organize my watchlist and I love the wheel to pick what I should watch. I only have 2 things I want to see in this app. 1. For it to also include books and podcast it to its discography 2. For me to also have watched shows and movies in the wheel or a sperate wheel because sometimes I want to rewatch something
  • IQueue 5/5

    By ethanasch
    Amazing app confused on what u get out of the “IQueue” points….
  • Great app only a few small changes needed 5/5

    By jtphillips44
    The over all app experience is great! Only issues I have are with the spinner which is my biggest draw to the app. I wish with the Custom spin you could filter and customize your spins a little more than you are able to do at the moment. That would really improve the app.
  • Best Organization App 5/5

    By DopeSquid420
    This app has helped me so much. I used to use my notes app to keep track of things I knew I wanted to watch. Now with queue I can keep track of films and shows I want to watch at display AND shows what platforms streams the film. You can keep track of what season and episode you’re on and now they added a feature where you can see others reviews! I’ve been waiting for that last one. This app is perfect for those who love organization. One less stressor. Genius developers
  • No 1/5

    By xxvampcayxx
    My app literally doesn’t work. It was good in the beginning but one day it just stopped working and nothing loads.
  • Omg I love this app 5/5

    By UndoDogYTs
    I use this app whenever I cant figure out hat to watch, never fails to impress me! (Also follow me, my user is PeepMyName)
  • amazing !! 5/5

    By Vange101🙃🙃
    Love this app so much it’s very addicting and super easy to work. It’s so easy to keep track of what I watch and what I want to watch. 5/5 ⭐️
  • How do you change your profile pic? 5/5

    By JDM101010101010101010
    I love this app it helps me keep track of what I’m watching but I have a question about profile pics. If you feel like your profile pic is outdated and you want to change it for a fresh new look but you don’t know how to. The question is how do I change my Profile Pic in this app I tried to look this up online but the internet doesn’t give me a answer. So I’m wondering if anyone knows how to change your Profile Pic.
  • Lots of Potential 4/5

    By Kyle12345hatley
    Great app that allows your track both tv and movies you’ve watched. Love to see that they are active and actively updating features. 4 starts because a couple of shows I’ve found are entered incorrectly - missing seasons, missing airing dates - which makes tracking progress difficult. UI is clean and they have lots of neat features. A couple of quality of life features that I would love to see in the future- An upcoming screen that shows upcoming seasons/ episodes of a series I’m watching or have queued. Stats that show total watch time. Ability to sort the queue and watched list by air date. A better trending movie / tv show page, lists that show most popular of all time, etc. Under movies, a link to sequels and spin-offs so we can see them. They don’t always show under related titles section. Ability to drop a show if I’ve started it to remove it from my currently watching and to have its own category in case I want to go back to it. When I mark a show as watched, give me the option to mark all the episodes and seasons as watched as well. On the spinner, let me filter to only shows or only movies that are in my queue. When I mark an episode as watched, move that episode to the top of my currently watching list.
  • Favorite app for media 5/5

    By CZhao314
    Hands down the best app I’ve downloaded last year. Love tracking everything and getting my friends on it. Keep up the new product feature rollouts guys.
  • Stellar 5/5

    By AMock123
    This app is fantastic. I really don’t have many complaints except for the filtering options. I greatly wish for there to be an option for my queue/watched titles to be filtered by release year. I am writing this in hopes a developer sees and considers implementing it.
  • Very Cool app, but one thing to comment on… 5/5

    By ghostmodeoronestar
    Very Cool app! But there should be an option to submit a request to update which streaming services a movie or show is available on. For instance, it listed “The Wolfman” as “Free to me”, saying it is available on Peacock but when I went to search for it, it wasn’t there not even as something available to premium users. It also listed “Criminal Minds” as something I need to pay for, but it’s available on Hulu now. I know this isn’t the fault of your team because streaming services are constantly updating. That’s why I think it would be a good idea to have a feature where users can put in a request if they notice a mistake in the streaming services listed.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Mia Fiorelli
    bro slayed and ate ong
  • Amazing App! 5/5

    By Symit00
    If you love keeping track of what movies/shows you watch or planning to watch this app is for you!
  • The app I didn’t know I needed 5/5

    By Dat Boi 47
    Aside from the excellent ability to queue and rate (creating a rewatch list in doing so) The spinning wheel is a goated feature for when me and the wifey can’t decide on a movie Ability to queue from streaming services and awards is simply perfect. Really hoping the app takes off and continues to succeed.
  • Jump on the Queue train now 5/5

    By nunayabiznis
    I’ve had this app just over 6 months and it’s one of the very few I check in on daily. It’s not perfect yet, very few apps are, but you can tell the team is working hard to listen to users and improve their product regularly. Just in the last few months they’ve added extra rating scales, extra pin possibilities, and new season and episode tracking for your favorite shows. If you scroll through these reviews you can see those were all suggestions made by users and the team made it happen. That deserves 5 stars in my book. Jump on the Queue train now.
  • Amazing app and Good Team 5/5

    By Snip3r416
    What a amazing app I actually discovered it from a TikToker and since then I joined there discord and that’s also a Good place 😁😊 10/10 app
  • Best movie rating social app 5/5

    By katkayay
    The app is phenomenal! I never go a day without using it. I’m a movie and show buff and this queue app has saved my life. Before I would run into movies and show recommendations and tell myself “Ooo I want to watch that” and then didn’t have any where but a notes app (that I rarely went back to) to remind me to watch it. The queue app is the best place to track what I want to watch, what I have watched. It is also a great place to find other things to watch that’s recommended by others. The team behind queue is absolutely amazing too! They work so hard, really care about the experience for their users and are always taking feedback to make the app better each day.
  • Love this app but… 5/5

    By Dr. Redskin
    I haven’t been using this app long but I love it. I hear about and see so many movies that I want to watch later but I always forget about them. My only problem is that the drop down option has stopped working and I can’t undo a queue to take things off my list.
  • Fantastic organization 5/5

    By Mino557
    This app is making it almost too easy to keep track of what I want to watch, where I can watch it, what I have watched before, and writing reviews of them. Highly suggest downloading this app today!
  • just let me make a list of movies what is this 1/5

    By I cant watch videos
    too much extra stuff just give me a well designed way to list movies to watch i don't want all this extra stuff
  • Great app with big flaw 5/5

    By jeffvance11
    Really like this app, great way for me to organize shows/movies I watch or want to watch. But I can’t get over how it doesn’t support Crunchyroll the 3rd largest steaming platform. For anyone who watches anime the selection on this app is severely limited due to not having Crunchyroll. Appreciate the response so I will update my review!
  • absolutely love this app 5/5

    By Idkineedausername
    it took a minute for me to realize how to paste my notes in, but i figured it out. one suggestion is it would be cool to see what others are saying on the app about the movie, kinda like reviews.
  • My favorite app over the past few years 5/5

    By Andrew Fink
    As an avid tv/movie watcher this is what I’ve been needing. 1) i can finally stop using the outdated notes app to write down recommendations i receive 2) its great cuz they let u filter across platforms based on what you pay for (so if i don’t pay for hulu i can filter that out) 3) it shows u all of the top 10 shows/movies across all platforms. So i don’t have to do the annoying thing of logging out of Netflix, then logging into Hulu, then Disney, etc... 4) i can also see what other people have queued and overlay. So like, if i had a queue, and my significant other had a queue. I could go on her account and see what we’ve both queued. So i don’t have to be discussing for 15 min about what we want to watch. 5) i never remember what I’ve watched when ppl ask me. This lets me track and assuming i thumbs up/thumbs down/write a review, i can easily pull that up later. 6) they have a recommendation wheel based on fields i set. Action movie under 90 minutes? Cool - it’ll make a recommendation. It’s great. And the user experience is sleek.
  • Perfect app 10 out of 10 5/5

    This app is perfect for people who like to watch shows and don’t know what to watch. This app lets you add movies and shows to your wishlist and shows you what other people want to watch or already have watched. You can rate movies and shows.
  • Great app for connecting with your friends 5/5

    By davidnobleuconn
    So many new shows, and I enjoy learning from my friends tv watching habits.
  • Good app 5/5

    Like the randomization, can you guys make the paragraph writing longer when writing about a movie. <3
  • Good app 5/5

    By Tyuiojvv
    idea 1. Have an option in the custom spinner to only select materials that have new episodes or ones you haven’t seen before
  • Fantastic app that could be even better with slight adjustments 4/5

    By trashvegan
    I’ve only had this app for a few months, but I absolutely love it. It helps me keep track of shows and movies I want to watch, helps me make quicker and more informed decisions on what to watch, and I love seeing what others are enjoying. I’m also liking the recent update where you can track your progress on your currently “watching” shows. A few things I would recommend are: Giving more options for ranking a movie/show you watched; possibly a 1-10 rating, 1-5 stars, or even an option for movies you were more indifferent or neutral towards (👍👎❤️😐). Another change I’d like to see is movie recommendations based on your tastes after you’ve reviewed several titles. Third, it would be great if there were filters for custom spins, so you could select all the horror films in your queue, for example, and have the wheel choose from those options (instead of selecting all or going through them one by one). Altogether, I think the app is great and has a lot of great features, and I’ll continue using it on a daily basis.
  • this app is the one who knocks 5/5

    By JackTheOkeefeFsn
    OMG I LOVE THIS APP SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️hi garrett 👉🏻👈🏻
  • Good if you don’t use websites 3/5

    By 0273729194637
    I doesn’t hold shows you hope to watch it just holds shows you can watch with what your provided. You'd be better off just writing it down, unless your fine with just keeping in mind shows you have access too.
  • Great app still needs a bit more work 4/5

    By Jjow1508
    The app is great at organizing and helping me pick what I should watch next, what I am having trouble with is the feature that tells you where you can watch a specific movie, for example I wanted to watch “Lost in Translation”, the app says its on Prime Video but it is not on that streaming service, my review would be 5/5 if this were to be fixed.
  • The app is great but 4/5

    By Lindsey2535
    I love this app it keeps track of my movies and tv shows just the only problem is that it keeps glitching after a while and kicks you off the app and you will have to go back to the app and find where you left off. Other than that this app is great but please fix this bug
  • meh 5/5

    By dont pls dont get this app
  • Actor information 5/5

    By mawxzie
    Would be even better if we could browse the actors and actresses as well. Would also like better recommendations but other than that a great app
  • Series Feature 4/5

    By guaroconmallita
    I would love if you guys add a feature to the series, like if I finished watching season 1, than I will select just season 1 and I will kinda have more control with the series I’m watching. Like if I queue Grey’s Anatomy I will select all seasons till the last season because they’re still streaming it. I don’t know if that makes sense. But if Queue had this feature it will be a solid 10 star app.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Moomoomrchief
    I am rarely leave an app review, but this one is great! Highly recommend it.
  • It’s decent 3/5

    By ✨🐉
    I like the app but this app needs to add more tv shows and movies
  • WAAAAY better than notes! 5/5

    By Jaymann1107
    I absolutely love this app, the organization is unmatched!
  • Love u guys 5/5

    By nazifajannath
    Loved this CHICKEN SALAD
  • Competitor QEWD has better app 1/5

    By Cody 90210
    App doesn’t curate films to its users unlike the competitor app Qewd which does a better job at recommending things you ACTUALLY want to watch. Would give a 0 but I can’t.
  • Amazing app, just one suggestion 5/5

    By Conan o,Brian
    I absolutely love this app, it makes organizing and choosing a movie very convenient and simple. Although it’s overall perfect, I don’t like the fact that you can’t add liked or loved movies/shows to the spinner. Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy an old favorite, and I’m kind of bummed that we can’t do that. This aside though, I’m incredibly grateful someone took the time to make this app. It helps wonders and I’m so glad I don’t have to argue with friends and family about what we are going to watch!
  • Review 4/5

    By anonymous26494725259494825253
    This is a great app it’s so much easier to keep track of what I need to watch and it helps me find movies that I’ve wanted to watch but o couldn’t and now can but I would be nice if you could watch the movies in app.

    By briebus
    I first heard of this app on TikTok, I downloaded it and gave it a try.. since then I’ve had all my friends download it and I love it! It tells you what streaming services each movie and show are on which is so helpful! I can see what movies and shows my friend want to watch and they even have a spinner to help you pick what you want to watch! It’s a must download for sure.
  • almost perfect tbh !! 5/5

    By lgbt rights whores
    i’ve been looking for a tv show version of letterboxd forever and this is almost exactly what i was looking for + some qualities i didn’t even know i needed! the big thing i wish this app had was lists. i love organizing things for fun, making silly little playlists on spotify or letterboxd or goodreads and i would love to do the same thing with fav shows too! hopefully yall add that in the future! i also kind of hate having to either queue something or have a definitive opinion on it. i’ll watch something and just won’t have an opinion on it! i won’t like it nor dislike it and thats okay, so i hope they give us more options in the future. id also like if we would have a “Currently Watching” option in the future! i do not finish shows often!! but i have watched MANY shows and stopped with a season or 2 left (i WILL finish them i promise 😭)
  • Actors/Actresses!? 4/5

    By ammdksskmemdsm
    I love this app a lot! It easily organizes things but I wish you could search up certain actors to see what movies or shows they are in. It would be nicer just to have that option in the app. Otherwise, this app is amazing and worth downloading. All this and completely free. :D

    By djshiv,gchfcgrxduyv
  • Possible Glitch 4/5

    By RichardSnow
    I’ve had queue for a while now and it’s worked wonderfully. However, recently I’ve been unable to access my queue list. I can access my already watched list, but not the actual queue list. Is this a glitch? Or do I have too many titles in my queue?
  • Great app but missing something 4/5

    By newrkv1
    This would be a perfect app if it allowed you to spin for movies you’ve already seen. There have been plenty of times we’ve been sitting on the couch and wanted to spin for a movie we’ve already seen just for comfort. Sometimes we want to watch movies over again without the hassle of debating which one. We just want one to pop up for us.