QuickBooks GoPayment POS

QuickBooks GoPayment POS

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  • Current Version: 21.08.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Intuit Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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QuickBooks GoPayment POS App

QuickBooks GoPayment is a free mobile point of sale app that allows you to take payments on the go. Using GoPayment is easy - just sign up with your QuickBooks, TurboTax or Mint account information or create an account to get started. With our Bluetooth enabled mobile card reader you can accept chip and contactless debit and credit cards, along with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Even without the reader you can use the mobile app to take all payment types - cash, check, or card - to track each sale transaction. Start accepting payments right away with no upfront costs or hidden fees - just pay 2.4% + $0.25 per card transaction. Easily accept mobile payments on goods, services and invoices - anytime, anywhere. Transactions automatically reconcile with QuickBooks for hassle-free bookkeeping. The reader accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express debit and credit cards. GoPayment is made by Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Mint. Your privacy is important to us, learn more about how Intuit protects your data. Privacy Link: https://security.intuit.com/index.php/privacy Developer Website: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/payments/mobile-payments/ Order A Card Reader: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/payments/readers/ Terms, conditions, pricing, features, service and support are subject to change without notice. To see all available mobile readers, or to purchase additional devices go here: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/payments/readers/

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QuickBooks GoPayment POS app reviews

  • So many fees. Such bad customer service. 1/5

    By AlySoAnnoyed
    QuickBooks payments failed to contact me when a deposit failed and then closed my account without asking and held $500 (minus a ton of fees) until I spent two hours on the phone with various Intuit departments. Most of the reps had no idea what had happened. I would never choose to use this app when there are so many better options out there for money transfer.
  • Cars reader not compatible with this company message 1/5

    By Atxmudder
    Saw a post about the privacy settings. That’s not the issue as go payment is already turned on and nothing appears under Bluetooth. After an hour in chat support, they say it’s an ongoing issue. And should be sorted out next week. Reader Q533 with app 21.07.0. This is the circular black reader with the display that shows up on the top This is very frustrating as y’all charge higher rates when we have to hand enter payments.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By alhalljr
    App doesn’t work now. It opens and then closes. On iOS, latest update, app is updated. Still won’t work.
  • Can’t use the card reader I bought from quick books in their app! 1/5

    By sl19!
    I bought the new card reader to use from quick books. When I try to pair it within the app it says “reader not supported from outside company” which is absurd because I purchased it from their company. Now I’m out $50 and don’t have a functioning card reader. GO with another company and software for your business needs!!
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By 2flyus
    I have tried to order a credit card reader time and time again just says their store is off-line. Of course they charge you more to key in the card so they really don’t want to help out. Very frustrated.
  • Not working for Mac users - resolved 3/5

    By Rob134679
    UPDATE: The issue with QuickBooks Payments not syncing with QuickBooks for Mac has been resolved by QuickBooks. Therefore, this iOS app is now worthwhile for those that what to use it and have transactions sync down to QuickBooks for Mac ORIGINAL REVIEW: Beware that QuickBooks Payments (the service that processes credit card payments) stopped syncing with the QuickBooks for Mac app a month ago. That makes this iOS app worthless if you use QuickBooks for Mac
  • Can’t open the app after updated my iphone 2/5

    By Bobaland
    The app was working fine till I updated my iPhone. Whenever I clicked the app, it went straight back to my Home Screen.
  • App 1/5

    By kike🤦🏽‍♂️
    How long does it take to transfer money into bank!!
  • Bought new iPad, app is bad regardless 1/5

    By TKObvious
    Brand new latest gen iPad...LOADING COMPANY... takes 5-10 minutes if you re-login. You re-login because it will periodically log you out. Login password WILL NOT WORK, constantly have to have a code texted to my phone....then wait.. LOADING COMPANY... for 5-10 minutes. Why does it take so long? The customer list is almost impossible to pull up. It is so laggy, it will literally take 2 minutes before you get function back if you pull up your customer list. This app is very frustrating and nearly unusable at times.
  • Worst of the worst 1/5

    By Marcus2332
    Do not let the ratings fool you. Everyone I speak to HATES this app and I have learned the hard way why that is… This company takes your payments from you. You can read their agreements and all that… I get it. Make no mistake that there is no way of telling that you will get your money at all. To make things worse, their customer service is atrocious. Chats are only available. I’ve been lied to on many occasions about ETA of funds. Please, do not waste you time! You will be sorry. I’m reporting this app to the BBB as well.
  • Don’t use or use at your own risk 1/5

    By Mredrum
    If you don’t mind waiting up to two weeks for your money go ahead and use this if you don’t and want your money immediately I would suggest going through your bank instead.
  • Holy cow! 1/5

    By hsjc duc s zkc d zjcjsmsm
    I had to close my business down for a week. I processed my weeks commencement payment through them and they held it for 5 business days. Next day deposit my left foot. Now I’m dealing with mad employees who can’t get paid AND mad clients who paid but aren’t going to get the service they paid for in the timely manner they paid for. What a disaster Moving my business to a dependable platform.
  • Didn’t receive my funds 1/5

    By EB161820
    Made a transaction on December 5th it’s now December 18th and never received the funds...I do mobile bartending and some parties can be up to $1000....they said they have to review the transaction and funds would be available up to the next business day, but it’s literally 13 days later and nothing...have no idea what’s taking so long but it’s ridiculous..I don’t work for free this is how I make a living..
  • Room for improvement 2/5

    By ML in FLA
    With old version even tho I linked to contacts, the email & phone didn’t populate so I had to manually enter each customer email & phone. After newest iPhone iOS update, the email & cell does not appear immediately after processing the card. Both fields are blank. When I click no receipt & then click customers, the email & cell are there so why are those fields not populating at the time of processing the charge? I chatted with Mariel this morning who told me to uninstall & reinstall app. Really?? THAT is tech support? That is legit the more rudimentary advice EVER. Why even bother asking for help with a response like that? Are you smarter than a 5th grader?!
  • No ACH 1/5

    By Andres83
    It would help a lot if we could take ACH payments through the app just like the website. It only works for CC/DC.
  • Update ruined ability for service providers 1/5

    By Adrian_68
    We are a mobile service provider company and before the update, we’d be able to select the service given and adjust the quantity to number of hours using the edit feature and entering a decimal point. For example, if we charge 100/hr and it took 1.5 hours we could edit the quantity to match that. Now it only allows you to enter integers (ie 1,2,3, etc) which for service providers charging by the hour does not work. Super disappointed I’ll be needing to switch card processing companies to something more user friendly like square. I like QuickBooks because it links to my bookkeeping, but they just can’t figure out the card processing like square has. I would also like to have a feature where I can create invoices in the GoPayment app rather than just new sales receipts.
  • New Bluetooth magstrip chip reader not working on my new iPhone 11 5/5

    By AppReviewStar
    Just received my new Bluetooth magstrip chip reader but when trying to connect gives me error saying my device is not compatible need to upgrade device. I have a iPhone 11 and that is pretty new device. Only thing newer then that is iPhone 12 that just came out. Also it works fine on my iPad Air 2 without issue and my iPad is 4 year plus old technology so can not be my iPhone 11. Please fix the issue. Thanks Update: received an email from the developer from the quickbook team name Jay. Gave me direction on connecting my BT magstrip/chip reader. Had to goto setting and privacy and Bluetooth then turn on the tab for the app and then it would allow me to add it. So now no more error and works fine. Thanks Jay.
  • Service charge 1/5

    By buki8
    So let say Costomer pays by credit card there is no option to add service charge on invoice.
  • QuickBooks is Awful 1/5

    By JR Process
    I just signed up last week before a big sales event. I tried to use it twice and it declined the transaction as “suspicious”. This is completely embarrassing to myself and the customers, whom I know personally and the transactions should have occurred flawlessly. I tried to contact QuickBooks immediately for support to no avail. On Monday I tried to get some answers and QuickBooks has bots on their chat program and it referred me to a dead chat program. If you try to email they don’t give you and email address and they don’t publish a phone number. I expected professionalism from this company. Kinda scary cuz I use Intuit for my taxes.
  • Don’t give back money 3/5

    By SARGuy76
    If you ever need to use this software to refund your customers, find other software. A refund should be a 30 second process, not a 3 hour one. Attempting to refund the transaction from, well, the transaction, results in an error because the money was already deposited. Well, duh. You can’t create what Quickbooks calls a refund receipt in the go payments app, nor the Quickbooks app, so you have to log onto the desktop. The last time I did that, I spent an hour on the phone with Quickbooks and even they couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working at the time. Seriously stupid flaw for a company that is suppose to be a leader in accounting and payments.
  • Crashes have been fixed 5/5

    By dan.0
    While Intuit’s over support is some of the worst on the planet, the developer reached out after my one star review asking for more details - I sent them a screen capture along with some other complaints about the interface. Within 2 days they pushed out an update that fixed the crashes and even changed the interface that confused clients when trying to get out of the tip screen. Amazing support. Why can’t the rest of the company be so responsive?!
  • App crashes with new IOS 14 update 4/5

    By leadog2
    QuickBooks Gopayment app ver 11.5.3 for iPhone ver IOS 14.0.1 Not working with the new iPhone update. When you press the app it tries to load for about a second and then crashes. It won't load all the way. Can't use it. I try to reboot the phone, delete the app and all all data. Turn off the phone turned back on and redownload the app and still same problem. Been doing this since the latest update up iPhone IOS 14. Before that it’s been working great!! Any help or a update coming I appreciate it. Thanks
  • Closed before Opening 1/5

    By Quest With Celeste
    Long time and desktop user till I Started using QB online for a brand new business venture. Went Thur the set up and even set up a cash card account. Got my approval letter and at the same time an account closed notice. Called support and was told my account is active everything is fine. Received my debit card a few days later and could not activate it. Called support and was told this account was permanently locked. When I asked why, they stated it was for unusual activity. ??? The card hadn’t even been activated yet. When I asked what the unusual activity was, I was told they couldn’t tell me because of privacy. ??? Glad I’m still in my free trial as I won’t be subscribing now.
  • Crashes with the new update 1/5

    By coscarrie
    Ever since updating to iOS 14 and then also updating the Intuit app, the app crashes before the transaction goes through. And the tip/charge box displays sideways behind the screen. It’s s complete disaster, and I’m not even sure what to do!!!! I need to be able to accept credit cards for my business!
  • Why does it require a signature here but on a computer it doesn’t 5/5

    By Mr Moe 87
    :/ UPDATE: thank you for fixing it!!!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Benny The Virus
    As the title says: very easy to use.
  • The best 5/5

    By TheGarageDoorGuy
    So easy!

    By Ebate addict
    Yes, you read that correctly. If you have a person dispute a charge and need a signed receipt you will be out of luck. NO SIGNATURES ARE KEPT. That means you have nothing to fight the dispute. Makes it extremely easy for fraudulent activity. Just lost over 10k please heed my warning!
  • Best way 5/5

    By 24 hs tree service
    Get your money right away. Is the best
  • When you get a response you can’t get an answer 1/5

    By unusable sos
    For all of you who stubbornly go to customer feedback site, it reenforces why there are so many negative reviews of this app
  • Worst customer service! 1/5

    By josephmerc
    Over an hour and a half waiting time, then you end up with representatives that can’t speak proper English, then they disconnect your call and never give you a call back so you have to call them back and wait another hour and a half to talk to somebody again. Wow!
  • Easy go payment 5/5

    By manny's leak inc
    Easy go pay
  • Great tool 3/5

    By br13cheese
    The Bluetooth chip/swipe unit is a nice hockey puck that does it all. The merchant portal is limited though, eg cant use a different email address on your receipts has to be your account email. But being able to invoice or capture payment outside of qb and be able to post it as available is very neat. App isn’t as polished as Square though, so overall the software team needs to setup up the merchant portal as well as catch up on speed of square processing (we use both) 3/12/2020 today app said an update for the chip reader was in. Running this update has killed the connectivity. Am in a tech support chat now. Minus one star, maybe more. Stay tuned
  • Bait and switch 1/5

    By ML82
    I just got two emails today from Quickbooks indicating that there is going to be a $20 monthly charge. The help link is useless. How do I cancel my service with GoPayment?
  • loving quickbooks 5/5

    By BritneyNichole86
    App quickBooks
  • Currently Broken 1/5

    By mr.JimmyG10
    App is currently broken with no indication of repair. Cannot add users, cannot login with new users, cannot login as admin. Various error messages include (This profile has been deleted - for admin account) and (This profile does not exist - for existing users). Customer service is a waste of time.
  • Can’t create invoices with bundles 3/5

    By Tradeshow seller
    Very basic functionality available in the app. Wanted to use it for tradeshows and I sell a lot of items in mixed bundles. It doesn’t work, but refers to the website which doesn’t really work on the iPad either.
  • Do Not Use this!!! 1/5

    By Broncobeast15
    This app was recommended to me since I do craft fairs and the cost was minimal. It has taken weeks and endless phone calls to actually get my hard earned money deposited. They ask for a lot more information and documentation that you didn’t know you needed just to get your deposit. They don’t return your calls and even when you turn in the info you still have to call again to find out where the deposit it. WORST PAYMENT APP EVER! I will pay more to another company that will actually deposit my money and respect my time.
  • Fast 5/5

    By TooKoolJC
    It’s so fast and easy and you get your money the next day
  • Love! 5/5

    By Nessielea
    I have a small salon and have been using GoPayment for several years. I honestly haven’t had any issues with the system. It’s exactly what I expect a Mobil reader to be. I do wish it offered debit pin capabilities however, and it may ,I just haven’t look that in depth.
  • Liberty party jumpers 5/5

    By liberty party jumpers
    Great way to accept credit cards. Easy and secure.
  • You guys are the best 5/5

    You guys are the best of the best of the best. Take care brush your hair.
  • Thank you Quickbooks 5/5

    By mr home service
    I love Quickbooks make everything easy for you do everything for you the best thing I’ve done for my company thank you Quickbooks
  • Used to be great 2/5

    By maybootu
    But ever since my iPad mini updated to the latest OS update my audio jack card reader won’t connect. On my other mini and pro that haven’t updated yet it still connects. Intuit, are you not keeping up with Apple? If not, I will switch to someone who does.
  • Awesome and easy 5/5

    By Rockye14
    The best thing about it is that it connects with our accounts and you can see invoices and pay them. Easy to use and fast!
  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!! They steal!!! 1/5

    By littmaker
    Processing takes way too long. Seven days later and my dollar is still missing Update. Two weeks later my dollar is missing and they’re now stealing money from my bank account. DO NOT USE THIS SYSTEM
  • President CEO 5/5

    By Alex-Champ
    I’ve been a QB customer for years long before apps and mobile devices. The mobile app just makes business so easy,
  • Stopped working with iOS update 2/5

    By YatzyFanNoMore
    Using Android phone app for now.
  • Cannot Submit Payment with iOS 13 2/5

    By Owl_81
    When trying iOS 13 beta, the app would not allow me to put through payments. I had to downgrade iOS back to 12 in order for the app to work. I see that there has been an update, but it doesn’t say if the payment issue is fixed. Be cautious if updating iOS to 13.