QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll

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  • Current Version: 14.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Intuit Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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QuickBooks Payroll App

Attention employers: Intuit Online Payroll for mobile is now QuickBooks Payroll. With your QuickBooks Online account, you can now run payroll, pay and file taxes, pay your employees, see up to a year's worth of past checks, and view employee details–all from the app. It’s the best way to complete your payroll tasks while you’re away from your computer. • Create accurate paychecks for your employees and contractors • E-pay taxes and e-file forms in all 50 states • Pay workers by free direct deposit • Get timely reminders on upcoming payday and tax deadlines • View past paychecks • Rest easy with bank-level security • Get free, expert payroll support * The QuickBooks Payroll app supports Intuit Online Payroll, QuickBooks Online Payroll, Intuit Full Service Payroll, QuickBooks for Mac Payroll, and Intuit Online Payroll for Accounting Professionals. This app is for employers running payroll to create paychecks for their employees. WHAT OTHER SMALL BUSINESSES ARE SAYING "Love this app. Lately, I find myself running my entire business from my phone. I just ran payroll in 25 seconds!- Ben B “Using the iPad app, I set a personal best record for approving payroll in less than 1 minute. If simplicity & speed are the key measurements for evaluating payroll, then the Intuit iPad app should contact Guinness.” – Scott "The app is grab and go. I can run payroll away from my desk while selling goods at the farmer's market." -Karin Uebbing, Farmer's Wife at Woodbridge Dairy Farm, MI. To learn how Intuit protects your privacy, please visit http://security.intuit.com/privacy

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QuickBooks Payroll app reviews

  • Easy 5/5

    By Haramdar
    Makes it absurdly easy to run payroll.
  • Capability to pay contractors 2/5

    By Ozzy305
    This app should have the capability to pay contractors
  • Payroll under 1 minute 5/5

    By bruki1111
    It took me less than a minute to enter 7 employees hours and run payroll! I’m sitting in my car with my toddler while I’m getting an oil change btw! I love multitasking!
  • Easy as Pie 5/5

    By Landtek Partner
    Running Payroll using quickbooks is so simple - it takes minutes to do and is accurate including time accounting. Still trying to figure why we used a payroll service for all those years....
  • Very simple 5/5

    By cmar74
    The app was extremely easy to do payroll. Almost easier than quickbooks online.
  • Saved my as- today! 5/5

    By DDMounce
    Didn’t get back into office on time so pulled over off the road, opened app, and boom! Done.
  • CEO 5/5

    By StarShop12
    Payroll took me less than two minutes from my phone! Something that used to take me a whole workday!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By She Pilgrim
    This iPhone online Payroll app is efficient, accurate, & fast. The best part is using Iphone not a laptop! Highly recommendable!
  • Quickbooks Payroll App 5/5

    By C. Stroud
    Quick and easy. Enter hours, review, and submit.
  • Payroll 5/5

    By Ahoyt Logistics
    Running payroll with quickbooks online is faster and Easier than sending an email! (Not even exaggerating)
  • It's okay but it is not perfect 2/5

    By Woodytex
    Sometimes there is a lapse between the payroll info you input on the mobile app vs what is shown on a desk top computer. I ended up paying an employee twice bc I check the payroll direct deposit on my PC and it showed that an employee had not been paid even I had just done it on the app. There is also no memo for any notes that you may want to add to a paycheck. The app does not allow you to correct any errors (names,addresses etc)
  • Surprise 5/5

    By Endo surgeon
    This is so easy to use and I did not know it was available until I tried to do payroll on my phone
  • Best app ever! 5/5

    By Dreamz fouz.
    Makes your job so much easier.
  • Payroll made simple 5/5

    By ODM
    Wow!!! That was easy!!!! Did it from home on my bed.
  • I Love Doing Payroll! 5/5

    By Zizou2206
    I cannot believe how fast and easy running payroll has become for me! The phone app makes it so convenient! It only took be 51 seconds to totally run payroll for my employees tonight! Thank you!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Hodan M
    I like this app, makes my work so easy! Thank you; Hodan Mohamud REDEX INC
  • Owner 5/5

    By Andgdf
    Great service!
  • Direct deposits take to long to process 1/5

    By Okopiiujhh
    I’m sorry, the direct deposit take to long. We pay for the next day deposits and it still take 2-5 days. We do Thursday to Thursday and our employees don’t get there money till Wednesday. We are changing payroll providers.
  • Why so limited? 2/5

    By Zx5000
    Can't do much with this app. Contractors aren't even included in the list.
  • Payroll 5/5

    By Yamile Salguero
    Just run payroll in one minute!
  • Payroll on my phone took less than a minute 5/5

    By mister mann
    Love this. Even before I was ready for automatic payroll running it manually took 55 seconds, from my phone.
  • Will not link to my payroll core account 1/5

    By Its Mytake
    Intuit forced a switch over from Online Payroll to QuickBooks payroll core now the app will not work it says I have no payroll account.
  • Payroll 5/5

    By Eddy_fb6
    It’s so quick and easy to use this system I love it
  • Why can’t I see pay contractors on the Mobil app 1/5

    By Allstate Owner
    You guys really screwed up We need to pay contractors via mobile app
  • no customer service 1/5

    By Farooge
    despite having high monthly fees, you get the worst customer service …. that’s if you can get ANY service. Always a computer. Always a foreign call center or a clueless person that has no authority to do anything or understand payroll, payroll taxes or accounting. horribly managed. horrible service.
  • cannot cancel subscription 1/5

    By car Carrier
    I cannot cancel subscription it returns error and keeps me charging. Their customer service never responds.
  • Excellent and easy 5/5

    By JasonAQ
    An easy way to manage your payroll
  • Easy easy easy! 5/5

    By queencreekmomaz
    Took me 3 min to run payroll! Awesome sauce
  • Wow. Amazing 5/5

    By reydav77
    Wow. Amazing
  • Yes Annan 5/5

    By *cherri
    Love it.
  • So glad I found the quickbooks app! 4/5

    By mosal84
    Saved me time and is very convenient. Just wish there were more features like editing an employees pay rate.
  • This app’s got a bug 3/5

    By Aspiring Avenger
    I was invited by my boss to use QB to view paystubs and hours worked. Everything was fine for a few days, now when I try to log in it makes me fill out information I’ve already filled out, and when I try to hit ‘Next’ it says ‘something’s not quite right’. I already spoke to a customer service rep but the app won’t fix itself. Please fix this bug, I’d like to be able to view my paystubs again without having to fill in information I’ve already entered.
  • Impossible to get answer 1/5

    By jbsaustin
    Was on hold for 15 minutes and then was hung up on. Trying to find out why they aren’t paying payroll. Only paying taxes.
  • Somewhat useless. 2/5

    By Swillens30
    Limited features. Needs more functionality than just viewing basic data. I should be able to do everything on this app that can done via the web version.
  • Payroll 4/5

    By $amson1
    Great app ! Only thing wrong is you can’t change the hourly rate on this app …
  • Quick and easy!! 5/5

    By drucke1
    Ran payroll in the airport waiting on my flight!
  • Love Intuit Quick Books 5/5

    By Nlboerner
    Payroll is so simple to do right from my phone if need be. No longer worried about going on vacation because of having to get payroll done!
  • Efficiency 5/5

    By paradigm experts
    I did my payroll in 18 seconds at 4:30 in morning. My time, my way.....this is great!!!!
  • I don’t understand the purpose of this app 1/5

    By DawnBWCHC
    I don’t understand the purpose of this app. Everything is read only. Can’t do anything on it. It’s pointless

    By Simplefreeme
    If I can do it with less than average math skills, so can you! I tried to delegate my payroll to a payroll company. Bad mistake. You need to have “hands-on” everything in your business as much as possible. But when it comes to your money, do not delegate.
  • Worst service I ever had 1/5

    By jewelry 3 systems no work
    Can’t contact anyone, tried doing online, web pages disappear, can’t go back to where I was before. Sends me to different web pages after putting in login info and password, then tells me not found on server. This is a joke.
  • Can’t beat the original! 5/5

    By gibswine
    Super fast super easy and always on point!
  • fast payroll 5/5

    By David intense
    great service!
  • Quick and easy 5/5

    By SLDurych
    Under two minutes and I’m from my smart phone! So convenient.
  • Way worse than Intuit Online Payroll 1/5

    By Monte Zuma
    Hate terribly that Intuit did away with their other online payroll service. The Quickbooks payroll service that they rolled us into is the worst business software I’ve ever used. Intuit Payroll Service was way more intuitive and always worked. There was an easy “to do” section and all info was easily accessible. Quick books doesn’t even work half the time I try to use it, it never lets me print my tax payment forms when I try to review and print, among many other problems. I’ll definitely be looking for another service that works better and that’s more intuitive. The thought that Quickbooks payroll offers more functionality over the Intuit Online Payroll is comical. Too bad. I loved the old one.
  • Super simple time saving 5/5

    By Faelinn740215
    Love spending time on making money instead of spending time spending money.
  • Unable to run payroll today!!! 1/5

    By Midlothian Motor Works
    A mandatory update was pushed which requires a newer version of IOS than my phone supports. I am running the latest version available for my phone and yet I am now completely without access to the payroll app. I’m sure my employees and their families will understand... Idiots at intuit did this with no notice and no warning for those of us not running the latest and greatest phones!!! I this this is the last straw for quickbooks and my business. Seriously angry...
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Jess B NHH
    QuickBooks payroll is fast and easy. I like having the option to pay our employees when I’m on the go.
  • Simple and easy 5/5

    By Fattbelly27
    This makes payroll so easy for me. It takes me less than a minute to run my payroll.