QuickThoughts - Earn Rewards

QuickThoughts - Earn Rewards

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  • Current Version: 2.17.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Survey Sampling International, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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QuickThoughts - Earn Rewards App

QuickThoughts rewards you with FREE iTunes Gift Cards for sharing your thoughts via quick surveys and local survey events! Earn rewards on the go and redeem them for free $10 gift cards! Select from thousands of surveys right on your phone, or check in at local retailers and take photos to earn gift card rewards on the go. Pick from a wide variety of surveys and polls ranging from quick surveys to in-depth questionnaires- you can even embark on real life GPS-based activities to earn gift cards at your favorite stores! Each survey rewards up to $3, and local activities pay up to $5. Once you hit your first $10, you can cash out for a FREE iTunes gift card! Have fun, share your thoughts, and get rewarded with QuickThoughts! QUICKTHOUGHTS FEATURES: Earn Free Gift Cards for Surveys - QuickThoughts offers paid surveys from thousands of sources on hundreds of subjects. You’ll never run out of chances to earn iTunes gift card rewards, just for sharing your opinion with real sources that value your thoughts! Share Your Opinion - QuickThoughts partners with companies that want to hear YOUR opinion to make their products and services better fit to what you like. Get your voice heard and help make a change - plus earn some free rewards along the way. Earn Up to $3 Per Survey - Each survey is different, and so is each reward! Longer polls and in-person activities can compensate you more, while shorter surveys give you a quick boost to your balance. When you hit your first $10 in points, you can trade them in for a free gift card! Redeem Points for iTunes Gift Cards - Trade in the points you get from surveys for free iTunes gift cards! The dollar amount in your in-app wallet is the same amount you’ll receive in your iTunes wallet – no secret exchange rates or hidden fees. Check In With Local Photo Activities - Use the “Find Local Activities” feature to scan the area around you for location based survey opportunities. Then, travel to nearby locations and provide your feedback to retailers through fun photo activities. Earn up to $5 per survey for going on an adventure! Marketing agents and local businesses want to reward you for your opinion! Take quick polls from your phone or head into the field to take photo surveys, and exchange your points to get free iTunes gift cards! You could be earning right now! Download QuickThoughts and share your opinions today! Signing up is easy and safe. Must be 18 or over. Not available in all countries. Disclaimer: •The application uses GPS in the both background and foreground to qualify you for surveys based on your location and to enable the “Activities” functionality. •Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. •You may disable location for QuickThoughts, but this will limit available survey opportunities and disable the “Activities” functionality.

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QuickThoughts - Earn Rewards app reviews

  • ok 3/5

    By 2kDude
    ok app
  • Bogus 1/5

    By Malen0421
    I downloaded this app and truly enjoyed it, but I kept getting my account frozen for things that I though were stupid. If I tried cashing out multiple times in a row my account got frozen. That happened a few times. The other day my account finally after a month was unfrozen, so I got on and did a few servers. Then I tried cashing out and my account got frozen for that. Now they are saying my account is suspended. I did absolutely nothing. Why isn’t there a warning or them explaining that you shouldn’t cash out soon after you get your account back. I understand sensitivity but this is very dumb. I’m willing to change my review once my account is back and they explain how sensitive they are to everything like cashing out and such.
  • Love this app 💙 5/5

    By Ryman2324
    I love this app so far I got 2 apple gift cards so keep it up 💙
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By NigelHorne
    You can’t register. You get stuck at filling in your details. Clicking continue just causes it to scroll to the top of the page. No error Message, no nothing. Yes I have filled in al of the fields correctly.
  • So Quick! 5/5

    By CherryJam_2006
    Wow... I am honestly really surprised about what this app can do and give you. I just downloaded QuickThoughts at 8 PM and it took a solid hour or so to get 11.5 dollars. I mean I took the surveys really fast but still put in the correct information. Anyways, I thought the 10$ iTunes was going to come in 7-10 business days just like any other survey app or app where you can download and complete tasks for points towards gift cards. Little did I know that QuickThoughts sent me the email a solid 1.5 minutes after I redeemed the gift card with the code. Amazing!
  • Racial App 1/5

    By KarPon82
    It keeps steadily wanting to know your race. Every survey ends up saying it’s not a good fit. Even the ones that you are so close to the end and took you the 15 whole minutes to complete. App is possible fraud and should be shut down.
  • Needs major improvement. 1/5

    By terribllldddd
    Okay, so, I’ve been using this app for about a month almost now and I have ran into no problems until recently my account had been “BLACKLISTED” what?!? I have never done anything to get blacklisted such as breaking rules or terms of service. I was a loyal survey taker and answered honestly. I never received my last $10 gift card I had been promised and I was very disappointed. I now cannot login and have contacted support with no response as with before due to one of my surveys not giving my reward. I will edit this review again to great if I am unblacklisted and can use the app again. However, I’m not the only one with this problem.
  • Waist of my life don’t use app 1/5

    By Koncern11
    Locked me out of my account after reaching 37.00 no help I have been trying to get the matter situated but haven’t received any help a waist of my life will change opinion if everything was fixed but as of now don’t like app download beware.trick to make you work for them for free should be illegal and will be contacting the apple store today to complain.
  • Really helpful 5/5

    By Lilacious345
    I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about this app at first, but last night I redeemed my first Amazon gift card, and I was able to purchase something with it. I haven’t had any major problems so far with the app, my one complaint is that surveys can take a little long, but it’s definitely worth your time and energy❤️

    By Gr.Oo.Vy
    So like, THIS WORKS. I’m not exaggerating, all the gift cards I’ve gotten WORK. 10$. Every gift card. They work.
  • Great and easy app! 5/5

    By skully.com
    I personally love what this app offers. The surveys are overall fun to do and its quite easy to make some money. Some people are having issues, but I think the app works just fine. Also, you can only cash out $30 a day, which is not bad at all! So far I have no problems with this app. Definitely recommended!
  • No “find survey button” 1/5

    By For Me
    I don’t know why everyone talks about this magical “find survey” button that doesn’t exist on mine. I’ve only been offered 3 surveys since I signed up and all 3 would not load at all, just the spinning loading icon till I would have to press cancel out of frustration. Total waste of time. Later after being able to complete ZERO surveys they casually emailed me to let me know there was suspicious activity to them in my acct and suspended it permanently. This company is such a joke it isn’t even worth downloading this app.

    By itsdakid99
    Waste of time
  • This is a scam 1/5

    By jeuss ochoa
    This is a scam
  • Don’t download : not useful 1/5

    By Nyaz_jamel
    Don’t work app
  • Question 5/5

    By fishman130
    Okay so this is a good game but after a few surveys I stopped getting the $.10 after getting an unsuccessful survey. I’m not really affected by this but I’m just confused
  • Anything but quick 1/5

    By Eduardvs
    Sorry but this app is a huge time sink. I know some people get $2 and $3 surveys for shorter times than I ever got. My surveys were usually $1 and took forever! Some people got 2,3,5 minute surveys where my shortest was like 15 minutes usually. Also, don’t be surprised if you get blocked for no factual reason. This happened to me twice and the last time it was permanent. I’m not a fan of calling people liars and all without no true recourse to appealing your disagreement. So you may get some return initially but in the long run they make a lot from you for little return and a huge amount of time.
  • Broken 1/5

    By 103849203472
    I can’t do any of the surveys, because the app doesn’t let me enter my zip code. When I type it in, it says there was an error initializing the app.
  • Stonks 5/5

    By Brendon 8 Lucifur
    I literally got 100 dollars in my 10 dedicated days of using this app again. I have used this app for a longggg time and it’s always worked great. If I want 10 dollars to spend on an app, I just do 5 surveys.
  • 5 hours already glitchy 2/5

    By Artistfrombirth
    I’ve had this app for less than a day and it’s already not paying me the money I earned from surveys. Not even the 10 cents from rejected surveys! Also I hate spending 10 minutes trying to answer all the stupid questions as accurately as possible only to be told i wasn’t a good fit for the survey (after 10 minutes wasted) and then not even get the 10 cents!
  • Waste of time😡🤬 1/5

    By Quickthoughtsistrash
    It’s all a scam and I wasted many hours just to get banned for “not being attentive.” I got up to $50 and as soon as I went to redeem it I got banned, and they refuse to unban my account. If you want to waste your time just to get banned go right ahead, if not, do not get this terrible app.
  • Data collecting ploy 1/5

    By BeachKitty
    I’ve waisted 10-15 minutes apiece answering questions for numerous surveys that say I’m qualified to earn the $1 only to have the message “sorry it wasn’t a good fit”. Basically concluded that I’m getting paid a mere dime to give up a ton of personal information. Sticking to Prolific — they don’t play games.
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By omgjustgimmethespeed
    This app has been not letting me take surveys forever and it’s getting annoying at this point.
  • This app is racist 1/5

    By socraton1
    Basically is your not white they don’t let you do survives. They ask you if you considered hispanic or latino. When your making your account. And if you put yes they don’t give you survives but if you put that your white there’s a lot of survives available. Wow worst racist apl ever.
  • Effective and consistent, but with a glaring problem 3/5

    By saintlier
    After using QuickThoughts for some months now, this app is definitely one of the most consistent ways to earn through surveys compared to the other apps out there, and for that alone I’d recommend it. However, there is a problem with the app’s interface: Often in a survey there is media that needs to be played in order to proceed with the survey, and more often than not the QuickThoughts browser cannot or will not play the media. This makes it so that you have to cancel the survey in progress, effectively wasting the time you spent filling it out up to that point and also preventing you from receiving the disqualification compensation. This has happened more than it should and is the most glaring problem of the app, and support has not acknowledged this problem when I brought it up a few months ago. I’d be happy to re-review once this is fixed.
  • Redeeming earnings??? 1/5

    By thatgirlrachelnicole
    When trying to redeem the “App store & iTunes” rewards it will pop up “You’re Ready To Redeem” but when I click redeem now it says there’s an issue with my account. What am I supposed to do? And also, can’t seem to find where it says how’s much you need to be able to cash out. Or if you can choose to send money to a card instead of a gift card.
  • Can’t answer 1/5

    By Emory17477
    Don’t waste your time. Only had this for a day and it already giving problems. Whenever I try and answer a survey it already has random answers filled in and I have to change them then it changes them back if they’ve gone off the screen. Oh and the “next” button doesn’t work either so it doesn’t matter.
  • QuickThoughts for PS4 5/5

    By AlexanderGalicia
    This app is actually legit and I was wondering if you could make a quick thoughts but for PS4
  • I hate it 1/5

    By graciesparks2006
    Very angry that I have to pay!!
  • Password reset 1/5

    By yellapistols
    Have problems logging in
  • App services 1/5

    By CMUmomma28!
    I can’t get this app to allow me to even complete one survey. I am not pleased currently.
  • Wanna get banned for no reason? 1/5

    By kotobo2
    Well then, this is the app for you.
  • Review 2/5

    By chj725chj
    It’s fine. weird questions asked. Personal questions.
  • Account Disabled 1/5

    By asahtout
    At often times, I switch between devices to complete my surveys for QuickThoughts from iOS to Android, but use the same account for both processes. I have recently gotten my account disabled for attempting to redeem an amazon gift card for some sort of reason after redeeming numerous amounts of gift cards after being a member for a couple of months. I am frustrated with the condition of this app and disappointed. My account lays unaccessible with over 16 dollars in savings.
  • Awsome amazing it’s the best app ever made 5/5

    By R.Deitz
    Get this app
  • Y banned my account 1/5

    By cars 2019
    I can’t log on no more
  • Can’t get any to do 2/5

    By tboss89
    Won’t give me any surveys to do, did a couple after I downloaded it and since it won’t give me any new ones
  • Hmmmm 1/5

    By welllllllllpp
    Made it to 10$ went to claim reward and it said my number wasn’t verified. Went back to try again account was black listed.
  • Dishonest. 2/5

    By Metz65
    Not sure where all these glowing revues come from ( fake ?). After about the first 2 or 3 weeks when this app seems legetimate it turns into a huge waste of time. If I'm not eligible or a good fit for a survey that's fine, but to let me get 75%of a survey done and then remove me? This app is doing nothing but mining your data, getting it's advertising and marketing data and getting it for free. Don't be stupid and give it to them.
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By #21dihaz
    I had downloaded this app weeks before 14 days of summer for fortnite would happen having hopes I could buy a skin with the saved up ten bucks, so I did all my surveys and everything and after 70 hours of waiting to get my code I quickly went and used it but wen I went to buy the item it said it had 0:00 credit even though I had not bought anything I couldn’t use the code so I contacted apple and they told me to tell the developers about it,
  • Blah. 1/5

    By Ya that's it
    Can’t get the app to open after signing up for everything. Might be time to fix some issues... Oh! The keyboard while using the app while input a lower case “L” when attempting to input the number “1”. Great for trying to type your password. Copy paste doesn’t work for the password either.
  • Money 5/5

    By celariab
    Extremely upset that you have to earn credits to get the cash, but the tasks are very simple minded and easy
  • Bring amazon gift cards back 2/5

    By hyrule95
    What happened to the amazon gift cards 🤨
  • Worst 1/5

    By AccurateLamer
    I had 3 accounts and after a month I would get my account deactivated so I made a new one and then that one got deactivated and then I made a new one in total I lost $18.20.im so mad
  • I give it a 2 because ... 2/5

    By 1023959colecole
    At least you get some type of change. But if the survey doesn’t “match you” you don’t really get much money in return.
  • Needs improvements 1/5

    By NicoleM23
    I couldn’t even find a survey to do it kept telling me there was an error and then when I tried to fill more info out it told me my zip code wasn’t valid! Hopefully down the road they’ll improved the app!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Skeazie
    I really love how easy it is to get iTunes gift cards, but can you guys add more gift cards like specifically amazon and other gift cards so we have more to choose from.
  • racist app 1/5

    By urbanaaron
    signed up, input my race (black) and my hispanic origins (yes) and after clicking sign up, they said they were fine at this time, and logged me out. disgusting.
  • Biggest SCAM ever! 1/5

    By Kittensnax
    At first I was able to do surveys and get paid, but I would get error messages when trying to cash in rewards. Yes, I followed their instructions and contacted the “help” desk. This can only be done through email. I got my account unfrozen once, then I tried to cash out later in the week, and you guessed it, ERROR! So, rinse and repeat. Now I am not even able to use the app. No explanations, nothing! So, long story short is that you give marketing companies your time and honest opinions for free!

QuickThoughts - Earn Rewards app comments

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