Quixel - Logic Puzzles

Quixel - Logic Puzzles

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  • Current Version: 0.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: brainbow
  • Compatibility: Android
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Quixel - Logic Puzzles App

Like logic puzzles? You’ll love Quixel! Reveal mystery pictures using the power of logic and help a friendly visitor from Outer Space travel to fascinating locations across the planet. Get Quixel and discover hundreds of puzzles waiting to be solved to reveal their hidden pixel art meaning. - Nonograms are easy to learn but hard to master - Intuitive controls and easy tutorial - Train your brain - anytime, anywhere! - Picross puzzles are good for all ages, children and puzzle-loving adults alike! Quixel is a new game and is under active development. Get in touch to let us know your feedback and suggestions: email [email protected] or contact us directly from the game with the envelope icon in the settings menu.

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Quixel - Logic Puzzles app reviews

  • Love it hate it 3/5

    By Kidfromcali
    Beat the game at 405 and broke. Love that more levels were added. Hate that I got reset.
  • No saved data and too many ads 1/5

    By Candise Wendland
    I like to play a game for a while before I buy into it. I like giving money to devs who make a good game. This was up there, but the games take seconds to complete and the ads take longer to watch. Next time I started the app, it started me back at level one. Sorry for the one star, but that's my review. I currently wouldn't recommend installing. Needs work.
  • Fun game sub par app 1/5

    By Tyuiojvv
    Two games in I can’t tap specific square so I have to restart the game to tap it.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Youurr mom loves me
    Doesn’t even work. Puzzle 9 won’t even let you fill in a square
  • Progress Reset 3/5

    By Pip Xanadu
    I love these kinds of puzzles, however, when your entire progress gets reset, possibly due to a bug I guess, that’s a tad annoying. It froze up on me, after I beaten the last level at the time, before the most recent update and I waited it out to see if an update would fix that issue. Well the update fixed that part but I gotta redo the entire thing again.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By namelessface
    Made it to the last level but the game wouldn’t register when I completed it. Then it reset back to the first level.
  • Reset progress 1/5

    By AteMeiMei
    That's some serious BS that my progress was reset. There wasn't even an option it was just like "here sorry do the annoying easier puzzles all over again." Uninstalled. Never playing again.
  • Problem with the square 1/5

    By Cuber192
    Its actually a fun game but there constantly a problem where there squares you can color it and I restart the level and the game and it doesn’t fix it. That ruin the game for me
  • Progress Reset 1/5

    By CynShaDiamond
    After an automatic update this morning my game automatically reset me back to puzzle 1. This is SO unacceptable. I was over 110. I refuse to play this until it’s resolved!
  • Constant Ads 3/5

    By uxsii
    The game itself is great, just the ads after every level needs to be fixed. At the start if you understand it you will clear levels very quickly. I would like to have an ad for every 3 levels or something to do to remove them.
  • Resetting progress is Unacceptable 1/5

    By Fellowshipperr
    I had beaten the game, and they expect me to continue playing after an automatically installed update resets my game. Resetting progress is unacceptable and I will not play this game ever again.
  • Bugs 2/5

    By cricket3788
    Tons of bugs in the new update. Boxes refuse to be colored in.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By MemyselfandI139782
    So I recently updated the game this morning, and when I went to play it, all my progress was gone and I had to start over. Plus there seem to be some glitches where the game doesn’t respond to my inputs. Some boxes don’t shade unless I quit the level and go back in. This is very problematic and needs to be fixed
  • Deleted All of My Progress 1/5

    By rrracccchhiiiee :D
    I finished so many levels and I just updated the app through the AppStore. I checked back in to play it and it made me start from the very beginning! I don’t know what happened but now I’m so frustrated, there’s no way I’ll keep playing if I have to redo everything
  • Amazing game! 4/5

    By bkerchner
    I love this game so much! If I have any small amounts of free time this game does the trick for me. The only problem is I beat all of the levels (405 of them I think) and now I can’t load back into the game. When the loading bar goes it stops right before the finish and sits there. Maybe more levels being added will fix this?
  • Very fun to play but.. 5/5

    By Not Zeric
    Can I please buy or unlock an ad-free PLEASE
  • GryphonsFTB 4/5

    By TimInSATX
    Great brain game. Technically, it stops scoring on the final (#405) puzzle, so doesn’t show I’ve completed all currently available puzzles. Touch sensitivity could be so smoother as well. Would have rated 5 stars except for those glitches.
  • Great game 1/5

    By ThatgirlfromTX
    Game is great waaaayyyy too many adds
  • Really good app but... 4/5

    By to-n-y
    I love this app but after a while of playing I started seeing what seems like 2 puzzles on top of each other I would tap on a square and it would shade in in different square and also the numbers there overlapping each other I see a bright white one then I would see a shaded number either slightly offset to the side of it or on top/bottom of it if you guys can fix this issue that’d be awesome
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By Regenald III
    Okay, so I love this game. But I finished the last level and then the game fully freezes and I can’t click anything. There is no “yay! You finished” nor does it just bring me back to the main page, it just bugs out and doesn’t even save/recognize that I finished the last puzzle, so then I try it again and the same thing happens 😡 I was so excited when I finally got to the last level and placed that last piece for the game to just freeze

    By Love&hate5371
    This was my favourite game on Peak and I’m so glad it got a stand-alone app. However, the last level never registers as complete. I’m sure the makers of the app are already aware of the glitch and if you’re still deciding whether to download the app for the first time, do it! Another issue I had was that I switched phones and had to start all over which was kind of annoying. There doesn’t seem to be any syncing or iCloud support for this app. I’m hoping there will be more levels coming out eventually so I’m anxiously awaiting an update rather than just deleting the app. This is my favourite game!
  • Too buggy 1/5

    By Redlotusninjagrl
    Love the game but this bug once you get to 9x9 is too annoying. I can get past the constant 30 second ads for 30 seconds of gameplay but it is hard to finish quickly when you can’t tell or remember if you used the bottom right blocks. While I understand an update is forthcoming, it has been a few weeks. Most people will not wait that long for an update. There are too many other competing apps to keep this bug out there and expect people to wait.... Additionally with several updates now, you can choose to watch ads to earn more coins but 9 of 10 times I watch the ad and don’t get the coins. It is so frustrating!!!
  • Glitches on the last level and stole all my coins 2/5

    By Hgfuguhfr
    I loved playing this game until the end. After completing level 405, the puzzle froze and wouldn’t go forward to show completed. After restarting the app a few times, it now shows complete, but my coins went from 5000+ to 10. The whole game is glitchy now and isn’t working properly.
  • Lagging A LOT 2/5

    By lucybm
    Love the game but is always lagging and is getting annoying.
  • My favorite puzzle game 5/5

    By 2muchGREEN
    I love this game! It’s tricky but makes you think about it! I already finished all of the levels so I’d love some more 😅
  • Can’t complete level 405 4/5

    By botmom1210
    I love this game! It keeps my mind sharp for sure! I had the same issue as the reviewer before. Now I’m on level 405 and it won’t let me complete the puzzle. No matter where my last move is, I can’t select or X out the last move. I’ve played it multiple times, finishing in different places on the board, and I can’t complete it. I’m not able to move to the next level because of it so I’m stuck on 405.
  • My favorite game!! 4/5

    By tea_nahhh
    I absolutely LOVE this game! I never realized how much I enjoyed logic puzzles until it became so hard for me to put down my phone because of this game. The game starts getting very laggy at the collections screen as I got closer to completing the game though. The ads are a bit much after each puzzle, but I didn’t mind too much since you could skip through them after a couple seconds. At the last puzzle so far (#405) the completion audio plays, but it doesn’t actually show the puzzle as complete. It stays still on the play screen so I have to exit out of the app instead of being sent back to the collections screen. I know the developers will be adding more puzzles soon, but I really want to know what art those pixels are supposed to be. I’m so excited to hear that this game is still being worked on and expanded!
  • Completion? 4/5

    By Jerry Fortenberry
    So I have completed all the levels that are available... kinda. The very last puzzle for me which I think is like 405. I can beat it but nothing happens and the timer keeps going and I don’t get the completion. If I try to exit and go back in even after restarting the app it won’t let me.
  • I’ve never had an app make me want to beg to give them money before 3/5

    By Gimmie$$
    I’ve been testing out a lot of pixel logic games and this one has my favorite interface so far. I like that it’s easy to click on multiple cells and that you are not penalized for accidentally clicking the wrong cell, and it’s easy to undo. I also like that it doesn’t automatically fill in x’s for you. What I don’t like and I hope is fixed, because it really is a great and almost relaxing app- 1. Add ability to skip tutorial. It’s really painstaking if you already know how to play 2. How do I turn off advertisements?!?! I would gladly pay to turn them off. It would be so relaxing to be able to go from puzzle to puzzle without having an ad after every one. It’s really disrupting. After clicking on every button I can find, I’m almost certain there isn’t a way to turn off ads, even by paying money. 3. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the x button is selected or if the mark button is 4. I’m still on 5x5 puzzles, and I’d love to have the option to hurry up and skip them to move on to the harder ones.
  • Great! 4/5

    By Tomas2273
    Game freezes when you complete the last puzzle.
  • What is happening? 4/5

    By xoxo405
    I have reached level 405 and it seems to be the end of it. Is that correct?
  • Great game if you LOVE ads 1/5

    By Pjhk01
    So I enjoyed the feel of this game, it combines great features from some other cross games I love. However, it’s a little much when there is an advertisement after EVERY PUZZLE YOU SOLVE. I get it, you need sponsors to make money but an ad after every puzzle when puzzles don’t take that long??? Sorry to say but that ruined the game for me enough to delete it shortly after downloading it.
  • AGAIN! 1/5

    By Bleyed
    I downloaded this game and right away they started with the ads. I understand you have to pay for the development. Why so many ads and why so many long ones. I finished my rounds fairly quickly so I had more time with ads than playing. I will now delete your game. Sorry!
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Reviewsrus4007
    A 30 second ad after every 10 second game? Hard pass.
  • Bugged 3/5

    By NedMaxwell
    Update - The bug also e USF’s in the 10x10 puzzles. Also, max level in this game appears to be 539. Anyone else notice the bug when you get to the 9x9 boards? On the bottom row, second from the right, the box can’t be checked. It can be blocked, but not checked. Anyway, except for the levels where you have to guess due to a lack of data, it keeps you busy. I’m up to puzzle level 300 in just a couple of days. I keep losing time playing this. If it weren’t for the bug I’d give it four stars.
  • Bugs 3/5

    By MinoyMihoy
    I love the game I have spent hours on it, but I also notice the square not being able to be check and once I get to level 538 it will not let me continue
  • Fun app 5/5

    By Hana bananna
    Great game for when your bored challenging but still fun!

Quixel - Logic Puzzles app comments

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