Quixel – Nonogram Puzzles

Quixel – Nonogram Puzzles

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  • Current Version: 1.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: brainbow
  • Compatibility: Android
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Quixel – Nonogram Puzzles App

Like logic puzzles? You’ll love Quixel! Uncover mystery Nonogram pictures using the power of logic and help a friendly visitor from outer space travel to fascinating places across the world. Discover hundreds of Picross puzzles waiting to be solved to reveal their hidden pixel art meaning. - Based on Peak Brain Training’s hit game ‘Pixel Logic’ - Nonograms are easy to learn but are an absorbing and rewarding puzzle - All levels are solvable by pure logical deduction alone – no need for trial and error - Over 1000 fun pixelated pictures to collect – more on the way! - Intuitive controls and easy tutorial - Hints available to help you solve the more challenging puzzles - Different grid sizes to offer a challenge to everyone - Smart coloring to train your brain – anytime, anywhere! - Picross puzzles are good for all ages, but primarily for puzzle-loving adults! - Quixel can also be played offline, no need for an internet connection Picross or Nonogram puzzles are sometimes known as Japanese Puzzles, Japanese Crosswords, Picture Cross Puzzles, Griddler, Hanjie, or Paint By Numbers but they all use identical logical rules and are perfect for people who enjoy relaxing puzzles, IQ tests, logic tests, or brain games. Quixel is a new puzzle game in our ‘Smart Gaming’ series, and is under active development. Get in touch to let us know your feedback and suggestions at [email protected] or directly from the settings menu in the app.

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Quixel – Nonogram Puzzles app reviews

  • Love it but I’ve been having a crashing problem... 3/5

    By Kie1616
    So I really like this game a lot. I’ve had a lot of fun and beat all the levels and I’m even content with replaying the old ones. However it’s been crashing so frequently recently, like I can’t even open it anymore without it crashing on me. I’m not sure if it’s my end or the app but I’d really like the play it again
  • 튜토리얼 스킵좀 2/5

    By ㅕㅕꉂ(˃̶᷄‧̫ ˂̶᷅๑)
    ㅈㄴ긴데 건너뛰기도 없네 지웠음
  • Favorite game 5/5

    By 🍕🤎⚱️🪐
    I love this game so much I play it all the time!
  • Misleading ad 2/5

    By ermehgard
    The ad on Instagram showed more games than just the mono,pixel puzzle. It was click bait and I downloaded the game expecting more. I will be removing from my phone. Too predictable and got old fast.
  • Not challenging 3/5

    By Mwharyjr
    This could be a great game if it were more challenging. Others like this you have to think and can’t be completed in under a minute. Seems with this App the challenge isn’t there and you just breeze through each level.
  • fun!! 5/5

    By ThatPsychopath
    i ran out of levels, and replayed them till i had all the stars 😅 more levels please!
  • Wow 1/5

    By J.CookieMonster
    This game is awful. For one there is no way to turn off the annoying tutorial so it solves the whole first six puzzles for you. Also, there are only number puzzles nothing like the game presented in the ad. Just horrid.
  • Will not reload 5/5

    By Joyce1316
    I enjoyed this game for several months. I had thousands of extra coins. I went through the whole game twice, and now it will not reload for me. What’s going on? It’s a free game!
  • Freezing 1/5

    By stinkylemon
    It keeps freezing after the tutorial when it says "these are your collection of pixel puzzles".
  • Misleading 1/5

    By RocGirl05
    The ad that I saw for this game showed a completely different game than what it is.
  • Ads ruin the experience 1/5

    By samlabelle
    The app is worse than what peak offers due to the kid theme and the EXCESSIVE ads. I’ll gladly pay to opt out but there’s no option to. I spend about as much time playing as I do stuck waiting for ads. Update: paid to get around ads. I still find the game to be too easy. It’s rare I don’t get three stars on the first try. There’s no incentive for going faster and you inevitably never finish all the levels because you’ll have to watch ads to get through the bonus ones. Recently the app also requires being opened and shut twice before it’ll actually let me play.
  • It Freezes 4/5

    By Poogly Loo
    The game has started to freeze the last few days. I press start and it doesn’t work.
  • Amazing game. Some glitches 5/5

    By zillykrizzy
    I love this game because it’s equally challenging yet I don’t feel so frustrated while trying to figure out the puzzle. However recent updates have made it so that I have to refresh the app just to be able to play the next level.
  • Not Good 1/5

    By P4m3laV
    I downloaded the game for the first time and when I open it there’s just a blue screen and I can’t do anything
  • To much jumping 2/5

    By pepper salt paprika
    Too much going on in the work space. Little guy jumping around is very distracting
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By SydneyLehman
    With the latest update this game won’t open anymore. It crashing immediately.
  • I’m mixed 4/5

    By anegghead
    This game is very fun and I enjoy it a lot. The puzzles are challenging enough that I feel mentally engaged, but never too hard that I feel that I can’t do them. I do have some recommendations, because some things do really frustrate me in the game. I have finished all of the puzzles in the game, and am now working on finishing the gold ones. I have all of these tickets which I can’t use on solving new puzzles and have to constantly repeat old ones in order to get enough coins to play the ones in gold. I feel like you should be able to use tickets on the gold puzzles as well, but maybe just like 2 instead of 1 ticket. Or maybe you could exchange tickets for 100 coins. That way it wouldn’t be such a pain to play.. ALSO: This new update has caused a glitch in the game and unless I triple my coins it won’t let me leave the level I’m on and I have to exit and reopen the app before I am able to. Nevertheless, this is a great game and I can’t wait for more levels to be released
  • there’s a glitch please fix it 4/5

    By Odd fangirl
    I’ve had this app for a while- it’s really fun and the perfect thing to do when I just wanna play a game on my phone. There’s been a glitch since the last update though when there is no button to do another puzzle. Please fix this. It’s really annoying to Ned to close out the app and open it again just to do another puzzle
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By whalemilk
    New update forces you to watch ads. After completing a level the only option I have is watch an ad for 4x coins. I already paid to not have ads. Stop forcing ads on me.
  • Now what? 3/5

    By JaySJ71
    What's with the update? Now when I finish a puzzle I have to close the app and restart it to move on. Where did the button to go to the next game go!?!
  • Game error v1.5 1/5

    By Somebody2255
    In the last updated there is an error where your can’t exit a game after you finish it It will stop at coins x4 and won’t show the continue button The only way you can exit is by exiting the game and clearing it then opining it aging Ps Can you please add more levels I’m done with all of mine
  • Upgrade disappeared after update 1/5

    By gabgabgabs
    I paid for an upgrade to remove ads which disappeared after update and there’s no way to fix in app. Disappointing.
  • Unplayable — sometimes literally. 1/5

    By least
    Completely bloated with ads, which automatically play with sound, too. An ad before literally every puzzle — it takes longer to watch the ad than to solve the puzzle. In fact, so oversaturated with ads that it places a lower banner ad on top of the “start” button on the homepage, forcing you to quit and restart the app if you actually want to play. I understand games need ads to make money, but have the decency to at least make them every 5 puzzles, not before *every single level*. There is a paid option to remove ads, but good luck finding it because the interface design is awful (it’s under the + next to your coin count, where you have the option to buy more coins, and ad removal is an included bonus in purchases over a certain amount. Sure, why not.)
  • Misleading ads 1/5

    By lowkeylola
    I'm so tired of games with misleading ads. If I could give zero stars I would. The game might be fun for some but if you have to draw people in with ads that are nothing like the game play you don't deserve good reviews.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By Psilon5021
    This game ran an add that had nothing to do with the actual game.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By El Jefe The Grate
    An ad that takes longer to get to the skip option then the puzzle after it on every level.
  • Advertising is a lie 1/5

    By Animal awsomeness
    Saw an ad for this ok instagram, thought it would be fun, but soon realized it completely lied about what the games about. Super boring and doesn’t even let you pause your game.
  • Lies 1/5

    By $uperIlya
    When I downloaded the game I expected actually logical puzzles just like that were on the Instagram ads but when I did all I was doing was coloring boxes and making shapes I completed 59 levels and still haven’t found a single thing from the Instagram ad or anything challenging in general.
  • Slowing dying from all the ADS 1/5

    By Catheyisu
    I want to like this game but every level has an ad. It takes me 20 seconds to do the level then I have to watch a 30 second ad? No thanks.
  • More Levels 4/5

    By emmmeeerrzzz
    I love this game! But when will there be more levels? I completed them a while ago, so now I’m just waiting; I’m getting a little impatient
  • Easy and lots of ads - Very casual 4/5

    By lianamilana
    For me, this is the first game of this style that I’ve found for Android that doesn’t drive me crazy. I can make mistakes and correct them and I like the little pictures it makes. The pace is slow. Each level takes film and film takes time to regenerate. Also the levels are way too easy for way too long. There’s not enough challenge and I’m 72 pictures in. I have to watch an ad in between almost every level too. Overall it’s a great game though.
  • New Levels? 5/5

    By Mona H Saudi
    Ive finished every level to the game, and i was wondering when will new levels be coming out?
  • Great potential, has some problems 5/5

    By Colto experience
    This is such a great game, so congratulations to the developers. I’ve been downloading a lot of free game apps and I get bored of them after a while, but no with this game. The puzzles have the perfect balance: some are chellenging and other are really easy, so the player doesn’t get frustrated neither bored. Just some recommendations, I would prefer if the stars bar actually show you the exact moment when you are loosing every star. Also, the time is to short for some puzzles, so I would recommend that the cross that points out blocks that can not be colored anymore would appear automatically, that would help saving some time for those cases. In some cases, I complete the puzzle but the bar keeps going for an additional second and that makes the difference between getting two stars instead of three, so solve that problem, please. Lastly, I would recommend that the puzzles that you already solve with three stars, costs no more: asking for 50 coins is too much for that. Maybe you can put an add instead.
  • Irredeemably terrible 1/5

    By лггшззр
    The most obnoxious thing I’ve ever seen.
  • Great addicting game 5/5

    By CLP1222
    I love the fact that this game doesn’t correct your mistakes automatically, you have to work to solve them. And some levels are easier then others. Will more levels be added?
  • I like it... 5/5

    By JoshAZem
    ...but the completed puzzle artwork always makes me wonder how, without the logic numbers, one would come up with the design? Every puzzle looks like a blob until completed and somehow the blob forms some random person or item upon completion. It’s like every square could be filled but one and it would become the Disney world castle.
  • So. Many. Ads. 3/5

    By cpommell
    The puzzles are fun and all but the amount of ads are just unbearable. I would probably estimate that I spent more time watching ads than playing the actual game.
  • too many ads!! 3/5

    By Marimuva112
    I love the game but hateee the ads they should remove a few we don’t need an advertisement after EVERY LEVEL 🤦🏽‍♀️
  • Ads galore 2/5

    By lm2588
    It’s a nice game but forcing me to watch 1 minute of ads at every level is ridiculous. Especially when I complete levels in 20 seconds. The game play isn’t worth the time wasted with ads.
  • SO MANY ADS! 2/5

    By dairycallou
    I can’t deal with this app. The puzzles are far too easy, at least 50 puzzles in which is where I am now, and the ads are driving me nuts! Who wants to wait for a 30 second ad in order to play a 15 second puzzle? I expected more from the developers of the Peak app. This is just not worth my time, and even if the puzzles get harder and more fun, I’ll never survive all the ads in order to reach the higher levels.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Shelbykins24
    An ad before every puzzle? No thanks. Better versions out there for fans if this style of game
  • A great concept, but not enough time to play the game 1/5

    By LissyLou31
    This is an attractively developed game and a fun concept, but I have spent at least twice as much time watching ads as I do getting to actually play the game—if not more. A long ad precedes most turns you take, and then you have to watch even longer ads to earn more play time once you’ve used up all your “film”. But because this is during the easiest levels, you can be done with a game in literally a few seconds before you have to watch another 10-45 seconds of ads. Ads have their place and developers need to make money from their work, but I think you need to fix your ratio of game time to ad time.
  • Ads :( 2/5

    By jazzyquack
    Ads galore every level. At 1 point it was 30 seconds adds every level. Ruins the flow of the game. To buy no adds the lowest amount is 5$, and comes with coins. Needs to be an option to only pay for no ads, no reason it should be so expensive.
  • Me encanto 5/5

    By mimi1.1988
    Me encanto el juego le doy 5 estrellas
  • Crash 1/5

    By Whitney228
    I really like this game but it crashes constantly, I can barely get through one level without it freezing up. Such a shame.
  • Meh 1/5

    By Mbednar3
    The puzzles are fun but you can’t skip to the harder ones.
  • great concepy 4/5

    By Nate 113
    ive fallen in love with nonograms. this app is amazing. i would give 5 stars although theres one catch to this game…you need "film" to play a level. i dont know why. it stops me from playing and forces me to take a break. if you made a purchase available for infinite film (nothing outrageously priced) i would buy it. thanks
  • Oof 1/5

    By jeiwhehekajdhe
    There are just way to many ads. Every new level needs to load an ad. I get ads are the way free games make money, but there’s just too many. And then there’s some that won’t let you even close out of it and you end up getting stuck in an ad. Then you have to close the game and it loads up another ad. It’s ridiculously annoying. Then when you get to the levels they are simple and not that complex so you basically go from watching an ad, to another ad.
  • broken. 1/5

    By hotterthanyou😘
    would be so much more fun if i could get through a level without it freezing up and crashing. so annoying.

Quixel – Nonogram Puzzles app comments

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