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Quora is a Q&A platform that empowers people to share and grow the world’s knowledge. People come to Quora to ask questions about any subject, read high quality knowledge that's personalized and relevant to them, and share their own knowledge with others. Quora is a place to share knowledge and better understand the world. * Ask a question and get helpful answers * Follow topics and browse quality content * Learn from credible people with first-hand knowledge * Answer questions and share your knowledge with the world Have questions, problems, or feedback? Visit quora.com/contact

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  • Go to app, Quora is, mmm 5/5

    By My 'go to app'!!!
    Since upgrading Quora today, 5/22/19, the Quora widget no longer pulls up the related answer in the app. Fix, please.
  • Información en el momento exacto 5/5

    By Camilusina
    La información que requieres en el momento exacto , con todas las especificaciones posibles
  • Forcing people to download = -2 stars 3/5

    By Julian Sandman
    If I want to use the app I’ll download it. Don’t stop me from reading a post to offer the app and then refuse to let me close the message that is blocking it from view.
  • 26% Battery drain in 1 hr 1/5

    By Gabe Steel
    I love the Quora platform. I love the content. I love the community. That said, this app has always been a major battery hog. I use an iPhone XS. There is no justification for the continuing saga of nonsense with painful battery draining behavior and no justification. This app is not a game requiring serious processing power. It does not consume data by the GB for video streaming. And yet it still manages to use more battery than Netflix, YouTube, or Need for Speed combined. It is ridiculous. It has been an established, ongoing problem for years, and combined with the incredibly slow in-app experience with loading Answers taking 10-30 seconds, loading comments on said Answers just as long, and refreshing taking even longer still. To the developers, I know you work hard every day. Please pass this message on, we like the developers. We like the effort they go to to beautify the app and add new features. But enough is enough. Fix the persistent battery and loading speed issues plaguing the iOS and Android apps before you lose yet more users. Please.
  • unverified name and forcing you to down app 1/5

    By To be named later
    One star for trying to force me to download app and disabling my ability to post/answer questions because they don’t think my name is real.
  • They delete the best answers 1/5

    By bonevays
    Not quite sure what’s the mix of professional censors and community zealots, but you’re better off at Wikipedia
  • Quora is okay. The app needs work. 1/5

    By Nycraja
    Clicking on questions from the widget almost never opens the correct question. It just opens the app. Often times I might be in the middle of reading something, accidentally click else where and have no way to navigate around - only one back arrow that is hit or miss. Makes one just avoid quora all together.
  • Why am I being forced to download an app 1/5

    By lori123788
    I can’t seem to read Quora anymore in my browser - it’s forcing me to download the app. I don’t want another app and have an older phone with less memory. Stop this.
  • Questions worth knowing the answers 4/5

    By DaveP-AA
    Generally I earn alot on some interesting topic current and historical, but too many questions appear that aren’t worth answering or reading the answers to and some ridiculous questions appropriately go unanswered. I think there need to be some sort of filter before the appropriate for Quota becomes overwhelmed by the volume of inappropriate for Quora. This is precisely the dilema that confronts Zuckerberg and Facebook.
  • Love app 5/5

    By AL_Cracker
    Great app easy to use and operate
  • Interesting 5/5

    By Federal st
    Enjoying the views and stories of others. Pretty fun participating too.
  • Privacy? What privacy? 1/5

    By BroadClarity
    Yikes! I tend to read up on apps before downloading and discovered that Quora automatically opted in its users to a setting that reveals information that was formerly private. I think I’ll stick with Stack Overflow and a few other great Q&A sites that respect user privacy. UPDATE: I like the “Related Questions” section in the web version; however, I was bummed to find it isn’t in the app (or maybe it is and the app is just clunky?) It had so much potential!
  • Please don’t force us to use the app 2/5

    By KingFishey
    I’m sure the app is fine. But my preferred way to browse the website on my phone is with my web browser. Every few weeks, the Quora website aggressively pushes the app with a popup that asks that you download the app, or has an option if you already have the app. Pressing either option takes you away from their website, and on mobile, there is no option to close the popup. Rather than their desired effect of using the app. I just avoid the platform entirely until it lets me use the website in my browser without badgering me.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By alexknowsall
    Formatting issues, typing issues!! Cant bold, just deletes it and puts dots instead, shake to undo does nothing, cant tap to add a sentence somewhere cuz screen just bounces up and down then rests with the cursor at bottom-works sometimes, cant tap and hold to fix a typo in a word screen infinitely bounces until app closed, ect ect, formatting wont work, saved a draft and sentences where just missing when i came back....YOU HAVE MADE IT TO INCONVENIENT FOR ME TO HELP YOU, so i wont. Nice useless support button btw, very helpful. I see my old review has been deleted, glad to know you care :/
  • Useless 1/5

    By showmebel
    I don’t even remember signing up for this app. And now I can’t get rid of it. No where on my “home” page is there anywhere to suspend, delete or anything like that. And the only emails I get say I requested to change my password. Multiple times a day! With no where on that email to un-subscribe!! So if you can show me how to get the hell away from something I do not want or need, it would be much appreciated!
  • Forced to junk up my phone with the app 1/5

    By tpeterson1959
    I like reading Quara once in a while. When I do, I prefer to do it on my phone’s web browser. But Quara doesn’t like that. Instead they block on line content with an ad for their app. So rather than enjoying the article, I either have to stop reading or junk up my phone with another useless app.
  • History 101 5/5

    By Juanito 65
    I love history. This is the best app
  • Night theme screen 3/5

    By Pringles811
    They desperately need a night or dark theme. It’s too bright at night and makes it painful to read.
  • Cancel my account, please! 3/5

    By susie362
    To Quora: Please cancel my account! I could not find any other way to do it. Thanks! ~~Susan Stark
  • Share this opinion 1/5

    By Bareonass
    I know I’ve been into this software before I could’ve sworn I already had account, so I download the app and it wants me to sign in, ok... fine... use Facebook. Facebook page says you’ve already been signed as this person, so the next and only option is continue but you can’t because it gets stupid because now it wants your name your email address (even though it just totally recognize that you are you) your password AND it just gets even stupider from there... can’t get past that page to even use the app !!! Deleting and forgetting your name tired of your idiot hoops
  • Enjoying but too many ads 4/5

    By NMLR
    I enjoy but an ad shoes up between every other question. A bit annoying
  • I am loving Quora!!! 5/5

    By Paige Turner 10
    Quora has been such a blessing!!! I found this site and it helped me through one of the toughest experiences in my life. I am so grateful for this site and for all the people that have given their advice and asked questions that I would want answers to. Thank you!!!!
  • Don’t force 4/5

    By EilselB
    Don’t force my hand to open the app if I would rather continue reading on the website.
  • Love it, but there is one problem 4/5

    By bigmama781
    I often get emails from Quora on subjects that interest me. I click on the link and enjoy the thread in a browser page. If I read this on my phone, the pop-up encouraging me to use the app (and blocking me from further reading) forces me to click to the app, but it NEVER takes me to the same spot I was just reading. It would be huge if that could be fixed, because right now, it just annoys me enough to stop reading Quora in the app. I can never find the story I was just reading.
  • Awful 1/5

    By E Birkin
    Sometimes there are some interesting stories in the answers, but the way they try to force the app down the throats of perfectly happy web users who don’t want it is EXTREMELY obnoxious. It doesn’t improve anything, it’s just not a good app. Searching for anything is a real headache, you can’t access content you’ve already seen, either. Reading online was the only way I would have continued, but since they won’t allow that I guess Quora is trying to tell me to move on. It’ll happen to you, too. It’s a dead end.
  • Amazing resource 5/5

    By MattSly2015
    This app is invaluable. Having a massive community of experts whose brains you can pick with questions that deeply matter to you is so so valuable. Whenever you are starting a new project you can ask experts questions to inform your understanding and help you make better decisions. Also the anonymous feature allows you to ask questions you are insecure about without having to divulge your identity. This site is truly a gift to the world.
  • Dark Theme 5/5

    By iBayern1
    Please add dark theme.
  • Despatately Needs font size control 2/5

    By Anthony1223467
    Love the content but the App needs font size control desparetely. I use the Web page instead because of this and then have to fight with Quora Web page that nags you to use the app and even floats windows over content your trying to read. Pretty please add font size.
  • Questions 5/5

    By Poorvic2
    On the whole qoura gives a person the chance to discuss to maintain a discussion with others but some of questions are downright embarrassing
  • App is annoying 1/5

    By StuG1118
    App indicates one unread notification but when you open app it says all notifications read. Also, as to Quora itself, there are a lot of dumb questions and answers that are not worth wading through to find the occasional nugget. Life is too short for this time wasting.
  • Great app, but doesn’t work on cellular connection? 4/5

    By Sam Stigler
    This is a great app overall; and I love reading the posts. However, I always find it really annoying when I go into the app only to see a “no connection” error when I’m connected via cellular data and not WiFi.
  • Type too small to read on iPad 1/5

    By ondwalls
    Ok app, but type is too small to read in the app. No adjustment available.
  • Greatest app ever 5/5

    By pat's al
    I can fall through the Quora rabbit hole and spend a wonderfully enlightening, learning and enjoyable hour with intelligent, polite, curious questions and answers.
  • Forced to use app when I liked web page better 1/5

    By Sea Island Cotton
    I have been a Quora website user for years. I have happily accessed it through Safari on my iPhone as well. Recently, the web sight would detect that I was on my phone and forced me to install and run a specialized application to get at the same content to “Improve my Quora experience”. I did not want to. I still do not want to. How dare they? However the content is good enough where I keep doing it. The application does not add any functionality I use, but it does track more information about my viewing habits. From my point of you, all that has happened is I have been forced to give away some of my privacy for their advertisement games.
  • Your app 1/5

    By zero x zero
    If I could give negative stars, I would. I just read a review that describes my experience with your app exactly. Being forcibly redirected to your app from the website accessed via browser by a splash screen that interrupts in middle of reading or posting is bad enough but then to be taken to completely unrelated posts is ridiculous!
  • Stop forcing me to use the app 1/5

    By pentae
    Theres a popup they put on web mobile forcing me to either use the app or download it. Absolutely disgraceful.
  • Email link opens web browser 1/5

    By BustaPosey
    I get a daily email from quora and often times click on a article I’m interested in. It opens a web page (safari on iPhone) and I get about 3 minutes until a pop-up appears for me to open the app. I cannot exit out of the pop-up and am forced to click the link to go to the app. It leads me to to the app store, which I have to click again to open the quora app. Guess what?! The article is nowhere to be found! Redesign your email or STOP forcing the app use through multiple links and the article is missing forever. This is frustrating as hell and I love quora, but this pisses me off. I’ve used quora for years but I’m on the brink to just stop because of this.
  • forced to download app 1/5

    By Looooooder
    i hate companies who force stuff like downloading an app to browse their site like what???
  • App is a disagrace 1/5

    By angel11bubba
    Quota the website is a delight of info like Wikipedia is. Quota the app is a crack addled dysfunction that will will waste your time with pop ups, misdirection, and what amounts to consumer abuse. They need to go on a firing spree in the quora office and release the moron developers back to the UX wilds whence they cane from.
  • Life changing 5/5

    By D2i_illustration
    Some of these stories are the most interesting content I’ve read in years!
  • Share what you care about 5/5

    By bowfin24
    Quora is a fascinating concept that reminds me of the old moderated newsgroups in the early days of the internet. The quality of the questions and answers varies widely, but in general those making the answers seem articulate (almost to a fault, at times) and knowledgeable. The record keeping seems incomplete and could be more useful. I would like to know how many upvotes my answers get, and which answers I gave received the most attention. Navigating is not user friendly, although when I use the site more (only two weeks so far) I might change my mind. I don’t understand what happens when I say “thanks for your A2A”. Do you get extra ‘credit’? This points out why I didn’t give five stars — how to use the site is not easy to learn.
  • Bibliophile 5/5

    By Moneyte
    I’m just here for the reading
  • It serves its purpose 5/5

    By just old not smart
    If you tweak your preferences you can follow topics of interest
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By Exilatude
    I don’t understand how anyone enjoys this app. It’s invasive, obnoxious, and Quora’s increased insistence upon forcing people to use it is doing little more than driving users away.
  • QUORA is the better google.... 5/5

    By DebVegas
    QUORA. Check it out, people!!! *The answer to any question you can ever consider is on QUORA *QUORA allows you to keep it real 100% of the time. *Ever wanted to communicate with people across the globe about what is most important to you? This app is not to be passed on. QUORA lets us experience ‘We Are The World’. I’m into rock and roll music. Etc. Let’s talk!!!!! DebVegas
  • Very Informative. 5/5

    By Jimsina
    My “go to” for advice and good reading.
  • Tired of the anti-Trump hit pieces. 2/5

    By shacalde
    I would give 5 stars but get anti-Trump hit pieces nearly every day in my email feed and 99% of them are false and stupid. If I wanted a steady diet of Trump lies about Trump, I would watch the news!
  • UI needs improvement 3/5

    By ZHOU Cédric
    It’s not intuitive to navigate through the different sections on the app, seems the UI development has stagnated over the years...
  • External links in app don’t open in first attempt 2/5

    By hdamle
    External links in app don’t open in first attempt. Have to re-open a link which is obviously very frustrating.

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