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  • Seriously?? 1/5

    By LostEcho
    I get Quora emails and even though I’m on my phone I prefer to just click the email and go to the phone browser to read, but every time I’m halfway through the post, I get your annoying “do you want to keep reading in our app?” pop up. I tried dismissing it but there’s no way to close it. I have to choose “get the app” or “I already have the app.” I DON’T WANT YOUR APP. I want to read the stories the way I want to read them, not be forced to use your app (which is actually interrupting the read since I’m getting there by the email and an extra step to then download and open an app). So, I tried clicking “already have the app” but you’re smarter than that and I guess could tell I actually did NOT have your app installed and so took me to the App Store, where I’ve now downloaded your app specifically to leave this 1-star review due to your ridiculous practice of forcing readers to download the app or be stopped from reading articles with a pop up that can’t be ignored. So, here’s what I think of your app and your insane practice of trying to force its use on Quora readers. Take your one star with the knowledge that not only will I now delete the app, but I’m also going to unsubscribe from the emails. Hope writing that atrocious code to force folks to download your app was worth it✌️
  • Beware of pedos and all around creeps 3/5

    By villandi
    The app itself isn’t so bad, you ask a question, it gets answered. Mostly customized feed. Interesting to look at. However I’ve noticed an overwhelming amount of pedophiles and just general creeps using it. I find it to be gross (I mean, stories of having sex with your sister when you were 12? Really?!?) but others may not think the same. Just a fair warning to others like me who are a bit more sensitive to things like that.
  • Poor functionality, restrictions, unnecessary features 1/5

    By HarryStranger
    1. Doesn’t allow to highlight text and look up words 2. Opens unnecessary layers of windows taking time 3. The website doesn’t ask if one wants to open it on the browser, it takes you to the app, taking a lot of time to open it and show an unnecessary layout in which you need to answer some questions. It doesn’t offer you to stay in the browser in case another thing is opened in the Quota app 4. People just want to read stuff, look up words and spend less time on trifle.
  • I really resent being forced to download an app 1/5

    By KKincaid
    Which is what I had to do today (again) when the website blocked me multiple times from continuing to read something *without* utilizing the app. It doesn’t matter how good the app is when you’re being railroaded into using it.
  • Why 1/5

    By Plevi
    In the name of heaven sake do you keep interrupting my enjoyment of your wonderful app by asking me to get the app? Then I loose the subject!! Just stop…I don’t need a second app.
  • Forced and unnecessary 1/5

    By Not Jimbo
    I tried the Quora app some time ago. It did not significantly improve my experience. In fact, I prefer reading Quota in Safari. But you know what? Quora won’t let me! Every time I click on a link in a Quora email to read an answer on a mobile device, I am only permitted to read a very brief portion before a pop-up window appears that gives me the option to continue reading only if I download the app. If this doesn’t change soon, I will be unsubscribing from Quora completely. I’m sure others have already done so.
  • Awful interface 1/5

    By Merlilo
    This has to be the worst experience I've had with an app. You're reading something and somehow press somewhere and your in a new page with absolutely no way to go back to where you were. Similar thing happens if you have to stop reading and later try to pick up, the app refreshes and shows you a whole set of new questions but there's no history or way to go back to what you were reading 20 minutes before. If a question your read before has new answers it comes back on your feed but you have to scroll and scroll and scroll until you find the new answers (praying meanwhile to no touch any of the myriad of links embedded everywhere). All in all awful and that is making me use it less and less.
  • I Do Not Want Your Dang App 1/5

    By Strum27
    I was happily using Quora through my browser, either on my phone or my iPad, because I receive notifications from Quora in my email, and clicking those opens my browser. But lately every I start reading something I get a Quora pop up pushing the App, and it’s either get the app or stop reading Quora. I enjoy reading Quora, but I will stop if Quora continues to insist on use of the app. I downloaded it so I could leave this review, and have already deleted it. Take your heavy handed programming and ..
  • Horrible app - notifications are mandatory! 1/5

    By Huairen76
    Site is OK if you block the trolls (of which there are sooooo many!) but the app is awful. I deleted it because it would want permission for notifications at every page change. This makes it unusable. You can’t even access it through the browser, as it demands that the app be used. Just stay away.
  • Pop up spam app 1/5

    By Bion Howard
    I don’t want to “add 5 spaces”
  • Shouldn’t be forced to download 1/5

    By real_dreadlock
    I love reading but you get a one star for that one. Find better marketing tactics
  • Quora 5/5

    By MikiWhat1
    They are the best!
  • Annoying 1/5

    By die my fellow humans
    I was kinda forced to download this since it doesn’t allow you to read on the website without frequent reminders (blockers) to the website. I downloaded it but only because I had to to read what I was TRYING to read.
  • Still No Dark Mode Available 2/5

    By Bon George Lai
    It makes reading at dark environment hard for your eyes, why does it still have no Dark Mode available with the release of iOS 13?
  • Can’t get unbanned 1/5

    By MinerG22
    They refused to let me appeal my account and the link to the appeal is now blocked! Don’t download the app!
  • Annoyed 3/5

    By Al Z Heimer
    I like notifications but in Quora app only. Getting them stopped in my email is more difficult than it needs to be. If one has the app, why does it continue to send emails. Almost got the emails stopped after several days of trying.
  • Sick of being forced to the app 1/5

    By benderino
    Seems I can’t do Quora in some (or all?) browsers as the popup pushing the app is a dead end to the app. Done with Quora altogether. Bye bye
  • Only View questions they want you to 1/5

    By vdfnnv
    I used to be able to view specific topics. Now, those topics are “locked” and I’m forced to only view the questions they want me to view, which is mostly political questions. I don’t want political questions, I want to view the topics I want to view.
  • NO 1/5

    By tiffy spiffy
    Pretty lame to make people download the app just to read a thread.
  • Need the app just to use site? 1/5

    By Sweepout
    You shouldn’t need the app just to view the website and both the app and it’s build and download process and the concept of needing the app to just visit the site seems very deceptive and a dirty practice! PASS! Wonder how much they had to pay to be on that list in the App Store?
  • Quora ask question not working? 3/5

    By keronb
    When I press the button to ask questions it doesn’t let me type and at the bottom it says I can add the question but it glitches out? I don’t know what’s wrong with it sometimes it lets me ask questions but most times it only shows me a blank screen
  • Forced to get it 2/5

    By ndldoenebrmsodmrnrjsi
    Im going to delete after i post my question that i was trying to do online until i had no choice but to click get the free app so it would stop
  • Addictive 5/5

    By UuuupDooown
    Very interesting and hard to stop reading
  • Annoying 1/5

    By DillonDuong7
    Stop making us download things we don’t want to just to read a thread. It’s frustrating.
  • Night mode 4/5

    By willfw56
    Is there a dark/night mode? Can’t find it. If not, please implement one.
  • waste of time 1/5

    By xacxc
    waste of time.
  • Good for discussion, has its flaws 3/5

    By La2222
    This app is pretty good for discussing politics health, music and some other topics. There are certainly A lot of things not to like. For example I have been called out, even banned for a short time for rude or offensive comments. And yet I have always been a reasonable voice, and when you try to find out why you were banned, they never tell you. Also, they seem to allow other people to edit your questions or blend them with similar questions, or “suggest” that your question is worded incorrectly when in fact it is not. Pretty annoying, but overall the good outweighs the bad.
  • Dark Mode 4/5

    By jadenwhoopah
    Common Quora, it’s time to roll out Dark Mode
  • Wa. waaaaa wa waaaaaaaaaa———- 1/5

    By quorawaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Lol. Don’t form an opinion or tell someone they are being rediculous when they mislead you with a rhetorical question and you spend 30 min trying to help that person solve a problem. No you will be moderated and answers deleted by a bunch of whiny babies at Quora. Where only the biased and socially Enept prevail. 🖕🖕🖕
  • Refused to delete data for weeks 1/5

    By billchilkard
    Terrible application. I got suspended for answering the question of if a mac is worth it..... don’t go on here if you value your free speech
  • Moderation isn’t good enough 2/5

    By aousowms
    Used to love this app but now realized that Quora moderation only moderates certain type of content. If someone bashes my religion or race and I reply, my reply will be removed while their content will be kept. Seems somewhat biased. Also while quora was supposed to be for factual and reliable content, it’s turned into just another version of yahoo answers with most answers/question being stupid or lacking any intellectual depth
  • The moderation team is terrible and very racist and biased. 1/5

    By Hkg12345
    I criticized a white Supramacist’s post and for some reason the moderation team deleted my post and I appealed. They rejected my appeal. I have no further desire to use quora and would not use quora anymore.
  • Very difficult 3/5

    By Ron Eng
    There’s certain topics I like. Then, the app takes them away it’s no longer there by default. I’m not able to reset it. Not impressed with this app.
  • Entertaining but take it with a grain of salt 2/5

    By T0pGvn
    It is entertaining like the Enquirer tabloid in the States. Many answers though are opinions with no basis on real experience. Lots of propaganda. As long as one realizes it, it is a fun read
  • Trash 1/5

    By Eazlyy
    You can learn about a lot of stuff from this app but many people are just biased. The people are just toxic. It’s all political heretic. There’s rarely any talk about other stuff than religion and politics.
  • Love it. Needs a Dark Mode. 4/5

    By itzdarc
    This app is almost painful to use in low light scenarios, but love Quora other than that!
  • I’ve been blocked 1/5

    By guy trying to learn
    I’ve been blocked because my profile wasn’t filled out properly (had my last initial instead of my full last name). I filled out my profile with my full first name and last name but can’t figure out how to get ‘unblocked’. It says to go to moderation, fill out a contact form. Can’t find either of those things. Not sure what to do.

    By GLH 719
    Every time I try to read through a post, the GD pop up and blocks the screen. I had the app; I dumped it. I still get the posts in my email but this annoying GD pop up only gives me a choice of either use the app or no reading allowed of any posts. Based on this BS, I prefer to dig my heels in and lose the site: there’re others.
  • Forced to download the app 1/5

    By Drew9065
    Forced to download the app
  • Scam 1/5

    By boaulsen
    I received a message saying that my friend had seen me in a video. I took the bait which ended up on this app. I created an account by giving my email address and created a password. No video at the end of the trail. Phishing!
  • Extremely difficult to delete the account 1/5

    By Jayt012698
    They make it really difficult to delete this account entirely once and for all
  • Force to download the app 1/5

    By His Broooooooooooooooooo
    Why need the app to use all features .... it’s a shame
  • Forced download 1/5

    By helix01
    For forcing me to download the app and interrupting (and losing) the posts I’m reading.
  • Just want to use the website not the app 1/5

    By Jnml
    No way to skip downloading this app because they will not allow you to just from the website
  • Fascinating! 5/5

    By firtko
    Everyday I find interesting information that is out of my box...
  • Needs some smoothing out 3/5

    By CodeIO
    I really love the concept of this app however when I go to ask a question, I get caught in a loop of associating topics with my question, tap Next, add the people I would line to have answer (which I call authors) then it goes back to selecting topics then to the authors again. So at some point I’ll X out of that loop - not knowing if my question is saved. Apparently it is but it doesn’t show on my Home page until someone answers. Why not simply have my question show on a ‘My Questions’ section until it gets answered?
  • Pharmacist 5/5

    By Meltom62
    I really enjoy this site something for everyone
  • Dark mode needed 5/5

    By Fahim_Rahman
  • Fascism at its finest 1/5

    By Joeturc173629
    I wrote a lengthy respectful post explaining Donald Trumps appeal to someone who had posted the question, only to find that my account had been blocked from answering questions about 24 hours later. My answer that I had written had also been collapsed, all because apparently Quora coincidentally decided my name isn’t Joe, so they perma banned my ability to ask questions or answer without any way of fixing or redressing the so called issue. They insist on identifying you, ban any opinions that aren’t progressive or liberal enough. This is a one stop go for a fascist progressive ideological echo chamber. Oh and I forgot to mention, make sure you capitalize the first (and only first) letter of your first (and last required) name or else that will also perma ban your account.

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