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Quora is a Q&A platform that empowers people to share and grow the world’s knowledge. People come to Quora to ask questions about any subject, read high quality knowledge that's personalized and relevant to them, and share their own knowledge with others. Quora is a place to share knowledge and better understand the world. * Ask a question and get helpful answers * Follow topics and browse quality content * Learn from credible people with first-hand knowledge * Answer questions and share your knowledge with the world Have questions, problems, or feedback? Visit quora.com/contact

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  • Cool😎 5/5

    By xxxjoanna17
    It’s fun answering people’s questions, specially if they wanna know more about he artist, etc...
  • Are you happy, Quora. I finally downloaded it!!! 1/5

    By LanaDelFan14
    Only downloaded because I couldn’t even use the browser without it forcing me to download this dumb app
  • Good place to learn new things of any subject, develop self, get business ideas 5/5

    By Tanklet
    I’m new on Quora. It is best to be specific in searches and questions and ignore superfluous bot generated questions. What surprised me was they let you post links. So many people use quora to further business opportunity by generating their own internet traffic in their answers. It isn’t done in a trolling way but in honesty in a genuine answer. Some answers seem like real people and some seem not generated but the answers are many times very good, so who cares. So in three days I have learned new possibilities to earn income. worked on social skills, and am searching for hobbies or various interests. I haven’t been there long enough to find any serious downsides. I don’t recommend posting personal info because they demand your real name. I wish they did not do that because how can people learn if they fear incrimination at work or other places?But some names are obviously fake and have not been removed. They have your email so they know where it is generated from anyway. So I don’t get the point of names. Just responsibly post like any site.
  • Huge fun 5/5

    By Spot get
    While the policy often flags correct statements often evenly adjudicated but best is its response to political trolling as long as users put the effort in to report
  • Cherry-picking 1/5

    By Hffhjbgg
    I love the website as it has varied topics & truly engaging answers..but it doesn’t come Without its flaws. For some reason, many answers are kept even if they take hardline positions simply because they’re posted by “people of faith”, yet any apparent criticism is dealt with swiftly. Quora is very good at censoring, flagging & deleting answers even if they were factual or objective just at the chance of “no offending the sensitivities of others”..as if we’re all children & need to be monitored & told what we can or cannot say. A lot of answers contain the F word yet they remain, but simply call out a religiously-inspired homophobe a homophobe then you get told off by the Quora team. It’s a haven for snowflakes & those who like to silence other views.
  • Poor support 1/5

    By Varetstar
    I downloaded this app today and signed up using my real name and email. I posted my first question and received a few useful answers. !Then out of nowhere I get an email that my account is blocked because my name doesn’t conform to their user name policy?!! Okay so it says if you’re blocked in error contact support. *The link to contact Support doesn’t work!* 1) new user 2) blocked for using my real name (I’ve been using for 45 years) 3) contact support doesn’t work
  • Opinions, not facts 1/5

    By llh2020
    Most “answers” are thinly-veiled opinions. And people get paid to ask questions.
  • Informative 5/5

    By 3Riverswest
    You can find out a lot of things on this forum. It’s entertaining and informative.
  • Censorship 1/5

    By rollertrain
    If you speak out against radical feminism they will censor you.
  • forcing to download your app! 5/5

    By tbanerjee1
    i was just browsing and reading stuff in my email from you guys but every 5 min a pop up to download your app and i find that annoying at most!
  • Make previously read answers accessible 2/5

    By Jah Baked
    I love Quora and reading the content on it. However, the app is a little difficult to navigate. I remember it being easier a few years ago but now when I want to go back to finish reading an answer, the app refreshes and that answer is lost forever in the sea of information. It's incredibly frustrating and no, turning off the background refresh in iOS settings does not help at all. On top of that, I can't even find where to access my bookmarks so even if I bookmark an answer to prevent from losing it, it's still lost. I'm sure there's feature that allows me to access those things but it's seems like it's been hidden from plain sight on purpose. I really, really wanna give Quora five stars and beyond but with this current version, they don't deserve it. I hope this gets their attention so I can I can one day use one of my favorite apps with ease.
  • Great IDEA... Sadly Biased & RightWing Lies/ Users Ruin 3/5

    By Makaveli Sixx
    Wonderful concept, but a heavy bias that doesn’t even level the scales. People on this app ruin it They way too biased, sexist & racist, and I wouldn’t advise any one to ask about health issues or women’s rights. Please get a wider audience but also if the app also refused hateful liars, it would be so awesome.
  • Linking 1/5

    By cjt1212
    Terrible linking habits ruin the app experience for me. Start an article in email. Tap link. Get brought into the app to the home page. Terrible!!!
  • Sadly it has become BIASED political chamber 3/5

    By dtibbz1234
    Quora are used to be my go-to QnA /forum website due if i want reliable, non-biased answers. Sadly now it too biased for a certain political affiliation...Questions and Answers which do not appeal to such a political affiliation may either get removed or demoted. Just scroll through Quora homepage to see for yourself, My gosh! If don’t agree with certain political views, you are not needed here! How sad has Quora become!!
  • Love this. 5/5

    By Tman713
    Love it.
  • My take 1/5

    By Rebxl
    I downloaded the app just now because there was NO way to get it off my screen. So I came here to give 1 star and tell the developers to pound sand. This is a great way for people to hate you. If I wanted the app, I would get it by myself.
  • For inquisitive minds. 5/5

    By Joshua De La Mata
    An excellent resource for extended learning, market research, and simply getting (or contributing!) answers to questions.
  • Blocked content via web 1/5

    By laprej
    So the web interface completely blocked and the only option was to click, “Get your digest wherever you go. Download the free app.” I don’t need an app to read a web page. That interface is just fine. So instead I’ll give this app a 1-star rating for wasting my time.
  • So much hate. 2/5

    By sbukosky
    While there is so much good discussion and answers here, it is impossible to have a civil discussion or ask a political question without hateful and vulgar attacks. I strongly suggest something more than up-down voting. I don't think politics and the internet will ever be a place for thoughtful discussion.
  • Update is glitchy 1/5

    By rksingh2000
    The app keeps glitching and every time I go to the search bar it goes back to its original format and then changes back to the new, updated one.
  • Good idea bad app 1/5

    By Kaylarod123
    I agree with a previous review stating that they are very biased and unfair when it comes to certain comments even when the person is wrong/disrespectful and you are simply trying to explain your position or point out the fact that they are wrong or disrespectful. Don’t say anything that may “trigger” someone even if you’re being as nice as humanly possible. They have removed my reply to someone for “violating policy” simply because I pointed out that someone was doing something terribly wrong/hurtful to someone else and they deserved to know. The biggest issue I have is that they will review your question to ensure proper wording and grammar, which is understandable, however when they are reviewing your question they completely reword it to the point where it is no longer your original question. You can ask “why is the sky blue?” And they will reword it until it says something like “what color is the sky?” (Example). It’s a shame because you never receive the actual answers you’re looking for because people will see the revised version that is completely different from your original question. If you want an app that is extremely biased, changes your questions to whatever they feel like changing it to, deletes any responses that might challenge someone’s ideas or give them a different perspective, and gives you generic responses based on what they deem correct or “nice” then this is the app for you! Just don’t expect to get any real answers to your questions.
  • Nothing’s changed 1/5

    By Q5252525252
    I just finished reading the review that was posted a year ago, and things have only gotten worse. The moderators are left leaning and they favor answers that appeal to what they personally believe in. If you’re opinions don’t match up with theirs, you’re going to have a bad time.
  • Kecia Frazier’s Review Of Quora App 5/5

    By Kecia D. Frazier
    Omg. I just ♥️ this app. It give the public an arena in which you can give honest advice to others. I work the graveyard shift so it also helps me stay alert and awake. I love to write too. So, after I give my answer I always go and proofread for mistakes. It’s very fun, therapeutic and mind stimulating. Thank you for discovering this App. Sincerely, Kecia D. Frazier
  • Quora app 5/5

    By tjk54
    I Love this app! Have had no issues with it.
  • Anything Goes with Quora's answers or questions. 5/5

    By kaysee sunny side
    Quora and I have had some personal associated discussions, funny replies, helpful answers and yes some quora bashing. That's what makes it unique. There's always somebody listening to you.
  • App isn’t too bad 1/5

    By naqahdah
    However, if you open the digest in a mobile web browser, it splashes an ad for the app over the content, with no ability to click around it or otherwise close it, even after you click okay to install the app. Having an app is great, but ruining the mobile browser experience to push it is not. Edit - This behavior still persists. I get an email with my daily digest; the link opens in a browser, rather than the app because of course it does. You attempt to read what you’ve been sent BY THEM and it will lock you out until you load the app. The great part is that the level of incompetence is so extreme, that it won’t load what you were reading in the app if you do have it installed, so now you have to go fishing for it. Whomever your UX designer is, fire them.
  • I have unsubscribed to Quora. 1/5

    By quora-is-evil
    I have been using the website for a long time now. Yesterday they started putting up an “app wall” trying to force me to install an app to view their feed on a mobile device. There is no way to close the pop-up trying to force me to install the app so the website has essentially been blocked by Quora until I install this stupid app. I will never give Quora lower level access to my data and you shouldn’t either. Unsubscribe from Quora and uninstall this app until they decide to stop bullying their users into installing spyware. Disgusting company. Good riddance.
  • Not User Friendly 1/5

    By Spiffygirl1
    I think that Quora is a good concept but it isn’t right that they force you to divulge personal information that you may not want to otherwise divulge, just to be able to participate and answer questions. No Bueno!
  • Forced to download- pathetic 1/5

    By RajivKamal
    This works well on site on my mobile. But then they will popup a banner and freeze everything Banner would say “download app” How nonsense this could be. How can you dictate how should I access the content ??? I don’t like your app. Why are you forcing me?? One star for this unethical pressure
  • Too tiny to read 4/5

    By Ynotbiker
    I got tired of using a magnifying lens to read the text. There is no way to increase the font size. Using iPhone settings does not help. I tried my iPad and the text is still too small. Eventually I deleted the app.
  • Text on iPhone XR is too small. 2/5

    By Miguel rrrrt
    It is difficult to read anything.
  • Hard to find Bookmarks in App 3/5

    By Cooolthud
    Can you guys provide user friendly bookmarks page? Every time I have to struggle finding my bookmarks and I have to go to web to find my bookmarks. I used to bookmark the content so that I can later read while traveling. But every time I get frustrated not finding bookmarks.
  • Excellent community of caring people 5/5

    By Cherished Gal
    Just like all other Social Media Forums there are a few that are rude and uncaring in their answers but most act very professional and are very caring and think about what they are saying to others. I have been apart of other communities that if your beliefs doesn’t align with their beliefs they will attack you and tell you their opinion of you in a very sick way. I do believe those sites are making peoples problems worse. I thank the Quora people for not letting that happen on their site.
  • Horrible editing ability. 3/5

    By nworbhtiek
    It’s extremely labor intensive to use the app to post an answer. The normal IOS cursor controls don’t work as they should. I can’t place the cursor where I want. The screen jumps around and the cursor doesn’t move. I’m talking about manually placing the cursor or using the space bar shortcut. I have to highlight a word somewhere in the text I want to edit and then replace the whole thing rather than being able to just change a letter or two.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By CryptoKodiak
    Didnt know where else I could voice my opinion but your site is crap they force you to sign into their website then once you do they wont let you do anything because of a pop up that says to download the app just because of this I will never download your app its a trashy tactic and it pathetic.
  • The app works terribly 1/5

    By Ckudi
    Slow and clunky. Most of the time, pages don’t load. When they do, it gives the first half of the top response to a question and that’s it. I like using Quora but wish it offered the option to just do it on Safari or Chrome instead of this poor-performing app.
  • Extreme Political Censorship 3/5

    By 17474638 David
    I was on Quora for three years until I couldn’t take it anymore. Dozens upon dozens of my comments which didn’t violate the BNBR policy were taken down. The only thing they had in common was that they were politically to the right. A few answers of mine were deleted as well. There was no ad hominem, no insults; only political ideals. And yet I could still find many comments that were overtly racist all over Quora, and yet those weren’t deleted. Case in point, if you are a democrat, you will love this site, if you are to the right of that, you will have a love-hate relationship with Quora.
  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! Questionable policies ~ Trey San 1/5

    By Heck No!!!
    The app is good when you are just reading what people ask and answer. But if you have any type of following of a decent size, then the moderator’s impose a very questionable and in my opinion intolerable policy. I will give you an example. I recently answered a question about traveling. My answer became popular with a lot of upvotes and views. Now on Quora you cannot force someone to answer your question. People either answer on their own or at most you can request. Same goes for commenting on answers. A couple of days ago, this individual who told me I was wrong, with no facts, no credentials, commented on my answer. Even worse, their answer was incoherent and terrible English. I was skeptical of them because people with no followers on the app are usually trolls. I responded without cursing and using sources to backup my claim. What does Quora do? They first suspended (or blocked) my reply to this person. I had an option to appeal and so I did. And to no surprise, my appeal was denied and my response was deleted. Upset about this and seeing it as unfair and bias, I deleted this person’s comment and blocked them (they were likely a troll). Now I am a progressive and like to use sources to back up my claim which I did. Yet I do believe in free speech whether it is a conservative or progressive view. Trolling, which I honestly think this person was doing, should not be tolerated. Quora has a semi-trolling policy which falls under their spamming policy but they allow anyone to abuse it. This is seriously unfair. Quora needs to step up their game and target those people who troll others and abuse their spam policy by claiming someone is spamming them and so on. To end this, I do not recommend downloading this app. They allow their spam policy to be abused by the spammers or trolls and punish the wrong people. I am sure there are better apps out there that try to counter the trolls and not allow anyone to abuse their policies.
  • 🙄 1/5

    By Briex
    I get emails from Quora and sometimes I click on stories to read them. Lately I’ll be in the middle of reading and then a persistent message asking, no demanding me to download the app pops up. There’s no option to exit and continue reading. I don’t want another app. I just want to read what I’m reading and move on.
  • excellent 5/5

    By Sony Mann
  • Quota website virus 1/5

    By pop up h8r
    I only downloaded this app because Quora’s stupid website kept having a virus-like pop up every time I tried to read a story, I hate this app for that reason alone.
  • Great for Answers to my Questions but... 3/5

    By Aurelius MacRitchie
    The only way to access Bookmarks 🔖 is if you tap the green tiny bar at the bottom when you bookmark a current page. Can you guys make that a dedicated place in our profiles or within the 3D Touch menu please?? I go back and read the ones I have marked but find it a little clunky and see ways to smooth that feature out. If you fix that I’ll check those 2 extra stars ⭐️ ⭐️
  • Loving Quora 5/5

    By Anon, too
    Wow, just discovered it a few weeks ago and already it proves too much of a distraction! It’s given me many occasions to reflect on an issue that I know is important but maybe don’t know very much about -I have a particular blind spot re: Latin America - or it’s something I have studied but perhaps haven’t thought about in a while and thus am forced to collect my thoughts before answering. I’ve made some surprising discoveries doing that! It sometime shows me how or how much my views might have changed - strengthened in cases, weakened in others. I’ve had some very rewarding exchanges with people here. Happy to report something I wrote was apparently funny enough to make a stranger on the other side of the world pee her pants! I’ve also come across, unfortunately some disturbing questions or comments - most of which just show how deeply polarized a society can be. And then there have been a few intentionally provocative (in an ugly way) statements that I did not restrain pen or tongue long enough prevent me from replying with an uncivil post — a few of which have been deleted by the admins, appropriately in my view.
  • சிறந்த சேவைகள் 5/5

    By dmggroups
    தமிழ் மொழியில் சிந்தனை திறன் அதிகம் உள்ளது. மேலும் இது போன்ற சேவை மற்றும் வலைப்பதிவு பதிவுகள் தோன்ற வேண்டும். வரவேற்கிறோம் நன்றி வணக்கம்.
  • Bruh 5/5

    By Oman87#7
    It amazing
  • Quora 5/5

    By Angele Face
  • Removing this app 1/5

    By Debbie Arbuthnot
    The app seems to downvote answers that have nothing wrong with them. It tell you to edit your answer but after reading it I find my answers have been explained in full. I have not received helpful answers from others which I look forward to reading, but hardly anyone responds and you can’t explain situations, you are expected to ask a short question with no backstory. I’m removing this app.
  • Horrid Moderation 1/5

    By Nigsreally
    The creators of this app literally support pedophiles and necrophiliacs. You really shouldn’t be moderating people because they don’t agree with pedophiles, it’s not an orientation and it’s a mental illness, be moderating the weirdos on the app and not the innocent people. It’s not like we’re being racist. You can’t say pedophilia is right unless your a child yourself. I am 11, it’s truly disgusting.
  • Represents fractions of voters 2/5

    By eatsfliesdatesapig
    Many hundreds of millio

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