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  • Strangely one-sided policies 3/5

    By rcmustain
    If you have a disagreement with someone, you can expect any sort of sarcasm to get your post deleted. Not sure how a benign bit of sarcasm is violating Quora policy, but it seems it is enough to trigger the moderators. The one sided but comes in when you are basically called a moron, and then repeat a reference you already made that stated the facts. I guess repeating the reference is okay, but if you say something like “since you missed it the first time” or “for your reading pleasure” (both got deleted, but the overt insult “your a moron” (sic) remains undeleted). Mostly a good experience as far as online discussions go, but the random nature of policy enforcement is baffling.
  • Fun 5/5

    By llDuke dog
    Some of the question are dumb that can be easily answers by google. Others you can put yourself in ones place and answer a a direct fashion.
  • App update - needn’t be compulsory 3/5

    By Mreddy87
    I love quora. But whenever you guys bring in an update you make life harder, as the app doesn’t function further without an update. And I normally don’t have 24 hrs data availability, I believe it will be great if the app can run atleast until I update it. Updates should be an option not necessity.
  • Complaints — 1 with app, 1 with how certain things are handled/mediated. 3/5

    By Bob_Noyb
    1.) Often questions are asked which are location dependent, but the question is very vague/basic in its asking. It would be nice to know, at least, the country, if not the city/state of question location. An often asked question example is “What is the best first car to purchase?” Well, that depends on if the questioner is in Los Angeles, Köln, Shanghai, Nairobi, or Bangalore. But finding the questioner’s location is not trivial (at least to me), and would be very helpful for answering. 2.) Questions are often merged (by some sort of mediator), since many-many-MANY-MAAANY questions are very similar or nearly identical. But, sometimes the merged questions are not truly similar at all (so I assume the mediator is (not to be insulting) ignorant of the subject and is merging the question based on wording rather than true knowledge of the subject), and there does not seem to a mechanism to inform the mediator they should un-merge the two questions. Sometimes the questions are merged that ARE somewhat similar, but (maybe) should not be as they are dissimilar enough to rightfully be separated IMHO. I WOULD like to inform the mediator of my opinion in either case.
  • Needs dark mode 4/5

    By Noel Martin
    Great app my one complaint is it’s 2019 what app doesn’t have a dark mode?
  • The app is stupid 1/5

    By stupidquoraapp
    I want to stay on the site because it never takes me to were I was reading.
  • 1 Star - Forced App Use (Bad Mobile Site) 1/5

    By jswzzz
    Really it’s a review of the mobile site, where I can get halfway through a post before being forced to either stop reading, download the app, or use a sneaky mobile browser workaround to pretend I am on a Desktop. Even though it doesn’t cost me anything and could potentially be a better interface, it feels predatory. I’m sure there’s more data they can mine from me with an app or something shady like that.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By gkflex
  • Wee text and can’t zoom? 1/5

    By palanquin
    Okay, so fine, force me to use app instead of safari. But I can’t zoom? Now I have to reach for reading glasses. Three stars await an overdue fix. ======== Update 7/19. Downgraded to one star. The giant ads are taking over the feed and continuing to degrade Quora. This app constantly infuriates me. I believe this heralds Quora’s demise.
  • Stop forcing people to download your app 1/5

    By ssssabba
    Limiting your content to people who download a crappy app is a fools errand Stop making it so I cant browse from my phone’s browser
  • Forced to use the app 2/5

    By Naughtonhouse
    I like Quora but sometimes I'm clicking through my email and just want to read one post. I'll click through to the site and half way through the article it uses a pop up to force me to download or use the app to finish the article. Despite how much I like Quora I will quit using it if I'm forced to do something that doesn't fit into my workflow
  • Dems will re elect Trump 4/5

    By rfitzk
    Thanks to their lack of positive programs And the infighting and especially the 4 outspoken women of color who are first class radicals and the huge # of candidates they have almost already reassured his election The House members didn’t even learn the names of 2 year first termers since most are not re-elected. Now the media has made one of these into a spokesperson (AOC) since she is not very smart and talks non stop
  • Using the 1/5

    By Doctor J 1977
    This app is billed as a place to “share her knowledge and better understand the world. “At first I saw some good mathematical questions posed and answered. Then I saw more and more ridiculously biased political questions answered under an authoritative guise. Or anti Israel Versions of Middle East history presented as “fact“. It makes the whole app worthless.
  • WTH?! 1/5

    By GoodoleApple
    I love Quora and will often get email’s with great stories. I click on the story in the email and start to enjoy reading the article. Then bam you need to download the app pops up. No problems just click I have the app. Then you get stuck in a recursive loop on your mobile phone and you lose the article of interest forever because it never transfers to the mobile app. Stop trying to force my browser to send me to the app. If you can’t do that much than at least link the emails to the app if you have it on your phone already.
  • WOW 5/5

    By Ossian S
    Just the word itself has open my eyes to how vulnerable I’ve been. The truth is I’ve allow myself to go through this for almost twenty one years. The last five years I just couldn’t put a name of a person with these characteristics. I’ve been scar. However, thru the enlightenment of these articles I’ve begun healing and I AM TAKING BACK WHAT HE THOUGHT HE STOLE FROM ME. THAT IS: MY PEACE, JOY, AND MY DIGNITY. HOW YOU LIKE THAT NARCISSISTIC PEOPLE!!!!
  • Good enough to 5 star 5/5

    By wang huili
    Share my story to every one getting inspired from kind of mankind
  • Cats 🐲🌚🌕🌷🥀🌴🦔🐐🦘 5/5

    By genghis 88
    I learn from life stories. Thanks so much. I
  • Big turnoff 1/5

    By @kegstandina
    That you can’t access Quora on mobile phone in a browser without a window popping up to tell you to download the app
  • Needs improvements 3/5

    By NickyTheWrench
    A lot of the content on this app is awesome! But to make this a five star app I would like to see: - Dark mode theme (please I beg you!) - First view of a question only shows one answer. I want to change the default view to show all answers. - Ability to filter out answers from other countries, because a lot of the time they are not relevant to me.
  • Connection Error 1/5

    By Jake Has Integrity
    Anytime I open the app is just says “Connection Error” and I can’t do anything. It’s been doing this for weeks! What do I do?
  • Gina Gronta 5/5

    By scorpio2513341
    All I did was Compliment on Gina Gronta Awesome Saggy Boobs like She asked me to do on all her Pictures/Posts Now I’m being blocked by the Quora Police an Gina Gronta oh well so much for Schivalry I Love Quora And Gina Gronta
  • please make a dark theme 4/5

    By Furious Spirits
    I love this app. I learn so much and I think there are many interesting q/a's. However, I think there should be a dark theme. It's hard in the eyes, especially when you are on the app for extended periods of time.
  • Love the insight from others 5/5

    By Bloominaround
    This is absolutely a great app. This is a great place to ask questions without being judge. This is a great place to find answers, advice and insight from other peoples perspectives. Thank you
  • Dry Interesting 5/5

    By condios1009
    I never knew what this site was. A girlfriend ask me to join because I always had insightful information and wanted me to share with others.
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By Peapod2004
    I like Quora but I am directed to it through my email. Suddenly I keep getting interrupted when I'm reading in it telling me to get the app. It asks do you have the app or not. I say yes. Then it will not let me read any more. This just started a few weeks ago and I'm quite annoyed by it.
  • Love this Quora app 5/5

    By Sammie128!
    I share this with my husband we both love all the responses an all the personal problems this helps both of us think awesome app
  • Add rotation functionality 4/5

    By PatagoniaDude
    Please add the ability to rotate the device to read horizontally.
  • Very politically and atheistically biased 3/5

    By thecodercody
    kind of echoing what the other review said. usually if you're religious, you're wrong if you point out a different way to look at it. any spiritual person posting any question about spirituality is bound to be attacked relentlessly by atheists who say horrible things, but if the spiritual person attempts to clarify, you'll notice the atheistic leftist ones will delete the comments and their reporting will most often win over the spiritual conservative's. almost like clockwork.
  • A fun app that provides useful information and good customer support 5/5

    By John nickler
    I love quora and I am an active user. The only reason it isn’t a five star is customer support and the bots. Very often my questions are merged with completely different ones and it takes awhile to clear it up. One thing that is especially annoying is that I have recently been getting banned for no reason. When I question this I am unbanned and apologized too. Although the user support member Leo has helped out a lot and been very polite.
  • Perfect companion for your great website 5/5

    By Key West Diver
    What a well thought out app to access your amazing site while mobile. The reviewers here appear to whine lots. I don’t see that as much within the system itself. Although many of the questions do point to a trend towards effeminate behavior in our younger males in American culture. Each culture evolves in its own way. What in interesting world!
  • Auto screening is flawed 3/5

    By T1j3w
    Your auto screening has serious flaws in its recognition programming that need to be addressed.
  • Where I find my answers 5/5

    By mazdatsun
    There are times when I want to find a quick answer to a question I’ve been having. Quora provides a place for me to quickly find the answers to my questions that have already answered by other people.
  • Nazi networking 1/5

    By Flickrdude
    Christian censorship that would make George Carlin blush. Christian censorship that would make Don Trump blush. Christian terrorism in the form of an app.
  • Night mode please 4/5

    By 阿乔乔乔乔乔
    I’ve been waiting for it, please.
  • Buggy. 2/5

    By eeposit
    When I am on feed, sometimes I want to view post in detail but app will be non-responsive. I can jus lt scroll the feed. I will have to close the app amd restart. And there will be new feed. I lost many interesting post this way. Frustrating...
  • Gave Correct Answer but Quora Deleted 2/5

    By chiaroscurofx
    I gave a detailed answer to a question and it was well written and correct. However I received notice it had been deleted. When I tried to reinstate answer I don’t think anything reappeared. I tried contacting Quora but the connection kept failing and kept saying to repeat. I tried to delete my account but since I forgot my password I requested a new one. A link was sent to my address and I could see my confirmation for a new password did not match. I tried to have Quora resend a new link to reset, but they kept saying they sent one. It was awful. I don’t see any other sites where working this way. I shut down every ability to contact me in lieu of their poor interface and finally just deleted the app. Giving the app 2 stars is being very generous. I once liked Quora to find out information, but now I see it needs much improvement if you’re a member. In addition, the quality of answers declined.
  • I ❤️ Quora 5/5

    By gonebattie2day
    Quora gives me the benefit of the experiences of others. Drawing on their experience makes my life easier.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Gonabil
    Over half of the questions follow these three basic structures: “What is it like being X at Y” , “How common is it for X to Y?” , and “What is the difference between X and Y?”. And worse the censorship is the big problem there, any answer that moderators “feel” as a criticism to usa and israel will be collapsed. Long story shory, its a waste of time.
  • Dark Mode 5/5

    By marck_724
    This app is nice and fun but hoping there’s an option or add (to) enable dark mode feature so typing or using the app at night isn’t bad for the eyes.
  • Where does it say I can’t leave a URL with movies on it 4/5

    By BJ Righteous
    Everyone has a phone. Not everyone has $15 to spare to see a movie. The site will get taken down eventually as all websites that have pirated movies do so why take the answer to the guys question and deem it has violated your policy. I expect an email from your higher ups ASAP. Thanks
  • What a joke 1/5

    By Medicjenn1115
    If you post an opinion that goes against socialism, it is removed. Socialism and censorship what a wonderful combo.
  • Quora Violates Free Speech 1/5

    By James Robert Reade
    Quora violates free speech and is censored by Dummycrats Donkeys.
  • Daily Answer limits? 4/5

    By Chiefjocdms
    If I am asked a question by individuals why not allow me to answer them? Why limit answers at all?
  • It's not so much the app itself, but the people on it. 2/5

    By JanBergeron
    The app is okay and works well. And there are lots of smart people. But there is a segment of the users that I'd like to shake the stupidity out of. They ask so many stupid questions. I read some of the questions and think "Did he/she really ask that?" I think some of them are trolls because they can't really be that stupid and function on a daily basis.
  • Editing 1/5

    By v_kvv
    This app is so bad, and I’d rather use the website instead without these glitchy problems. Trying to type up an answer takes up so much time and effort because of how nothing works. When I try to highlight a word, the whole sentence is highlighted and the scroll is so fast that I can’t even see what I’m highlighting. Also, copy and pasting is ridiculously hard to do because of this. I’ve recently had a problem where I would highlight a word and the word stayed highlighted without listening to the command I was giving. Please fix this, it’s really aggravating and a waste of my time.
  • I love Quora, but it has it’s issues 3/5

    By The real mikedamirault
    Quora is one of the better Q&A sites/apps out there, I was originally on Yahoo! Answers but they have turned more into a joke lately, and they were wrongfully banning users and threatening on banning on their entire Yahoo account, Quora was a breath of fresh air after experiencing what I did at Y!A As great as Quora is, they have many issues they need to address • Forcing app use - A common complaint about Quora is how we are forced to download the app to do as little as reading answers, the Quora website brings up a pop up saying to download the app, this pop up blocks everything, making it impossible to read the questions and answers we come to read in the first place, and you can’t even close out of it, instead a simple message saying “Try our app for better convenience and more features”, along with some sort of close button would be fine, there is no good reason for not having a close button for the pop up, if the app is any good (and it isn’t really), users will download the app, there is no reason to force using the app if it’s any good, users will naturally use the app because it’s good, the fact you have to force it proves something is wrong with it • Onslaught of bugs - And this is where those app problems come to the forefront, the whole reason we use the site is because the app is littered with bugs, it’s just one big hive of bugs, the app is almost unusable because of them, then when an update comes out that is supposed to address these bugs, it doesn’t fix the bugs at all, and it brings in even more bugs, making the app even more unusable It’s like owning a car and the radio breaks, you take it to the dealership to get it fixed, you get it back and the radio is still broke and now you get a thumping sound, you take it back to the dealership to get the thumping sound and radio fixed, you get it back with the radio still broke, the thumping still happening and the wipers broke, you take it back to the dealership to get that all fixed, then you get the car back with the radio still broke, the thumping sound still happening, the wipers still broke, now it’s out of alignment, and they repainted the car a different color, at some point you’re going to get fed up with the dealership, right? Well that’s exactly what’s happening with the Quora app •Monetization of questions - The Quora partner program allows you to get paid for asking questions... Why? All that does is promote users to ask dumb questions like “Why does a car have 4 wheels?” or “How do I connect my toaster to the Internet?”, and other troll questions, dumb questions is was cause Yahoo! Answers to turn into a joke, it’s the last thing Quora needs Instead, the Quora partner program should monetize good answers, answers that correctly answer a legitimate question, that way users are encouraged to write helpful answers to questions that people really need answered
  • I don’t want the app, but the website is now forcing me to it. 1/5

    By SmittyRedcard
    I enjoy Quora, but prefer to use a browser. It used to suggest downloading the app occasionally when browsing with my iPad, but I’d just clear the box. Now, I get a box that will not go away, and I’m directed to the App Store. Looks like I’ll be reading and writing a lot less on Quora, since they are not allowing me access through my iPad’s browser. Sad.
  • Great web site 5/5

    By Xptmor
    I enjoy reading and writing answers
  • The exit on the button is sooo annoying! 1/5

    By lindsay8080
    Why not make it a quick swipe on the left or right for the exit? The exit on the button is sooo annoying!

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