R-Play - Remote Play for PS4

R-Play - Remote Play for PS4

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.7.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Lei Jiang
  • Compatibility: Android
2,645 Ratings
$ 11.99

R-Play - Remote Play for PS4 App

Take the awesome power of your Sony PlayStation 4 console, and give it the portability and convenience of the Nintendo Switch. Stream your PS4 games to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and play from anywhere. Never again will your gaming be interrupted when someone else needs to use the TV! R-Play features: • Play your PlayStation 4 games while away from home by streaming over the internet • Supports HD 720p video (1080p for PS4 Pro) at 60 frames per second for crisp, smooth gameplay • Control games with any MFi game controller, or the built in virtual on-screen controller • Highly tuned performance with extremely low lag • Multiple profile support so you can use any number of different PlayStation 4 consoles or PSN accounts • Customise the virtual on-screen controller to your liking • Quick and easy one-time setup, start playing within seconds Notes --- • Playing over the internet requires your home network to be set up correctly. In most cases R-Play does this for you automatically. Some users may need to perform this set up manually, according to the instructions found in the included help guide. • For the best streaming experience, your PS4 should be connected to your home network via LAN cable and your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch should be connected to a 5GHz WiFi network. • Your PS4 must be linked to a PSN account (however, R-Play does NOT require your PSN password). • If you need any assistance, our technical support team are on hand and are committed to quickly resolving any issues that you may encounter. Please note: the in-app purchase shown for this app is a remnant from a previous version where the app was offered under a free download + subscription pricing model. Anyone who downloads R-Play as a paid app will not be required to make any additional payments and will have unlimited access to the app forever. Disclaimer: PS4, PlayStation 4 and PSN are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. R-Play is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, or any associated subsidiaries, logos or trademarks.

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R-Play - Remote Play for PS4 app reviews

  • Best App for Remote PS4 5/5

    By Gwok
    This is probably the best App to use for Remote Access to your PS4. Once you figure out the set-up with you router you can access your PS4 anywhere. I can access my PS4 with regular cell phone data no WiFi and still get good quality game play. Only issue I have is R-Play over takes my PlayStation Remote Play on My MacBook Pro when I try connecting remotely from my MacBook. Was able to figure out a way to get it to work but it’s kind of annoying. Other than that great buy. If you don’t know how to set up a router find a friend to help you. Also you can use Bluetooth Nimbus Remote with R-Play. Much better than using your phone. I Hope they update soon so the screen will fit the iPhone XS Max.
  • Great app but something is missing 5/5

    By Roquendo2011
    I love this app it has no flows, although I do believe that It could work with a VR headset and a Bluetooth remote!!!
  • Worthy purchase! 5/5

    By DiegoDelirio
    The virtual controller is perfect for playing a leisurely game like the Sims 4!! I haven’t tried pairing this with a controller yet, but I’d imagine it’s great when playing faster paced games. Great quality and hardly any lag. I am glad I bought this app!!
  • 4/10 1/5

    By Jairus360
    It’s ok but not really useful to much money for the app and you can’t even play good I say it’s 4/10
  • Great app and great costumer support 5/5

    By MapSlayer
    This app is great and a fun way to play when your only tv is occupied and the costumer support answers really fast! I 100% suggest this for anybody with a ps4
  • Really Great! 4/5

    By Ninjak36
    My expectations were tempered when first using this. It is a steep price, but after using it for a while and actually being able to effectively play my PS4 games on my iPhone, that price hurts a whole let less. They do recommend that you have your PS4 hooked up via LAN, but in my experience with everything on WiFi, it works just fine, they’re may be a few tiny hiccups here or there, but considering, it’s really freaking amazing. I’m very happy with the purchase of this remote play app. They even show you how to use your PS4 controller using r-play! And I played Destiny 2 on my phone, it’s worth the purchase. I don’t normally write reviews, but with this I had to man. Great Great work guys! Thank you!
  • Don’t buy horrible 1/5

    By yonah liebesman
    Don’t buy you can only play if your ps4 and tv are on
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Ranger539
    Allows me to get my imprints on ark and also allows me to turn system on for updates while I am away so when I get home I don’t have wait time and can just start gaming
  • Works great 5/5

    By Justincoo
    I had doubts about trying this app after reading some of the negative reviews. But the app works wonderfully and I’d definitely recommend it.
  • Perfect!!! 5/5

    By Darken still
    This is simply amazing! Now I can play my ps4 games anywhere! Thanks so much!
  • Controller and away from home 4/5

    By Amadou14
    I first read all the comments before getting it and I still have questions. Can u use your ps4 controller and how to use it And what if I am away from my house like 3hrs away can it still work. Thanks for responding By the way my screen is lagging and it’s unclear and I am using iPhone 8plus
  • Simple 5/5

    By Marsz_23
    It’s an easy and simple app. Supports controller which is awesome
  • Needs L3 & R3 4/5

    By Hex Arcanist
    Because MFi controllers don’t have an innate clicking stick, these buttons need to be added on screen, but they are necessary, the short cut doesn’t work. Also, the touch pad needs to be adjustable since it’s location on a controller isn’t the same on an iPad or iPhone Please make these two updates, and it will be as close to perfect as you can get.
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By elreptilreptiliano47175820
    The only thing that I don’t like is that before you can remote play you need to turn on ps4 manually, not like the ps4 official remote play that starts up when you use it.
  • Worst thing ever 1/5

    By thatguy -------------------12
    I want a refund it is so stupid 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😒😒😒😒😒😒
  • I absolutely love this app 5/5

    By J_Bonez091391
    was super skeptical at first but I am glad I got this!!
  • Still shows subscription 1/5

    By tithidvfrhv
    Why is it still telling me to pay 11.99 if i bought the app. It says that you reverted it back please help
  • Jasean 5/5

    By jfjdyegehcbchc
    This is great man!
  • Refund 1/5

    By DontTalkToMeh
  • Greatest app 5/5

    By Caddysal2
    Can’t believe I just found this app. I play madden on ps4 now I can do solos at work love it.
  • Make a Windows Version 5/5

    By Window Tablet user
    Make a Windows Version, current windows remote app doesn’t have on screen controls. Or at least make a touchscreen overlay controller that works for both Remote Play and PS Now apps in Windows.
  • Good have it but 5/5

    By google user13
    Can you play gta???
  • Well holy cow 4/5

    By Sceadwian
    I’m playing Skyrim on my iPhone right now. Granted, it’s on the ps4 that’s across the room from me right now. But. I’m impressed. It takes some getting used to - the analogue sticks are the standard touch-the-screen-on-that-side, where the actual buttons are all on-screen. It’s... not terrible like I expected. Kinda super cool. Good job dude, this is sweet af.
  • Good BUT... 3/5

    By dee-jock
    Gotta have the cardboard option. PLEASE update the app where we can stream using our VR goggles. That’s the main feature that would make this app KILL! PLEASE FIX!
  • Not workin 1/5

    By sobaby377
    I can’t even connect my controller to my phone to play like I’m on a ps4!!
  • Pls make it free again 1/5

    By areabubba51
  • The app works great* 5/5

    By JasonMcCulla
    I love this app and it works great for grinding Madden Ultimate Team. Playing the cpu solos are simple enough for the mild latency. The only negative is that you probably have to “Configure for Internet Play” every time you want to use it away from home on a separate WiFi connection than the PS4 is on. Only gripe
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By IUOE15
    Absolutely amazing. Exactly what I was looking for. Works flawlessly when connected at home. Had some issues setting up online play because of my router. Customer support responded right away and I was able to configure my router in no time. I’m able to play madden while I’m at work. Enough said. A++++
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By imsovip
    Amazing app. Works great on WiFi or Lte. Just have to get used to the on screen buttons but definitely worth the price works exactly like it should. Can even wake the PS4 up from sleep mode and put it back to sleep when finished playing madden 😎
  • Please help 5/5

    By Juju rules
    I accidentally unlinked my PS4 and I am no longer able to connect to it... what do I do?
  • Wow so expensive 20 dollars a year 2/5

    By gamerboi445
    Too much money but it’s ok
  • Not what I was expecting 1/5

    By Kratos212
    Not what was expected or wanted
  • App not working 1/5

    By sedric ramirez
    I payed for the game and it’s still asking for subscription
  • Trash 1/5

    By raekwon d.
    This should be free ☹️
  • Good Overall App 4/5

    By My_Way_47
    This app is for people like me who’s parents don’t let them play in the week. Keep in mind tho that for this to work ur PS4 has to be connected via LAN cable not WiFi so that could be problematic. Game a lot and do review like this one so if u have any questions contact my insta @ MyWay47games or check out my YouTube channel MyWay47 Games
  • Please fix the lag 3/5

    By unearnedcape39
    I got it to work but it is so lagging to the point Ware it will kick you out overall I think this app has a great destiny
  • I’m frustrated and upset 1/5

    By Its ya boi mercury
    Why is their a free trial why can’t it actually be free I don’t have $12 I have 9 cents. Please make it free the normal apps are boring.
  • Back to one-time purchase 5/5

    By @jdscott0111
    Changed back from yearly sub to one-time purchase. Downloaded while it was yearly sub model by accident, but never signed up because of the sub model. Now that it’s back, it still wants me to sign up for a sub. Will revise review once resolved.
  • Please fix 4/5

    By poor ol boy
    I thought you reverted back to the pay once and play deal
  • Refund 3/5

    By DBF (DragonBallFan)
    I haven’t tried this app but I don’t want to pay for it since I bought PlayMira a while back and you guys removed it. $7 just went down the drain. If you can refund me the money, that’ll be great
  • Excellent app. 5/5

    By Bmayne
    Low latency and reliable. Excellent appPlease consider bringing this to Apple TV! Would be a perfect fit for Apple tv
  • Terrible lag! 1/5

    By Cardinal fan12
    Don’t download this app!!! It is way to lag even at home
  • Fantastic app and user experience 5/5

    By bchen421
    My favorite way to play ps4 now. Just wish there was better mfi controllers for a Nintendo switch like experience.
  • It’s everything I want! 5/5

    By Electrox3d
    An amazing app, let’s me play PS4 around the house, like while lounging in bed. I use the PS4 remote play on PC/Mac/and now iOS, it’s sooo good!
  • Very good app but needs one change 4/5

    By iDJRemix
    This one is extremely important, when you change the size of the on-screen controls, it changes the size for all of them and not just a specific button set. Also, I had download the app when it was free about 2-3 weeks ago, and have paid the $11.99 fee for 1 year. When this expires, do I have to re-pay it or will I get to keep it forever?
  • Very good 5/5

    By ALSFA72015
    Very good
  • Works well enough. 5/5

    By X Nerd
    In the world of gaming, where the developers drop the ball, the fabs pick it up. Sony has had remote play apps on android for a while, but Apple has blocked all attempts at this for iOS. So, for $12, it was a good investment. I didn't have any issues getting it to connect, and the games play smoothly (not as smoothly as on an Xperia, but that's a Sony product). The problems stem from the touch controls, which is to be expected. Using MFi controller clears this up though, so if you have one, use it. (They are rare and expensive, so it is hard to recommend buying one for this), but other than that, it's great and does whats advertised. If Sony made one, it would probably be exactly like this.
  • Unusable 2/5

    By zImpoerted
    When I connect my ps4 to my phone it works for a few seconds - a minute but then gets really choppy and pixelated for no reason. It starts to freeze occasionally and audio starts cutting out. There’s no delay it just gets choppy while I play. When I close the app and open it back up and connect its back to normal for like 5 minutes but then happens again. It can’t be my connection cuz my ps4 is hard wired with about 700 mbps download and about 80 mbps upload, and my phone gets pretty much the same. I tested the connection 5 times for each device so I know my connection is not the issue
  • Extremely expensive 1/5

    By Felipeb18
    It’s hard to see many apps this expensive. This price tag is above full GTA games that you pay once and this app requires an yearly payment. It’s a complete absurd and I definetly not paying this, as I respect my money. The app worked fine during the trial, but it lacks the support for dualshock 4 (which is reasonable, because it can’t connect to the iPhone). But this lack of support makes it an incomplete experience which you are paying too much, when we have other free alternatives (pc). 1 star for this scam made possible through monopoly
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Villa_0709
    The best way to play ps4 remotely. Android phones have so much trouble playing ps4 on their devices. Only sony phone has the right to play ps4 on their devices. So having this app and working throughout all iOS products without any problem is amazing.

R-Play - Remote Play for PS4 app comments

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