Rabbit – Watch Together

Rabbit – Watch Together

  • Category: Social Networking
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  • Current Version: 4.0.95
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Rabbit, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Rabbit – Watch Together App

Rabbit is the way to watch anything online with anyone. Discover, share and watch content anywhere with your friends. React and respond in-the-moment or when you have time. Even if you're in a different city, another country, or on the other side of the world, Rabbit helps you keep in touch with your friends while watching your favorite shows together. • Set up private groups and invite your friends so you can watch together and keep in touch • Find, watch and share content from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube and other content providers • Watch TV, movies, videos and more • Create as many groups as you’d like • Chat with your friends and watch videos all in the same place – it’s like if your group text had video watching capabilities! • Watch when you want! You can watch in the moment with friends, or watch what a friend shared later when it’s convenient for you. You do you! Questions or feedback? We’re all (rabbit) ears. Reach us at: rabb.it/contact-us

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Rabbit – Watch Together app reviews

  • Thats so bad 1/5

    By maybeeeesety
    Kol zgggg
  • Use to be good :( 3/5

    By Johnnieeli
    The app use to be good but now it’s garbage, it doesn’t load properly. You can’t make your own private rooms private properly you’re forced into groups. The sharing system doesn’t work really, it glitches, it kicks you out sometimes. It doesn’t allow you to switch between sites unless you leave and make another group room. The glitching and bugs have been endless and have been going on for months and just been collectively getting worse :/
  • christ 1/5

    By asumass
    I keep connecting to it and it won’t let me watch a movie, keeps saying it’ll fix it but never does. The remote is weird and the tools are too hard to work with for anyone
  • Not working 1/5

    By xbl3
    I think you have to fix the app as soon as possible
  • Sow many crushes!! 1/5

    By مستخدم قديم للبرنامج.
    Before a week ago when I choose Google in private room, it opens Google Play instead. And can play nothing to watch. Now it opens Google but any video I play it just get too much lag.. Please fix the app!!
  • Fix the app y’all 1/5

    By YoMommaIsLegit
    Over a week now videos don’t load and the app doesn’t function properly. It would be nice to be able to use a functioning app.
  • notif 1/5

    By Regdy
  • Umm 1/5

    By JazzReck
    Rabbit hasn’t been working for a week....
  • Please fix it soon as possible!! 5/5

    I love your app I used to use it all the time but it hasn’t been working and I can’t watch anything anymore, please fix it as soon as possible:((!!
  • Are y’all on vacation or sum!? 1/5

    By keyztodabenz
    It’s been a week boo what’s going on
  • When will the sever be fixed? 1/5

    By sc: reaction_kween
    Been a rabbit app user for over 3 years and never have I once used the app without getting kicked out due to lag. The mobile app will constantly turn off my mic/glitch my mic on and off and it takes forever to post a photo in chat. I’ve noticed that with every update, it gets worse and worse. Now I have to wait 30mins for me to have my room open to the public. When will this app work properly?!?!? Sigh!
  • The service is great the app is atrocious 3/5

    By Rhys company king
    With my experience I’d only use rabbit on a desktop. The mobile app is a broken mess and hard to navigate. The service is fantastic and I use it often and I love it! The app needs serious improvements in many aspects like design and navigation.
  • Fix it 1/5

    By efb123456
    It was great for awhile and then it just stopped working it’s really annoying it says it’s having some trouble for the past two days. Fix your app
  • Terrible consistency issues 1/5

    By Mason3k
    This app has been un-usable with bugs and issues for about a week. No end in sight. Look elsewhere for video sharing
  • Unique 4/5

    By squashash
    So far, it’s the only app that I’ve found to be this way. Other people being able to watch the same thing as you in real time. Appreciate it!
  • Terrible App!! 1/5

    By kendal j.
    This was an app that I was really looking forward to FaceTime and watch a movie with the same app! But no none of my movies worked and was just very laggy! I don’t recommend this app!! I would give a zero but don’t have that option. Please fix the app! Maybe I will download again when it gets fixed.
  • This app never works 2/5

    By Da Cool Manz
    My girlfriend and I are in a long distance relationship ship so this app is a great way for my girlfriend and I to watch shows together when we are apart. It worked fine for a few days but recently it seems like it hasn’t worked at all. It has been saying there are intermittent issues for days and no shows will load when I try to watch them with my girlfriend. It is really important to me that we are able to watch shows together. Please try to fix whatever is wrong as soon as possible.
  • Fix app & bring back old lay out 1/5

    By Gigglemia1
    The app doesn’t work and says I have to wait in line for 300 people and I can’t make a private group chat. Also the new lay out is hard to control
  • it won’t download i’m gonna cry 1/5

    By J_reviewer
  • Broken 2/5

    By old Rabbit user
    Its been two whole days, fix your app.
  • Hi 5/5

    By Lilpeeplegend
    Good app To watch anything so check it out
  • So horrible 2/5

    By Nestor borges
    I can’t even watch a single video with it taking forever to load besides that half the time it never loads like u guys have made such an amazing app but then you start updating it and make a worse I understand you guys wanna make the app better but with all these bugs I have to give a two rating
  • 😤 1/5

    By Javonie D
    Great app could be better I’ll change my review when it gets fixed
  • What’s the problem 1/5

    By Sombra129
    Like guys I used the app everyday and like it hasn’t been working for 3 days. You guys keep saying you all fixing it but nothing!
  • Decent 2/5

    By Bleuflame12
    Can we get Chromecast support? I’d love to be able to put the video feed on my TV while I text on my phone.
  • You being so bad 1/5

    By hmanyKW
    Your last update was very bad why I can’t make a private room also when I made a group then invite my friends they can’t join in also when I put on google instead open google browser I have google play wooow what do you mean
  • Always having problem 1/5

    By 2JJZiS3Hunnid
    Almost every week rabbit has a problem and it will be down for a long time ..
  • Hi 5/5

    By LIT PERSON ♥️♥️♥️
    Good loved it
  • Was ok till.... 1/5

    By Unhappy fix issue
    This app. Worked fine till recent update, now it won’t load videos from any source from myself or anyone else in the group. Not sure why this happened. Hoping it will be resolved soon other wise don’t waste your time downloading.
  • Bring back the old version 1/5

    By ChampSosah
    I used to love this app, but ever since it was updated it is so frustrating to use I hate it now. Please please fix it.
  • rUh RoH 1/5

    By Xx_Noobmaster69_xX
    y’all really crossing the line bc im trying to watch john wick 1 and 2 and i can’t because apparently y’all don’t know how to fix ya app
  • Ugh 1/5

    By espurrs
    Do you people not listen to your reviewers? Seriously, get some help.
  • Low quality 1/5

    So apparently you have to wait a queue now in order to use the app which horrible in so many ways. Like when you only hop on to watch a movie with a friend. Please fix this, I can’t wait another hour.
  • Not even working now. 1/5

    By Ixeatxships
    If you try to watch anything with anyone it’s not working.
  • Seriously, what is YOUR problem? 1/5

    By HchndonsoTurnNicknamesOff
    The app is just horrible. The only thing that works is the chat. Updating it just ended the app completely. Thanks for ruining what was once a decent app.
  • doesn't work. 1/5

    By jden 🌈
    Not working on my friend's devices or on mine. It used to be such a good app, I'm very frustrated with this.
  • Idk man 1/5

    By KaiiDaKine
    Can’t watch ANYTHING without it freezing or distorting every 2 seconds. It constantly kicks me off the app, too.
  • Dañaron esta tremenda app 1/5

    By EclipticaPR
    Que daño le hicieron a esta app,mas complicado y ahora intento abrir una sala y se queda la imagen en negro.
  • Annoying 2/5

    By StarKaliK
    It gets worse with every update I like the new look but I miss the simplicity now I can’t figure out how to video n watch a movie at the same time
  • Unresponsive 3/5

    By John912L
    Please fix this .. I love this app but we can get the remote for nothing then it randomly crashes .. please fix with a superior update that fixes this thing to the max , because this really is an amazing app for people who can’t see their loved ones. This the only way we can watch tv together! So please fix don’t delete !! THANKS
  • WARNING: NOT SAFE!!! 1/5

    By Eating cheetos at 3 AM
    I got locked out of my account just two days after creating it. One day it automatically signed me out which was very odd, but when I went to login, NONE of my password work, and I tried all of them! When I went to “forgot my password” and clicked on the button “reset password” sent the email, all it does it just take me back to the app and displays the login page. I can’t change my password and my account is gone forever. THE FORGOT PASSWORD FEATURE IS BUGGED SO IF YOU LOSE YOUR ACCOUNT, YOU ARE SCREWED.
  • didn’t even load 1/5

    By 7266493871
    anything i tried to watch with my friends would not load at all. waste of time
  • Search 4/5

    By I love touch
    Need the ability to search like before
  • Why I can't open rabbit app on my iPad 1/5

    By david99673
    It doesn't work on my iPhone and iPad.
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Thatgworl
    The update is horrible to navigate the interface is trash they need an over haul. how can you work backwards?
  • Cool 5/5

    By wauc2009
    It works and it’s free 5/5
  • I’ll just use incognito 1/5

    By Neonpixel
    I originally used this to watch things and not have anyone know, but as Sofia said it notifies everyone. Good job.
  • asks for a review every time you open the app 1/5

    By kent bruh
    and if you say you don’t like it it doesn’t take you here
  • Waste of potential 1/5

    By Ruhiel
    Man you goddamn idiots just keep making this app worse and worse with every “friendly” update you come out with.

Rabbit – Watch Together app comments

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