Radarbot: Speedcams Detector

Radarbot: Speedcams Detector

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 6.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Iteration Mobile S.L
  • Compatibility: Android
81,566 Ratings
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Radarbot: Speedcams Detector App

Radarbot is your ally on the road. It’s the only application that combines real-time Alerts with the best speed camera detection system using GPS. 100% legal and reliable. Drive safely and forget about fines forever. With Radarbot, you’ll have the best speed camera warning device, real-time traffic Alerts and an advanced speedometer, all in one powerful application. - SPEED CAMERA DETECTOR Have complete peace of mind at the wheel without risking your driving licence. Radarbot warns you about all kinds of speed cameras: - Fixed speed cameras. - Potential mobile cameras (reported by users). - Tunnel cameras. - ANPR cameras. - Traffic light cameras. - Dangerous traffic areas. Daily updates: We update our speed camera database every day so that you can benefit from continuous improvements and free updates. NO SUBSCRIPTION OR REGISTRATION REQUIRED! * FEATURES: - It can be integrated with any GPS navigator such as the Maps application, allowing you to simultaneously receive navigation Alerts. - Battery saving mode. The application is able to work in the background. You will continue to receive notifications even with the screen turned off. - Choose from 4 different visualization modes. - Simple and functional interface. You can see the distance to the nearest speed camera, it’s location, direction and speed limit all in real time. - Voice notifications. - Warnings for the direction in which you are travelling. The application automatically dismisses speed cameras in the opposite direction or outside your route. - Sound Alerts when approaching a speed camera. - Warnings when breaking the speed limit. - Vibrating mode for motorists. - Completely configurable warning distances and parameters. - Bluetooth connection. Select the audio output on the app and hear notifications from your hands-free device. - Verification of notifications. The reliability of speed camera notifications is calculated in real time, according to the information reported to the platform by all users. - REAL TIME ALERTS Radarbot is a community made up of 2 million drivers across the world, with whom you can share and receive voice notifications in real time. Find out instantly what’s happening on the road and avoid unwanted surprises. * FEATURES: - Communication platform created by and for drivers. - Receive Alerts and notify about traffic, mobile controls and new fixed speed cameras. - Input through voice recognition: You can raise Alerts for other users without needing to use the keypad. (Requires iOS 10 or above.) - SPEEDOMETER Log and visualize all speeds during your route. * FEATURES: - Real-time visualization of: * Speed diagram. * Current, maximum and average speed. - Allows you to establish a speed limit and to activate a sound Alert when you break it. - Route save function. - APPLE WATCH With the app for Apple Watch you will be able to see speed camera warnings and Alerts directly on your watch. Combine it with background mode to save battery on your phone. * Please note: Remember to follow these steps so that notifications reach your Apple Watch: - Make sure the "GPS Always Active" option is activated. - Ensure that notifications are enabled. - Turn off your iPhone’s screen. - Open Radarbot on your Apple Watch. The PRO version of Radarbot includes everything as standard, free from advertising and in-app purchases. You can try the Free version of Radarbot and go PRO whenever you want, by making an in-app purchase. If you have any doubts or suggestions, we’d be delighted to help: [email protected] + Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/radarbotapp + Visit our website: www.radarbot.com * Continued use of GPS in the background may drastically reduce battery life.

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Radarbot: Speedcams Detector app reviews

  • Short review about radarbot 5/5

    By moj47
    It is a marvelous programm that many people use and enjoy it.
  • Bullsh** app 1/5

    By Michellemiller
    A major disappointment, why I thought this would honestly be a legitimate app/radar makes me question my own intelligence. Id give this negative stars if I had the option. Why such such a terrible review? As I was using this app, for obvious reasons, to “safety” speed without interruption of being pulled over for speeding. Why else would anybody want a radar, anyways, this idiot a** Radarbot never went off or informed me, just said no radars detected, of a cop clocking people in front of me. It was dark I didn’t see the cop and bam guess who got a ticket. Jokes on me. To make matters worse, as I’m sitting there getting ticket, a different officer pulls someone else other right in front of me and still nO rAdArS dEtECted
  • الرياض 5/5

    By عبدوش1-0-5
  • Zzz 5/5

    By من راسي مابعد جربتهم
  • Radar trash 2/5

    By nikki9mm
    It did not alert me of police. Rode right pass them no alerts or anything
  • Works great in Germany 5/5

    By joshdegermany
    I tried many apps but this works great in Germany and many other countries I visit in Europe. Must have app to avoid steep fines
  • Warning - tries to reset FB account 1/5

    By bimmer8898
    First time user. Tried to register and login. This app takes you to Facebook and tries to reset FB password to gain access to your account. I got emails and password reset confirmations. Fortunately I stopped there. Did not proceed and deleted the app.
  • Worthless App! 1/5

    By Holmeze
    I got this app in hopes of tracking police in wherever I drive but it only shows my location. This app is 100% worthless!
  • Goood 5/5

    By عبدالاله الربيلي
  • ان شاش الله اتخدتض انا قريب بيس تحلمت 2/5

    By X_abood8110
    يضيله تانرك بحدد والرز يهرونرز باللخغدياتدقامن
  • Thank 1/5

    By andrewnissou99
    Thank it is very good
  • As 5/5

    By saad6061
  • I bought the full version 1/5

    By Li-Matt
    This thing worked one day the next totally not working. I even reported a camera that should have been with the full version. I reported it the next day drove by the camera nothing happened. What a waste of money.
  • Decent Speed App 4/5

    By Univac 77
    Nice free speed app. The one thing that I wish that it did do is to use it like a radar gun like the cops use. I’d like to check the speed on cars as well as other moving things.
  • This app is awful 1/5

    By radarbotistheworst
    EXTREME invasion of privacy... and makes it so difficult to unsubscribe. Still trying!
  • KSA 5/5

    By 7m00de
  • جميل 5/5

    By الركوون
  • شكراً لمن صمم البرنمج 5/5

  • الله يجزااكم بالخير 5/5

    By KSA29
    اعتبر هذا البرنامج عمل خيري وافضل عمل.
  • Handy 5/5

    By dondadda33
    Handy tool
  • رائع🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5

    By يسولف
    ممتاز جداً
  • الجبيل 5/5

    By Fayez MSH
    ممتاز ومفيد 👍
  • نصيحة 5/5

    By و1حد و لكن !
    اعتماد مواقع كاميرات الرادار الخاصة بالسرعة بناءً على التقاط صورة لكاميرا المراقبة الخاصة بالسرعة من قبل المستخدم للتطبيق ، ثم تحديد موقع احداثية الجهاز الذي تم به التقاط الصورة عن طريق طلب التطبيق من المستخدم السماح بمشاركته لموقع 📱📳الجهاز الخاص به .. وذلك لضمان صحة المعلومة المرسلة من قبل المستخدم بوجود كاميرا مراقبة السرعة .. وشكراً
  • الرياض 5/5

    By لا تفتحون الحظر عني
    برنامج بطل
  • Teacher 5/5

    By Lerkia
    Amazing help 🎤
  • Accurate 5/5

    By Fysl jawad
    i really depend on this app , it’s been 80% accurate so far. the updates for my area is good.
  • Great app 4/5

    By STayar
    Since I get noticed ticket I was afraid to get another one since I drive I forgot I'm on high speed on the area have speed camera and red lights camera with the app I keep a slow down be careful😃 now I can't drive with it is on.
  • تقييم 5/5

    By عبدالعززيز 18
    تستاهلون 5 نجووووووم والى الامام
  • Doesn’t show speed cameras a lot 1/5

    By Dj 19691973
    Nice app but doesn’t show the speed cameras. Shows the red light cameras. Always tasking to upgrade to premium version which probably works the best with speed cameras.
  • Eselete 5/5

    By josueluis
    Buen servicio
  • ساهر 4/5

    By afoonh
    اتمنى يكون تدقيق بمكان ساهر اذا كنت فوق كبري وتحت تكون اشاره ساهر ويجيني تنبيه وهي اصلا مو في طريقي
  • Avis 5/5

    By yahyakenza
  • أبها 5/5

    By عمر ابومشعل
    محاولت تحديث التطبيق جديد بعض الأحيان يعطي المعلومات غلط ارجوا التحديث
  • Useless 1/5

    By iksnip
    No comparison to Waze, side by side
  • ممتاز 4/5

    By hany afndy
  • Absolutely necessary to save you from another Democrat Tax. 5/5

    By JoeyJayAss
    Absolutely necessary to save you from another Democrat Tax.
  • Gratitude 5/5

    By Omar the tent-maker!
    ...thank you!!!
  • Speed camera by my house 2/5

    By Stevetod
    There is a speed camera on amboy road just after Woodhull ave for over a month and not on this app. Be careful
  • It doesn’t show all speed cameras 3/5

    By Al modammer
    It doesn’t show all speed cameras yeah maybe it shows most of them maybe but not all
  • Quite useful easy to use 5/5

    By Scitron
    Radarbot is a very when driving. It would help if more drivers would input camera locations
  • طبيق اكثر من رائع 5/5

    By Om Omar Alhidan
  • تقيم الردار 5/5

    By ابو عجب
    مشكورين جدا
  • منتاز 5/5

    By الله ينصركم ويردكم سالمين
    منتاز جداً
  • Objection 1/5

    By barmaki89
    This application which I bought it doesn’t work in Tehran Iran .
  • No verbal warnings 3/5

    By nanna2rvmimm7fam
    This is supposed to give audible warnings of speed & red light cameras, and police up ahead. It does show on the map where they are but you can’t look at the phone while driving. My sound is all the way up but still no audible warnings. This is a big problem with this app.
  • Doesn’t interface with my Google maps 1/5

    By pema1951
    Regret purchase after, still cannot integrate with google maps. Will continue to try and may revise poor rating
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Khalid1900
    It helps relieve stress.
  • تعليق 5/5

    By سيد العنزي
    فيه تعليق بحذف مواقع السواهر الوهميه ابي احذفها مايحذف من المواقع الوهميه
  • this app is only a steal of money 1/5

    By Jasari7
    Nothing they say is true about the functions of this app

Radarbot: Speedcams Detector app comments

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