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RADIO.COM is your top free radio app for Sports, Music, News, Talk listening. Stream over 300 radio stations and 1,100 podcasts. Live, Anytime, Anywhere. The RADIO.COM app gives you access to over 300 FM, AM and HD stations and more than 1,100 leading podcasts, all in a free, user friendly, curated platform. · Discover top LIVE radio stations from across the country including Sports stations - WEEI, WFAN, 94.1 WIP, CBS Sports Radio News and talk stations - WWL radio, KYW 1060, WWJ radio, 1010 Wins, KMOX, WCBS 880 Music stations - WAAF, KROQ, 98.7 KLUV, KISW and more. · And local coverage from top cities across the country like, New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlanta and more... · Keep up with all your local and national news, traffic, and weather. · Hear exclusive interviews, comedy content and commentary. · Get sports news and pre/post game coverage from MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and college teams. · Stream all your daily podcasts, from national to your favorite local podcasts including The Kevin & Bean Show on KROQ, The Sports Junkies, Mut & Callahan, The Mens Room Daily Podcast, Sarah and Vinnie Full Show, Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts, Mike Francesa, Howard and Jeremy, Boomer & Gio, Jim Rome's Daily Jungle, and more! · Hear new songs and greats artists from all station genres including Rock, Country, Pop, Alternative, Hip-Hop and more. The Top Free Radio App Experience · Miss your morning drive show? Check out the on-demand episodes and listen at your leisure. · Listen across home and auto devices, including AirPlay and CarPlay. · View track and artist info with album art - see what is playing on a radio station before you start listening. · Search by location, genre or category to explore a top-rated lineup of the best live and local music, news and sports stations, leading personalities and original content. · Subscribe and download podcast episodes to listen offline. · Wake up to your favorite station with the alarm feature! Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.

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RADIO.COM app reviews

  • streaming stops 1/5

    By lepe91
    app keeps cutting off every five minutes, unusable and annoying how i always have to go back into the app and have to replay it
  • It works. 2/5

    By kevin_msu
    It can be finicky and needs to be restarted if you’re flipping around from a music app to tune in then back to it; it’s a bit featureless. How about a pause/rewind option?
  • Shuts off 2/5

    By Axmear35
    This app is so inconsistent. Some days it works fine other days it shuts off on its own it just stops playing and freezes every 5 to 10 mins it gets very frustrating!
  • Radio .com 5/5

    By Pie in the sky's
    Great app ty
  • Can’t log into it 1/5

    By ahdjdjfjfrusjfjfj
    Infinite loop when trying to login with facebook
  • Bad at best 2/5

    By Djf864
    My subscribed podcast aren't showing up. Radio station says they can't upload their podcast due to app not working right.
  • Be careful!!! 1/5

    By HEROESPUB2011
    Don’t download this app without knowing they charge $9.99 per month after 30 days. Super easy to get this app but not so easy to cancel subscription!
  • Deleting because Gerry Callahan was fired! 1/5

    By Texas WEEI Fan
    I will never use this app again because WEEI fires Gerry Callahan!
  • One star review.... 1/5

    By Nickh62
    Well, this radio station bent over backwards to appease the rich overlords. And kill the small voices of normal conservatives voices at a sports radio station. The station is the same thing as cnn now.
  • Worst 1/5

    By jssstandbd
    Literally doesnt play the station that its supposed to. Its 2019 and we havent figured out how to stream AM radio so I can listen to baseball. Garbage, 0 stars.
  • Fixed as if by magic & then back to the same problem 2/5

    By Tnecniv54
    Changing my review again. Skipping/disconnecting issue arose again while listening to 670 Score. Very irritating.
  • Continues to have the same problems 1/5

    By TMorawski19
    Randomly crashes. And they still refuse to fix the feature that allows resume the feed to resume after I watch a video on YouTube or Twitter video. Just a lazy bare bones app
  • A once great sport station is now dead 1/5

    By Free Kirk Minihane 401
    Weei and entercom are a bunch of hacks. To let a legend like Gerry Callahan go is unforgivable. You brought the rating disaster into your self Gerry had no part of it. If you had balls which we all know mark hannon doesn’t. You would of told bob mirchinson to go screw. Instead weei lost millions placating this pandering vomit and fired Callahan for their mistakes. A once great sport station is now dead
  • Broken 1/5

    By JAV 72
    This app is broken. Can’t get past the start page when trying to sign up through Facebook.
  • Hot Garbage 1/5

    By Serge Z.
    You want to listen to a podcast and maybe receive a phone call? Well screw you. We will crash the app. We fixed the bugs, now none of the casts load. We fixed the bugs now our app crashes more often than a 737.
  • Disappointed with this app 2/5

    By Clutter Buster
    I was listening to CBS 101.1 fm and it cut away to commercials for a long period and doesn’t play parts of the radio broadcast .
  • What music? 1/5

    By Lori greenb
    I keep trying because I miss my favorite Chicagonradio station but there are just too many [email protected] commercials. Back I go to apps where I can pay to avoid that annoyance. 👋
  • Great app 5/5

    By popcycle636
    Very impressed with all it has to offer.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By wdilhfthv
    Downloaded it. Signed up with Facebook. No option to log on with Facebook.
  • No longer plays after a call or an alarm 3/5

    By TiNiSi
    In the past, when using to the app and a call or alarm interrupted the music, once the call ended or the alarm was stopped the music would automatically re-start playing. This no longer is the case. Please fix.
  • Not that good 1/5

    By potporidgepie
    Quit working in the middle of a program. Great public speeches deleted and reloaded app still not working
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Brian Moore
    97.1 is ALWAYS disconnecting
  • Crap app 1/5

    By MaryRadio
    App shuts down constantly, stops playing for no reason (often I’m sitting in one place, so not moving around). So inconsistent that I can’t ever rely on it to work.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By jellylorum4
    I work from home and radio has always kept me going in the background. I tried playlists and books but radio is best. This app I use every single day for all of my fav channels at my fingertips in seconds. It has excellent sound quality and very little if any issues I can recall so there must not be any! Rock on!
  • Customer Response 1/5

    By No more nicknames exist
    Hello, We see you offer canned responses to concerns raised about the quality of your app, so thoughtful of you. Please contact your customers via the update app option when you have resolved your streaming disconnect issue. Thank you.
  • Too glitchy 2/5

    By Jack from PA
    App works great, when it works. Too much freezing during programming yet it works fine during commercials. Coincidence?
  • Nothing but ads 1/5

    By Mel P S
    I downloaded the app so that my family could listen to the radio streaming a 4th of July concert during a firework show. I go the radio station up and then had nothing but advertisements for over 20 minutes and never once played any music from the radio station.
  • USA only 1/5

    By Agdavey
    The app description should be more clear on the fact that only connects to radio stations in the USA
  • Local sports 5/5

    By butchengland
    First of all I love this app. I am a truck driver and drive from Dallas to Shreveport and back ever night and get to listen to my favorite station 105.3. The only issue I have is when the Dallas Cowboys or Texas Rangers are playing I don’t get to here the game because you don’t steam them. I think some folks out here would pay for something like this.
  • Good radio app 4/5

    By smokey8690
    Don’t know if it’s the app or my phone. I lose sound from the radio when Something else attempts to use the audio and I have to re-set the app to get back to the radio program even though the app is showing audio is working.
  • Wish I liked it. 1/5

    By kevofwoodacres
    Tried to use this over and over (iPhone XS), but constantly disconnects and causes high level of frustration and wasted time. Hope to give a better rating someday - please give me a reason. Developer response is too little too late. There are sooo many other choices.
  • Can't actually listen to the red Sox 1/5

    By KeninZ
    The only reason I downloaded it and it instantly forgot my password so I can't even cancel my account. I submitted a forgot password request at least six times but never got an email. Deleting permanently.
  • Keeps dropping out, please fix. 2/5

    By Peediddles
    Keeps losing signal. Terrible. Don’t understand,full WiFi signal
  • Cannot “pause/play” on lock screen 1/5

    By DaghenamDave
    One simple feature this app lacks that should’ve been a no brainer to be included is that while listening to a radio station using the app, and your phone is locked, there is no “pause/play” button available from the lock screen. You have to go into the app itself to access the pause/play button. This is extremely annoying bc I’m usually on the go using the app and when i want to stop the radio from playing i don’t like to have to go thru these extra steps, I want to be able to stop radio play from the lock screen. Pandora and iTunes have this technology of being able to pause or play your music from the lock screen so one would expect this feature to be industry standards but I guess not. This review is from an iPhone user.
  • limited stations 2/5

    the app works well but there are many stations (i wanted to add to my list) that are not available. other apps let you pause the radio (like a cable box/ dvr.) this one does not.
  • Off and On 3/5

    By Seamus019
    The app keeps cutting in and out. Never done that before. Wry annoying.
  • Horrible connection 1/5

    By Rebeccalips
    App constantly cuts out and needs to be restarted over and over. Not my WiFi as I don’t have this issue with any other app!
  • Ok if you can put up with the ads 1/5

    By JdizzletothemaniZzle
    This app is great to listen to out of town broadcast. I’m a big Pittsburgh Pirates fan and I can listen to their sports radio station all the time. The problem is the ads. Over and over and over and over again they play the same ads. Sometimes they play the same ad twice within a minute. It gets so bad that sometimes when I hear certain ads I had to turn the volume down because I just can’t stand it anymore.

    By 44Brandon
    This app is absolutely horrible! Not worth using at all!
  • Thanks for all the spam email 1/5

    By math92678
    Silly me signed up using my regular email address.
  • No crap like forced crap! 1/5

    By S L Mac
    Remember those halcyon days where we thought the best apps won, and the market would sift the crap apps out and leave the rewards for the developers who listened, anticipated and programmed with skill? Sigh, so do I. This app couldn’t win a ribbon in a two horse race. So what do they do? Fix it? READ THE REVIEWS and actually adjust the code to address the complaints? No, this is corporate cronyism, folks, not capitalism. You don’t win with better products you win by buying the market out and making the competition irrelevant. Bravo. Crap wins. Want to make these reviews go away? Want to stop sweating bullets when that contract expiration approaches? FIX THE APP! Add the play/pause/fwd/rwd (and, gasp, RECORD?!?!) controls that everyone and their toddler children and aged grandparents expect, and FIX THE DROPS ! Read the reviews and stop holding on to a terrible program assumption that begins with something like “never download the stream”, admit it was a bad direction and move on. Do what everyone else does and just promote whoever came up with it to get them out of the way and bring us an app that finally meets basic expectations. We can work on exceeding those expectations later. Baby steps: actual audio controls and actual connectivity.
  • Good Idea, Terrible Execution 1/5

    By Mobius-15
    App constantly crashes and gets stuck. Even the radio hosts on ESPN (who are streamed on complain about the poor quality. Sometimes technology's reach can exceed its' grasp.
  • Same problems over and over again. 1/5

    By poomis
    Honestly this app is pure garbage. Constantly stopping itself from playing, consistently has connectivity problems. Over and over again. I’ve read other people’s reviews, and they echo my sentiments. Why hasn’t these issues been resolved? It’s a shame I don’t have the ability to listen to my favorite radio station because Entercom and their crap product, bought my favorite station and this is the only way to stream it. So beyond disappointed. I wish I could just get rid of this horrible app.
  • Worst streaming app 1/5

    By yit87
    Can not stay connected for more than 10 seconds. After the update now it won’t play at all. Im on an I phone x with all the updates. I’ve never had issues with other streaming apps like slacker, music, Spotify,etc. I’ve tried to give a second and third chance with the new updates but nothing has changed.
  • I need a feature that will allow me to see news from a specific date 4/5

    By chris boy34
    Hi. I would like a feature, if possible, that will allow me to select a date from the past to listen to news. If you work on that feature, I will give this app five stars. It’s a good app besides that
  • Connection issues 1/5

    By Wolf of 6th street
    Constantly having issues with this app. Very disappointed
  • Terrible 1/5

    By chauncerz
    This app is so terribly inconsistent. Streams crash or there’s just no audio.
  • Freezes in background. Buggy. 2/5

    By Red_Peters
    Good when it is the only audio app running. Switch to another audio music or radio app, swipe back to and she’s frozen. Same performance issues in background 06/19
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By Kris Navarro
    App constantly crashes. Has nothing to do with your wifi or data connection, THIS APP WILL CRASH NO MATTER WHAT. Absolutely terrible. I miss TuneIn.

RADIO.COM app comments

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