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Radish — Fiction Serials

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  • Current Version: 1.35.8
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Radish — Fiction Serials App

Radish gives you early access to the latest web fiction serials from top writers! See the latest chapter now for a cheap one-click payment, or wait a week to read for free. Radish is designed for the mobile generation. Read stories anywhere – on the bus, in the line at the supermarket, and in the lecture hall when you’re meant to be listening to the professor. We invite the best and most popular writers from all over the web to give you a quick reading fix on the go. Radish writers can choose one of three ways to offer you a story: Free: As you can imagine, the story is completely free Freemium: Pay to read a chapter now, or wait to read it for free Premium: Pay to read You’re free to read and pay for as much or as little as you want, and will never be charged for the app itself. To buy a chapter, purchase Radish coins within the app first, and then unlock the chapter with one click. It’s all done through your Apple account, so we will never ask for your credit card details or other personal information. You are downloading Radish 1.0, so you’re here at the very beginning of a big new adventure. We’ll be adding tons of new features in the coming weeks and months. We hope you enjoy Radish!


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Radish — Fiction Serials app reviews

  • Update 4/5

    By Guilds Please
    I absolutely love this app. Although this current coin event I participated in, I never got my coins credited to me and it’s been over 48 hours. And I'm not particularly keen on the new update, the way how it shows the time when the chapters will be free. I liked it when it just showed the date they chapters would update, the update has just made it much more confusing in my opinion.
  • Tons of great stories 5/5

    By Simon Sam
    Amazing app filled w great stories
  • love reading the historical fiction 5/5

    By Connieb.Go
    lots of stories in this app
  • much love radish 5/5

    By ValentinMc
    I love the romance stories on radish
  • serial fiction 5/5

    By ChristenRo
    interesting app that does serial fiction. I don't know any other seiral fiction app
  • Try this app if you want the best fiction around 5/5

    By james-alex
    Try out Radish if you're a fiction nerd like me. There are tons of choices out there for fiction like wattpad, kindle, hooked, yarn, etc. Overall they're all pretty good but Radish tends to have serial fiction if you're into that. It has a good library of content.
  • great stories and great fun 5/5

    By EhrickDurb
    interesting stories to keep you up at night in a good way
  • love it 5/5

    By JeromeBurc
    very interesting stories
  • get stories early 5/5

    By BrittanyLe
    love the stories on this app. Its like wattpad but you have to pay but you can get stories early
  • interesting app and interesting idea 5/5

    By GeoffreyKa
    fiction done well. I like how it has many writers instead of big name writers
  • tons of writers 5/5

    By Donna LHeb
    tons of writers that they introduce me to is why I spend time on this app
  • great for aspiring writers 5/5

    By FreddyRove
    good app for fiction and romance stories. No good scary stories though
  • try this app now 5/5

    By MendieShar
    good app for fictino
  • miss the erotic fiction but oh well 5/5

    By FaridaLuns
    miss the hardcore romance stories but it’s a good fiction app still
  • <3 5/5

    By BryonBingl
    good job radish
  • keep them coming! 5/5

    By IraBarr
    love the stories
  • tight stories 5/5

    By OsamaSpeic
    This fiction app needs more scary stories. Right now its mostly romance stories.
  • good at what it does 5/5

    By VerdaButh
    This app is just mostly romance stories. If you're interested in fiction writers who specialize in romance, it's good
  • Tons of free stories 5/5

    By MartyElsay
    Love the free stories. Stories that you have to pay for are somewhat pricey but worth it still
  • Romance stories galore 5/5

    By ShanicaBur
    Fun stories for those with a desire to read a ton of romance stories
  • Great writers 5/5

    By LeoStrum
    I read a lot and this fits well in my library
  • Could be big! 5/5

    By EloyedFrid
    Could be the next kindle!
  • Great stories 5/5

    By AngieGiven
    I love the fact that these stories come on Radish before Wattpad. You have to pay but its worth it for good fiction
  • This is the app for you 5/5

    By RussellgMi
    Its hard to find good fiction these days but on Radish I can find some stuff I like
  • perfect 5/5

    By KatreiaCas
    Fun fiction app!
  • Serial fiction app that's great 5/5

    By RickStanke
    Tons of serial fictions. A lot of free stories, a lot of exclusive stories
  • Finally a good fiction app 5/5

    By SheulaineV
    Fiction app that is actually really good! I read the other story apps and this one has me hooked. Love the stories!
  • good app 5/5

    By JessyLeval
    I love the stories!
  • Came here from wattpad 5/5

    By SuzenGiach
    Tons of fictional stories. Needs nonfiction to be a good book app though
  • Good but can use more books for their library 5/5

    By CavlanOstr
    Agree with the other writer. This app needs more nonfiction to compete with kindle. You need more than fiction and fanfiction, you need more than love stories. But it is good at what it does.
  • Interesting stories 5/5

    By LatonyLodz
    Five stars for a great story app
  • nice 5/5

    By EvanRavitz
    Fiction at its finest
  • Good Job Team Radish! 5/5

    By AbubakariD
    Fine story app
  • love the stories to read in bed 5/5

    By GrahamGues
    Love the app. So many stories
  • highlight of my day 5/5

    By AracelyGui
    Really interesting story app. Lots of fiction and good content. Am really impressed
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By AlisonThib
    Love this app
  • fun fun fun 5/5

    By OmarDon
    This app is so much fun!
  • interesting 5/5

    By MariluRatc
    Overall pretty good app. Like all the fiction stories. Lots of writers
  • love radish 5/5

    By DianeWidd
    Fun app
  • Surprisingly Impressed 5/5

    By V.143
    Despite what that other reviewer said I think this app is great. I’ve only been doing it for a day and already I’ve found several addicting reads.
  • Don’t believe these reviews 2/5

    By LILO827372
    Suspiciously the bulk of their reviews were written on two distinct days and have similar language..? The app is not good for writers. They lie, steal, exhibit favoritism, and delete authors works with no warning or way to retrieve said works. They are also going to be eliminating erotic fiction from the app which is basically a third of its content. I encourage writers to take your talents elsewhere and to publish autonomously if you can without the incompetence and prejudice of the Radish staff. With all these new changes, it is only a matter of time before the app disintegrates.
  • This app is racist 1/5

    By Nixvole
    There are no books on this apps for black people it’s all just white related books I am African American I can’t relate to any books on this app that’s why I like Wattpad it’s the best book app
  • Deeply Disappointed 1/5

    By Ozthewild
    I’ve decided to try this out as Wattpad has continued to decline but the obvious and amateurish fake 5 star reviews posted on Mar. 6th and Mar. 19 are already giving me pause. Edited to add: Disappointingly, I could not get past the gaudy welcome screen as Facebook login lags indefinitely. This is after multiple tries. One star off for failing at something so basic. Perhaps the developer should take a break from the fake reviews in order to update their shoddy app as the most recent one simply did not to the trick.
  • love this app, great for books 5/5

    By Oax Mad
    tons of books. I read all day everyday because this app has so much content. Its like fanfiction x100
  • good app tons of content 5/5

    By Hoachim Topala
    tons of content, lots of serial fiction books and novels. Love the short stories. I am hooked on tons of authors now like in kindle
  • fun app for reading and writing 5/5

    By Jlon Shen
    love this app. Reminds me of kindle and wattpad, but its just serial ficiton. Love the romance and erotica stories
  • fun app 5/5

    By Cames Yang
    im reading a lot of the serial fiction and I am hooked. Way better than most apps! Good work radish team on making a good book app for writers!
  • good app for writers 5/5

    By Aom Lange
    writing apps and reading apps are always good for stuff like romance stories. I like the horror books and serial novels as well
  • really ebook app 5/5

    By Taria chang
    rate it 5 stars because it’s a good ebook app like kindle and wattpad. I like the serial fictions like the erotica and romance and sci fi
  • the top fiction novel app 5/5

    By Ieigio Palau
    if you like things like scribd, audible, kindle add this to your library of books. It’s a bunch of serialized fiction novels in romance horror and others like wattpad and hooked

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