Radish — Fiction Serials

Radish — Fiction Serials

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  • Current Version: 1.36.6
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Radish Media
  • Compatibility: Android
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Radish — Fiction Serials App

Radish gives you early access to the latest web fiction serials from top writers! See the latest chapter now for a cheap one-click payment, or wait a week to read for free. Radish is designed for the mobile generation. Read stories anywhere – on the bus, in the line at the supermarket, and in the lecture hall when you're meant to be listening to the professor. We invite the best and most popular writers from all over the web to give you a quick reading fix on the go. Radish writers can choose one of three ways to offer you a story: Free: As you can imagine, the story is completely free Freemium: Pay to read a chapter now, or wait to read it for free Premium: Pay to read Radish is free to download. You're free to read and pay for as much or as little as you want, and will never be charged for the app itself. To buy a chapter, purchase Radish coins within the app first, and then unlock the chapter with one click. It's all done through your Apple account, so we will never ask for your credit card details or other personal information. Radish offers two different types of in-app purchase for Radish coins: Auto-Renewable Subscription and One-time purchase coin packages. Auto-Renewable Subscription: "Auto-Refilling Plan" is available on weekly, monthly or yearly basis. If you purchase an "Auto-Refilling Plan", you will receive the indicated number of coins on the first day of subscription and on the date of subscription renewal. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your setting in the iTunes store after purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the date of subscription renewal. One-time purchase coin packages: You can also purchase coin packages without subscribing to one of the Auto-Refilling Plans. Read our full Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy at www.radishfiction.com Questions? Email us at [email protected]!


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Radish — Fiction Serials app reviews

  • Steer clear, Not worth it 1/5

    By Jade191
    Don’t get roped in. The coins you buy can expire. I did an event and I was supposed to win some coins which I never received. The app isn’t about buying chapters or supporting authors, this app is just about baiting you into stealing your money. It’s all a joke.
  • New update is super unappealing 2/5

    By Andy010514
    The new update ( regarding the new coin system) is HORRIBLE. I was such a huge fan of the app and would purchase many coins, but now they expire super quickly. I hope the creators of the app realize how silly this is and rectify their mistakes, i’m not so sure if I want to continue reading on this platform anymore.
  • Keeps giving me a message ' App not supported' 3/5

    By KVP62
    I have 9coins in my account. Whenever I try to access Radish, it keeps giving me a message 'App not supported, please update' when I click ok it takes me to App Store and my version is up to date. What do I do? If I delete and reinstall I will Lose my coins. Please help!
  • Expiring coins 3/5

    By Nakitarawrs
    The Radish app is great! The only issue is the coins you earn have an expiration date. You can not keep the coins you earn for as long as you want which is unfair. Especially since certain books update on certain days. The Radish app should allow you to keep the coins you earn for as long as you feel because you earned them.
  • ehhh 2/5

    By Boz in Milwaukee
    I like this app but they just added a new feature where your coins expire if you don’t use them in a specific time which I think is just incredibly unfair. I only read one story on this app (because that’s all I can really afford to read) that i’m addicted to but the story isn’t complete, so if the author doesn’t update in time to use my coins then will I just lose all of my coins I PAID to have (and the coins only last 10 days!)? I know that this only applies for promotional things, but I bought my coins with the promotional thing BEFORE they announced this but it still applies to me?? AND now almost every single coin package you can buy is discounted so that means it’s promotional so you literally can’t have coins without them expiring. This update is just for the money, as if they don’t get enough already. I like the stories on this app, but the whole coin system in general makes me just want to stop using Radish all together.
  • Hate 1/5

    By Keke71202
    I really do hate this app. You have to read at their pace. You also have to be for just about every book. It’s annoying.
  • I love radish 5/5

    By leo99barcelona
    I love this app .
  • Best Thing to Happen to Me 5/5

    By MikaylaSkye_
    Although you do have to pay for most stories, I adore that they have coin events often and free stories for everyone to enjoy. In the year or so I’ve had this app, I had one problem. With an email, they fixed the problem within a day. I think that was just absolutely amazing. This app is the one of the best reading apps I’ve had. 10/10
  • Started good 3/5

    By twilightchick1901
    Now won’t load stories past a certain chapter.
  • Landscape mode 3/5

    By Gisally
    So far I’ve been really enjoying this. Simple and easy. I do read on an iPad though and wish it could turn into landscape mode instead of it being stuck vertically. That’s about it so far.
  • Design 1/5

    By meh99!
    I wish they would change the design of the app
  • Thrilled so far 5/5

    By Freedom070907
    So I am new to Radish but not to writing sites and apps. The first story I chose has been great! The quality of writing is solid and the plot is gripping! I had an issue where I wasn’t getting a verification email and I didn’t want to lose the progress I’d made so I contacted support. Within a day they’d gotten back to me with a few options to try and the offer to further assist of those didn’t work. Luckily it did!!!! I feel like new apps are hit or mis with their customer service but this app did not disappoint! I’m verified and continuing to enjoy Radish reading!!!!! If you love to support authors that love to write, this is the app for you!!
  • Rude 1/5

    Put Radish back to Pink😭😡 why is it rainbow!
  • Lies 2/5

    By cakes4baby
    At first I was happy that I found this app. Read a few interesting stories. Get engrossed. It’s free. Good deal right? WRONG! So very wrong. While Radish does offer paid and free stories, the free stories aren’t exactly free. The story I’m currently reading, which was listed as free(which is why I chose to read it), can’t be completed unless I pay for coins. I only needed 3 more chapters. That’s 9 coins. But to make matters worse, the story I’m reading has 3 seasons. Seasons 2 and 3 each have 40+ chapters that have to bought in order to read. Yet, the story is labeled as free.
  • Kicked out 1/5

    By ?!.,
    I only have this app because I follow a writer that I love! The app was great at 1st, but now it kicks me out whenever I unlock/open it.
  • Review 3/5

    By Tinkerbeller19992015
    I like the premise for this app, but I hate that I have to pay to read chapters. Especially when the chapter more often than not are shorter that 1000 words. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for authors getting paid, but I would rather have ads. This whole coin thing isn’t worth it.
  • Updated App and is now slow as heck!!!!!! 1/5

    By Xoxtxogxtkd
    I can barely load a freaking story! If I do it takes 15 minutes!!!
  • I didn’t get my free week for being an new subscriber.:( 1/5

    By YesitsKara
    They didn’t give me my free week of no payment just for being an new subscriber.
  • No option to review 2/5

    By Lola_2011
    Half the works have horrible grammar, some are interesting but some are just plain boring and horrible. I know that’s not the developers fault but the people that upload their works BUT what is you guys fault is that we have no way to rate or leave reviews on those works. How are the authors suppose to improve if we can’t comment and leave our suggestions?
  • fun stories 5/5

    By li^ncol n bias
    fantawswtic app
  • radish is fun 5/5

    By sa^n wa rren
    I like radish
  • fun :) 5/5

    By ho^n te mi
    im hooked! Great stories
  • love reading sutton ceo 5/5

    By to^n pr oft
    good app for stories that are hard to find
  • serial fiction 5/5

    By si^mon church
    interesting app that does serial fiction. I don't know any other seiral fiction app
  • great stories and great fun 5/5

    By da^mien davis
    interesting stories to keep you up at night in a good way
  • get stories early 5/5

    By ja^mes asaro
    love the stories on this app. Its like wattpad but you have to pay but you can get stories early
  • tons of writers 5/5

    By ra^lph chelsea
    tons of writers that they introduce me to is why I spend time on this app
  • fun app but needs fanfiction 5/5

    By bi^llle brady
    fun app for stories. Needs more fanfiction
  • great for aspiring writers 5/5

    By me^lody luo
    good app for fiction and romance stories. No good scary stories though
  • try this app now 5/5

    By mi^les segers
    good app for fictino
  • <3 5/5

    By wi^ld f lower
    good job radish
  • tight stories 5/5

    By ka^ko m erk
    This fiction app needs more scary stories. Right now its mostly romance stories.
  • Tons of free stories 5/5

    By el^izab eth frei
    Love the free stories. Stories that you have to pay for are somewhat pricey but worth it still
  • Great writers 5/5

    By ch^ina xiang
    I read a lot and this fits well in my library
  • Great stories 5/5

    By em^ily tang
    I love the fact that these stories come on Radish before Wattpad. You have to pay but its worth it for good fiction
  • perfect 5/5

    By br^ian chitedze
    Fun fiction app!
  • Finally a good fiction app 5/5

    By ne^ha a rora
    Fiction app that is actually really good! I read the other story apps and this one has me hooked. Love the stories!
  • Came here from wattpad 5/5

    By eu^gene yongxz
    Tons of fictional stories. Needs nonfiction to be a good book app though
  • Great app! 5/5

    By ro^bert liu
    Fantastic fiction app. Lots of great stories
  • Good Job Team Radish! 5/5

    By ch^en q i
    Fine story app
  • highlight of my day 5/5

    By ro^bert jr
    Really interesting story app. Lots of fiction and good content. Am really impressed
  • fun fun fun 5/5

    By sh^awn leo
    This app is so much fun!
  • good stuff 5/5

    By re^ann ng
    I'm hooked on this app! My favorite wattpad writer introduced me to this app to get his story early. Am not disappointed!
  • love radish 5/5

    By ad^am r ichard cross
    Fun app
  • Potential 2/5

    By Hopeful for the old CP
    I honestly love the stories on here. The problem is the cost. Your not paying $1 (6 coins) or $20 (182 coins) for the whole book. Your paying this price so you have enough coins to unlock chapters ( it is 3 coins per chapter). On average each story is 34 chapters, that means you’ll end up using 102 of your coins on one book and leaving you with 80 coins which is about 25 chapters (not books) of another story to read. So if you like more than one book at the same time your out of luck unless your okay with over paying. I think a better solution would be to charge $5-$10 dollars for a full story (which is a more than generous price to offer an unpublished author) there are certain stories that are free but you have to wait a certain time period to unlock them. So if your like me you’ll only go on Radish once every few weeks. AND the only time the authors update frequently is when they charge every chapter and the wait period is long otherwise you can get a update once a month.
  • Update 4/5

    By Guilds Please
    I absolutely love this app. Although this current coin event I participated in, I never got my coins credited to me and it’s been over 48 hours. And I'm not particularly keen on the new update, the way how it shows the time when the chapters will be free. I liked it when it just showed the date they chapters would update, the update has just made it much more confusing in my opinion.
  • Tons of great stories 5/5

    By Simon Sam
    Amazing app filled w great stories
  • love reading the historical fiction 5/5

    By Connieb.Go
    lots of stories in this app
  • much love radish 5/5

    By ValentinMc
    I love the romance stories on radish
  • serial fiction 5/5

    By ChristenRo
    interesting app that does serial fiction. I don't know any other seiral fiction app

Radish — Fiction Serials app comments


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