Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

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  • Current Version: 6.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Tim Gostony
  • Compatibility: Android
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Rain Rain Sleep Sounds App

Trouble sleeping? Rain Rain® helps you fall asleep fast! Let over 100 high-quality endless sounds lull you to sleep in no time, with more sounds added all the time. Mix and match any combination of sounds and save your favorite combinations. Download the app that over six million people have used to fall asleep today! Here are the top sounds being listened to this week: Rain Rain Original, Thunderstorm, Rain on a Tent, Rain Rain 3D, Ocean Waves, Summer Rain, Forest Rain, City Rain, Thunder Cracks, Rain Downpour, Crackling Fire, Slow Stream, Desert Wind, Blizzard Wind, Pink Noise, Airliner, Car in the Rain, Windy Storm, Rain Dripping, Gentle Stream, Cat Purring and Shih Tzu Snoring. Rain Rain includes for FREE: • 35+ HD sounds • No limit on playback time • Every fade-out timer option • Mixer • Oscillator • Soften • No audio or video ads; there is a small image banner ad at the bottom • Use for as long as you like; Rain Rain is not a trial! • Full support for background audio, AirPlay, and Bluetooth devices Subscribing to Rain Rain Premium gives you 65+ additional sounds as well as an ad-free experience. Rain Rain Premium includes a free 7-day trial, and does not start unless you explicitly select it within the application and confirm with your Apple ID, Touch ID or Face ID, so you don't have to worry about being charged without your knowledge. MIXER: Combine sounds control the volume of each. Want to hear a campfire in the rain? How about a washing machine and a dryer? It's all possible with the Mixer. Save your favorite sound combinations. Your custom mixes are synchronized between all of your iOS devices with iCloud. FADE-OUT TIMER: Set Rain Rain to gently fade out and then turn off after a specified duration so that you can get to sleep without leaving your phone or tablet on all night. The Fade-out Timer learns your preferences and automatically starts the next time you use Rain Rain. BEDTIME REMINDER: The first step to a better night's sleep is a healthy sleep schedule. Get to bed on-time with Rain Rain's Bedtime Reminder by setting the time and days you want a reminder. Rain Rain sends you a gentle, encouraging message when it is time to go to bed so that you can get the rest you deserve. OSCILLATOR: Customize your experience with the Oscillator, which slowly fades a sound in and out, allowing you to create dynamic, varying soundscapes in concert with the Mixer. You can even adjust how fast the Oscillator changes the volume. When you save a Mix to your Favorites, your Oscillator settings are saved as well, allowing you to save and recall any number of custom soundscapes. SOFTEN: Adjust the tone of each sound to suit your needs with Soften, which reduces the high frequencies of any sound by an amount you choose. Your chosen levels for Soften are stored when you save a Mix to your Favorites to help you create the perfect scenes. Terms of Use: https://www.rainrainapp.com/tou Privacy Policy: https://www.rainrainapp.com/privacy Download Rain Rain today and get a better night's sleep tonight!

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Rain Rain Sleep Sounds app reviews

  • Rain on a Tent 5/5

    By Elaine Oxford
    This is so very soothing and really helps me fall asleep It’s magic ! 💕💕💕💕💕
  • Rain 5/5

    By 978929253572
    It is better than you expect. It sounds great if you like to sleep while it rains and if sleep really well in the rain then you will like it.
  • I LOVE THIS 5/5

    By IcyCurrent
    Rain Rain is amazing! I used to take at LEAST an hour to sleep, but now I take about 20 minutes! After testing about 7 different sound apps, I found this to be the BEST because it isn’t greedy. Most of the sounds are free, AND I really like that they are basic sound, unlike the other apps which have only like 10 free sounds that sound horrible. These sounds are amazing and can be mixed to your liking. Thank you Rain Rain so much for giving me an amazing expierience. I hope you get six stars! I would rate you the most if I could.
  • Thank you so much 5/5

    By maddibrea
    I have used this app for years and love the rain noises so much. This app seriously helps a broke college student like me sleep on rough nights of tossing and turning
  • The Best App On This Store 5/5

    By RagingRam
    Literaly use Rain Rain every night. I have a bluetooth speaker at my bedside that drowns me with calming sounds. Gets the job done, i sleep all night with rain rain. There are so many clean sounds that can be combined. Volumes can be adjusted for every seperate active sound. There's a timer that fades the sounds off at a specific time or after a certain amount of time. Can't sleep without it. Thanks a ton Tim for this amazing app.
  • Calmness 5/5

    By ManiCarlosJoshua
    I enjoy listening to all the different types of sounds, it’s very helpful for me during my travels. Help me to sleep better 😴😴.
  • A life saver 5/5

    By eucharin
    Love this!! I literally can’t sleep without it, and as an anxious little college student surrounded by incredibly noisy folks, this has gotten me through SO MUCH of that hecticness! The fact that there’s this many options, and that the functionality and available sounds are continuously improved for free is astounding to me; it’s amazing how one little app can become such a staple in one’s life!
  • No more Tokens...only subscription?! 1/5

    By Imaswthrt
    I downloaded this app after a friend raved about it. After downloading...the app shows I can’t buy tokens (for specific sounds), I can only buy month-to-month or yearly subscription. Even your FAQ tells me how to buy tokens...yet when I follow those directions, only subscriptions available! BRNG BACK TOKENS PLEASE!!!!
  • 10/10 5/5

    By Alexa densmore
    I love rain rain so much I listen to it every night in order to fall asleep. It is amazing and I highly suggest it. It supplements a fan pretty well and have a vide variety of choices to pick from although I wish there were more. Keep it up rain rain!
  • Best sleep ever 5/5

    By bdoeihtbdnsoowhrb
    Best sleep ever !!! Played even with other things open and when I locked my screen! I love it!
  • Great sounds! Make your own mixes. 5/5

    By Nimbleswitch
    The sounds are clean, clear and perfect. They must be on l-o-n-g loops because I don’t ever notice a repetition. I particularly like Rain Rain’s customizing features. For example, I wanted the rhythmic sound of a Pullman sleeping car, but Rain Rain’s “Train” sound was too light on the rhythmic rail sound and the train whistle blew a crossing signal too loudly and too often for me. So, I mixed “Train” with “Washing Machine,” softened both, cut the volume of “Train” a bit, and put the “Train” half on slowest oscillate. The result, which I named “Pullman Car,” makes it sound to me like I’m in a sleeping car 10 or so cars behind the engine and with far fewer and softer crossing signals from the train whistle. My favorite mix — puts me to sleep in a few minutes. This is a truly great app with SUPER-well-thought-out features. Rain Rain deserves maximum stars for sure — I’d give it 10, if I could. Thanks a whole lot, Tim!
  • Great app 3/5

    By masterkhan510
    This is a fantastic app to help you sleep on time although the $30 a year membership does NOT seem worth it unless they are able to add new often and continue adding to their library. I also believe that I can tell some sounds are looping in city rain as the same sounding cars pass by and the same sounding rain loops. They should actually record a their sounds at a location for a few hours on end to avoid this easily noticeable issue.
  • Benefits my life 5/5

    By LordFizu
    I’m retired Air Force. I don’t write many reviews but I felt compelled to do one for this app. It helps me sleep and meditate which are things that are very hard for me to do. Thank you for this wonderful app.
  • Thunder is weak 3/5

    By Lkjhyuiop33
    It’s only one strike and that’s it fix that and you get 5*
  • Simply the best sound app 5/5

    By rooster_1969
    Hands down. Fantastic
  • One of the better nature sound apps out there 5/5

    By BanuGhassan
    But I noticed it doesn't stop playing when an airpod is removed. It would be a nice feature. Quick update: I’m an idiot it works well. Upped to 5 stars from 4. Great App!
  • Great sound 5/5

    By gmholly
    Have used 2 other sound apps but this one has a quality that sounds richer.
  • New update is the worst one yet. App crashes constantly 1/5

    By PortalPuzzle
    The update notes say they fixed an issue with crashing, but my app has never crashed the entire time I’ve had it until this update. And it has been crashing every single time I use it and then some. I try to play my mix and set the time, but the moment I set my phone down to sleep, the app crashes. Then when I try to get it to work again, it’ll crash before I even have a chance to leave the app. It has crashed five times on me at any given use, and it’s becoming borderline useless to me. I wish I could undo this update so I could actually get some sleep.
  • rain rain🤤 5/5

    By herdeedjckdkskkamd
    nice sounds
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Lost world888
    I have had this app for about a month now and it is surprisingly very good 10/10 would spend money on the paid subscription, 100% download
  • Brown Noise 5/5

    By sassy chaun
    It was wonderful, it allowed me to fall asleep.
  • Cool app 5/5

    By Celiacita
    I love this app!
  • Very good. . 5/5

    By Dun_a_mis
    Super surprised! I was amazed by the high quality sounds! It’s astonishing how something like this app is so simple, but has major affects on your sleep. It helped me from ages 6 months and Now! If it helps me, it probably could help you. Very pleased with this app.
  • Best Sleep App EVER! 5/5

    By Creebron
    This App Really Puts Me To Sleep. I Love Everything About It. I Have Real Bad Anxiety..& This App Soothes That & Puts Me To Sleep 💜 Thank You!
  • Yes bj the United nite inniiuu 5/5

    By Mothernurse12122014
    Huh that’s niceuinnnun. H. J j. H h. Jujuu I uninitiated JB’s hi uhh
  • Best. App. Ever. 5/5

    By Regan Pence
    My husband hated white noise while we were sleeping until we started using this app. It’s so soothing and sounds very realistic to what you’d hear in nature. It’s free, doesn’t affect your alarm, and doesn’t drain your battery. Best app on my phone. ❤️
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Tatelaine
    This app is perfect if you need something to fall asleep to or if you wish it were a rainy day but it’s a sunny one.
  • good app but 5/5

    By rshzjdndjcnemndnsnwjd
    good app but my phone pops and buzzes at night when i have it on. kinda weird
  • 100% 5/5

    By soccersticker
    I LOVE THIS APP! I have never seen anything like this app before, it makes me less stressed and it makes it easier to go to sleep! This app has so many cool features like night light, Siri, reminders, and many more.The thing that I also find amazing is that even if u don’t get premium you still get almost EVERYTHING. The only few things you don’t get is a couple sounds but there are still soooooo many to choose from you won’t even care! I just recently downloaded another sleeping app that had great reviews but I was so mad to see you had to buy literally EVERYTHING to be able to get good stuff. I mean this is the app for everyone.
  • Rain rain 5/5

    By Eva Haan
    I love this app so much. It is so peaceful!
  • Knock out 5/5

    By plyswell withothrs
    This app is a true sleep aid for me! If I get up in the middle of the night it’s hard to go back to sleep but the second I turn this on, I’m out like a light. It’s easy to use and I like that I can save my favorite sounds and mix them together
  • Questionable and undisclosed use of personal and locational data. Stay away. 1/5

    By phillipwright27
    Advertisements become locational. Also, you have super annoying banner ads if you don’t pay them money. Aside from a short description of the app using “small amounts of data to update its settings and advertisements”, the app’s use of your data is undisclosed. Overall, the safety of your personal data is not there. Statements from the app are very vague, and likely intentionally so.
  • SOUND ON 📢 5/5

    By Princess Enia
    The Rain Rain app has helped me fall asleep every night. When I can’t sleep, the variety of realistic sound effects this app offers are perfect for getting some must needed shut eye. Sometimes I can’t sleep without my rain! What’s so cool about this app is you can add different sounds according to create your very own personalized sleep melody. It even has a fade-out timer to turn off! Thank you so much Tim for your hard work to making Rain Rain my bedtime soundtrack 💤
  • Excellent app with great support 5/5

    By Pappy2131
    Great job on this relaxing app. I love the capability to mix sounds the most. My favorites are Pink Noise + Slow Stream, or Desert Wind + Ocean Waves. I can basically use them to re-create any relaxing environment that I remember. I’ve named one of them Brac Nights, because it reminds me of a great time relaxing at a beach house I rented on Cayman Brac. Excellent work!
  • Really Good!!! 5/5

    By nickname for yes
    This is one of the best sleeping apps out there but I don’t like how it is weird sometimes it doesn’t work but other than that it’s great and I hope you keep making great apps Tim so thanks for giving me the chance to download this free nice app.
  • I LOVE this APP!! 5/5

    By JoyJensen
    Tossing & Turning & hating the moment I peek out & see daylight coming in the window...because I AM STILL AWAKE!! A friend told me about an app that provided background sounds to help ease me into sleep. HA! I scoffed! But decided to give it a try! People were beginning to comment on dark circles, asking if I was ill, etc so OK I’ll give it a try! So I did! After trying SEVERAL different apps I found the ONE that offers the MOST VARIETY for the BEST PRICE! Rain, Rain really does the trick for me!! I soon remembered how well I always slept with my window open during a summer thunderstorm!! Most of these apps offer a basic set of sounds & functions free with additional sounds & functions at an additional cost or yearly fee, as does this app BUT the basic offerings are outstanding and better than the others I tried. Offered free is a wide variety of sounds including water sounds, weather, animals, people/places, music and a featured Premium sound every day PLUS night mode, go to bed reminder, fade out timer and MORE!! I MAY go premium at some point as the cost is very reasonable but for now I am DELIGHTED with the app as is! I haven’t even listened to HALF the sounds/music offered! Save yourself all the downloads and go straight to Rain, Rain. I usually don’t do reviews unless it’s something special & since there are so many apps LIKE this offered a review is warranted. Thank You For Rain, Rain & for NOT being greedy!
  • ⏰⏳ 5/5

    By gdrcj
    This app is really good but if I could add one thing to it it would be a timer instead of the fade-away
  • Can’t travel without it. 5/5

    By Brock4130
    Great noise app, use it every time I’m traveling.
  • Great sleep! 5/5

    By RHON805
    I love this app as it allows me to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. The timer is useful as when the background noise fades away I wake myself. When traveling with those that snore, I put my headphones in and sleep well. Great job
  • Don’t pass this by 5/5

    By ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ Cutiepie
    It’s amazing thats it
  • Rain 5/5

    By globalservant
    Love having different types of rain! Great for overriding noisy kids and teens, an airport close by and loud music.
  • I love Rain Rain 5/5

    By MAP coaching Institute
    Thanks for bringing to me the wonderfully relaxing and healing sounds of nature!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By rmamos0661
    Haven’t used it long but already a favorite! Bravo to the developer
  • Download it, why won’t you ? 5/5

    By iJumpan007
    Try it

    By N.C. Hernandez
    Thank You for helping this insomniac turn her working mind off and relax. This app allows me to sleep more soundly and I fall asleep quickly. Thank You so much!!!
  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By Nicdgill
    Wonderful soothing natural sounds! Beautiful pics awesome app! Ps I never leave reviews, so you this app is great!
  • Absolute Lifesaver 5/5

    By NSho in Calif
    Still swear by this app years later. I tell everyone about it. Previously-I have a problem with my ears ringing when it's quiet. This can cause me problems when laying down to sleep. The rain rain app has been an absolute lifesaver. Blizzard wind is my favorite.
  • Tired of Subscriptions! 1/5

    By Abner055
    Another one bites the dust!!
  • Best app ever 👍🏼 5/5

    By ausdaboss0424
    I have never slept better in my life before I got this app, I live on a busy street and the noise of cars and horns kept me awake all night until I got this app. 👏 very good app!!👍🏼

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds app comments

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