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RaiseMe - College scholarships

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RaiseMe - College scholarships App

Earn college scholarships for your high school achievements! With a free RaiseMe profile, you can earn no-essay scholarships for getting good grades in the classroom, taking the SAT and ACT, taking AP courses, playing sports, volunteering, and more. *As seen in CNN Money, BuzzFeed, The New York Times, PBS NewsHour, TechCrunch, Fox Business, CNBC, and Just Kidding News!* FEATURES: • Follow your favorite colleges and discover new colleges that could be a great fit for you • Add high school achievements, like good grades and extracurricular activities, to your Portfolio and instantly earn scholarships from colleges for each achievement • See what you can do in high school to earn more from colleges • Refer your friends to start earning college scholarships on RaiseMe Already, 300+ colleges partner with RaiseMe to offer scholarships. Studying and doing your homework pays off, with colleges offering up to $1,500 for every A and $1,000 for every B. Earn up to $750 for each of your activities, like math club, speech and debate, or sports - even if you don’t plan to continue them in college. If you’re supporting your family, you can earn scholarships for that, too. WHAT STUDENTS ARE SAYING: "I found RaiseMe helpful because I really didn't have any direction towards schools and the cost was a huge concern going into it. RaiseMe opened my eyes to schools that are willing to give back to their students and that was very important to me." Wynn P., Earned $54,000 from Susquehanna University “RaiseMe was cleanly designed, easy to understand, and very rewarding right from the start. What I loved most about it was the fact that you could start earning micro-scholarships right away by simply entering in your grades and achievements.” Jacob N., Earned a Full Tuition Scholarship from University of Toronto “Raise me helped get me into a financial comfort zone that [allowed me to] focus on my studies and not worry constantly about how I’d be paying for school.” Sean V., Earned $10,000 from Florida International University Over 1,500,000 students have already used RaiseMe to find the right college and start earning scholarships in high school. Download our mobile app, create a RaiseMe profile, search for colleges, add in your grades and activities, and watch the scholarship dollars rack up - no essays or applications required.

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RaiseMe - College scholarships app reviews

  • Great app... if it allowed me to log in. 1/5

    By Lexi, A Frustrated Student
    I’ve been enjoying the website on my phone for quite some time, and have put in all my information (grades, PSAT scores) through the website. I figured it was time to download the app, for easier use. Well, that didn’t turn out well. I signed in using my google account, yet it signs me out after 10 seconds of use, saying my session has expired. And while I’m sure there is an explanation, every time I try to read the explanation, saying “The RaiseMe app only supports students...”, I am unable to read the rest, as my screen ends there and I cannot click on the text to read more. I would love to use to app, but it does not want me to use it, it seems.
  • Age requirement 1/5

    By muvadri
    Must be under 21
  • Can you use the money at any college you choose to? 5/5

    By J.Brooks7
    Are you able to use the money you earn at any college you decide to attend or does it have to be used on the university or college that rewarded you the money?
  • Love it! 5/5

    By LaurenD02
    I love this app! It is great to see opportunities for financial aid. The only thing is, at my school, courses count for either 5 credits for full years or 2.5 credits for half years. Is there any way to enter the credits how they are at my high school?
  • Profile 4/5

    By Phoneinteriordecorator2296
    Why isn’t there a place for the user to comment what kind of physical disability or options to chose from like the learning disability?? 5/10/19 this problem was fixed:)! In addition, if you have some community service hours are not with an official organization and you don’t enter anything for organization it won’t let you add it:(
  • Make the app accessible for Community College Students 3/5

    By Gawby
    The site a great, but it’s so much easier to keep track of things when it’s all in one place. Having to constantly log in online when an app is available is frustrating. Please make the app available to community college students. Beyond that, the concept is great.
  • CRASHES ALL THE TIME!!!!😡😡😡😡 1/5

    By curlyjoe123456789
    Every time I try to update my profile it crashes!
  • Idea for credits 4/5

    By Lol101234
    This is my third review now for this app, so I’ll just quickly say that I have enjoyed this app, but I’m having some trouble putting in my AP Chemistry class. At my school, AP Chem is a 2 credit class since it’s over 2 periods, but the app limits classes to a max of 1 credit. I bet others have had the same issue too, so I hope that you all will allow more flexible credits
  • Not for current college students 1/5

    By Amber123198
    So I downloaded this app and created my profile. Well I had to select my high school, ok cool, then I had to select my graduation year. I graduated in 2017 but it would only go to 2019... ☹️
  • Very glitchy! 3/5

    By bre278384
    I went to edit my courses for my freshman year, because some how one of them was listed at the wrong school. Every time I edited it and clicked saved it would say timed out or servers are unavailable and even one time completely went black and closed the app out. I like the idea of it. But it just doesn’t work in my opinion, and the new update makes it harder to navigate.
  • Seems to work 5/5

    By Whatsup0809
    I like RaiseMe thus far
  • Error 3/5

    By Nofoodisbae
    Could have tons of potential if they added more colleges. The real issue with me is the request timed out errors. I can’t even view any colleges because they won’t load. It just keeps giving me the “the request timed out.” Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  • Majors? 3/5

    By SkylaRose5
    I signed up for this app and it seems really useful, but it won’t let me put music education as a possible major. This is really annoying since that’s definitely what I want to major in and I don’t want to put anything else down
  • GPA 4/5

    By MHSYY45
    Right now it says that I have a 3.2 GPA and I know for a fact that it’s not true. I was wondering why it was calculating so weird? Other than that it is a really good app.
  • Before you waste your time... 1/5

    By Brennen Mahoney
    This seemed super convenient at first and I was shocked to see how much money I had just from completing activities and courses through high school. However, when the time came to get “all this money I earned,” it turned out to basically just be clickbait. I earned the Presidents Scholarship for $5,000 a semester to ASU; RaiseMe totaled to $1,309 a semester. Wouldn’t you figure that this would add together to make your nice grand total of $6,309 a semester?? Nope. It added the $1,309 a semester to my finances and subtracted the same amount from my $5,000 scholarship... so it subtracts the amount you get from RaiseMe from your other scholarships and adds the same amount back in. Huge waste of time and effort, got my hopes up for nothing and made me look stupid for trying. Thanks for nothing :)
  • High school students only? 1/5

    By jeeenjennn
    When I was signing up for this app it didn’t let me put my info in because of my age. I’m not a “high school student” I am a college transfer student. High school students aren’t the only ones looking into universities and scholarships.
  • Good app but I’m confused 4/5

    By samoyedprincess
    I’m still scratching my head why you have to be under 21 years of age to be able to use this. It shouldn’t matter what my age is, only what my grades are.
  • help 1/5

    By 😝Mya Llama😝
    how can I stop receiving mail and emails sent by colleges? I don’t want them and i have many sending me mail and email and it’s getting annoying
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Huntman63828294
    I’m a Freshman in high school and definitely need to start thinking about college and this is the perfect app to get started. Theres just one little thing they don’t have a large amount of schools on there but definitely have a good amount of schools maybe just try and start adding more and more school. And last thing as a fellow athlete maybe you guys should add the Ncaa division the school is in for what sports.
  • It’s Amazingly Helpful.... when it works. 4/5

    By NicholeLiath
    When I saw this app, I was immediately excited. As a freshman in many honors classes, I knew I was able to get scholarships. Along with my extracurricular activities. My only problem is that I have a high GPA. I have gotten honor roll every quarter so far. However, when I enter my grades into this app, my GPA is a whole point lower than what it’s supposed to be. Right now, my GPA last quarter was 4.2, when it says that it’s at a 3.3. I am not liable to scholarships, according to this when I know I am because my official score it way higher. Yes this may be a problem that is easily fixed, and I understand that. I will still use this app because it is quite possibly this best thing I have done for college considering money. My family does not have experience with college and it’s important to me that I go so I live my dream. This is absolutely amazing and I am extremely happy with what I have. Thank you so much for this app!
  • It’s great but... 3/5

    By Dayday2020
    I think this app is great and an awesome idea but I do have a semi major qualm with it. In my state we don’t have quarters that grades are given in. Grades are given 3 times a semester once every six weeks. Therefore I am unsure how to enter in my grades. We don’t take yearlong classes in high school, they last for half of the school year and then we switch. Please add an option to include this type of setup.
  • Just a small suggestion... 5/5

    By NemoTheCat
    This is a really good app for tracking your accomplishments on what college values and to see the quick profiles of colleges. However, it would be really nice if we could put semester classes as they are available in schools. For example, if I have band for a semester. I want to be able to do quarter 3, 4, and final. But in the app, you have to do quarter 1 & 2 as well. Just a small suggestion.
  • Quite the interesting app but... 4/5

    By Wykidc
    This is quite an interesting app. I applaud the producers and designers. The user interface is quite simple and easy to use for anyone and it’s quite def explanatory. However I would like know why, even after I put in my grades for classes, the GPA won’t change from 0.0 to a real GPA. I know my actual GPA but even when I enter my grades it won’t change from 0.0
  • Smaller colleges 3/5

    By Kelsey💗
    I think this app would be so much better if they reach out to smaller colleges. The smaller schools I want to go to are on the app but you can’t get money for.
  • Great 4/5

    By Pansycake12
    I really like this app and the availability of scholarships. However, I would like if there were more colleges. Also the test scores, community service, honors & awards, etc. should be automatically put in chronological order
  • Add ons 4/5

    By Mgbline
    Need to add a spot for certifications like CPR and Microsoft Certifications
  • Not cool 1/5

    By Peanut198132
    I am a 37 year mother of 2 trying to go back to school. And people like me should get the chance to have help paying for it. Why should it be limited to 21 and younger? There are plenty of older people like myself who are deciding everyday to go back to school. You should be willing to help them too.
  • Needs way more colleges 1/5

    By SomeoneReviewer
    This app barely offers any colleges and didn’t have a single one of the colleges I’m interested in.
  • Love this!! 5/5

    By lilfoodlover
    Great app!! Thank you for making this a reality because paying for college will be a real struggle for me and my family financially but this program has really lifted some weight off of our shoulders! So far I have received almost $33,000 (around $8,000 per year) for the school that I will be attending. The app not only provides scholarship opportunities but includes extensive information on many schools, whether they participate or not. However I did have a few questions. Am I guaranteed to receive the money I have racked up? Is it just an estimate of how much money I will receive in financial aid or grants? Will this money be included on top of already existing financial aid and grants?
  • Limits 3/5

    By thxinadvance
    I go to a high school with a middle school program, so we start taking high school classes in 7th grade. There doesn’t seem to be an option to add the classes I’ve taken in 7th/8th grade. I know my school isn’t the only one with these programs. On the transcript, our middle school years count as “pre-9th”. It would be amazing to be able to add that feature into the app! Also, please add more colleges! I’ve followed around 20 of them, a mix of state and private, and only one is available for micro scholarships. Thanks in advance! I look forward to saving money on college.
  • GPA 3/5

    By omgpleasefixypurgpacalc
    The gpa doesn’t work at all. My school doesn’t do weighted GPA we use the scale 0 to 4.0 and personally I have a 3.85 but the app says I only have a 3.77. Please fix your gpa calculator
  • Potential 2/5

    By Anna0913
    Personally, I think this app is an amazing idea. It holds a lot of good options for scholarships. I highly recommend if you’re planning on going to a small liberal arts college since most of them take micro scholarships like this app(religious affiliation or not). The reason why I gave this app 2 stars is due to how the app accumulates GPA. Every time I put in classes I loose money even if it’s a college level or AP and I have all A’s. The app claims I only have unweighted of a 2.85 when I actually have an unweighted of 3.5+ at the high school I attend. I would really like this problem to be fixed but I think it would be too difficult to structure it properly. I don’t think I’m getting good use out of this app but it’s worth a try.
  • Terrible if out of high school 1/5

    By Monkey man1133
    This app won’t even let you put a past graduation year. I’m already in college but looking for more support and this app gave none
  • It has potential 4/5

    By mr willr
    Right now, it’s ok. I think it’s a great app for getting an estimate on how much money you could receive. I also like how you can get money just for your grades and required community service. Although, it does need a lot of work. I followed about 20 colleges that I have an interest in and none of them appeared on the app. They really need to get a lot more colleges on here. I can understand not having Stanford or Harvard, but come on, it’s missing state schools. Also I wish there was an option to add a class in and not have it count towards your gpa. At my school there are college prep classes, honors classes, AP classes, and then ones that are unleveled(don’t count towards gpa). The options on the app are regular, honors, and AP. They really need to add an unleveled option. And finally, the app only shows your unweighted gpa, and not your weighted gpa. I would really like to see both on there, because it kept saying my gpa was too low to get a scholarship from northeastern, when my gpa was much higher than required. Overall I love the app but it needs some more work. :)
  • Very helpful! 4/5

    By ThePurpleFox18
    This is a great app! Helps get money for college, which is pretty swell. Also has a lot of information on different colleges, even ones that don’t offer scholarships. My only complaint is that the three high school credits I earned in middle school don’t count as classes.
  • I just have some questions 5/5

    By Maija.123
    on the option for the type of course there isn’t an option for Cambridge/AICE classes? what should i put if that’s the type of class i took? also do the classes have to be classes we took at the school? what about online classes? or a high school level class that i took in middle school
  • Extremely Helpful ! 5/5

    By 098765432112345678901357908642
    This app is extremely helpful in not only earning scholarships but also finding potential colleges that i’d be interested in. I’m a sophomore currently but I highly recommend it to all high school students looking to further their education.
  • Parent accounts 1/5

    By Kelly_Mayumi
    This app is not for parent accounts, it is intended for high school student usage
  • Please add a weighted gpa feature 4/5

    By Komodo312
    I really like this app but is there a way you guys can add a weighted gpa feature that would be perfect. I understand colleges usually look at unweighted but a lot of the colleges I’ve been looking at look a unweighted.
  • Not available if over 21 1/5

    By Dkowalewsky
    Looking at reviews and everything looks great! I’m always on the look out for places for scholarships. Unfortunately I can’t use it because I’m older than 21.... people over 21 do go to college too and are always looking for ways to pay for it. It would be great if it was available for everyone and not restricted to an age.
  • Could Be Improved... 4/5

    By emilijaaaaaaa
    I think it would be highly beneficial for those who are wavering on their majors/colleges to create a way to favorite certain colleges, bringing them to the top of your list. Also more micro scholarships in bigger schools (I know you can’t control this, but is is a downfall.) Lasty some way to find colleges based on majors you’re interested in. Like let us pick up to five majors (since we all don’t have it narrowed down to three yet,) and then when searching for colleges have the best rated in each major you chose. Maybe even a filter for distance or cost or possible savings would be extremely helpful. Overall great app though :)
  • Help 5/5

    By amaries239
    I can’t add my “College Events” at community colleges, only universities.
  • Very good 5/5

    By gatty boy supreme
    I use this app a lot and enjoy the user interface
  • Amazing but 5/5

    By Bela 😆✌🏻
    This app is truly amazing, but there are many colleges that aren’t available for scholarships on the app. Is there any way to get more prestigious colleges on the app such as Harvard,Duke, or Stanford University. Other than that I love the app. This is extremely helpful.

    By FlamePrinces82
    I’m currently a junior and I’ve recommended this to all of my friends, it’s a enormous help and is easy to use! I can organize all my community hours, extra circulars and grades and earn micro scholarships constantly! It’s amazing and makes it easy when filling out applications and other scholarships, Amazing!!
  • Not for all schools 1/5

    By Smileyshelby
    No money/option available for grad students
  • have a question about age 5/5

    By LexiBella1234
    If I am a freshman in highschool, can I start this app? Does it matter what grade i start in or should I start later in my highschool career?
  • Weighted or Unweighted? 5/5

    By kyyyy01
    I love this app so much! However, I have a question upon recording our past grade history. Do we apply the weighted or unweighted grades of our past Honors/AP classes?
  • My school isn’t listed 1/5

    By anonymously hidden
    I can’t seem to find my Highschool I sent in a request for you guys to list it, but it still isn’t there.

RaiseMe - College scholarships app comments

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