Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

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  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers
  • Compatibility: Android
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Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers App

The only app you’ll ever need to order our One Love® - quality chicken finger meals! ORDER AHEAD – Skip the line. Order your favorites, exactly how you like them, in just a few taps. PAY AHEAD – Pay straight from your phone for quick and easy order pick-up. TASTY TRACKING - Get your chicken fresh and hot every time you pick-up your order. QUICK REORDERING – Save your favorites for fast ordering. To learn more about Raising Cane's visit raisingcanes.com or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest info on what's new, where we're headed next, and more!

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Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers app reviews

  • Direction function on App directed me to wrong place. 1/5

    By Sakura027
    I clicked the “direction” button on the app to go to the store In Glendora CA. It automatically sent latitude and longitude to my map app. When I was driving through residential street, the map showed I got there. I was so confused. So I parked and manually input address into Google map, it turned out the store is at opposite direction. I had to drive for another 5 mins to get here. Please fix!
  • Bad app for a great restaurant. 1/5

    By TGTJp
    I love Cane’s and was excited that they got an app for ordering. But this app is horrible. We tried placing an order with 2 different accounts with 2 different cards. Both came back with declined because of the billing address or zip code. Except that the address we put in is our billing address and zip code. I tried a could variations as some apps are particular. But nope. Couldn’t place an order at all. And now my credit card has 10 charges and refunds. Additionally, during the signup, I use A password manager and the URI shows localhost so the developers may want to fix that too. Hopefully they’ll get these things fixed so the app isn’t as frustrating as it’s been to use today.
  • No Apple Pay 4/5

    By Col3man
    Why not allow ApplePay, it’s already in your stores, why can’t I use it for my chicken. Easier and faster and safer then actual card numbers. Make it happen!
  • Not working 1/5

    By Tmorillion
    I feel like an app like this either works or it doesn’t and tonight it didn’t. My local Canes was open for another 2 hrs when I went to place my order. I couldn’t place my order for drivethru, so I tried to select curbside but got an error message stating that the location would be closed by the time I got there....
  • Still Glitches 2/5

    By Word-nerd 99
    App works ok and was able to place my order. Current issue is I can’t save my Caniac card number. When I proceed to save the numbers disappear.
  • Couldn’t order 1/5

    By Aprilia OSRS
    Spent 30 minutes trying to get it to accept my card but it just keeps saying my billing zip code is wrong. Certainly is not, I even tried my old address. Time for new card services or app developers!
  • Can place an order but always seems to be a problem bring it out 2/5

    By matthew209775555
    I got the app because I get a 30 min break from work and thought this would be a fast way to grab lunch during my break. However, it never seems to be fast. I can place my order but it never seems to be brought out. Each time I have to call and ask for my food. Very disappointing and frustrating
  • Where my DFW Ticket P1s at ? 5/5

    By pimpen aint easy
    Chicken fingers 4 lyfe
  • App doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By Drew21046
    App used to work well for me. I have tried ordering on the app the past 4 times I ate here and it just doesn’t work anymore. I logged out then back in, turned off my phone, deleted the app and redownloaded, everything. I had to have my sister order for me one time on her app and it worked fine. I can’t seem to fix my app with anything I’ve tried. The lines are too long sometimes so if the app isn’t working, you’d lose my business. Please reach out with a solution!
  • No rewards! 1/5

    By Texas_adri
    What’s the point for this app?
  • Online ordering not working for 43026 1/5

    By SlimCed
    I live 3 minutes from a canes in zip code 43026 yet for months I can’t use this app for online ordering. Baffling how you don’t have all your stores set up for this app!
  • App works great. Don't waste your time on curbside 1/5

    By jdjdmeleldmxmdkeoemdnd
    App works great to place your order but the service at store #444 is garbage. I ordered online and parked in the mobile pickup. While waiting, at least 2 other cars pull up, make an order with an employee curbside, and they got their food before anyone asks me if I had a mobile order and then bring out my order that's been sitting inside waiting. #444 is trash
  • Not working 1/5

    By Sumica
    Garbage, app resets to welcome page over and over while trying to register.
  • Raising Canes app 2/5

    By arctictenor
    This app is frustrating. I couldn't add a gift card. I had to actually place an order first. And then the app didn't even save the gift card info. It's not very user friendly. I rarely ever go to Canes and the app will keep it that way.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By JennieyL
    Signed up today so I can avoid having the employees rush to make a long order. I downloaded the app but it won’t let me sign up at all (keeps kicking me out). I think the company should have waited before launching the app because it needs too much work.
  • Much improved! 3/5

    By CjzhyjcfjbGks nh
    Not a perfect app but much better than when it launched!
  • Barely functions 1/5

    By ~Turd Ferguson~
    Love Raising Cane’s, but holly heck guys get better app developers. This app seems to reset itself constantly and struggles to do anything at all. Deleted almost immediately
  • Lower the prices of your meals 3/5

    By Ryan554
    I pay like 12 bucks for 6 little chicken strips, a piece of bread and a couple fries
  • very unorganized 1/5

    By Joseph32115
    Ordered from the app and set pick up time to 5:45. The app said to walk in and pick up food from the shelf but there was no food there. Then they told us we had to wait outside in the line even though we had ordered beforehand. They didn’t have the food ready until almost an hour later. Super disappointed in the unorganized layout of pick up orders and the lack of efficiency occurring in the restaurant.
  • Inefficient 1/5

    By NicJS582
    Scheduled order for 8. Wasn’t ready until 8:10. Doesn’t notify you when food is ready so had to wait in crowded restaurant the whole time. Had to fill own drinks. Not covid friendly in the slightest. Canes Azusa location.
  • The mobile app 1/5

    By johnleemac44
    The mobile app doesn’t work its lags when you try and order things off there menu also double charging your card
  • Trash 1/5

    By .,?!.'xc
    Can’t order anything off it cause all the app does is pull you back to the sign up or log in screen any time you press anything, will even pull you back when tried to sign up for the account it keeps telling you to sign up for
  • Declined cards 1/5

    By Madsandmimi
    Ordering was easy, location selection was easy but when the app declines every credit card you enter something is wrong
  • You've been warned 1/5

    By dddfk736
    The app crashes for me about every 30 seconds and it's extremely slow otherwise. I never even got to sign up because it would erase my name and email before I could finish the form

    By Dipitychee
    I would have ordered on the app but you can’t customize your order :/
  • No locations available on app 1/5

    By CartmanisPhat
    Useless app, doesn’t show any store locations
  • No Rewards or Incentives 3/5

    By LloBro12
    To me it’s no point in having an app with no reward system to reward the customer for their time and money. Canes drive thru is already fast so the only advantage would be a few minutes at most. A rewards system similar to chick Fil a or even Whataburger would be GREAT!
  • Worthless, missing most features other apps have 1/5

    By malnar
    I can go to Cain’s and modify an order - swap out gross coleslaw for an extra piece of bread, for example. Can I do that in the app? Nope! This is just a ridiculously primitive app. Having no app is better than having one that barely functions and doesn’t take advantage of any of the capabilities of smartphones made in the past 5 or so years.
  • App works well BUT 2/5

    By RPR Eagle
    Unfortunately until you open the app and login do you find out that mobile orders are not available in your area. I would think that in the world we live in currently that this would have been a priority of getting restaurants online. That is one major issue.
  • Can’t even sign up. 1/5

    By Advfghd
    Every time I try and create an account it refreshes the page so I have to keep starting over. Plus it lags ALOT!
  • No basic features most food apps have 1/5

    By Troopershades
    No face login. No password generation to save to apple keychain. No payment integration. Ridiculous password requirements. No guest feature which makes the login even more painful. Resetting password is a chore. Ordering features are simple to navigate and easy to use. If they would fix account management the app would be fine.
  • Just disappointing:( 1/5

    By sheriff brown
    Nothing works on this app. It just crashes and saves nothing!:((
  • Ok App but bugs are a issue 2/5

    By Oc816
    The app is ok for ordering food for pick-up but there is no “I’m here” button for the app and anytime I try using my caniac club membership rewards it won’t allow it and says it invalid!
  • Tea 4/5

    By jamesmckee
    Please add ability to select half sweet/half unsweet tea. Thanks!
  • Won’t even let me log in 1/5

    By PeteyP3t3
    Tried to log in a few times but lost my patience. Let me know when you fix your app
  • About Time We Got an App 5/5

    By Breanna Monique
    Works great 👍🏽
  • Credit card info won’t work 2/5

    By kdiane76
    I tried 3 different cards and all said zip was not correct which it is correct. Super long line, and wanted to use curbside. We gave up
  • Can’t sign up! 1/5

    By Wolfster22
    I’ve downloaded and reloaded countless times and I can’t get signed up! No matter where I am. Tried my wife’s phone too. Same thing!! Get my first name in and then back to sign-up screen!! Would be nice if it worked and not have to deal with COVID lines!! Frustrating!!
  • Behind the times 3/5

    By gdyvfhb
    Works fine but not close to par with Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, etc. Needs Apple Pay and a reward system that is easier to see in the app! BUT I’m very glad they finally got curbside!
  • Simple but missing Apple Pay 3/5

    By ddjeffries
    Simple easy to use app. Works decently well but needs Apple Pay to take it to the next level.
  • Apple Pay coming soon? 3/5

    By @Domerdondon
    Apple Pay coming soon?
  • Drive Thru 2/5

    By SavageXBabbit
    Love your food but have to give a two star just from the fact that the drive thru option is never available. If I can order my food and pick it up in the drive thru it would be an easy five star.
  • Slow and Glitchy/Buggy 1/5

    By _MLaw_
    Every time I try to sign in/sign up for an account the page always refreshes and I have to put in my information all over again. I can’t even fill out most of the information fast enough because it refreshes too quick and it’s slow to input text on the information boxes and trying to move to the next information box. I haven’t ordered anything on the app yet. I heard about the app from a promotional email from Cane’s and thought it would be a good idea to at least have an account set up for when I plan to order. I did read a few reviews before the app installed on my mobile device and already knew it was going to be bad, but not being able to even set up an account was a bummer. Hopefully they fix this app soon.
  • No locations available 2/5

    By Waterboy810
    No locations around me are available but it doesn’t even show any available in the United States. I know I have several around me. Is this not for use in the United States?
  • Just Collecting Email and Phone Numbers 1/5

    By OHTechDiver
    None of the restaurants in our area participate in the online ordering. If you’re gonna make an app available and have users create an account to collect information with which to spam email or sell off to a marketing agency, then ALL of the locations should offer the service. At least make the app useful by including the menu.
  • No option for honey mustard :/ 3/5

    By Mike18747378
    Please add options to replace and buy extra honey mustard instead of just canes sauce
  • Buggy do not recommend 1/5

    By kona742
    Keeps logging out when I try to place an order
  • Couldn’t ever get the app to work 1/5

    By lamarfite
    I stopped by here on my lunch break and I tried to order for 20 minutes. The app booted me off and restarted my order 4 times. I eventually got frustrated and went to eat somewhere else. The particular location I was at was only offering curbside pickup.
  • Declined 1/5

    By filidustbuster
    App doesn’t work if every card used by 3 different people says declined because of wrong address or zip code.