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Randonautica App

Wander into wonder with Randonautica, the official app of the Randonauts. Randonautica takes you on a journey of true randomness. The adventure is yours to have and the legend will be yours to tell. Welcome, future Randonauts! This app provides you with totally random coordinates within a set radius. You can then choose if you’d like to adventure to the point. It’s been said by the Randonaut community that breaking out of what’s called your “probability-tunnel” can bring about meaningful experiences and provide great fun while journeying into the world around you. 

Just getting started? Here are some of the features of using the app: - The app uses both a pseudo and quantum entropy sources for randomization - The app provides a set of coordinates that can be opened in a map to navigate to or the user can digitally explore the coordinates - The app allows the user to submit a trip report and share to social media

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Randonautica app reviews

  • It’s worth the hype! 5/5

    By himynameishuh
    Change settings so you don’t get water or too far distance and it’s amazing !!
  • How do I use this 5/5

    By gbb guy
    How the heck do I use this
  • SCAM!!!! SCAM!!!! SCAM!!!!! 5/5

    By dobetterwithyourappsthanks
    I don’t recommend this app AT ALL! The locations were literally all on corners of the side of the road... Also it took me and my friend in a big ass circle. Long story short, you will not find any adventures with this app! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!
  • Eh 3/5

    By My 11th try
    I get the idea behind it but we did it for about an hour and all it did was bring us to random houses. Because it was all private property we couldn’t really explore.
  • Cool concept, bad app 1/5

    By autumngelaine
    Keeps giving me coordinates to private property that I can’t access or doesn’t load coordinates all together. I bought the add-on to search for places and it doesn’t work. Waste of money and time unless I can get a refund or the place search function starts working.
  • Fixed the white bug! 4/5

    By pyrogoddess
    It works now, trying it out later today.
  • DONT BUY 1/5

    By 18493;$:8,!30
    A random find my iPhone alert went off the night after I bought it, super creepy!!! I didn't set it, I changed my apple ID.
  • Trash App 1/5

    By Optivortec
    Man at first I thought I was bored as hell, than I did this and I was bored ass hell but also with no gas. Very stupid ass app. Kept taking me to someone’s backyard 4 mins away.
  • be careful 4/5

    By Taytot27
    this app is genuinely creepy pls be carfel. AND NEVER GO BY YOURELF! EVER
  • Really fun 5/5

    By 22bryan
    This app is a lot of fun and it’s not scary (unless you really want it to be) it took us to really cool places it’s a really good app I 100% recommend!!!

    By Jack the awesomeness
  • sketch 1/5

    By Girl 102
    yes, i know this is supposed to be a positive app to take you new places, but this is super sketchy places it is taking me. This app is taking me to the kind of places that multiple crime scenes have happened and i’m sorry but that doesn’t make me feel safe.
  • What is the owl? 3/5

    By Brianna rocks 123
    Why is the picture an owl with its neck snapped? I’m just curious but it’s been a really fun app so far!
  • Randonautica 2/5

    By chelseagirl15
    i really don’t get how to use the app.. the video doesn’t explain it well enough for me. doesn’t explain what the points are and what randonauting is. i done see where my coordinates are... over all very confusing for beginners in my opinion
  • Cool app but something scary happened 4/5

    By ShAYyysheaaaa
    This app is super cool it took us to friends houses when we manifested about certain things and the craziest stuff has happened. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or this app really knows what you’re thinking about. Be careful what you ask though because we manifested about dead bodies and it took us to a lake where someone died in and also it took us to a car accident which was very scary but other than that it’s a fun app
  • Sketchy 1/5

    By Jdjdjsjsjdudos
    Very sketchy asks to access your photos and random things. Made my phone freeze when I’ve never had problems with my phone. It also made my friends brand new phone screen go completely green. Don’t download
  • Super Cool places! 5/5

    By WDWfans
    Downloaded this app for some fun, went searching for some anomalies with my friends and we discovered a secret beach on a nearby river highly recommend!
  • Locations 3/5

    By mithful wardean
    It’s not a bad app but their is to many locations that is in some ones yard
  • :( Unimpressive 1/5

    By mad bare
    It keeps taking me to private locations or locations I can’t access any coordinates they’ve given me. I’ve tried 7 coordinates:(
  • Pretty buggy but hope for better 3/5

    By Kozyz
    I really like the idea of this app but first I got the white screen and now I was able to get through on the app but it never gave me the terms and conditions so I can’t even do anything would really appreciate some more knowledge on it.
  • Not working 2/5

    By ski mask saben
    it won’t send the message to agree to the terms of service. i was looking forward to this too
  • Ehh🤷🏽‍♀️ 3/5

    By Lil.bit15
    I’m not saying this app is horrible. Maybe it’s just because where I live. But. I love in St. Louis Missouri ANS I’ve only got locations to houses and to the air port or to a gas station that’s literally 2 seconds away from me. I hope to keep using the app and have an amazing experience like the other reviews or videos I’ve seen from tik tok😁.
  • didn’t go anywhere 2/5

    By shsjjsjdjfjdjs
    it just kept bringing us to people backyards
  • Houses 3/5

    By Tyler waid!
    It’s a cool idea but i tried three times and it kept trying to send me to people houses. ):
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Stephanie Voza
    The first time i used this app it brought me to a random parking lot in the back of a restaurant. It happened to be the end of an old fashioned train station. At the very end, a beautiful bright red cardinal was sitting there. It was my brother who died in January of this year. This app brought me to my brother to send me a message. Its really amazing what some faith and deep thinking can do. Really love this app.
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By Rhettmcc
    Just a blAck screen, cleaned out all unnecessary apps and still no good.
  • Fix water settings 3/5

    By Dabomb8778
    I live on an island and the app has not asked me if I want water locations. Because of where I live it keeps giving me water locations and when I go into settings the only thing it lets me change is the radius. Every location I get is either in the water or way off island.
  • I thought this was a joke 5/5

    By skitzoshorty
    I kid you not I found out about the app on tiktok and thought it was clickbait. I messed around with it and nothing too crazy happened. Until I was taken to a location that was my great grandmothers actual grave. I had the intention of finding something forgotten. It works. I literally did not believe this was real until my 3rd time going randonauting. If it doesn’t work for you, try having a clear intention on what you want to find. Also, the subreddit r/randonauts has great examples of just how real it is.
  • janks with your phone 1/5

    By joceydelg
    my friend and i both downloaded this app for fun and within 30 minutes we couldn’t open any of the apps on our phones. even after restarting our phones they still wouldn’t work. the only way to fix it was to delete all of the apps and redownload them. extremely annoying.
  • Inaccessible locations 1/5

    By debbiek0720
    We tried the app for the first time today. We searched for 3 sites. The first one took us to the top of a bridge and told us to park and walk to the site. The bridge has no pull off lanes and no place to park. The second spot it took us to was a random family home in a neighborhood. The third spot was inside the Naval Academy. A place that your are unable to enter. Three strikes. We’ll try again tomorrow and hope for better luck.
  • Love it 5/5

    By TotesOverIt😜
    it was buggy at first but that’s to be expected
  • White screen 1/5

    By Dtremeear5
    I’ve tried downloading this so many times in a desperate attempt to finally Randonautica yo be let down time and time again. 😑Every time I try to open the app, I see the app start up screen and then it just goes to a white screen. When I back out of the app and try again, I am faced with the same situation. Please help! 🙏🏻
  • could be better 2/5

    By S6Emmz
    Sometimes i would get errors like this, other errors would be give some other problem. “Sorry, it looks like something went wrong. TaskCanceledException: The operation was canceled.” idek what the questions actually mean. it takes too long to load and i set my radius to 24000m/ 15 miles
  • 10/10 5/5

    By sofiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Just a white screen 1/5

    By ᴀᴅɪᴇ
    When I first get in the app it’s just white I can’t do nothing
  • Fantastic!! 5/5

    By momo24601
    I just discovered this app, and so far it has been both a fun and amazing experience for me and my friends and family. Not only does it give us the chance to get outside and do something beyond our “normal” routine, but it’s also been something exciting and fun that we would never have tried if not for being quarantined and so forth. So thank you to the team & developers who came up with this fun and exciting idea to get us adults and our kiddos outside, eager to explore—I’m telling everyone I know about this app, thank you for making me feel like a kid again!
  • Ummmmm 4/5

    By Rainbow platypus
    So to start off this review we got chased by cops and was led to a dead body. Overall fun app would recommend
  • Couldn’t make it 3/5

    By layne cash
    unfortunately my friend and i couldn’t make it to the destination because my friend who was driving crashed. it was seconds after we opened the app. i’m not suggesting anything but if this app really is as special as it claims i blame it😂 good luck and drive safe
  • Perfect exploring tool 5/5

    By jesse_lulu
    It works great! The spots are always fairly close which is great. Gets you out of the house to do one thing other than just sit around.
  • Couldn’t go to the places 1/5

    By KittyKat3419
    It’s a really cool idea, but all the places it was taking me was driveways and private property areas.
  • lame 2/5

    By Sweet Manta Ray
    the app isn’t awful, but it doesn’t really work for me. the “random points” are literally people’s back yards or INSIDE THEIR HOUSES only a couple blocks away. i don’t know if i did something wrong or i’m not using it correctly but it just doesn’t work for me
  • Excited to try it out 5/5

    By Sassyandfifi
    Unfortunately the weather is bad all week and seemingly next??? But I'm excited to try it out with my friend. Also, it is what you make it. If you go into it with fear, you're probably going to come across something scary. It's just how it works.
  • White screen 2/5

    By oml this app 🙄
    Tried to use it and just a white screen pops up
  • It’s about the journey not so much the destination 5/5

    By Jay the dude obides
  • Super fun app 5/5

    By PeachyBella
    I’ve been using this app for about a week now and I absolutely love it! Super creepy coincidences have been occurring at the points the app generates. Love love love it
  • It’s not a “scary” app!! 5/5

    By guccinitortellini
    I love the idea behind this app! It’s good for what it is currently, there are a few bugs but nothing major. I’m sure they’ll continue improve it, being that the app suddenly went viral. Give them a chance! Just a heads up, a lot of people on social media are using this app and saying they’re getting lead to creepy or negative places and making a ~thing~ of it. If you already have that idea in your head and then use the app, there’s a good chance you’ll subconsciously lead yourself to negative and scary places! Relax! Have fun with it! Think of love and light, ask for positive signs! There’s enough bad going on in the world right now, why would you purposefully look for more?
  • amazing app 5/5

    By kendallroseee
    the first and only app i’ll leave a review for. absolutely incredible. i cant wait to see how this app can approve and the places it will go. amazing job.
  • Worth Your Time 5/5

    By Alex_theLion214
    If you are new to randonauting I suggest you check out the official subreddit and do your research on the terms used and what the act of randonauting is. With that being said, I’ve personally found the app to work great with most of my experiences! It’s nice to get out and explore and find interesting things that you most likely never would’ve found otherwise. You can also leave a review of your trip inside the app if you wish. However, there are times where the point generated will not be accessible, (e.g. point generated is inside private property or app will tell you there were no points generated), but you have to keep in mind that these are randomly generated numbers and will not work 100% of the time. Whenever this happens it’s easy to just regenerate a new location. I highly recommend to all who are looking for ways to walk between reality to start here.
  • great app 5/5

    By vsantowski
    love this app

Randonautica app comments

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