Rapid Ring

Rapid Ring

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  • Current Version: 1.29.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ring.com
  • Compatibility: Android
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Rapid Ring App

Rapid Ring is built for speed. As a companion to the Ring app, it’s the fastest, simplest way to answer notifications and check on your home in real time. Simply download and log in with your Ring account. Choose the devices you wish to answer and Ring notifications will open automatically in Rapid Ring, so you can see, hear, and speak to visitors quickly. When you need to review events, set up a new device, or change settings, just open the Ring app you already use directly from within Rapid Ring. Watch over your home from your iPhone, iPad or Mac with Ring’s Wi-Fi connected Video Doorbells and Security Cameras. Ring devices connect to your Wi-Fi network and sends you instant alerts when people press your Doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors. When you answer the alert, you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. All Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras stream live HD video and two-way audio straight to your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Ring devices also feature motion detection, so you can focus on the most important areas of your home. And with a Ring Protect Plan, you can save, review and share all your Ring videos with anyone. Sold at additional cost. Whether you’re on vacation halfway around the world, or just too busy with the kids upstairs, Ring lets you watch over your home from anywhere. Because with Ring, you’re always home. Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras Features: - High-definition video - Wide-angle camera lens - Two-way talk - Motion detection - Infrared night vision - Video recording (Requires a Ring Protect Plan. Sold at additional cost) - Lifetime theft protection

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Rapid Ring app reviews

  • Alert!!! 2/5

    By Cara10
    I tried this app and when you set it up it will turn off all the Ring app alerts and if you have Alexa devices for notifications you will never hear them.
  • Awesome Companion App 5/5

    By DaveM2323
    This is an awesome companion app to Ring app. It does not replace it. This is intended to be a small and fast app for live views. Works great!!!
  • Rip. Intrusive. Cop wannabes. 1/5

    By With a name like that . . .
  • Doesn’t work glitching 5/5

    By Lee2525
    Doesn’t connect keeps glitching.
  • App review 5/5

    By Vettoe
    It has live up to its name, so rapidly access.
  • Ring Products 5/5

    By JMIT45
    Good Products, Great Support
  • Pulls up cameras fast 5/5

    By Clayton999
    Multiple times faster than the full Ring app
  • Constant malfunction 1/5

    By Chip hip
    I’ve had this device for a few years now and just in the last year plus it constantly says someone’s at the door there’s no one there it delays you can go out and it rings and then five minutes later it will say someone’s at the door it’s not good
  • Black screen 2/5

    By MellyMel210
    I installed Rapid ring after calling ring customer service since accessing live video through the Ring app took FOREVER!! Rapid ring worked well for awhile but now, when I try to access it, the live view almost always loads a black screen. This is beyond frustrating since I can never see who is at my door which makes the ring device virtually pointless.
  • Better option 5/5

    By Dsuto
    It takes so long for the regular ring app to come up. This app is great!
  • More Horrible With Each Update. 1/5

    By Dob1985
    Ring must have hired developers to do nothing but mess their apps up. Mission accomplished!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Ryanw83
  • How did I not know about this app? 5/5

    By ipatgo
    Finally, I can see who is at the door before they leave… go home… and go to bed. Excellent app. Love it.
  • Pretty good but feature requests 4/5

    By AppleA00
    Nice and fast but please consider adding — snooze button next to camera on main page for 2hrs and then go into settings for any number of hours (not just the current 3 options) — notifications per camera if they are offline
  • Misnomer 1/5

    By Kitty pics
    Nothing rapid about it , walking to door quicker! Wish it was as efficient as Blink!
  • Does not connect anymore 2/5

    By Ramalnirad
    Same problem as with the main ring app, after the last few updates, the camera does not connect or on rare occasions extremely slow to connect.
  • A lot faster than the Ring App 5/5

    By Jess Elo
    I don’t like the fact I have 2 apps for Ring but I do enjoy that I can answer rings and monitor my property a lot faster. You do still need the regular app to review past history but at least this app gives (as close to) instantaneous access to your cameras as possible.
  • Does what it should 5/5

    By rbsoh2019
    Great app love my ring products and this app is a good way to respond fast to a notification, would like to see a watch app added and widgets at some point
  • No better than ring 1/5

    By Spartankath
    No better than the ring app. Slow and no it’s not my internet
  • Live View 5/5

    By Yogi 543
    When the real Ring app causes issues quite often with live view as it requires their WiFi router extremely close to work, this app works flawlessly. Wish Ring would incorporate this technology into their regular app. Come on get er done.
  • Adequate security 5/5

    By forever MLov
    The ring camera is more than adequate for my security needs! Reliable and does not fail when its video recording is used and replayed. Great investment when one needs home security and peace of mind.
  • Live view 1/5

    By tycoon baller
    Even after downloading this app the live view for ring cameras does not work. Do not waste your time
  • Review made to stop annoying pop up asking to rate. 4/5

    By Fitz4321
    Yea it works. Here is the review. Please stop the pop up asking for a review.
  • Makes The Ring Doorbell More Efficient 5/5

    By The_Ally_of_Orderly_Procedure
    Rapid Ring speeds up your ability to answer the Ring video doorbell. This is great because you don’t want to keep your visitors waiting while you connect your IPad to the video of the door bell using a Ring app. Efficiency and effectiveness is good!
  • Does not work. 1/5

    By Eagle35
    Nothing happens but spinning. I have very good WIFI with 237/12 speeds. -46 RSSI. The thing does not work.
  • Ring Doorbell 5/5

    By Robert10313
    Two years and it’s been working very good, I just installed A New battery for the first time today it was 2years old so it was time 5 stars for sure
  • Super fast 4/5

    By Arigato22
    It’s super fast in getting to live view than the original Ring app. The problem is that after you closed the live view, it will keep taking you back to Rapid Ring app instead. That’s the annoying part for me hence one star is docked
  • Bad 1/5

    By Qwerty union123
    Can never connect when I need it.
  • Navigation of sight freezes up 4/5

    By ringadingie
    Program in “my account” freezes up and won’t let you navigate. You keep telling me that I have not paid for storing recordings. You have done this two times in the last 3 months. I have another account. Why not put them together?
  • Needs a motion snooze button 3/5

    By BSkips
    Ok app.... needs a one stop motion snooze button to stop notifications. Instead you have to pause each alert for EVERY camera then unpause it for EVERY camera. The regular ring app has the ability to do it why can’t the Rapid Ring app have it also??
  • Not faster than regular app 1/5

    By carolinwaldo
    Bought this because if the long delay on my regular app. When I stand in front of the door bell with my phone in my pocket it doesn’t send me a notification until I leave the porch!
  • Quirky 1/5

    By No iss
    Only allows me view on alert not if I go live . Very quirky
  • Crap 1/5

    By Allweneednow
    This use to be good at one time even with this last 4/13/20 horrible no connection and crashing all the time Back to the same crap. Freezing up when open. With this latest update
  • Missing Snooze 4/5

    By Juh Jay
    Rapid Ring (RR) is great. However, future versions should include “snooze all” button. Currently, too many clicks to get cameras to snooze for known activity. I attempted to snooze all in the main Ring app, but doesn’t seem to apply to RR. Almost there!
  • Quick 5/5

    By TroyNNC
    Ok this helps solve the issue of not getting the camera up and running live quick enough to address many motion alerts. NOW if they would create an app where you could view multiple cameras in real time.
  • With Ring you’re always at home. 5/5

    By Hamptoons
    We’ve been long time Ring users from the beginning. Ring is a ever vigilant security device that provides peace of mind 24/7. Ring is a very well made product offering outstanding service and customer support second to none. No home should be without Ring. Greg Schimizzi Chairman Hamptons Television

    By rodytoon
    Bought a TP Link Deco mesh system and some cameras do not load, they hang for a while then I get stream error or records in black video. With Rapid Ring camera loads much faster although sometimes video is half green on the screen then corrects itself. Not perfect solution but improvement. Ring you are aware of to link issues and it is your cameras that have the issue please resolve this. The cameras used to get bricked, now they don’t but they still have major issues.
  • Needs manger improvement.. 1/5

    By P.Foxx
    The app do to much buffering... RING really needs to update and upgrade.
  • My app won’t update or if I delete and reload it won’t complete the download 2/5

    By hattie J W
    App does not download after trying to update and reload
  • Loads much faster for a quick live view. Needs snooze all 4/5

    By mrsbasicshark
    Loads much faster for a quick live view. Needs snooze all
  • Simpler App, Lower Resolution Video 2/5

    By CGELL
    This app certainly accomplishes what the name implies - it is faster than the normal Ring app. But this is accomplished through using lower resolution video and fewer features. It seems that rather than upgrading their network and hardware they just decided it’s easier to just use less data to load faster. So while it does get you faster access to video they most likely could spend the money to upgrade on their end so you don’t have to decide between speed and quality. If they sell an HD camera with paid web access it should give you reasonably fast HD video without compromise. The tech is available if they are willing to pay for it.
  • Motion alerts won’t turn off after update 1/5

    By HD100th03FatBoy
    After the update that came out today I can’t turn my motion alerts off unless I go in and individually snooze each one of them so when I go into the main ring app and hit disable it does nothing on rapid ring sometimes you need to leave well enough alone.
  • Ring doorbell pro 2 1/5

    By J-dog!!
    Continues to disconnect from the Internet intermittently. Not dependable
  • Slow response 3/5

    By lil Red in The Lou
    It used to be fast but now there’s a lot of lagging
  • Still HORRID after all this time.. 1/5

    By Chuck-IV
    It seems like it is ALWAYS something with this app, whether it be a black screen or a “weak connection” when the camera has a great connection. I have an RSSI of -37 to my backyard floodlight camera yet I can BARELY get a picture with it reporting a “weak connection” and then abruptly dropping the connection altogether. THERE IS NO REASON FOR IT TO BE THIS BAD! Ring really needs to go back to the drawing board and redesign this and the main app so that you can get a DIRECT FEED of the video WITHOUT it having to be sent to their servers first then come back to you. Many people do not have very fast upload speeds so this upload first, then back down is what is killing the video. SPLIT the feed so one feed and can go DIRECTLY to any devices on the same network and then also send the other feed up to your servers so off network devices can see it. Other companies do it this way and so should Ring.
  • Good not Great 3/5

    By RecruiterRay
    For me, it wasn’t perfectly clear why Rapid Ring needed to exist. It seems like a more basic version of the Ring app but perhaps faster? My thought is that if they could make the video generate faster then just improve the Ring App? Why the need for a second app? Let me be clear, I like it, I think it’s good... but it’s hard for me to say it’s great when I feel like they made a separate app for something that could have been an update to either of the existing apps. Just my two-cents!
  • Not very useful 4/5

    By Attended the live conference
    Unreliable notifications Deliveries very frequently walk by two cameras without triggering anything Customer service helpful but do not solve the problem Too late to return Wish I had not invested in this product
  • Great 5/5

    By rockyusa52
  • Ring app update made this app useless 1/5

    By Mr.Yaj
    Ring app was updated yesterday but they forgot to update this app making it useless; when the regular ring app picks up motion so does this app but now it won’t let you preview and will give you a blank screen. Please fix