Rave – Watch Party

Rave – Watch Party

  • Category: Social Networking
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  • Current Version: 6.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Rave Media, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Rave – Watch Party App

Watch Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Prime Video and more with friends while chatting in perfect sync! - CONNECT with your friends via text or voice message while you watch together - ENJOY creating a Watch Party on YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and much more! - LISTEN to music with people from anywhere around the world - SHARE your videos to Google Drive for global movie nights - SYNC your phones and create an instant speaker system - JOIN friends on iOS, other phones, and even in virtual reality - CREATE your own mashups by mixing your favorite music videos with RaveDJ FOLLOW US Stay up to date with our latest updates and don't miss out on the best mashups! Instagram: @GetRaveApp Facebook: @GetRave Twitter: @RaveApp Contact us If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hello, send us a message at [email protected] or visit www.rave.io

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Rave – Watch Party app reviews

  • Shows freeze Daily 1/5

    By Pakintarb
    Developers, Please fix the freezing problem. It doesn’t happen every time I go to start a episode of Netflix but when it does it stops at 2 mins in. I don’t know if a patch is needed or not but please fix this. I love the app but it’s frustrating to deal with.
  • More services 3/5

    By lilitheceleste
    It’s a great app but it needs more options
  • Screen Recording 5/5

    By robinsfav
    For about the past hour I have been looking for apps or way that let you screen record Netflix. This is actually and app that lets you and it’s so nice. The quality of the clips is good too. I haven’t had it for too long but it’s been great so far. This must be a great app for editors.
  • Good quality at first, suddenly it’s bad. 2/5

    By kzlsidjfndmsmsjdjf
    I was watching a show on netflix for 2 hours and it was going good until it suddenly kicked me out and i deleted the app and now i can’t log in. so ridiculous
  • Not working 5/5

    By tranellytttyvvdud
    This app isn’t working for me it’s telling me network errors for no reason and also when I try to sign in it’s giving me errors.
  • Pleaseee do better!! 2/5

    By Jalex P
    Is safe to say this app has helped me a lot in my relationship, but there is only so many shows Netflix has, I need you guys to add Hulu, HBO max & even peacock love the app, but it lacks more platforms that actually work, because Amazon prime doesn’t even work.
  • my review 4/5

    By sjjsnsjsjsjdjduwuw
    this app is amazing, u can screen record for edit and stuff but after awhile it starts getting laggy.
  • They keep removing show options 1/5

    By blingblow45
    Aye man idk why y’all keep removing the show options but it needa stop. First y’all removed Hulu, then y’all gon get rid of HBO max and STARZ and just keep Netflix and shii and YouTube. Y’all needa put HBO or HULU back or something man, bcuz I used to love this app, now y’all makin me hate rave more and more.
  • HBO & Disney 1/5

    By GreisyN
    No entiendo por qué no me sale para ver en HBO ni en Disney, reinicie mi teléfono pensando que mi teléfono era el problema pero sigue igual, borre 3 veces la app y la instale de nuevo y sigue igual, cambie de cuenta y sale igual, pero a mi novio si le sale normal!!!!!!! El software de mi teléfono está actualizado….. PÉSIMA APP!!!!!
  • Bring back HBO Max and Disney+ And add Hulu!! 3/5

    By reedality
    I enjoy using this app for various reasons. However, I don’t I like how HBO Max and Disney+ is no longer available. Also, a special request to please add Hulu. Thank you in advance.
  • مشكله 5/5

    By ajlan911
    لا استطيع تغير اليوزر
  • Needs more 3/5

    By Babyqirl_222
    Its a good app but it should give us the option to use hulu on there as we can use many of the other apps on there and it should also save where we last left off on, like the streaming apps do
  • How can I turn on subtitles (Netflix)? We need this to enjoy a film. Thank you.! 3/5

    By bamboo6661
    Please see title of review and advise!!
  • 10/10 5/5

    By TyRel787
    I’m actually enjoying this app, my wife and I use it because I work a lot.
  • I would love to use this app with my friends, but… 2/5

    By Brailliant_Bryanah
    Hello. I would love to use this app with my friends to listen to music. However, there is one problem that keeps me from being able to use the app. I am blind, and using a ScreenReader on my iPad. A ScreenReader is a built-in piece of software on a mobile device, computer, smart watch, or even a TV that allows people who are blind to read and interact with elements on the screen. The ScreenReader that is built into Apple products is called VoiceOver, and you can find that in the Accessibility Settings of any Apple Device, under the Vision Heading. Now, some apps work quite well with VoiceOver. Some developers just make their apps accessible by accident, while others pay more attention to accessibility. This app doesn’t work quite well with VoiceOver. There are a lot of buttons, specifically in the Log In Screen, that VoiceOver can’t read aloud. It just says, “Button” when I navigate to any of them. These are called Unlabeled buttons. Now, I was able to log in through a lot of trial and error, but I would appreciate if those buttons were labeled so that other people who are blind could easily find their preferred way of logging in. My problem specifically came when I was trying to create a Rave to test the app. There was no button or anything anywhere that would allow me to create a Rave. When searching online, I found that people were saying that you create a rave by pressing a Plus Icon that was located at the bottom of the screen. I tried to find it with Explore by Touch, which is a feature of Voiceover where you drag your finger around the screen and VoiceOver reads what’s under your finger. I found nothing. I understand if you think it might be too difficult to make the app more accessible. Unfortunately, I am not a developer and I’m not sure what all goes into that in terms of coding. But I am wondering if you as the developers would please look into improving app accessibility with VoiceOver. I would really appreciate it, and I’m sure that others who are blind would also appreciate it. If you want feedback from a community of people who are also blind, you can go to a website called applevis.com. If you create an account and post in the forum that you are looking to improve the accessibility of your app, I’m sure you will get some suggestions. Apologies for the length of this review. Have a great rest of your day.
  • Nazeen 5/5

    By nazeenfuad
    Very good
  • I LOVE RAVE 5/5

    By fr g K F J C bb c my
    Rave is such a good app and a lot of my friends love ti use it it’s so fun and helpful thank u so much and I love how u guys let us chat and watch the movie it’s so cool it’s the closest experience to in person and nobody feels left out and it’s really chill and amazing also we live that it’s not only one network and multiple so thank rave me and my friends has had very good moments on this app with connecting thru movies and just ah hung out so thank u so much I rate this five star because it’s so amazing !!
  • تقيم 5/5

    By bkcc_9
    افضل تطبيق واقدر اتابع مع الاصدقاء😍.
  • .. 3/5

    By ALAJMI97
    Put live in rave
  • .. 4/5

    By Ruby💜🖤💜🖤
    Can u guys add Hulu
  • Good for Covid 4/5

    By thatgirloverthereyaknow
    I downloaded this app because I got Covid and I used to use Rabb.it back in the day. First, I wanna say that I really enjoyed using this app during quarantine. It’s really good for scenarios like that or long distance relationships. I did encounter some technical difficulties though. I was not able to screencast, so I had to figure out how to screen mirror, which is not as convenient, but it worked fine. Also, you need to turn the mic’s off to hear the move well. I liked the chatting feature. When I had issues like the app not turning when I turned my phone sideways (even though it was set to turn with the phone), I was able to resolve the issues by rebooting the app and once I finally got everything going, I had no other issues the rest of the move. Despite some bugs, I think it’s a great app and hope it continues to improve!
  • My review 1/5

    By ✨✨✨✨✨stars
    This app lets you watch what ever you want which is good, But what I realized in this app is that they have porn. And I’m really disgusted about it because they really show real footage of un clothed people. I’ll want this app to be careful on what people post on it.
  • It’s fine, but doesn’t host Ad-supported subscriptions. 2/5

    By CantWaitToDie
    So yeah I downloaded the app and it doesn’t let me use it because I have the HBO subscription with ads. Like come on man do I really need to pay more money to watch DoctorWho with my girlfriend who is two states away?

    By Shouq122
    Why i can't open apple TV!!!!!!!
  • 🤔 3/5

    I dont know about this one!
  • Adding Hulu ? 5/5

    By Youngnitro
    Could you guys take into consideration of adding in hulu it would mean a lot
  • Abcdef 5/5

    By cbn no c on
  • Great app except casting problems 3/5

    By moonknigh
    Such a easy and eye pleasing app to use, we were set and ready to go but for some reason when we tried casting onto the tv the app did not appear on local network to give permission.
  • Hola 5/5

    By jytazel
    Añaden iptv para ver con amigos por fas UnU
  • I love it!!! 5/5

    By ChillWill7992
    The video could be added, but I also see where that could be a problem so I’m not saying it’s y’all’s fault. But 5 stars because my girlfriend and I just got done watching Interstellar and it was great quality and sound along with the messages staying up to date was fantastic!!! Definitely will use again lol
  • Says give it local network access & isn’t even on the list. 1/5

    By KingJ1017
    The app says to give it local network access to cast it onto my tv. The app is not listed when you go to local network settings. So it is impossible.
  • Netflix 4/5

    By Togyami
    I love this app! The only problem is that it doesn’t save your spot in the show or movie you watch.
  • No tengo 5/5

    By sssyrr.
  • Suggestion 🤗 5/5

    By Nai6130
    Hi I love this app!! But I was wondering if you could add peacock to rave😊!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By howmanynucknamesaretaken?
    Really enjoy Rave! Will it be possible to know when your friends are online?
  • Review 5/5

    By Lamoo💞
    It’s tremendous
  • Hulu 4/5

    By KaseeeC
    Would be nice to be able to watch hulu originals together.
  • Fix 4/5

    By ChristenaWooz+
    Love rave but there is a lag and playback issue with video when going outside of app
  • I can’t watch Netflix 3/5

    By nikameeeisme
    Please take a look at it I can’t watch Netflix at rave
  • Netflix Not Working 1/5

    By Netflix Not Working
    Netflix keeps freezing
  • I love it 4/5

    By M.G. Ortega
    I love this app, my girlfriend and I are long distance and we’ve had so many awesome movies nights with this. It works really well except for the mute and unmute option, the app glitches when I mute and unmute and it buffers for a few seconds when it happens.
  • Random bugs 1/5

    By ponchoreynoso
    I’ve had a problem where it doesn’t want to load anything from Netflix YouTube works right Disney works right but for some reason ever since this last update Netflix hasn’t been working
  • 10/10 5/5

    By Papy-Chui
    Honestly I really enjoy this app and it’s super easy to use. Originally I didn’t think I would enjoy this app as much I I do, but after the first couple of uses I fell in love with it. It lets me watch movies and shows with my girlfriend for free and I like that it lets me have the option to talk to her through the app.
  • Netflix isn’t working 1/5

    By Klutchfootball
    This happened awhile ago too, but it’s happening again. Maybe look into that
  • I wish you would add hulu 4/5

    By Tiff3356
    I love this app so much it’s so convenient and fun to use with my boyfriend but the only thing I wish you guys could add would be hulu it’s the only app that has one of my favorite movies on and I would really like to watch it with some of my friends and family other than that this app is amazing!!
  • rave 5/5

    By lesvirgo
    great app, but please give us the option to remove the ability for friends to get notifications that we’re in a rave. if i wanted them to know, i would invite them.
  • ممتاز انصح فيه ! 5/5

    By ستونز
    بقي بس شيء واحد يعدلون فيه ، وهو انه يكون فيه خيار يخلينا نختار البلد او الرومات الي نبا ندخلها بدل ماتطلع لي اقتراحات على حسب مكاني حتى لو ما اباها .
  • Could use improvements 3/5

    By Dyeci97
    i think with using rave only the host should be required to have the source for viewers to stream. i also hope for the app to stop freezing or pausing on its own. other than that i enjoy using using rave.
  • Tiktok 5/5

    By Berro6
    Add tiktok please
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