Rave – Watch Party

Rave – Watch Party

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 5.4.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Rave Media, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
48,179 Ratings
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Rave – Watch Party App

Watch Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Prime Video and more with friends while chatting in perfect sync! - CONNECT with your friends via text or voice message while you watch together - ENJOY creating a Watch Party on YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and much more! - LISTEN to music with people from anywhere around the world - SHARE your videos to Google Drive for global movie nights - SYNC your phones and create an instant speaker system - JOIN friends on iOS, other phones, and even in virtual reality - CREATE your own mashups by mixing your favorite music videos with RaveDJ FOLLOW US Stay up to date with our latest updates and don't miss out on the best mashups! Instagram: @GetRaveApp Facebook: @GetRave Twitter: @GetRaveApp Contact us If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hello, send us a message to [email protected] or visit www.rave.io

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Rave – Watch Party app reviews

  • مشكلة 3/5

    By ساعدوا حي الشيخ جراح
    يحتاج نت قوي جــداً و هــذآ لاا يتوفر لدينا
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Kristin Ferguson
    I haven’t had this app for even 24 hours yet but I already think it’s fantastic. Being able to watch YouTube videos with your friends and you can still communicate with them in text format or voice. The only thing that can make this better is rave being accessible to desktops. I got friends with laptops that would love to be apart of this but can’t currently.
  • Day 1 user 3/5

    By Hosart
    I used this app since the day it came out and i have great memories on this app with my friends but lately app started glitching videos don’t load or sometimes it loads for me but not other viewers and fast forwarding videos on youtube never works and the last thing I noticed lately is censorship of YouTube videos even tho im signed in with my youtube account and when i try to watch some kind of dark humor or anything little sensitive with nowadays standards rave doesn’t let u to play it
  • ADD HBO MAX 4/5

    By brei77
    add hbo max please
  • Worst app ever!!! 1/5

    By DarkBlueAlphaWolf
    Whenever i Join or make a room the video never ever shows it to me! It always a black screen till half way the video and i couldn’t even hear audio. Sometimes it says i left the room when i never even left it! My friends don’t get my messages nor i don’t get theirs either!! Sometime when i’m the leader of this chat it takes my leadership off it and give it to someone else. It would also mark me as offline when i never leave the app. I always have hope when you guys have an update for bugs fixes but it never ends! I really hope this glitch will stop. It seriously annoys me but i do enjoy watching videos with my friends. Please do something about this bug.
  • سيئ 1/5

    By im_snap
    برنامج شواذ وقله حيا
  • Doesn’t even function. 1/5

    By MayanBeeee
    Waste of money
  • Loved the App 4/5

    By PapaDaddy69
    That app it’s self has very few issues and is great. I just hope they had more streaming platforms like Hulu and HBO Max that would be great to watch some of those shows with my friends.
  • Eh 3/5

    By CriwspyApple
    App is okay I just wish you could change your name and picture .
  • Problem with videos. 3/5

    By tumato310
    hello, I'm using your platform a lot and I'm loving it but there's a problem that's occurring very often that the video keeps crashing when I watch it with people or friends. The screen goes black and I cannot skip the video. I would appreciate it if you guys can fix it.
  • wish they had more streaming services 4/5

    By zodiackx
    i love being able to use this to watch things with my girlfriend when im away, we love how theres an option to watch all kinds of things; but the lack of being able to access hulu and hbomax, etc. is a bit frustrating. great alternative to facetime or discord for watching shows/movies together
  • Good add Hbo 4/5

    By olveai292
    The app Is great with a large selection of apps you can use on it. However, I think it would complete it if hbo max was added i feel like it’s the only one missing which would really make the app perfect.
  • Not yummy!!!! 2/5

    By andhabrushwnduandha
    I cants even find where to change my profile pic😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 I’m super mad plus someone kicked me out for no reason *sogn* depression Buh other than it’s splendid buh not yummy🚍

    By aziziziziizzzz
    I gave it 2 because there is no pc version and also u cant favourite dorectly the things you like Also no report button for racist rooms Alot of racial rooms and spreading hate going on and there is no way of stopping it .... its just spread hate man Please you either have strict policy Or report button for users at least or rooms Please do this cause am positive person yet i feel down because all the racist and talk about the dead
  • y’all make me SICK!! 1/5

    By onika is my mother
    i have used this dirty app for nearly 2 years now and in those 2 years y’all have done nothing but disappoint me. see, i have been looking forward to watching a movie with my boyfriend (WHO LIVES THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY) and all i wanted to do was watch a movie with him but NOOOOOOOOO of course i can’t! the screen is black for him and for me (the leader) the movie unpauses on its own. every time i think “oh maybe rave is getting better” you mess up YET AGAIN. im so sick of y’all. this is exactly why the new ios update will hopefully put this godforsaken app out of business. have a blessed day.
  • Meh 2/5

    By Bob Duncan 7
    Good but I would like to see HBO Max added. If it had it, I’d give five stars.
  • Help pls 3/5

    By Eliza28639
    Hello, I used to have an android and it worked perfectly but then I switch to iPhone and I can’t watch nothing, it won’t let me watch if I invite or my friends invite me I don’t understand.
  • pfps 3/5

    By pojdjd
    the apps pretty good and all but i literally have no idea how to change my pfp!
  • add Hulu 1/5

    By 192726lol
    we need Hulu :/
  • Don’t download it 1/5

    By Darrish2004
    It’s a waist of time it’s work slow it won’t let you login into accounts, can’t hear friends, friends can’t see the screen. First and last time downloading this app.
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By LILk23
    I wanted it for Netflix and it just doesn’t work really waste of time trying to get it to work
  • It won’t even let me use the app! 1/5

    By breeharris01
    Okay so I went to have a movie night with my girlfriend since we are long distance for another 2 months. That’s what we do for dates. We haven’t been able to have a date in 2 weeks because the app has been crashing on me and not even loading up the full loading screen. It even wouldn’t let me sign into my account so I had to make a new one and STILL did the same things. I’m very very VERY upset.
  • Add Hulu 3/5

    By rubysweets
    This app should have Hulu added it would make it so much better that’s why I rated it a three
  • Needs options for subtitles 2/5

    By Createnickname13
    When you watch from google drive it doesnt give you the option to add an external subtitle file.
  • Freezes 1/5

    By stealthwizardd
    I have great internet but this application completely stops my phone and it’s extremely slow. I can’t watch anything on this app. It freezes it’s just horrible
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Spicy pussy🥰😵💔
    It was a bad app in general didn’t allow face call feature you can only use mic.when someone else joined they would have to use the same login to the app as you. This need to be fixed. It’s annoying n to much to deal w.
  • Review 1/5

    By ovenhccjtswrbnuvfrgjj
    The app used to be good but know it’s glitchy and won’t let me watch my show :( and it records me when on other apps.
  • Hi 5/5

    By crazybird_101
    I recommend this app!! I love it
  • Every video don’t work on web it’s bad really bad pls fix it 1/5

    By hejjekenm
  • We need Hulu please 1/5

    By angel.tony
    We need Hulu please
  • Not a fan 1/5

    By HonestHype
    I discovered this app by google search. I like the idea of this app but that is as far as it goes for me. My husband is in the military and we were trying to find creative ways to feel connected. After wasting hours and trying multiple ways, I could never get the app to load the movies. I figured it was my service or storage so I had my husband try and it was still unsuccessful. I tried to enter public movie rooms and it either didn’t work or the quality was terrible. I hope In the near future this could be fixed to make it a better experience.

    By The Ritre
    Watch out for this app company people. They literally want accès to whatever you link them to. They can see and delete and do what they please with said accounts. USE DUMMY ACCOUNTS SO THEY HAVE NOTHING TO SELL OR STEAL OR ACCÈSS. Stay WOKE.
  • Please add HBO 5/5

    By najakmsa
    Rave is a good app to watch movie with your friends but I want them to add HBO, there are more good movie on there.
  • احذفوا ريف عشان لولي 😡😡 1/5

    By jyufbvigfb
    ياليت تحذفون ريف عشان لولي ازعجتني كل يوم تتحلطم برنامجكم رٌق تنفس وما تلعب ببجي معاي
  • Amazing but can be better and also need some help please 4/5

    By Rafael Caldera
    I have been using this app for so by me time now and have been watching a show (The Vampire Diaries) with my wife and it was fine up until season 4, it just crashes the app whenever it tries to load the episode on any of the episodes of that season. Me and my wife would really be glad if it can get fixed soon. Also it wouldn’t be bad to add other options like HBO Max and Hulu.
  • horrible 5/5

    By Jayjoonie
    the owner slapped me with rat. this behavior is very unacceptable. i will not tolerate this.
  • Really? 1/5

    By Sissy22h
    So I download the app, super hyped to watch this TV show with my friends, right? Then I get into the group and it says “you need to log in to Disney +.” No where in the app does it say that all people in the group need to have the streaming service to watch the content. I’m immensely disappointed. Also, I’ve a couple other complaints. The structure in the app is so user-unfriendly that it took me almost an hour to figure out how to watch anything, create a group, add friends, etc. not only that, but a lot of times, the content on the “Public” list that appears right when you open the app is often not suitable for kids who might be using the app. Even as an adult, I don’t find it fun to open the app to a video about a women’s r*pe testimony. Not cool.
  • hbo max 5/5

    By 172$282!.
    it’d be nice if you guys could add hbo max!!
  • 2 stars only for one reason. 1/5

    By KairoUchiha
    No YouTube or even Netflix video loads for me but it loads for my wife. When I first start a rave it works as expected, however every other video keeps saying “error there was a problem loading the video” and for some reason no matter how much time I spend ((I’ve spent a good 20-30 minutes the last time tried to fix it)) the videos will never play for me but my wife has no issues. I use an iPhone X and she still likes her iPhone 6. I don’t understand the issue I’ve reinstalled the app 3 times and restarted my phone everytime I reinstalled the app. This issue makes the app completely unusable for me but I always find myself coming back to it because it never used to do that before, it worked perfectly and it was an amazing experience I shared with my wife. I really need this to be fixed because if this issue is resolved this app is worth 5 out of 5 stars.
  • New update is terrible 3/5

    By alexr236
    The screen just keeps loading and I can’t watch anything
  • Actualmente está teniendo mas errores 2/5

    By El Gran kufa
    Aveces los videos no se pausan, la imagen se congela o se pone en negro todo, también se cierra sesión cada cierto tiempo y el error más fatal es que ahora no puedo ver absolutamente nada de Netflix porque no carga nunca, esto es decepcionante antes funcionaba mejor.
  • Netflix issues 1/5

    By djviskvkkwncjendn
    Hi I was trying to watch a movie on Netflix and it won’t even load it just spins a couple of times goes blank and repeats
  • I recommend 5/5

    By swavuan
    Best app ever
  • Control yourself 1/5

    By delicious taco mama
    Rave be flirting with my boyfriend
  • It’s stop working as usual 1/5

    By Barbipiscu
    Been having this problem for almost 3 weeks. I don’t have idea what happened, but every time I want to watch a video with my friends, the speed of the video goes wrong and pauses and then try to go at the same time as sound. I have the latest version and also tried to uninstall it and download it again, but nothing has changed. I already wrote you on messenger so you can watch a video of how it looks when I’m playing something. Hope you can fix this cause the app was really good. Thanks
  • Dope 5/5

    By Alexander Raphaeljr
    This app is cool and it’s exactly what you think it is, it’s amazing. The only thing is I wish you didn’t have to sign in to watch Netflix. Other than that, dope app.
  • 😡 1/5

    By B8254
    I gave 1 star, the app use to work great being that I'm a truck driver and gone days at a time. I actually have time to spend with my family and have movie dates. But within last two months or so it glitches and I have a black screen it lags and has made the app a horrible experience. Even when I have the updated version
  • For the love of everything, fix the streaming! 2/5

    By HonestlyQ
    This app is great but it literally consistently will not stream on at least ONE person’s end. My device and app are up to date, so what’s the issue? If that bug could actually be fixed to make the app usable consistently it would be helpful.
  • Error 1/5

    By Jesiel00
    no me deja ver la película, se queda en negro la pantalla y aveces se queda cargando
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