Rave – Watch Together

Rave – Watch Together

  • Category: Social Networking
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  • Current Version: 5.0.8
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Rave Media, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Rave – Watch Together App

Everything is more fun with friends. Whether it's the latest Netflix show, or the hottest music video on YouTube, sync up with Rave and never watch alone again. - BINGE Netflix and Amazon Prime together with friends - WATCH videos and listen to music with people from around the world - ENJOY YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, and more - UPLOAD your videos to Google Drive for global movie nights - CONNECT with friends by texting or talking while you watch - SYNC your phones into an instant speaker system - JOIN friends on iOS, other phones, and even in virtual reality - CREATE your own mashups by mixing music with RaveDJ FOLLOW US Stay up-to-date with our latest updates and don’t miss the best mashups! Instagram: GetRaveApp Facebook: GetRave Twitter: @GetRaveApp CONTACT US If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hi, reach us at www.rave.io or [email protected]

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Rave – Watch Together app reviews

  • Always having trouble to add frens 3/5

    By jdysvsow egunrbrvv
    I hate it
  • Could have more 3/5

    By carra409
    I love the app because me and all my friends live in different states now but we want to watch Disney movie Netflix doesn’t have like on Disney Plus. Y’all should update RAVE with having Disney Plus or even STARZ and Hulu
  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎 1/5

    By jdgsnwvsb
  • Casting and airplay never work 4/5

    By El wacko
    Love the all and the concept behind it. I love all the cool features but I can never cast of airplay movie from Netflix on my Vizio tv. I’m on the same network on both tv and my iPhone. Still never works
  • Buenísima 5/5

    By tefa 0993
  • Eh 1/5

    By SammyDolly
    Y’all use to be good honestly something happened to it now it’s just not really good.
  • good app just why 3/5

    By penilope1803
    why does it say “email or phone number” for netflix but when i put my number you tell me put in an email address. doesn’t make sense.
  • .. 5/5

    By Straightgenius29
    Awesome but google drive parties not working right now
  • Rave 5/5

    By oh my god 0
    Please make an update that improve your system because the app is lagging so much 🌹
  • ipad Support 5/5

    By Jojiisnotoverparty
    This app is great but i would love to see better ipad support. for example letting you use landscape mode to search up for videos. Also to be able to able to use while multitasking for the ipad. Other than that, i love using this app and love playing music on it
  • App has a few bugs but it’s good 4/5

    By realbstackz
    The apps needs a few fixes, occasionally me & my friends get errors where videos can’t load but the app is still fun to use.
  • how do i fix it? 3/5

    By sjnfhshck
    Lately it’s been making me re log into netflix and whenever i log in a pick a movie it logs me back out, basically i cant use netflix how do i fix it?
  • App not working 1/5

    By Thekeyskeys
    I’ve been trying to use the app but it hasn’t been working and it won’t let me do anything. It just says check connection when my connection is fine.
  • I Need this please 5/5

    By Diego7773
    I Want you to put watched.con so I can watch movies with my girlfriend because she does not have none of the apps you can watch movies on
  • Doesn’t work for my bluetooth 2/5

    By Nxocmdfjck
    I’ve been trying to use the app but it won’t connect to my Bluetooth for some reason. My phone says it’s connected to my Bluetooth, but I don’t know why it’s not working. Maybe need an update?
  • dO nOt dOwNLoAd tHiS aPp 1/5

    By bill_Hotfog09
    It took all of my great grandmas credit card info (even though she’s dead.) The developers came to my house and are holding my family hostage. I’m now in the basement of a random Canadians house. CALL 911
  • ummm 1/5

    By safi...
    what is that :) notification i keep gettinf during the rave its really creepy
  • Love this app! Still some room for improvements 4/5

    By ThatguyJosh2
    I’ve loved this app, it has allowed my long distance girlfriend and I to enjoy shows together! My only complaints is: the fast forwarding has been very difficult, so when we have to stop mid-episode it’s very difficult to fast forward back to where we left off. The main thing I want from this app (I’ve seen others request this on here too) is for there to be a feature where we can see each other while we watch. We’ve been holding off on all comedies and horror shows until we can see each other so that we can watch each other laugh and scream so I can’t wit for that! Also not as important but would be cool if y’all add HBO max and Disney+... but I love the app and can’t wait for the improvements!
  • I love this app 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 5/5

    By the charli D
    thanks to this app I can watch movies with my friends this amazing this app is not like google classroom that is rubbish but I love this app
  • Huge Security Issues 1/5

    By ozswordsman
    So lately me and my girlfriend have noticed a few weird things happening on rave. We always thought it was weird how it shows our general location on a map. If it causes so much drama on the app and reviews, why not just remove the feature? Most people don’t want it anyways because it’s weird and uncomfortable. Rabbit didn’t have this and it thrived. The last few times I received a notification in the app itself like a :) message popping up from rave while watching a show in a private session. It wasn’t even a notification on my device. It was in the app itself like it has been compromised or something. What really made us end up deleting rave for good was someone actually joined our private session and changed the session privacy to from private to public. Then they played a random video and left. That just freaked us out and made us immediately delete this application. There is no excuse for this application to have that bad of security issues to this extent. I have no idea if they will ever fix this, but it really made me sad because this is the closest thing to rabbit that i have been able to find since it went down. I really hope there will be huge changes to security on this app and there is an official announcement regarding it all in full detail because it really was great app. What a shame.
  • love it so much 5/5

    By Ranyenop
    great!!!! good job guys
  • Can you please fix the updates? 1/5

    By 😍💅🏾💯
    Every since rave downloaded the new update, it has been causing the app to be more messed up by having my screen to be loading sooooo long. I haven’t had this issue with this app before the update happened. Please fix this.
  • Eh 1/5

    By @feuilles on wishbone
    (lowercase intended) honestly, it was very hard for me to reach my friends with this app. maybe if when signing in, you make a rave account, it would make it easier. people could search up usernames instead of going to contacts and emails.
  • Akam 2/5

    By dhdndub
    Signals not a good
  • Frozen screen 3/5

    By 🐻bearjyh🐻
    sometimes the screen freezes on the thumbnail and we will have to close and reload the app about 4-5 times before our video works? how to fix this?
  • Needs fixing 4/5

    By estella315
    It works fine for Netflix but for some reason when I rent movies on YouTube it NEVER works for me.
  • Disgusting 1/5

    By N0074n3
    Sometimes when i wanna watch something with my friends (my friends are young) they put stuff about s*x and making out. There should be at least a report sign or a block or anything. Or i when i log in there should be things that I would and wouldn’t like to watch. + it is very creepy.
  • The best app!! But... 5/5

    By crowncherry
    Okay this app is amazing!! I love it very much but what I don’t like is if I invite a friend to watch Netflix they have to sign in. In order for them to watch it and I don’t like that I want them to watch it freely and if they don’t have an account they can’t see what I’m seeing so if you guys could you know work on that .. that would be great for my friends I’m still giving this a 5 stars bc I like it
  • Fix these problems please? 3/5

    By titaaa!
    So I was watching Netflix with my friends and one day my friend was going to make a rave on Netflix and the screen was all black and the was to play button or anything like that so I did it and it showed me the same thing.Please, I love this app but please fix it
  • It’s a cool app. 3/5

    By iamladierose
    Y’all should add Hulu on there to tho.
  • Would be a 5/5, but.... 4/5

    By tehehetehehe
    Rave would be a 5/5 rating, but they don’t have Disney Plus :/
  • Kinda glitchy, kinda... glorifies a terrorist? 3/5

    By sprigleaf
    I really liked using Rave to watch movies with some friends. As long as we don’t talk, we’re good. Sometimes when you turn on the voice, it gets glitchy and covers up the sound of the movie. There’s also no video feature that I think a lot of people wish for. It’s also kinda annoying how you have to log into Netflix to watch Netflix with friends. I understand it’s just a legal thing, but I wish I could just watch using my friend’s Netflix all together with our group. Or I wish there were a clear screen sharing option with no glitches so that we could kinda stream any service. Lastly, Rave sent users (including me) a “Happy Columbus Day!” notification. Not cool bro. Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!! Didn’t you get the memo?
  • Kaksbsbsbsbbsbsbsbshzyxvsbs 4/5

    By hzjzusbsg
  • .-. 3/5

    By tc3002
    This app was decent but today the app sent a little message saying “Happy Columbus Day! ⛵️🇮🇹🇺🇸” soooo that’s a disappointment & a dealbreaker.
  • Keep your dumb notifications to yourself 1/5

    By Musicflows000
    Out of all things, when it’s a national movement to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day, y’all really thought it would be great to give a notification saying “Happy Columbus Day”? Deleting this app. You’ve made your views clear
  • Really? 3/5

    By ijustwanttobehappy
    I had “Happy Columbus Day” as an add, honey this is NOT it. I don’t think we should be endorsing a person who murdered indigenous people. 😬
  • No 1/5

    By Beyond-kun1313
    It's Indigenous People's Day not "columbus day"
  • HATE IT 1/5

    By MUAAA 💋💋💋
    I am very disappointed that I received a “Happy Columbus Day” notification from this app. Colombia was an awful individual who killed and stole the land of so many indigenous people. Deleted the app instantly after getting that ad and will be finding another app to use. Wish I could rate it lower.
  • just no 1/5

    By Asian.Human
    there are people playing straight PORN on this app. and they wished me Happy Columbus Day. I’m a POC, it’s very rude.
  • channels and complications 5/5

    By Cautious Juli
    ima make this real short i love this app but sometimes it can go extremely slow and not load the video and i yall should add hulu and other channels in general
  • Best app of its kind 5/5

    By asho13
    Great for long distance relationship!
  • Fireeee 5/5

    By niahall53
    It’s fire I recommend you try it for yourself
  • Não aguenta ligação durante o uso 3/5

    Tipo que????
  • wEeeEeeeeeEeeee 5/5

    By tall_giraffe18
    You can watch anime with friends!!!!!!!YESSSSS
  • Falta de contenido 3/5

    By ~•MaGo•~
    Pongan Disney plus
  • So much lag 1/5

    By The write up
    The app is very buggy on iPad. Won’t go into landscape mode. Hard to connect wireless headphones. Pain to use
  • Horrible app 1/5

    If you rent a movie on YouTube it won’t play. Even if you’re on the same account with the viewer. It’s beyond stupid. This app is horrible. Don’t waste your time on this buggy app.
  • Fix plz 5/5

    By Emilyvideos
    My mic is not working and it randomly turns on also I can’t hear
  • Fix the app. Seriously. Fix it. 2/5

    By amsdredre22
    How did this app manage to get worse after I updated it? It already had issues (like the fact that the app only opens in portrait even though it’s literally a VIDEO STREAMING APP) but i digress. Tonight I was trying to watch anime with my partner and suddenly it won’t let either of us queue up the next episode....right before the finale of course 🙃 Couldn’t make a new rave either. Fix it.

Rave – Watch Together app comments

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