Razor Scooter Share

Razor Scooter Share

  • Category: Travel
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  • Current Version: 2.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Razor USA
  • Compatibility: Android
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Razor Scooter Share App

Razor's Shared Scooter app allows you to ride Razor's electric scooters virtually anywhere around your community. You can pick them up and drop them off wherever it's most convenient for you. Commuting just became a lot easier -- trips for coffee, shopping, entertainment, using public transit, or just visiting with friends are now simple, convenient, and accessible. You can simply find a scooter near you, scan the code, and you're off! Since 2000, Razor has been the global leader in scooters, and over that time we've made millions of electric scooters. That's why our scooter offers a great, fun and comfortable ride for wherever you're heading. Riding a Razor shared scooter is easy: 1. Download the Razor Shared Scooter App. 2. Sign up quickly and easily. 3. Find and unlock a scooter. 4. Have fun riding safely. 5. Tap a button to end your ride. Download the app and get riding right away! For more information, visit is at https://www.razor.com/share

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Razor Scooter Share app reviews

  • New locations 5/5

    By ghxjskks
    Put more scooters out around Long Beach In California, For instance by schools and on Pacific Coast Highway
  • It is good 5/5

    By Xodiac123
    I like it
  • Fun to Ride 5/5

    By LoveMusicAngel
    The app is simple to use. When you open the app is shows you all the scooters near you. You choose your scooter and have some fun. Also I found the How to Ride section helpful the first time I used it.
  • Simple 5/5

    By Azrael429
    This app is simple and easy to use. I love the scooters as well. They ride smooth and feel much more stable than the competitors. I love the rear wheel drive for on and off curbs and wheeling over cracks and bumps. They are much faster too!
  • Do not download the app or enter your informations before you make sure; 1/5

    By Some Tourist
    You are not a tourist with a driver’s licence from abroad, system considers it to be invalid.
  • Bad report 3/5

    By hunchohunchoreal
    There is nt enough scooters we need more razors scooter to ride on
  • The worst experience ever! 1/5

    By jdsgbkkddjbb
    The worst experience ever, they charged me 1.90$ and it’s not working and they charged me 10.00$ for around 6 minutes !!
  • Works Great! 5/5

    By TheBrewer85
    Came across some Razors today and decided to download the app. The process was fast, simple and had us riding in under 5 minutes. Will be riding again!
  • Never Again 1/5

    By ThatMexicanKid
    I was charged $10 3 times and on each ride I was riding for less than 5 minutes!!!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Jojoradio11
    Could not connect to a scooter after trying for over 30 minutes.
  • Don’t use unless you want to waste your money 1/5

    By trend23456
    Tried to use one of their scooters. Wouldn’t start, when asked for a refund Tom in customer support was unhelpful. Don’t use unless you want to waste your money. Lime, Byrd, or Lyft are way better
  • Painful 1/5

    By nick carp
    Uncomfortable scooter to ride, short handles. Found one at 945 AM and it was dead. Setup in the app was painful, no integration with Apple Pay and the barcode would not scan. I paid my dollar only to realize how slow it was and drove it to a lime and had a way fun experience. They will get my repeat business and 5 star review.
  • Doesn’t work half the time 1/5

    By Jay Dan Smithee
    Tried to scan a scooter and it kept not working, so i would have to redownload the app. Glitchy and not worth it. Plenty of other options. bird, lime, Uber
  • Great idea. Terrible execution. 1/5

    By Honeysaurus
    Couldn’t even get the app to download properly! Kept putting in code after code after code for it to tell me the code had expired (seconds after entering it). Rode one (that someone else had paid for) and it died halfway through my ride. Safe!
  • Ugh 1/5

    By katelyn.joy01
    App just stopped working. Left me stranded because I was having issues with bird and lime.
  • Absolutely terrible 1/5

    By ChucklesMeow
    This scooter brand gives a bad name to every other e Scooter out there. I ride e scooters to and from school and this one is by far the worst one I’ve ever used. The app is nonresponsive and slow with limited utility. It takes three minutes to rent a scooter and to lock it. They are also incredibly slow and made for tiny people. I figured out why they are so tiny, they are sold as a kids scooter. They just repurposed then. I’m embarrassed to see these around my neighborhood I will be taking every action possible to remove them.
  • Don’t use this 1/5

    By wyattwd
    I never write reviews but I felt like I had to for this app. Oh my fuq it’s bad. Razor needs to stop just take a bird
  • They need lots of work 1/5

    By Ali Baird
    I’ve ridden other scooter brands before and I have to say my Razor experience was the worst. I downloaded the app, found a scooter, and then went to ride it. Only to find out the scooter was nearly dead first thing in the morning. Other scooters around we’re also dead. Clearly someone is not charging the scooters. Secondly the scooter itself is designed for either very short people or people with small hands. The hand grips we’re so small that my hands overlapped the end of the grip where the little knob was and made it very uncomfortable to ride. Finally. The scooter died in the middle of my ride. When I went to request a refund I was taken to a chat window they required me to wait and stay online. Super lame system. Finally the app itself shows no ride history and I cannot find anywhere what had been charged for the last ride. Great idea. Fix the scooters. Fix the app.
  • Scooters aren’t where they say 1/5

    By Steveod07
    This is first time using these. They just put in Los Angeles. Went 9 different places and none of scooters are there. Don’t bother w razor. It’s a terrible system. Ended up having to walk
  • No ride confirmation 3/5

    By mcyacktion
    App needs to ask if you want to start ride after scanning. Scooters are really nice though
  • So much fun 5/5

    By UncleChrissy
    So much fun, so easy to operate, and so cheap!
  • PAYPAL 2/5

    By sadiethelady2866
    Please update the app so that you can use PayPal. It will make riding so much easier!
  • No issues 5/5

    By Kickingmyboss
    Wife and I had no problems with the app in San Antonio billing went thru immediately after “end ride” and doing the math was accurate per the agreement. Wish Minneapolis had this same climate would scoot everywhere.
  • Too many app updates 2/5

    By another Tay
    Don’t make us update all the time!
  • Crappy setup 1/5

    By Reximilian
    It took longer for me to set up the app then it did to walk to my location. One problem is they don’t except Apple Pay.
  • Trash 1/5

    By socrates442
    Trash, said it was 60% then died on me
  • Terry Middlebrooks 1/5

    By Terry Wayne M.
    The scooters are great and fast but the only bad thing about this app is the scooters do not appear to be where it says it’s at on the app .
  • Scooters aren’t where they say they are and most aren’t charged 1/5

    By colbycrews
    I try to scooter from a train station to save 15 minutes but first I check to see if there are any scooters nearby the station. Twice I’ve tried to find a scooter on the map that was not there and wound up losing time walking in the cold.
  • No “how to start” instructions 1/5

    By WineyWife
    There were no instructions on how to start moving. It was not intuitive, and three of us tried. Gave up and found a competitor’s scooter that provided clear instructions.
  • The App only works if the scooters do.... 1/5

    By MegB925
    In San Antonio for a few days, saw all the scooters around and thought, “hey, that’s fun!” Downloaded the Razor app, and two others because there are multiple scooter companies. So far today, tried to access over 20 of the Razor ones. All dead. Lying on their sides, dead. So, the app might actually work, but apparently Razor forgot that the scooters have to be charged to work. So, Bird scooters it is! Every single one of those worked every time!
  • Stranded! 1/5

    By livingspear
    $2.20 for 8 minutes on a Razor that just stopped. I passed two other scooters (different companies). I attempted to ‘live chat’ to no avail. I will remove the app and try a different scooter app. If given the option I recommend using another provider.
  • How does this not work? 1/5

    By Remusix
    Never scanned and the scooter is shaped poorly. Never road one, but only because none of them would actually scan. Booo.
  • Trackers?! 2/5

    By NicosNiche
    Every single other scooter company’s app allows you to see where all the scooter are at. This one says in some markets... well not in San Antonio TX 6th largest city in America!!!! Yes they are easy to spot. But I live close to downtown and can’t see where any are at before leaving where I am at! Besides that. Of line and bird, razor has the sturdiest base! Easiest to ride but catered towards children and short people. Luckily I am short.
  • Nope 1/5

    By Soooozyq
    I’m not taking a photo of my drivers license to use this app. No way. That’s too much information.
  • Horrible experience with Razor scooter 1/5

    By 猪很清真
    I rarely write reviews for app, but I have to leave a bad review for this one. I downloaded this app simply because there wasn’t a Lime scooter around, and I only found a couple Razor scooters so I decided to give ita try. The first scooter didn’t work at all. The second one worked, but man the design is so horrible. The scooter itself was too short, and the brake react too rapidly so if I didn’t brake really gently, I would’ve flipped over.
  • Damaged scooters 1/5

    By Supermario6446
    If you’re looking for an app to unlock damaged scooters that don’t move then this is the app for you!! I’ve never had so many problems with bird or lime only razor
  • Battery and brakes are sketchy 1/5

    By Chachibenji
    Feels the least safe of the 3 diff scooters around here. Brakes are really hard, if you don’t feather them you could totally be pitched.
  • Fell off scooter and Sprained angle 1/5

    By sam77117
    I rode the scooter with the 15 minute free trial and towards the end of the 15 minutes my scooter suddenly braked and I was going at 15 mph and I fell off scrape my knees couldn’t walk so good for the next month. The application automatically stops the scooter while you’re still going at a high speed...
  • App does not work 1/5

    By egarnholz
    This app does not work. The Advantage to these scooters is the ability to quickly pick one up to get where you are going. This app is not quick to set up, unlike other providers it required a pic of your drivers license, and it does not work with Apple Pay, so you have to manually enter a credit card. After a lengthy set up, every time you try clicking into a scooter the app shuts down. There are unused scooter laying everywhere because of these issues. Many other people I spoke to encountered the same issue. Razor needs to fix this app or get rid of the scooters.
  • Absolutely great 5/5

    By Ahar88
    Lightweight, balanced and fast. Love it.
  • Could not get the scooter going 1/5

    By Zeeehow
    Very bad service. The scooter never started and charged me $1.30 for my first ever “ride”. Never using this app again unless I get refunded.
  • Unable to authenticate my phone 1/5

    By jrobbins325
    Can’t use the app for some reason on iOS 12
  • Confirmation code bug 1/5

    By Philoginio
    The input field is 8 characters instead of 4 and will not accept less than 8, should be 4. Impossible to confirm and sign up, app is literally unusable
  • Can’t use 1/5

    By Tevye James
    App does not have an option to get pass the phone number verification during setup. I input my 4 digit code and the Next button to advance to the next screen doesn’t work. Looks like I will be using Lime and Bird scooters instead.
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By bird bird bird is da word
    App asked for one time code ... put it in a s can’t hit enter. Poor implementation as well. If I put a 9 in the box ... automatically move to next box !
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By Nadocam
    Typically don't write reviews but wow, the razor customer service is nearly non existent. I had multiple issues with being charged for a scooter that didn't work, tried to contact customer service for help and never received any response. Bird on the other hand almost immediately credits me back. Never using razor again!
  • App won’t accept the confirmation code. 1/5

    By Dmcd365
    Ive tried three times, but the App won’t accept the confirmation code. Waste of time!!
  • App doesn’t work!!!! 1/5

    By none111123456
    Tried to sign in 14 different times and it never worked. Sooo buggy. Get it fixed or you won’t have new customers!!!
  • Phone verification error 1/5

    By mike74949373
    Can’t even sign up for an account. Don’t waste your time

Razor Scooter Share app comments

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