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Read Scripture App

The goal of Read Scripture is that everyone would read the Bible for themselves and discover the truth and beauty of God’s Word. To this end, we are curating a year-long Bible reading plan and supplementing the reading with amazingly creative videos (produced by our friends at the Bible Project) that explain every book of the Bible, major theological themes of the gospel, and tips on how to read the Bible. We house all of this content in a beautifully designed app that is available to download in the App Store. We encourage you to experience Read Scripture in community but it is set up so that you can go through it on your own. Scripture quotations are from the ESV® Bible (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version®), copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


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Read Scripture app reviews

  • Totally Amazing! 5/5

    By 16violets
    I will watch these videos with my grand-children! This app reflects Dallas Willard's description of God's purpose for us . . . that we be "Creative 'will' productive of good." This is a good app! May God bless it and bless us with it!
  • Volume muted on videos now for iPhones 6 and 5s anyway 1/5

    By curtj7
    Latest release has a problem
  • Elegant, Simple and Challenging in the right ways 5/5

    By Henry Kritikos
    I have loved using Read Scripture for my daily devotions. The videos are so helpful on framing the reading. The focus on the psalms is right. The regular rhythms is slowly and purposefully walking through the whole of Scripture correctly places the reader under the authority of God's Revelation. Recommended to everyone.
  • No sound with videos 2/5

    By ttruuth
    Review in title. No sound with videos on iPhone. Deleted and redone loaded multiple times. May be resisted to new software update.
  • Daily Reading Made Easy 5/5

    By girl.pdx.weird
    Using this app, I have officially read the entire Bible! The app provided manageable daily readings and Psalms. There were even illustrated videos throughout the process that helped explain each book of the Bible. I am so grateful for this app and recommend to everyone!
  • Developers, you rock! 5/5

    By danielsoa274
    I can only praise God and thank you for the amazing work you guys have done sharing the Word of God this way! Keep it up!
  • The Bible as a comprehensive story 5/5

    By john_puttman
    This app and the videos have helped me to better see God’s comprehensive story across time. Thank you for the work that you all have done to present God’s word in a fresh way!
  • Nothing is more important 5/5

    By alwzn4ever
    I have been a Christian my whole life, raised in the church, Bible college for a couple years, etc and I’ve had moments of feeling close and feeling far away from God. I love the encouragement by Francis Chan and other godly leaders to get alone with God, to make personal intentional time with Him. I had heard about and tried (unsuccessfully) for years to read my Bible but I just never found a rhythm or put in the work. I often felt like reading the Bible was good by not necessary and compared it to flossing - beneficial but not worth the effort to me. But since I’ve started using this app, all of that has changed. I am on my longest streak of readying the Bible every morning (70 days, missed 2 but man, I’ve never had this many days of being intentional). And I feel God in a way I have never experienced in my life. He is changing me. He is changing my heart. As I sit at His feet and read the Words He wants me to hear, I can see myself becoming a new creation. I highly highly recommend this app to everyone! This is an amazing gift and I love the videos at key moments that highlight the chapter or a theme we are reading about. I am now a firm believer that nothing can replace this time alone with God and yield the same results. Thank you Bible Project and Francis Chan for this app and for your faithfulness in ministry! I also recommend checking out the Crazy Love podcast as a great supplement.
  • Great app, but can the video glitch be fixed? 5/5

    By Green eyes 33
    I am a huge fan of this resource. It has allowed my wife and I to get back in the word together. We love it! My only critique is that the videos freeze at random times. We have to exit out of the app and start over. This app is near flawless once the glitches are gone! Can it be fixed?
  • Videos Make the Difference 5/5

    By Livin'InThePNW
    I have been using this app for a little over two months and have found it very helpful. The reading plan itself is not all that different from other plans available, but the videos are really enlightening and help me think about sometimes challenging passages/books with a bigger-picture perspective. I use the app every day but prefer to read the passages in my physical Bible, which I can highlight.
  • HS Bible Teacher 5/5

    By Mrs. Judd
    I love this app and I love what Read Scripture and The Bible Project are doing. As a Bible college graduate and now a High School Bible Teacher, I am often very wary about videos that try to explain books of the Bible. I’m delighted with how the authors of these videos always bring the focus back to Jesus’s. I’m also thrilled with how consistently and clearly the Creation/Fall/Redemption paradigm of a Christian Worldview is presented throughout the theme videos. I feel totally safe referring my students to this app and have already used the Hosea and John videos in my class. Thank you so much for making this resource free!
  • Videos don’t play 1/5

    By bfegirl
    I’m not sure if it’s because the app doesn’t work well without WiFi or needs upgrading but videos only partially work then buffer and time out. I’m often no where near WiFi connection. Disappointed.
  • Great Reading Plan 5/5

    By BC521
    I have been really enjoying the set up The Bible Project has with this app. I didn’t grow up in the church and am not very familiar with a lot of the stories in the OT. Having videos along the way to help guide and give context really helps me as I’m reading much of this for the first time. Additionally, most days readings are really manageable and not overwhelming. Some other plans have you reading from four different books a day— that’s too scattered for me! This streamlines your reading, allowing you to really get into the story. And having a psalm a day is refreshing! I do wish there was a way to adjust the reading schedule a bit more. Mainly, when I miss a few days I wish I could adjust it so that it doesn’t keep moving forward when I’m still catching up. Not a big deal, but functionally it would be a little helpful!
  • Showing how beautiful, relatable and powerful GOD’s Word is. 5/5

    By oJoie
    I’m so thankful to come in contact with the app and the Bible project. They present GOD’s Word so beautifully through the videos and other resources they have online. The videos help me relate more to the Bible and shows that the Bible, as they say, “is one unified story that lead to JESUS”. Such a powerful tool for anyone who seeks to grow in the study of GOD’s Word. My yearly bible reading is more amazing because of the app. Also reading the Bible with together with my church family has been really encouraging. Double thumbs up 👍🏽👍🏽
  • Wonderful w one exception 4/5

    By Kirkwww
    The Bible project videos are awesome. I watch them w my 12 and 14 year old sons and am often moved to tears. I downloaded this app and love everything about it except for the “take a deep breath” intro. Might seem minor but it’s unnecessary and smacks of the “mindfulness” mantra the world has embraced. Entering into God’s word stands on its own. Adding ritual to it just smacks of religion. I’m not a professional complainer; this is honestly the first review I have ever written but I felt so strongly about it I had to share. Please just delete it from an otherwise fabulous tool. Tysm for all the work you have put in to making God’s word gorgeous and accessible!
  • Best Bible Devotion Ever! 5/5

    By Jelloburger
    Rich and logical format with such great animations that bring the Bible stories to life in a way that is easily to understand and engaging.
  • AMAZING! 5/5

    By R4endres
    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this wonderful App and your animated drawings to accompany it. I have read through the Bible a number of times, but this time so far has been the best. I am currently as far as “Numbers”. I would easily give you 4.5 out of 5 stars! (There is always room for improvement )! I will be sending a contribution. Keep up the good work. God Bless- . . . And to ONLY God be the Glory Roy
  • A great app except... 3/5

    By Uhhkgfu
    Great app except for how often Tim an John pop up to beg for money and advertise their website. Do that on YouTube not in my devotions, very annoying!
  • Well done! 5/5

    By Tia Kim
    Love this app!!!!
  • Review 5/5

    By Adi grace
    This app is AMAZING. You have created such a wonderful way to communicate and read the Bible . I am forever grateful! If there were 10 stars , I would give them to you !
  • Beyond grateful for this Christ saturated information 5/5

    By Max Chandler II
    The simplicity and beauty in which your Christ saturated and God honoring videos and plethora of resources(such as this app) present God’s Word - in a manner beneficial to the mature and young in faith - is a blessing to all. When I graduate in December and have a job, you will certainly have my financial support. You’ve helped me grow tremendously in understanding God’s Word and major themes throughout the Bible. Forever grateful.
  • Blown Away 5/5

    By MissGlyph
    This is an extremely high quality Bible study app. It's easy to use and customize. The videos are thorough, well-illustrated, and I always learn something new--even in tried and true stories. Love the addition of the Psalms as you read through the Bible chronologically. If you have 10-15 min a day, it's a perfect way to get through the Bible in one year.
  • Love this but 4/5

    By Kim750
    Is anyone else having a problem with the app crashing when playing the videos?
  • Please don’t abandon this project! 5/5

    By CryOfDavid
    I pray God sets this project deep in your hearts. This is the best app I have ever used as it pertains to reading the Bible as a devotional. I will absolutely recommend it to others.
  • Binge Reading 5/5

    By LXnavarro23
    Best app for not only getting in the Word but highlighting how interesting it is. I actually want to binge read the Bible now!
  • Love this APP- Life Changer 5/5

    By MP111222
    I love this app! I can finally read the Bible with better understanding and in an order that makes sense. Only feedback I have for the creators is if they could bookmark the last screen read so when we go back in we don’t lose our spot and have to search that section for where we last left off. That being said, I rave about this app and tell all my friends about it. Love it!! Great job, guys!!! And I love hearing Francis Chan’s podcasts that coincide with the reading for the week.
  • No videos. Please help 1/5

    By no_video
    On my iPad the videos don't play. Works great on my android phone but not on my iPad. Is there something not set right in my iPad?
  • My favorite scripture app! 5/5

    By Carly Bev.
    I love the Read Scripture app for its simple + clean graphic design, for its reminders to breaaaaathhhhheee, for its incredible (!!!) videos, and for its overall layout of the yearly reading plan. I use this simple app daily and I am grateful for the hands and minds that put in the work to create it. It is a blessing in my life! PS... If you haven't already, go check out The Bible Project online and the My Strange Bible podcast!!
  • Outstanding App 5/5

    By ylkris
    I love this app! It’s beautifully designed and EASY to use. I have enjoyed reading scripture without the verse numbers—what a great experience. It has helped me read the Bible as a narrative. I have shared this with anyone who will listen to me!
  • "Today" never goes to today's reading 2/5

    By richmahn
    Good idea, but not well developed. Blaring example is how they still haven't fixed the "Today" link at the top to actually go to today's reading but always has the first section of Genesis open and I have to scroll down and figure out where I was. Can't be hard to implement!
  • Thank You Jesus 5/5

    By mrstanthony
    Just simply Thank you Jesus
  • App is amazing but mine acts up a lot 3/5

    By Jmpstylist
    I love this app and the videos explains. The books, but it’s acted up since I’ve downloaded it. The videos won’t even come up anymore and when they do they stop playing and screen goes black too. This app would be 5 stars if that problem was fixed for me.
  • This app is awesome! 5/5

    I’m only about five days in and so far I love this way to go through the Bible in a year! I love the quick videos in the beginning of each reading session -they are such a useful tool! So excited to stick with this for 2018! Thank you Crazy Love ministries!
  • Update 4/5

    By ShadatheGadite
    Can you add the King James Version with the Apocrypha Also can you add the Old and New Testament in the Hebrew language
  • iPhone X support 4/5

    By lumaximuz
  • Are you still there? 5/5

    By Ladyinashoe
    I just started using the app yesterday and love it so far! I don't see any recent reviews or updates so I'm really hoping you'll continue to keep the app available throughout 2018!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Titus.Anthony
    This is an inspiring place to come and dive into the word of God. Really well arranged and insightful in the video clips preceding the reading portion. Highly recommended.
  • Great app! 1 suggestion. 5/5

    By rekkss
    Great app! You’ve done an amazing job in putting this together, and the videos and narrations are awesome. Thanks for putting this out there for free. Just one suggestion. I would love to have a dark mode option so that the text is light-colored over a dark background. It makes it so much easier on the eyes, especially when reading at night. And if we could have a few fonts to choose from that would be great too. I tend to prefer serif fonts for long reading (they just flow better). And you could also add the free Open Dyslexic font which would be of incredible help to those who suffer from dyslexia. Anyway, thanks for this app guys. God bless!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By walkreed
    Excellent, simple way to read through the Bible. The videos really help you understand different books in the context of the whole narrative. You can also disable the dates, which I like since I'm not trying to finish the whole book in a year. I don't like feeling that if I'm a few days off I need to read for hours to catch up. Really nice app!
  • This is Amazing 5/5

    By WeareIM
    This app is such a blessing and exactly what I have been looking for. I use it every day. The videos are incredibly well done with artistic creativity while providing legitimate overviews of the books of the Bible that even the most biblically educated would appreciate. You read the scripture in the ESV and then end with a paired psalm. I recommend this app to anyone who's interested in reading the Bible. My only negative comment is that there is issues with the portrait orientation. When I change my phone's orientation from vertical to horizontal the text changes location, even background color. Then when you flip it back it doesn't even go back to where you left off. So I always have to make sure my phone's orientation lock is on while I'm reading. Such a fantastic app though. I'm thankful apps like this exist. Thank you!
  • Just finished my front to back reading 5/5

    By Recovery Joe
    So happy to have finished my first cover to cover reading of the Bible. I really liked the animation at the beginning of each book. I’ve recommended this to many family members. Starting on page 1 again this time in my Bible. I plan to make notes in it so that when I give it one day to a grandchild they will see more clearly how God worked in my life. Thank you for helping me get back on the path of righteousness.
  • The Big Picture of the Bible 5/5

    By Beth2496
    I just started the reading plan, but I am excited to dig in and go through a well thought out plan that will help me better understand the word of God. I already had seen some Bible Project videos, and those plus a reading plan - how could I resist?!? So glad I downloaded and excited to grow closer to God through this plan!! Very easy to use, simple and lets the message of the Word shine though because of that simplicity!
  • 👌🏽 5/5

    By Vairon Perez
    Thanks for helping me understand the Bible! What a blessing!
  • Great for beginners! 5/5

    By Cjmelcaleb0913
    I have always felt intimidated when it comes to reading the Bible, I started off on the Bible project website with the how to read the Bible series, and moved on from there. This app is giving me confidence and I have found a love for reading. I love the way the videos explain what you are reading. I can do my reading and research on my own timeline and that’s awesome!
  • Not your ordinary Bible app! 5/5

    By memac2225
    Very well done and creative with the use of videos interspersed. The video narratives are excellent and explain things about each book in a way that I haven’t heard before. So clear and factual. Love, love, love this app. I am reading the Bible daily because of it.

    By acamp96
    I can't say enough good things about this app! I keep telling everyone I know about it! I've grown up in church but was never able to read the Bible on a consistent basis. I used to struggle with reading and understanding the Bible, and honestly sometimes it felt boring. For the first time in my life, I feel excited everyday to read my Bible! I'm reading Leviticus right now, and I'm even excited about it! Now that is saying something! I'm learning so much and I've only just begun! So thankful for the guys at The Bible Project and Francis Chan for putting this together! Go get it. Right now!
  • This bible app is incredible! Comes to life! 5/5

    By Joey 107
    I love hearing and watching the verses of the Bible come to life in such detailed illustration without losing my interest. I can’t wait to start my daily bible scripture reading. I like how we are going through the Bible: Old Testament and psalm readings then it’s off to the New Testament. Very well thought of highly recommend! Thanks LexlovesLos for the recommendation!
  • AMAZING! 5/5

    By bkwhite7
    We absolutely love this Bible study! My 9 year old loves the videos and she understands so much easier. The Bible comes to life! Highly recommended!
  • So Creative & Captivating 5/5

    By Lauren Saravia
    These video illustrations along side the scriptures are such an incredible tool to reading & understanding the Bible. I can't say enough about it, it's SO great! Thank you to the creators & especially the illustrators who have made this app & its videos so visually beautiful!
  • Amazing Scripture App! 4/5

    By adbtx
    This has quickly become my favorite morning app. The layout, the timely (and extremely well done) inserted videos, and the length of daily scripture are fantastic. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is the inability to read across devices. But it’s still my favorite Bible app!

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