Reading List: Book Tracker

Reading List: Book Tracker

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  • Current Version: 2.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Andrew Bennet
  • Compatibility: Android
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Reading List: Book Tracker App

Easily track books you’ve read, books you’re reading, and books you want to read. Record your progress by adding the start and finish date of your books. ADD NEW BOOKS • Scan the barcode of a book to quickly add it to your list • Search online to find and add books • Alternatively, add a book manually by typing in its details • Sync your data between all devices via iCloud TRACK YOUR READING • Quickly log the dates you start and finish each book with a tap or swipe • Order the books, to help plan what to read next • Create your own custom lists, like "Wishlist", "Favourites", etc • Record the current page of books you're reading • Add your own rating and notes to each book • View your reading statistics PRIVATE & PERSONAL • No online account or signup needed • All data is private, stored on-device or in your iCloud account • Export and import all your data Some premium features require Reading List Pro, which can be purchased in the app. The app remains fully-featured when used without Reading List Pro. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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Reading List: Book Tracker app reviews

  • Best book list app. 5/5

    By abs25o2
    I have been looking for a place to upload all of my books but still have it a little private and this is the perfect app!!! 📚
  • Awesome 5/5

    By jiggyson
    This is great. I love being able to keep track of my books and rate them based on my reading experience. And that’s it. I’m tired of the negativity on social book rating sites and wanted to get back to just reading what I like because I like it or because it sounds interesting, without all the virtue signaling, politics, and accusations made against authors for the FICTIONAL things they write. It’s become trendy to be a jerk online for social clout, and it’s really disheartening to see the reading community becoming a place that is feeling unwelcome to anyone who doesn’t follow the status quo enforced by the loudest minority.
  • Great app 5/5

    By jj nia
    I have been using this app for a while. I use it mainly so that I can make sure not to get two copies of one book while out shopping. I also send the info out to my family and friends around the holidays so they know what books I already have. One thing I wish was different is there are some books that I know I have read but I don’t remember when or how long it took me but I would still rather have it marked as read so if I could say that I read something but don’t know when I did it that would be great because I just marked the books I don’t remember reading but know I read as read but I had to put a time frame in and I just put a few days or a day for each of them and it messed up my stats. Other than that this app work very well it is very easy to use, everything is well labeled and if you are a reader at any level you should definitely get this app as soon as possible.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Wyndes
    I read voraciously. (Some might even say obsessively or compulsively.) Literally, hundreds of books a year. What I wanted in a book tracking app or a library app was not something that measured whether I met reading goals (I have none) or track whether I'd read every day (I do), but an app that would let me easily write notes about books so that I would remember what I thought without having to download the book and open it up for a second time. In particular, I wanted to record books from Kindle Unlimited, so I could stop downloading the books I'd forgotten immediately after reading. About a year ago, I tried all of the library apps, one after another, and finally settled on Reading List. Now, I can't imagine how I lived without it. Before I download a book and especially before I buy a book, I check whether I've read anything by the author previously, and what I thought about it. (Sure, I could use Goodreads for this purpose, but I don't want to write public reviews that are unkind, and I am unkind about many of the books I read.) I love Reading List, greatly appreciate that the developer continues to improve it, have purchased my lifetime pro membership, and look forward to using it for the rest of my life. I particularly love that I can have it on my phone, ipad and Mac, so can record my notes wherever I am. Anyway, it's an awesome app and if you're reading this review, you should absolutely try it. (I do wish it could find books that are only listed on Amazon because most KU books have to be manually entered, but I suspect that's hard or impossible to do or the developer would have done it already.)
  • Good app but… 4/5

    By The_Roblox_Lover2437
    Okay so I have the premium version to this app, it’s good but It really needs something else. I feel like they should add a little timer where it can track how fast you read and how many pages you read. Just my opinion 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Best of the Best! 5/5

    By BFEDM
    I am a bookworm, and I was looking for an app that tracks my reading! I saw many different apps like Basmo and Good Reads, but they were nothing compared to Reading List! But I do wish one thing: I want to be able to look at my stats while I am reading the book, not when I finish it. Other than that, I would highly recommend this app to anyone in search of an efficient way of tracking your reading!
  • Very useful 5/5

    By planetwkr
    This app is great, Andrew. Visually appealing as if your setting up a book case. Motivating to track which page you are on, and the percentage remaining. The search works well for adding new books, also. I’m just trying to decide how much to add in the “tip jar”!
  • Book App 5/5

    By lr921
    I love this app it is so useful to keep track of your books through out the years
  • Wish it shared with other devices 4/5

    By Prairie 2d
    I enjoy this app as an easy way to track my reading. Easy to input the books and having the blurb is great. Especially when reading several books in a series. I wish it would share with my iPhone so I only gave it 4 stars.
  • Amazing!!! Perfect to catalogue a collection 5/5

    By Nefficus1
    This is the perfect app for cataloguing a collection. Easy to add books.
  • Easy & Convenient 5/5

    By Laleycole2015
    The app is unbelievably easy to use. I enjoy the scan feature to put in books, but if one doesn’t pop up it’s easy to search for it. It has helped me keep track of my TBR list and order in which I want to read them.
  • This app is beyond five starts 5/5

    By jjdance270
    Okay, I don’t usually write reviews on apps cause I think it’s tedious, even though thoughts are what apps thrive on to get opinions to improve the app. But in this case, I will since I love to read books. Since I started back to reading books and I was curious if there was an app to keep track of books I've read, finished, or started to read. Then I came to this app and surprisingly fell in love with the app. Like I said before, I usually don’t write reviews because I think they're very tedious, yet this app deserves 20/20 beyond five stars. So to the creator and the team of this app, thank you for putting so much thought into this app for us readers to keep track of our books. But there is one thing I want to see when searching for a book in the search bar. I would like to know if we can click on multiple options of the books that we see are interesting, or if we want to look up an author and other books by that specific author, we have the choice to choose other books by that particular author/or by a different author. Like for example, having a circle check mark by the book and looking at other options by that specific author or another author. After looking at books that look interesting to the reader, they would click on ‘Next’ before accepting ‘Next.’ The app can verify the books they have selected and add them to the list of readings. I hope this makes sense to the app's creators because it's tiresome to click on one book and look up another book by the same author. Or if the reader sees a book that looks interesting but doesn't know the name of that book while looking for a specific book they’re trying to find, they find it. Still, if they also come across another book that looks interesting, they would have to write that book down on a piece of paper or screenshot it. That would also be very tiresome. So if you're a reader considering getting this app, do it.
  • Great app but one request! 5/5

    By mwild27
    I’ve had my Kindle years now and I finally picked it up again and this is a great app to keep track of my books! Can you add a goals section? Would love to set a goal on how many books I can finish this year. Thanks!
  • Useful but lacking critical feature 4/5

    By khyber1959
    I can find no way to delete a book from the list when I realise I will never get around to reading it and give it away. You can only mark books finished. Please add the ability to delete books.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By SMDtunes
    So easy to use. Simple and nice looking interface. Just what I was looking for to be able to look back and see a diary of what I’ve read and when, along with info about the book to jog my memory, plus a space for my notes as well.
  • Best app 5/5

    By Temori21
    This is at the top of the list for book trackers, been using it for about 2-3yrs and bought the lifetime subscription. It’s easy access, the book scanner is top tier, and I like simple it is to organize your books. The only thing I wished it had was a time tracker. I’ve introduced this app to all my book reader friends/family🥰🥰🥰
  • One of the best! 5/5

    By c_haynes3
    This is by far one of the best book/library trackers available! My only requests would be: 1. additions to the statistics offered (though what’s there is good enough and pretty much covers the important stats). 2. Audiobook specific settings. For example, I could choose to track by minutes instead of the currently offered options (pages or percentage). Total minutes length - current minute = remaining minutes (for progress bar). With this, a new stat of minutes listened could be added. Still a 5 star application though. Thanks for all the hard work!
  • Track my books 4/5

    By applejfy
    This app does just about everything I want and love using it. It gives me a great deal of flexibility. My only wish is it would be able to be used on my laptop and be able to list series in order. Even the latter is not essential since I can create folders. I would also love to have sub-folders, a folder to put some of my other folders
  • An Essential App 5/5

    By LoraneAppReviews
    I read daily. I can't live without this app. If you're a reader then you need this in your life.
  • The reading list app rocks! 5/5

    By Katie Turkeybun
    Great for book lovers, this app allows you to finally get rid of those “okay” books, because you can keep track of them inside the app. I also adore the new way you can reread books.
  • Excellent but one slight issue 5/5

    By Staceala
    I’ve been keeping track of my books in a digital planner which for a lack of better words is super annoying. I really wanted an app that would allow me to quickly find what I was looking for that didn’t entail me taking my iPad with me wherever I went. I was so happy to have found this app. Being the slightly anal person I am I decided to add the 103 books I red from 2022. That went off without a hitch except for the date started field kept changing back automatically to Jan 2, 2022 regardless of what date I put in. I found this to be annoying. I did resolve the issue by putting in the completion date first then the start date. Is it a glitch? Not sure but I do believe this app does deserve 5 stars.
  • Best App for readers I’ve ever found 5/5

    By RicoAtl
    I wish this app had existed in 1960 when I first started reading. There’s so much value in recording what you read, keep an electronic file of your entire library and tracking your progress through a book. I’ve always read several books at once so this App makes it easy to keep track of progress (even if I lose a bookmark) and keeps me focused on finishing. Also love the easy ability to scan or lookup new tires. This is a fantastic app for readers. I could say much more, but I simply love it and any who would rather live their life in books will too.
  • Great book tracking list app! 5/5

    By Yo1942
    I use this app to keep up with my reading history!
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Mickey330
    I just found this app and it’s now my go-to for my TBR lists. I like the simplicity and ease of keeping this app updated. I love love LOVE the Cloud sync option! I finally can keep my “what’s next to read?” list sorted. The things I can do in this app match exactly what I want to do. I’m so very pleased with this app; it’s now in my top 5 of favorites. After I put all my “to be read” books in the app, I was finally able to delete the overly complicated Goodreader app. I’m so enamored with this app I bought the Pro version. Kudos, congratulations and thanks to the developer. Count me as another [completely] satisfied customer.
  • So helpful! 5/5

    By Lynn333333333
    I use this app to keep track of the books I’ve read. I love looking back at the year to see which books I’ve read, along with any notes I made. I also keep track of any picture books my children and I enjoy, organizing them in their own folder. Lastly, I love seeing my progress through the book as I update what page I’m on. A fun motivation.
  • A 5/5

    By anna(Anastasia)
    I would rate this five stars I love that it has a finish and started
  • Awesome app!!!!! 5/5

    By FNAF player😀
    This app is really useful, but I would like you to add a feature to where you can put pre-orders on your want to read list and get notified when the book comes out on the corresponding date
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By StellarStar31
    Great book tracker , absolutely love it!
  • A treat for those disenfranchised… 5/5

    By dsgruntledgenx
    I started using Reading List maybe 6 months ago. I was searching for a digital way to store my ever evolving tbr list, while compiling lists of books that I have collected (lovingly & haphazardly) for 30 years. I’ve spent many a dollar on paper mementos from bygone eras & yet more times than not, I’m literally lost in a bookstore wondering “Do I have this edition? Do I have it in paperback, hardcover, signed, limited edition?” And yes I’ve bought multiple copies of many (my local library loves to see me donate). So you can understand why when I began cataloging my personal library to a digital format, I downloaded 3 or four free apps to test to see which would best suit my long term needs. After several tries, I kept two, because yeah I like having a backup plan. Reading List was one of my final and now is my only reading list/biblio type app. The developer, Andrew, actually replied to my app user feedback email. And he is responsive on Twitter to followers of the app. In a world where service and help is no longer a courtesy but is usually rendered by ever infuriating automation, it was nice to see the actual human interface of this app, caring for his product. I hope this review though long, helps this young developer’s dream. It certainly helped my disorganized collection of books. Many thanks!
  • Love this easy ro use app! 5/5

    By Serendipitous41
    This is great to store and keep track of books I want to read.
  • Essential app for readers! 5/5

    By ajhovito
    Rarely write reviews, but this app is simply next level. Simple yet beautiful interface, straightforward pricing, every feature you need and nothing more. Wish more iOS developers were doing this sort of thing. 5+ stars, bravo!👏
  • Easy Reading Tracker 5/5

    By Jennimay
    Multiple ways to search for and identify book to add to list and track progress. Easy to use.
  • Love this app, but a couple suggestions 5/5

    By 2badithappened
    I purchased the full version as this app and it is a life saver to keep my read books and to be read books in order. I was curious about a few options/wishlist requests: - Can you add a feature to add more than one image? I will search to add a book but find there are different covers. I’d like to add the one I have & the updated/different versions. Also I’d like to add the back cover as well. - Can you make it so you can enlarge the picture by clicking on it? - Can you change the date option back to the calendar versus the the wheel option? - Can you put the number of books read to the graph? The graph isn’t the easiest to figure out the exact number of how many are read that year. - Can there be an option to add the ISBN-10 for those that don’t have an ISBN-13 that I can find? Thank you for all your hard work on this app! I couldn’t keep my reading/read list straight without it!
  • Great! 5/5

    By garumya
    Very nice, especially if you read your books online! The interface is pleasant to use and is favorite reading list app out of all of the ones out there! Though it would be nice if hyperlinks were added to the app. I occasionally add links to the description or notes to the books in my list because there are books I read through websites/online sources, and it's just a little tedious to be copying and pasting the link. But once again, great app!
  • Favorite App 5/5

    By maciag519
    Hands down my favorite app on my phone! Easy to use and the graphics are simple and sharp. The Pro membership is 100% worth it. I love the stats feature - again, simple and sharp, and not overwhelming with too many graphs like other reading apps.
  • User friendly 5/5

    By CongaRich
    I love that this app is simple to use. I began tracking my reading and wanted something digital. I'm glad I came upon this app. A+
  • No fillers or ads, easy and clean interface 5/5

    By jenb143
    Used the free version last year. Upgraded to the premium for this upcoming year. I love it and can’t wait to have friends to share list with the premium version. And more than anything I love I’m supporting an independent developer who loves books like I do.
  • Five stars 5/5

    By Rubyfrogs
    Great job
  • Amazing 5/5

    By :urboi:
    This app is so user-friendly. I can easily track and organize all my books. It’s very well made I would recommend to everyone that enjoys reading.
  • Needs an audiobook option 5/5

    By kittykatslender
    I like to keep track of what audiobooks I’ve read and when so an audiobook option would be nice but overall an amazing app. Easy to use, beautiful design.
  • much better than bookly 5/5

    By annafkkingdawn_f
    i used bookly for a while, but i was tired of only being able to add 10 books and it was confusing. this app is much more organized and even gives you a description of the books!!! i love it so much.
  • Best app for book lovers 5/5

    By Celia in Texas
    I love this app to help organize my books and log books to read. I can organize by various bookclubs and it is easy to add a book and follow links to buy it. The developer was very responsive to questions.
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By philip449
    A great little app that does exactlyy what it says on the tin. Perfect for book tracking and also syncs across all my devices, incluing my M1 Mac.
  • 4 1/2 stars 4/5

    By squirrelflame
    This app is really great, because I want to know how many books I have without going thru and counting them all. I also love that there is no limit, because I’m so many apps you have to pay for more than 25. I have 86 books and the holidays and my birthday are coming up! I’m a total nerd. But I just wish we could have a goal:| but no problem. Totally get this app. :)
  • Solid navigation, no nonsense 4/5

    By jnlybbert
    I’ve tried five different apps looking to supplement my Goodreads with stats on number of pages read. I really like this app for that. It’s simple and easy to navigate. The stats feature is simple and straightforward, which I love. The only thing I would change is I would add a graph that shows number of pages read over time. I love the simplicity of want to read books and finished books in two categories. I also love the way reading progress is displayed. I think the one thing that would really put this app over the top would be to add session recording and the ability to base number of pages read on recorded sessions instead of finished books. Then pages read in DNF books could be counted too.
  • Best non-social media tracker 5/5

    By Cushy downhills
    No social media link to an eCommerce behemoth. Just a straight up tracker and indexer.
  • A great app 5/5

    By Diego&20
    This app has been very helpful, been using it for a few years now. Not only does it keep my reading list organized but it has been a great motivation in finishing my books.
  • So far it’s great but would change a couple things. 4/5

    By LindsayLu2012
    I’ve loved adding all my books I’ve read and being about to organize them. I’m enjoying the app so far but I do wish it could do more. I’m thinking of paying for “pro” but I wish it could give stats on your top trends like authors and genres and not just number of books. I also wish you could add whole series at one time. It was also frustrating that the pro cost started at $15, then went to $20, then $30, and now it’s $25 for a lifetime.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By DanaDro
    Love this app!! Easy to use and love I can organize my read books by year or however you may choose to. Great place to record your TBR list as well!