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ReadyCLOUD App

ReadyCLOUD allows you easy access to your files and media stored on your NETGEAR ReadyNAS. This App makes it simple to stream or download content onto to your iPhone/iPad from your network or over the Internet. ReadyCLOUD can automatically upload your camera roll from your iPhone/iPad to your ReadyCLOUD connected device, allowing for effortless backup of your precious photos and videos. For any feature requests or detailed feedback, please email [email protected] Detailed features: * Access your entire ReadyCLOUD content (videos, music, photos, and other files) * Download videos, photos, and music for offline viewing * Automatically backup your Camera Roll to your ReadyCLOUD connected device * Stream music from your ReadyCLOUD directly to your mobile device (DLNA must be enabled on the folder) * Preview thumbnails of photos (DLNA must be enabled on the device folder) * Camera Roll backup can be configured to use Cellular Data + Wifi or Wifi only connectivity * Access documents (pdf, word, excel) * Access to the full capacity of your ReadyCLOUD connected device * No monthly subscriptions or costs * Recently viewed content is available in local cache, reducing the time and data cost to view files that have been accessed * Safe data transfer, everything is encrypted * Ability to share files from and to ReadyCLOUD. Please share your experience by rating this application and writing a review. For feature requests and enhancements, please feel free to post at or the AllABoutReadyNAS Facebook page. For more information on ReadyNAS go to

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ReadyCLOUD app reviews

  • This app BLOWS. 1/5

    By RandyRas007
    This app fails to deliver it’s basic primary function. I have had my ReadyNAS for several years. I wanted this app so I can view my files on my other devices. Even after a refresh, I can’t see recently backed up files. This is the PRIMARY function of this app and it failed to deliver.
  • Broken in recent release 1/5

    By MikeM_PDX
    Was working fine to backup files from phone to ReadyNAS. But recently. ALL files get backed up with the name IMG_2147483647 (*) Files used to transfer with the name from the device it was backing up from.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Godzilla7810
    Terrible mobile and desktop app. Won’t sync. Can’t download. Only able to upload one pic at a time. Total junk
  • After install, it keeps crashing! 2/5

    By rAllcorn
    After installing this app, it immediately begins to crash, claiming my device is not set up!! I just accessed it from the app on my MacBook Pro ... it’s set up alright. Now, I’m feeling a little “set up” myself! I’ll give it a bit and see if this all cleans up. Mid so, I’ll come back and update my review, but for now? Eeeh! No thanks!
  • Simple but works 4/5

    By Kpt2078
    This app provides access to your files via the cloud, but that’s about it. For this purpose, it works great. Don’t expect to be able to stream movies from it. Just think of it as strictly as a way to access your files when away from home. It will let you share the files though, through the same options you get with sharing other files (email, text, etc). My only gripe is that you can’t add other ReadyCLOUD users from the app. You still need the web portal for that.
  • Useless 1/5

    By ls1norcal
    Wish I would heave read the reviews before I spent all this money on this NAS and waiting 4 days to build my volume. This app is completely useless and does not work period.
  • One star is too much 1/5

    By ttppee
    Try to upload just one single photo from camera roll but it’s freeze every time, Totally useless!
  • Almost not working and unusable! 1/5

    By 3126k
    Don’t use this app!
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By Appl3Guy
    What is the point of this if I cannot upload anything using the app? I see in the picture previews for the app that it shows the individual uploading something to their NAS. After installation the app asks for permission to my photos but do not see any way to upload, forcing me to be home and in my office using my desktop to upload.
  • Not user frendly 1/5

    By Emian2
    I bought the ReadyNas214 system with the expectation of streaming to whatever device I wanted, as their sales video stated. But alas it does not. This current app is slow to load and access account, as well as, subsequent sub folder structures. When you try any music files it does not seem to load or display any meta data such as cover art or artist. When you select it to play, videos or music, it opens a web page with a basic player and starts downloading. Does not play until finished. Not my idea of streaming. Again no other data such as album art in background. Seems very poorly written. I want to have the choice to just download to my device or just stream it when away from home to any device. I feel I should be able to access my Nas system directly without going through a Netgear web service or account, which also seems to defeat the purpose of having a home or office cloud server system. Device seems to work ok but the apps are severely lacking. The help videos do not match the screens that I am seeing on my system. I cannot send email share invites either. No option to enter the email address as shown in videos. Will plug along and do some more research, but as of today I would not recommend system due to poor app design and support.
  • Crashes a lot 1/5

    By sajohn2
    This app crashes very often. It sometimes happens when browsing files, it sometimes happens when trying to download an image, it sometimes happens when viewing files. Recently, it happened when trying to save backed-up photos to my camera roll. Essentially, I’m unable to do anything with this app 90% of the time.
  • Expected more 1/5

    By Mewtothunder
    Such a poorly made app, I expected a much better experience than this
  • Almost unusable. 2/5

    By Mr. Immortal
    When I first started using this app, 3 years ago, I was able to access my nas quickly and easily. Now every time I open the app it spends about a minute finding my device then another trying to load the folders on my device. Sometimes I have to close the app because it becomes un responsive after about 2 minutes of waiting. The only time I use this app is when I am not home and want to pull a ebook off of my nas. If I’m at home I either use a free ftp app or hook up to my computer and put what I need on my device. This app and cloud feature was the main reason I bought the readynas device. I liked the idea of being able to access my data from anywhere. Now I’m thinking I might should try a competitor and see if their cloud and app actually work.
  • Readyshare stinks 1/5

    By nizho2019
    Maybe there is a solution but I can’t get it to upload my iPhones stuff. Not sure but I’ve done all the solutions they recommend. I’m about to give up. I get that iCloud does it but I don’t want to have everything in one place. I’m searching for something better.
  • App crash 1/5

    By DJ_Jaych
    Does stuff i need(photo) But it crashes after few minutes Also created url doesn’t work. I have linksys router as well and also Use url to stream videos and etc This apps created url does not work. I’ve only used it for videos so im not Sure about other files.
  • Not able to reliably save your iOS device’s media 1/5

    By Hlelele
    The app ReadyCloud is not a reliable app for backing up your media found on iOS devices. It will begin uploading your iOS media to your storage device attached to your home netgear router. However, the app eventually pauses the upload indefinitely, leaving some iOS media not backed up to your storage device.
  • Open a folder of photos, watch it crash 1/5

    By super8000bees
    This app is broken, completely. If you’re able to open a single file with it before it crashes, pat yourself on the back. Consider mobile access of your files to be nonexistent.
  • Provides basic function 5/5

    By Anamethatianottaken
    It does exactly what they advertise. It allows you to set up a NAS device, it allows you to view files on that NAS, and it can backup photos for iPhone to the NAS in the background so that you don’t have to pay for cloud storage. Not much else, but that’s all I needed for now.
  • super slow 1/5

    By agkma
    too slow. shows folders but none of the files inside.
  • Nothing works well 1/5

    By Tytech V
    Photo backup gets stuck or randomly resets Movie files that used to play in the app no longer play App frequently hangs browsing files and I have to quit the app
  • Does not open 1/5

    By WorldGurl
    Does not open
  • Limited capability -please update 2/5

    By TheFireDon
    I find the app has limited functionality. I can browse to the Readyshare drive attached to my router just fine, and can view files. I cannot rename the files. Pretty key to being able to use this product for me. I can login via readycloud on a browser and rename there, but can’t preview the files without downloading it first. Not a very user friendly interface. Need to add the ability to preview files and rename them in both platforms to make it more usable. Step 2 - allow this app to be used in the iOS file system on iPad, so that I can browse my ready cloud drive through that interface. I can already use Google Drive, Drop Box, and Onedrive that way.
  • Intermittent at Best 1/5

    By CoryAppStore
    App has consistently been bad - failed connections, unexplained errors, crashes nearly every use. I’ve been relying on this to back up photos but it is so inconsistent, I’m going to have to look for another solution. @Netgear - Please dedicate some resources to fix this app. Could be really great, but it just doesn’t work...
  • Crashes nearly every time I use it. 1/5

    By jmmain24
    I would love it if this app actually worked. I would appreciate it if you could fix it so it doesn’t crash every time I load it. New iPhone XR. Once it works I’ll update the rating. Thanks.
  • Network error 1/5

    By dineshshetty
    Always fails with message : Error Network error. Don’t Waste of iPhone memory on this buggy app
  • Readycloud 1/5

    By BDB-HTown
    Does not work! Can not connect to Readynas via WiFi or mobile network. Very frustrating.
  • Please add thumbnail view for photos!!! 1/5

    By Jason5154
    Please add thumbnail view for photos.
  • Can’t see folders please fix 1/5

    By shakaofvirgo77
    Folders can’t be seen
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Freeridedeattle
    Doesn’t work and support doesn’t care.
  • Can view new IOS picture format 1/5

    By BDK1961
    Need update to app to view new iOS updated picture format (HEIC).
  • App crash on iOS 12 1/5

    By Cobraman502
    App crashes hard in iOS 12. Constantly crashing, not even usable. Please fix Uninstalling didn’t fix the issue. On 2 different iPhone XS
  • Took all renaming phone memory 1/5

    By Thanos7500
    I had 87g photo library and wanted to free up space. Bought a external HD and started uploading picture my phone said no memory left. I noticed after uploadind 3000 photos the app took up 8g of space. I was trying to upload not take up more memory on my phone made no sense so I deleted app.
  • Complete failure for APP 1/5

    By jessie.m.
    I bought a router due to the advertisement of this capability, the ability to back up data from my phone remotely to a HD. However, this app will allow you to view the router, you cannot view the HD unless you on on another PC, this is not an iPhone friendly app.
  • Sync problems 1/5

    By CannotRateZero
    This app works the first time and if you add, delete or move file or directory then this app will choke. It seems you need to logout and log back in to make it work again but maybe 25%. I have remove the last sentence to this review because I found another solution.
  • Useless program 1/5

    By Dreadmaul
    Just has no functionality what so ever
  • What? No IPv6 support on cellular networks? 3/5

    By Banvor
    Have had the ReadyNAS drive for some time and the phone app has been hit or miss. First it was just streaming content to my phone over cellular. Then that was fixed. Netgear finally fixed the media back up feature of the iOS app and now I can offload pics and vids without plugging in my phone to my computer. I still don’t trust the app will work after each iOS update. I am just glad it works for me now.
  • Backup feature 1/5

    By Jmeckert
    The auto backup feature never works I have uninstall the app and reinstall it and the feature still won’t work so all of my photos just sit there waiting to download.
  • FIXED!!! New Version coming soon. Worked once! 5/5

    By Twice Struck
    (Edited review pertains to new unreleased version 5/2/2018) Netgear Devs contacted me with a new version now in development. Been playing with it since yesterday and it’s working very well. No disconnects, works well when drilling down into deep nested directories, loads items quickly and seems faster over all as well. All in all I’m quite happy with it and the great support from the devs. I can now recommend the new version of the App without reservation, it is a great feature! The developer said this version should be “released soon” ****************************************************************** (Original post) Installed to use a usb Drive on my R7000. As the title says, it worked one time connecting fine. From the on it won’t show the contents of the drive except the folders at root level. Going into a folder shows no contents. Tried flushing the cache, increasing the cache to 8192MB, and neither had any effect. Can’t recommend this app at all.
  • One and done 1/5

    By Dethringr
    It worked the first time when setting up. After that, never worked again. Kind of pointless to advertised it as a feature, if the app hardly works. Basically, I'm using my readycloud as a local home share drive, which defeats the purpose of my own personal cloud storage.
  • It's supposed to fix crashes? 1/5

    By CJA123456
    It was working normally before the update... Now it crashes as soon I select the folder to backup to.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Acajohn29
    I was excited about using this for the photos on my iPhone. From first use it always says “Device Not Connected” but it most certainly is. Never worked even once.
  • Very Disappointing 1/5

    By superdom1
    This app worked great for a while, but with recent app updates and firmware upgrades, this doesn’t work with the nighthawk 7000 router. NetGear support is nearly non-existent and slow to fix this, as it’s been problematic for nearly 6 months. Using the app as a way to backup your phone to external storage (a drive plugged into the router) was one of the things that made the router a great buy, and without it, you’re better off going with LinkSys or another more reputable brand. Don’t download the app and get rid of the router - it’s just not worth the headaches.
  • Media backup hasn’t either since last update 1/5

    By Tamade38
    I used to have my iPhone pictures automatically backed up to my ReadyNAS, but this feature hasn’t worked since the last update. The ‘Backup in Background’ simply does not work — it uploads pictures only when the app is actively opened. When you change to another app, it just stops I spent $$ on the ReadyNAS and the app doesn’t work — Please resolve ASAP!!
  • No good! Another useless Netgear app IMO 1/5

    By abfanatic1230
    That does absolutely nothing? It sees my router, it sees my mass storage, but all after that is nothing but big azzed white screen without nothing on it! I can ‘upload’ but not download what I uploaded. AND I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING THAT IT’S ALREADY ON THE STORAGE DRIVE. Another useless Netgear app
  • Not working 1/5

    By auyantepuy18
    This app allows me to see the folders on my USB external HD but none of the contents, if I go from the web browsers i see every single file. What is the point of this app then? And it won’t even up load my photos from my iPhone.
  • Totally useless 1/5

    By oke10710
    Will not back up anything from my phone. Total crap app!
  • Broken since update 1/5

    By J_GUT
    This app used to work now you can’t see any of the folders contents. Backup is atrocious and keeps restarting a file before it gets to 100%. Whoever the developer of the last update messed with this they should go back to the previous version.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Smajeti
    This app has become difficult to use. The backup from my iPhone is a miss most of the time. Have to keep resetting it to use it.
  • Not working 1/5

    By frankpogi
    I download this app hoping to help me fixed my problem with storing all my file remotely, but to my’s false advertising.....probably get Dlink. Giving the company (Netgear) to fix this problem within a month, if nothing change, just gonna junk this router Netgear nighthawk model R700👎🏻

ReadyCLOUD app comments

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