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RealSelf App

Join 10 million monthly visitors to RealSelf who explore cosmetic treatments and contact local providers to rejuvenate their face, body, or smile. With privacy features only in the app you can upload your photos and remove identifying features. Don’t forget to check out the treatment and doctor reviews, free doctor Q&A, and before and after photos. A lot of research and consideration goes into decisions about cosmetic treatments. With our doctors, supportive community members, and personalized experience, RealSelf is here to help you make confident choices. Doctor Community: • Search more than 70,000 providers and board-certified doctors. Find the right local provider for you. • Ask the RealSelf doctor community your questions for free. Doctors have shared almost 2 million answers to commonly asked questions. • Many providers offer exclusive deals and free consultations to RealSelf members. Supportive Community: • Every treatment has a RealSelf Worth It Rating based on reviews from real people. • People just like you share their treatment experiences, photos, provider reviews, and costs. • Choose from over 400 treatments with reviews. More treatments added all the time. • Share your journey and find support right from the start. Personalize Your Experience: • Save your favorite photos, reviews, and doctors in Notebooks for easy access. • Your personalized feed keeps you updated on the treatments, doctors, and topics you follow.


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RealSelf app reviews

  • Horrible app 1/5

    By rossdo
    The UI is convoluted and hard to navigate. Not intuitive. Beds a ground up UI rework.
  • Love the app 4/5

    By Solyluna17
    But wish it were a little more straight forward to search for more specific or obscure procedures
  • Awesomeeeeee 5/5

    By Mayra98
    This app is wonderful! If you are thinking of having any kind of procedure done, this will be your holy grail.

    By gigipuffsanwhich
    This app has so much potential, it's just so annoying how much it glitches!!! Literally you can not see any videos because they simply don't want to play, sometimes it doesn't let me see the full review someone wrote, and honestly it can be a little overwhelming and unorganized, also on my feed I've seen the same few reviews since I started using the app. It would be so nice if they got someone to work on this app as it is a place in which research can be done and experiences can be shared. Really hope it improves
  • Love the app 3/5

    By Tim&Leslie
    Just need to be touched up a bit. Videos don’t work very well, if you deselect something you aren’t interested in seeing the very next time you open the app it’s back up there again. You never know when you get notifications. If there could be some updating on this it would be 5 stars!
  • My motivation 5/5

    By Download to find out
    Being able to view and keep track of other users updates helps narrow down which cosmetic surgeon to select.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By tonnipaul
    I love it ! It's honest realistic and straight forward.
  • Could use some improvements 3/5

    By Sugrkiss
    I really appreciate this app. That being said, I wish there were a few more options for searching. I would like to be able to filter by newest posts, look at posts with before and after, search for different things within topics.
  • Good in theory 3/5

    By Bananaalex
    But there’s a lot of glitches so I just go on the website. Whenever you try to click a full review it just goes back so what’s the point? In regards to developer response: when I click on a review in the list of reviews it goes to the individual review page with a button that says “Full Review.” When I click it it just goes back to the previous page. There’s no way to read the full review. If I am doing this wrong, please let me know what to do.
  • Companion to a new me 5/5

    By elipstein
    I find this app to be so useful on my journey towards the new me. It has so much info and so many photos it’s really helping me make smart choices. And the app is continuously improving - the developer really incorporates user feedback!
  • Reality is Best 5/5

    By Femme2day
    Having access to real life stories of actual people who have had procedures done is very important. It keeps people well informed, ensures that the doctors stay on the cutting edge of their profession and it prevents those with poor performance histories from operating. Real Self is the Best place to go for the truth of what is/is not possible.
  • The RealSelf app has helped me but there are problems! 3/5

    By mamasbooty
    I like many things about this app. But it’s really hard to type. You have to type slowly and push each letter down hard or it doesn’t work. You can’t see very much of what you have written at a time. Only a sentence. It causes tons of typos, and lots of frustration. I have wanted to delete pictures from my review, but I can’t do it according to the directions I looked up. Other than the technical difficulties and glitches, the app is a great way to find out info on procedures and doctors. For that reason I like it a lot.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Momof2harp
    This is such a helpful app that prepares you for what to expect from plastic surgery. More than anything I am grateful to the women that document their procedure along the way!!! Awesome!
  • Could be more user friendly 2/5

    By Right-is-Right
    Needs to be more user friendly!
  • Delete account 3/5

    By 123Veronica
    They kept deleting my account, it's ridiculous
  • Super glitchy 2/5

    By Gjvxgj
    Liked it before the undate
  • Research is key!!! 5/5

    By kaykaybel2007
    I rely heavily on RS for real reviews for all my surgical need great app to have!!!
  • Fix the Timeline for Goodness Sake 1/5

    By Nikki0806
    The timeline is completely out of chronological order. My timeline usually starts with something from 2-3 years old. For this specific topic (surgery/surgeons) everything from comments and pics should begin from most recent as when looking for a surgeon you want to see/hear about present work.
  • Horrible UI 2/5

    By JazzCritic
    Unintuitive and clunky tech. Website is actually better but still clunky. Company has lost its way. Not a lot of ‘real’ left unfortunately - it just reeks of promotion and difficult to trust. Yuk.
  • Would be 5 stars but 4/5

    By Snack4life
    The search option isn’t as good as it is in the web page! Other than that great app.
  • Good info/content needs work 3/5

    By Sylviasmiles
    I actually liked the app better before the update. The problem is it’s very glitchy - sometimes you can’t see all the content in the reviews; the videos hardly ever work; and there’s no way to organize or filter the content. Even if you unselect the types of procedures that you don’t want to see in your feed, the next time you open it up, everything is there again. That means that you’ll see huge pictures of vaginas In your feed when you really don’t want to. And every time you do a search, the same content comes up even though it doesn’t seem to be in any sort of order. It doesn’t start with the newest review or the newest content, it just shows, I guess what would be the most relevant reviews or content? But there really should be a way to sort it so that if you want to see it by the newest review or most recent comments or something like that, you can.
  • Useless for me 1/5

    By Tttttttbbbbbbnnnnn
    I can’t find a question I posted and when I try to contact support, it won’t allow me to send it.
  • It's great but missing one thing 3/5

    By Kaleidokassy
    It's great and very helpful and informative. But as some one who is reviewing, commenting, and asking and answering questions, it's needs to specify what my new notifications is. For example, All it'll tell me is I have 3 new notifications but won't tell me whether it was a comment, reply, inbox message, or like on my review. I literally have to go dinging through everything I've commented on and such and will end up not replying to someone's question at all and I look rude. NOT COOL! Please fix immediately!
  • Removing MD from feed 4/5

    By Sohl123
    I can’t remove md from my feed. Contacted help and their instructions still don’t remove md.
  • Best 5/5

    By Mr black japa
    Curious about procedures, love before and after , doctors advice, local dr reference . Love the worth it or not advise
  • Extremely helpful!!!!! 5/5

    By London harris
    I love this so much because I probably would have been botched from the floor up okay.!
  • Great concept, but glitchy and unorganized 2/5

    By cougrgroomr
    This is an awesome concept, that’s in need of a few tweaks and bug fixes. Personal inboxes (for comments, questions etc) are horribly threaded. There’s no chronological order. In the “questions” section, it’s next to impossible to expand doctor’s answers that take up more than just a few lines of have to beat the “read more” link to death, and it *might* work. The layout for writing reviews and experiences is poorly formatted. You’re not quite sure what you’re writing, a review on the doctor or an experience, because the fields aren’t labeled properly—neither are the instructions. Anywho, fix that and it’s great.
  • Latest update won’t allow “Ask A Doctor” ERROR 3/5

    By Mmarketti
    Can’t ask a question anymore as system says shorten question text even if you remove all characters. Glitch, please fix.
  • Too distracting and confusing 3/5

    By Znp2
    Slow. Don't like when I'm reading about a dr how you advertise local docs on the same page it's distracting and annoying and confusing and if I wanted a local dr I would look them up
  • the app and website is down 1/5

    By pa09090909
    I just downloaded the app and it shows their development enviroments as well as their website
  • Incredibly helpful!! 5/5

    By mnonne
    I was so happy to find real self. I had so many questions about my procedures that I was going to have done. Every thing that popped in my head I just want to real self looked it up and found answers! It’s also great finding a sisterhood on the flat side!!
  • Such a fun and informative app! 5/5

    By JosephineB22
    This is a great place to see real reviews about procedures you might be interested in. You can also see surgeon reviews. It’s a friendly community where people are supportive with their comments. I love Real Self!!
  • Real self somewhat real help 3/5

    By monroedelux
    I just feel spam and ads also fake pages should be blocked this website is not here to promote or gain clients, this is people’s bodies and health. But overall good app has help me make most of my decisions so got to be careful of who is real and who is fake
  • I love this site 5/5

    By Beelow516
    With the help of the RealSelf app I was able to find just the right doctor to do my ethnic rhinoplasty. My wanting to have my nose done was more than a twenty year wait but I'm so pleased with this site and other patients posting their journey with reviews and pictures. It made choosing a doctor alot easier.
  • Great app with a great support team! 5/5

    By 23619?
  • Whole New World 5/5

    By Poodledooodle
    If you're looking into body enhancement, this app will open up a trove of information, pictures, personal experiences, recommendations, warnings, and advice concerning issues you never dreamed of. This app should be in every beginning research arsenal.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Moorhead22
    I must say this app is so great and its truly helpful seeing these reviews and comments from the patients themselves. Also I enjoy reading the questions and answers from the doctors themselves. Also the pictures are exactly what I needed.
  • Updates are excellent 5/5

    By vintageandvalentino
    Recently I wrote Tom Seery, the CEO of Real Self, to alert him to a suggestion that I thought would make the Real Self application even more effective for RS app users to find the right doctor. I explained that when I scroll through the reviews of a doctor, there was no way for me to know which reviews contained photos and which did not. For me, reviews with photos are essential as one never knows if reviews without photos are authentic patients. Tom got back to me right away and got me in touch with his product manager, who I then had several email correspondences with regarding the issue. Well, they took me seriously and updated the app so that when an RS user is scrolling through review banners, they will see a photo thumbnail indicating that there are photos contained within that review. This made a HUGE difference, and because of this, I was able to find (in a matter of days) the doctor I am currently most interested in for my procedure. Thanks, Real Self! Great work. You are revolutionizing the plastic surgery industry!
  • Almost 5 stars 4/5

    By LeeanneC3345
    Would be 5 if there was landscape mode and if the notifications caught all updates. Love the content though.
  • Good app could be better 4/5

    By Ihitbills like bill Cosby
    Need to have a section for searching the cc of implants or one for implants over 1000cc
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By ButterflyViolet
    This app is almost perfect. But the only thing that would make it more perfect is if I can filter and sort my searches,(date,time, etc). If that can be added I'll change it to 5 stars!
  • Obsessed 5/5

    By Shea Solomon
    I absolutely love this app! I have found some great information on here.
  • Can't figure out how to post anything on this app it's frustrating 3/5

    By Shaffermichelle
    Can't post anything on this app
  • Good 4/5

    By Lindzer4
    I like this app a lot. It has helped me get through post surgery by posting and reading people's post. I wish you could edit and delete things you have posted without having to email them to fix it.
  • Great App 5/5

    By SandraToyo
    Great real reviews on doctors from real people. This app is great if you are looking for patient experience on procedures or research on doctors this is the app.
  • Love Realself 5/5

    By Granny Ran
    The only place I go to when I need research on a doctor or procedure. It's The holy grail for anything related to plastic surgery. I don't know what I would do without this as my reference to app!! The majority of the comments are 100% honest, and a tremendous help to me.
  • Used to be better 5/5

    By Fhjgkhcbhgnhbndhgnfj
    I used to be able to see newest to oldest but now I don't see that option. O/w still a useful app with good info about procedures, doctors, and great pictures. Thanks RealSelf!
  • love it but.. 5/5

    By shanik.xo
    every time i try to upload a review the app keeps crashing, making me start all over it's very annoying.
  • Love love love 5/5

    By liandrezmom
    I love this app so much!!! On it every day!! And I'm ready to be my real self!!
  • It's great 4/5

    By NuggetDad
    I can find any procedure that I'm curious about. So useful

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