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$ 0 Real Estate, Homes App has more homes for sale nationwide than any competing real estate app. Our award-winning app is the only home and apartment finder to help you get the home of your dreams! Whether you’re looking to buy your first house, searching for a new home for your growing family or simply checking listings in your area, you’ll find the best list of homes tailored to your needs. From custom filters to map drawing to 3D home tours, has the most robust home buying tools, all in one sleek and easy to use app. is always rolling out new features – check back often to see what new tools we have to help you find your next home! New Features: • Hot Homes – Indicates which listings will sell quickly! • Contacted List – Easily access listings you have reached out to in the My Listings tab. Features: View More Home Listings than Any Other App • has the most homes for sale nationwide than any other real estate app. • Get property details like price, sales history, property tax, schools and much more! • Get open house times and driving directions to homes for sale. • Search by school name to see homes within school boundaries. Filter Homes & Property Values by Search Criteria • Search for homes by address, city, zip code or MLS ID! • Filter homes by age, square footage, amenities, “Just Sold” and much more! • Expand your search radius to find homes around any neighborhood. • Sort listings by open house dates, price reductions, square footage and more! • Hide pending & contingent listings to narrow down your search. View High-Resolution Photos for Each Listing • Swipe to quickly see detailed photos of each property. Search for Homes on an Interactive Map • Use the crime heat map to search for homes by neighborhood crime levels. • Draw a search area directly on the map to get listings in that neighborhood. • View restaurants, shops and other points of interest while searching “For Sale” listings. • Search for homes & neighborhoods in a 3D map. Sign Snap • Sign Snap – Use image recognition to instantly see listing details and photos by taking a picture of a real estate sign with your iPhone! Take 3D Home Tours • 3D home tours (where offered by listing agent) – More 3D home tours are added often! • 3D Home Tours Filter – Find listings with immersive 3D home tours. Custom Alerts & Widgets • Notification Alerts – Newly improved in-app notification alerts so you never miss a listing! • Notification alerts for price reductions and new listings on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. • No need to log in! Receive new listing & price reduction alerts & save your favorite listings & searches without logging in. • Use the Today widget to find nearby listings and open houses. Share Listings with iMessage • Swiftly send friends and family the listings you love through iMessage. • iMessage reactions – Use reactions to communicate how you feel about a listing! • Shareable SRP Page – Share your search results page with family and friends. Property History Session • View property history of each listing such as tax assessments & sales history. Check out Real Estate News & Insights • Get the latest real estate news & housing trends before you buy, sell or rent a home. Enjoy Plenty of Other Great Features • Sign in with Facebook or e-mail to save your searches & favorite homes & access them again on your mobile device or at • Receive home value estimates for off-market properties, with 90% of property listings updated every 15 minutes & other real estate & rental listings updated at least once per day. • iPad Redesign – Newly designed tab bar, full-screen list view and ability to multi-task. When it's time to find your dream home, will be here so you never miss out. Have feedback? Contact us at [email protected] Find more information at

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  • App crashes 3/5

    By Fawncee
    When I click on the icon to open it closes before opening. I can see it opened & immediately closed before being able to use it. Soooo frustrating. Delete and reinstall and after using 2-3 times it does it again :/
  • Crap Sharing 1/5

    By Proskier14
    What’s the point of sharing a picture and no other information???
  • Update bad 1/5

    By Tigeez1482
    Last update really messed up this app. Can’t find itself, doesn’t recognize city names, etc.
  • Love the app! 5/5

    By ChrisRox®
    Love this app!
  • Townhouse now shows has single family 1/5

    By olysbaby
    Why is townhouse showing as a single family home on the app. Please fix it, it doesn’t make no sense.
  • Why can't I remove Active Contingent homes from my search??? 3/5

    By LR Mama
    This is such an annoyance and has been going on since I started using this app, which has been more than 6 months. I've seen threads over a year ago about the same issue and still no resolution has been made. When will this get fixed?
  • 15 MINUTES MY BUTT 1/5

    By Roarinz71
    Our home was listed in MLS on Monday, AprIl 16, 2018, still not showing up on the app two days later. INEXCUSABLE! Potential buyers are missing the listing and what are we missing, as I'm sure this isn't the only listing you aren't updating every 15 minutes. We will use REDFIN to search for our next home if this doesn't get fixed. Realtor, you're wasting our time using this app. Please fix it ASAP!
  • The Nov 2017 version of this app is a downgrade : ( 3/5

    By MichaelFL1
    Hi — Allow users to see the Home navigation Bar on the map view. Why did you take this away. just add the option for the user to display or not display the homes navigation bar while in Map view Update: Developer advised on Nov 21 2017 that they would add a toggle to allow users to see the Map/List view on one screen like the old version of this app. Thank you Developers !! Update. This feature was never added back to the application. I love this app but Without this feature it makes the application very difficult to use. Thank you
  • App is broken 1/5

    By ZeeXST
    Last update killed the app. Fix the bugs. Unable to scroll up to see the details and description after choosing a home.
  • Used to be good 2/5

    By InkBear123
    Was nice until townhouses were considered “single homes”
  • Price wheel is broken! 1/5

    By JaiGi
    The price wheel shows the same number multiple times and there are only increments of 1k.
  • Terrible 2/5

    By co425
    You cannot search an entire state. The app doesn’t understand that Montana does not mean Montana city and that MT is not a city in South Carolina.
  • Nice But House Status Not Updated 2/5

    By Industrial Emgineer
    This is a nice app with an easy to use interface. Keeping an eye on the hot Denver market, Realtor is unable to keep up with the status of houses. There are multiple pending/sold in this area already this spring, but Realtor doesn’t have a clue. Zillow is no gem, but it is better with reality on the ground.
  • It’s broken. Lot size not searchable. 1/5

    By NRO 25 Conservative
    The new “update” means that lot size is no longer searchable. When I indicate I’m looking for a lot of one acre or more, I get zero prospects. What’s the problem? This means I’ve got to specify “any” lot size to get any results at all. This is not acceptable and needs to be fixed. Try Trulia or Zillow instead.
  • I used to love it 3/5

    By Sebastian Doc
    For about a month now I can’t tap on the price of the homes to make them pop up with the home information. It will do it maybe one out of five times where I can actually see the house. I have deleted the app and tried again...same thing happens. I don’t care so much if the app crashes which it does but not being able to see the homes is pretty bad.
  • Very Buggy 1/5

    By Matt10187
    Every single time I use this app it has an error and or doesn’t show any listings. When I change cities it will automatically show no listings available. And super annoyingly will have a random error message pop up at random times that reappears immediately after you dismiss it. Not sure what the deal is, I can’t imagine it would have anything to do with the breakneck pace at which they “upgrade” these apps...
  • Hate the mortgage calculator 3/5

    By Kerryanne09
    I like this app but I HATE the mortgage calculator on it. Please, developers, make it so you can take off the down payment and apply veterans’ benefits like you can on the full website. For those of us who don’t apply a down payment, the calculated mortgage is way too low and there’s no way to change it. If I could fiddle with the numbers I would rate this app at 5 stars.
  • Current version crashes 1/5

    By Brjdksndnxkjejdnsnd
    A LOT!!
  • I usually use Redfin App... 5/5

    By Lden0122
    I’m going to start using this App due to more current listings compared to other Apps(I do my research), but please consider changing the format so that I can just swipe each listed house-without having to open each house just to see the rest of the pics. That’s why I Love Redfins format. I don’t have to open every house just to see the rest of the pics. Much more efficient, and effective, and time is not on your side in this business...
  • Zillow is MUCH better 1/5

    By AmAthleticsUberFan
    This app has almost no information compared with Zillow. It also shows listings in the wrong locations on the map. Speaking of the map, if you enter a city it does not seem to know city limits and shows homes in some arbitrary area for miles around the city. Try entering Covington, KY the map that comes up includes an area with about 8 other cities within the polygon. Compare that map with an actual map of covington. You’ll see what I mean. Deleting this app and sticking with Zillow. What a disappointment!
  • Worked fine until... 1/5

    By ashleymarie0512
    Worked fine until latest update. Now I am unable to save any listings to my favorites. Disappointing.
  • No longer updating with new listings 2/5

    By Ruthintx has been my standby for the last 3 years but now the app is not updating with new listings. It alerts telling me there are 8 new listings but will only show 3-4. Please fix it, I’m weary of having to go online!
  • Crashing while panning map 3/5

    By Wazkat
    LOVE the app but current version (and previous) crash every time I pan around in the map view for more than a couple seconds. Extremely frustrating.
  • This app stopped working 1/5

    By WaltCarol5
    I have deleted three times and downloaded it again and it keeps saying something went wrong try again this is been now going on for three months this app is terrible
  • Correct info 5/5

    By ThAdEa82
    Finally! Out of 4 apps, the only one that has local property tax amounts correct.
  • I can no longer see rental prices on map 1/5

    By dsande11
    Since I've done the most recent update, the map view is terrible on the Rental side. Can this be fixed? There is no way to differentiate prices until your click specifically on the property page. Additionally, when I look at apartment complexes, I cannot see the prices at all.
  • Rent Amts are confusing 2/5

    By Pandorauser22
    I used to use this app exclusively when searching for homes, but for some reason, after $1k on the options, it repeats itself versus going incrementally up like it used to. Please fix!!
  • Can’t Delete Favorites 2/5

    By 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
    I unassigned, deleted the app & added it back and still can’t delete my favorite. I used the method of swiping and hitting the delete button but I get an error message that it cannot be deleted. It keeps saying “home not for sale” and I can’t delete it from my listings. So stupid & annoying. About to stop using this app & go back to Zillow.
  • So Many Bugs 3/5

    By Mattiejojo
    I love the app, but it seems every time they update it, more problems occur. Random crashes happen all of the time. And with this update, every time you move the screen, all of the for sale indicators flash. I am ready for all of the bugs to be fixed...
  • Useless app, always crashes. 1/5

    By Duke0883
    This app is good when it works, but with the new update this app constantly crashes.
  • Constantly crashes 1/5

    By OrangeBarrel
    I pan around to look at areas and it just closes the app on its own and I have to continually re-open. Very annoying
  • Love the features! 5/5

    By BridgeS128
    This app is fantastic - listings before other sites and apps, the ability to search based on school boundaries (not just city/school district), alerts based on saved searches, and now it marks homes that you’ve already viewed, which means you don’t have to remember the ones you didn’t like! This app made finding my new home easy!
  • Missing information 2/5

    By hoosier 322
    For some reason The Indianapolis listings no longer differentiate between single family homes and condominiums. The condo listings are there, but the filter no longer functions making the app very time consuming. Today the app shows three condos for sale in Indianapolis. I’d wager there are considerably more.
  • Please add back complete rental prices 1/5

    By RaddMB
    Was loving this app, but with the last update rental prices were cut short. Please show total/full view.
  • Tried to get help but had to uninstall the app 5/5

    By lvcigarz
    Update 2: the Developer fixed the issue with the app as they promised and communicated to me multiple times. It is again an excellent app! Thank you. Update; Issue is known to developer, hopefully the issue gets fixed soon. I will try the app again in a couple of weeks. Sometime in the last few weeks something changed with the app. In the past, when I would open the app, I could see home value estimates on all of the homes in my area or in any area I was searching in. These estimate flags were links to the data on the homes and the neighborhoods they were in. Last week I opened the app and the only values/links that appeared were the ones currently for sale. I wrote to tech support and received an amateurish reply that was not even accurate.
  • Crashes As I Move The Map 1/5

    By Ewiggin12
    Whatever you did in the last update the app now crashes as soon as I start to move the map.
  • Remove ‘Under Contract’ Listingns 1/5

    By Colorado Broker 1234
    Map now shows ALL properties, regardless of listing status. Cannot remove ‘Under Contract’ listings via the ‘Hide Pending/Contingent’ option from the filter menu. Difficult to tell what is truly available. Was a great app. Hope they fix it soon.
  • You had one job 1/5

    By DBlazetex
    To show pictures and details of houses. When a house is found on the map and you press the price, it is supposed to pop up details of the house. Now half the time it doesn’t do it, making it impossible to see the house details. Edit- tried that. Didn’t work.
  • Still many filter parameters missing 3/5

    By TanishkaMoulik
    Properties are dependent so much in School district but that is not part of filter.
  • Under contact... 4/5

    By Hown n own
    I don’t like that the update put all the under contract houses and houses able to buy in the same list. I have about 50 homes in my area of town when I can only actually buy 5 of them
  • Much less enjoyable 1/5

    By T Copp
    This is (was) my go to real estate app. Now the app crashes all the time when I'm scrolling around on the map, and starts me back to where I was when I opened the app. Sometimes it take me three attempts to get to a certain location without the app crashing. The app also use to show approximate home values, not anymore. Also, one of my favorite features is gone, one a home sells, you can no longer see pictures of the house. I use to be able to go to any house and see realtor pics from previous sells, now I just go to Zillow or redfin.
  • App crashes 3/5

    By Ski1098
    I love this app but lately it keeps crashing.....hope they are able to fix it soon!
  • When it actually works.. 2/5

    By Wordslove
    When it actually works, it’s great! But most of the time it says “something went wrong” as soon as I open the app. I’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it still doesn’t work.
  • Great info, but crashes a lot 2/5

    By Timcstaken
    I love the information the app provides, the details available make shopping around easy. From the last update, the app crashes anytime I attempt to search directly from the map. The most recent instance left my phone locked and needed a hard restart. I hope the next version fixes this bug and that it is released soon!
  • iPhone 10 keeps crashing 2/5

    By Cams Dad2
    Have had the app for several years and has been great! But now keeps crashing when zooming. What happened?
  • Where did Home values go?! 1/5

    By Saraindy1
    With the recent update I can no longer see the surrounding home values on the map?! This is incredibly important when comparing comps in the area vs sale price, why has this vanished?! Please bring it back.. because of that, I guess it’s back to Zillow!
  • Filter out homes under contract 1/5

    By gintraina
    It’d save so much time to have an option to filter out homes that are already under contract.
  • Helpful 3/5

    By Tri5er
    I like the app overall however after entering filters it says I have 88 properties to view but it only shows me 51. I can't find the rest. Also if I save properties and they sell they do not drop off and there is no delete option. Otherwise it's a good app.
  • Useful but very buggy, especially using satellite view 2/5

    By newtron50
    I want to like this app, but issues saving search areas, having to constantly log in and out to view previous searches and constant crashes when the satellite view in engaged says this app needs more quality control. This happens on both an iPhone 7plus and a 12.9 iPad Pro. While looking for a new home, my wife and I share possible candidates, but half the time when the app opens from a text message, it can’t find the property. Only way to consistently have success is to have the app open and then open the link from the message. Been using this app for the past two years. Initially it was slow, but reliable. Now it’s speed is much improved, but simply too many bugs that have been out there for a while. Fix the crashes and the other bugs and I would rate it higher stars.
  • App 1/5

    By Chuck 789
    App keeps messing up, always reloading. Real Estate, Homes app comments


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