Reason Compact - Make Music

Reason Compact - Make Music

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Reason Studios AB
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
4,318 Ratings
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Reason Compact - Make Music App

Go creative and make amazing beats and melodies now! Maybe you’re humming on your first beat ever or maybe you’re thinking about your next album. With Reason Compact you’ll have a powerful and easy-to-use music studio right in your pocket, ready to sketch down ideas whenever inspiration strikes. It’s never been easier and more fun to make music! • Start a song from scratch or use one of the genre-based demo songs • Learn more and find inspiration from smart tools and explainers • Sketch out song ideas on the go with a full-featured studio • Create music with three amazing-sounding instruments • Craft banging beats, beautiful melodies and deep basslines • Discover and play sounds made by world-class artists and music producers • Connect with other music apps • Take your tracks further with Reason, the desktop music studio • Carry your easy-to-use pocket music studio with you everywhere Get started with Reason Compact for free, then add new sounds and more options only when you’re ready to take it to the next level. FEATURES: Create banging beats • Start making fantastic beats from scratch or choose between a range of pre-made drum beats for quick beat making, designed for different modern music genres • Choose among 16 free inspirational drumkits • Play the easy-to-use drum pads • Give your beats your personal touch by exploring all the different effects • Make beats with the Rytmik drum machine to create unique rhythms • Sequence and build patterns in the drum grid Make amazing melodies and basslines • Create melodies with Europa, a cutting-edge synthesizer • Get your basslines going with the Monotone Bass Synthesizer • Play lush synth chords with a single key using the Chords tool • Play melodies and basslines with the smart keyboard that helps you always stay in key and never hit the wrong note • Discover and play sounds made by world-class artists and music producers • Draw notes and polish your performance with the MIDI note grid • Mix your tracks and play with the built-in effects and controls to dial in your perfect sound • Add depth and texture to your tracks using distortion, delay, and reverb effects Take yourself to the next level • Start soft and unlock new features, sounds and controls only when you are ready • Learn more about the fantastic world of music making and instruments with the easy to understand explainers in the app • Play with an external MIDI keyboard if that is more your thing • Collaborate with other music makers and artist in real-time using Ableton Link • Connect Reason Compact with other music apps using Audiobus or Inter-app Audio • Get a better understanding of a DAW to take your music further on desktop • Export your tracks to Reason, the desktop music studio MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: • iOS 11

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Reason Compact - Make Music app reviews

  • Love but… 3/5

    By dark speach
    I love Reason compact its great! I would give it 5 stars expect for 2 things they not expanded its capability or added new sounds in while and also I had the app on another phone and i could not transfer my songs to another phone or Ipad.
  • Account must to try 1/5

    By lalittp
    Doesn’t let you try unless you give email address.
  • Forced account creation 1/5

    By Spetsdod
    App developers need to STOP with the forced account creation nonsense. I have 437 different accounts because every app requires you to sign up just to get into the app. I don't want to join your music community. I don't want to browse other artists work. I don't want to share my work with others. I want to use the app, offline, whenever I feel like being creative, without having to jump through hoops to do it. When and if I ever decide to join your community, make a link easy to find and let me decide when to sign up. I have lost access to several of my apps because developers added forced app creation to use the program. Just stop.
  • Perfect for Quick Sketches 5/5

    By MichaelEarls
    This is by far the best program I I’ve ever used for getting a musical idea down quickly. The workflow is sometimes measured in seconds, not hours. And…Reason.
  • Sounds great,could be better 1/5

    By WhiteScorpion1
    This could be great and hopefully with more updates it will be. As is its still good but needs the ability to have multiple instances of each synth,a timeline sequencer and automation would be cool,kind of like a synth based version of Auxy.Also I think the price is a little too high for what you get right now. Being able able to share to AudioShare would also be great Edit June 2022. Apple please remove this dead app from editors choice and please update your music apps page,it’s been the same for like 4 years
  • Abandoned 1/5

    By EthanGross
    they want 30$ for full functionality and it doesn’t even support the AUV3 standard. Pretty much a money grab imo.
  • Honestly and understated app 4/5

    By Chad Carpenter
    You don’t hear a lot of people talking about reason for some reason, but their products are really top-notch. I’d give it 100 stars, but it does have a glitch or major oversight for me - when using midi, screen brightness will default to system settings - so you have to change your settings to not turn the screen off each time up play.This isn’t a problem without Maddie, because you’re constantly touching the screen. The moment you leave it alone and just play midi you just have 30 seconds or a minute or whatever your default setting is before the screen goes black and you have to unlock your phone again. If it was just the screen going black it wouldn’t be a problem, unfortunately maybe cannot pass when the screen is locked
  • My first impression 4/5

    By 7blackent
    I have been a strictly Propellerhead to Reason Studio DAW user since Reason 4. I have recently moved and don’t have access to my DAW right now. Be that I have an iPhone, all the mobile Reason Studio apps have been a real treat! Still making music! And can move to my DAW later! A real treat so far.
  • Can’t get past the login screen 1/5

    By Kaesevyn
    It just shows a black screen, closing the app and restarting it does nothing to help.
  • Can’t Get Passed Login 1/5

    By Cephara
    Been using Reason since Reason 4. Not sure why this was just abandoned. Propellerhead has been a great company until Reason 12
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Technicallyerik
    After logging in, I just get a blank screen. I’m not sure why I even need to login to begin with.
  • ? 5/5

    By Hughjasnips
    How do I add more than 3 tracks?
  • FIX THIS NOW!!!!!! 1/5

    By ctsavage52323
    I am trying to log into my reason account on here but when I did it just showed a black screen. I tried again and it’s doing it again so what is the problem with it and can you please fix it please? If you can, thank you.
  • Stuck on login screen 1/5

    By rcon303
    Unable to even use. I login in and all i get is a black screen cant load prejects etc anymore. Please fix
  • Black screen 1/5

    By WildNotMild0125
    I have all the apps you offer and when I open them after downloading they ask me to login so I do and then black screen. All of them …
  • I own Reason 11 from you guys on my PC but this.. 1/5

    is a pretty crappy app. Figure is literally better and thats just a toy basically. Reason 11 is an amazing daw and i know you guys are capable of making a DOPE ios music app. Looking forward to your future releases
  • I like the Beats and the music 5/5

    By classic carter
    Thanks so much
  • Dead app 1/5

    By Chris.Kissler
    Login doesn't work anymore. Blank Screen.
  • Seems like an abandoned app 2/5

    By Toob Finger
    I had a lot of fun coming up with ideas using this and was ready to spend the money on the expansions but it say on all of them they are “Unavailable”. Oh well, I guess I’ll spend my money elsewhere. UPDATE: seems like the above mentioned expansion purchchase option is fixed but I’m wondering if I need to purchase an expansion for each instrument which would be $9.99 each or do I get all 3 instrument expansions for $9.99?
  • Reasoncompact 3/5

    By trashapp dude
    U can’t even log in this app is a scam
  • So much stinking fun! 5/5

    By Josh Banner
    I love the depth and limitations of this app. The design reveals that this was made by peeps who really know what is and is not essential to flesh out the gist of a song idea. I find it so easy to stay focused and musical and creative without getting lost in an over abundance of options. Thanks!

    By Ruthlessmama
    Let me start off by saying that this sounds phenomenal. My 3 star rating has nothing to do with the instruments provided here. I’ve been a fan of Propellerheads/Reason Studios for many years! My low rating has to do with change, and in this case, the lack of progress/change. We’ve had Auv3 on iOS for 6 years now! Inter App Audio is long out dated. I like state saving. I like multi instance instruments! So why can’t we have it? There’s a whole market here where you could charge for each of the Reason Instruments, and even at iOS prices, still make the same money selling individual plug-ins as you would selling the basic Reason package! This “Groovebox” mentality on iOS is just a fun play toy, but can’t be used seriously in a DAW! Please, PLEASE, catch up to the present and maybe even become innovative again like you were in the beginning. I really miss the inspiration I used to get from your products!!
  • Love it! Until… 2/5

    By Huptup.
    It’s as if figure (their other app) got its legs and ran! But unfortunately it doesn’t look like it gets frequent updates I was dealing with a bug that wouldn’t let me make an account or even sign in. After trying for a couple months I was finally able to make an account, love it so far but devs really have to look into that.
  • If you could make this like figure ... it would be just !wOw! 1/5

    By 123 figure 321
    I mean
  • It’s just fun in totally way 5/5

    By RomanPolonsky
    It’s just fun in totally way!!! So different I LIKEd that.
  • Get it right 2/5

    By MikeGenius
    It does not work as it should under iOS 15.1 When I try to log in I can not do so.
  • Budget features with a premium price 2/5

    By Saint Eskimo
    Reason Compact sounds good. Real good. You get three devices: a drum machine, with an expertly curated collection of samples; the Europa Shapeshifting synth, which incorporates the chord and arpeggiator player devices from Reason; and a stellar mono synth. You cannot fault the sound: it’s top-shelf. But you only get three tracks, one for each device, and only one pattern. Just enough if the musical idea you’re looking to capture is simple. And if Reason Compact had a modest price tag to match its modest features, it’d be a worthwhile purchase. But the IAP to open the programming panels on all the devices is $30.00! $10.00 for each! Whoa. Any enthusiasm I have for the app was curbed by sticker shock. If Propellerhead upgrades the app with more tracks, a song mode, and better export options, $30.00 would not be entirely unreasonable. But it’s heavy coin for an app which has potential but needs more features to justify its premium price.
  • Dope. 5/5

    By ThizzyMcSwagalcious
    Not recommend for stupid little wankers.
  • Ambient Dream Sound Pack…grab it! 4/5

    By Ggnomind
    The sound pack by Theodora called Ambient Dream… maaaad dope! Great sounds. Get it!
  • Blank screen after login 1/5

    By ComposerDave
    App fails to work. Only get black screen and crash after attempting to login. Seems like an abandoned app. Buyer beware
  • App doesn’t work. Hangs after login. 1/5

    By TranceProducer
    Can’t even get past the login screen. Too bad. I’m a PC Reason user, too.
  • Great, I have a suggestion 4/5

    By coolroger07
    Dear Developers, I love this app, it’s completely free (which is extremely rare nowadays), and easy to use. I have a suggestion though. Can we have an option to combine loops to make a longer song? So you have loop one, loop two, loop three, etc. Being able to make longer songs in the area of the app where you place tiles would make it easier to make longer songs, and also more intuitive. Sincerely, ShinyMew76
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By zaum2002
    Just a big blank after signing in. No idea why
  • It’s aight 2/5

    By prophesser
    I’m sorry but I just wasted $15 or Whateve on this and I already had Fruity loops and didn’t realize it. I love reason on the Mac but fruity loops is the real deal. In this app there were many sound packs and other things that show but “not available” good thing cuz I prob wulda bought them. The GUI is easy to use however very basic options and kind of elementary. I’m not trying to bash reason as I bought the full version for my Mac long time again and integrate it into Ableton. Don’t wanna keep saying the others name but you will see if you try them both. Maybe one day this one will be as robust and functional as the real daw but it’s got a long way to go.
  • Great app, but in-app soundpacks have become unavailable 4/5

    By Sonic Bodhi
    I’m not sure what happened. I bought 3 sound-packs for the Europa synth and now all the other sound-packs in the store have become ‘unavailable’. What gives?? 4 stars instead of 5 until this is corrected.
  • They need to fix this 1/5

    By Bassist1120
    I downloaded this app about a month ago and I have not been able to use it. When I open it, a screen pops up with a link that says ‘skip to main content.’ You click the link and nothing happens. I’ve tried updating and reinstalling with no success. Major bug. Disappointed. Think I’ll stick to GarageBand since it actually works
  • Am I allowed to still say, “Excellent job, Propellerhead?” 5/5

    By G.sus.Chris
    F***ing wonderfully done, but when are you bringing back Thor?!
  • This cant be serious. 1/5

    By shaunnater78
    This is a complete joke. total nonsense.
  • Amazing Audio, Limited Features, 0 Updates 3/5

    By average review
    It‘a been a few years since the developers responded to one of the reviews promising, “More instruments and tracks”, without receiving even a single additional preset. The development progress of Reason Compact is starting to seem eerily similar to that of Figure right before it became semi-abandonware. In other words, the mobile apps division is probably still not much of a priority for Propellerheads, and that saddens me. Anyway, I can’t say I wasn’t already preparing myself for the worst. Losing the creative outlet and community I had come to love on Alihoopa gave me ptsd. As much as I like making clips on Reason Compact, I really have no one to share them with, and no way to do anything else with them since I can’t justify the purchase of Reason Desktop. I really hope that Reason Compact wasn’t conceived as a ploy to convince people to buy the Desktop version. After all, only a fraction of us are actually producers.
  • Took my money 1/5

    By Crushal24
    Took all my paid packs every last one I bought now I have to show I have proof people just know this can be you 2.. No luck so far only email what takes forever
  • This app is fire 5/5

    By j-lige'
    This app actually lets you bring the heat
  • Nice sounds…very limited features though 2/5

    By Krszytoff
    I’m not really sure why this app is getting so many 5 star reviews. I’m also baffled as to why this got an Editor’s Choice award. Don’t get me wrong - the sounds are fantastic. But after spending extra money to get all of the unlocks, this is more of a sketch pad than a production tool. Loops are maxed out at 8 bars. And you can’t piece separate files together to create a song. So I’m not sure what the point is. Also, when you create your own idea, the app assigns some unintelligible name to your file for you…which to this day, I don’t know how to rename or even if you can. Oh, and there is no user manual that I can find. I’m not saying this has to have all of the features that something like Cubasis, NanoStudio, Auria Pro have. But when you’re spending money on an app from a reputable company like, I’d expect a little more. Their Thor synth app, on the other hand is phenomenal. However, calling this app Reason when it’s nowhere even being close to their flagship DAW for Windows & Mac is very misleading.
  • Good for on the go ideas 5/5

    By HedronZero
    If you are sitting in an airport and wanna sketch little concepts on your phone, look no further. Fine compliment to my Reason + subscription on my desktop PC.
  • 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 3/5

    Ableton Link doesn’t work Please fix
  • Mhmm 5/5

    By himynameistroymclure
    I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating some baked goods and leaving some cookie crumbs
  • Um. Doesn’t work on 14.6.1 5/5

    By mattybeme
    I signed in. Then it’s just black screen
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Artanico
    Looks like this has been an issue for months for other people— when I try to log in it gives me a black screen. I liked the old app when I had it years ago but I’m not going to give a good review if the developers can’t be bothered to make an app that works lol.
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By JordanDopee
    I just downloaded this app and I’m trying to sign in and every time I try it just soft locks on a black screen requiring me to restart the app, to which the same thing happens again. I can’t even give this app a proper rate because I don’t even know what it does. Fix this please.
  • I really like! 4/5

    By rrrrrraaaarrr
    Pretty cool to chill and work out ideas and rhythms. Look forward to seeing how they export to reason. Nice to have big note editors and constrained to three instruments for creativity. Two issues that keep from 5 stars: First there is no count in it seems. So the record function is kind of hard to use. Also, whenever I try to go back to the project selector after working on a project, app gets stuck on “Loading” screen. Easy fix is to restart the app.