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Recolor - Coloring Book

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  • Current Version: 4.11.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Sumoing Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Recolor - Coloring Book App

New Pictures Every Day! Recolor is the world's favourite Coloring Book on Mobile! Join millions of people rediscovering the relaxation of coloring. "There is nothing as meditative and all-around blissful!" Recolor features over 3000 unique coloring pictures proven to help you rest your mind. Organized into themed chapters, with range in complexity from beginner to expert-level, the pictures feature Mandalas, Animals, Bouquets, Ornates, Lowpolys, Mortes and much more. Finish your creation with unique style themes that bring your design and creativity to life. The fresh and harmonic color palettes are designed for stress relieving coloring! Recolor offers an opportunity to channel the anxiety into satisfying, creative accomplishment and is the perfect way step back from the stress of everyday life. Recolor Unlimited Subscription - With Recolor Unlimited you can subscribe for daily new picture updates and unlimited access to the full picture catalog - You'll be able to access all available pictures and receive daily updates for the duration of your subscription - The subscriptions prices are $7.99 USD weekly, $14.99 USD monthly and $79.99 USD annually or equal to the same price tier that "Apple's App Store Matrix" determines in other currencies. - You may cancel a subscription or free-trial anytime via the subscription setting through your iTunes account. This must be done 24 hours before the end of the free-trial or subscription period to avoid being charged. - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Any unused portion of a free-trial period, will be forfeited when the user purchases a Recolor Unlimited subscription Terms of use: Privacy policy:

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Recolor - Coloring Book app reviews

  • Ok but some problems 4/5

    By pusheen921
    I’m loving this app so much! But I have just one little problem... TO MANY PICTURES WITH FLOWERS!!!!!!!! Please Recolor make more pictures free because almost the whole app of pictures, there are flowers. SO CHANGE IT!!!!!!!

    By Minda lou
    Why do we have to buy so much I hate having to watch so many videos.I also hate that even pallets are unavailable. I’m not paying so much money just to play this stupid app I’m not trying to be rude but I’m only telling the truth I hope you listen and can make this app better. I want to delete it so bad but I will wait until you can fix it.
  • It is ok 3/5

    By Milly_Romon
    I think the game is ok but I hate how you have to watch a video to use the free stuff and most things are locked I you are able to wait to unlock stuff or you have money to buy a subscription go ahead and download this game it is half worth it.
  • Update ruined it. 3/5

    By Scrensh
    I loved the app before the latest update. Now I have to watch a video before I can color and I only get 1 free picture a day! I may just delete it and find something else. It must be about money, money, money! Also, What’s with all the gay & lesbian pictures? We don’t need that. Hate it now, looking for a different one. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Pictures Gone 4/5

    Love the app! Color every day. However Recent changes to re log in made me loose access to all the posted pics submitted. Really upset by the change loss of my data
  • Umm why?!? 3/5

    By Leigh Leigh...
    I had an older account and I think I got band for some odd reason ,I never posted anything bad or inappropriate!!!
  • Used to be good 3/5

    By recolorist88
    I loved Recolor! It was an amazing app! For the pictures that you had to have a subscription for you could just watch an ad! Now, you have to watch an ad for the FREE pictures! It’s so stupid! I can barely color anymore! Please fix this!
  • It’s amazing just one request 5/5

    By Reeses meh heart is in Peices
    I really love this it brings out your inner self and shows you the beauty in life the only thing I don’t like is that so many of the good ones have the pass but check out my account Cyan colorer Baiii
  • This app is garbage now 1/5

    By Maddy35555
    I first got this app... maybe two years ago and I haven’t been on it because college keeps me pretty busy. But, I used to be able to save the new photo to complete later. Now, the app only gives one free picture, is constantly asking you to buy a subscription, and deleted all of the photos I had saved and/or completed in previous years. It seems like the developers only care about you spending your money now. I miss the way this app was originally set up. This review sounds really petty and angry but it’s because I’m frustrated that the people who designed these updates thought what this was okay. Not everyone can afford a subscription. The updates have removed the best part of this app. Sometimes I re download it hoping that the app has returned to the way it was before only to be disappointed every time.
  • Horrible 1/5

    Can’t color any picture without having premium and you if you find ones that is free you have to watch an ad which is very annoying i have never downloaded a worse app than this I doubt all these reviews are even real wish I could give this a 0 star review that’s how bad it is.
  • I need help!!!! 1/5

    By Happy Vet 4-ever
    Please someone help it won’t let me log into my account help my account name is 🌸𝓽𝓻𝓪𝓼𝓱🌸 please help me please
  • It’s a pretty good app ⤵ 4/5

    By Color me crazy🗯
    It’s a very good app. It’s fun, stress relieving, and a good time filler. I have to say the only thing I don’t that you can’t watch a add to get more pictures. It’s kinda stupid. But I honestly think you should make no membership things! Because there are kids out there that don’t have any money to pay for it and there parents won’t do it for them. But all they want to do is so COLOR! You shouldn’t have to pay to color that’s STUPID! But other then that it is a very good app and I think you should get it. Thank you for reading
  • What happened to the free pictures. 3/5

    By coring life
    I used to be able to color 3 pictures/day. Now, I only get one free one after watching an ad. Why the change?
  • I want the old Recolor back 2/5

    By Gloria 🤪
    Recolor was good until they took away coins. When I first heard they were going to do that I imagined that you would just have to watch a video to unlock a picture but once the update was released you could only get the pictures the icon at the bottom if you were a member. Then just to limit it more for the free people you can only get a new picture if there is a free symbol on it. It’s annoying. It’d be nice if you just had to watch a few videos to open a picture but now it’s so limited. This isn’t going to help recolor thrive. First there was the purge where they made the guidelines stricter THEN this. People are going to leave in huge numbers. Recolor stop. Wouldn’t recommend unless you were willing to pay. Also ps. Some of us have lives and can’t go to our phone during the time some of the pictures come out
  • I love the app! But one problem... 4/5

    By Galaxygamer2
    Ok so I love this app and it is so enjoyable but the only problem about it is sometimes when I try to post a picture it gives me a message saying I have reached the max amount for the day. The thing is I have only posted one time today. Can you please make it where that message doesn’t pop up and I can post some more.
  • 😡 1/5

    By lilac BLG
    It was fun at first but then the new update came and made it so that you can't unlock old ones. The new ones now require a subscription. I find this unfair considering most people don't have the money 💵 to pay for a subscription.

    By Salomon02
    I was really disappointed when I was looking for coloring game I saw this one it was very cool but then after the tutorial I wanted to color people and it wouldn’t lets me unless I bought the 7 day free trial for $8,$15,&$80 it was very disappointing I don’t want to have even more people to have the same problem so that’s exactly why I wrote/typed this!.!.! all I would rate this is a 1 star thank u for your bad service!!!!!
  • Used to love it 1/5

    By MiniMintyOreo
    I remember I used to play this EVERY TIME I had a chance to, but now, I have to watch a video even for the free ones? And what happend to where you can buy pictures with coins? Honestly, I don’t think it’s worth to buy a one year subscription,
  • Money 4/5

    By mnbvcxbnm,mnbvdfyuioiuyt456789
    Getting premium is a lot of money
  • Great App but a few problems... 4/5

    By 🤔The Reviewer🤔
    I love Recolor! I have had it for a while but there are a few issues. Sometimes when I post a picture, it will delete and the first time it did it I understood why, but the second time I had no idea and it was really frustrating!!! Another thing is the daily pictures. I have to go to school , and I end up missing a photo a day. You are basically making people stay inside to make sure they don’t miss a picture. There are a lot of pictures I’ve missed because of this that I wanted to color. Otherwise, I recommend it to anyone who loves to color and wants to inspire people. - 🖤RecolorArtist23💜
  • Used to be awesome! 3/5

    By aafcrazygirl
    Did we get greedy? What happened to the coins I had to get pictures, videos to watch get pictures? When I started this app, it was 3.99 week.. little high, but I tried it. Didn’t realize you needed to be on all the time to get good coloring pictures. Use to brag about this app, now I am highly disappointed. You’ve went from a super fantastic app to getting little bit high on your pedestal.
  • Former user: App has turned into pitiful money grab attempts 1/5

    By Bfjsxndh
    I used to use Recolor about a year ago and I really enjoyed it. Recently I redownloaded it and within ten minutes I’d deleted it out of sheer disgust. The first thing I was greeted with when I opened the app was a premium pop up. You can’t seriously expect people who open the app for the first time to automatically pay without even knowing what they’re getting. In the past you could get coins from watching videos, and use those coins to unlock “premium” pictures instead of having to buy them. For the free pictures, you NEVER were made to watch a video in order to use it. This was the opposite of many mediocre apps that demanded money and constantly had pop ups, which was why I enjoyed Recolor so much. The developers have lowered themselves down to the quality of their competitors.
  • Worst app update 1/5

    By meowf666
    This app was fun, but now this app is all about money. When I first downloaded this app you could watch a video to get coins and pay that way to unlock a page to color. Now you only get one free page about Every 12 hours. If it doesn’t change I will be removing this app. Very sad you guys got greedy!😢 say goodbye to this app as of today!
  • How I get more likes? 5/5

    By Grma48
    Why do some people get more likes than others? When their work is not as good, how do you make that decision? I really love this app, but I think that some are being treated unfairly as far as being liked! I don’t think everyone’s work is being seen by everyone either! Just would like to know why it’s done that way or how it’s being done? Thank you, Brenda Wilder Espinosa
  • Why can’t we watch ads to get other pictures 2/5

    By angry recolor user
    Y’all use to let us watch ads to get free coins and unlock pictures and now we can’t do it anymore and that pisses me off the most. Y’all just want us to pay money to get pictures! I would like an update.
  • it’s a good idea but it’s not free 1/5

    By honeyandlillies
    I like the app but as time went on about everything wasn’t free! I want something like this but everything is free and fun!
  • Seemed fun but it is horrible 1/5

    By Loutch929
    When I first saw this app it was on a ad. It seemed fun. I get in. I see the dog pictures and go to them, I CANT USE ANY OF THEM!!!!!!! You have to pay for this dumb premium or whatever. It’s way to much money. Got this a 10 months ago and know it’s like why did I get this?????? You can do only like 100 pictures and the rest say “oh you have to buy our OVERPRICED STUPID MEMBER SHIP.” Do you think people are going to pay way to much money for something in a dumb coloring app? How about you buy a 80$ coloring set in real life?? Does that sound better then the member ship? YES! Right now I don’t know how much it costs but I know it’s over Price. Please don’t waste your money on this. It’s not a good idea to buy the membership. I’ve never even got the membership because it’s way overpriced and well I’m not wasting my money. I hope you guys read this and see what happened to the game it was a good drawing book or drawling app but now it’s it’s changed a lot and that’s not as fun. Hope you guys see this! Don’t waste your money please!
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By doggo girl
    This app used to be an app where you could color a lot of photos, and yes there were some pictures that weren’t free but you could spend coins for them. Now there are no coins and all of the free pictures make you watch ads for them. If you are not looking to spend money to color and don’t like watching ads when you just want to color than don’t get this app. I know people have to make money but what about watching ads to get the premium pics. Please bring it back Recolor. Oh and also I want more crayon colors for imported pics. Thats my opinion. Again I know there are free pics but you have to watch ads for them and most of them aren’t that good and importimg doesn’t have many free crayons. I used to love recolor SOOO much and used it all the time but with the new update I am getting close to deleting it.
  • Good but bad 2/5

    By please😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
    It’s good coloring and really fun but I don’t like the premium!!!!! I hate it because there is not a lot of free coloring pages I think they should take it off. Please take it off!😡😡😡
  • Wow 1/5

    By dontkillmyfluff
    So many changes . It was great before . You could unlock images with coins and they would let you color some images for free . Now you don’t have the option of using coins and you have to watch an ad for the free ones . I don’t like where apps are headed now a days... pretty sad and frustrating to do anything. I see the same advertisement repeatedly. ANNOYING STUFF. I’m out
  • Paid subscriptions? Thanks, next 1/5

    By mediocreatbest22
    Used to be great until they implemented the fact that you HAVE to pay for everything. I used to be able to come on here and use the app for stress relief by unlocking new images with video ads and coins. Now it wants me to pay an arm and a leg for a subscription fee. Hard pass. Maybe listen to your long time users before your app completely falls off the grid
  • Seriously!?!??!!? 1/5

    By plzzzzz add morrreeee
    I’m so mad!Ive loved this app for so long and now since I don’t have a membership I can color anything.I thought Recolor loved there user,but obviously not enough to let no members do any good coloring.
  • Good passtime 5/5

    By Arnold.1998
    This app is an ideal companion for my daily commute, I spend a lot of time on it and the pictures have come out so well.
  • Keeps me calm 5/5

    By Oliver Griru
    Perfect app to color and share with my friends. It is very relaxing and fun.
  • My son loves it 5/5

    By Manfred Alexander
    I introduced the app to my son and he has not stopped coloring since then. He has developed good interest for coloring now.
  • The images are lovely 5/5

    By Humphrey.0811
    I never run out of pictures to color. Al of them are amazing.
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By Case_90
    Very well made coloring book app. It is great fun.
  • $ 3/5

    By Talking-----games foreva
    So um this game is pretty fun but I need more things to color I don’t wanna pay a monthly membership and us non membership people are getting pretty bored plz fix this
  • Hate the new update 2/5

    By Dramabomb😎
    Please go back to the old update!!! In the old update you got to watch ads to get a locked picture, in the new update you have to pay money. The free pictures are terrible, and honestly I don’t have the time to wait around for a new one to appear. By the time I open the app again the new picture is locked. I’m not going to pay for premium because I am a teenager and I would rather spend my money on other things. This app used to help me relax by coloring pictures that I want, now this app isn’t doing that. Please bring back the new Recolor, lots and I mean lots of people will appreciate that.
  • Do not recommend 1/5

    By ~*Dove*~
    I LOVED this app for a long time! I unfortunately don’t have the money to spend on a premium service and was willing to watch an ad to color a picture. I opened app today only to see there was no option for an ad!!!! I was VERY mad. I do not recommend this app to people who can’t pay the premium service. I am currently searching for a new app to color with. I used this app to help relax myself after a long day and it worked! I used to tell friends about it and now i will tell them to look elsewhere. If you can pay premium services or are willing to limit yourself to the free section of pictures then feel free to download. If you can’t pay I don’t recommend. After years of loving this app i bit it a fond farewell. Edit: I don’t usually have time to get the pictures for free when they come out unfortunately. But i was looking in the FREE section and i clicked a picture and what do you know? I have to watch an ad to unlock a FREE picture!!!!!!!! If a picture is in the free section you shouldn’t have to watch an ad to unlock it >:( I DO NOT RECOMMEND!
  • Love it 5/5

    By GreasyMullet78
    The app is amazing it allows you to use your own photo’s. You can make your own colors and be creative in your own way. You could look at any own’s photo’s published to be looked at.
  • Hate the new update. 1/5

    By LizzieLavender5
    Hate the new update. I can’t color anything anymore unless I pay for the pictures which I don’t want to do because I don’t want to spend money on a game on my phone. Bring back the old painting app where you don’t have to pay for much and you can just watch an add to get the picture you want. I’m probably going to delete this app if you don’t change it back because it’s kind of a pointless app to have unless you want to pay real money.
  • Please read this 💕💕💕 4/5

    By NormDaCat
    I've had recolor for about a year now and you used to be able to watch ads for coins so you can get the paid pictures. But now you HAVE to buy the subscription in order to use most of the pictures! If your a person who hasn't downloaded this app yet then I do recommend it but if you don't like ads and stuff that's paid for, don't download it. Besides that this is a great app! But u do hope someday they will bring back the option the get coins to get pictures that are paid for. Thanks! Bai~❤️❤️
  • Different on Iphone 1/5

    By LauriTaylor
    I have a Samsung 9 and an iPhone 8+. I'm not able to color the daily "free" pics on my iPhone until I watch a video, however on my Samsung they are available to color WITHOUT watching the video. Can someone at Recolor explain this? Go back to your original daily free without trying to force your customers into buying your over priced product. Seriously. It's too expensive! Also when I got my new phone or anytime I've bought a new phone I lose all my pics. I thought the whole reason of having an account was so I could "own" them and be able to recapture my previous account status once logged in. I've been an user since 2016, but now I can't comment because it appears I'm new. FIX IT! Gees
  • Boooooo!! 1/5

    By Dvnelson
    I would rate 5 stars but now I cant cause I can’t color ANYTHING if I did I would have to buy or watch an ad!😡
  • Horried 1/5

    By moobloxmooj
    I have been using this app for about a year and it keeps getting worse and worse. At first I loved it, now I dread using it. They use to have a coin system where u watched adds and you would get 10 coins to use to unlock pics if u missed them and I ❤️it (then) they have now taken that away and they made it to where you have to PAY FOR EVERY LITTLE THING say u missed a pic & u want to color it then u would just use those coins now it’s like pay 15ish bucks a week and you can get them and there it’s so expensive please fix the coin situation I want to be able to enjoy it like I used to. Another thing you can only get one pick if u miss the one before and don’t have premium u can get it and I always miss at least 2 a day cause I HAVE SCHOOL and I’m not supposed to be on my phone in class so that to is another reason I HATE THE APP.
  • Used to be much better 3/5

    By NetflixIsMyBestFriendEver
    I absolutely love this game but the free options are pretty crappy and take to time to complete and now you need to watch a video just to be allowed to color a ‘free’ image. A while ago I accidentally deleted this game and when I downloaded it again instead of just being able to color a free image you now technically need to pay for it by watching a video. Dear programmers please change this app back to how it was. The main reason I loved this game so much was that it had to ads to watch to get things.
  • Clear and simple 5/5

    By Harold.01
    Go for this app if you enjoy coloring. Its nice
  • Easy coloring app 5/5

    By Samathan.95
    Nice app. So far its been the best and I will keep coloring more pictures.

Recolor - Coloring Book app comments

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