Record it! :: Screen Capture

Record it! :: Screen Capture

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Record it! :: Screen Capture App

Record it!: Screen Capture allows you to record your favorite games and apps for tutorials, games walk-trough,video demos and app training on your iPhone and iPad. After recording your screen, you can add video reactions with audio commentary to further enhance your recording! Record it! features: + Record full screen videos using iOS 11 global screen recording API's + Add video reactions to your recordings with audio commentary. Perfect for gaming sessions, video tutorials or demos. + Edit your videos with our video trim functionality, video rotation and video filters! + Organize your recordings in one simple application with easy access + Share and export your recordings to other apps, via email or AirDrop. You can also export your recording to your computer via WiFi or any other app for more specialized video editing. Start recording your screen by following our 2 step guide, available as soon as you open our app. Video reactions is a perfect way to add personality to your video recordings. You can add video reaction to your recordings so your audience can watch you while you play your favorite game, or when simply recording an app demonstration (Perfect to show your friends how to complete a task, or how to achieve that perfect score in a game). The combinations are endless, just download and try for yourself. ------------- Video share are limited to three minutes videos. For longer videos sharing, please upgrade to our Pro version (In App Purchase)


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Record it! :: Screen Capture app reviews

  • Sad. 1/5

    By Igor Gant
    You can use recorded videos only inside this app. Or you can pay 4 usd to save your videos. Looks like a cheating.
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By price more
    Well it’s not like a bad app but it was so challenging to follow the directions and the screen would turn Another direction that may not have happened to you but It happens to me 247........ but other than that the app is perfect for my YouTube channel it records my skill levels in gaming great job creators of this app
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By MrBaconStrips
    I mean it’s good just it doesn’t record your voice and my videos won’t pop up in the app so I can edit them but it does record game volume
  • Yah 5/5

    By Spelling Bee
    Good App
  • Ok 3/5

    By GamingTiger27
    It’s good but how do you put your face on the screen
  • Good App! 5/5

    By Gigi Ever
    I like it it’s easy to use but can you add more thing like adjusting what you’re gonna record if that makes sense?
  • Bad Just Bad 1/5

    By XxcbossxX
    It doesn’t come with sound
  • 5\5 AMAZING DUHH 5/5

    By Bluetootle
    If UR on browser it still records it just not there :/ IKr I recommend u this app, me and my cousin recommend u this :)
  • Won’t record 1/5

    By Just by me
    1. This won’t record your screen (even in the app) 2. Can’t edit and stuff like that 3. Crappy app display 4. False advertising 5. Doesn’t even work when you pay for it
  • Can’t get the app to appear 1/5

    By Blobbysox
    No matter how many times I’ve tried restarting my phone, selecting and deselecting screen recording, this app never shows up in the window that has to select where you want it saved. Mine only ever says “camera roll or Facebook” when I take a video, they go to my camera roll no problem, but no audio! The app is on my phone, but it’s just not showing up to select it. Just my in-phone regular recorder that seems to only record audio if I have the mic setting on. I just updated my phone last night, and still nothing. Help!
  • Wow 1/5

    By Oliveblue
    I've been looking for apps to screen record apps but this is really stupid 😤
  • Noooo whyyy 😭😭😭 3/5

    By Smallville luv
    It good but I was recording something very important and the sound stopped and I can’t get it back it was live and I can’t go back!!! No!!!!!
  • Not the best 2/5

    By fkfusks
    It glitches a lot if you have iPhone
  • Doesn’t deserve any stars. 1/5

    By 80strash
    I downloaded this at least an hour ago and it did not work. I deleted it, then, I tried it again. It still did not work. I repeated the deleting and downloading cycle and it still doesn’t work. I’m not sure if this app has any sort of bug but it glitches out, lags, and the recording tab doesn’t even work. This needs to be addressed, seriously.
  • Great app but... 5/5

    By Untammed Nuggets
    I love this app it works perfectly fine I can record any website, game or even my home screen if I wanted to the few things that I don’t like is that they have adds what is the point of adds that’s like if you download Instagram or Facebook and when you post something an add pops up it would be stupid it’s the same thing with this app. When you record yourself playing a game and you want to edit something like cut something off the screen for example if it shows my personal info I can’t cut it out I can only delete the footage. Overall this is a 5 star app so thanks for it👍🤩
  • Luv it buh dont 2/5

    By bri✨💜
    So I luv it! It works it’s amazing, buh the one thing tha I hate is that I’m trying to screen record on Netflix and wen I press done I check my videos n there’s no video of the screen record which I find stupid so yea. Other than that it’s amazing and all Gucci 👌🏽
  • Awful 1/5

    By blahscrewitblah
    This is awful! I recorded my screen and saved the video. Then when I went to watch it WAY more than half the video was GONE!
  • This is kinda good.... 1/5

    By dino_dude124
    The app is good and bad I will start off with the good things. The app doesn’t pick up any audio from the outside of the phone. This is very good because my house is noise all the time. The bad thing is sometimes when I record the audio is just gone please fix this about the audio not working anymore
  • Good enough 4/5

    By Thunder_Ninja595
    Last time I had this app it didn’t stop broadcasting but good for my channel XD
  • It’s amazing but... 3/5

    By lzzy pup
    I can do screen recordings well but You can’t hear my voice and I want to do it for like ten mins but if I do it will never save for me. I really want those two things to be fixed please. And questions please go ahead and ask me. - Bribri
  • Doesn’t record 1/5

    By CindyJinx
    Tried to record a song with my Music apps with my phone and it doesn’t record anymore :/
  • I love screen reorder 5/5

    By jaydsm
    I really enjoyed this app because you can do totorial and you can record the screen to let people see what your actually telling to do or what app to go and it gives you a really good experience!!!!So I really enjoyed it I hope you do too!!!!😊💜💛
  • IDK ( I don’t know ) 1/5

    By Bibi adventures
    I just didi that but it dint show me the same I don’t like it but I still wanna use it
  • Seriously... 1/5

    By VillianIsAiric
    I came here to make videos and download them and YouTube, not to waste my time spending money just to send it to photos. So we can’t just simply upload it to photos and upload it on YouTube? What a waste of time, I’d highly prefer using a different app.
  • noo 1/5

    By Shamshining
    OK it’s good but after I recorded like two videos it won’t record anymore I’m pressing the button are we started I deleted the app and download it again but it still won’t record I don’t know what happened I want back into settings and try to do everything and get it but it didn’t work so I’m giving this a one star
  • no landscape 😭 2/5

    By mermaid🍩
    the only reason i don’t enjoy this app is cuz there isn’t a landscape mode.
  • 1 thing... 3/5

    By #FNAF lover
    This app really helped me with my YouTube channel but there’s one thing I need to get strait you guys need to make available to upload to YouTube I bought the whole thing thinking it would change but it didn’t. I have to copy to iMovie to make it work. I’ll do a 5 star if you can upload to YouTube!!
  • Hated it 1/5

    By Trippy3
    So I started screen recording on a app then when I was finished it wouldn’t let me stop screen recording I tried clicking stop broadcasting but it didn’t work next I tried deleting the app thinking that it was going to take it off, BUT NOOOO. It is still screen recording right now so I hope that the creator fixes these bugs because if they don’t then nobody will want to use the app because of all the low ratings!!!
  • It’s good 3/5

    By <-This guy
    It’s good at first but later strikes you with a pay wall, be warned.
  • Terrible audio quality 1/5

    By hhaguaguhabuabvya
    No matter what I did there was constant scraping this app is trash don’t get it
  • No audio? 4/5

    By Leizen2k
    Whenever I record a video, there is audio in the beginning, but then later on, the audio mutes for some reason
  • It’s “okay” 3/5

    By Mike the Jet
    So, I like how you can do a reaction, but why do we have to BUY saving our videos? And it’s FOUR DOLLARS! FOUR DOLLARS! Otherwise, I think it’s good! Gets a 3 star rating from me!
  • Decent 3/5

    By Shockwave7712
    I think this game is decent because it does a really good job of capturing your videos, but when I want to share it I HAVE TO PAY MONEY. I don’t think this is fair. Developers please fix this so I can recommend this app to others and give it a higher review. Thank you.
  • Ok 1/5

    By Marianas Trench 4 Life
    I liked this app till yesterday’s update I went pro today because when I was recording something it stopped at 7m then never saved my video! Not happy with the update at all😡 it shouldn’t stop recording until I stop it.
  • Like... 4/5

    By koopa troopa original
    It was good I was able to make A video. Then when I tried to make another I couldn’t hear it. Also add a feature when you have a face cam when you recorde the video.
  • What Happened! 3/5

    By Mr Whitekeys and Buddy
    It’s been great, until now. I purchased the Pro edition, and I have been very pleased. Until now. The only issue during that time is that it doesn’t list anything in “My Recordings”. And it won’t work anymore. What happened!
  • Nice recorder 4/5

    By Phantvms
    Pretty good app nice recorder for me
  • Audio????? 4/5

    By duh.maxa
    Ok so, the app records my screen well and gets that audio for the game or whatever I’m doing... but even when I turn the microphone on and talk loudly you can’t here my voice. I’m trying to use this to record my games i play to post on YouTube, but it’s hard to when you can’t even here your voice. I tried again with no game audio, but you still couldn’t here my voice! Please help this YouTuber in need!
  • The complainers don’t know what their talkings about. 5/5

    By OverwatchMew
    Wow, many people are saying they can record only ‘15 seconds at a time’ and ‘Can only record in app.’ Etc. But they are completely lying, Sure, that might happen for them. If it is, well, they might want a new device. It record perfectly and is REALLY REALLY good! I’ve been searching for MONTHS looking for a free screen recorder. Those days are now over.
  • Thx your the best 5/5

    By Tenkxx
    I love this app thx for making it
  • Pretty good, some problems tho 4/5

    By Blossomdrawsstuff
    I love love this app, the only thing that keeps this rating from a five star is a few facts, the microphone is so sensitive, it picks up on things I would not like in my video, also, for some reason, every time I upload my video on YouTube, it is a (error) ???
  • I Absolutely LOVE 💟❤️it!🙏Actually works! Yes! 😂 3/5

    By Steph-E D.
    The step by step # instruction was super quick and easy to use! Plus cool feature with slide out gadget record button for screen vids you can still watch offline! Has already been a very helpful tool! Thanks again!😃 I would highly recommend this app to anyone;very beneficial!
  • VERY GOOD 5/5

    By Galana_Sync
    this app is VERY GOOD because before when you searched up screen recorder you won’t be able to find anything but this is perfect it records my screen perfectly and the microphone works unlike some other apps. this app has great quality and great recording I totally recommend it
  • It’s useful but, 4/5

    By livymeme
    Well I love it, and I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but every time I try to record, yeah it records, but when I stop it and look in my gallery for it, it’s not there. And you might think, “Oh well it’s just in your recordings” but when I look there, I don’t see my video.😡😭
  • Just one thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars 4/5

    By fastpopgun
    I have been desperate for a screen recorder like this to make my gaming vids and to me this app is like a gift from heaven but there are a few tiny bugs. First of all when you record sometimes when you are done it saves the recording to the photos app instead of the my videos in the app which is inconvenient but not that bad and then there is the jittering with the video. It will like shake when I play the vid. Anyways great app also check out my channel plz I’ll be more active now that I can record the screen easy. #GamingwithFastpopgun
  • Its ok 1/5

    By BunjyCord
    It is pretty ok but if you want to know how to do a reaction is go to the vid and tap it
  • Can't stop broadcast?! 1/5

    By Catherine 247
    I have just installed the app and was just fine at first. But when I was working on the second recording, I couldn't stop the broadcast. I don't know how to fix it! Please help and I will give a better star rating!
  • Really nice app 3/5

    By BumbleBeeBRF
    I think this is a really good app if u play roblox and u want to record u playing a game on roblox or any other game I play roblox so yea,so I think this is a really good app!! 😜😜😜
  • Fix This one more time Please.. 3/5

    By Naguilera
    As most people, I have a problem with it, and it’s that every time I wanna make a video I see the red bar which I think that’s recording, but unfortunately when I press to stop the recording it doesn’t tell me that it saved so I check my photo app but it doesn’t pop up so, that’s an issue... again. So please fix it when you can. Thank you
  • The cutting for yt... 5/5

    By BOI i luv dat app
    I can’t edit it to be a shorter video but I think y’all did GREAT with the stuff and how it works! IT IS AWESOME! THIS APP IS DA BOMB

Record it! :: Screen Capture app comments


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