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  • Current Version: 2.0.62
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Get out there, experience America, and bring home a story! The mobile app is your on-the-go solution for reserving thousands of incredible camping destinations. Return to your favorite spot or discover a new one by searching for the campsite that’s right for you. The app helps you find and book campsites and experiences, review location details for your trip, and quickly access information on existing reservations from almost anywhere. Features: • Search unique campgrounds and individual campsites across the country • Discover personalized recommendations based on your location • Filter search results by what’s important to you and your trip (price, amenities, site type, and more) • View photos and maps of campgrounds and campsites • Seamlessly switch between interactive maps and search results • Check real-time availability and location information for individual sites • Pay for select campsites and activities on the spot by scanning a QR code • Learn about passes and tickets that get you into your favorite spots • Review important details on activities, attractions, and experiences for your next trip • Conveniently access your account information and all your reservations • Find tickets, tours, and permits for amazing activities • Access your digital tickets for a smooth check-in Whether you’re booking a weekend getaway or planning your next cross-country road trip, federal recreation activities and outdoor adventures start with app screenshots app reviews


    By wcraider2013
    I have double and triple checked my login credentials. Still will not let me sign in. Just successfully changed my password and it will not let me sign in with the new password either
  • Payment glitch 4/5

    By dsct1234
    I’ve been using this app for a couple years and overall I’m completely satisfied. The one consistent issue I have relates to the transition between the cart and payment screens. When I’m relying on a so-so cell signal (which is often the case on the road and I’m doing reservations) I get an error message telling me to check my internet connection. Other screens spin longer, but eventually populate. The move to the payment screen needs a longer work period before it times out. I end up either losing the site because I can’t get to the payment screen in the 15 minutes or if I’m lucky, one of my retries has enough signal to go through. This morning it was 14:30 worth of repeated attempts to get to the payment screen before I crested a hill out hiking and squeaked in. This was 3 bars of LTE on Verizon so it shouldn’t have been that hard.
  • App is horrible 1/5

    By Offshore 2
    Can’t even sign up Keeps freezing up
  • Can’t create account 1/5

    By ianpuffen
    Both the app and website freeze when creating an account.
  • Login issues 1/5

    By mpepperz
    It is now impossible to use the app on my iPhone 13 +. I have changed my password twice, and it is not working. It keep saying “you need to verify your credentials and try again” Dudee, I know everything is correct because I can access to my account in a browser. However, you need the app to apply for a permit. FIX THE APP!!!!!!!
  • . Absolutely horrible app and website. What a shame we have no alternative 1/5

    By Jacenyik
    I would give this no stars if I could. If this app was for a commercial travel site , rather than the federal government , it could not stay in business.We are paying with our tax dollars as campgrounds on Federal lands outsource to this program to do their bookings. I have RV ed through the country and this app and website only continue to get worse. It is excruciatingly slow . The filters don’t work correctly and information has to be reentered every time you look at another campground or campsite . It literally takes an hour to research and pick and book a SINGLE campsite. The booking charge is $8 now for every site ( when we have done all the work!) The cancellation policy is a joke . It takes just as long to fill out the online forms to cancel and when you are traveling , most people don’t have an hour of time to spend online ( assuming you can get internet and cell service) just to cancel ONE booking for a pitiful refund after the service fee. What a waste of our taxpayer money,
  • New to this 5/5

    By Designerdeb126
    Wow I’m so excited I finally got in to outlet campground
  • Great App 5/5

    By Sophiedaisey
    Easy to use. Great visual identification of the camp site.
  • Camping 5/5

    By anything32
    Enjoy the lake and camp site very much
  • Login Failure 1/5

    By personusingapps
    The app continuously tells me that my login credentials are wrong. I know that my credentials are correct because I can log into the website with them. The app will not let me reset my password and will not let me re-register my account. It gives a different form of error with everything I try. I need to apply for a permit to hike the wave using the app only — they do not let you apply for this permit on your computer. However, since I can’t get the app to accept my credentials I am unable to even apply for the permit. I have read online that many people have this same issue and the app is continuously failing in various ways.
  • Love It! 5/5

    By Tatum4
    Easy to use, helpful with planning and highly recommend using the app!
  • Password 1/5

    By Loosecannon61
    Can’t even make an account because it won’t do anything after I set the password and press done.
  • Recent update took deleted map of camping sites 2/5

    By Kpage68684
    Love the app but the most recent update deleted the camping map that shows the flow of traffic within the campground. Get it fixed. I do not like it when an app has an update and it continually uses the same generic language on every update it puts out. Give us the info what bugs you squashed!!!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By vinceout
    Found this app easy to use and great for finding our families next journey outdoorsman
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Queen City P.I.M.P.
    Great app and easy to use!
  • Follow up to Will not connect to the internet. 5/5

    By dumbs thown
    Restarted iPhone 7+ and the issue resolved.
  • Difficult to find Availability 3/5

    By K no j hi I oh vac c hm
    It is difficult on knowing when to book most days are blocked out even into the next year.
  • Pain in the rear 5/5

    By SonOfSatan
    …but worth it like any good hike or adventure. I’m pretty sure they make some tasks like the lotteries hard on purpose to filter out certain folks. But once you get used to it, a breeze.
  • Camping at Watsadler 5/5

    By tnbuggs
    We absolutely enjoy our camping trips to Watsadler especially we’re right there at the dam!
  • Worked flawlessly!! 5/5

    By WPBBob
    Reservation system is great!! Thanks
  • Vacation 5/5

    By Eric3381
    Always so easy and help full
  • Booze Allen Stealing from America 1/5

    By JCrump111
    Service fees for booking here do NOT go to maintaining our parks. They go to Booze Allen who charges these fees to get rich off of what we should be able to enjoy while actually supporting the parks.
  • I need a campsite and park 5/5

    By Nanahamm
    Brand new to camping just picked up our RV yesterday making advanced reservations already for the spring. The site was very easy to use.
  • Failed at making reservations. 2/5

    By scpusher
    Downloaded this app, again, in hopes that I’d be able to make a reservation at a highly sought after campground. The morning the campground site became available I signed in, no problems, chose the dates, no problems, but when the time came to reserve the site, it immediately kicked me out because “too many people….” , site unavailable. Would not recommend this app to reserve sites, too sketchy and unreliable. Use a computer, where I had no issues last in the past. It’s “ok” at best to look at sites and campgrounds but that’s about all it’s worth.
  • Easy to use website 5/5

    By ParkNM
    I make a lot of reservations thur this site and never issues. Easy to search to from perfect spots
  • Site shows available for two nights but 5/5

    By jomomma7
    Ez peasey
  • Good app, good camping 5/5

    By chippermom23
    I like this app for booking camping. It is one of the easier apps to use as long as you remember that “partially available” means not available. There are some really great campgrounds on here. Looking forward to our next trip.
  • Easy to do 5/5

    By fritzsbikes
    Easy to use. It saves your info, so you can just breeze thru it.
  • Finally scored a site 3/5

    By hlharvada
    Booking a popular site like Arches is very difficult, first to figure out how the site works, and second to purchase your site at the exact moment it becomes available. I was finally successful after trying three mornings in a row. I wish there was an easier way.
  • Reservations 5/5

    By kingcollies
    Always easy to make reservations any place I go.
  • McKinney Campground 5/5

    By what name will it take
    Great camp ground, clean restrooms w/showers…..this fall with all the pine straw falling, they even blew the site off for us before arriving….made it easier to see the drive way without going onto the grass!! Thanks for this added feature, much appreciated!!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By gbevans1
    Easy process for reservations!
  • Happy campers 5/5

    By Rwrobi
    We appreciate this website! Using the filters makes the whole process of choosing a site so much easier. We appreciate being able to see all of our reservations at a glance.
  • Lakeview Park 5/5

    By theneonwizard
    Great location, well maintained. Excellent bathrooms & shower.
  • Fantastic camp ground 5/5

    By catdaddy1961
    I love camping here so clean and concrete camp sites
  • nice and easy 5/5

    By bearcavesagas
    yay. reservations way in advance. no gimmicks like reserve america. our government at its best. thanks
  • Great way to plan camping trips 5/5

    By Bugalpoo
    This app is convenient, easy to use, and so much better than the web experience.
  • Alright already 5/5

    By Nickname is taken2022
    Yes it’s great. Works as expected. No complaints…now stop asking me if I am enjoying it and interrupting me actually trying to use it.
  • Easy 5/5

    By get some while u can
    Easy to use
  • Easy to use and navigate 5/5

    By esahaa
    It’s so easy to make reservations at most of my favorite places to stay.
  • No longer accepts Reservation.giv 1/5

    By BruceRSTAM
    New update won’t accept campground reservation. It use to. I just renewed. Can I get my money back?
  • Great 5/5

    By Jvbs
    The way this app has improved is great! You can review different places and spots for camping. The sorting is great. I also love the feature where you can change your reservations easily. Great job to the team that worked on that!
  • Blue Bluff Campground 5/5

    By Larrybobe
    Wonderful campsite; Beautiful lake!
  • Mobile App 5/5

    By 2coo4skool
    This app is amazing. So much easier to use. Although, I can’t see what I’m typing right now. Lol.
  • Great for trips 5/5

    By Bob LobLaw11
    This app makes trip planning so easy!
  • Great help in finding campgrounds 5/5

    By Cmkd26
    The app is easy to use lists campgrounds that I have not heard of. It explains and gives pictures for each camping spot which helps and making a selection. The reviews are also helpful.
  • Twin Peaks Campground 4/5

    By Gigi Griffith
    This site was so easy to use while making reservations for our stay at Twin Peaks Campground in Organ Pipe Nation Recreation. Looking forward to our stay.
  • It works 5/5

    By 7545808
    It’s easy to make and modify reservations. Descriptions are accurate.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Gaitedlady
    Love the parks we go to. And live this app to be able to see the parks, know what they offer, etc. And easy booking! Thumbs up!
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