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Redbox App

Reserve titles ahead of time to pick up at the Box. Browse new and upcoming movies and movie trailers. Load your Wish List and Library to make sure you've always got entertainment at your fingertips to watch On Demand. And score points and free stuff with Redbox Perks - our pumped-up loyalty program.


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  • New update is bad 1/5

    By betterlife69
    In the past, I did not have to enter my password every time I wanted to use the app. Now, I have to do it not to mention if you enter it incorrectly, it locks you out for 30 minutes. Also, I feel like previous version was easier to use. I am so disappointed with this upgrade.
  • Very poor instructions & very rude telephone support 1/5

    By *The American*
    The instructions for renting on demand were unclear. Also, the on- demand prices are no better than any other platform. I will be sticking with iTunes. I don’t even have a dvd player anymore so pick up & drop off isn’t an option either.
  • Needs Improvement 3/5

    By Xoediac
    The current version has no release dates listed next to upcoming movie titles. The app seems to function well, but it does not offer the same basic information as the website. This was the one feature I was looking for.
  • Flashy design, poor execution 2/5

    By intensekt
    Inconsistent navigation (some icons only available when in the “my redbox” screen. Locator is an awkward partial overlay that allows scrolling on the screen behind it. Map view works occasionally, had a few issues with selecting specific locations. Disappointed with this redesign (and the site redesign, too) that makes it difficult and frustrating to perform simple tasks.
  • Not a fan 1/5

    By Honybdgr
    This new faster and better app is a piece of crap. It will never take my credit card. Continually tells me I need to add a credit card, even though I have two on file. When I try to add a credit card it tells me it cannot take that credit card. Even made a brand new account and it will not take a credit card, so I can’t ever reserve movies before I go. I’ve tried many different ways to make it work and it does not work.
  • Can I please browse more boxes? 3/5

    By 19me91
    This app allows me to browse only one box at a time. Well at my Walgreens there are 2 boxes side by side so it would be nice to search them both since I don’t care which box I use. There are many boxes in my area and if I find a movie I want to rent it is 6 and one half dozen which one I have to go to. I hate having to search them one by one. Usually I’m looking at roughly the same selection at each one. Just use that fancy computer y’all have to create a compilation of the 3 or 4 or 5 boxes I’m willing to drive to.
  • Please fix the payment glitch 1/5

    By Douglasrclark
    A month ago - or more- I tried to use my Visa card to complete a reservation on the app. “There is a problem with your payment” I called the company. After being grilled for why it was “my error” the representative admitted there was a problem with the app and I had to go rent starve box. This worked fine with the same card I had tried to use with the app. Today...same thing. Does Redbox have an IT department????
  • New App is horrible 1/5

    By Stretch58
    Much less user friendly than previous; for instance: movies on your wish list appear as though they are readily available when they are not. In order to see if they are, you must click on each and see if they allow you to reserve it. If not, it’s not available yet. Old app wish list showed available movies first, and then future ones by release date.
  • Don’t like the redesign 1/5

    By Mr E.Z.
    Been a while since using the app. Just wanted to find which redbox location had a movie. Can’t do it in a few clicks apparently. I don’t have time to learn an app all over again. Delete.
  • One BIG flaw 3/5

    By Micky D Pagel
    I think it is a great app overall but it has one BIG flaw - when you reserve and pay through the app, you still have to bring the card to the kiosk. This is problematic. If you don’t have that card with you or if someone is picking up the movie for you, it doesn’t work and it’s so frustrating. The app should give you a code after you reserve and pay and then you punch in the code at the kiosk. Soooooo much better. Plz consider it REDBOX!
  • It used to working out anymore 1/5

    By nbakth
    It was working perfectly fine it updated not working anymore. Sad about it because i loved using it. Had to delete
  • Painfully Slow 1/5

    By Khendri2
    The new app is painfully slow even with an update only one day ago. Remember the saying “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”? The redesign killed this app.
  • This version of app is crap 1/5

    By Chtbigg
    First review I’ve ever left about an app and I’m giving it one star because it’s horrible. Don’t need the extra pretty colors and busyness that this version has. Latest version was the best. Get in get out. Crashes all the time and trying to load a location for pick really sets it for a spin. Keep it simple stupid. All we want to do is rent a movie and watch a trailer on occasion. I really wish companies would just leave well enough alone. We were all perfectly content with the previous version. Don’t need your over bearing eye candy in order to pick a simple movie.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Bearcats8509
    This would be a good app if it actually worked. The app is broken, every time I search a movie or game the app freezes and I have to force close it. I would give it 0 stars if I could.
  • Hate the new update 1/5

    By dc5636
    Why did you have to mess something up that was fine? My wife did the update and she hated it so I postponed updating it on my phone until I was forced too.
  • Terrible login 1/5

    By Philip4
    This app seems to forget my password constantly, which wouldn’t be bad if it was able to use the password keychain or even Touch ID... But it doesn’t. When I use password keychain it says the email/password is incorrect then locks me out for 30 minutes, forcing me to update my password. Then when I use the provided temporary password (which is a convoluted mess of dumb symbols rather than a simple uppercase lowercase passcode) it still didn’t recognize, and as a cherry on top doesn’t recognize copy and paste functionality either. Let’s be honest here I know data security is important but this is redbox, lets not pretend we have nuclear launch codes tucked away here. If this doesn’t get fixed I’m switching to a different company.
  • Second to last upgrade awful 1/5

    By Banker418
    Since the second to last update, I have not been able to reserve a movie it fails on the payment. I have re added my card and still won’t work. It’s very frustrating since I used it for years without issue until now.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By dida134
    Nothing ever loads. It can’t locate boxes, give me move descriptions and barely pulls up the picture to the movie. When they changed the look they messed up big time!!!
  • Savings??? 3/5

    By bored71
    My complaint is not being able to sign in using my debit card that is paying for the movie. I try signing in with the “sign in” button, but it says there was a problem so I don’t get the savings I’ve earned. When I go through the app, it says the movie isn’t available at that location (when I looking right at it) and asks if I want to search another location. If this update helps, I will change my rating to 5 stars.
  • Can’t find upcoming movie dates 3/5

    By 7537IO
    Before a recent update, you could see when an upcoming movie would be released, but no more. You have to look elsewhere to find out when you can actually get the movies they advertise as coming soon.
  • New app lost my password 1/5

    By Vidvertise
    After losing my pass word Redbox sent me a new temporary password which did not work either. It can’t be my email address because I received a new password. Idiots.!.
  • Not happy with the new app format 2/5

    By Scribblez78
    This was a 4 Star app but when they reformatted the app they took away a couple of nice features. The biggest thing the latest update took away is the share option. This was very helpful when my wife didn’t know which movie I was texting her about. Also it seems they took the delete option away from inbox. So expired offers seem to just hang around.
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By Dont know!
    Can’t rend the movies directly through the app. Can’t watch on tv when phone is connected to hdmi cable. Waste of an app
  • Poor iPad App 1/5

    By Steve wh
    I can’t believe they don’t have a landscape app for iPad! It’s 2018
  • Not finding internet this update 1/5

    By RobertValenzuela
    This version does not find the Internet while all my other apps work normally on the Internet. Deleted and reinstalled. Same issue. Worthless. Using iPhone X and latest iOS 11.3.
  • New update 2/5

    By Serinasong
    I dislike the new update.
  • No longer usable 1/5

    By Countertenor
    The app now requires you to upgrade to latest version but requires you to have IOS 10. The old version of the app no longer works.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By Not Carl, Tom or Stan
    You need to update. You need to login again. Sorry, that update didn’t take, do it again. Now login one more time. If you don’t mind jumping through some hoops here… Now we’ll just make sure the keyboard covers up the place where you enter your password so you have to do it in the blind. What’s that? You’ve already passed the Redbox and are now going home in disgust? Wait! Come back! Perhaps we can interest you in a new six-factor authorization process. I think I prefer to pay Vudu twice as much.
  • Update Deleted All My Info 1/5

    By Irving Simon
    Most updates don't delete my account info, locations, cc, etc. This is uncalled for!!!!
  • No longer the best option. 2/5

    By EssDub3
    If you don’t mind typing all your credit/debit card information each and every time you rent a movie then download the REDBOX app. Otherwise, save your time and just go to your nearest REDBOX and rent your movies there.
  • Can’t refresh to see new releases 1/5

    By Jkrieger82
    The old app would let you refresh the new releases screen, this one doesn’t and it won’t show new releases that I can see on the redbox website. Worthless if you can’t actually see the movies that are currently available.
  • Wrong date of release 1/5

    By Deafactor
    I look up on my apps. movie that I want to see that was released on date. went to the red box. It wasn’t there. This apps is wrong date of release! I am delete this apps!
  • Do not update! 1/5

    By Bnf77
    This was a great app until it updated. I no longer can reserve, watch trailers or any other features I used to enjoy. The app now won’t load, freezes or closes out. I would gladly give 5 stars if these changes go away, but I would suggest to not download the app. Waste of time now.
  • Not very user friendly 1/5

    By P3t3rs3n
    The app recommends locations that are an hour away when there are three within ten minutes...? Also why can’t you cancel a reservation or at least update it if you pick the wrong location, seems like the app has some major design flaws that could be fixed fairly easily for an almost 100% e-commerce company!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Jk138239
    I love the new look and flow of the app. There are so many options and it’s a great way to browse before running out to the store to find what you want. Thanks!!
  • Not good 1/5

    By Nhosk
    You took a step backwards with this version. I used to be able to see the release date for upcoming new rentals. Plus when you looked “at the box” I could easily see when those movies were released so I know if I’ve previously looked at them.
  • Awful update 1/5

    By Skbirdx
    The new update is horrible. What happened? Why do you have a film listed as new, can you click on it you get nothing but a prompt that it is available on demand which you can't even click on? Why is it so difficult to even attempt to reach customer service with in the app? So annoying.
  • No Face ID 1/5

    By Nicky b baby04
    Come on and get with the times. Enable Face ID........... Seriously.
  • Recent Update Ruins Everything 1/5

    By Solomarie
    This old app worked perfectly! This new up is the WORST. It keeps asking to enter credit card information but once you click “save” it returns you to the previous page and asks you to do the same thing over and over again. Which means you cannot reserve any movies thru the app. It’s a weird glitch that should be addressed ASAP. I’ve missed out on several movies because I was unable to reserve them.
  • App that never works correctly 1/5

    By Dikbcfkkibxygfd
    Ever since abt 6 months ago when the app was updated it has not worked correctly. I have done each update since then hoping it would get better, but has just gotten worse with each update. I can't even reserve a movie most of the time, because it just keeps thinking and won't bring anything up. The app has been complete crap for the past 6 months to a yr
  • No iOS 9 support 1/5

    By NoRedBoxForiOS9
    App won't run on iPad with iOS 9.
  • Crap 1/5

    By jtf86
    Never work. Opens and continues to load but never does.
  • Streaming crashes app! 2/5

    By Pandaboio7<3
    I just spent 6.00+ for on demand and the app crashes before connecting to my tv. Any suggestions??
  • Update is awful 1/5

    By TXQuigs
    I can’t find movies I know are available, the images for the movies don’t load, o my seeing a generic Redbox icon, and it’s slow in general.
  • New App stinks 1/5

    By adecatur
    New 7.2.0 is awful. Keeps asking you to add a new credit card so you can't even check out.
  • Latest version is awful 1/5

    By djk1!
    Doesn’t load properly. Had to re-enter all my account information-twice!! Still not sure if it’s working. I’ve lost my business at least twice renting at the box instead of With the app. Field one was so much easier. Go back to the old version and start over again.
  • Give me back the old version 1/5

    By TSaint100
    I hate this update so much I deleted it and luckily have an Android to use which I thought was the worst version 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
  • Redbox kiosk 2/5

    By Butterflies7
    The Redbox in Mars Pa 16046 has issues with their movies not playing or skipping. That's disappointing.
  • Remove 1/5

    By Removedituseless
    It became useless on my perfectly running ipad mini because it now requires ios10. Genius developer....duh. I wont buy a newer device just for this redbox app. Public libraries has more selections of dvds for rent aside the fact that its free beacuse of our taxes.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By danieltbones
    Horrible app. No where to put in credit card information. Then go to a website that’s even worse.

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