Redbubble - Shop original art

Redbubble - Shop original art

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  • Current Version: 4.16.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Redbubble, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Redbubble - Shop original art App

Redbubble begins with over 700,000 independent artists. A global community making everyday products weirdly meaningful. A shirt with an evil cat. A phone case with a galloping donut. A sticker of a star-surfing astronaut. Whatever your thing, Redbubble has uncommon designs that smack you right in the heart. - Explore nearly 10 million original designs on 60+ products - Check out personalized picks of super fun stuff - Save your faves for later - Support independent artists with every single purchase - Find inspiration, an original gift, or just run wild - Stickers, T-Shirts, Device Cases, Home Decor, Posters + more Sound good? Why not take a look around. We think you'll like what you find.

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Redbubble - Shop original art app reviews

  • Ok 5/5

    By logisticsguy
    PFGC order selector reinhart
  • Not for Artists 1/5

    By Longkat Creative
    I’ve been using Redbubble for a while to buy and sell artwork. I really wish the app had features for the sellers too, so I could update my work easily. Also its kinda lame most of the “featured artists” on the app just made products with photos of celebrities poorly cut out from their backgrounds. This really puts artists at a disadvantage, since real artwork is lost on the 3rd + pages and the top “artwork” is just Steve Carell’s face or Brad Pitt’s bod. Smh I will probably switch to Society 6 or another platform.
  • Worse 1/5

    By Egypt flores
    I haven’t gotten my money for selling arts I’m just assuming their just stealing arts and claiming it as there’s so yeah
  • Difficulty with favorites list 4/5

    By Cailyndel
    This app is absolutely amazing, and I fall in love with every other thing I see, but once I signed into my account on the app, my list of favorites only displays 20 of the items I have added to the list. On the website, I am able to view all of them, but am unable to figure out how tikis the issue on the app.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Purple penguin of lala
    I liked it till they started pushing a liberal agenda on Litterly EVERYSINGLE PAGE
  • Can’t use 2/5

    By WonderLens
    I have had issues trying to use the app for awhile. I have reinstalled, updated to the latest iOS, updated the app every time there is an option....still can’t get past “oh snap something went wrong” over and over again
  • Why cant I sell stuff :/ 3/5

    By avagdd
    I don’t know how to change my pfp, I don’t know how to sell, I CANT DO ANYTHING!? HELP
  • Doesn't Work 1/5

    By MagMcGMiMaude
    So, I absolutely love RedBubble. That's why I decided to download the app. I'd love to give it a proper review and let others know if it's user-friendly, if it crashes, etc. But I can't get it to work. Every time I open the app, I get the message: "Oh, Snap. Something went wrong, please try again." Every. Time. If I try to look at the home page, I get that message. If I try to search, I get that message. If I open the cart, I get that message. If I try to open favorites, I get that message. Like I said, I love RedBubble. But I'll have to stick with going to the website because their app, so far, is just a waste of bytes.
  • question 5/5

    By presley n
    This app is amazing. But how do I start selling/creating stuff like stickers?
  • Love it! 5/5

    By LunarDrakaina
    I absolutely adore this app! Just found out about it today and fell in love. Bought a tapestry for my room and can’t wait for it to get here. Love helping artists out:)
  • How 3/5

    By angry person112223343245467670
    How do I make art I’m so confused
  • The art is amazing, but the app is not the best. 2/5

    By ninjaokay
    I was really excited when I found this app because the art is super pretty and I can pick out what I want it on. Especially excited about the journals because I’m obsessed with journals. I ordered a couple of journals, some pencil pouches, and stickers. I received the journals in the mail first and was a bit confused on why my items didn’t come all together but I was fine with it. I just received my pencil pouches. And I’m still waiting for my stickers. It is a bit annoying that everything comes separately, the shipping is extremely slow. I’ve been waiting weeks. And the app does not give customers enough information about the whole shipping process. Fix the app and you’ll make a lot more people happy.
  • Face masks 1/5

    By MiaGramma
    Very disappointed in the quality of the masks. Thin cloth like baby flannel.
  • Was excited then disappointed 1/5

    By LiiiiiiiIiIiiIiIiIIiIiiNa
    So when I first started using the app, I was very excited and I loved how it worked but then my account was suspended for suspicion I was a robot. I reached out to Redbubble help for over a week and they were no help. I sent in a video of myself to prove I’m not a robot but they would not follow up with me with more than one response. Saying the same thing. I am at the minimum age requirement, I never posted anything mature, all my art is mine and I’m not a robot. They were not helpful with my situation. I was really invested in my account and after a years worth of work, it is just GONE. I had over 50 pieces in there and it takes a long time to adjust each piece to the merchandise shown on the app.
  • Am I just not aware? 3/5

    By crocheting the devil
    I’m a creator on redbubble. I can’t seem to find the feature where I can edit my creations?
  • Wish it would show me cooler stickers. 3/5

    By zefphyrz
    I favorites some Ohio state stuff and some Ohio stuff and now all I get recommended are stickers related to Cleveland, Cincinnati, Miami University, and Ohio University. None of which are which to me. Show me cool stickers and stop featuring the same artists every single day.
  • Suggestions and Feedback 4/5

    By Magpie2018
    I’d give the app 4.5 stars but there isn’t that option. I love Redbubble. I find myself on the app everyday looking at new items and exploring new artist’s creations. I love that the app has artists from all over the world come together to sell their products. That said, I find that Redbubble items tend to be on the more expensive side like a travel mug being $22, clocks being $32, shower curtains being $62, etc. I feel like the items should be more affordable. Also I thought a cool feature to add to the app would be the a ability to see a clothing piece on you instead of the model. All in all I think the app is great for finding something unique and special. Thank you for all the artists who share their work! ❤️
  • Run 1/5

    By Indie_Lady
    Site repeatedly told me I had no art on the site when I did. My art was not searchable and cannot be found without digging into a haystack or looking through hundreds of other artists work and I still did not see mine. Also my link is faulty. It seems my friends have been unable to purchase or find my work. Stated I have no art on site. No sales after sending customers to site. Look elsewhere as a seller or artist. Seems once again greed incompetence or other unethical practices have infected this company as well. Don’t trust them. You may sell a piece and never know.
  • Question 3/5

    By imtryingtomymathhomework
    Is this app let you sell as well as buy?
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Kinda Disappointed...
    Although the designs can be quite cute, orders take weeks longer to ship than expected, and it’s impossible to speak to anyone that isn’t a bot. If you’re okay with waiting three months for a phone case, or other product, then this is the app for you!
  • Haven’t gotten package. 1/5

    By Miss Thorne
    I ordered my masks nearly a month ago and paid extra for fast shipping. Still haven’t received them and the post office and shipping company can’t seem to locate my package. Update: my masks came and they’re ruined 😠 they look like someone spilled RED fruit punch on them!! I cannot get it out no matter what I try. Filed a claim to get my money back and still haven’t received an answer. Will never buy from them again.
  • do not order from this site! 1/5

    By just a memerrrrrrr
    i placed my order on june 11. they have the slowest shipping i’ve ever seen in my life. my order is just being tossed around to different usps places in different states. now it’s been saying for 3 days it’s in my city but hasn’t been delivered. i’m starting to think i’m not going to get my stuff, and this is a scam. i tried to contact support but they make it really hard. save your money and your time. do not order from this site! i’ll never order anything from redbubble again!
  • Never got my order 1/5

    By BB33ROCKS
    Like, I order a phone case and a mask and apparently my phone case already came 3 days ago but it’s no where to be seen??? Do I have to wait until the mask delivers tomorrow or did I just waste my 45 dollars?
  • do not recommend 1/5

    By Slaughterish
    Youre money is going to random people. People that are responsible for making your order. ordered a shirt that was supposed to get here days ago never came. I messages the creator and he did not message me back nor did he let me know that my shirt would have been late. Definitely do not order from here. its a scam and gambols with your money
  • Where’s my 20% discount? 3/5

    By PhoenixGTR
    I downloaded this app and went to the trouble of creating an account because the pop up promised me 20% of for doing so. However, there was no discount waiting for me in the app, and no code in my email. Not fair to dangle discounts in front of people like that.
  • 50/50 3/5

    By egs04
    I’ve bought a lot off of this app. I love the designs and that I can find pretty much anything I’m looking for and plenty that i didn’t know I wanted. However, the app has a few quirks. Coupons? You might as well forget it. I got super excited when I got a 40% off coupon however when I put it in the shipping cost went up so much I spent the same amount as without. I also wish you could write reviews. I ordered a throw blanket for $40 and the quality was not great for the steep price. I have ordered things I’ve loved however the site could be way better.
  • I thought I got scammed... 3/5

    By airsoft fan 123
    So I originally wrote a review about how I thought I got scammed but I didn’t. The stickers only came a few days late. Don’t be too hasty to write a review if you product hasn’t come yet.
  • Terrible customer service and never got my stickers 1/5

    By ElectraSpectra
    After a week of never receiving my stickers and hounding the customer service, they finally got back to me. Saying that me package got lost in the mail. Like as a company if you know this information why would to tell the customer that. I will never buy or recommend this site again. Better off with Etsy !!
  • Great app, awesome customer service 5/5

    By CaseyMaine
    The app itself is very well designed and lets you easily explore and favorite art, explore products, shop, and track orders. The customer service is exceptional, even while they are backlogged. Two of my orders got lost in the mail, and the customer service representatives were very helpful. I will definitely stick to ordering from Redbubble in the future.
  • Absolute necessity 4/5

    By serotoninronin
    RedBubble is the hub of online creators that want to see their designs out in the real world. I think that this is a majorly empowering business model; not sure how much compensation artists get at the end of the day, but showing that information would be a transparency A+. I love browsing this app so much, but I'd prefer to do it in dark mode. Can we make that happen?
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By bddhjsgkl
    I cannot believe how much shipping costs it’s pathetic I will never buy anything from you!!! Unless you make it so shipping is much cheaper
  • confusing? 4/5

    By Kelsey the app reviewer
    so i am new to redbubble. and the app is really cool!! but i am very confused on how to sell my artwork on the app
  • Delivery always messes up 1/5

    By ThatWeirdVegan
    I’ve ordered posters on this app 4 times and 3/4 times I always waited a month for the posters to arrive and had to request replacements each time. I don’t have this issue with any other apps
  • need separate app for artists! 4/5

    By leahckaplan
    i love the layout of the app for shopping, but i can’t see the stats of my works from the app. i love how etsy has two apps — one for sellers and one for buyers. that way i could have an app that doesn’t have anything else but sales for my work!
  • Hate it 1/5

    By game promblem
    Why I can’t even email you never working
  • Constantly not working 1/5

    By Lizboll
    It seldom connects. Very annoying. Great when it does work but seldom.
  • 👎🏼 1/5

    By skyrose21
    This app always crashes and never lets me sign in they need to fix this ASAP!
  • Great for buying, but not for selling 4/5

    By Gdyjjvioplljyrwqwvbnmvzxnbhij
    The mobile app is really great for buying merchandise and set up well to accommodate the customer but as someone who sells their own designs on Redbubble, the mobile app doesn't accommodate the seller very well. The only thing you can do is view your own shop. It'd be great if there were updates that allowed sellers to view their insights on the app and their selling/payment information.
  • False Advertising? 1/5

    By SiennaMC
    I was looking online for a poster and came across this site. It told me to download the app for 20% off. Once I did I never received my 20% of :(.
  • Needs more support for artists selling on mobile 5/5

    By G4ZC0R3
    I LOVE Redbubble. I've been using it for years as a customer to support artists I enjoy and I have purchased merchandise at least ten times from the site, whether it be stickers, shirts, posters, etc... The items are almost always very well made and long lasting, which makes them definitely worth the price. I've only recently started selling my own designs on the platform, which has been working well for me. However, I think there could be more compatibility with your shop and your mobile device. While you can view your shop and the designs you have uploaded, you can't view your payment / sales history and many of the other features available on desktop. The Redbubble app is very focused on customer shopping, but it would be great if I could manage my shop from my phone in the app itself or in another app solely for artists that are selling (similar to the Etsy app vs. Sell on Etsy app). Thank you so much!
  • Quick Fawn 5/5

    By Shasta Weston
    Quick and easy to find everything within the app. Especially when you can convently heart certain art work and come back to it later to buy instead of having to remember the name of it.
  • iPhone 11 Case 1/5

    By michellet10
    I order a case couple days ago & I never get a chance to see my tracking & I try to put my email & my order number to see my tracking & it’s says they can’t find my order which is really weird because I just order them... & it says order completed on my email & I check in progress or partially complete page & it’s not moving to made & shipped when it still stuck on “ Order Successful” even tho I know I’m getting them on June 22-24 but I thought it was supposed to be made & shipped by now.... it’s been week it haven’t moved to next one this kinda sound sketchy too me I just hope there not taking my money & not getting anything because if so this app is definitely a scam cause I did not just paid $23.50 for a case...
  • Ehhh 2/5

    By MCDEllie
    I love that you can buy high quality stickers (etc), as someone who is only interested in uploading art, it is very frustrating to me that I can’t do that on the app. I do my art on an iPad and uploading through the app would make it so much easier. Instead I have to open RedBubble in safari. Very inconvenient:(
  • Great when it works 5/5

    By Montoya715
    Constantly get the “Oh Snap. Something went wrong.” Notification when opening the app after long periods of time. Sometimes redownloading app helps but it’s getting quite annoying. Love it when it works though.
  • Obnoxious search functions, uninstalling 1/5

    By NessaTesla
    I am shopping for a phone case. I navigate to the section labeled “iPhone cases”. I am recommended a few things, and inspired, I hit the search bar on top and type in a keyword. I am then shown stickers and T-shirts and all sorts of junk. It still says iPhone Cases in the header, but now I have to sift through noise to find any cases whatsoever. I couldn’t find a way to filter the search or to search only within the category I selected. When I typed my keyword, before I hit enter, I could specify “ Everything” or “ Stickers”. Why only these two options? Why can’t the app tell I’m looking for phone cases IN THE PHONE CASE SECTION????? This irritated me so much I’m uninstalling. You made it too annoying to shop.
  • Amazing for My Art 4/5

    By sosochewy
    I love Redbubble. I am an artist and I have hopes that my art will sell. However, I wish there was a way to upload products from my phone. If there is, can someone please tell me?
  • “Something went wrong” 1/5

    By Aspenlikethetree
    I don’t have a lot going on on the RedBubble app, but every now and then I get notifications and I can’t even check them. Every time I try to log onto the app, it says something went wrong. I hit the retry button several times and nothing. I check the App Store to make sure there weren’t any updates I missed and still nothing. I restarted my phone, as suggested, and I wasn’t even logged into the app. I try to log in and it won’t even let me do that. Honestly, there is no point in having this app if you can’t use it; you may as well stick to the website.
  • Love the merch 5/5

    By Bryan252
  • Good Products but Overcharge 2/5

    By mmmaaaaannnnnngkkkkk
    I love that RedBubble allows supporting small creators and there are lots of different designs and products that are super cool. But I started to order 10 stickers and my total was $30 with 50% off so $15 NOT including shipping. With shipping it was $18 However I added the total of all of my products which equaled $13 even with $3 shipping, my total should not have been anywhere near $30. I can’t find any explanation on the app or my cart as to why this happened.

Redbubble - Shop original art app comments

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