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  • Stop changing the sorting of comments 1/5

    By jcoatman
    I have it set to top comments but it almost never is anymore and I can’t turn that off I’m sick of having to change it.
  • Great format; Horrific censorship and agenda pushing 2/5

    By ugadarnell
    I get notifications from this app. Some of themare awesome. Every few days, one of them is an inflammatory leftist headline. I try steer clear of politics on Reddit these days. Every discussion that becomes political on Reddit devolves into the same BS circular discussions. But steering clear of the discussions doesn’t mean Reddit won’t fill your “suggested” stories and app notifications with politics. It’s clear the folks who curate content for this app are always trying to find new ways to slip their politics in. And some topics that are upsetting to the political left are banned and censored. I’m getting close to making a full shift to other online discussion platforms.
  • A lot better than Facebook 5/5

    By Vicdamizer
    I really like reddit, it seems less toxic than other social media sites and has better info all around!
  • Update is great! 5/5

    By Surfrider182
    Slow but amazing! Most bugs linked out
  • Great app, but I hate the new design 3/5

    By AmyB8484
    On the feed, it used to show the title and a preview snippet of the post so you could see what it's about. Since the last update, now it only shows the title. The problem is, people don't always write very descriptive titles, maybe because they still think you'll be able to see a snippet, so you can't tell what the post is about, and it's annoying to constantly have to open them up just to see if it's something you even want to read, when you used to be able to do that at a glance just from seeing the snippet. Some people will put a short, vague title that hardly gives any clue what the post is about, and you have no idea if you even want to bother to open it. Please bring the snippet preview back. This is driving me crazy!
  • It’s a Rabbit Hole 5/5

    By Brennyxox
    I can’t ever leave until my battery dies.
  • Good 5/5

    By visioniser
  • Terrible 1/5

    By EBdiesel08
    How is it that the app was perfect several updates(3-4) ago and now it’s annoying to use? Buggy. Delayed responses to inputs. Again, annoying to use. I’m being really patient, but I will go back to Apollo.
  • Spend most of my time on it 5/5

    By Abarker182
    Very entertaining, best way to waste time
  • Love it 5/5

    By Uno Dos 3
    My favorite content
  • a great time killer 5/5

    By TheSecondFloor
    knows its awesome role in the internet. i could look at it all day.
  • One Star for the App 1/5

    By Kevin Stay
    I’ve reported the same bug roughly once a week for the last six months and nothing has been done to fix it. This app is garbage on IOS.
  • Great app, horrible icon 1/5

    By Sabinical
    Reddit, your old icon was beautiful. The new one is unimaginably hideous, especially against a dark wallpaper. For the love of god, change it back.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By azzzmeer
    Very smooth and very wholesome community.
  • Get it 5/5

    By loves_sunshine13
    Ultimate social media platform for me. I’m now off of all other forms of “social” media. I don’t feel like I’m just numbly scrolling through irrelevant posts. I always learn something new from the oodles of knowledgeable people every time I open the app with 0 pressure of having to dedicate a shrine to myself. It’s a great place to have genuine conversations with people all over the world. You’ll find people and make friends with those who are likeminded and people who are very much opposite as well. It’s awesome! Not to mention the platform is incredibly easy to find use.
  • Horrible on iPhone X 1/5

    By nimblemind_
    Constantly freezes and locks up. Doesn’t work.
  • Total game changer-for walruses 5/5

    By Mr. Walrus69
    I hate being a walrus sometimes. It’s really hard to fit through doors and going to the dentist with my large walrusy canines can be a pain. The antidepressant medication makes life a little easier, but nothing works like reddit. Mrs. Walrus has seen a boost in our sex life because of this application. Thank you Serena Williams and her husband who isn’t a walrus
  • Promotes REAL Discussions about real topics 5/5

    By @HOnMyChest
    I’m active in the Sexual health community and in a sex negative society, it’s difficult to inform people of the importance of sexual health communication. I interview people with herpes and HIV on a podcast about their experience and this is one of very few places I can talk about these people’s experiences and encourage discussions about it.
  • This app is my heroin 5/5

    By stutt3r
    If you are human you will like this app
  • Cool beans 4/5

    By crack_in_the_wall
    Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool beans Cool So basically it’s cool beans
  • Reddit 4/5

    By pitviper777
    Awesome, but it never lets me post anything!
  • Why I love reddit 5/5

    By Captain chicken
    If you can find the right subs your in for a treat some of my personal favorites being r/prequel memes this place is great for everyone and theirs a sub for everything
  • Sharing 5/5

    By rocketperson
    Reddit allows us humans to do what we all want to do. Share our lives.
  • Reddit is the BOSS 5/5

    By Dirt Dragon
    This is the only social media I follow. It has absolutely EVERYTHING you could think of. Go ahead try it...
  • It’s good 5/5

    By 10outof10woulddownloadagain
    Where memes are perfected
  • Great app 5/5

    By Cleos Frey
    Great app and Reddit is also awesome. I use this app everyday and probably will continue using it until I die honestly.
  • Best app I’ve used 5/5

    By Ason55
    I love this app and use it constantly throughout the day to keep track of my football stuff. Wayyyy better than Facebook.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Winterwynd
    Reddit is awesome and this app works very well. I love that you can follow both threads and specific Redditors, so it’s easy to find the content you’re in the mood to read. Keep up the good work!
  • Couldn’t love it more! 5/5

    By Fooled again and again
    So much fun and interesting stuff goes on here! I usually just by-pass the reviews when I go to download an app but this one was different! I would recommend! 🤪🤪
  • The_Dumbass 1/5

    By rpons11
    For some reason Reddit automatically shows you posts from the alt-right propaganda machine The_Donald even if you have two brain cells to rub together.
  • Yuuuuh reddit is tight figga 5/5

    By u/shckt
  • Great 5/5

    By romanian emo
  • Admins won’t do anything about hate groups 1/5

    By CommanderAstro
    I guess Reddit was okay to me. If you’re into video games and tv shows there’s a lot of communities you can find on Reddit. Even though Reddit is mostly anonymous, it just seems like there’s not that much diversity in the user base. Maybe this reveals my own biases, but it feels like the majority of users are 20-34 year old straight guys who went to college for STEM. Which like, fine whatever, but it kinda makes every subreddit feel the same. But the reason I’m no longer using the app, or Reddit for that matter, is that its admins won’t do anything about subreddits that are safe havens for hate groups - racist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic nonsense. When pressed about it, admins will say “they’re investigating” or that the hate groups “provide valuable discussion”. Neither of those things are true. They keep up these toxic subreddits because they generate ad revenue from people going to see them the same way people turn their heads to look at car wrecks. Does Reddit really want to profit off of hate, division, and misinformation? It sure feels like it. As much as I enjoyed my own little groups of subreddits I was a part of, I can’t find it conscionable to stay when my presence is giving them ad revenue to prop up hatred.
  • Real 5/5

    By hecbase
    A great app for relevant information
  • Gifs and videos don’t load. 2/5

    By CarterWGill
    There are other better options.
  • Works great. Hate that I have to use it. 4/5

    By Nick DiVona
    Anyone who uses reddit on their mobile device knows that their app and mobile website are very very similar. The only major difference is a few seconds into scrolling on the mobile site, you start getting harassed to open whatever you’re looking at in the app. I get they want users mindlessly browsing for hours, but it really is a bad user experience to force people into your mobile app when your mobile website works nearly as well.
  • . 5/5

    By TheLimeFilms
    lol news app
  • Healing my heart! 5/5

    By JustNoStepmom
    So I have a crazy stepmother...then I was introduced to r/JustNoMIL. I found I’m not alone! Thank goodness for Reddit! My heart is full!
  • Better news! 5/5

    By Cat0749
    I enjoy Redd because it doesn’t recycle old news. The videos and pictures are refreshingly new and different.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Ethan Haututman
    No other app like it on the market. In a league of its own. A great app with a great community built around it.
  • Viewing NSFW profiles. 3/5

    By mike.melusky
    Every profile I look at now warns me about “NSFW content.” Come on reddit, this is frustrating. Never happened before and I’m well over 18...
  • Reddit closes the loop 5/5

    By VarusDC aka Neil
    I would describe myself as an informed individual. I enjoy reading the news, and staying up to date on recent occurrences of note throughout the world. To that end, the New York Times, Reuters, BBC, and NPR keep me in the loop for almost anything. Reddit is the wild card gatherer, the popular voice, and sometimes (often times) the purveyor of the [moderated] flat out crazy. For all that it’s a lot of fun and kills our good frienemy time like no other.
  • Hate Facebook? Love really talking? 5/5

    By hankanini
    Well, I just mostly lurk, but I’d really love to hear what you’d have to say.

    By BOI7363628
  • Great app use every day 1/5

    By Mc-racken
    But the swiping up to close the photo you’re on is a dumb feature. It then takes you to the first photo you were at, and when you’re 30 minutes into a reddit binge it can be detrimental to the enjoyment of the app. It actually makes me angry, I will be searching and I’ll accidentally swipe to far up and then bam. Meme binge ruined. If you fixed this one thing, it would be perfect app.
  • Reddit 5/5

    By A Concerned American
    I’ve utilized a few of the social apps on the web. Pinterest was my favorite until I tried Reddit. I never looked back.
  • Love my reddit 5/5

    By Gamez80
    Reddit helps me communicate with like minded people and connect with people I already know in a whole new and fantastic way. Thanks!
  • Very useful 5/5

    By Ldebro
    Enjoy bc I can share ideas, get advice and learn things and in different areas
  • Best app 5/5

    By Rygel17
    Need info on a topic, want to catch up on local news, just want to relax and look at pictures or need a laugh! Reddit has everything you want in your other social media apps but without all the mess. Control your content, expand your scope learn or share. Anytime anywhere!
  • It works. 5/5

    By Londenik
    Don’t really have any issues. Works as it should. Much better look than the full site imo

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