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Reddit is the place where people come together to have the most authentic and interesting conversations on the internet—Where gaming communities, nostalgic internet forums, bloggers, meme-makers, and fandoms mingle alongside video streamers, support groups, news junkies, armchair experts, seasoned professionals, and artists and creators of all types. With over 100,000 communities about every topic you could think of (and a few you’d probably never think of if it wasn’t for the creativity of strangers on the internet), Reddit is the place where you can dive into anything and connect with people on any topic. A few things you’ll find on Reddit… ■ Thousands of communities Whether you're into breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, or a never-ending stream of the internet's cutest animals, there's a community on Reddit for you. ■ Laughs, lols, and plenty of ridiculousness Lose track of vast amounts of time as you find memes, bananas for scale, bread stapled to trees, cat videos, and more of the absurd and oddly absorbing. ■ The best discussions The real action is always in the comments. Reddit’s discussion threads are where community members jump in to provide commentary, humor, and insight. ■ Answers to questions you’re too afraid to ask in public Recipes, street fashion, career help, fitness plans, and more—find ideas and inspiration for whatever you want to do. ■ Live video streams, chats, and talks Want to know what people are doing right now? Streaming videos, live chats, and live audio conversations give you a variety of ways to connect with people in the moment. ■ Crowd-sourced points of view on just about everything Product reviewers, music critics, sports fans, or doge enthusiasts—find people that obsess and care about whatever it is you’re interested in. ■ Anonymous profiles so you can do you On Reddit, you (not your job, number of friends, or social status) define who you are. ■ Lots and lots of cats Reddit Premium: Purchase Reddit Premium and enjoy an ads-free experience, 700 coins for every month you’re subscribed, and access to premium avatar gear, r/lounge, custom app icons, and more. Payment will be charged on a recurring monthly or annual basis to your Apple ID account. Your monthly or annual Premium subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel at least 24 hours before your subscription ends. Cancel anytime in your device’s Account Settings. No partial refunds. Privacy Policy: User Agreement: Content Policy: Download the official Reddit app today.

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  • New member 5/5

    By Firegoat87
    It’s not to bad I’m still trying to figure it all out but it will come to me
  • cool 5/5

    By sad cat girl
    this app is like the modern day newspaper
  • Left leaning cesspool 1/5

    By Shopper of 3 years
    Heavily censored and heavily left leaning. Mods are well known to be pathetic neck beards. Search on YouTube about the dark side of Reddit to learn more.
  • C’mon 5/5

    Baby it’s Reddit know that everything you could ever want see is here.
  • Often slow and clunky 2/5

    By Not satisfied 321
    The app is always changing the layout of the interface oftentimes going right back to older layouts a few weeks later. The app is very slow and routinely has issues playing videos. I can watch videos on other apps without problems but this app will refuse to play. There are also issues with the app freezing and needing to be closed and reopened.
  • Total waste of time 1/5

    By brokedahgame
    Find something else. Spent 3 weeks and got nothing but hate speaking “neck beards, girls crying (fake), and people trying to be King (op) of their castle because they can hide behind a screen. Complete bull crap and needs to go in the trash.
  • Blonde and brunette 4/5

    By Arobrj53
    They look great
  • Garbage App 2/5

    By Stout ecs
    Enjoy having to mute every single video you scroll past while also never being able to load a video in Reddit’s video player ever. Oh also enjoy having your feed or comment section you are reading reset to the top if you happen to touch any part of your screen.
  • Propaganda machine 1/5

    By turnip-head90
    Not only that, it is a toxic place.
  • Toxic nightmare. 1/5

    By puddlesir
    Trolls and bots and very little moderation. Expect to be doxxed and bullied.

    By Miguel53cat
    I am able to change accounts on text posts but not video posts, why the inconsistency? I’d lose the post if I have to leave it and then switch accounts, do you guys not have testing to see if features are not the same after a UI change, a feature of profile switching on video posts is just gone, hello QA, business stakeholders, and devs you guys know exactly what you’re doing when you submit the PR with this kind of an update. Also, I’ve always hated the new details “view” of a video post. I constantly have to fight reading comments or seeing the video, the old view was just fine, let me scroll down on comments and return to video freely, I don’t want to be locked in. I mean, who is designing the UI/UX, it’s terrible, seriously. I use Reddit for it’s simplicity, lately not so much. The new redesigned UI/UX no one asked for, god especially on a web client. My initial pull to Reddit was for the simplicity of the UI. The 90s/00s internet vibes used to be real in Reddit, nice clean bare minimalistic UI, fast and easy to navigate. This app and the web client is clunky and annoying.
  • Okkk 3/5

    By Fiona aka dragontail
    I’m very peeved that the free rewards are no longer available because I’m a kind person who gives them to underrated posts like art and the informative comments. But at least the search algorithm is better than twitter
  • New update 2/5

    By Khjdj
    The new update blurs all the pictures even though I don’t have that setting clicked
  • Necessary app 5/5

    By Bill the Seahawk Fan
    On either a phone or a laptop you really aren’t getting the most from your device unless you have this app! It does feature a lot of videos, so if your “unlimited” data plan has a cap you should monitor data use carefully.
  • Filled with woke Liberals - Don’t recommend 1/5

    By Patriot2118
    Title says it all, avoid like the wu-flu.
  • Reddit platform 2/5

    By achazit
    Hey Reddit! Is it possible to fix the platform side by side flow? It's so confusing to follow. I'm referring from an iPad Pro. e.g.... left side, i reply to the main part. When someone replies to me, it's on the right, then another replies a post is on the left. See the problem? It's a side by side conversation. I see so many spaces with nothing there in a threaded conversation. It's confusing to follow using the app then the desktop browser version. I'm always in landscape mode. It was fine serval months ago until now I'm seeing this unorganized side by side threaded discussion.
  • Crazy Crashy!!! 1/5

    By rotaryworx
    Since this latest update. The is completely unstable. Horrible hanging issues as well as a super annoying crash anytime you try to load a photo 😩
  • some complaints 4/5

    By addictedbutfortunate
    its a great app to use in your free time especially if you're a big reader or looking for drama, but when trying to post there are too many guidelines!!! it is so hard to figure out how to post, but overall i think its a great app.
  • What happened 1/5

    By Maeve_0707
    So I got banned from the r/OMORI subreddit for a joke and now I got a suspension for 3 days because apparently I went to my main account to dodge the ban I WENT TO MY MAIN ACCOUNT TO SEE WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO DO TO GET UNBANNED WHAT DID I DO I GET AN UNFAIR BAN AND I GET A SUSPENSION FOR 3 DAYS I DID NOTHING WRONG I got banned for apparently making a war that was on my main account and on my alt account they didn’t give me a reason why did I get a permanent ban and why did I get 3 days suspension I don’t understand
  • Failed to connect to chat please try again later 3/5

    By lauren charollete
    That is the issue am having now please hlep me out
  • Terrible UX 1/5

    By NathanielOrr
    Can’t even scroll thru my own feed because there’s just as many ads and completely irrelevant suggested posts and videos shown as from the subs I have joined. It is also baffling to me that there is not an option to block content from specific subreddits.
  • Reddit cannot be silenced by the BOTS… 5/5

    By GodsRainbow
    Drinking the comments. It’s touching really. The community of young intellectuals on top of mountain who cannot be silenced. Love to Arron Swartz,,, we don’t forget you. Reminds me of changing the words in super star human David Bowie’s song like this. She missed a step and cuts her hand,,, alllll night……. all night she loves the young intellectual… Young intellectual x 3 Bowie. yeah yeah yeah u get it!!! bronco rothschild
  • No help 1/5

    By jamie0276
    I’ve reached out to customer service six times in the last year and a half asking for help to get my password. Each time they send the same response and each time I told them that none of the articles they sent me would help. No response for three months so I send another email. Same response then no response. Finally a year and half later I remember my password and I log in to find out I no longer have an account because I’m banned. Asked customer service why I was banned. Surprise the articles they said aren’t helpful and telling them this they haven’t responded again in 3 months. I’m so sick of not getting help and being ignored. I won’t be trying Reddit again for a long time until I’m desperate enough to get no help again.
  • I miss old Reddit 2/5

    By daytona08675se
    I want old Tumblr back and Reddit
  • This has been bugging me for some time now 3/5

    By Larissa999
    You have to scroll perfectly up, otherwise if your finger deviates even a little bit to left or right, it interprets it as horizontal swipe. And this just keeps happening over and over again. I think this annoyance can be fixed.
  • Notifications completely broken 1/5

    By ClassicsRox
    Notifications system is completely going bezerk and not connecting. For days. Nothing done to fix critical bugs.
  • Improved stability 4/5

    By ToddBradley404
    As far as apps go, the Reddit app on iOS and iPadOS has improved greatly in stability over the past five years. It’s still got some usability problems, and I doubt if those will ever be fixed. The service itself has plenty of issues, but this review is about the client app.
  • Stop updating the app 1/5

    By aunixthewolf
    you’re making it worse with every release
  • It’s better than all the other social medias 5/5

    By ScienceLizard
    Reddit > Twitter > Tumbler > Snapchat > Anything that Meta makes > Apps that are somehow worse than Facebook. So come on down and join us.
  • Reddit Review 5/5

    By HealthWealthStrength
    Reddit is the Forum of/for Forums. Genius.
  • New update broke app 1/5

    By shgjfg
    When I google something that has a Reddit link meant to lead me into the app to see the post, it instead brings me to the Home Screen on Reddit
  • App is bad 2/5

    By paaiioige
    Bad app
  • Have to redo notification setting after every update 2/5

    By Riki Kiki Taco
    After every update I have to turn off the stupid community suggestion notifications again. I never want notifications for communities I’m not actually in.
  • Love it 5/5

    By numbynutts
    Yes, go on r/LGBTQ+ and have some fun
  • Amc to moon 🍿🍿🍿🍿 4/5

    By drifter4848
    Need more amc talk 🤙
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Matt010288
    This app is terrible. Images load fine but the majority of the content I view is videos. This app struggles to load even the shortest of videos when I have 3 out of 4 bars of 5G service. 1 out of 5 is generous for the garbage this app is.
  • Review 5/5

    By Ted purr
    Reviewer moderately decent
  • Poor Recommendations Implementation 1/5

    By not in the nuts
    Why are you recommending content from subs I’m not even subscribed to? Sometimes I visit a place once and that’s good enough. I already spend too much time on your powermodded app.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Dj Manny G lightshow
    The messaging featuring within the app is terrible. It never works correctly! You’re unable to delete messages or block people, even thought bots and spammers are run rampant
  • Informative App 4/5

    By Xndr T
    This app is one of the most informative apps you can get. Better than most news outlets and lots of entertainment. However, the culture and politics of some redditors can be toxic.
  • Fix the video player please 2/5

    By The Tin Canintator
    I love Reddit but the video player is so bad. It’s slow and doesn’t load on mobile half the time forcing you to open and close the thread several times to finally buffer. This happens no matter the wifi or cell connection. The UI feels clunky and it’s too easy to leave a video by swiping when your trying to scrub on the progress bar. Which the forces you to reload the video. There’s no way to view the comments like a normal post because the video remains on the top third. In comments view if you didn’t pause/mute and miss tapping the tiny mute or pause button it re-enlarges the video and you have to click to minimize again to the get back comments. More often than not it feels like I’m fighting with the video player and because it’s so slow to load I usually just skip videos on mobile.
  • Terrible Video player 2/5

    By Chalkness
    Video player is very buggy, you can’t skip through the video without the video freezing but the audio continuing, watching the whole video until the finish it will restart but freeze, also, the scrolling through videos in a subreddit will only show videos from other subreddits so pretty much take you out of the sub you were trying to be in, and when you’re swiping through posts from Home Screen and you leave a post it won’t keep your spot on the page, you’ll have to scroll all the way down to find the last post you saw, IF you can find it again. Also, the app is very buggy, even trying to scroll up and down is bad, it’s very laggy and it reacts slow, you scroll up and it keeps getting stuck.
  • Lags like it was designed by children 1/5

    By Erik Soong
    Seriously, get yourselves together dev team
  • please fix the video player, perfect otherwise 4/5

    By MR.HANKY_52
    the video player is horrible, everything else is amazing though. i could scroll for hours but the video player is pretty trash
  • Reddit's app gets worse and worse 2/5

    By BobDaBilda
    Removed features, unnecessary redesigns, changing where essential functions are in the app, adding things just to have something to add... All the signs of a company being mismanaged, or being under new management. What's next? Who knows. Probably won't be good.
  • Great site 5/5

    By ANT757i
    Love the flow of the site smooth mobility
  • It’s as good as you make it 5/5

    By shortstop
    Be nice.
  • Nearly unusable 1/5

    By DanoN3t
    Scrolling is broken. It’s slow and jerky. Content is filtered and audio is crippled for many subreddits. You can’t change it on app. The content presented to you in the app vs directly on the website are not the same. It’s declined over time instead of improving. Alternative Reddit apps for iOS are lacking but looking better every day.
  • Just got it and love it 5/5

    By im a fave of fgteev
    This is great
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