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Reddit is the place where people come together to have the most authentic and interesting conversations on the internet—Where gaming communities, nostalgic internet forums, bloggers, meme-makers, and fandoms mingle alongside video streamers, support groups, news junkies, armchair experts, seasoned professionals, and artists and creators of all types. With over 100,000 communities about every topic you could think of (and a few you’d probably never think of if it wasn’t for the creativity of strangers on the internet), Reddit is the place where you can dive into anything and connect with people on any topic. A few things you’ll find on Reddit… ■ Thousands of communities Whether you're into breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, or a never-ending stream of the internet's cutest animals, there's a community on Reddit for you. ■ Laughs, lols, and plenty of ridiculousness Lose track of vast amounts of time as you find memes, bananas for scale, bread stapled to trees, cat videos, and more of the absurd and oddly absorbing. ■ The best discussions The real action is always in the comments. Reddit’s discussion threads are where community members jump in to provide commentary, humor, and insight. ■ Answers to questions you’re too afraid to ask in public Recipes, street fashion, career help, fitness plans, and more—find ideas and inspiration for whatever you want to do. ■ Live video streams, chats, and talks Want to know what people are doing right now? Streaming videos, live chats, and live audio conversations give you a variety of ways to connect with people in the moment. ■ Crowd-sourced points of view on just about everything Product reviewers, music critics, sports fans, or doge enthusiasts—find people that obsess and care about whatever it is you’re interested in. ■ Anonymous profiles so you can do you On Reddit, you (not your job, number of friends, or social status) define who you are. ■ Lots and lots of cats Reddit Premium: Purchase Reddit Premium and enjoy an ads-free experience, 700 coins for every month you’re subscribed, and access to premium avatar gear, r/lounge, custom app icons, and more. Payment will be charged on a recurring monthly or annual basis to your Apple ID account. Your monthly or annual Premium subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel at least 24 hours before your subscription ends. Cancel anytime in your device’s Account Settings. No partial refunds. Privacy Policy: User Agreement: Content Policy: Download the official Reddit app today.

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Reddit app reviews

  • Long time user 3/5

    By Appleyaks8362839
    I’ve been a redditor for years, and until now I’ve always preferred this app… but I’m begging you guys to change the video player back. I tried to give it a chance thinking it might grow on me, but it’s horrible. I can’t do it anymore.
  • Great app until.. 1/5

    By Hfkspasncj
    The new video player is a garbage knock off of a app with a garbage ui. Why would you make a knock off of a another app. It’s so broken and barely works. There was no problem with the old ui. This is a problem made on purpose. Disappointed.
  • Video scroll issue 2/5

    By Vegasdeejay310
    When I tap on the video player’s timeline to rewind or slow videos, it’s always at the bottom of the iPhone screen where the horizontal bar is. So when I slide to rewind, it will switch/multitask to another app. Same issue in landscape orientation. Been trying to figure a way around it with no results. Quite frustrating.
  • so many bugs 1/5

    By jakechasin
    blows my mind that a company with so much money can’t test their updates enough before the come out. literally every update has a massive bug. its mind boggling
  • Lag issues 1/5

    By logan3!
    Lag from the last update had made the app nearly unusable, especially the video player.
  • Update in ios is irritating 1/5

    By saiteja93
    It's very hard to scroll between the videos as the scroll bar is at the bottom of the screen which is invoking the change app functionality in the ios. Please fix. Thanks!
  • Updated to be annoying 1/5

    By TheChucklesStart
    With the latest update, they have made the app really annoying. It might actually stop me from using Reddit. First, in order to get to the comments on a post, you go into a split view mode. Unfortunately, the touch places in this view don’t seem to line up with the gui, which makes it very frustrating to use. Second, they started auto-playing videos from suggested subreddits, which you have no control over. Unfortunately, they recommended a video that said some things that were in poor taste. I don’t know if this is a new feature, or just happened to me recently, but either way, is unacceptable if I am going to continue with this platform.
  • Video player 1/5

    By Matt1234561234
    Fix your video player. It does not stop when trying to read comments and it’s extremely difficult to skip ahead or rewind a video since the bar conflicts with the home button.
  • New updated design is TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Colbydclonts
    Videos now have a bar near the bottom that make it nearly impossible to fast forward through a video or rewind. The button doesn’t respond to finger swipes well. You have to click a separate bottom to see comments. Sometimes less is more. Will be uninstalling, thanks for ruining a perfectly good app.
  • Video player 1/5

    By Ant619
    Please take out the new video player ruins the entire app
  • Video player 1/5

    By joenonya
    New video player is awful. Please go back to the old.
  • Voting does not exist 1/5

    By NoelVL
    Tried other accounts and vote does not exist. Please fix this
  • New video player poorly designed 1/5

    By Riulynn
    I literally can’t use the video controls on Reddit anymore because it’s exactly where the iPhone gestures to switch between apps are. I hope this gets fixed soon.
  • Videos??? 4/5

    By Diego0152
    Could you update like when you click the video fix it how it used to be because now I can’t even rewind the video or slide to view others
  • Go back 1/5

    By Werty11233
    You can’t scroll through pictures on your home feed, instead you just scroll through random recommended crap. Change it back
  • No lurking 1/5

    By iReallyHateAds109876567
    I browse Reddit on my PC a lot. Kills time, see some fun stuff. Go out of town for a week so I figure download the app. Can’t use it without an account. Never needed one before, don’t want to have one.
  • Video Player Makes This Wortless 1/5

    By pink.bird
    It was a decent app until they rolled out their stupid new video player. It’s utter trash and the developers should feel ashamed of themselves for implementing it. The app was good until they rolled out this crap. I downloaded the app to browse and relax and instead, all I get is frustration.
  • Great except I can’t adjust video slider! 2/5

    By Josh15041
    Can’t adjust video slider on iPhones without home button because slider is on bottom of screen and trying to tap slider just sends iPhone to Home Screen.
  • Good until update 2/5

    By ahdbfnaixbfnie
    I get it - you’re trying to remain competitive with TikTok while pleasing your Reddit base. Just make it optional. Also I can’t scrub through videos anymore by the player is at the bottom of the phone screen. Literally this app was excellent til the UI changed. I like the reels concept for scrolling effortlessly but hate that it jumps subreddits. Cmon.
  • Go back to old format 1/5

    By heh da nd
    The new update is horrible. You can’t watch videos at all either
  • New Video Format is terrible 3/5

    By cheese nugz
    The new format where you view the comments and the video automatically starts playing above and loops over and over is incredibly annoying. I want to watch the video then I want to read the comments. I don’t want it playing over and over while I’m reading the comments.
  • June 11 update is absolutely terrible and remains unpatched 1/5

    By The funny music maker
    The new update that auto plays videos is absolutely terrible! Half the time when you try to go to the comments it opens a completely different post. It’s also obnoxious when trying to view comments as the video tries to stay on top.
  • Fix the video player. 1/5

    By Joshua Winterrowd
    Please, just stop faffing about and fix the blasted thing.
  • Love it - except . . . 4/5

    By 😋FuN
    A new app update includes an “auto scroll” button on the page. Well, holding my iPhone 11 in my right hand results in my thumb CONSTANTLY hitting that button when I don’t want to. This is SO annoying. Please make it an option to turn that button off.
  • App used to be good 1/5

    By Dyfhffghrfhjt
    Until recent updates, I really enjoyed using the Reddit app over others like Narwhal. With the changes to video scrolling randomly and controls for them too tough to use, the app feels more clunky than it used to be. It’s free though so I’ll just find another one to use until this changes.
  • Update is rough 3/5

    By Tonytune121
    Plz just fix the fact that every time I try to rewind or fast forward through a video my phone tries to open a new window/go to the home screen
  • I like Reddit:) 5/5

    By Leondelmonte14
    Love it
  • You cannot view any feed in max resolution 1/5

    By klepbop
    I’m either the home feed or a subreddit, you cannot scroll from one image to the next. When you tap an image to view it, then swipe to view the next image, it takes you to a completely random image or video it terrible. If for example you are in a subreddit about cats. If you were to tap a picture of a cat, then scroll to the next image. Instead of another cat you might get a man doing a backflip. What is this nonsense?!
  • Video Playback 3/5

    By ThePengoon
    Built in video playback has gotten worse with the new update. The time bar is blocked by the iPhone 10 and up swipe bar, so when you try to scrub the video you just begin exiting the app
  • Give back old video scrubber 3/5

    By RJJay
    Whatever they decided to do to the video scrub bar made the feature nearly impossible to use. I can never find the exact right place to touch the screen. Almost always takes my touch input and swipes to next post rather than advancing the video. So VERY annoying. Revert back, please!
  • Watching videos…. 1/5

    By testing123okaymydude
    The slider is so close to the bottom of the screen that you have to have pin pony accuracy to move the slider. If you do not then you will trigger the swipe home function.
  • Natzi moderators 1/5

    By Bahrain user 38
    Hello this app is incredibly natzi, it allowes no freedom of speech, you give your opinion about something and they ban you from the form for ever no body cares no support no supervision, natzi moderators run wild here
  • RIP user experience 1/5

    By bradfs14
    They made the “promoted” tag on ads much less noticeable. After clicking on a few by accident and having them basically hijack my phone for several seconds, they’ve convinced me to leave a 1-star review. This small change has caused ads to become way more invasive.
  • Video Player Bad UX Design 2/5

    By Trey, Lancaster Ohio
    The video player is a bad UX design as I am unable to fast forward in videos. Additionally, I feel like once I’m in a video, I should be able to swipe the video up and either 1) video closes 2) video switches to another video that be on my “home” tab and not a random video (it seems like I’m getting random videos from subs I’m not following)
  • Updates to videos made it way worse 2/5

    By FictionVent
    They recently updated the app and made changes to the way videos play, and it is terrible now. They tried to turn Reddit into TikTok, but if I wanted to watch TikTok videos I would be on TikTok and not Reddit!! The scroll bar at the bottom is practically unusable, which means you can no longer effectively scroll through videos. And every time I watch a video, a big hand icon pops up in the way and tells me to swipe up to watch more videos. But I don’t want to just browse videos... I want to browse Reddit. Plus when you open the comments, the video plays at the top now, making the comment window smaller. Why can’t they just leave well enough alone??
  • Terrible Video Viewer 1/5

    By Masterlovell
    For the love of all mankind, please fix the video viewer. This is madness. It’s unusable. At least give us a way to switch it back. I’m in misery. Been a Reddit fiend for years, love the site and app, but please don’t force this madness on us.
  • Reddit understands me🍀 5/5

    By BuyHiSelLow
    Love the Reddit community!
  • Video player is hot garbage 1/5

    By KageyLouw
    Reddit your app is bad and you should feel bad. The video player is terrible, when it isn’t initially frozen (having you click into a thread in order to reset it and have it play) you cannot even use the scrubber on IOS because it’s right by the swipe thingy so it just tries to make you minimise the app. Go back to how the video playback was a year ago, much smoother.
  • Hard to watch videos 3/5

    By Nate586
    The new format makes it a pain to watch videos or read comments on videos. Also trying to scan forward or back in a video is basically impossible because the line is too close to the bottom of the screen on iPhones without a home button.
  • Thoughts 5/5

    By Poodie Butt2015
  • Full screen video scroll bar needs to be higher on iOS 4/5

    By madx715
    iPhone 12 user. When videos are opened full screen, the progress bar is too close to the bottom of the screen. It’s too easy to accidentally swipe to recent apps instead of scrolling along the progress bar for the video.
  • Ran by evil leftist scum 1/5

    By Darth Revan 945
    Reddit is by far 100x worse than the cesspools of Facebook and twitter. The admins are evil, and will ban you for not following their narrative.
  • Video Player is god-awful. 3/5

    By j_christ_
  • New video design SUUUUCKS 1/5

    By refundplease!
    You can’t scrub through videos because the play bar is too close to the bottom and it just slides between apps. Such stupid design.
  • Your new video player is trash 1/5

    By Isthisevenavailable
    Complete garbage video player. Get rid of it.
  • Reddit 5/5

    By ZEzed124
    It’s Reddit
  • How is it possible to make an app worse every update? 1/5

    By Problemproblem 38473
  • Horrible and unusable update. 1/5

    By JTN02
    Do you like to watch videos? Do you enjoy animation. Well you won’t find any of that here because Reddit hates it. Hate it so much they changed the video player to put the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen. So whenever you try and scroll through a video you swipe out of it. There is absolutely no way to scroll through a video in Reddit’s current state. The old video player looks amazing compared to this one. Not to mention whenever you do want to scroll through a video (which you can’t do) it full screens the video, and goes to this tik tok rip-off swipe for more videos you don’t care about. This app is trash. Unusable in it’s current state. Stop “innovating” and just make the old features work.
  • PLEASE fix the video scroller 3/5

    By PissedOffPastaNoodle
    I have used Reddit for about one year. I have always like the official app and have never really seen a need for a third party app. HOWEVER. In the last week or so, an update happened that has made it impossible for me to scroll (fast-forward or rewind) videos because the scroll bar is directly underneath the “home” line on my iPhone. I can’t stand this issue and would gladly change my rating to 5 stars if it is resolved. Please!
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