Redecor - Home Design Makeover

Redecor - Home Design Makeover

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  • Current Version: 2.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Reworks
  • Compatibility: Android
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Redecor - Home Design Makeover App

Start a new creative hobby! Play with home decor styles, express your creativity and improve your design skills. Have fun while gaining inspiration from a vibrant creative community and apply your new ideas in your real life. If you like home decor, you will love Redecor! Features: * Daily Design Challenges let you style photo-realistic spaces with various design styles * Express yourself with an incredible variety of high-end choices * Relax and learn about different interior design styles. * Vote on the designs and be part of inspiring community Make your selection from over a thousand of high-quality choices. Customise your decoration and express your style, from the most classical to the trendiest! Redecor offers unique 3D design possibilities that let you show your style in full. Terms and Privacy:

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Redecor - Home Design Makeover app reviews

  • Best design app! 5/5

    By Betts1986
    I’ve used other design apps. This one is far superior. The graphics are outstanding! The programmers, phenomenal. Keep up the great work!
  • So Addictive in a good way 😍 5/5

    By VampLady73
    This game is like eating chocolate but without all of the calories 😅 It’s like going to a therapist but without the fee and also no real advice given! For that reason it’s just something that allows you to escape from whatever. For me this game helps with my anxiety. My only hope is that they add additional bonus levels for everyone to be able to buy more of the products. Also give perks for written reviews! Not only will that give you the data you need for your analysis but you may get additional people signing up! Hey make it fun like rating particular contests to get money, coins, and gold!
  • Lots of fun 4/5

    By Georgia/Ginger
    Lots of fun to decorate spaces, confused though on how to use certain items and why they are only accessible sporadically.
  • Yayyy!!!! 5/5

    By angelle creations
    Wow won a first place spot in only one week of play, seriously my favorite game. creative juices r flowin…
  • Love this app!!! 5/5

    By Wyndyptr
    This has been the best app ever. It’s so relaxing and competitive at the same time.
  • Voting? 1/5

    By bepmc
    How does voting work when 1st place and 10th place are virtually identical? I enjoyed playing for a time but when it stopped making any kind of sense, I stopped. I usually score in the middle but began to wonder how ranking works when looking at all designs and noticing this discrepancy.
  • Updates aren’t great 4/5

    By Chelss1131
    I’ve had this app for a little over a year now, it’s been great. No ads, no bugs, fun challenges, and beautiful graphics. With that being said, I’m not too pleased with the new updates. I buy the season pass every time, because it’s usually worth it. But now they are including profile background photos as level prizes which is just absurd. The whole point of the season pass is to earn material to be used in challenges, not to decorate a profile that literally never gets looked at. I still enjoy the game, but I’m hoping they do away with this.
  • Unfair league 1/5

    By Spaceinvader000000000000
    Leagues Is not fair why because of the time zones I’m assuming I’m thrown in there with people all over the world this puts me at a disadvantage as some people get to do rooms sooner so it’s an unbalanced mess it’s not relaxing any please remove it from the game
  • Read for an honest review 5/5

    By GameReviewer62442
    Don’t listen to all of those people who say it’s “pay to play”. I have not spent any money on the game, and I continue to enjoy playing. It is NOT nearly as hard as they say it is to make in-game money. Sure, some of the things in the game are expensive, like to buy new materials, but it IS possible. It’s overall a great game, and you do not have to pay to play.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By ElEleganteFlamingo
    Definitely five stars. There are so many interior design games and this is the best of all. It's easy to make cash when you're low on it, even when there are no more challenges to do, wich I like. Definitely recommend this game if you're looking for a new interior design game.
  • Really enjoy this game, the challenges, and player involvement with...just a couple of suggestions 5/5

    By SiouxzunWI
    Such a variety of items! And I think you are fair with awards and purchases, I really look forward to opening completed challenge results! There is a fairly long wait so I create redesigns. I go through the season levels within a couple weeks, and the bonus levels rewards have been improved. I get excited for the 1st place awards; however, it is rare to receive new items…more often single items I already have. Glad you restored the daily 500 gold coins! Thank you for providing such a pleasurable and affordable app and your continued support for improving it !!!
  • Great game but $$$$!! 3/5

    By Tinabc
    I love the game and find it relaxing to put designs together, but the big money grab makes this too expensive.
  • Best Decor Fun App Ever 5/5

    By I Am Clear As Crystal LLC
    Please don’t ever place ads in this app!! Please
  • Decor-mazing! 5/5

    By Hamster girl 27
    I LOVE this app. So fun and calming. I have some suggestions though. Why do you have to buy the Season Pass? Why isn’t it free? And how do you create your own challenge for people to do? And if you could, who would vote for a design to be first place? Thanks! Ava
  • Redecor more like relaxing 5/5

    By EvilElf1904
    So relaxing it takes away stress it just feels so good to design things especially when you love designing things so thumbs up good game
  • Good 4/5

    By Tisron Girl
    Fun, but I would like more ways to earn items, without spending actual money. It's frustrating to have only one option on certain project because you won't buy others. It's fun to play the different challenges and compete.
  • Best ever 5/5

    By k decola
    I love this game so much and it’s super fun and my mom love’s this game to and now my friends are playing this game and I really like this game and this is really kaspiana
  • Addicting! 5/5

    By Aliday74
    I love this app so much that I’ve stopped using my other apps/games that I used to play. I love the realness of the pictures and details and the different rooms to design with many different styles and items to choose from along with the competitiveness. I think the only thing I would like to see is more new unlocks with not only with the first, but also with the second, and third winners of a design, and maybe one new unlock with the duel challenge winner. Otherwise it’s a great game. Please keep on with the very life-like detailed rooms with new unlocks to choose from!
  • good 4/5

    By HyperGurl98
    please add yellow painted walls
  • Love, LOVE, the game but… 2/5

    By Frankie Jerome
    I have been playing this game for a couple weeks now and I absolutely love it! I haven’t found a game I’ve enjoyed playing as much as this one, ever. The problem is that it gets quite expensive. I spent nearly $50 just this week and I can’t afford to keep up at this pace. I completely understand the “in-app purchase” style of game, but none that I regularly play are even close to being this expensive. I think you’d do better sucking in more players with smaller fees vs. severely limiting your pool of players with higher fees. You say you can play for free, but you really can’t fully play for free because of the challenges which require a plant or a specific item or items that you may not have the money for. I am always having to wait several days to store up enough prize money/daily bonus money to be able to complete a challenge. I totally do not mind spending some money to pay salaries, etc., but you guys have priced this particular game out of the league for many of us.
  • Prevent wins by all means ❗️ 1/5

    By BoringwithCovet
    🌼 Usually, in all game modes, there are 2 ways of getting high levels: by brain, and by pocket. Redecor used to provide players with both 2 ways but currently, it seems only spending a lot as the most effective way. They prevent many possible wins by this trick I will reveal right now. For how they can control our wins, Redecor these months turns a game of trends, only trends, no more what’s best in 10 rooms to get 1st place. However, there are dozens of various trends, not depending on client’s wish and good taste in real life. Even if I catch all trends, that becomes meaningless, as system puts me in a group of different trend from mine (only 2 times of doing a challenge). As a result, no matter how pretty my rooms are, no matter how loyal to brief they are, they still lose to those hideous getting correct trends of my groups. Hey Redecor, you escape 50% off unlimited with free tokens? Also escape a good competitive environment for designers? 🌼 Now, they know I only use new items… Then, they began to put me in newbies’ groups, and of course, the highest placement I can get is 3th. I know I should begin with basic ones again, that time I know for sure they force my groups into latest items not in my inventory. Do Redecor thinks I will pay them much for virtual materials? Of course, I really want. But not the current time. So broke this year. Yet, they kept irritating me and that Black Friday, although I luckily had enough money for 1 time, I refused to do that. What is your purpose of stealing chance of unlocking new items? Just to receive weekly negative comments from me? Smh 🤦‍♀️ Ok, maybe you wish for daily bad words again. One more reason, do Redecor really want me to pay much for them if no longer 50% off with tokens for more items? 😄Oh, tough question. It takes me 5-10 years to unlock most inventory without wins and major sale-off, guys, even with wallet. 🌼 Dear AI, I know you always listen to all our wish. Many of my friends turn poor after this game, how can they pay effectively other products from Apple shop? I am sure you get what I say. Please let the button about scammed app to be attached to all apps all over the world. Thanks pretty much. If 1* reviews cannot make app developers stop their foxy methods, only that button. Because Apple never lets any app disappear out of store, these apps soon realize their 2nd chance to be reborn.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Mack26738
    If you love organizing or designing this game is for you I level up all the time and get so much coins and I did it buy coins ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • I like it but 4/5

    By hsekw
    I like it but can u make it like the person you make it for tells u about the, in description then u can make a room or at a certain level. Make a hole house apartment or eaven hotel and ship but u can do rooms to and if you run out of things to do u can. Press a button and it gives. You more. Also maybe u can desire a hole house Rome apartment hotel and more like cars and [email protected] and people can desine it and u can make Mariel's but besides that I like it I recommend it and there are no scams!!!
  • Not just Pay to Win, Pay to even continue Playing. 1/5

    By UseDiscordInstead
    So this game had all the bones to be good, but developer greed has ensured it is not. From what I’ve read in the fan communities, the reason it is all but physically impossible to play as a new player now, is that they’ve made massive changes over the past months to make the game significantly less rewarding, and more expensive in a variety of ways. These two things combine to make sure you are not just broke in the premium currency, but in fact in what is supposed to be the non premium currency as well. You will pretty much always be spending more to decorate a room than you earn for decorating it, and the rewards for daily quests and voting do not make up the difference unless you can devote your entire life to voting in an attempt to counter that. This all seems designed to remove all currency from the game from long term players who write about how the changes made their currency stockpiles rapidly deplete in mere weeks, but for someone without such a stockpile, it is impossible not to be consistently broke, forced to buy new materials for each and every design by customer special requirements, when the room design will not pay what you spent if you needed to buy more than a single thing. Since every purchase only buys you 5 uses of something and the rooms can have up over a dozen things needing to be designed, sometimes individual chairs, or four diagonal wall sections to make a room cost more, this adds up fast to a game that new players cannot realistically play without spending a great deal of real cash, on a routine basis. As such, I’ll be deleting it off of my phone in the coming week or two as it simply isn’t worth it. The game promises the fun of designing hinge the way you want them, but in the end, in multiple different ways, you will never be designing a room to look the way you want it to look. Cost of materials, chronic lack of any of the “non premium” currency, let alone the premium one which half the material costs instead, make what you can afford one problem. The fact most material is in fact locked and unavailable until you have enough of a third currency to buy unlocks is another. But the final nail in the creativity coffin is that the only way to do well in the game, is to win first place in design votes. If you want to do that, you can’t be designing a room to look the way you like it. You have to design around what gets votes. Unfortunately what gets votes is Modern Minimalist white, black, brown and grey with one usually dark or muted color sometimes permitted as an accent piece. If you want to do something other than that, expect to do pretty poorly. Even childrens rooms need to be white and brown with a few pastel accents permitted to do well. I’ve recently won my first 1st by effectively trying to make a room look as dull and disinteresting to look at as possible. This was a success. This is the only way to get votes. Don’t expect to have fun with any of the purples or bold colors in the game. They’ll only get you 10th place votes and thus become a waste of currency to buy. A shame. I would have been willing to spend real money on a design game that was actually rewarding, but this one is nothing but unrewarding and far too geared towards monetized to even keep playing.
  • Question the voting... 4/5

    By TrutherChick
    I’ve enjoyed this app for about a year now. In the last several months however, it seems the uglier the design the more votes! I’m literally appalled at some designs that win and supposedly have more votes. I’ve seen many others with the same viewpoint expressed on Reddit. I’m creative and do design so I have some idea of decorating trends and what works and what doesn’t. I’m giving it a little more time, but the frustration is taking away from the fun I had at first and no longer sure that I want to pay for the season pass…I’m not sure if there’s anything that can be done, but wanted it to be known.
  • Appreciate the inclusivity 5/5

    By emmacukru
    It does not go unnoticed how inclusive the challenges are on this app - really appreciate how many different types of people are represented by the “clients” for each design task. Thank you!
  • Redecor partiality 3/5

    By jonluc55
    It appears that if people spend money from their pocket (actual cash) it doesn’t matter what their decor looks like, they get higher vote consideration.
  • 👎 1/5

    By atchibaldo777888
    not a fair vote. I've done awful designs many times and got the first ones. if you want to create a good design be sure to pay money.
  • Best app I’ve ever seen, No adds 5/5

    By ghost brookie
    So I’ve seen theses types of Redecors in my life but when I saw this one I was happy. If you are the owner can you give me a bonus I don’t have a single star My user name is FridayTheMaster
  • I love the game but….. 4/5

    By Cherryrozay
    This is a really good game to play because everything looks so realistic but I really don’t get the voting. The person who creates the challenge let us know what they’d like and also says use preselected items but the winners some how always win with nothing that is of the challenge. How a challenge says make it colorful and for a little girl but the winner wins with nothing of that with a room clearly decorated for a little boy. There are people that actually follows the directions that should win and how come the person that creates the challenge doesn’t have a say so in the challenges?? I’m pretty sure they would not agree with the some of the winners on this app. Also I would also like to get the option that I tap on to pay for when choosing new things to use. I’d click on the item I want and end up with nothing that I wanted. I once had to purchase 3 times in a row just to get the item I really wanted. That’s not fair unless I’m really doing something wrong. And when we’re voting for other peoples designs we should be able to see what the challenge requirements were. That way we’d be able to see if people followed directions or went with their own things. I think that’s how the voting may be fixed a litte
  • I love it, but it’s a little unfair 5/5

    By catdogcatdogcatdog2019
    I don’t understand how some players can already have 48k at the beginning of the week (when the leagues are regrouped). It feels super unfair because that’s a huge disadvantage for anyone else who competes. I do understand giving the person in first, second, and third place extra XP, but do not understand how anyone can catch up with that. I love the app though!! So much fun.
  • Good but it ne prob 4/5

    By prettygirI2012
    I freaking love the game so fun and i know the title says one problem but it is two i really wanna get more bedrooms to decorate. Also I DO NOT WANNA GET NOTIFICATIONS AT12:42 STOP I NEED SLEEP! FOR SCHOOL!!!!!!STOP IT I CAN NOT DRINK COFFEE.STOP IT
  • Meh 2/5

    By ell the nobody
    I got to say that it’s hard when you run out of cash and gold and you are like gone you can’t do anything another thing is that I wish you could exchange cash for gold and you don’t spend any real money that’s just a ripoff the last thing is I have to unlock things to get more stuff and I got this no good red cover and I think we should not have to unlock things that’s it.
  • So fun!! 5/5

    By jill33411
    I love this game, it really helps me to design better!!
  • Yes 5/5

    By greymade345
    It’s amazing how fun it is this app I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time
  • Wow 5/5

    By Tailyana
    This game is amazing!! Nothing to say except how awesome it is 😊
  • Best 5/5

    By fjcjfjfjsjrjc
    Best app I have ever played
  • LOVEEEE 5/5

    By Mcm710
    Hi!! I love this redesigning app!! I have been looking for a redesigning app like this for a very long time. Every time I try to find an app like this I’ll end up finding an app where you swipe the little tiles to make them disappear to get coins to buy different colors and designs. Sorry, I don’t really know how to explain it. So anyway, I do really like this app very much and I think you should totally download it!!! By the way, I am 10 years old.
  • Just my opinion 3/5

    By dodgingwork
    Used to be a great fun app. But as everyone else, they have taken away so many perks while playing, that you are forced to spend money in order to complete designs. Money is tight everywhere but now to you can’t even have a few hours of enjoyment without it cutting into your bottom dollar!! But still thanks!
  • Something is wrong 2/5

    By Aria😕
    So I got this game because it looked really fun but once I got it it said an error occurred and it wouldn’t let my play so I don’t now if something is wrong with the game or it’s doing that to everyone and there was a button that said reload view and I didn’t do anything so yeah that was my problem with the game
  • Fun game 4/5

    By go to the beach
    The only problem I have with this game is the voting system. Computer will put you at #1 and when it goes into voting you’ll end up at #7-10. Hardly any one follows the game plan and still wins. I find myself not reading it because I will lose if I follow.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By h112010
    I love this app it is so fun people design the layout we design the colors and people vote and see which ones they like better it dose take time but it is so fun to design this stuff!
  • Great app but few problems 4/5

    By your kid kimm
    So, I love this app. But I cannot change my settings. When I try, the screen just turns black, and sends me back to my home screen. This happens all. the. time. It has become quite annoying, and irritating. Overall I love the app, and it has great quality, features and options. Thank you!
  • The best! 5/5

    By Lil Blue Eyes
    The best game. No ads. Thank god. I love all the voting against one another. Def addicted.
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By Mom of five with dog
    I learn ,practice ,think, relax playing this game! It’s better than ALL the rest!
  • Really fun but expensive 4/5

    By Bad13679531578bad
    This game is super fun, but the amount of time it takes to unlock new items, and make more gold, is too much. I have spent a decent amount of money on this app, and unfortunately I am capped out. Hopefully the creators give more opportunity to make more tokens/gold/cash options that aren’t as expensive.
  • Can’t get into the game 1/5

    By jack mean
    I would think I would love it but keeps saying my internet connection is bad when it is really good
  • Value vs costs 2/5

    By corgidancer
    This game is getting more and more expensive to play. In the middle of a design today they increased the price of an item I was going to purchase. I already spend $60 a month on this game. Enough. Get strategically placed advertising and spare your players or you will lose all but the new and naive.
  • Love game 2/5

    By DML maniac
    First of all, I love Redecor. I’m a huge virtual designer fan, so a designing game where you didn’t have to do puzzles was my heaven. Redecor is a great game where you design various rooms for different occasions. You can also vote for other player’s rooms. The reason it’s 2 stars is that I can’t open it anymore. I don’t actually know what it is, but a web page comes up, and there’s no exit button anymore. My Google and Safari are blocked, so I can’t open the page. It’s not working, please fix!