Regal: Movie Tickets & Times

Regal: Movie Tickets & Times

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Regal: Movie Tickets & Times App

Find showtimes and buy movie tickets online at a Regal theatre near you. Read movie reviews and watch trailers for movies out now before buying your tickets in the app. Sign into your Regal Crown Club and start using your movie rewards now. GET MOVIE SHOWTIMES AND BUY MOVIE TICKETS INSTANTLY • See movies playing in theatres now or movies coming soon • Find showtimes and theatre locations near you • Purchase movie tickets instantly • Watch movie trailers • Use your Regal Crown Club to earn and redeem movie rewards FIND NEARBY THEATRE LOCATIONS • Save your favorite theatres • Easily search for theatres in other locations • See movies and showtimes at a specific theatre • Get directions to the theatre SKIP THE LINE AND ORDER CONCESSIONS IN THE APP • Browse and order available concessions at select theatres • Get concession discounts with Unlimited and Regal Crown Club memberships • Receive alerts when concession orders are ready for pickup EARN MOVIE REWARDS WITH THE REGAL CROWN CLUB • Earn coupons for concessions • Scan and store your Regal Crown Club card for quick use • Check your Regal Crown Club balance OTHER FEATURES • Discover movie reviews and audience ratings • Access Twitter to read real-time options on current movies • Find movie synopsis, runtimes and cast ---------------- By downloading, installing and using this App, you agree to Regal Cinemas Mobile Application Privacy Policy and Terms of Use as well as Fandango's Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Purchase Policy. Regal Cinemas Mobile Application Privacy Policy: Regal Cinemas Terms of Use: Fandango Privacy Policy: Fandango Terms of Use: Fandango Purchase Policy:

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Regal: Movie Tickets & Times app reviews

  • So far so good! 5/5

    By RekItRick
    New to Regal, app looks nice and I'm looking forward to watching some movies!
  • App has broken 1/5

    By Ftdgvvgr
    Since the most recent update, my employee passes are not regenerating. And that’s super not cool. I do not make enough money at that theater for y’all to not give me my passes every Friday. 😅 I have already attempted to contact customer support numerous times and they literally just don’t answer. Phone lines just tell you to fill out a form online and hang up on you. Online complaint forms never get answered. What is going on? Seriously?
  • Buggy 1/5

    By hdyvzfaixfiGg
    I have been going to fast Friday which it gets harder to buy tickets each time
  • garbage 1/5

    By Radness the Third
    won’t refund for regal unlimited even with obvious reasons why i can’t go, don’t associate with this company it’s horrible
  • App buggy, buttons don't work 2/5

    By Crossword noob
    This app has some usability issues and isn't really the most UI-friendly. There's buttons that just don't work sometimes and don't go anywhere ( Get Tickets for 2 free tixs for F9), as well as other areas of the app. The app also look really outdated given the year we're in and compared to most other apps today.b
  • Aweful 1/5

    By Johnny Hot bone
    Amc was great but I moved to a place with only Regal. The $.52 connivence fee is so stupid and non refundable. Amc is so easy to use and Regal is a hassle. I canceled the membership.
  • You cannot pay with a credit card on this app 2/5

    By ryanceros
    I tried buying the unlimited membership and it cannot remember my credit card at all. It always forgets.
  • Great Functionality, Terrible Fees 2/5

    By Jonathanjonjon
    Look, I love the convenience of this app, from the digital tickets to the points that you can earn, but the up charge for ordering the tickets on your phone at 1.50 per ticket is so asinine I had to write a review to express my frustration. There’s been countless times I’ve forgone buying tickets on the app and instead bought at the box office to avoid paying an extra $7.50 (family of five) for our movie tickets. Regal should be encouraging more app use, but the extra 15% up charge discourages my app ticket purchases. Taking my family to the movies is already expensive when you throw in the concessions, so I’ll gladly save that money by buying at the box office instead of paying regal a fee for something that should be a part of their business regardless.
  • The most horrible movie app for unlimited member 1/5

    By SuperJean325
    I've register Regal Unlimted member this month earlier. And I only use is to watch 3 movies. Now there already more than FOUR bugs happens on me. 1- when I try to use it to book a move 30 mins before movie start on LA south gate Regal, the app keep telling me there have internet issue, can not fresh out seat map. But the booking functional well if I choose other location. 2- today (just now) I try to book a movie for TMT on LA Live Regal, when I choose the movie time, it's just to the website page to let me select the amount of ticket I wanna book instead the normal. And I have to log in again and to pay the normal amount of money instead of $1 as unlimited member, Weirdly my BF could book the ticket free on his Sumsung. 3- my BF can not book the ticket for me on his Sumsung even tho we are friend on Regal app and I always book ticket for him on my iPhone. 4- I try to book other movie on LA Live Regal, but no matter how hard how many times I push the time bottom, The app just froze on the schedule page, Not go through to the booking page, even not the web booking page. This is the most inconvenience app I've even used after I start using the IOS system. How could you making costumers making 1 year promise with this kind service? Even worse, the theater even not offer fresh Caramel popcorn, even CGV have it!!! I wanna cancel my subscription!!!
  • Refund Issues 1/5

    By Yeshii
    Overall the app is good however the biggest problem is canceling a ticket. Unlike AMC there isn't really an option on the app to request a refund you have to send them an email. And that too god knows when they’ll read it.
  • Regal unlimited problem 1/5

    By Bring your smile goldfish
    I pay for regal unlimited monthly, and for some reason the app won’t let me use it. It shows as if I don’t have it and wants me to pay full price for a ticket. But if I go to an actual regal location it gives me my unlimited and free ticket for some reason. I know I’m up to date on payments and that I have it so it’s a bit ridiculous I’m paying for a service I can’t use. I’ve tried to email and call regal customer service and they either don’t reply or give me very vague answers with no resolution
  • So easy!! 5/5

    By Mom598
    I love how easy the app is to use and super love that I can completely be contactless with scanning my tickets or paying at concessions. This will def keep us coming to the theater!!
  • Seriously good app 5/5

    By Kai Wenson
    Amazing app seriously saved me so much time!
  • Great app 5/5

    By KingFish1996
    Very easy to use
  • Аймар гоё 5/5

    By Kinja mgl
    Манайхаан энэ апп ийг татаарай 😎
  • Subscription problem 1/5

    By Matt7009007
    I don’t understand why I’m the app you only see the due date for your subscription. This area of the app really needs to be fixed I believe you should provide users with an exact explanation date of there subscription Ex: Subscription Expires on 12/21/21 You can resign up for a new 12 unlimited plan starting 12/22/21 Something like this to let users know they aren’t being charged forever as your app doesn’t even have a cancel option anymore I think switching your payment option also needs to be included as I see no where on the app to switch your subscription from one card to another I love regal theaters I just think unlimited users deserve to know what’s going on with there accounts I hope you take this review and use it to improve the subscription experience for all users
  • Very nice 5/5

    By lovedeep singh kang
    Very nice
  • Keep me signed in | annoying news announce 3/5

    By Jaak2015
    Generally really enjoy using the app, but 1)Keep me signed - very annoying to have to sign in each time I use the app on a new day. 2) the news blurb announce at the bottom of the screen is not ios friendly as tapping makes the whole screen drop. I just want to wipe it away.
  • Have to login every time I open the app 2/5

    By Josh Weinstein (Portland, OR)
    Decent enough interface, though very hard to determine how much longer I have on my unlimited membership due to COVID-19 shutdowns and reopenings. It seems that each region has a different “restart” date? And am I credited for the amount of time I had left on my subscription? Additionally, the app forced me to log back in every time I reopen, which limits convenience.
  • Great program but... 4/5

    By Proud WilMa
    I love this program and the app is great, however, the app is missing something. Where can I see my current point balance. How much I’ve racked up since I joined isn’t as important as how much do I have to spend. I end up having to redeem something to find the balance. Would be great if you could roll this feature out soon.
  • Apple Wallet 2/5

    By Timbo907
    Send to Apple Wallet has never worked. Just states “something went wrong”.
  • Issues don’t stop 1/5

    By Juana Portela
    I have constant issues with the app. First with buying 8 tickets to watch Spiral in 4DX and now I’m having two issues: Can’t save payment methods and can’t choose movie times 😒 Whoever is behind/controlling this app, needs to be fired.
  • Impossible to cancel 1/5

    By barton281
    Complete rip off, will bill forever. Have been trying to cancel since my initial period is over- that’s from 2019! It’s impossible. The Regal call center is closed, not operating, go ahead try it. Email service sends me a link that I have to DIE to cancel. For real. Dozens of requests to cancel and for some reason they think I think I just signed up. Worst app experience ever!
  • Gift cards loaded to app 1/5

    By Nichole92798
    I had two $25 gift cards loaded to the App pre Covid. I went to use them the other day it drained them and never issued my tickets. This is not the first time this has happened. This App is glitchy when it comes to gift cards. Customer service would not help since I didn’t keep the physical gift cards that were now a year and a half old. Waste of $50. This app is horrible if you need it to process tickets of any kind.
  • Cannot log in 1/5

    By chick6422
    I cannot log in on the app, but I can if I go directly to website. I emailed customer service and told to make sure I have my VPN turned off on my phone. I don’t have a VPN on my phone. Pretty annoying.

    By Ladii727
  • Past Movie Experience 4/5

    By Chief Bob T
    Since seeing my last movie in Feb 20 and recollecting what that once was like, the APP provided very timely information. I enjoyed it then, and I’m sure it will be just as informative now, as theaters open once again 👍.

    By raccoonix
    Love it
  • Free stuff! 5/5

    By whatupcincy
    I like free popcorn, it tastes much better than the popcorn I have to pay for! :)
  • Bubble 2/5

    By Sir Bowdog
    I don't like the color selection for the bubbles indicating the times available for the movies. A peach color with white numbers, is very difficult to see. Black numbers with a white background would be ideal.
  • My favorite theater company! 5/5

    By Daniel Raines
    Regal is know for convenience and outstanding customer service and I’m glad to see their back after a hiatus because of Covid
  • So easy even a caveman can do it😇 5/5

    By Hairydawg1968
    Very happy to come across the Regal app. Very simple to navigate. Can’t wait to visit the wide screen again....
  • RegalUnlimited payments declining 4/5

    By Boopty Mansbridge
    For this past week, I was receiving an email every day saying that my payment was declined. I had a card in both method of payment and recurring payment. These were valid cards, the same card. I had to figure this out on my own, but it also needs to be fed back to developer of app. I had to click the payment method card that I added so it can display a check mark. If there is only one method of payment or one card, it should be assumed that this is the only one and the preferred one. Or better yet, have instructions on that page to ‘select and confirm your method of payment or card’ a check will appear next to your ongoing payment card.
  • I love this Regal App 5/5

    By csmead6
    Anyone using this App would appreciate how great it is. Never any issues, helpful as heck bc we have a large family and the rewards makes me the happiest mom. I’m so glad that we’re going back to the movies again. Although, with Covid-19, perhaps we should be building more Drive-in theaters to keep us all safer. I would appreciate faster lines through using this App!
  • Worth every penny 4/5

    By DreamShatterah
    The app is easy to navigate. Once you find your local theater, you can view what’s showing and go see the movie that’s available. You can rack up points easily to get treats and prizes. After two movies a month, the app has already paid for itself. So if you’re into movies like I am, it feels like you’re robbing them. I’m giving it 4 stars due to one feature that’s not activating at all on my app, which is the regal status, which gives bonus points for multiple visits. Other than that, I love this app. A must buy for moviegoers who has regal theaters near them!
  • Jjana7865 5/5

    By jjanaa3476
    I don’t know really what do with it
  • Be Aware of Regal Policies 1/5

    By Rio239
    The app works well- but that’s it. In no particular order of complaints: 1. You cannot reserve a ticket as a single person unless there are 0 or 2+ seats next to you. This drastically cuts down on the number of available seats you can use in the app. 2. You cannot combine gift cards and credit cards. At least my app won’t let me do it. My ticket is 10.95, and I have a 10.00 gift card in the app. I have lost that 10.00 3. You get charged a convenience fee for using the app. All tickets have $1 added to their price because it was “more convenient” 4. Loaded gift cards cannot be used in person. This includes buying tickets in person, and concession purchases. This would be less of a problem if 2 and 3 were not problems. Also, once a gift card is loaded in the app, it is there permanently. 5. Mobile concessions are not available at all theatres. This again, would not be a problem if 2 and 4 were not problems. 6. I lost my points and free movie ticket because the theatre wasn’t open in my state because of COVID. If anything happens-you are out your points. Do not put any gift cards in the app, and do not expect anything out of rewards. Only use the app for rewards or credit card purchases, and be mindful of the limitations imposed on you for being a party of 1.
  • Completely Broken 1/5

    By ArtB55
    I understand that Regal theaters have been closed because of the pandemic, but that’s no excuse for the app to be completely inop... cannot log in, cannot check my account. My local Regal theater opens this Fri - and nada through the app. Very disappointed.
  • Cancel 1/5

    By Katmailady
    I canceled my membership because I do not want to support the stars getting involved in politics and saying evil things

    By Biggie_Papi
  • fix it 1/5

    By chxfvxdhbxfgbb
    can't sign up for unlimited subscription!!!!!
  • MS from Alaska 4/5

    By MS from Alaska
    I like seeing what regal has coming up. It’s fun watching the trailers and knowing about the new movies.
  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By Klsgangster13
    This app is amazing for anyone who loves regal

    By Ericmeis8
    So glad we can go to the movies again!!! I love the order from your phone feature!!!
  • Gift card deleted 1/5

    By Tom 1217
    The Regal app offered to store my gift card which I loaded onto their app for convenience. Then the pandemic hit and I uninstalled the app. I recently reloaded the app to find the gift card gone? I did not keep the physical card because I assumed the app worked like every other app I’ve used and stored the card in a database somewhere. Well they don’t and it’s gone. Very unprofessional. I contacted customer service and they could care less.
  • Cannot log in via app 1/5

    By YGOfanatic
    I cannot log in via the app, but for some weird reason I was able to log in online without issues. So weird. I hope the log in issue gets fixed.
  • Reimbursement for credit on are Regal cards ? 1/5

    By all nick names are taken ?
    Where is the information for credit? Theaters in my area are closed and have been closed for sometime now!
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By wweguy
    Ever since the last update probably a month or 2 ago my app will not open! I will click on it and it starts to open for a fraction of a second and then kicks me out. I have even tried deleting the app and redownloading it and it still won’t work. As an unlimited movie subscriber I am very sick of this- when theaters open back up I really need the app to work. Please fix!!!!!!
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By Irishprnzs
    After app update it won’t open anymore. After clicking on the app it flashes then closes