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  • Current Version: 6.15.12
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Regions Financial Corp
  • Compatibility: Android
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Regions Mobile App

Bank where you want, when you want with Regions Mobile Banking. Our app provides a fast, secure and convenient way to manage your Regions accounts directly from your preferred device. Features include: - View account balances and transaction history - Block transactions on your Regions personal credit card account, CheckCard and Now Card® with Regions LockIt - Pay bills with Regions Bill Pay - View and edit scheduled payments - Send money to your family or friends with Zelle® - Easy access to Visa Checkout®* - Transfer funds between Regions accounts - Deposit checks into Checking, Saving and Money Market or load funds into Regions Now Card® - View and activate Cashback Rewards directly from your device - View Relationship Rewards points balances - Receive alerts** - Schedule a Regions banker appointment directly from your device - Locate the nearest Regions branch or ATM * Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association, and is used by the issuer pursuant to license from Visa U.S.A. Inc **Message and data rates may apply

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Regions Mobile app reviews

  • Need Better App 2/5

    By indigo7932
    It would be great if Regions got up to par with available app options. Like being able to view your account and routing information from the app. Have an option or widget to view available balance without having to log into the app or on line.

    I AM A ENTREPRENEUR THE HARDEST THING ABOUT MY LIFE IS THIS STUPID APP ! This app just ruins my experience with regions all together.
  • Horrible app 2/5

    By Kathyp12345
    Mobile deposit doesn’t work half (or more than half) the time. For the past 2 days I’ve been trying to deposit some checks, and it bombs out after it takes the photos. This has happened too many times to count over the few years or so I’ve had the app. Fix it or scrap it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By 8byf
    UI is bad. No widgets available. Issues with adding to Apple Pay. Stop trying to make “Zelle” happen, it’s not going to happen.
  • This app is embarrassingly horrible 1/5

    By cohete loco
    I don’t pay too much attention to who I’m banking with as long as I’m getting what I need and I can access my money when I need to. I’ve gotten by for 15-20 yrs using the Regions website or calling... and accessing my accounts through other apps. Unfortunately, Zelle won’t let me use their service through the app since Regions conveniently offers it inside their app. So I am forced to download this pile of hot steaming garbage. Not only is there no way to do half the things I can do online, but the zelle integration is horrible. The cell phones associated with my Regions account aren’t current and I’ve reached the arbitrary limit of cell phones associated with my account. Can’t use another cell phone but they’ll let me add an email address. If you wanted to paste into that field to ensure accuracy, you can’t. And for me, just as soon as I typed the address, I figured I thought of a different one I wanted to use instead... So I want to delete the address - I hit the delete key. Cursor and email address disappear. Start typing - nothing. Tap field, retry. Can’t type. Back button not functional. Kill app, start over. After restarting the process, I get the right email address. Then I can’t paste the security code they send me. So I have to swap back and forth between email and the app to get the number right. Now I am finally to the point where I can send money. Hmmm wait. No way to look up existing contacts already in my phone. I have to manually enter the phone number of anyone I want to send to - because of course I can’t paste the phone number after copying from my contacts app. After swapping apps back and forth a couple times, I finally create the contact... now tapping on a contact name to send you guessed it. It does nothing. Just keep tapping - we don’t care. Kill app retry. Ooh FINALLY.
  • Need alert when pending balance goes negative 1/5

    By Hoottg
    What is The purpose of having alerts when you don’t get important ones! Tell me the moment my pending balance goes negative so I can correct it! I don’t want to know after it’s posted and I’ve been charged overdraft fee! That’s the purpose of alerts to alert me when I can do something about it. And I want to know every transaction including auto debits as soon as they post to pending
  • Update 1/5

    By Wooda98
    I think the layout should change. The bank is great but the app not so good I think it needs a modern look to it give customers more ways to react through the app.
  • Can’t Log In On Mobile 1/5

    By ShontayCrenshaw1990
    I can’t log in on the app or the web browser on my phone. I am only able to log in on my laptop. This issue only began yesterday afternoon. I’ve tried refreshing the web browser pages and deleting the app. Customer service couldn’t help me, so I’m not sure what to do here.
  • Update needed! 1/5

    By AmandaN7822
    I’ve had nothing but issues with this app since I’ve become a regions member 5+ years ago. Face ID never works, it lags and nothing is in the correct date order. Now the cherry on top is that it’s telling me I can’t pay my bills because I don’t have a checking account when clearly I do because I’m staring at it. Extremely frustrating.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By #capitalOne
    This is the worse for such a reputable company. I’ve deleted and reloaded this thing multiple times thinking it’s just me. Not convenient at all. Great for giving you your balance but that’s it. HELP!
  • Upgrade Please 1/5

    By A-belle31
    This app is outdated.
  • App is a failure 1/5

    By Mrz Wilson
    This app consistently has issues. Logging in, no transactions showing, try to get app support and it says the page can’t be found so you try and report issues, wait on hold at LEAST 10 minutes only to be told it’s a device issue. Pretty convenient to say when no other issues with any other apps. Suggestion is to use the website? If that’s the answer why offer the app? Extremely aggravating. By the reviews it’s not only me having issues. I love the ATM features that are new so it’s not all bad reviews but the app is not good at all.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By MissVanjie
    I haven’t been able to log in on the app for months for some reason. Every time I try it says it has “timed out” within the first few seconds.
  • Needs Work 1/5

    By brandonstarnes007
    The font is very tiny and hard to read. There is no way to view your account info like routing number and account number.Also please get a widget for Notification Center. App needs work. 2020 and apps seems dated and behind other banking apps.
  • Statements ? 3/5

    By Depositor5
    Just received email that my monthly statement is available. Am I overlooking how to access monthly statements? If not, when will app have this feature (which all other banks have on their apps)? App works reasonably well otherwise.
  • Fix it Regions 2/5

    By xREAPERx1
    The app works when it wants to and here lately that hasn’t been very often! Very disappointed.
  • Mobile deposit issues 1/5

    By DCIX5
    I’ve been grinding it out with regions bank for a long time due to the fact that I’ve been using them my entire adult life. I use this app to make deposits due to there only being 1 regions bank in the county I live in. It has been up and down but I could depend on the app to get things done. Until recently. My last 2 deposits were “unable to process”. I sent a message the first occurrence and was responded with “we don’t see a problem”. I could understand being something internally wrong once. But now, 2 weeks later and same issue. I made a deposit 4 weeks ago and it worked fine. This has caused me to be late on bills and have to pay late fees because the app is unable to process my deposits suddenly. I agree with the post about searching for other mobile/online banks at this point. I’ve had issues with regions double over-drafting my account and doubling purchases I’ve made and overlooked it before. But this is getting inconvenient
  • There are better banks out there 1/5

    By Apple20137
    As a business owner i like to help people exercise their options. The goal is to bank with institutions that help you and not hurt you. Stay away from the big banks and try out the newer banks that are making a change because they value customer loyalty over corporate greed. Below are great banks everyone should research and try out. Regions is a horrible bank do not bank with them. Try these banks that are better: 1. Discover Bank 2. Ally Bank 3. Redneck Bank (I know its a funny name but they are legit) There are so many others my personal favorite is Discover. They have no fees whatsoever and offer better APY for savings account a whole lot better than the bigger banks. Pretty much do your research. There are better banks out there that value there customers over money. You just have to look for them. Stay away from regions, suntrust, wellsfargo, bank of America, etc. big banks are horrible banks.
  • Great app 5/5

    By bamaboxer21
    Regions solved the issues I was having. Thank you.
  • Good 5/5

    By allthenicknmaesaretaken1
    The app could use an upgrade, but overall it’s a good dependable app and have never experienced any real issue using it.
  • La peor aplicación bancaria 1/5

    By reylorenzzi
    No hay manera que puedas entender la aplicación yo soy ingeniero en sistemas y además uso varias aplicaciones de banco y no hay manera que pueda entender con exactitud cómo funciona este aplicación. No me muestra los pagos mínimos, no puedes hacer un set up de pagos automáticos desde otra cuenta de cheque y cuándo el como en el sigo pasado pues tienes que hacer los pagos por telf cuándo quizás estas en horario de oficina trabajando. No hay manera que un domingo tranquilo puedas abrir la aplicación y trabajar con ella para ponerte al día en tu estrategia financiera. Sencillamente estresante trabajar con esta APP
  • Update Zelle Payments 3/5

    By Exquisteme
    I want to be able to request money as well and not just send it. Please consider upgrading.
  • Customer Jones 1/5

    By Big Dave Morton
    Old southern conservative banking,a very unfair and underhanded style of banking. I’m leaving for sure!
  • Crap app 1/5

    By furegions
    No running balance.
  • Sign in 1/5

    By joshdaleh
    No matter what I do to try to sign in it will not let me. I try typing my password I try using my thumbprint I try to uninstall and reinstall and it does absolutely nothing. Fix this
  • Needs a lot of investment 1/5

    By re1112
    Sorry but this is very poorly designed and implemented app.
  • Terrible terrible terrible 1/5

    By Roly the Mechanic
    Terrible app I mean “””TERRIBLE APP“”” I’m not even going to loose my time in a really long review.
  • Poor app 1/5

    By Motazinho
    As much as regions bank is big and have much $$ you guys can’t even do better with your app !! Come on get right. I’m having issues every day with app !!
  • The app always stop working 2/5

    By Sister2017
    Every other week I receive a message that says “we cannot process your request” and then I have to delete the app and reinstall it. Very annoying.!
  • Mobile deposit 1/5

    By J mercer
    Still having trouble with mobile deposit I can have it centered on the check and I won’t capture the picture of the check please fix.
  • Worst app I have ever seen will not work half the time and Regions’s doesn’t care, terrible app 1/5

    By Finder7000
    App was great and they changed it and it’s awlful now will not load no one at regions will help
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Rebxl
    The deposit function doesn’t work. Also, it looks like it was coded in 2008. This is some iOS 2-3 level stuff. I guess they don’t have the MONEY to hire programmers. It actually makes more sense that they just don’t care about their customers 👍🏻
  • Much improved 4/5

    By Flapdaddy
    Access to all your accounts quickly and securely. Good job Regions.👍🏻 And print log in is up and working perfectly. Well done! Update: January 2020 - Been having issues with using the deposit feature. Several tries and finally just gave up. iPhone 6S+
  • So many issues. 1/5

    By user123432882838283
    Frequently won’t allow me to deposit checks when all of the things it asks for are satisfied. Constantly glitches and says my password is wrong. The features are not user friendly. FIX THE MOBILE DEPOSIT PROBLEM!!!
  • Zelle Doesn’t work 2/5

    By ibassforhim
    Fix Zelle. Loads infinitely.
  • Fix it!!! 1/5

    By Crzytx25
    It won’t let me log in like I’ve always been able to.
  • barely ever works to let me log in 1/5

    By meh140
    not only does Face ID not work, the app won’t let my login after entering my password multiple times,,,, and this happens on a regular basis. even when it lets me in, my balance is often not even updated with my latest charges! honestly ridiculous like hunty it’s not that hard to get someone to make a better app 🥱🥱
  • Absolutely Hideous User Interface 1/5

    By Des2197
    Haven’t used the app yet, but first impression is the UI needs an upgrade.
  • Direct Deposit 2/5

    By Khick103
    The mobile deposit function almost never works for me. It’s been two weeks now and I’ve still been unable to deposit any checks on the app. It also does not work when i try to use my husbands phone.
  • Recently can’t mobile deposit! 1/5

    By lnaftel
    I have been having majors problems with the mobile deposit feature. Someone needs to look into why every time I try to mobile deposit my normal payroll checks, it keeps coming back as “cannot read image” or a similar error message about “resubmitting the image” but it never works. This has put such hassle into my life as there are no Regions bank in my area. I had to move to an area where there are no regions so I rely on this feature to use my account. Costumer service could not help me with this either I did work with them for over an hour to no avail. Thank you I hope this is fixed soon. Jamie
  • Don’t use they mess with your account to screw you 1/5

    By Dieselkitten
    I’ve had a regions account for a while and I’ve found on multiple occasions that some of my transactions will magically disappear and the money shows back up in my account only to wait until my account is below the amount of the missing transactions for it to show up and put my account in the negative I have three separate instances of this happening. Luckily I keep physical track of my transactions, which I learned the hard way to do after using this bank. As soon as I get paid I’m switching banks and I recommend other to do the same to avoid being swindled by these greedy dicks.
  • Not a fan 2/5

    By 8th Avenue Chinese
    The interface is blah, and the functionality is even worse. I’ve done everything I can to send a payment via Zelle, and no matter what I do, I can’t select the person I want to send the money to. It’s infuriating. I hope they fix this soon.
  • Terrible. 1/5

    By K-Alexandra
    Absolutely cannot stand this app. Constantly forcing me to update, logging me out resulting in me having to chase down the password, most of the time having to reset it.
  • Just not good... 3/5

    By 120642685399668893
    I bank at regions for one business, bbva for another, and a small credit union for my personal stuff. Regions app is BY FAR the worst of the three. Bbva app has financial tools to help with seeing revenue vs. expenses at a glance. It also lets you see the checks after they clear. Regions needs to step it up!
  • App is not working 1/5

    By Makhdbdk
    Still not able to do anything with this app. Nothing has changed.
  • Mobile Deposit Won’t Work 2/5

    By 1stAppRated
    Today, your app constantly gives me a “Null Code 211” error message after I’m forced to take my photos manually. (The automatic photo process doesn’t work today). Please correct, ASAP!!!
  • Keeps Getting Worse 1/5

    By LemmeUpgradeYa2.0
    For the most part, I am pleased with my Regions experiences. However, this app is worst I have ever used. 1) I hope you aren’t in a hurry to check your account balance because you will be waiting for a long time for it to load. It’s quicker to login on your phone’s web browser. 2) After waiting and staring at a swirling circle of doom, you may find that it simply leaves you on the login screen and doesn’t even log you in (this is when I try to log in by Face ID or simply by username and password). 3) If you are one of the lucky few who get to login, to your dismay, you may find that you can only see a bottom line balance and no account detail found. Regions, coming from someone who does technical support for app users, there is NO WAY you are unaware of these issues. Please do something about it.
  • Constructive criticism 3/5

    By Ms.Kiyalady
    I haven’t been a member that long with Regions but I see room for improvement especially when it comes to the app . First , I think the whole app could use an update . Member to member service could be offered through the app . I see where regions is partnered with zelle . Not a lot of people use that app including myself. Basically be able to link a another bank account through the app for automatic transfer or payments . This is my second (backup) account. Also , a money manager tab where we can set savings goals & so forth to accomplish . With a start & end date and be able to set the amount of course . Also set up auto bill payment , estatements , and also be able to update contact information as well . The app is so behind to me it seem so old fashioned in a sense . It could just be because I have a regular life green basic account . But I’d like to see improvement in 2020 . Hopefully this reaches someone who is capable & willing to make the suggested changes . Best regards, A. Curry
  • Very frustrating 1/5

    By Brave Mango
    Even with thousands of negative feedbacks, developers aren’t doing any improvement..

Regions Mobile app comments

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