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  • Current Version: 2.13.3
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  • Developer: Joicom corporation
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Good health comes first! RENPHO is the best helper in your journey to becoming fitter. The app can track multiple body composition metrics (BMI, Body Fat %, Body Water, Bone Mass, Basal Metabolism Body Age, Muscle Mass, etc). The cloud-based App’s intelligent data analysis and tracking abilities makes it your perfect digital personal helper. It can even convert your data stored over time into charts and reports that can easily be shared by e-mail and multiple social media channels. On top of all that, your entire family can use the App! RENPHO allows the user to create multiple personal profiles to keep your data separated. In iPhone based on IOS8 , when you use our smart body scales measuring body composition , weight, percentage of body fat , fat weight, height, body mass index (BMI), height and resting calorie consumption data will be synchronized to HealthKit in .

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  • Data motivates me 5/5

    By tallthoughts
    Love it. Would make a few changes There is plenty of room on graphics pages to use a larger font It would be nice to have percentage data given as pounds and ounces also Not sure why after months of use my weight never ends in an odd decimal
  • Cannot get to work 1/5

    By davenoel
    I just keep getting Error code 1133, so far not happy at all with my scale purchase and with trying to get the app to work
  • Doesn’t register data on app 1/5

    By PandasBack
    Everything worked well on the first day but starting day 2 the only thing that registered was weight and BMI. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, tried to enter manually and have emailed support. No one can seem to find the problem. 1 star for me. Fix this issue please.
  • Now one for adults 4/5

    By Bladewil
    I’d love this app if I could read what the hell it says. I have glasses and a big phone and still can’t read the size 2 fonts.
  • Application wont let me signup 1/5

    By jckuchhchc
    The application wont let me sign up i troed several times, i even deleted the app and downloded again. Very annoying to install and signup. I still havent figured it out!!!! It keeps saying that the "server is unable to service your request. Try again later" !!!
  • Straightforward setup 5/5

    By Lol pic lover69
    Anyone having trouble setting this up is incompetent. Easy setup if you’re not a moron. Don’t tank a company’s rating because you’re technologically inept. You charge the device, download the app, setup your profile, simply press the + in the top right, select device pairing and step on the scale. If you’re having trouble it’s your fault not RENPHO’s.
  • Excellent Investment In Weight Loss Journey 5/5

    By taw0113
    Inexpensive, easy to pair, easy to use and a lot of information tracked, even accurate height with first use. The only grip I would have is that the company has not developed more fitness tracking devices. The best thing, it even syncs with my employers wellness program.
  • I messed up my friend’s data 4/5

    By SnowFlaco
    Apparently you can select a friend and weight yourself to write on their data. How do I delete this accidental measurement?
  • Weight does not show on app 1/5

    By download quizlet app instead
    I purchased this scale to replace my Aria as it was an original Aria scale and has just aged over the years. Unfortunately the scale has severely disappointed me with its inability to record data to the app. Both the app and the scale recognize with a symbol that a Bluetooth connection has been established, however after weighing in, the app simply shows “- - -“ where the all the data should be. Customer service has been very responsive, however i tried everything they told me to try (didn’t work), and then when I responded to them letting them know and gave them all the information they requested, they responded with an almost identical email asking me to do the exact same things. My guess is they outsourced customer service and the CS team copy and pastes pre-written solutions to problems so they can respond quickly, however the responses prove to not be helpful at all, thus eliminating the purpose for having the “Customer Service”. I like the idea of this scale, however there is no reason to have a “smart” scale if it cannot record the data for you. I’ll give it until the end of the weekend to hopefully be able to figure out what’s going on and if not... I’ll have to just purchase the Aria 2 and recommend all of you do the same.
  • Consistently inaccurate 1/5

    By Nickname's name
    Disappointed in how they keep updating the software but can’t fix the issue of having different calculations within a minute apart of measuring. Every few days it shows me up to 3 lbs more. But if I try in a minute or so, it shows different data Also don’t like the fact that there’s no option to let me store data on my device (must store data on their servers, why?)
  • My app no longer syncs with the scale. 4/5

    By Kel1225
    What can I do?
  • Good app 4/5

    By Emerality
    The scale and app are good, boyfriend has been using it for losing weight and tracking body water. Only thing I would like more is if they added a pregnancy mode because it makes me feel like I’m gaining too much when I know it’s because I have the baby.
  • Please make this app accessible for Voiceover users 1/5

    By Fake radio ron
    I am blind and will be returning your scale because the app does not work with Voiceover. Apps such as this one that simply track data are easy to make accessible. I will change my rating and even consider purchasing the scale again if the future if these issues are addressed.
  • Update broke a useful feature 2/5

    By C0reas0n
    You used to be able to select points on the month and year view page for more information. This no longer works as of the update. I used this feature to track month over month progress. Would prefer the previous version.
  • Careful who you select. 4/5

    By KarkaVantas
    My whole family uses this. I didn’t realize when I stood on the scale that my fathers measurements were selected. Went to delete the mistake, but it looks like they got rid of that functionality for friends. It would be great to not be able to write new data for friends if you’re not allowed to delete it after.
  • Works Well 4/5

    By candybones
    I’ve been using this app for about a month now and so far it has worked well for me. Fortunately, I have not experienced any bug issues like some others have reported. The only thing I would suggest is adding a note feature for each log. It would be helpful to add notes so we could remember what we were up to around that time that could’ve impacted our weight and other numbers for example.
  • App has still bug! 2/5

    By Thel_0703
    I just bought this scale so i can track my family’s weights but looks like there still bug on the graph. I want to see the history thru graph for each of my family member but graph doesn’t change. That’s very important in this app and hopefully you can fix it.
  • Useless 1/5

    By ngrg11
    Haven’t been able to connect scale to app since first day. No response from support.
  • Rejects saved password 3/5

    By _NM_
    Getting kicked off despite valid password. Password retrieval requires a code to be emailed. Ok - there goes first weight in the morning, which is typically the most reliable.
  • Get what you pay for 1/5

    By ls1norcal
    One of these days I’ll earn “you get what you pay for”. Couldn’t even get passed the first step since their servers are down.
  • I can’t use this app. 1/5

    By Phanny27
    I can’t use or login the app.
  • Gets the job done 5/5

    By nxtlfg
    It does what I want consistently. Graphing metrics based on AM/PM is a nice touch that I really like. Integration works well with the Apple Health app too
  • Why is no one talking about the slide whistle 1/5

    By gonegoat
    This app makes a slide whistle noise every time you weigh yourself with it. I can’t even begin to list all the ways this is deeply insulting to anyone who would use this scale and app, for any reason they might use it.
  • Terrible Update - Revised 3/5

    By jdbartlett
    The update eventually happened, but the scale reads different weights within seconds of attempting another weigh-in. My husband has had 10 lb fluctuations in his weight all within 5 minutes. Depending on where the scale is placed, we weigh more or less. I gave this two extra stars from my original review since the scale now works, but that’s relative. Old review: I typically update all of my apps when notified. This update was for “minor bug fixes,” but the problem is it will not update and now has just rendered my scale useless. I’ll change my review once the update happens and works. Until then, I’m thinking a scale with Bluetooth capabilities may have been a waste of money.
  • Apple Watch app?! 4/5

    By Adib sobhanian
    I love your app and devices connected to them but as days goes by I’m using my Apple Watch more and more. It would be great if you guys would add the Apple Watch app as well. Please do it.
  • Works well with a few minor problems 4/5

    By cvmarm
    I love the app and scale. It tracks your progress while giving a lot of helpful stats such as body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat, etc. It has two quirks I hope they fix in future app updates. 1. The trends by year function does not work. It only shows from the beginning of the current month, so is less helpful than the trends by month view where you can at least scroll. 2. The calculation for BMR (Basal metabolic rate) is incorrect. I did mine manually and got a very different number.
  • Needs voiceover screen reader Accessibility improvements 1/5

    By Subbinblazer
    the app needs Apple voiceover screen reader accessibility improvements. Unable to access the 11 composition data from within the app. Had no issues accessing this information in the past. Please fix and initial set up Accessibility. Sent you an email with helpful resource voiceover screen reader accessibility. Thanks
  • Almost great 3/5

    By bklynmed
    I love almost everything about this scale. My only problem is I started my weight loss journey prior to purchasing the scale and wanted to be able to see my progress from my starting weight. I can manually input it on the graph, but it won’t enter my starting date or starting weight on the progress page. Kinda disappointed. Also, I would’ve love to see some sort of progress report on how much till my goal and the approximate time it would take according to the average progress. Otherwise, I think it’s a good product.
  • Works great 5/5

    By risen526
    Clean, functional app pairs with a sleek, well made, affordable scale. Awesome
  • Just received and setup 5/5

    By TimMeister921
    I was waiting for my new scale to arrive from Amazon. It just did. Setup was seamless. No issues at all. Little disappointed that my weight was three pound higher than my last scale. Synced right away with Apple Health and Loseit! Any chance you will have Apple Watch app coming soon to sync if phone is not near?
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By Vickilil
    Scale only shows weight. App won’t show any of the other measurements it’s supposed too. Only reason I bought it. Will be returning.
  • Talk about big brother!!! NO!!! 1/5

    By SpadeGo123
    I read the privacy policy. Wow. These guys want to collect every tidbit of data about me from anything and everything that electronically connects to me or this app. ***Developer response, “We don’t sell data to third parties”. Then why do you collect it? Why do you want access to my email and my contacts and everything else?*** I just want to weigh myself and track numbers. I don’t want some wanker in Timbuktu seeing my entire life. I hit the disagree button .. but the app automatically defaults back to agree. I kept going back to hit the disagree, and only the agree button stays highlighted. Disagree doesn’t even seem to be an option, other than it appearing and giving the illusion of privacy. I cannot get the disagree button and get it to work at all. I’ll be returning this scale.
  • Doesn’t work all the time 2/5

    By jimrz1
    Went on the scale this morning did not show up on the app
  • Server Down 3/5

    By CLGOLUB83
    Unable to sign up as Renpho users, and are therefore unable to setup the scale... and the app’s feedback mechanism also relies on server communication so I can’t even log the issue with them. Not off to a good start. **Issue was resolved on their end within a few days.**
  • Awesome Scale 4/5

    By ¥TJ¥
    Overall I have to say I love this scale and there is so much info provided by it, easy to track and do quite a few things within the app and good functionality/layout. I would like to see the option to customize a user specified time for scale weigh in reminders as the presets don’t fit my schedule Thank You! Travis
  • Requires an account for no good reason 1/5

    By 0xf00f
    What the h*ck do I need an account on some third party site for to get the scale I purchased connected to the phone I purchased over Bluetooth in the same room? Answer: nothing. It is not necessary. Just intrusive and annoying.
  • I love this scale/app 5/5

    By Dezi0647
    I’ve officially lost 33 lbs since using this scale. It makes things easier being able to see everything on a graph and how they break things down for you. I suggest it to everyone I know. Even got my mom one.
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By patty-hgu12457
    Tell me how my body fat percentage can drop after going pee??
  • Waste 1/5

    By OutdoorsRock
    Don’t buy waste of money! Paired when first purchased and used twice, now?? Nothing! Set to lbs but decided to set itself to kg what the hell?? A short drive to Target will be worth it!! Save ya money folks!
  • Apple Watch 4/5

    By Dustinwoodard
    Wish it connected to my watch. Need my phone to connect but would be awesome if my watch did.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Auperk Monkey 7
    I had such high hopes for a smart scale. I needed a lot more detail than just simple weight and thought this was a perfect choice. It was given to me as a gift and I was very happy initially, But the percentages that it gives you are dangerously inaccurate. I weigh 174 and I am 5’9” tall. If I actually had the fat percentage that this said that I would need to be at 5-7% body fat, I would be dead. It currently lists my fat free weight as 130 pounds. Seriously. It also does not calculate BMI correctly and adds any change to your weight as fat rather than distinguishing between fat and muscle as it is fraudulently advertised. I have emailed and attempted to communicate with the company about this repeatedly and all they ever say is if you are unhappy with your purchase you can return it at any time. They don’t even try to deny that it is broken. What was sold to my family as a smart scale to surprise me with is nothing more then a regular scale with distracting special effects and bells and whistle’s that don’t correlate to reality. RENPHO should be ashamed of itself For continuing to market this product as if it had an ability to correctly read your body mass index and muscle through your feet. It is fraud and bulls***. Very very very disappointed.
  • Inaccurate reading 1/5

    By KBrtj
    The app is telling me that I am severely obese Weighing at 112 lbs, NOT kg. I triple checked just to be sure. When you look st the range it shows in the green (the healthy weight) would be anywhere from 26 to 51 lbs. I recalibrated and did everything I was supposed to, to assure the scale was working correctly. I can’t be 100% sure, but it seems like a glitch in the app. It is also telling me that my BMI is 137. It doesn’t make sense.
  • Works fine, could really use a Watch version 4/5

    By Cream of Gold
    It records the weight from the scale quickly and accurately, and it sends the data to the Health App and Fitbit without any problems. If there’s room for improvement, it would be to have an app for the Apple Watch so I don’t have to bring my phone to the scale to record the weight.
  • Haywire RENPHO smart scale and app 1/5

    By Laura Coaching
    I initially was in love with this scale and app. Everything was great the first few weeks. I was able to see daily my weight loss from when I started and my body fat lost. Then one day, it stopped giving me what I accomplished. On top of that, all the scale numbers jumped and changed dramatically. Now I have no idea what I truly weigh, if the initial weight was true, or what to believe at all. Time to order the scale my health coach recommended. Within the app I submitted a photo and question, but it was ignored. Don’t buy any of their stuff, it clearly reads inaccurate.
  • Good Scale readings a bit Quirky 4/5

    By Naima A.
    Just got the scale this past Saturday and though I’m still overweight I have been exercising regularly over the past few months. So I first tried “athlete” mode and I had only lost 1.1 lbs from when I weighed myself from the previous week, which was kinda surprising because I had started keto and I did more steps I had done ever over the past few months of working out. So I switched it over to “regular” mode and the scale dropped an additional 2.5 lbs!!!🤔 So I’m confused as to how switching the mode of this scale actually changes your weight! I’m pretty sure peoples weight is the same regardless of athlete or regular mode 🤷🏽‍♀️. Body fat %, muscle mass, etc should change but it doesn’t change what you actually weigh! So after switching to regular mode everything is great, I love that it syncs to my fitbit that’s so awesome! But if you are using athlete mode know that you’re almost 3 lbs lighter than the scale is reading. Please fix this RENPHO.
  • It works well enough! 4/5

    By Msbunnilee
    I wouldn’t really know how accurate it is because I have no point of comparison. But I like the convenience and connectivity of the scale connected to the app and the app connected to my native Health app. So in that aspect it deserves more than a 3 star rating. What I would like to see happen is the ability to select whether or not one is pregnant. During my pregnancy I’ve gained 20 lbs. So it kind of skews the numbers. Yes my baby only weighs approximately 4 lbs at this point in pregnancy but once I give birth and all the fluid and such exit my body along with the baby, I’ll be lighter in weight much more than just the eventual 7-9 lb baby later on.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Yeah, I'm a nerd, so sue me.
    The app doesn’t like to connect with the scale so I can only see my weight and nothing else. Would not recommend.
  • Great app with a bug 2/5

    By Piyush Bajaj
    I have been using this for a while now ans love it though there is a small bug in the app which makes the change of weight, body fat, and BMI on the front page useless. So, when I installed and used it, it was working perfectly. Though i went to the data of each day and deleted the one of the entries of the first day which wasn't correct. And there you go, now all these 3 values shows empty as its trying to pick from the first data to compare the changes of these 3 values. Please fix this tiny bug. This refrains me from giving it 5-star.
  • iPhone Xr design 4/5

    By Mike & Heather
    Love the app! There are some issues reading words and accessing buttons on the iPhone X screen though. That definitely needs to be addressed. Otherwise great stuff!

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