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ReSound Smart 3D

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  • Current Version: 1.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: ReSound
  • Compatibility: Android
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ReSound Smart 3D App

The ReSound Smart 3D™ app is compatible with the following hearing aids: ReSound LiNX Quattro™ ReSound LiNX 3D™ 9/7/5 ReSound ENZO 3D™ 9/7/5 The ReSound Smart 3D app lets you control your hearing aids directly from your mobile device. You can change programs, and make simple or more advanced sound adjustments and save them as favorites. The app helps you learn what you can do and how to do it. It can even help you find your hearing aids if you lose them. Last, but not least, you can have your hearing care professional update your hearing aid programs and send you new hearing aid software without taking a trip to the clinic. Notes: Please contact your local ReSound representative for product and feature availability in your market. We recommend that the hearing aids run the latest software version. If in doubt, please contact your hearing care professional. ReSound Smart 3D mobile device compatibility: Please consult the ReSound app website for up-to-date compatibility information: Use the ReSound Smart 3D app to: • Enjoy optimization anywhere with ReSound Assist: Request help with your hearing aid settings from your hearing care professional and receive new settings and software updates. And use these direct control and personalization options: • Adjust volume settings on your hearing aids • Mute your hearing aids • Adjust volume of your ReSound streaming accessories • Adjust speech focus as well as noise and wind-noise levels with Sound Enhancer (for selected programs in ReSound LiNX 3D 9 and ReSound ENZO 3D 9 only) • Change manual and streamer programs • Edit and personalize program names • Adjust treble, middle and bass tones to your preferences • Save your preferred settings as a Favorite – you can even tag to a location • Help locate lost or misplaced hearing aids • Tinnitus manager: Adjust sound variation and frequency of the Tinnitus Sound Generator. Select Nature Sounds. (Features available in your hearing aids if enabled by your hearing care professional.) For more information and help, please visit Privacy policy Please view our privacy policy in the link provided: Note: Continual use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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ReSound Smart 3D app reviews

  • Difficult to switch between devices 2/5

    By GuyAlso
    Running the Smart3D app on an iPhone SE and an iPad mini 4 with a pair of LINX 3D hearing aids on trial. Trying to go back and forth between the 2 Apple devices is not working well at all. You are supposed to just be able to disable Bluetooth on one device, enable it on the other, and be off and running. In my experience frequently only one of my two hearing makes the switch. Even opening and closing the battery door on the down hearing aid doesn’t work. Please, get this to a one button toggle that works. If it is to be simply toggling Bluetooth on & off, fine. But make it seamless. Right now the hearing aids may be excellent, but the app is not. Oh, and at least get the app to follow Apple’s basic screen rotation. It feels like the app is not considered as important by your developers as the hearing aids. Here’s a tip: customers consider it one system and, as above, right now the app is hurting the reputation of your core product.
  • Works OK 3/5

    By Bug Doc
    The streaming sound quality is not nearly as good as my old Signia app. Could be these hearing aids. The app has to reconnect with the hearings every time i open it. That’s annoying. There are a lot of nice features. There a constant battle between it and the Sync in my truck. I just have shut it off when driving because it won’t the the call go to Sync. Never was a problem with Signia.
  • Definitely the best of the bunch 4/5

    By WDW1Fanatic
    Compared to a couple other brands, this app provides the best functionality on my iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Thank you. I appreciated the demo mode before I had a trial LinX 3D pair of hearing aids, and am now using this app with my new purchased Quattro’s on all three Apple Devices. Problems Upon occasion when I change program via my Apple Watch 4, it appears on the watch like the new program is operational (with no error message or failure indication), but the iPhone app and Quattros have not changed. This problem may happen more when the iPhone has lost or poor Bluetooth connection to the Quattros, e.g. when the iPhone is in an adjacent room but Watch remains on my wrist. Suggestions Create complications for new Apple Watch 4 Infograph and Infograph Modular faces (present complication won’t work on these). Make Apple Watch force touch on the running program be a single press to toggle mute on or off, vs now needing a force touch then light touch to accomplish the same. Similarly, add force touch to the running program on the iPhone app to toggle mute/unmute. This would be even easier than touching the small mute icon, and be consistent with the Apple Watch UI. Allow sound enhancer settings for phone call and streaming to be retained and managed independently of the program in use, or describe the present design choice better in your documentation so these capabilities can be better understood and utilized.
  • OS12 and demo mode 1/5

    By ????guesswho
    I have an iPhone 5 and just updated to OS12. Now the app no longer works and is stuck in demo mode. There is also a software update that the devices say is updated when I do the install but then it goes back to demo mode to have update it again. I have reset everything several times and nothing works. Now the app is stuck in demo mode and useless.
  • Disappointed with streaming & consistency of hearing aids & app 1/5

    By GrandDadJP
    I bought this because it “streamed seamlessly” through my iPhone. When it works it’s good. In my experience it is not reliable streaming to iPhone or aid in performance. Being streaming was the deciding factor; not good decision. Like other reviewers this is not ready for prime time and Bluetooth is inconsistent. I called the support line week ago approximately. The message said leave your phone number & well call you back - Never heard from Resound!!! I would NOT recommend the app or the hearing aids. I’ve had hearing sids for almost 20 years & this is the only one I’ve been disappointed with.
  • Flawed 3/5

    By DaveAl
    While it’s true that every time you open the app it must reconnect with the hearing aids the flaw is the watch app will NOT connect unless you first open the iPhone app and it has connected. This makes the watch app useless🤐
  • Eh 2/5

    By Jaiquan7109
    Is there any way where you can make it reconnection quicker? Sometimes it take a little bit longer to go back to the all around setting after I paused the music to talk to someone.
  • Update 1/5

    By Buzz Kohl
    After implementing the most recent update I have lost the ability to fine tune my Resounds. I am still able to control volumn but cannot access the icon to choose noise filter, directional speech, radio bass or treble etc. I regret downloading the latest update. Is there a fix for this or is there a way to undo the latest “update” backslide?
  • Bad-bad-bad 1/5

    By pilot5301
    This is ridiculous! $6000+ for hearing aids that claim that they are designed to work with Apple products, has to reconnect each time that you open the app. Apple Watch app never does connect to the hearing aids. Resound, get your act together and start delivering on your promises!
  • No firmware updates 2/5

    By Citation4444
    The latest version apparently takes away the ability to check if your LiNX 3D hearing aids have the latest firmware. A huge step backwards.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By G3ills
    I have had nothing but problems lately. The app was working fine, then all of a sudden it started messing up. Now I noticed that it updated automatically, (which is my fault, but now I will turn it off). I wish that I can go back to the old settings because it’s totally interfering with my ability to hear. My microphone doesn’t even show up anymore, neither does it allow me to hear the instructor. If this is not fixed I’ll have to try to do without the app and it’s convenience. I only rate this app as a 1 because I cannot give it a no rating. Before the update, I would’ve given it a 4. Not happy.
  • BUGGY! 1/5

    By Reaux-Bear
    When it works it’s great. Frequently it doesn’t. After ios12 update it never works. Geotagging is very inaccurate. The aids take over audio from mulysources despite my preference setting for NEVER. it switches frequently from one program to another on its own. Adjustment of volume with watch crown often doesn’t work. It’s becoming more trouble than it’s worth.
  • Texts and phone calls don’t work even after disconnecting hearing aids. 2/5

    By jclang45
    I’m missing calls and texts. Very annoying.
  • Sadly shabby 1/5

    By @expore360
    After investing so much money in a pair of devices, one would expect a much better app experience. GN Resound needs to provide developers with the resources to improve this app. I am not even able to find a feedback form, let alone for the company to reach out in some kind of customer service program. I would not recommend this brand to family or friends until the manufacture makes an better effort to engage with users. Even the website is poorly designed and resembles a advertisement not a useful resource. Reading many negative app reviews shows a large number of customers are disappointed & the manufacturer does not prioritize app improvements regardless of the caring replies they post.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By dmsderenches
    The recent update crashes every time I open the app.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Allfed Up
    Not user friendly, presumptive. Hearing aids do not pair reliably and app is little help. For such a high cost it all should work.
  • Connecting 2/5

    By kimidelle
    Every time I open the app it has to connect to my hearing aides again have you fixed this problem yet
  • Nice 5/5

    By roberts03!
    This is my first set of Bluetooth hearing aids and I have an app to control it from! I don’t really use the app very much, just use my hearing aids as my audiologist adjusted them. I like how the developers updated the app so my micro mike accessory can mute surrounding sound (I am a medical student and this comes in handy when using my stethoscope).
  • Connect to I phone 3/5

    By gamboating
    Just like other comments I see, the resound on my phone has to reconnect each time. Should not have to do this, it’s not my idea of a good time.,
  • Connection issues 1/5

    By bugsypmb
    This app has become so twitchy it has to re connect and while listening to podcasts I get messages the hearing devices are trying to take control from another device ??? really not happy Please fix soon
  • Great improvements! 4/5

    By Fanghorn445
    The most recent update to the app, done on September 3, 2018, is not described completely in the App Store. The most important improvement is that the Apple Watch app now works, Even if the iPhone display is off or the app is in the background or even if the phone is in the next room. It is so important to be able to adjust the aids’ settings without waiting for the phone to open or the app to come to the foreground. It is still not perfect but it is so much improved that I am now very happy with the hearing aids. I do wish the streaming modes (micro mic, iPhone mic, telephone, streaming audio from the phone, T-coil) all handled the separate adjustments of the volume for the streaming and the microphones in the hearing aids for ambient sound in the same manner. It seems like that should be set up as a subroutine which is called by all of the streaming modes. That would not only save code but it would make the functionality consistent.
  • Why not compatible with Samsung ? 1/5

    By bbqsde
    Tired of all my iPhone issues and need to switch to Samsung. But I have these hearing aids and they are only compatible with iPhone. When will this app be available for Samsung phones?
  • HELP 1/5

    By Pittsburgh Billy
    Just bought an iphone8 as my Android would not work with ReSound as per my hearing aid specialist. Anyway I can’t get this app out of Demo mode. Have deleted and reloaded the app several times. Got frustrated and gave my new phone to multiple iPhone users. They got the same result. I’m not the most techy person, but not an idiot either. What’s up?
  • Mr Mac 5/5

    By Poppymac42
    Beast hearing aids ever, they get rid of background noise when needed to. Thank you Resound. A 52 year retired DAV. PS For three years I never had to send in my first pair for repairs!
  • good idea, bad execution. 2/5

    By 83020
    the premise of this app is great, until the hearing aids stop working. the contact your audiologist function is useless if one of your hearing aids cannot connect, which would be a reason to contact tour audiologist through the app. i also find it annoying that the phone function is automatic and you cannot preset options for it or click on it, as sometimes an issue is it will only connect to one hearing aid when you want it to connect to both and it’s a hassle to make them both connect to the iphone.
  • Problems Then Complete Failure 1/5

    By FillyLover
    Super disappointed and actually angry now. At first I was just annoyed by the Bluetooth connectivity issues, the cutting in and out, and the way it hijacks my car audio. However, now the app doesn’t work at all, just crashes on open so I can’t even get to it. Given that it’s the only way to make real adjustments to my aids, not to mention that I have saved programs, I can’t believe this app is out there. My aids are brand new and I’m regretting the choice to switch to Resound from my reliable Phonak aids and tools.
  • Resound Smart 3D App 3/5

    By Onemanfortruth
    Not a bad app. I just got my resound LT-961 DRW hearing aids about a month ago. I have a pioneer receiver in my truck with hands free phone capabilities. I have read about people having to go in the iPhone and change the Bluetooth option to the vehicle. Mine will go to the hearing aids momentarily then connect to my vehicle so that is not a problem. I also have the control nearby devices and audio handoff turned on the MyFi on the settings menu for the iPhone. I wish the app had percent for the volume instead of numbers. I have to go into the iPhone shortcut hearing devices to see what my volume percent level is. Other than that, the app is fair. I would like to see a few improvements from the developer. It looks like you are trying to fix things.
  • Bluetooth issues 1/5

    By CheezeWis
    I agree with other reviews on Bluetooth issues. How long does it take to update an app? I’ve been patiently wait over a month for an update to fix this issue. Sad technical support...
  • Won’t connect 1/5

    By rgm3
    Resound Forte 8 will not connect with this app
  • Horrible 1/5

    By BrDhh
    Unable to find aids. Third time the softwares has gone into permanent demo mode
  • Bugs 3/5

    By ;?)754
    Good intention for app. But has bugs; Right hearing had trouble connecting before. After latest upgrade, it won’t connect at all! Totally missing on status screen or main screen dual volume slide bar. Sometimes will lock on “iPhone” setting, which doesn’t even exist in the app. You can’t get out of it without some tricking of the app.
  • It’s now August! 1/5

    By DaviDean
    I’m have the same problems ... reported in a Feb review. It’s now August and NO improvement or “fix”. So what is up!
  • Good, not perfect 3/5

    By Terrytunes
    While switching from one mobile device to another sometimes it goes back and forth. Also while using the phone Bluetooth, then switching to speaker or listening in, sometimes it switches back to Bluetooth by itself. But really nice I can adjust the volume level, as well as treble/bass/etc myself. Hearing aid technology is getting much better, but it’s still not perfect. I’ve been wearing hearing aids for about 15 years, early 40’s, so I adapted easily to the upgraded technology as it became available.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Dissappointed too!
    I thought this app and the Resound aides would be so functional and powerful for me. They have been powerful—they’ve nearly blown my head off when, supposedly not ringing through my aides, the ringer came through painfully. This happened once when I was driving nearly scaring me off the edge of the road. Another time, in the quiet of my home, the noise was so terrible I spun in circles disoriented from the pain. Now it insists on putting media through to my aides even though I have the phone set at NEVER for ringer and for media. I’ve tried everything including calling my audiologist, to no avail. I’d completely disconnect them from my phone but I don’t want to deactivate the locator in case I drop an aide somewhere. Other settings within the app fail as well. I only hope I’m not suffering increased hearing loss by the deafening streaming.
  • Connectivity issue 2/5

    By Pops @ Home
    Daily my app is disconnected from hearing aids. Must manually reconnect. Today it was connected for hour or so. Became disconnected. Unable to reconnect to iPhone. Have reloaded Resound 3D Still no connection. What’s up? Oh, periodically I find I am connected to Demo. How does that happen?
  • Demo mode 4/5

    By igvhfrx
    Just put app on iPhone 8 and could not get out o demo mode after viewing new features not on iPhone 5.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By J.R.99
    Constant connectivity issues! Terrible streaming! App needs serious improvements!
  • Now won’t connect to Apple Watch unless app is running 1/5

    By Franks8519
    Every time Resound or Apple updates something, a new set of problems arises. As long ago as February, a user posted that the aids disconnect every time the app is not open. That has gotten worse. Add to that, the Apple Watch does not connect unless the app is open(which is required now to get the aids to connect) and that function is useless. The Watch connectivity is the primary reason I bought this aid. I’m told by Costco to be patient while Resound catches up to Apple. It’s been a year. I’m ready to return them.
  • Too expensive to work this poorly 1/5

    By RedmondChas
    I picked the top of the line (for Dad) and am having buyers remorse. I had hoped the app would be an assist, but it is not ready for distribution to the public, IMHO. The ideas are good but execution is still lacking.
  • Very unhappy customer 2/5

    By Needcontroll
    Was very excited about this app but cautious due the reviews. When it connects its pretty good but the longer I use it, the more frustrated I get as it has trouble connecting. Drives me crazy when I have to reload it & you can’t get out of DEMO mode. Hope they get a fix soon. I know Apple causes a lot of problems for the app developers. This app still needs to improve. Now it disconnects all the time. Think I may just remove it all together, way too much frustration! Why can’t they just fix it. I tried to change settings on the Aid itself & almost went deaf, not control. V
  • Tips for improvements 3/5

    By Bill Kron
    First of all, the most recent update which provides an optimized connection to the phone is great. It connects much faster. Kudos! However, this causes the watch app to be even more reliable than it previously was. This feature would be even more appreciated if it didn’t degrade the experience in the watch app. Please test and fix the watch integration. I would like to make more use of it, but it needs to be improved in terms of performance. The features are there and are appreciated when it actually connects to the phone. Second, please test the heating aid experience with AirPods. No matter what the settings are, the hearing aids want to take the call. They usually work OK, but try switching to another Bluetooth device like AirPods. It rarely works and if it does, it won’t last. I prefer the sound quality of the AirPods to the hearing aids. The call sound quality is pretty poor in comparison to AirPods or even plain old wired EarPods. Please pay attention to some of these other use cases in testing. I know that in some cases, it may be something that you need to work on with Apple because you need changed in the OS, but you have a decent app that could be vastly better overall. As I’ve said in the past, let me know if you need a beta tester. :-) Thank you for listening!
  • Getting Worse 1/5

    By Z3LDAH
    The new version of the app is worse than the previous. Still having serious connection issues. A new problem with this version is that the app occasionally can’t connect with the hearing aid. I get a big red X. After opening and closing the hearing aid a few time, the problem persists. The only solution I discovered is that I have to tell my phone to “forget” the hearing aides and then I have to go through the reconnection process. This fixes the issue for awhile. Not to mention the persistent issues with car play. This app is clearly worse than the previous version, and the previous version was horrible.
  • App disconnects 3/5

    By fungusdoc
    Every time I connect with the app, it automatically disconnects. It makes using the app difficult. Otherwise, I love my hearing aid. Glenn Roberts Rochester, MN
  • Constant disconnect 1/5

    By joecik
    Same issue as above complaint. Now won’t assept any nickname to keep negative post off site
  • Poor quality 1/5

    By glsal2
    I’m in agreement with Codesign’s comments. I am experiencing the sane problems with constant de-connections and the Apple Watch app is worthless also. I see no point in attempting to contact anyone for help. They responded that they were aware and working the issues. That was back in February. It’s now July and nothing has changed. If it is possibly ble to avoid these things do so. If not, I’m sorry to hear that.
  • Telephone function died 1/5

    By knnk100
    I cannot communicate on the phone anymore. The phone connects to the number but then the hearing aids disconnect. There is no longer a phone connection. The app is not working, I did the reset cycle according to email instructions from customer service and had one or two connections yesterday but today it does not work. This is frustrating and a serious problem for me not being able to communicate with people socially or for health reasons at my age.
  • Keeps trying to connect to second HA which is actually a CI 3/5

    By xygbnklkngfb
    This app has been working fine for me until the most recent update. I’m a bimodal user with Enzo 3D on one side and a Cochlear N7 on the other. I have to apparently use Cochlear‘s app separately to control the CI (would be nice to combine the two in one app!) and I use the ReSound 3D for the HA. After the last update it connects still to my HA find but always tells me my other ear is not connecting and I get an annoying red “x” for status all the time even though that is the CI and it is connected fine. The app needs to go back and recognize if the connected device is a CI and ignore rather than telling me something is wrong.
  • The app stinks 1/5

    By Squelch007
    The quality is poor when listening to music or podcasts. Right now it’s detecting my hearing aids but won’t let me connect with this lousy app. Thus the lousy app doesn’t even work!
  • Don’t Update 1/5

    By Austin Duck Hunter
    I updated my Resound app yesterday. Although the Tips in the app says that ReSound Assist is available allowing me to get in touch with my audiologist to change my settings directly in the app as I had been able to do before the update, that ability is no longer present. Developer, please restore this ability.

ReSound Smart 3D app comments

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