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ReSound Smart 3D

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  • Current Version: 1.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: ReSound
  • Compatibility: Android
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ReSound Smart 3D App

The ReSound Smart 3D™ app is compatible with the following hearing aids: ReSound LiNX 3D™ 9/7/5 ReSound ENZO 3D™ 9/7/5 The ReSound Smart 3D app lets you control your hearing aids directly from your mobile device. You can change programs, and make simple or more advanced sound adjustments and save them as favorites. The app helps you learn what you can do and how to do it. It can even help you find your hearing aids if you lose them. Last, but not least, you can have your hearing care professional update your hearing aid programs and send you new hearing aid software without taking a trip to the clinic. Notes: Please contact your local ReSound representative for product and feature availability in your market. We recommend that the hearing aids run the latest software version. If in doubt, please contact your hearing care professional. ReSound Smart 3D mobile device compatibility: Please consult the ReSound app website for up-to-date compatibility information: Use the ReSound Smart 3D app to: • Enjoy optimization anywhere with ReSound Assist: Request help with your hearing aid settings from your hearing care professional and receive new settings and software updates. And use these direct control and personalization options: • Adjust volume settings on your hearing aids • Mute your hearing aids • Adjust volume of your ReSound streaming accessories • Adjust speech focus as well as noise and wind-noise levels with Sound Enhancer (for selected programs in ReSound LiNX 3D 9 and ReSound ENZO 3D 9 only) • Change manual and streamer programs • Edit and personalize program names • Adjust treble, middle and bass tones to your preferences • Save your preferred settings as a Favorite – you can even tag to a location • Help locate lost or misplaced hearing aids • Tinnitus manager: Adjust sound variation and frequency of the Tinnitus Sound Generator. Select Nature Sounds. (Features available in your hearing aids if enabled by your hearing care professional.) For more information and help, please visit Privacy policy Please view our privacy policy in the link provided: Note: Continual use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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ReSound Smart 3D app reviews

  • Very unhappy customer 2/5

    By Needcontroll
    Was very excited about this app but cautious due the reviews. When it connects its pretty good but the longer I use it, the more frustrated I get as it has trouble connecting. Drives me crazy when I have to reload it & you can’t get out of DEMO mode. Hope they get a fix soon. I know Apple causes a lot of problems for the app developers. This app still needs to improve. Now it disconnects all the time. Think I may just remove it all together, way too much frustration! Why can’t they just fix it. I tried to change settings on the Aid itself & almost went deaf, not control. V
  • Tips for improvements 3/5

    By Bill Kron
    First of all, the most recent update which provides an optimized connection to the phone is great. It connects much faster. Kudos! However, this causes the watch app to be even more reliable than it previously was. This feature would be even more appreciated if it didn’t degrade the experience in the watch app. Please test and fix the watch integration. I would like to make more use of it, but it needs to be improved in terms of performance. The features are there and are appreciated when it actually connects to the phone. Second, please test the heating aid experience with AirPods. No matter what the settings are, the hearing aids want to take the call. They usually work OK, but try switching to another Bluetooth device like AirPods. It rarely works and if it does, it won’t last. I prefer the sound quality of the AirPods to the hearing aids. The call sound quality is pretty poor in comparison to AirPods or even plain old wired EarPods. Please pay attention to some of these other use cases in testing. I know that in some cases, it may be something that you need to work on with Apple because you need changed in the OS, but you have a decent app that could be vastly better overall. As I’ve said in the past, let me know if you need a beta tester. :-) Thank you for listening!
  • Getting Worse 1/5

    By Z3LDAH
    The new version of the app is worse than the previous. Still having serious connection issues. A new problem with this version is that the app occasionally can’t connect with the hearing aid. I get a big red X. After opening and closing the hearing aid a few time, the problem persists. The only solution I discovered is that I have to tell my phone to “forget” the hearing aides and then I have to go through the reconnection process. This fixes the issue for awhile. Not to mention the persistent issues with car play. This app is clearly worse than the previous version, and the previous version was horrible.
  • App disconnects 3/5

    By fungusdoc
    Every time I connect with the app, it automatically disconnects. It makes using the app difficult. Otherwise, I love my hearing aid. Glenn Roberts Rochester, MN
  • Constant disconnect 1/5

    By joecik
    Same issue as above complaint. Now won’t assept any nickname to keep negative post off site
  • Poor quality 1/5

    By glsal2
    I’m in agreement with Codesign’s comments. I am experiencing the sane problems with constant de-connections and the Apple Watch app is worthless also. I see no point in attempting to contact anyone for help. They responded that they were aware and working the issues. That was back in February. It’s now July and nothing has changed. If it is possibly ble to avoid these things do so. If not, I’m sorry to hear that.
  • Telephone function died 1/5

    By knnk100
    I cannot communicate on the phone anymore. The phone connects to the number but then the hearing aids disconnect. There is no longer a phone connection. The app is not working, I did the reset cycle according to email instructions from customer service and had one or two connections yesterday but today it does not work. This is frustrating and a serious problem for me not being able to communicate with people socially or for health reasons at my age.
  • Keeps trying to connect to second HA which is actually a CI 3/5

    By xygbnklkngfb
    This app has been working fine for me until the most recent update. I’m a bimodal user with Enzo 3D on one side and a Cochlear N7 on the other. I have to apparently use Cochlear‘s app separately to control the CI (would be nice to combine the two in one app!) and I use the ReSound 3D for the HA. After the last update it connects still to my HA find but always tells me my other ear is not connecting and I get an annoying red “x” for status all the time even though that is the CI and it is connected fine. The app needs to go back and recognize if the connected device is a CI and ignore rather than telling me something is wrong.
  • Update not helpful 3/5

    By Bascochick
    Seems I’m having more issues with the app and music streaming than before the recent update. Also, hearing aides can constantly show they aren’t connected or it’s connecting when I open the app.
  • The app stinks 1/5

    By Squelch007
    The quality is poor when listening to music or podcasts. Right now it’s detecting my hearing aids but won’t let me connect with this lousy app. Thus the lousy app doesn’t even work!
  • Don’t Update 1/5

    By Austin Duck Hunter
    I updated my Resound app yesterday. Although the Tips in the app says that ReSound Assist is available allowing me to get in touch with my audiologist to change my settings directly in the app as I had been able to do before the update, that ability is no longer present. Developer, please restore this ability.
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks 2/5

    By KPJoyce
    Most of the time when I use FaceTime the voices are high pitched like Alvin & the Chipmunks.
  • Don’t get all the features 2/5

    I don’t get the settings for restaurants, outside, etc. all I get is the all around setting and have to put in my ounces personal settings. I even tried deleting the app and reloading it.
  • Bluetooth connection 5/5

    By needs ukdayec
    I upgraded my iPhone operating system to 11.4 and now my 3D hearing aids will not pair with Bluetooth. It is my understanding that ReSound is not working on fix for this. If you want to stream music or answer phone with this app DO NOT upgrade to iOS 11.4. They will not work. Otherwise great hearing aids. UPDATE Last night I installed iOS 11.4.1 and the hearing aids work great. Music streams as it should and calls work perfect. They are now a 5 Star with me!!
  • Speakers 2/5

    By chwk6969
    Could very well be 5 stars for the fact if the technology alone! BUT to have my devices turned up FULL BLAST every time I get a phone call or open an app is really messed up!! I mean the speakers for outside hearing. Not the speakers for phone use or app use. Try to fix please!!
  • Store owner 2/5

    By help deano
    I have the same issue with disconnect and it happened while calling 911. 911 called me back and said don’t hang up but I could hear them. Point is they have been working on it since February and no improvement???
  • Update problem 4/5

    By quackerstacker
    Had Linx 3D for about a month and was extremely pleased with them. Then last night my I phone did an update and now the aids connect and work properly until I try to receive a call or dial a call then they lose Bluetooth connection until you disconnect from the call. Then they reconnect to the Bluetooth again.And in answer to the post jbblum put up about older users not being app savvy, some of us “ older users” have been working with computers since probably before you were born, so before you go running your mouth about ignoring peoples reviews you should have read the developers response that there is a problem with the app smart***
  • Would give zero stars if I could 1/5

    By meexer mom
    Worst ever. Not only didn’t work for hearing aids, app made iPhone unusable even when app and hearing aids off. $4,500 mistake. I think piece of junk. Think they sold at best a beta version, took the profit and ran. Never answer customer phone, even holding for an hour.
  • Works well. Lots of older users probably having user induced errors. 4/5

    By jbblum
    Had the first generation linx hearing aids and recently upgraded to the 3D. App works very smoothly and the transition to streaming is nearly instantaneous. No chronic connection issues yet. During my fitting my audiologist said how much easier it is to teach younger people how to connect and use the app. She stated the older adults repeatedly have issues using the apps, mostly user error. That said I would ignore some of the reviews posted because many reflect user error and not an inherent problem with the app. 4 stars because like anything, it could use some fine tweaking and adding more features.
  • Bogus features 1/5

    By Sensei416
    I have down loaded this app 3 times thinking I had gotten an incomplete transfer. There are no programs in the app. Screens appear on the page above that don’t exist on the app. Features used to sell me the hearing aids are not accessible.
  • Help 2/5

    By ruffledfeathers!
    After only 2 days of working properly these ReSound hearing aides have stopped working right. They lose connection easily and using Bluetooth for my downloaded music no longer works after day 2 of brand new ones. ReSound says it is Apple’s fault so I went to the Apple store. They saw it I’d ReSound who needs to update. No one is believable. I want my money back for both products. Ridiculous run around
  • iOS 11.4 Update Broke the App 2/5

    By WelshieMom
    Was very happy with the app, installed on my iPhone 6se, until the recent iOS update. When the audiologist tried to troubleshoot the problem, Resound tech support said the phone was not compatible with the hearing aids and software, even though they had worked together fine for one year! Please update the app to work with iOS 11.4 now!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    I had to turn off the automatic streaming function as it does not work with phone calls. It either doesn’t switch to the call and the caller hangs up after 30 seconds of no reply or a incoming call kicks out the connection to the 3D app. Then once the caller hangs up the app reconnects to the hearing aids. Please fix soon as the functionality has promise to help my quality of life. I have a iPhone SE on iOS 11.4 Thank you. 🙁
  • Awful 1/5

    By StarryKnight80
    I bought the expensive ENZO 3D because I liked the idea of being able to adjust them with an app. However the smart app tells me they aren’t compatible and the other resound app tells me I can only use the smart app. Some technology! I’ve called resound several times and have yet talked to a real person.
  • Pretty good app 3/5

    By DFG1953
    This app does a nice job for most situations. One issue I can’t seem to resolve is the volume control slider has no effect when streaming music to the hearing aids (iPhone iOS 11.3). The only volume control I have is on the phone itself using the volume buttons.
  • Persistent (and frequent) Bluetooth connecticity issues 1/5

    By Ad Portas
    I experience persistent Bluetooth connectivity issues. For example, while watching TV (using ReSound’s TV streamer, which I selected 30 minutes earlier via the Smart 3D app on my iPhone), I make a call with my iPhone. The call goes through, but guess what — my hearing aids are still connected to the TV streamer. And the app shows that it is “connecting” to my aids, a 10-second (sometimes longer) process. So I mumble apologies to the recipient of my call (whom I can’t hear, since I’m still connected to the TV) and hang up while I wait for the app to (re)connect to my phone. The connectivity issue occurs multiple times on a daily basis. It’s frustrating watching the “connecting” process recur in what appears to be a random manner. The iOS version currently on my iPhone is 11.4.
  • Not terrible, not great 2/5

    By Dorsye
    If you’re going to put a $6,000 price-tag on a device and claim it has a certain functionality, it better work and work well. The interconnectivity of the aids and app work...just not well. The hearing aids frequently try to hijack the audio feed, even when the source is set to “never”. This is particularly annoying when trying to view a webpage that has any sort of media as the hearing aids with almost always try to grab the audio. The developers of this app are simply very lazy and the company seems content to take the money its customers spend and not reinvest in the technology we’ve paid for. Well guess what? I’m still in my trial period, and there are plenty of other hearing-aids with app connectivity out there. These just might be going back. UPDATE 6/9: I find it interesting that I have several headphone sets that cost less than $200, and each of them can handle audio hand-offs without issue (or without resorting to blaming iOS for their products failure to live up to expectations). Give me results, resound, not excuses!
  • IOS 11.4 3/5

    By jay117106
    Since I did a upgrade for my IPhone IOS to 11.4 my pairing with Bluetooth fails when I get a phone call or when I stream music or videos. Spoke with apple support and they stated it was a issue with your app and doing research in the web it appears that a lot of people have the same issue since doing the IOS upgrade. I’ve tried reinstalling app and re-pairing my hearing aids but nothing has helped. Please help
  • Great 4/5

    By Gann P
    I love my hearing aids. But I’ve seen there are more presets than I have. How do I get the presets for outdoors and music?
  • Needs work. 1/5

    By Cw790c
    Aids randomly change programs. Drops one aid when using the phone. I finally deleted the app. Nice idea, poor application.
  • App needs work 2/5

    By Az Pete
    Like the last review, the app doesn’t keep your settings but starts over every time you open it. Also, today, after working for three months it unpaired with my phone and would not re-pair. No response yet from the app for my request for help.
  • VA hearing aids 1/5

    By vet9000
    Re-sound does not provide a hook up for the Apple Watch for the hearing aid is given to veterans
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By Hercelia
    This app needs work.
  • still losing connection 2/5

    By Bill...oHNooo
    update 5/21/18. still poor connection when streaming. often lose one side or get tinny garbled sounds. even with new batteries in both sides. I get better preformance from headphones at a fraction of the cost. But I need hearing aids and it’s tough to use both.
  • No help anywhere 1/5

    By vbeham
    Installed , worked for a while. Next time I tried to use only one screen came up. Cannot repair by reinstalling. No online help available just a phone number, which I refuse to use for technical problem solving.
  • APP not working 2/5

    By Judygolfs
    1. I have been using the ReSound 3M APP for four months without much problem.Today the APP would not connect to my ReSound Hearing aids. My iPhone settings in General/Accessible shows my ReSound aids for just a minute, then loses it. Doesn’t pair. I’ve rebooted my iPhone 3x. I discarded the ReSound 3M APP and I reloaded it. It still will not connect to my aids. The gal at Costco can’t pair my aids either. My ReSound Aids were purchased at Costco only four months ago.. 2. The audio-guy at Costco told me ReSound is upgrading the Costco ReSound aids so that they can be adjusted remotely by Costco. Has that been done? Thank you.
  • No phone volume control 3/5

    By gblattster
    App is decent except when turn on streaming the ringer volume is at max, no way to control it. I even turned volume off in the phone but when I receive a call the volume is so loud I have to remove the hearing aids. I tried turning hearing device mic volume off and it still blasts me. So I turned streaming off. Would be useful if it was adjustable.
  • Hearing aids on Resound ? 1/5

    By mothersfathers
    I experienced similar to other people having Hearing aids that worked and now for past week don’t. I changed batteries , checked wires , even went to Dr to see if something wrong with them or my ears , wax etc now after $200 I find out it the resound ??
  • Ringing 3/5

    By johnpack
    I would help if there was a way to shut off the ringing when you are away from your phone. You are in the kitchen and something happens outside you run to check and you phone rings in your ear until you get back to it or the phone hangs up
  • Bluetooth, where are you? 2/5

    By rradiohead
    This app has excellent potential, yet unfulfilled. It’s one thing to easily switch and customize programs with the touch of a button. But it’s altogether another thing to easily switch and customize program with a touch of a button. If that sounds stupid, then welcome to Resound Smart 3D. The previous Resound Smart app worked fine as far as it went, but sat on the shelf for more than a year without being updated until a recent bug-related release. I suppose Resound was engrossed in developing Smart 3D. Whoops, fellas. Your app is of no use if it can’t sustain a Bluetooth connection to the these fine hearing aids. Get moving, before I have to return my hearing aids. The app’s potential was the dealmaker. Perhaps you could send me a Unite Remote Control 2 that I can return to you once you get your APP together. Thanks for reading.
  • Getting quite frustrated 1/5

    By Dave the camel
    Okay so when I got my hearing aid six months ago I thought the app was awesome! It was great for use in college because I was able to be discrete about my hearing aid, but then THE APP STOPPED WORKING. I CANT EVEN OPEN THE APP WITHOUT IT CRASHING. Thank god I know how to switch settings manually, otherwise I’d be screwed for getting through daily life. Being HoH is hard as is, I just want an app that makes things simpler. I would love to be able to adjust different filters and volumes but ya know can’t do that without that app... so that’s pretty sucky. I just saw the update and was super excited hoping that the issue with crashing was resolved but it still crashed as soon as I opened it so thought I’d let my opinion be known... might have to consider a different hearing aid if ReSound can’t get this whole tech thing straightened out.
  • Pretty sad app. 1/5

    By halfdeafterry
    I constantly have to reboot, re connect my aids, and uninstall the app to keep them connected. It has become a twice weekly ordeal. I’m looking for something else. Hopefully I can find something cuz this doesn’t work!
  • Jumbogary 1/5

    By jumbogary
    I love the connection to the iPhone until I lost iPhone to hearing aid connection. No help at all to reconnect. Extremely frustrating !!!!
  • Complaint 2/5

    By schubecky
    I have a very difficult time disconnecting from a phone call. Green bar across top of phone shows we arestill connected. . I hit everything and very frustrating. I like hands free but this is very frustrating????f
  • Not great 2/5

    By Daddio76
    App seems to have all settings built in (outdoors, restaurant) but once I click out of demo mode those presets disappear and I’m left with All-Around as the only preset.
  • Bluetooth connection 3/5

    By Salih Obeid
    My phone is 6s plus I phone When I make connection with Bluetooth and my hearing aid devices which are Linx3D The connection is almost lost and I become very annoyed when getting a call through my phone and I became disabled Please advice me what to do to make my hearing aid devices always connected with the Bluetooth Best regards Salih Obeid
  • Apple Watch function request 4/5

    By applemaciphoneipadwatch
    I often have the need to control the volume for the left and right hearing aids independently. This function is easy enough on the Smart 3D app but is missing on the watch app. There is only the option to control L+R volume together. That would be fine if making that adjustment did not reset the volume balance I made in the app. Would it be possible in a future update to change the watch app to adjust the L+R volumes without destroying the balance?
  • Smart 3D app crashing 3/26/18 3/5

    By SWS1965
    This app starting crashing today after my Resound Tinnitus relief app was update today.
  • Could use a few enhancements 4/5

    By Master Robert
    I like the app. It’s reliable and easy to use. Something that would be great are battery status indicators. I have the rechargeables and would like to check how much longer I have before needing a recharge.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Scarbrod
    Works great. The only issue I have is being able to adjust the audio when I am streaming audio to my hearing aid from my apple devices. The only thing I can control is volume. I have the resound linx 3d 7.

ReSound Smart 3D app comments


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