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$ 0 App is the best site for savings on local restaurants: • More than 500,000 deals available every day • Featuring local, independent, neighborhood restaurants • Certificates never expire and can be exchanged at any time • Thousands of new restaurants added every month Whether you’re buying a certificate or not, we help you discover the perfect dining experience. (The savings are a bonus!) We make finding the best deal on every meal the easiest thing you’ll do today.

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  • Choices 3/5

    By maury822
    All Mexican or Spanish
  • Love it 5/5

    By neverbroke69
    I love the coupons I just wish it was easier for the restaurant to redeem it.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Dewrdh
    I highly dislike having to enter my email and password over and over just to maneuver through the app. What is the point of signing in if you have to continually re-enter the same information?
  • Can’t Sign In 1/5

    By JoeyDeeee
    Just sits there and spins
  • Can’t seem to make sense of this.. 1/5

    By B391984008
    I pre ordered vouchers and entered them into my account but nothing... absolutely nothing indicates how to redeem or use these $50 bucks that are in there. Not a good experience or solution so far..
  • Review 1/5

    By Shadyluk
    I really want to like this mobile app or even the website, but it’s not easy to use. Restaurants should really up their game and make it more user friendly and include better restaurant deals. I been using it for years and as better websites come me up I have been using less and less. Sorry guys you need a major overhaul.
  • Research before buying 1/5

    By Truzz916
    Not many selection and doesn’t offer refund seem kinda sketchy but it is what it is just got to use it because I’ve paid for it . Still waiting on my gas card which have been over a month now.
  • coupons not accepted 1/5

    By apourmog
    ended up purchasing 50 dollars to use my 25 dollars coupon just to find out the restaurant hasnt even heard of this site. Cost me 25 dollars on too of what I paid for the stupid coupon
  • App is horrible if you don’t use Facebook or twitter to sign in 1/5

    By Eejay30470
    If you don’t use Facebook or twitter to sign in, the app doesn’t remember your sign-in, even between tabs. I sign in with my email address and password to see my certificates, then I go to the account tab and it asks me to sign in again.
  • Coupons are easy to download or print, as well as to use 5/5

    By barely mark
    Easy process to obtain savings at places we love and new places we want to try.
  • Very inconvenient 1/5

    By kgmn82
    Honestly, a pretty terrible app. No way to sign in with thumbprint or even to have the app remember your log in info. Have to keep logging in each time.
  • Good food good people 5/5

    By Userman 1980
    Chicken Marsala was amazing.
  • Infuriating 1/5

    By shomeo
    Was given a $50 certificate for joining a retail store membership. Card says to enter code on the easy to follow instructions on the site/app. Downloaded app, registered, tapped "certificate", was asked to login, to be told unknown email. Ok, register again, thinking I'd get an email in use error... NOPE, second time is the charm apparently. Go back to certificate, click redeem by code, then am told I have to search to redeem. Fine, searching by all methods reveal slim pickings in my area, and even if I pick a selection, it has nothing directly related to getting $50 associated to my account. The hoops this app has you jump through for what is otherwise an easy code redemption process make me want to trash the $50 certificate I was gifted. Now I'll go get a handful of $10/$20 coupons with spending conditions to mediocre eateries in my Boston North Shore area.
  • Clunky app but works 3/5

    By Healtheplanet
    Not as intuitive as it can be. Often, you will have to keep signing back if you happen to visit different app menu items which is a chore. But overall, the ability to have all gift cards at one place is a charm and works well at restaurants. Interface can improve quite a bit.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Natasha☝🏽Qnatti
    There were not many places to choose from. I was supposed to have $100 voucher from Groupon. I realize I have been scammed. I picked a couple coupons for $5 dollars off and logged back in and my credits are gone. This app and Groupon are scams
  • Fix It 1/5

    By Bent Outta Shape
    Get it together— need more and better new restaurants CONSTANTLY and a better functioning site.
  • Keep logging in 1/5

    By Skykingtest
    This is ridiculous. I have to keep logging in whenever I opened this app.
  • Ripoff made a mistake at login and lost my certificate 1/5

    By NeverUseThemAgain
    I inadvertently validated my certificate instead of printing it out and when you do that, it consumes the certificate and it is no longer usable. I will never use this site again. Ridiculous.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By kayecarter04
    Terrible rip off. I pray people read reviews before buying coupons.
  • Slowest app ever 1/5

    By I<3kickbucks
    I received an email from this website saying I had certificates that I hadn’t used, I had forgotten about them. It seems that some of the restaurants were no longer participating so I had the option to exchange them. I did that and then when I went to use them they were no where to be found, mind you it took me a solid half hour to just get logged in, the website is so slow. I tried logging in on the app and had the same slow experience. Looks like I lost my certificates anyway! All crap!
  • Horrible experience and poorly run company 1/5

    By Johnsimmonshr
    Nearly 3 years ago I purchased a $100 gift card and installed the app. I made my first purchase for a local restaurant (Bull Taco) that I hadn’t heard of before. We went to the restaurant and it was closed... for good... out of business. It had apparently closed 3 weeks earlier (according to the sign on the door). Yet the app let me buy the certificate 20min earlier. Things happen and a big company can’t be expected to know about every little closure. So I submitted a customer support request to get a refund. No response... ever. Until today when I got an email saying that unfortunately Bull Taco had closed and they were offering me the opportunity to exchange my $15 certificate for something else. This is nearly 3 years after submitting the request for a refund! So I go into the app to do the exchange. The user experience is a circular one. I indicate I want to exchange for a Dickie’s BBQ certificate which only comes in denominations as high as $10. But I have a $15 credit. So the app won’t let me exchange it because they aren’t the same value. There is a function to exchange but it only lets you exchange your certificate for one of the exact same amount. Funny thing, I notice that the remaining $85 of the $100 gift certificate I purchased 3yrs ago is still in my account because I was so upset with my initial customer experience that I never went back into the app until today when I got the email. So I try to use that to buy the Dickies certificate but the shopping experience only allows you to use credit card or PayPal. There is no option to use a gift certificate already in your account. And to be clear the gift certificate I was trying to use had never been redeemed for any specific restaurant certificates. For years every time I saw an ad for I would recount the initial story above and tell people that it is a scam or a poorly run business. But, 3 years later, I now have an even better story to tell. Please fix your app so you can use gift certificates already in your account as tender at check out. (Now I just need to wait 3yrs and maybe I will get another email)
  • Horrible app/site 1/5

    By Aden Sevry
    Can’t access any of my stuff 90% of the time. Absolutely trash.
  • Can not redeem vouchers 1/5

    By jmo1211
    I have attempted to use several vouchers and every single time the restaurant refused to honor them!
  • Very slow. 2/5

    By Bigdon68
    Always asks you to sign in. Seems hard to navigate, Groupon it is not.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By hate frauds
    The majority of these restaurants are out of business, look like that you wouldn’t feed your dog there and most don’t even honor this crappy gift card. Waste of time and global travel company are frauds too!!!!
  • Not keeping up with closures 2/5

    By Opkc12:6
    Twice I have went to use and not in business
  • Certificates 3/5

    By capemaytye
    I am finding it very difficult to use and exchange my certificates.
  • Deens 1/5

    By Deens F
    I have the App on my iPhone, why do I have to sign-in Everytime I open the App to see my Certificates. Please fix this, by Updating your App. This is a real Inconvenience.
  • Absolutely awesome! 5/5

    By Jlvdogg
    Great deals, all the time!
  • Password Everytime! 1/5

    By Karkar464785
    Why not update the app to save the password like so many other apps?
  • Great deals 5/5

    By Cellgeorge
    Great buss model as both a marketing model( attracting new customers ) and a money saving tool for consumers
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Brandon098
    This app is broken. I have a code I need to redeem which is why I used the app. When I tap the “redeem a code” button it take me the the home scree (the one I was just on), but it removes the redeem button. So basically you can’t use the app to redeem a code, which is the reason I downloaded the app in the first place!
  • Poor Customer Service 1/5

    By bxbrat
    I have tried several times to correct a problem and have not gotten a response in over 2 months... twice the coupon wouldn’t come up to scan .... it came up checked as if it was used. I tried another one and the same thing happened. I had to pay full price for my food and lost both coupons. I have been to 2 other places that do not accept these coupons and again was forced to pay full price even though I had paid for the certificates. So that makes 4 times I could not benefit from things I paid for. I can do an exchange for the certificates I still have but I am leary .... what if they don’t work either. Do I lose more money??? I bought a lot of certificates and have purchased many gift cards also.
  • Great food & service! 5/5

    By Guzzies
    Large portions of homemade fixins, the best fries and hash browns anywhere. Huge burgers all for a very good price. You will never leave hungry! 🐞
  • Savings 5/5

    By AnthonyPress
    This site is great for money events and entertainment.
  • “Destination Restaurants” 5/5

    By 80%+
    This app and site always introduces me to new “destination” restaurants which is now a new hobby. Look for a type of food to enjoy and go to that location to explore and work up an appetite. Plus the savings with the meal goes for the gas!!
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Banco je
    The app, as well as the website, are so difficult to navigate. You have to log in to multiple sections of the app, if you navigate away, you have to log in again. I have gift cards to use, but when I add a certificate to my cart, there is no way to use the gift card toward it. If I try to purchase a certificate from the gift card page, it just takes me in circles and doesn't actually let me purchase a certificate. I've had these gift cards sitting in this app for almost two years and am unable to use them.
  • Sign in required every time 1/5

    By Mgwinter
    An app that requires you to login every time you open is not an app. Its a mobile site
  • No Reason not to use this app 5/5

    By dfantuzzi
    Use it all the time. Easy convenient and always produces a savings.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By jlgibson99
    I had trouble signing in so I created a new account. I just checked out with PayPal and received a receipt from PayPal but the checkout won’t stop loading. Frustrating!
  • Not user friendly. 1/5

    By Susanleigh
    I have no clue how to use this app. I have 60.00 in Credit and everything I look at says I need to spend money to get these deals. I wish someone would give instructions on how to redeem money on this account.
  • Stop making me type my user and password 1/5

    By Mike#52
    Awful app. I have to type my username and password every time I want to open it.
  • No option to enter gift card. 1/5

    By Vulosity
    The sole reason why I downloaded the app. Says it easy to use with easy to follow instructions.
  • Gone downhill 1/5

    By Steph….
    I bought a few certificates a couple years ago and used them. I thought they were good deals. Spend $50 at the restaurant and get $25 off. There was lots of restaurants to choose from, good ones too. Now there are merely a handful in my area (a major metropolitan area too!) and they are all subpar quality. There is literally one good restaurant and it has said "sold out" for the past year. I had 2 certificates left that I hadn't used and now both those restaurants have pulled out of the program and I am being forced to exchange them. Except there is literally only one restaurant within 100 miles that offers a $25 level certificate and it now requires a $75 minimum purchase. What a ripoff. My husband and I had a hard time getting to $50 at some of these low brow places, how are we supposed to hit $75? They are basically cheapening the deal without a good discount. They must have done something to piss off all the good restaurants because no one is participating in their program now. Waste of time, these "deals" are anything but.
  • Great tool to good food! 5/5

    By saraman3
    Use it all the time!
  • UI needs work 2/5

    By staunchnortheasterner
    I hope the user interface will get cleaner and more user friendly by March of 2019!
  • Nuh uh 1/5

    By Leah Do
    Not enough restaurants and the only ones participating are horrible. Several restaurants quit which resulted in some of my certificates being cancelled. Contacted customer service several times to try to combine credits and absolutely no response at all.
  • Terrible restaurants 1/5

    By mdalma
    I have $225 to buy deals and no good restaurants all these restaurants are dumps and need people to eat there to survive try harder
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By guitarthrower
    I can’t sign in using my google account on the app. Until they add the option to app I’ll have to use the website.
  • Not enough restaurants 4/5

    By February74
    I gave this app a 4+ because while they always have a lot to offer as far as activities, they just don’t have enough restaurants in my area. I know Delaware is a small state but we have many eateries that are missing from list. What about DDD(3d’s) which is a sub shop in Newcastle? Seasons Pizza, Pat’s Pizza, Gino’s Pizza, Jade’s Palace, OB’s Jamaican food, Spice n’ Nice Jamaican, Cheesecake Factory, Thai Kitchen, Osaka, Hibachi’s, Potstickers, Jasmine’s, Kenny’s Restaurant, Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, TGIFridays, The Brown Bag & the brown bag 2, Celebrations on Market, Red Lobster just to name a few more for your list. Otherwise, I really like the app just wish most of the offers for most restaurants weren’t in Philadelphia, the next state over from us. app comments


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