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  • Current Version: 3.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer:, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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$ 0 App is the best site for savings on local restaurants: • More than 500,000 deals available every day • Featuring local, independent, neighborhood restaurants • Certificates never expire and can be exchanged at any time • Thousands of new restaurants added every month Whether you’re buying a certificate or not, we help you discover the perfect dining experience. (The savings are a bonus!) We make finding the best deal on every meal the easiest thing you’ll do today. app screenshots app reviews

  • Login problem 1/5

    By Hhsvvjckieebevduj
    Let me use a four digit code, thumbprint, or Face ID. Logging in every use is ridiculous.
  • This app is terrible 1/5

    By Cole roberman
    I use it because I can get good deals but it is so buggy. I’m always signed out and it won’t save my username and password. I can’t tell it to use my location just when I use the’s always or never so obviously never. It’s always crashing and having problems.
  • Hard to use 1/5

    By Jam fast
    It’s hard to use the app, I have problems logging in and using my certificates.
  • She Did 4/5

    By jabrwaljie
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  • Dissatisfied customer 1/5

    By longsuffering
    How about some new restaurants? Every time I look in my area it’s the same ones over and over and I just spent $40 for your special promotions. So far, it hasn’t been worth it at all!!!!
  • DONT 1/5

    By Cremers67
    I got 50 bucks on on a Disney package, and should’ve just bought regular tickets. Worst app and site I’ve ever seen. You have to log in every time, in an APP. Really? Oh by the way, I didn’t use my certificates near Disneyland cause it only worked at like 3 restaurants. I guess I waited too long to use them cause they’re GONE!?!??! DONT DO IT
  • Bad App 1/5

    By wwdmm
    Incredibly slow app. This service is so buggy and counterintuitive. Difficult to use even when the pages are loading properly. Highly not recommended.
  • Perfect for trying something new for a great price! 5/5

    By AllyCatM17
    I love the deals!!! I can try new places at discounted prices! It’s nation wide so I can get deals when I travel, too!!
  • Log in every time?! 2/5

    By Chemao45785
    Why doesn’t this have an option to keep you logged in, or to use touchID? Also, it is further nonsense that you have to log in every time you click the my account option. The app is otherwise decent, but the log in is a real pain. Also, for good UX add a search button so you can find restaurants you know the name of.
  • Scam 1/5

    By ghggggghhj
    I bought coupons off this site and restaurant wouldn’t honor them. Said they weren’t working with and that it was a scam. Y’all stole my money. Zero stars
  • Limited selection 2/5

    By Antiqueengineer
    Seems like fewer and fewer good restaurants to choose from. Inflexible on partial gift card redemption.
  • First time 2/5

    By Gardudy
    The first place I used it at it said I needed WiFi and would not pull up info! We had to pay full price for our meal! Made me hesitate to use it again! I really wanted to try restaurant in a different town but it didn’t work here. I’m not sure I want to travel and then have it not work again!
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By KatnDuck
    This app is the BOMB!!
  • Doesn’t work! 1/5

    By SR-1961
    Login problems can not access my redemption codes. Deleted App.
  • I wish I would have read the reviews 1/5

    By Slotmania1111
    Went to a restaurant last night took a crowd I was going to use my certificates I purchased from here and the restaurant would not accept them. They said they haven’t accepted them for about a year. I just bought the certificates from this mobile app. So why is selling certificates to this place if they don’t accept them? It was embarrassing, expensive, and we drove an hour to get there. Please save yourself and do not use this app. I am going to contact today and I’m not happy!
  • Unhappy 1/5

    By bobobobobobononobopppbo
    This is not worth it any longer. I have a huge credit and can’t use it anywhere I like. Very frustrating.
  • Why do you have to log in every single time? 1/5

    By App-man713
    So dam annoying. You have to sign in every single time. The app doesn’t even remember your email. For that reason I will no long use your piece of shi% app. Re write the got dam soft ware so I don’t have to log in every single got dam time
  • Terrible experience 1/5

    By love bug09
    I took my husband to a local restaurant only to find out they do not accept Please update your list of accepted restaurants. Thank you.
  • Bait and switch “gift cards” 1/5

    By mucher10
    So I jumped all over a holiday promo they were running for “ cards.” Turns out, which is never disclosed, that if you purchase the card and use it they switch the prices on you. For example, for one restaurant it was $4 for a $10 voucher if I wasn’t using the gift card. When I found the deal and went to redeem with the card it becomes $10. Huge scam, go with a different company that doesn’t use deceptive advertising to take your money.
  • CAFE’ DEGAS 5/5

    By Brignac1
    Absolutely consistently delicious!!!!
  • No brained 5/5

    By scot....
    Feed two price one or one for half ?! You’re call
  • The app work but... 2/5

    By Ejm896
    The app works as intended, but lacks a customer support contact method and customer support is nonexistent.
  • Beware 1/5

    By fjhgfhkvff
    Before making a purchase, call the restaurant and make sure they are participating. I bought a cert, took it to the restaurant and they would not accept it. They advised me that they don’t know how they even got on the site. I have not been able to contact anyone at to get my money back.
  • Where is the restaurant? 3/5

    By KristenPharm
    We went to visit Kaza Maza in Avon Indiana which states on their website that they were open today, but when we arrived at the address, it is now an Indian restaurant by another name, which claimed they didn’t know of the Kaza Maza. We were quite disappointed.
  • A Coupon Service - May Not Be Cost Effective 2/5

    By jzzyK
    Last week was my first time using (selected as a reward via Verizon). I was unaware of the limitations, which should be made perfectly clear when viewing the selection for purchase. I expected to use three $5.00 certificates (as $5.00 was the only increment offered) at one time, at the same location. However, upon preparing to pay the store owner informed me I could only use one certificate per visit. I was not pleased. I do not eat at the participating restaurants so I took a chance by trying a different restaurant, which occurred only because of the certificates. Needless to say, the food was okay but not good enough for a return visit. I will no longer use and will happily pay full price to patron the restaurants I enjoy. If you patron the restaurants partnered with, may be a good idea but READ THE FINE PRINT because there are numerous restrictions that may eliminate as a cost savings option.
  • Poor platform 2/5

    By Jgwlex
    Having to go back in and re-enter my gift card information each time I want to use it and having to log in every few seconds is unacceptable. Last time I tried to use the app, I was forced to log in 9 times.
  • Owner 5/5

    By camo gamer
    Top star phone rep I spoke to today wish I would have got his name !
  • Review 5/5

    By joi65
    I’ve been using this app since b4 there were apps! I love it & always have! The fact that the certificates never expire and if a restaurant doesn’t participate in the program anymore, u can exchange the certificate! Never any issues, great restaurants participate, and it’s a great way to find & try new place!
  • The app is good but... 2/5

    By Anand chiluka
    If this app were to release a decade ago then I would have given 5/5 but the app still lacks the touch and style.. this msg is for the developers - please upgrade the app with new user experience!
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Pilotevan
    Not too many restaurants n you end up spending more for these none sense deals
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By mmmmmmmnn n.
    Disappointed. Purchased certificates that were unable to be used because restaurant said they had cancelled prior to my purchase date
  • Totally useless 1/5

    By Worthless & Shameful
    I tried to redeem my gift card at a local diner that was listed as one of their participating restaurants. When I get to the counter to pay for my meal, the owner has no idea what I presented to the cashier and said that he never signed up for any discount program. I showed him the app as well as where his restaurant (verified with their name and address appears on the list) is clearly visible and he still had no clue. I ended up paying cash. Good thing I had some on me.....
  • Great job! 5/5

    By Burg Family
    I absolutely love this concept. Works very well and it’s convenient.
  • app review!! 5/5

    By atrjas313
    The app is very easy to use & navigate through the different stores, activities, or restaurants offered on their website. There are always coupons on top of their already amazingly low prices!! certificates are great to give as gifts, or just to keep on hand being that there’s no expiration date & so many different Types of items/goods to purchase.
  • Awful 1/5

    By el cactus
    Absolutely awful in every way.
  • Log In Too Much 2/5

    By initial_a2007
    Why do I have to log in every time I reopen the app?? This is ridiculous.
  • Please stop logging me out 1/5

    By BriannaJazmin
    App kicks you out every time you try to do something after viewing your certificates. Also, it’s harder to see cards. Came across it a few times on the app but then couldn’t find them. With being logged out every time I clicked around I got frustrated & went back to the mobile site. They’re easily accessible on the bottom bar right next to certificates.
  • Great deals but poor app functionality 1/5

    By nehamia84
    Please enable biometric sign on from iPhone. When exchanging certificates all restaurant names are displayed as a gift card so you can’t see what you have available so you have to sign out then manually sign back in to what is available and see where you would like to apply your account balance. App login times out quickly requiring you to sign back in within only a few minutes of logging in initially. Once again, biometric sign in would be highly beneficial. Please improve app functionality to make a more seamless user experience.
  • Kironde 5/5

    By nee years
    I used it to visit a restaurant/bar and it was great but the one downside was you could only use one towards the bill so I was only to use 5.00 off and I purchased 4 5.00 coupons but I will visit three more times to use them up.
  • Slowly going away? 3/5

    By allgoodthingsend
    Miss the days of decent restaurants.
  • Login 1/5

    By tazzywazzywazzy
    Having to login EVERY time is ridiculous!! Why don’t y’all fix that! Love the deals - the app is worthless & taking up space on my phone as it’s not worth using if have to login each time.
  • Not many cities or restaurants to choose from 1/5

    By 99SummerGirl
    I had received this giftcard/coupon a while ago for a fundraiser and just now downloaded the app due to the negative reviews. Within minutes of using it I realized there was no hope of redeeming my $25 giftcard as the closest restaurants and dining areas to choose from were about 2-3 hours away, even while I live in a city with numerous restaurants-big and small. It would be very helpful if there were more choices for cities as well as available restaurants. If there were this app and or company may receive a higher rating.
  • Unsure about 2/5

    By JAM_118
    It can offer you great deals, but for me I had a couple of negative experiences, after I purchase a certificate the restaurant went out of business and the only way to find out is by going there or try to call if you find a phone number listed. Or some times you find out that the restaurant is not longer accepting certificates and it’s unfair that they tell you after you already purchased the certificate. It’s hard to buy certificates sometimes because it says that you don’t have enough money no matter that you are trying to pay with a gift card that has mora than $100.00. All I got to say is that once that I’m done spending my money on the gift cards that I already purchased with I will discontinue my business it’s not worth all the hassle.
  • Never Accepted Anywhere 1/5

    By LunarSplash
    Total garbage, every restaurant I go to says the same thing that they never signed up to be on this dumb app!
  • Good-n-plenty 4/5

    By RG+3
    Service was friendly and welcoming. Food was good and plentiful and prices were reasonable. I will eat there every time I visit Williamsburg’s.
  • Hopeful 2/5

    By SexyScience24
    I sure am hoping more places will be added SOON. I’ve gotten certificates from the utility company I am using. There is no place that is really even that close to me and none I have seen on here that I am interested in much. BLAH
  • Needs major rework 2/5

    By DocN!ght
    Besides the multiple logins required, I tried to add a code to my newly created account. After several try’s and reading the FAQs, I got it done by logging in on the full website. Just not intuitive and poor mobile web view realization.
  • Not friendly enough 1/5

    By qwerrfggh
    Tough to navigate
  • Garbage App -SCAM ALERT- 1/5

    By Antiapplecommunism
    I've eaten at many of their restaurants from Seattle/Bellevue to Portland for the last 12 years with great food and service, but this app is absolute garbage and an embarrassment to their reputation. And the customer support for the app is useless. I purchased 4 $50 vouchers and they never showed up, ever, but they charged my credit card. Nobody will respond or help. Contacting BBB next business day. 0 stars is what it deserves. I app comments

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