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Resy App

Resy powers the world’s best restaurants, using technology to imagine the future of hospitality. If you’re a person who loves dining out but hates hassling for reservations, download Resy now! Book sought-after seats at the best restaurants in 80 cities worldwide.

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  • Only good if you’re in New York 1/5

    By Ang in AK
    I can’t get the blasted app to get out of New York.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By FloridaNJT
    It’s not user friendly at all. It’s easier to call the restaurant, something I never said with Open Table.
  • Always end up switching back to the web browser 2/5

    By iquachh
    Wanted to enjoy this but the search functionality is poor - when I search for restaurants in “upper east side” in NYC as a neighborhood, the map directs to list restaurants in a different neighborhood hours away in Long Island. Even when attempting a reservation for a restaurant I know is on Resy, the app will sometimes just stay on a loading screen so I consistently just go back to the web browser.
  • Incredibly unstable app 1/5

    By ESBlofelt
    This app is so glitchy. Half the time you can’t even log in because there are errors connecting to servers.
  • Tough to use 4/5

    By Judy renee
    Very hard to navigate Resy. I can’t change or add or cancel. I’m trying to do the correct thing and cancel but it’s impossible to navigate. Shame on you Resy!!
  • How is this app still so bad? 1/5

    By delkins10
    With all the brand partnerships, user and restaurant adoption, and I’d assume investment, I cannot understand why this app is still so frustrating to use. Glitches, map searches that don’t work, refresh back to the top of the list, it goes on and on. Unfortunately I have to use this app a lot because most of the best restaurants are on it, but I don’t know of any other app I use regularly that has me literally screaming in frustration.
  • It’s always something 1/5

    By Lexi1231
    Spent my morning waiting to make a reservation when it opened at 10am only to have the app sign me out and forget my credit cards and lose the res! This app is the glitchiest
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Reviewer838479
    The app is terrible. Trying to change cities and automatically goes back to NYC. Almost worthless.
  • A monopoly that doesn’t fulfill its job properly 2/5

    By Iamclee19
    I have been using this app for years now…but only because most restaurants that I go to now need to be booked through this app. However, I will say this app is not very well developed. It doesn’t give provide accurate search results and a lot of times, you have to look through the map to readjust your search function, and if for some reason I have to reset the search, it makes me start all over again. For example, if I’m trying to search for a restaurant in Williamsburg Brooklyn, it’ll spit out restaurants in TriBeCa which is not at all near the area I am searching for. The only functions that I like setting up notifications when a restaurant I want to reserve opens up during the time I request. Other than that, this app is pretty frustrating…
  • Works ok but not user friendly 2/5

    By Tim9876738594725
    Does what it is meant to do. Not sure why they need email and phone verification just to accept an invite. Feels like they are more interested in gathering personal information (and likely reselling it) than providing a more secure, user friendly experience.
  • Make it more user friendly 1/5

    By Teacherm0m
    It’s very hard to navigate your app. Make it more user friendly. How about more upfront info about restaurants. Forget the prime time, early etc. Just give us the exact times in the beginning. Copy other sites if necessary. I check u second because you have least inventory and few choices.
  • Search is unusable 1/5

    By ReadysetPAUSE
    Fine if you know exactly which place you want to go to and when, but if you want to check something like.. cocktail bars with reservations at a specific time in a specific area, good luck lol. Every single filter you set seems to clear the other filters, so it makes searching unusable by any practical standards =_= c'mon guys it can't be that hard to cache the query parameters between different screens
  • Good options, terrible user experience 2/5

    By Irenic Storm
    While restaurants offered are great… it is the worst user experience of any reservation app I’ve seen. There’s no way to effectively filter as it still shows options outside of the scope you set. It doesn’t maintain state as you browse the map so you’re constantly repeating searches. Additionally there’s an unrealistic limit on reservation bookings. In nyc where restaurants impose dining time limits it makes impossible to plan a night with a single account.
  • Unusable 2/5

    By annonymouss
    The search absolutely does not work at all
  • New York 2/5

    By Aghast chivfrb ymctdhur
    It seems okay for restaurants near my location but as soon as I try to searc another location, it sends me to New York. I don’t even like New York.
  • Po 1/5

    By BaciAbracci
    This is the worst excuse for an App that I have ever used. Why are restaurants using it? You can’t look at or modify reservations you have made. It’s difficult to find restaurants you might like. All you get is a map. No options for type of food, ratings, outside/inside dining, bar or not, etc. No options for restaurants either. It is useless. And besides, it ugly; the colors are dark.
  • Pretty good, but common features not available 3/5

    By Desh7
    Eg, can’t change res. Must cancel and rebook. Also, UI isn’t clean or the most intuitive.
  • Fraud charge 1/5

    By hanwen1997
    AVOID. I tried to use Resy pay (scan QR code on bill and pay with Apple Pay) and was charged twice (once the legit dinner charge and another from a restaurant thousands of miles away). Resy said their’s nothing they can do while I am charged for a meal I didn’t have because of their erroneous system.
  • Missing basic search features 3/5

    By Adeliedelight
    For a reservation app it’s a little odd that you can’t pick a specific time for when you want to eat. Instead you have to pick “early, prime or late”. You cannot differentiate between prime lunch or prime dinner, so you’ll see all options. Plus someone’s “early” can be very different from someone else’s definition of early. On top of that they show you restaurants with no availability, which makes the search function a bit pointless.
  • Need menu 3/5

    By vkap922
    Works to make a reservation but not the best to actually research the restaurant- would help if we can read review and see the menu!!
  • App can’t handle large volume 1/5

    By bennythegoldendood
    Tried to make reservation at a popular place on both website and app. App froze up on me 3x unable to process and then say the time is no longer available. Running smooth on wifi so no issues with internet.
  • Not Intuitive 2/5

    By JazHunt
    Few restaurants use Remy so I installed it. It is not intuitive for making reservations. The date us defaulted to today and the current location. It is very easy to make mistakes to book on a wrong day even a wrong restaurant. Thankfully Google Maps has a better integration of Remy. I still don’t understand why some restaurants want to use Remy. Remy needs to go away.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By kl09ax10
    This is the worst app for reservations. They log you out every time and now it won’t let me change my location away from New York
  • Total crap 1/5

    By Pheonix8D
    Whenever trying to make two bookings for the same day - 6 hours apart - it cancels the other one. Can I not eat twice in one day? Sheesh…

    By rg3t34tbbt
    can’t figure out how to search … should be intuitive … it is not
  • For the love of god add a captcha to stop bots 2/5

    By Edtheoddfish
    So many reservations disappear in seconds, please get rid of the captcha
  • Doesn’t provide accurate reservation times 1/5

    I’ve tried to use this app multiple times, and it has never provided accurate reservation information. For example, while searching for a suitable Valentine’s Day venue/time last week, all reservation times at all restaurants were shown as available. When I selected a time, the app responded with time not available. This flaw deters me from using Resy, and I largely avoid restaurants that book through it.
  • Can’t search a different location 1/5

    By RayY..
    I tried to search to search for restaurants in Santa Monica yet search results reflect current location instead. Useless app; fire developers and QA
  • Couldn’t even sign up 1/5

    By AdditionBySubtraction
    Tried to sign up but it wouldn’t let me. Tried to use apple sign in but they still asked for me to supply an email and password. I tried to create a password but every password I entered was “invalid”. They didn’t show password rules so there was no way for me to figure it out. Seems like a scam to get passwords. Will never use again.
  • Good restaurants, bad app 2/5

    By MAP in NYC
    The location services seem deeply problematic. Search for Chelsea and get recommendations for FiDi? What’s going on here. Never seems to know where I am. Often will suggest New Jersey when I’m on the Upper West Side. This app needs an update that actually fixes the bugs.
  • Interface for dummies 1/5

    By Er Huibman
    They really need to fix the interface, it’s just badly set up. When trying to reserve a table from google maps it always takes you to create a new account and it’s impossible to log in to an existing account, neither does it open the link directly in the app. I don't think I am the only one using this app?! Should be so simple to fix
  • App still a joke 1/5

    By Gordie74
    Impossible to search for options. Why can’t I select a desired time? Early/Prime/Late not helpful. Then if I move the map and click “search here” to focus on a neighborhood, the time resets and it shows me lunch times and I have to click through to see the actual times that are available, and usually the times I want aren’t so it’s an utter waste of time. Restaurants think they’re saving money by switching from OT but they must be losing so much business by people who just can’t be bothered with this crap app.
  • Terrible UX. Way easier to just call the restaurant. 1/5

    By KaylinAsh
    This app is garbage and totally useless for making and changing reservations. I only downloaded because the restaurants’ website made me in order to change a reservation. I have a birthday celebration and valentines coming up and all this app did was waste my time. I called both restaurants and accomplished what I needed in less than 3 minutes. Don’t bother with this underfunded, crap design that’s probably stealing and selling all your data while offering nothing but hassle to the user and probably the restaurant.
  • Terrible UX design 1/5

    By GabeM_BR
    I wish you would fix the UX design for the app when it comes to searching and filtering for restaurants. Its truly awful to try exploring for restaurants on this app. I am not alone with the opinion as ive asked many of my friends about it before and they agree. You already have good restaurants signed up exclusively to your app. Would highly encourage making the user experience more efficient and less buggy
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By eve1957
    This is one of the worst apps that I’ve ever used. I’ve tried it many times and the only reason I continue is because the restaurant I want to reserve only uses Resy. It takes longer to make a reservation on this app then it would to just call the restaurant and wait on hold. It’s the opposite of intuitive. If you put the wrong information in, in the wrong order, it defaults to the home screen, if you don’t put the correct date, it defaults to the home screen, if you input the name of the restaurant before you input the city, even though that’s the order in the app, it defaults to the Home Screen. Ridiculous.
  • Consistently disappointing 1/5

    By 31448751
    Only download this app if you’re trying to waste storage on your phone. You will never be notified of any reservation changes and there will always be glitches. One of the worst apps I’ve downloaded in the last few years. Horrible.
  • How is this app so buggy 1/5

    By Bounceswer
    I feel like literally nothing works. I choose a neighborhood, it picks a random one. I search for a restaurant nothing shows up. I pick a time for dinner it shows me a whole other mealtime. Like what?
  • Responding to an invitation is too cumbersome 2/5

    By Hungry Dave 2
    I hate that responding to the invitation requires my phone number, a code from Rest, and confirmation of my email. Feels like signing up each time. I only comply to have the calendar update. Should be a simpler operation, doesn’t need to be so intrusive.
  • Worst Restaurant App 1/5

    By User in Chicago
    It pains me to use this app. I was trying to populate restaurants near me and every time it populated Chicago which is 45 minutes away from me. It’s difficult to use and not well organized.
  • Glitchy, poor user experience 2/5

    By Tbone81
    Filters in this app never work in the user experience is awful. The app basically defaults to search near where you are and when you try to search and other locations, it reverts automatically. The same thing occurs when trying to add a cuisine in filtering accordingly. It is shocking how glitchy this app is for the number of users.
  • Should be so much better! 2/5

    By Emmacbs_722
    I love Resy as a service but this app is horrible! Not user friendly at all - impossible to find reservations. User experience of OpenTable is so much better
  • Login with Apple Broken 1/5

    By OtherMacGuffin
    Cannot log in.
  • The app is just not useful 2/5

    By thisismynottakenapplenickname
    Resy as a platform: great The resy app: difficult to use for reservation discovery. The Resy app has so much potential for discovering reservations at certain times. Unfortunately it’s actually very difficult to use. The filters/ searching is janky at best. The “search here” functionality on the map seems to ignore any search filters you have. Speaking of search: good luck doing anything than searching for a restaurant name or using a predefined search filter. Last complaint: you need to make it easier to change the date/number of people when browsing the map. It’s unintuitive to click “X” and go back to the hybrid list+map view (which is useless for both using and a map or a list view) in order to reset the parameters. Tldr: it’s 2023, making a usable mobile experience isn’t rocket science. You’re better off using google maps for finding places unfortunately
  • Worlds Worst Restaraunt App 1/5

    By BrittonGG
    “How much more terrible could an app be?” You ask yourself after the most disgusting UI/UX design EVER. Then, you can’t even find the restaurants you want to because the search function is hot garbage. Next, you FINALLY find the place you want reservations for, and a time that works for you, only for it to say that it’s no longer available…… for all of the available times? The world is better off without this app.
  • Frustrating UX 1/5

    By jamochashake
    Trying to plan a trip to NYC, the app always defaults to current location. Notifications UX is also clunky to set up.
  • Reservations 3/5

    By Mojenk
    I like Resy to a certain extent. I like the features and easy design to reserve a booking. The main downfall is I’m unable to book to reservations on the same day at different times. For ex, I have a reservation for 7pm that lasts 2 hours and that same day I want to book a reservation for 1130pm, but the app won’t allow me to place the booking without canceling. I think this needs to be updated since most places require a reservation now and the inability to technically double book is an inconvenience.
  • App has an interface problem with certain restaurants 1/5

    By Idaho Steve
    Second time in a month that I confirmed my reservation and subsequently received the 30 minute reminder only to show up and there is no reservation at the restaurant… will look for other options.
  • Terrible search UX 1/5

    By jc1237
    Search keeps resetting or doesn’t respect the filters. It’s really frustrating to use.
  • Downright terrible of an app 1/5

    By djkeifiii828jskdk
    I’m guessing Amex is getting paid enough to recommend this app to its cardholders. An average of 4.8 does not reflect its functionality.

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