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  • Current Version: 1.8.12
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  • Developer: Resy
  • Compatibility: Android
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Resy App

Resy powers the world's best restaurants, using technology to imagine the future of hospitality. If you're a person who loves dining out but hates hassling for reservations, download Resy now! Book sought-after seats at the best restaurants in 80 cities worldwide.

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  • Easy and helpful 5/5

    By eats out alot
    I use Resy all the time. Perfect
  • Confused 2/5

    By selfan!
    No ability to review an existing reservation or to modify an existing one
  • Invite Guests 1/5

    By jambellavance
    If you make a reservation for four for example, and two of the people are a married couple, it forces you to send invites to all four guests, otherwise you cannot send the invite out, the invitees should be optional and you should not be forced to include email addresses or cell phone numbers for each of the reservation slots.
  • Freezes Constantly 1/5

    By smithcaaron10
    Love Resy, hate the app. Freezes all the time.
  • App has frozen every I’ve attempted to use it so far. Incredibly annoying 1/5

    By jekapaofis
    Decided to download the app since the website version does not allow me to choose a time I want to make a reservation for. After downloading the app, it freezes every tome I click on the search bar. I don’t know which situation is worse.
  • Invite guest feature 3/5

    By darnell 2019
    I can’t get it to send once i select the name from my contacts. Also do you have a points system for frequent users ?
  • From le penguin owner 1/5

    Some customers complained that it was not as easy to use the resy app compared to the open table one... I went and tried myself And it’s true I could not find the way to enter the amount of guests Very frustrating!
  • Lousy 1/5

    By Madisoda
    App is clumbsy at best. I only installed it because their website is too primative to support Safari on MacOS. I only used this because a particular place that takes reservations only does so with this conpany -- stupid. I get answering a phone is hard, but being forced not to answer a phone in order to be able to use this app spells trouble to me.
  • Complicated 1/5

    By Suzqjax
    Can’t figure out calendar or times. Finally Had to call restaurant
  • Awful 1/5

    By resysucks
    Just installed. Clicked on view my reservation in an email, sent to Resy, couldn’t find the reservation anywhere no matter how hard I tried. Uninstalling.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By DinerMate
    Really easy to use and book reservations. Highly recommend. Very clean UI and clear navigation. So many choices!!
  • Classy app for classy restaurants 5/5

    By Master of quality
    Beats calling a loud restaurant to make a reservation. Tap, tap, done.
  • Not a fan... 3/5

    I did not enjoy using this app.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Jejerexach
    Not user friendly. Options are not easily identified.
  • Doesn’t work so great 1/5

    By justwanttoeat
    Whenever I tap on the search bar, to search for a restaurant I know I’d like to make a reservation to, the entire app freezes. I can click the map and move it around to the general location of the place I’m looking for, but this is a lot of extra work. 99% of the time I go straight to the restaurant website, in cases like Lilia this works best because the reservations can be made on the website instead of bringing me to the app- this version of the interface is much easier to use. It allows me to see dates that are totally booked and dates that have availability in the calendar view rather than having to blindly select each date like on the app version- which is great if you want to try a restaurant but don’t have a specific date in mind.
  • Great and getting better, with an ace dev team 5/5

    Keep up the good work guys
  • No information. 1/5

    By Jjw60521
    This app doesn’t provide much information about restaurants it’s promoting. If you are not familiar with the restaurant you are out of luck. No access to restaurants website or menus.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Djdjejdndn
    Horrible app. Only good for supporting people and places with white supremacy beliefs.
  • Technophobe 1/5

    By Catlaw71
    I found this site really hard to navigate. I know I’m old but old people get hungry too. Hope I don’t have to cancel because I’ll never figure out how. Used it because the restaurant won’t take reservations any other way. Really annoying. Can you say zero stars.
  • Not accessible with VoiceOver 1/5

    By acawai
    VoiceOver can not read or scroll through the available reservation times. I didn't think that any major app developers would have no accessibility testing in 2019, but here we are.
  • Stuck 1/5

    By ScotJim
    Since the update it presents a restaurant that I never heard of. It sticks there and cannot move from there, and it does not provide a list to select from (Northern Virginia).
  • J alexander’s 1/5

    By just sent the review already
    You need to give points to the customer to get discount coupons Also you need to have more restaurants for this app
  • Manipulative, deceitful 1/5

    By Frankrober
    Shortly after my first Resy reservation, they sent me an automated and phony text: “Are you using this phone number for a Resy account? Another guest is requesting to claim this phone number for their account. Text "Yes" to confirm this number is correct. Text "No" if you believe you are receiving this message in error.” When I reluctantly texted “yes “ there was an instantaneous, programmed response. Clearly, no one else was claiming my phone number. Some hack in their office was forcing a confirmation from me. If they are working in the food industry, they’d do well not to leave a bad taste in users’ mouths.
  • Cool App 5/5

    By shellyjohns
    User friendly. Love sending invite with my reservations.
  • Super convenient 5/5

    By Indigirlz
    I’ve used this a few times and is the easiest way to reserve a table!
  • Lacking info, nav difficult 1/5

    By fhhytrf
    This may be the clunkiest unuser-friendly app around today. Always asking for confirmation via text code. This is a restaurant reservation not a bank account! Screen always freezes. Service constantly down. Hard to see your bookings. Could go on for hours on how bad this app is.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By jfcrffvu
    I don’t get your app. Can’t seem to find existing reservations to modify or cancel, see profile or edit, or change home city.
  • Need more personalized options 3/5

    By abd--lion
    Would love to create favorites and remove restaurants I don’t like. Otherwise it’s great
  • Date night 5/5

    By Jesse Coyle
    We love this place. Don’t tell everybody or we’ll never get a table lol.
  • Could be easier 4/5

    By barbiec15
    Love the restaurants and the app but could be easier and more intuitive
  • Force Close Issue 1/5

    By Aing2009
    The version as of 7/29/19 force closes every time I click on the search bar or try to change my reservation. iPhone 10XS
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By 5152870044
    App keeps crashing when trying to search by restaurant name
  • Resy review 1/5

    By tish toledo
    Truly terrible. Not user friendly. No ability to modify. Hard to use. Will avoid at all cost.
  • Not Impresed 1/5

    By tinywombat
    This is touted as a replacement for OpenTable. But I am having problems I don’t get with OpenTable. For example, I declined to share my location. Inexplicably Resy set my default location as New York City and I can’t change it. I understand this is a relatively new app but I can’t find any well known restaurants in the Boston area that I frequent. Back to OpenTable for me. UPDATE: I sent an inquiry to Resy two weeks ago asking how to change my default city. They have yet to reply. Their user support matches their app — terrible.
  • Just tell me why this had to happen to us 1/5

    By hdjfbeons
    This app.... I hate it. I miss when restaurants used OpenTable, but it seems Resy has come in and paid off everyone in our city to use their app. Why can’t I just scroll through restaurants reservation times while also seeing the name of the restaurant? Also, why do I have to guess what “early” vs “prime” dinner time reservations mean? (I mean, I’m not an idiot. I know what it means, but you should still have the actual times in parentheses). Where are the filters for narrowing down restaurants? No menu previews. Why is everything in black? It looks like it’s still in beta mode, and everyone who has ever done any research on font/colors knows that black text on a white background is the evergreen eye-pleasing look that nearly every human appreciates, consciously or not. Whoever designed this app did not test it very well (or at all?). I despise this app. No rewards. No points. Not user friendly. So many flaws and yet we are forced to use it. It makes me want to just go to a restaurant and wait instead of making a reservation.
  • Great reservation booking 5/5

    By Ritesh - NYC
    This is a strong app to book last second reservations
  • I think 3rd graders could design a better app 1/5

    By Tbone
    Soooo many bugs in this app. I’m not using it until they fix the usability
  • Eric 2/5

    By RaCerX#2
    Not a fan of reserving with credit card
  • Big Problem 4/5

    By HugeDisapointment
    Here’s my problem with using the App - the menus for the various restaurants are not accessible the way they are on other reservation Apps! Users have to then google the restaurant to find the menus. This is an awful oversight!
  • Poor service 1/5

    By Mayamoon88
    I have tried multiple times to email Resy regarding a problem with my account and have not received a response. Very disappointed with the lack of customer support!
  • Really bad 1/5

    By kitesurfrocks
    Honestly I don’t get those positive reviews. In LA, the app is really bad.
  • Could be great 1/5

    By shrutikumarr
    This app has the best restaurants in NYC and it could be great but it literally doesn’t work on my phone. I have the iPhone X and latest software, but every time I click on the search bar in the app it completely freezes. How pointless....
  • Great 5/5

    By marvin webster
  • Lousy 1/5

    By hartmanb
    A favorite restaurant of ours switched to RESY from open table. No comparison — Open Table performs — RESY is an abysmal failure
  • App sign in 1/5

    By Clark King
    Too involved a process
  • Poor service. 1/5

    By ICantManageThisCrap
    I’m giving one star because NO ONE WILL HELP ME and the customer service and support is clearly useless. Someone used my number for their Resy. It has not been changed. I’ve emailed, tried to sign in, cancelled all reservations sent to my number. To no avail. And there’s no way via the app to fix this. So I’m sick of it. Paul will keep getting his reservations cancelled until this is fixed.
  • Trouble 1/5

    By rediculosity
    It is much more difficult to use and modify than Opentable reservations, and therefore more frustrating.
  • Harder 4/5

    By maardvark
    To specify requests to rest than are competing apps
  • Freezes Up 1/5

    By Do U Think I'm a Fan?
    I got Resy because one of my favorite restaurants was sold on leaving OpenTable. The app freezes up way too often and the restaurant won’t take phone reservations. I wish this place would go back to OpenTable. I’ll be telling them next week.

Resy app comments

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