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  • Current Version: 1.7.20
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Resy
  • Compatibility: Android
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Resy App

Resy powers the world's best restaurants, using technology to imagine the future of hospitality. If you're a person who loves dining out but hates hassling for reservations, download Resy now! Book sought-after seats at the best restaurants in 80 cities worldwide.

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    By YH81
    It took me FOREVER to book a reservation through the app after the latest update. Kept freezing and closing down. SO SLOW.
  • Great app great restaurants 5/5

    By WRHancock
    Great ez to use.
  • Crashes and is laggy 1/5

    By Ezcezc
    So frustrating to use
  • App is slow & stalls... 2/5

    By jh741
    It takes more than 15 minutes to make a reservation. Once a function is selected, it takes the app a long time to move to the next screen or make available the function to move the reservation.
  • Resy app 4/5

    By Tasty Grubs
    Not enough choices locally
  • Privacy issues? 3/5

    By RobWVill
    I can’t get the app to work without turning on location services. I use the spp to make reservations at specific restaurants, so I don’t need location services. I guess I can just use the restaurant web pages instead. Pity.
  • Horrible User Interface 1/5

    By m123792
    Why does this app start by automatically searching party of 2 today near where you are by default? I don’t need a reservation for 3 hours from now, so why should I wait 30 seconds for Resy to run that search first?? Then I finally get to change my party size and it searches again, without even waiting for me to change the date?? By the time I get to the settings I want, it’s already run 3 searches. And what order are the results even in? It’s not alphabetical. Not price. What IS it? It’s faster to call a restaurant and wait on hold than wait for this piece of trash.
  • Apple phone app very slow 3/5

    By RyeCommuter
    Anyone else notice that the phone app is incredibly slow? Even updated. Very slow to load and to react. Much better on the website. Plus sometimes you are limited to the number in your party up to 4 while on the website you can scroll down to put in higher numbers. Is it just me??
  • Unbearably slow lod times 2/5

    By TJ1106
    Great selection of restaurants and other info. Giving two stars bc the startup time for the app is terrible. Any changes to the date or number of people selector triggers a results refresh that takes far too long to complete. But even before that, the app is unusable for several seconds after first opening before you can change the default search options. The number one purpose of this app is to search for reservations but Resy makes you wait, and wait and wait to do so. OpenTable's iOS app is far slicker and faster at handling this.
  • OM F-ing G 5/5

    By livin rhe dream
    Never had a more interesting menu. Pizza, fish, specialty drinks...heaven. We will be back weekly..or more often :)) my new home base ...
  • Love Resy, terrible app 2/5

    By tinychefeats
    I was excited to download the app, but it has serious latency issues. It froze for about 20 seconds while putting in my phone number and froze repeatedly while scrolling. There also don't seem to be any filters - maybe I'm missing that part? And I see the times are color coded, but there doesn't seem to be a legend to decipher them. I was hoping the app would have more robust features compared to the web, so I'm sad to see it's a step down.
  • Super easy! 5/5

    By JMCHS!
    Loved how easy the UI made it to reserve.
  • Mediocre 1/5

    By Persona1
    Only my first experience with the app, but it is already clearly faulty. I made a reservation and a few hours later, needed to change the number of people coming. There is no way to do that on the app, none that I can find. This function should be available and should be easy to locate.
  • Please improve 1/5

    By Belladee28
    Frustrated. App freezes up. I lost two chances to get a coveted reservation so far had to email customer service several times before the app would verify my email. More frustrating that this is only way to get my reservation 😜
  • Slow to load... 2/5

    By Food&Wine
    Choices load slow and changes to party size or time can only be done after content loaded.
  • This app is slower than a turtle 3/5

    By Okonchk
    App is super slow to load and I have the iPhone XS.
  • Speed of app is awful 2/5

    By d-dot-c
    If it wasn’t for some of my favorite places being listed on here, I would probably never use this app because of how slow the performance is
  • Sooooooo slooowwwwww 1/5

    By A Ritz
    At launch of the app and EVERY TIME you start a new search, there is at least a 30 second “reload” time. If there weren’t amazing restaurants using your service, I would give up. But at some point, the user experience is going to win.... I have reloaded the app, tried turning off location services, etc. Nothing works. Also, seems to have gotten much slower over the past ~ 60 days. Also, other people have mentioned this too, the app doesn’t always tell you if you’ve reached the max # of days a restaurant books. The calendar feature showing availability when booking direct from a restaurant, while on your computer, is much more user friendly in that way. Similar to how a restaurant just doesn’t show up if you selected a date beyond when that restaurant accepts reservations. does you UI or QA team login and test the app like a user would use it? I’ve read a lot of your responses to negative reviews / the feedback above and it doesn’t seem like it. P.S. LOVE the notify feature and it used to work for me. But now with the slowness, I just watch the dial spinning and know that someone is getting that reso (by sheer luck that their slow app might be slightly faster than mine...)
  • App stay freezing for no reason 1/5

    By mickeyjbk
    The app stay freezing or it’s just me ?
  • Terrible 2/5

    By Chels224
    Service is good, app is terrible. Takes forever to load. Refreshes (which takes forever) after every item change instead of allowing you to change all inputs then refresh. Super frustrating to use, open table app is superior except for restaurant offerings.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Guineaman
    Interface on iPad is kludgy. When you go from map to list, you have to reset your dining time. It’s a disincentive to use the app. FIX it. It’s also slow and unresponsive (on 100 mbps network).
  • Fix please! 3/5

    By Dhdfiendbjxbdbd
    Agree w others. Recent release is a disaster. And for goodness sake, DON’T look up restaurants until the user clicks search! Most of the time I’m not looking for a reservation right now, but I wait and wait for the app to load so it can show me stuff I don’t care about. And then I wait AGAIN when I do my search. I suppose someone thinks that’s a convenience feature, but it’s a disaster. Maybe all those extra pointless searches are what’s crushing the performance. Fix! Three stars for great restaurants. But the app is broken big time.
  • You HAVE to fix this app 2/5

    By kak0655
    Unbelievably slow to load. Ruins what would have been a good app.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Jellybird1215
    Would not let me pick number of people in party
  • Even slower!! 1/5

    By SFmoney
    Wow, I thought your app was slow before. I cant believe it's possible for a slow app to get even more slow and buggy. Horrible app
  • Good restaurants, app painfully slow 2/5

    By For the Glory of it All
    App often takes 10-20 seconds to respond to taps. Resy has better restaurants than OpenTable but the app stinks.
  • great consistent app 5/5

    By Apopsicle
    Super user-friendly and easy app to use. It’s my favorite reservation app, much better than Open Table.
  • Latest update so slow 1/5

    By moose1111
    What happened to this most recent update?? The app is so slow to load anything!!!!! I echo other users’ frustrations with having to keep reselecting the date or restaurant of interest for each search. And I also agree that the app doesn’t need to open up on the page with what’s around me—make that a separate feature people can select if they want to. I’m almost never on the app to book a reservation immediately around me the day of.
  • Poor app 1/5

    By fas0
    The app is very slow and unresponsive.
  • Please improve.... I at least like the restaurants at Resy 1/5

    By Absolutism111
    Pretty much everything is terrible about this page. It makes me feel like 80 years old using the internet for the first time. I am surprised how navigating a page can be so difficult.

    By Npnp82
    It takes forever to download and forever if you want to change dates or number of guests. Overall it’s so slow it’s frustrating to use it.
  • Needs a lot of work 1/5

    By bzbz
    Severe performance and functionality issues.
  • Not intuitive 2/5

    By lscamard
    The option to select dates and restaurant are not intuitive and you have to go back and forth constantly. Pretty annoying
  • Slow and unresponsive 3/5

    By usound
    Great but lately slow and unresponsive
  • I don't understand why restaurants rely on this and not OpenTable 1/5

    By Zehra
    This is the shoddiest app and I honestly cannot for the life of me understand why restaurants would use this and not OpenTable. It takes forever to load and begins loading even before you put in your search criteria meaning you need to wait for it to load and then change the criteria and then wait for it to load again. Truly a nightmare and if you are a restaurant I beg you move to OpenTable.
  • New 3/5

    By Eprommer
    Used it only once but does things pretty quick and can’t seem to find where to cancel a reservation?
  • Love the cancellation notification 5/5

    By someday135
    New years eve no reservations anywhere but RESY pinged me when one came available from a cancellation.
  • Buffering 3/5

    By ajhul
    Time is wasted when app needs to buffer (for at least a few seconds) between selecting number of party and date.
  • Missing menus 3/5

    By Nutty111
    Why can’t I see the menus and ratings?
  • Resy always freezes 1/5

    By Moca104
    I am never able to open the app. It freezes every time or there is just a spinning wheel on the screen.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By bsir10
    It’s a joke how annoying this app is.
  • Great app 5/5

    By shellmanshow
    This is a great. It’s very easy to use. It took me know time to sign up. Thank you Tony
  • Great service, awful app 1/5

    By blay44
    The app is so slow and crashes all of the time. The service being offered though is great - really just need to overhaul the app UI.
  • Using this app makes me feel like the restaurant does not want my business 1/5

    By dean spanley
    I much prefer open Table. I’ve used Resy twice now. It was so unpleasant that I ended up either calling or emailing the restaurant. I could explain what went wrong but I’ve wasted enough time with this app.
  • Where are the menus? 1/5

    By OT Chi Guy
    I’m amazed that I don’t see the menus of the restaurants listed on Resy. They are either well hidden or non-existent - either way, a major oversight. Reserve was much better in that respect.
  • App freezes constantly 2/5

    By AliceAlbrecht
    I had to restart the app several times to make my reservation! I tried reinstalling to no avail.
  • Difficult to use 1/5

    By EmmaSarah123
    Extremely slow and frustrating
  • Great selection, impossible interface 1/5

    By No, thank you!!! Try again
    Resy has hands down the best selection of restaurants in New York. However, the app interface is impossible - incredibly slow to load and challenging to navigate. I can never use the app without getting the spinning wheel of death multiple times. (Yes I’ve checked WiFi and service connections - this happens even when they are strong). I will type a restaurant to search and the app has shut down many times or times out. Once the reservation is made - the app serves its purpose, but I don’t forget the headache of actually making the reservation.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Vyari
    I would give it 0 stars if I could. Freezes every two seconds (not exaggerating) and i even know which restaurant I want to make a reservation and I still don’t have one because this crap keeps freezing.

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