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Resy App

Resy powers the world’s best restaurants, using technology to imagine the future of hospitality. If you’re a person who loves dining out but hates hassling for reservations, download Resy now! Book sought-after seats at the best restaurants in 80 cities worldwide.

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  • Spurious charges - beware of fraud 1/5

    By Joemat
    I have on 2 occasions been charged for no shows for reservations I did not make through this app Contacted my credit card company to dispute the charge - but Resy, this is simply unacceptable. The first time is an honest mistake - but the second time is fraud. I’ll be closing my account Beware of this app and service
  • Resy inferior 1/5

    By Farley 273
    Resy is not easy. Nor does it work well. Try to make a reservation and it would not allow it. Had to call the restaurant to do it. Then 3 hours later I get an email from Resy confirming my reso. I canceled it via the email. It said reservation not found. This is the third time I have encountered a similar reservation issue. All 3 times I chose a different restaurant because of Resy.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By rise.above
    Terrible, outdated UI. Frustrating to use!
  • Useless and frustrating experience 1/5

    By BeepBoopBup
    It should be simple to search for available open tables based on my own availability instead I have to keep looking for minutes hoping to find an empty slot. At the same time sometimes it suggests open slots without a clear indication it’s showing slots for a different date from what I originally selected. Get your act together your ux is embarrassing.
  • Does not work and super poorly designed 1/5

    By lucyuk202
    The app crashes and when it does work it gives me no options for booking. On the website it works but not on my phone. The website is also bad, you can’t speech a specific time to book so it’s really time consuming to fine a reservation.
  • You think you made a reservation but… 1/5

    By LEvaLWB
    Maybe I’m the only one this has happens to, but three times now I have made a reservation through Resy, clicking the time, then adding my phone #, email, and I thought I was done, but then have either gotten to the restaurant… but no reservation! Just an email saying ‘want to finish making your reservation?’ So frustrating! I’m deleting the app now so that I’m a few months I don’t make that mistake yet again.
  • Fix your app! 3/5

    By Belle1315
    Silliest thing but you search one thing then another search you put in disappears. IE. Place, type of cuisine or restaurant, time and guest number, map. Change anyone of those things and risk the other resetting. What is wrong with the designers. It’s a clear flaw and it’s been like that for years. After booking, app is perfectly fine. So there’s that. And good list of restaurants.
  • Great app 5/5

    By cassidy525
    Love that you can move the map to anywhere and select that area. Easy to use. 100x better than open table app.
  • Buggy & painful to use 2/5

    By melzh
    1. Search bar is unintuitive. When I try to search for a restaurant, it shows me the ones with reservations open for some time range (the time slot is either Now or another time preselected for me, not sure how that happens), instead of showing me the actual matching restaurant first. This is pretty annoying bc a lot of the time I want to first search for a specific restaurant, and *then* filter through times to see available reservations (or even just view reviews without reserving). AND to add to that, even if I did want to search for restaurants using a given time slot, there’s no way to filter the time range in the search bar anyways….. 2. Priority Notify feature is great in theory but when I click on the actual notification, oftentimes the app just brings me to the home page. Then I have to search for the restaurant (painful process for reason #1) or click on my Hit List to find the restaurant and then filter for the time of the notification’s reservation — also painful. By the time I find the restaurant and the time slot the reservation is already taken. I figure the app just takes me to the home page if the reservation is gone by the time I click on the notification, but if so the app should just tell me that explicitly so I don’t have to hunt to double check, since it’s not clear to me whether the app just glitched or if the reservation is still open.
  • Karens 1/5

    By Huck urmeat
    Just another way for Karens to try and get people fired. This way, however, they get to avoid the public shame.
  • Not user friendly 2/5

    By eve1957
    Not easy or intuitive to use. It doesn’t give great notifications of reservations. (Isn’t this what they do!?!?!) Next time I will just call the restaurant directly - which will likely take less time!
  • App keeps on crashing 1/5

    By abcdjebcb
    App keeps on crashing whenever I try to change reservation search criteria
  • Doesn’t Give You a Copy of the Receipt 1/5

    By threebeaglesinacoat
    I used resy to book and pay for a work lunch for my team. They don’t send you a receipt, even after several days and the payment has cleared. This is making it a pain to expense the lunch.
  • Never Works Properly 2/5

    By gamaring
    This app never works properly. It never lets me log in using my phone number. I never receive the text message with the code to use to log in. I always end up having to log in using my email. The app also does not open up fast enough when restaurant availability notifications pop up. It will often just take me to the home page when I click on the notification immediately and then I end up losing the reservation. Also, the app has had pop ups. These are extremely inconvenient and have also made me lose reservations because they have popped up as so am trying to confirm them.
  • The worst user interface ever 1/5

    By K-A-Tulnick
    How have they never fixed location search? It’s so painful to search in an area you’re not currently in. I have skipped booking reservations on this app purely because it’s so frustrating.
  • Horrible design! You’ll have to manually click arrow keys to get through a list of places 1/5

    By Iloveblondegirls
    The list of places doesn’t even expand; there is no order in the list as well. Very time wasting and inefficient for the users.
  • Fake Review Score 1/5

    By Brhoos
    If you look at the reviews you’ll see entire pages of 1 and 2 star reviews as far as you can scroll. No way this app has a 4.8 rating.
  • Reservations 1/5

    By jeremy1457
    Unable to check reservations on your app. Pretty terrible for 2022. OpenTable app way better.
  • Location 1/5

    By BunniesR fun
    The search engine in the app does not work properly. For example, I am currently in North Carolina but soon traveling to Fort Lauderdale Florida. When I open the app and type in Fort Lauderdale for the search, it still pulls up my neighboring city. So I went to settings and turned off location. If there’s no location it defaults to New York. Absurd.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By cibocinese
    Crashes every time I try to change date and has none of my notify requests
  • Super non-intuitive 2/5

    By Pjsewall
    I rarely leave app reviews but Resy drives me bananas. It’s constantly defaulting me to Pearl River, NY. I live in Bergen county and have never once eaten in Rockland county. Why not my town? Or even Paramus? The GPS functionality is not good. The UI is super non-intuitive and was designed desktop-first as backwards as that sounds. For instance on mobile, it’s very hard to find how/where to set a time (early, prime, late, etc). Just party size and date. But I can’t book a table at Quality Bistro because they’ve reserved prime time slots for some dining club. And I can’t change my time slot because can’t find the option! I’m a UX/CX professional and I find this app sleek, pretty, and horribly designed.
  • Terrible design 1/5

    By ThroughTheMixingGlass
    Bordering on hostile to users
  • Nonstandard user interface is awful 1/5

    By jack2493
    This is this least intuitive and most frustrating app on my phone. It’s terribly confusing to navigate and figure out what state it’s currently. Unfortunately restaurants use it. Developer, please stop trying to be clever and cute and just follow standard iPhone UI conventions.
  • Notifications 4/5

    By Jajrood
    I keep getting notifications for an alert I signed up for but when I click them to go book the open slot nothing happens. It doesn’t show an open slot, it doesn’t go straight into the calendar, so it has been useless so far. All I’m doing is giving the app more open time than it deserves.
  • A Poorly Designed User Experience 1/5

    By College sleep
    This app is like HBO, they have great content and a frustratingly horrible user interface. At least for restaurant discovery. For booking reservations, a simple form-filling task, it work fine. But in discovery, the streamlined simplicity is not a minimalist reduction- it just hides import information at times where it’s relevant. I wonder what kind of internal politics keeps this thing working the way it does.
  • Cancellation fee 12 hours ahead??? Just wrong 1/5

    By Chicagodreamer
    This app now has cancellation fees that are charged by them NOT the restaurant if you cancel 12 hours prior. That is not sustainable and NOT a customer focused. If I wake up sick and cancel a reservation I am out $$$ that’s just a joke. Restaurants be aware many of us are boycotting use of this app because of this.
  • Absolute trash 1/5

    By NeonNinja54
    This app does not work. You go to type a name of a restaurant and the app has a mind of its own correcting to some random nonsensical input. Example: I type “The Mews” keeps autocorrecting to “The News” or “The M” even when I turned off apple autocorrect. Basically it shows what I typed but changes to whatever it wants when I hit submit. When you choose a restaurant, some of the content overlaps onto itself so you can’t read anything. You choose a date and time far in advance with a party amount and it never gives you any options or tells you if it’s completely booked or if they don’t take reservations that far in advance. Location automatically populates so every time I have to delete this - it’s annoying and not efficient I made sure I had the most updated version. I wouldn’t trust any reservations I make with this app due to the extensive glitches.
  • Love the product, actual app does not work 1/5

    By Robbie Habig
    App never updates for location. I set search criteria and doesn’t actually update results. Very frustrating.
  • Terrible UI/UX 1/5

    By spark032207
    Resy has by far the worst UI/UX I’ve seen on a reservation website. Some user flows are so terrible that I can’t believe any sane UI/UX team would launch as is. The most frustrating is how broken the search experience is. You want to change your search parameters—like date & time? You basically have to start over. Just pure garbage.
  • Can you fix the bugs? It’s been years. 2/5

    By tom mcdonald
    Guys. You’ve been around for a while now - and this app is still incredibly buggy. Restaurants disappear or can’t be found. I find myself constantly trying to trick the app back into showing the date and time. Let’s fix the app, yeah?
  • APP has LOOOOOONNNNNGGG way to go for functionalality 2/5

    By 80sRule2
    So many headaches with this app. First it’s impossible to reduce the party size on an already confirmed reservation, user interface is pretty lame and don’t even get me started on the layout when used in iPad. Open Table eats Resy’s lunch, brunch and dinner.
  • Horrible app definitely not user friendly 1/5

    By puppyboss172
    Horrible app and definitely a horrible way to make reservations. Restaurants and clients need to avoid this app. Definitely will not make your reservation and horrible at managing your reservations.
  • Please add a Loyalty feature 4/5

    By Osssssman
    Tired of going to the same restaurant every week and getting treated as a first timer.
  • Needs iPad version 4/5

    By Bigdoggh
    Nice app, but really need to develop an iPad version with full screen.
  • OpenTable much better. 1/5

    By yetisalmon
    I want to like Resy but the app design is poor and hard to use. OpenTable is much much better. Hopefully restaurants transition.
  • Do you do usability testing? 1/5

    By rsk_houston
    Super annoying app to use. How hard is it to first ask for date and time of a restaurant reservation? The date and time goes hiding and not easy to change. I managed to book a reservation after a frustrating few minutes.
  • Terrible User Interface 1/5

    By RichN16
    Such a shame that so many restaurants are using Resy. The app is terrible to use. Not at all intuitive and requiring more steps to make a reservation than necessary.
  • Best restaurants, worst app 1/5

    The glitchiest app I use regularly. There is always something wrong with the app— pages move slowly, filters don’t always work, when you click into a restaurant and go back to the search results, it bumps you back to the top of the list. It’s like dying from a thousand cuts, on their own each is not that bad, but combined it makes for a very frustrating experience. But they have the best restaurants, so I keep coming back. However, I had to write this review because there is a truly idiotic feature where you cannot book two events in one evening. Book pre-dinner drinks at a bar even 3 hours before your dinner reservation? Nope, not allowed. Book a happy hour at 5 before your dinner at 10pm? Sorry, you’ll have to cancel your dinner reservation to do so. What? This is dumb. Very dumb. One other thing, you should have better functionality on the “notify” feature. Lots of places now have different types of experiences you can book (e.g. tasting menu vs a la carte, indoor vs. outdoor) and being able to set a notification for a specific type would be so helpful.
  • Worst app and website ui everrrr 1/5

    By Yesi.M
    Restaurants in NYC need to switch to open table, pleeease
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Fern Hill
    Went to set up account. Supposedly sent a code to verify my cell number. Never arrived. Tried “resend” three times. Tried to create an account via other means—email, Apple account—nothing works. And no customer service link or next steps for assistance anywhere in site. Useless.
  • Crashes & no reservations listed 1/5

    By WhyCantThisWork-J
    I’ve been having this issue with the Resy app for a couple years now, even reaching out to the devs/Cust service to no avail. The restaurants nearby are listed but the times are never listed. It’s only a “notify” option and a “waitlist” option. I download the app time to time to see if it’ll work, and this time around it just crashes. But of course before it does, no times are listed.
  • So much required info 1/5

    By Kevin Grant
    Really…even if I “sign in with Apple” to hide all my info, it still requires confirming my original E-mail and phone number!? What is the point then. Probably just wants to steal and sell my data.
  • bugs 1/5

    By FFrummage
    Restaurants sometimes don’t receive reservations I book on Resy, which is a problem when we show up. Also the app does not recognize my account automatically. I have to re-enter my phone each time.
  • I wish I did not have to use this app 1/5

    By redwineman
    I book with my iPad and it will not show up on my android phone. I have to look at the app I booked on despite. Use the same phone and email. Frustrating.
  • Worst user interface ever 2/5

    By JP Jenkins III
    If there were competition there’s no way I’d ever download this app. The ability to filter by anything other than number of people and day is not intuitive. Heck I’m not even sure it’s possible. And toggle between map and list is so lost in translation when just trying to find a place to eat. By the time I actually something I’m so hangry it makes me hate the app even more. Can we please go back to open table. So easy.
  • Why is the search/discovery process so bad? 2/5

    By Michaelm1317
    I want to find a restaurant in a particular area for brunch and it’s impossible
  • It was a complete waste of time to use this app! 1/5

    By Keeanrio
    We made a reservation through Resy. When we arrived at the restaurant, we showed a proof of reservation via Resy app to the host at the door BUT they told us our reservation was not booked that day. Everyone was in shock and we all had to stand by at the bar and waited for more than an hour to get our orders. It’s clearly showed that we already booked on Resy app but it was not actually. I am wondering that this app is even legitimate? How could this thing happened?!? So it’s literally faking it and wasting our time to sign up to make a reservation. I deleted this app and won’t recommend to any of my friends and people to use this app, just a complete waste of time and disappointment.
  • New update is horribly buggy 1/5

    By Geimon-kon
    Frustrating to use.
  • This is a scam. 1/5

    By Herclx
    The worst app to use and look for restaurants.

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