RxSaver Prescription Discounts

RxSaver Prescription Discounts

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RxSaver Prescription Discounts App

The Ultimate Tool for Prescription Discounts - Save Up To 80%! RxSaver by RetailMeNot™ allows you to search for prescription medication discount prices in seconds and gives you instant coupons to use at nearby pharmacies. RxSaver is 100% free and there are no membership fees. RxSaver allows you to check local prescription prices and save! No matter where you fill your prescription, RxSaver may help you save money on brand name and generic drugs. RxSaver is free and can be used by anyone who is insured, underinsured, or without health insurance coverage. Before filling your prescription, search RxSaver to determine if RxSaver beats your health insurance. If the RxSaver prescription coupon offers a better price than your insurance copay, simply use the coupon instead of your insurance for the prescription. RxSaver can help you save money on prescriptions by offering good Rx coupons that are accepted at every major pharmacy including CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kroger, Walmart, Costco, and more. Saving is as easy as showing the RxSaver coupon to the pharmacist when you fill your prescription. Be sure to use RxSaver for refills too. RxSaver coupons cannot be combined with federal/state-funded health care programs like Medicaid or Medicare. RxSaver may also help you save on pet medications! There are many medications prescribed for pets that have human equivalents, which can be easily filled at local pharmacies. Ask your vet if there is a human equivalent for your pet’s meds before filling your pet's next prescription. Here’s how RxSaver works! Once you’ve installed the RxSaver mobile app on your device, here’s how to start saving: * Enter your prescription medication name in the RxSaver search bar * Either enable your GPS for location placement or enter your ZIP code manually * Tap “Edit Prescription Details” in the top left corner and confirm the correct strength, quantity, and packaging per your provider’s direction * Tap “Show Prices” * Review the list of drug prices and discounts from nearby pharmacies * Tap “Get Coupon” to select your preferred price and pharmacy * The prescription coupon will appear and you’re ready to save! * Take your phone with you to the pharmacy listed in the coupon. The pharmacy name will be next to each coupon listed or under the coupon price on the Drug Coupon screen for easy reference * Want to share the savings with your friends and family? Simply click the share button on your device and send the coupon directly to the contact of your choice * At the pharmacy check-out, show the RxSaver coupon to the pharmacist * Feel satisfied knowing you just saved money on your prescription medications! How to add a prescription drug to My Meds: Searching for the same medication over again each time you use RxSaver is time-consuming. With RxSaver, it's easy to save your frequently searched medications so you can check back for prices. How to save your medication to My Meds: * Search for your prescription medication * Tap “Edit Prescription Details” in the upper left corner to confirm strength, quantity, and medication packaging * Tap “Show Prices” to view the full list of coupons and nearby pharmacies * Tap “Add to My Meds” located directly under your prescription details * Your medication has now been saved! To see your saved medications at any time, click the My Meds icon located at the bottom of the screen. * Savings calculated based on the pharmacy’s cash price. On average, fourteen percent of RxSaver by RetailMeNot prescription purchases receive savings of 80% or more. Prescription drug prices fluctuate frequently and vary by location. Therefore RxSaver pricing is subject to change without notice. Search the RxSaver app for the most up-to-date prices in your area. RxSaver is not a form of insurance. RxSaver coupons cannot be combined with insurance or federal/state-funded programs like Medicaid or Medicare.

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RxSaver Prescription Discounts app reviews

  • Best Medication Savings App Ever 5/5

    By OcT6MiDnIgHt
    Despite having medical insurance, I still save more money when using the coupons on this app. More people should know about this app, it is completely worth the download.
  • Mike ash 5/5

    By modaash
    I was very skeptical at the beginning so I decided to give it a try. I use an expensive medication cost about $2500 for. 1 month supply. My insurance will apply the deduction first and after satisfying my deductible, i have to pay $250 as a copay. So i decide to give it a try, after entering the drug information i had got the price at super market pharmacy very close to me. I was in complete shock and disbelief . Is that possible $115.46 compare to about $2500. I was sure that there is something wrong here. However, i had decided to give it a try. I show the application page with the price to the lady and had asked if they have it and she replied yes but we have to get here by tomorrow, Sure enough they had texted me the next day to come over and pick up the medication . It was the same and for the application price. Here, i told them i usually order 3 month supply, so i need 2 more and they said fine come over in 2days. So lets see. Do not be skeptical of this review as i have the receipt and the rest of the information . I wish i can upload them . So try the application before buying any medication. Might be the discount i had is unusual but it ie real.
  • Scanner 5/5

    By Beshoy Bahr
    It would be awesome if you could use your camera as scanning the medicine
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Rxchick
    The app needs work with dosing and quantities in order to get a correct price.
  • Why get prescription coverage 5/5

    By HRB Tax Lady
    I do not want to pay monthly for prescription coverage when the prices are so great at RXSAVER!
  • Amazing savings if unable to afford it! 5/5

    By BloodyRage123
    Normally me and my fiancé’s pills are like nearly $300 without any coupon. We tried GoodRx and it went down to $45 something but it was too expensive. So we tried this app and it saved a lot! I love this app!
  • Better than the rest 5/5

    By Noah bode
    Noticeable savings if you have crap insurance like oxford.
  • Different apps 3/5

    By sharonsnne
    For some reason. Every now your cheep than other apps I use also they seem to be upping their prices on non RX membership in order to Force you to spend more money and you’ll need to get membership at 10 $ a month!!! Too much money for a lot of of us seniors!!!!
  • Amazing🕺🕺🕺 5/5

    By Road king Rick
    The best by far
  • Rate 5/5

    By Nola 3825
    Love this service I use it all the time and it has saved me money.
  • Save $$$ on prescriptions! 5/5

    By Epstiendidnot Killhimself
    Search every individual prescription because this app has cheapest price on some but not all drugs.
  • Rx App!! 5/5

    By WC8687
    Rx App has saved my family & I $100’s in monthly prescriptions at prices more affordable than with insurance!! Most useful app ever created, proving how outrageous the government mark up is on cost of essential medications!!
  • Great savings! 5/5

    By Lainee Woz
    Went to the pharmacy today , usually I pay very little for Medicare scripts but was told that it was $77.00 today , so I pulled up your ap and paid $11. 00 wow!
  • False advertising, some coupons don’t work 1/5

    By sicromoft
    If you use this app, be ready to show up at the pharmacy and learn that the coupon doesn’t work. RxSaver won’t make it right, and they’ll ask *you* to call some other third party to deal with more red tape. Don’t waste your time.
  • Best Prescription Saving Experience. 5/5

    By Jtrain88
    When it comes to ease of use and relevant prescription coupons RxSaver bests the other rx savings apps. It is clear that RetailMeNot has put countless effort and resources in to making saving on prescriptions easy and straight forward.
  • Great savings 5/5

    By pleasedgmon
    I am so thankful for RX saver. I have saved money using this app and am pleased with the ease of using the app. It is a godsend!
  • I’ve got help 5/5

    By Budget-J
    I think God for the blessing He gave me to find Rx Saver. With a medication deductible of $400 plus and the insurance for meds increasing along with the health insurance there is almost me disposable income. With Rx Saver I can save $20-$45 per Rx. Thank God.
  • Does this really work? 5/5

    By JSF336
    I’m going to try this next time I fill my RX to see if it really works…
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By Wiesiu33
    Great app that saved me about 40% compared to my insurance. Great value. 😀
  • Top Notch 5/5

    By vbafaa
    This app has consistently saved me a considerable amount of money every time I refill a prescription. Thank you! I recommend it to all everyone.
  • What’s to critique? 5/5

    By Angel Capellan
    You get to buy your prescription drugs at a cheaper price without doing anything except showing this app! Which crazy creature would complain about that?
  • Best prescription discount app on the market 5/5

    By snapchatlova&h8r
    I save so much money on this app, it’s incredible. Plus I hear the RxSaver team is really cool. Thanks so much!
  • Rx Saver 5/5

    By Its_just_anna_kate_54321
    I found better prices for my prescriptions on rx saver than on good rx or any other prescription savings app. Really happy that I found retail me not’s rx saver! It’s a life saver! Thanks so much!!!!!
  • Rx 5/5

    By Faye Milam
    Lots of savings
  • No savings here 1/5

    By Rene4102
    Tried this one and no serious saving just discounts single care is way better than this one here they want me to pay $74 & with single care $7 way big of a difference in savings
  • Love it 5/5

    By Tg6139
    I was skeptical but It saved me over $70!!
  • Love this!!! 5/5

    By coreayyyy
    Super helpful if you are trying to shop around!
  • Greatest 5/5

    By mont boy
    Good thing really appreciate it
  • Great deals 5/5

    By one smooth one
    Easy to search and find what you are looking for and the lowest prices seen.
  • Good job 5/5

    By lilbit3113914274
    Love it insurance do not take effect until February and my meds was very affordable! Thank you Rx
  • Scripts 5/5

    By danalee123456
    Love this app
  • Tamaflu 5/5

    By Jeff Bec6454
    Went to Kroger told $150 I really downloaded the app in the store my coat $37.91 it really worked !!! Jeff B
  • This is a Godsend! 5/5

    By meemunk
    I am disabled and unable to work. I have several prescriptions and being able to get all of them at a discounted price is a blessing. I have tried the other apps & RxSaver is almost always the least expensive! I could never afford the regular prices on my income! Thank goodness for RxSaver!
  • Savings 5/5

    By lucker2
    Hard to believe how much money this saves me!!
  • By far the best way to save on Prescription Rx 5/5

    By ShoxD
    I have tried the “ Good” one and the “Single” one with the Sheens but they fall short of this app. This has helped me save on all of prescriptions since I do NOT have insurance. The savings are great compared to any other app. Well worth it.
  • Very good 5/5

    By peludo1313
  • Life saver 5/5

    By Pepperedsunshine
    We were extremely worried when I left a job with full benefits and had to pay out of pocket for prescriptions. But after seeing a commercial for Rx Saver, I decided to give the app a try. Couldn’t be easier to use. Typed in the medication, my pharmacy (Meijer) popped up with amazing prices on the two scripts I needed. Showed the pharmacy tech. the screenshot of the “coupon” from the app and just had to wait a few min. for them to run the numbers on there. Paid $34.04 vs over $77, saving us over $44 the first month for the two scripts. Something we luckily can afford. Super easy and no hassle. Huge relief.
  • Really does work! 5/5

    By tonybazz
    I’m a 66 year old man on Medicare with a supplemental pharmaceutical plan. There are three medicines that are prescribed that are not covered at all. RX Saver has been a God send! I love the look on the pharmacist’s face when a three month supply of a continually used medication goes from $175.00 to $75.00! I have two medicines that I save around a hundred a month on. I have been purchasing Flonase nose spray over the counter for years and recently thought it would be a good idea to have my doctor prescribe it do my insurance would cover the cost. To my surprise the cost went from $17.00 to $20.00 for the prescription. That is when I thought of using RX Saver. When I entered the nose spray the exact same spray popped up for around $8.00. I will need to visit another pharmacy nearby but who cares! Part of me wants to keep quiet about this because I’m afraid if too many people discover it that if will be put to death. However, if you have come this far don’t turn back. GET THE APP AND REMEMBER YO USE IT!!!
  • The best RX app I have found 5/5

    By gnoggy
    Has helped me numerous times.
  • Savings 5/5

    By LaMystery
    Cut my Monthly B/P cost in half!! Thanks RxSaver
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By bena1232006
    This app saves a lot of money. I am just surprised on such a thing.
  • Saved so much money 5/5

    By Shelbyd505
    This app works wonders. Has a lot more options and deeper discounts than GoodRx and doesn’t sell your info.
  • Very good 4/5

    By Enrique Hernandez
    Generally good but could use some additional detail in description of the available dosages and delivery systems
  • Rich S 5/5

    By G gpa
    Amazed at what I saved because of this site a RN from my doctors office told me about this site.
  • BIG Savings! 5/5

    By SharWest1977
    Wow! I only take one medication but now I only pay a third of the price that I used to pay for it thanks to this app!
  • Need this if you pay for meds 5/5

    By Dipsos1
    This is required if you pay out of your own pocket for prescriptions. First time I used a coupon from rx saver I saved $135.00
  • Switched from Good RX 5/5

    By Caroldeavers
    I have been using Good Rx for 7 years and this app saves me more ! Not a lot, but I was finally able to leave Walmart where the prescriptions would take 4-5 hours to fill. I went to Publix where they always tell me 30 minutes. The personal are so much nicer at Publix and they DONT close down for lunch like all Walmart does.
  • Very convenient 5/5

    By Casey Fleury
    Nice not to have to print coupons and remember to take them.
  • Hola 4/5

    By mi chucha love

RxSaver Prescription Discounts app comments

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